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I don't study IT, or anything related to Software, I'm on Design, should I go to any of the Richard Stallman conferences here in my country?

Yeah, I read a lot about GNU and Free Software Movement.

Yes, and make sure you interject for a moment.


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The problem I have with Firefox and Chrome is that their download utility sucks. Down Them All is horrible, because of the turbo bullshit, if you try to download a lot of files, everything else slows to a snail's pace while one or two are going at the peak kb/s, furthermore, it's even a hassle to save the files if you like to make individual folders for their destination on the spot, you have to change the directory every

Chrome is slow and doesn't have a projected estimate for everything you're downloading, all together, and it's still an issue of balance, it can't handle high volumes well.

Opera, on the other hand, is perfect. Just the way it comes, not that download manager crap, just the way it is. It just makes a new tab with the files you are downloading, if it's less than 10 then they each go at about 250-400 kb/s, if it's more it balances it out so everything is slower but nothing gets to a snail's pace. 60 at a time is the highest I've gone and the browser is still fast and doesn't crash (however I have found it's better to just download up to 15 at a time as it is much faster then downloading so many more at once as they take quite a while).

The point of this rambling post: Is there a browser besides Opera that matches the criteria for superior downloading functionality? I hate to just depend on it forever, who knows, they might gay it up or mimic stuff thats more popular but complete fail.

Pic related, it's what I do on the daily.

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File: 127026915957.jpg-(101.16KB, 1365x399, Capture.jpg)
Gave it a shot, basically I get a lot of timeouts for alot of files when I try to do a giant bulk at a time..I assembled all the boxes/packages with the links and then started downloading each one by giving a minute or two for it to keep downloading before adding the next box, but I got timeouts soon enough, also I can't seem to raise the max number of downloads over 20 at a time (have it set to 20 already)..but it doesn't matter at this point.

I do love the fact that I login in my rs and it automatically collects the premium links, this would save me time, and when I just downloaded one group at a time at first, which had like 4 files, the speeds were great and I loved the functionality.

Overall this is a nice, sleek utility that serves the purpose better than Down Them All and other download managers probably, but again, it can't do huge amounts of files all going on at the same time, at least it didn't for me. For 6-8 big files at a time it might be perfect though, but I don't need the fancier user-friendly settings if it can't multi-task the bitrate like Opera can for large orders and I already download just as fast with fewer files on Opera as jdownloader.

It's kind of a shame because with Opera, I don't have some choices like the links all grouping easily like that instead of having to click the pages themselves, and if I close the browser for example I lose the downloads and have to start over, I can only resume or keep downloads going while the browser is open, so it's stuff like that which is a bit of a negative side on relying on just what comes with it, but yet it still seems to be the only one able to do this...

BTW the links that do timeout, do eventually begin to download again when another file that's finished downloading is traded I guess...I lose too much time this way..I'm still waiting to see how long all these take but it's just not flowing like Opera. Basically it's like jdownloader times out files while giving good speed to others until they finish so it can 'shift' the bitrate to the remaining stalled traffic and finish it, while Opera keeps all things alive a
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 127026999559.jpg-(40.39KB, 1361x168, Capture.jpg)
Just for curiosity's sake, everything just finished up, so it's a good manager, I just don't need to deal with the timeouts and as I'm gonna keep going on 50-60 files at a time on Opera.

File: 127028172182.png-(21.25KB, 589x375, Gentlewat.png)

That's really strange because this doesn't even happen to me, I actually can download multiple files at the same time, according to the limit, of course. I believe it's for stability purposes, although I heard you can change this in the inner configuration of the program, settings which are usually changed by people who are giving support to the project, in other words, people who know what they are doing.

Now, I have a theory about the max connections limit. You, being a premium user, have the privilege of downloading at a maximum speed and the server eventually releases more connection points to do so. This can lead to an obvious conclusion: with the program already handling 20 connections (The actual limit; see the lower part of the program) it won't accept more until at least one of them is closed, which in the end works similar to the max limit of downloads at time.

It's a shame seeing the possibility of downloading files at maximum speed not being at it's full effectiveness due to such limitation, again, we can't blame the program for still being in Beta (Although it doesn't look like it is, since it seems very stable).

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You know what I never liked? All-in-ones. They're almost always impossible to upgrade, and they're usually as powerful as laptops, only less portable.

Between these and Netbooks, you're seeing less and less true desktops nowadays.

Hmm, never knew they existed

As a rule of thumb, I never buy anything that's not easily upgradable.

>impossible to upgrade
>as powerful as laptops
>less portable
You bought a Mac then?

