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Ok, got a bit of a odd question... I have a Dell XPS 420 as a home server, and it could be used for more nefarious purposes (like gaeman), so what should I upgrade to for my home server? I keep looking at combos on Newegg, but they're mostly i5/i7 and AMD X2 II or X4 II. I dont need much for the server, but am not getting an atom. My main issue is it needs to have support for at least 6 Sata disks and a DVD drive. Ideas /tek/?

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Is there anything I need to know about Meme Generator before I start downloading things directly from it?

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Like tracing?

File: 126820298811.png-(70.69KB, 763x1024, tracersgontrace.png)

Ah, I'm just messing with ya.
You know I love you man.

So much...

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alright tek! here's my wishlist of items on the computer i plan on putting together. any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated :3

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It'll be fine~

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Thank you thank you thank you

If it weren't for /co/mrades like you, I don't know what I'd do!Here, have some Mrs. the monarch as thanks!

Unless your computer has 6 other SATA devices to power you're good to go. :P

PS. I just got the exact same hard drive, and it's awesome so far. Hard drive bros~

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My iPod is acting kind of... dead. Last night I went to turn it on, but the screen stayed blank. I could still hear it responding when I clicked the buttons, but after a while it stopped doing that, too. The batteries were almost 100% charged, and I had been playing it with zero complications a few hours earlier. I've been trying to get a reaction out of it, but nothing works: not flipping the hold button on and off, not plugging it into my computer. Does anyone here know what's going on and how I can fix it?

Might need a new battery.

Could be the hard drive. Also, is the back bowed out at all? I had a Zune die very suddenly in the space of day or two because the battery expanded and messed things up inside the case. I don't think they use the same battery, but they probably use a similar pouch style battery.

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Anyone know where I can fax stuff over the internet for free? I've looked around and can't seem to find anything. The best thing I've found is Pamfax for Skype that lets me fax one page for free, then starts charging me.

I don't need to receive.


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  Posting stuff that I probably would have found helpful starting out. Here we have temperature management which I should have done with my P4 when I still had it because I'm pretty sure the vidya card in it puttered out because of overheating ;~;

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Probably not unless you're still running on single core. Then the i3s/i5s are pretty good value (not more than AMD quads though I think). Unless you're a professional video editor or something, you don't need an i7.

Don't take my word at face value on i3/i5 vs AMDs yet though because I haven't seen benchmarks,

File: 126676933525.png-(141.90KB, 3832x2275, 1266765458962.png)
I found Tripper decodes per second.


Found a few tech site reviews, i5 generally perform a little better or about the same as the AMD quads in practical benchmarks, though it dominates in synthetic benchmarks. I think AMD holds on to it's status as best price/performance ratio. Some of their triple cores got pretty good performance in comparison as well, if you factor in the price.

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Okay /tek/.
Post your dream computer machine.
Hardware, software, OS, monitor, everything!
I will post mine in a bit, I am still working the kinks out of it.

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I want that case made out of cardboard so I can watch it go up in flames.

No, I'm just wondering why a firkin case can cost anywhere over $200.


Metal/alloy used, compactness, ease of installation, airflow/watercooling accommodation, noise dampening, and of course aesthetics are all factors. All components create heat, even moreso if overclocking, and if this heat is left unchecked it reduces the overall lifespan of parts and may make some break immediately if bad enough. And you don't even have to be overclocking and/or using high performance parts to generate enough heat to do this, especially if you're using a poorly designed case. And when you consider the difference a good case makes in temperature and noise against the price of the parts in it, $200 doesn't seem so bad. For example, the the build I posted? The sum value of the internal parts which would be at risk of being rendered useless by overheating? $3975.69. I won't deny a large part of that is prestige and marketing but you get the idea.

tl;dr the same reason anyone with an appreciation of timepieces and clockwork will spend $200 on a pocketwatch instead of a $10 watch

PS it won't cut up your hands ;_; my blood and sweat is literally in my computer.

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How can I improve a wifi signal/connection?

Note: it's for outside use (school's wifi).

Get a simple wifi antenna, my computer came with one. Works nice.

File: 126688458084.jpg-(105.77KB, 554x439, shrug.jpg)
The signal strength relies mostly on the router and settings and you can't do much about it unless you're the admin, as far as I know. If you want their signal range to reach farther, ask them to install a repeater in one of the outermost indoor areas.

I'm not very knowledgeable with networking though so you would probably be better off talking to your IT guy here.

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  I tapped into... the POWER

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Just as long as the mo-damn is fast enough.


  I love how the stone doesn't get its speech impediment until about a quarter into the song.

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  Though at the end of it all you realize this guys arms are ripped like woah. And thank god for that, considering.

Still, pretty cool work of do-it-yourself "supertech".


File: 126661734029.jpg-(60.41KB, 468x424, lolwut.jpg)
And a brief breakdown shot.

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So I just got this for Firefox...

Wise decision, or worst decision of my life?

I use JDownloader.
I used to have what you got, but I never used it.

I like it for ganking youtube vids. Not exactly the most herpaderp method but it functions rather well.

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Whats a free editing software that doesn't restrict like windows movie maker? What I mean is I want to upload some songs to youtube, but it won't let me have an aspect ration that I want, and I can't choose the audio not to be compressed.

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Don't do a lot of video editing myself but VirtualDub has always suited my needs.

File: 126638147954.png-(459.47KB, 1362x723, Capture.png)
I found out about this /g/. This thing kicks ass! It is completely light weight, no hassle and has all the capabilities you want that I described the other free shit lacked.

It also comes with some cool addons like a wave editor.

I'm not sure what the Pro version has, but so far I don't seem to have any limits on the free version I downloaded.


<3 thanku

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High-energy Large Hadron Collider results published

>"The level is somewhat higher than the most popular models had predicted, and it looks like it is going to increase with energy a little bit more steeply than we expected," said Gunther Roland, a CMS collaboration scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US. "I think it's not going to be a problem, but it is one of the many things that we need to know as we move toward searches for the most rare particles and new physics,"

"...Uh, it's probably not a problem, probably, but I'm showing a small discrepancy in... well, no, it's well within acceptable bounds again. Sustaining sequence."

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That's my point. I love my Anthem theme more.

Why would you have an Ayn Rand Firefox theme?

Well, I use a program that changes whatever theme I want into an Aero version.
I don't get how and such, but at least it works.

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