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Okay, first up.

On OS X: Safari, Mail, iCal.
On Windows: Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird.

This is asking a lot, and I don't expect this. Any ideas on how I could do some of the following though?

Sync Firefox and Safari's Bookmarks.
Sync Thunderbird's contacts with Mail's (via Address Book)?
Sync Sunbird with iCal.

All help very appreciated.

Spoiler: APple software only works with Apple software and nothing else.

Hell most of the time they'll break other software so you can't use them at all.

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I think I finally lost my Zen Stone Plus for good. That's okay, because the thing was too small and a real pain in the ass to navigate. Any recommendations for a decent mp3 player under a hundred bucks? Right now, the best idea I've got's to just find an old iPod on craigslist to use with some program that's not iTunes.

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That S:Flo2 they have looks awfully tempting...

If you're considering buying any players from MP4 Nation, I really recommend you read up on whatever you're interested in on their forums.

main OS-72HR thread:
main S:Flo2 thread:
(more on S:Flo2 by googling "Teclast T51")


Ask/search on the forums. Pretty active community.


I think it would be a good investment but I'm a bit biased since I bought one myself (hurp) though honestly, if you aren't or don't plan to use high fidelity headphones or line it out to speakers, you don't really need it as most of the price is for amplifying hardware, something practically no earphone needs and you probably aren't going to use it very often with full sized headphones. And because of those amps, the battery life isn't great. This also means you can't use it for apps and games very much as it'll drain power you'll want to keep for music playing. But if you do plan to make use of those amps they will play while charging on the AC adapter included and there is no player comparable on the market for sound quality, making it a good home solution.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The gaming handhelds are too bulky for me to just walk around and listen to some music with. Plus, ya got ROMs/isos and media competing for space on the memory card, and it just gets messy.

Ooh, thanks for the heads-up on battery life. I'd have probably given in to tech lust and sprung on it if I had the bank.

It's damn impressive for sure, but the interface looks like it was designed primarily for video. I'll thumb through the forums a bit.

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OK, so I've got an old Mac that runs on OS X 10.4 (Tiger), and I'm thinking of upgrading to 10.6 (Snow Leopard), because I'm tired of being left out of the VLC Player/Handbrake/Telltale Games/Monkey Island Special Edition loops, and I've got some quick questions. Sorry if some of them seem basic, but I'm pretty Mac-stupid.

1)Will I keep all my programs?
2)How do I "back up" my applications? I've got an external drive: do I just drag and drop?
3)My computer's 3 years old: is it even worth upgrading? Is the video card too old for even basic games like Telltale's and Lucasarts'?
4)Was this worth its' own thread? I sincerely hope so.

1) I don't know, try googling for other people's experiences. Either way I'd still feel better if you reformatted completely between the two.
2) Drag and drop any files but, unless Windows and Mac are vastly different, applications will need to be reinstalled. Since you probably don't have the installers for all of your programs, it'll help in the long run too because it forces you to update some older programs. If you're running any licensed software, remember to look for and write down any keys, IDs, license numbers, etc.
3) Just three years old should be fine for ADVENTURE games like that but we can't really say without knowing your system specs in detail.
4) I think so.

That's all I can tell you, being a Windows user and not knowing any Mac techies, but I'm not comfortable having you to go on with just this. Go to an Apple/Mac specialized board and ask there.

OK, thanks Askal!

File: 126982891519.jpg-(12.62KB, 210x251, god wills it.jpg)
good luck

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so anyone caring? I've been sticking with ATI even since nVida cards became about 200 more than a like model ATI

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File: 126965099337.jpg-(33.16KB, 704x400, ohh myy.jpg)
>>GTX 470

Your cooling better be TOP NOTCH.


Aw hell naw I'm not going to be able to afford that until next generation is released. At the soonest. I'm just excited about the new architecture. With two Streaming Multiprocessors disabled, running on the first beta drivers (Catalyst 10.3a brought an average of 19% framerate increase over the previous CCC on Radeon 5k cards) and still holding it's own against ATI's high tier I'm pretty pumped for future revisions. Specifically, budget oriented ones.

Dose minimum framerates~

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Super Anti Spyware taking too long


What the hell, I didn't know my system was that huge

Any tips on speeding it up?

Use Microsoft Security Essentials.



And Malwarebytes.

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What DVD ripping programs do you guys use/recommend?

I used to use DVD Shrink, but it hasn't been updated in years and I've been having problems with newer DVDs. These days I use Handbrake or DVDFab.

A combination of DVD Decrypter, VirtualDub and AVISynth.

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Check out my new rig. Pretty sweet, huh?

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Oh my god you did. You do realize that you are basically wasting 12 gigs of ram there, right?

I'm pretty sure he'll change it, he isn't stupid

Guys, I see this thread in /v/ and /g/ all the time. You're being trolled.

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HNNNGH. I know I'm always saying i7s are un-necessary for the vast majority of people but I want one of these so bad just because I know it would handle and ridiculous shit I threw at it.

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Me too, I'm just happy doing what I can. Still, knowing about them all and seeing their build worklogs makes me want to make one of my own some day.

You know what, I'm just going to use this as a news thread. Feel free to post news in here too.

This actually came out a while ago but I never posted it. It's a nice step in between HDDs and SSDs. Pairs a smaller capacity SSD with your pre-existing HDD to boost speeds; not as quick as contemporary generation SSDs of course but it's a much better alternative to older generation SSDs which are usually beaten in read/write speeds. Moreover, pairing it with large hard drives like 1TB ones means you can use it to boost whatever you're doing at the moment as opposed to the conventional (as of now) method of buying a (relatively) cheap SSD and using it as your boot drive. Good, but only works for boot and system service performance. This gives it much more flexibility.

Kingston SSDNow V Series 40GB Review (looks like this has been discontinued, the lowest capacity SSD with which this package is sold I can find now is 64GB)

SilverStone HDDBoost


In case anyone reads my crap and are interested:
Kingston kit complete with adapter and SSD drive is ~$170CAD
Silverstone adapter (no SSD included) is ~$60CAD

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Holy shit, every page loads instantly!

Should have seen this coming

Moe is a tax man

Really explains a lot

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Can we sometimes talk about Ssssssssssssscience here, or is it just buildin' rigs and robots? Because I do love me some science.

Like this, holy shit, a sea slug uses planet cell DNA to produce its own energy, and not JUST from harvesting cells, its actually making the chlorophyll themselves. Though more testing has to be done:

Thats fucking awesome. Though I doubt we can co-opt the EXACT enzyme process used for humans.

in b4 b& or tl;dr

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Yes, scientists are using CAGES MADE OF GOLD and LASERS to kill TUMORS.
Jesus fucking christ!


The more juice, the more schizo.


Scientists are replicating speech using sinewave replicas of resonance patterns.

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Why doesn't Google Earth have a drive simulator and why does the graphics look like shit up close? When will it go full 3D?

When every feature of the planet is scanned in high resolution 3D
ie, a few hundred years from now

Google may be the modern Library of Alexandria, but loads of data still need to be collected

Currently they're working on:
1. Lunar, Martian and other extaterrestrial planets
2. Geologic mapping of earth
3. Bathymetric mapping of earth
4. City-level mapping, ie street view and various buildings
5. Book scanning

They need a lot of money for the aforementioned tasks, hence the break into cell phone and OS markets

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Ok /tek/ I have a huge problem...

On occasion I will get a problem, mostly common when playing games on my computer. Where a large tearing sound will occur from the speakers and the cursor will begin moving fun when im operating it. The cursor seems to move at 1-2 frames, meaning I issue it to move half way across the screen and I may see it move in 3 sections.... Hard to explain. But when in games it will also do this shaky mouse bit even though the game runs fine. If i were to continue to play and provoke this weird thing as it's happening, the computer has and will freeze and blue screen. It's been like this for months, It doesnt always happen but when it does the keyboard and mouse usually attempt to shut off and every time it happens my internet connection will cease aswell, If i troubleshoot the internet problem, Sometimes It does get resolved, but after 10 seconds - 1 minute of use it will go back to ceasing connection and it will not be resolvable without restarting.

So lets rehash:

-Tearing sound comes from speakers and will continue if I continue play
-Cursor moves at slow frame rate
-If continued use of game, result is freezing then blue screen
-Speakers continue to fail during this time, sometimes tearing occurs when provoked, every other time small bubble-esque cracking can be heard.
-Internet shuts off whenever the problem occurs
-Troubleshooting the internet connection leads to resolve which works for 10 seconds - 1 minute before ceasing connection again.
-keyboard and mouse sometimes shut off momentarily.
-restarting of computer solves the issue til it happens again.
-issue is random occurrence but quite common.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Bump for some prime help on this asspaining issue

Do you know if your system is hooked up for temperature readings? The next time this happens, try either HWMonitor or speedfan. Since it happens most commonly when you're playing games, your computer might be overheating.

Sorry if that doesn't help or you've already looked into that.

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