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in just over 100 years we have progressed from the Wright Flyer to things like the A380 and JSF.

what does the future hold for flight?

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im sorry, you must have posted the wrong image. all i see is a gun on wings


Thank you so much!

File: 127507570889.jpg-(382.01KB, 600x800, Hind boobies.jpg)
Can't have the best plane without the best copter

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So, I decided to try installing Thunderbird 3, since I like Firefox. Hooked it up to my gmail and my google reader accounts, and I'm having a hard time understanding the point of this.

It's not really any better than the web interfaces as far as I can tell. Am I missing something crucial about dedicated mailbox programs or has Google rendered it completely moot?

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I have about 4 e-mail accounts, all accessed through one program.

That, let me tell you, is fucking fantastic.

I have 7 different email accounts, and all of them are checked for me every 10 minutes by my Webmail Notifier add-on. It also logs me in, so when i click to be taken directly to my email I don't have to deal with it. I tried Thunderbird once, wondering if it would be better, but I just can't be bothered.

I have that too. Thanks, Gmail!

I hated using Outlook at my internship. I opted to have people send things to my gmail account whenever possible.

hide File: 127415779150.jpg-(30.46KB, 614x345, 2011_ford_mustang_614x345kn-766245.jpg)
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Apparently the Hilux isn't exactly common in Murka.
They do sell the North American counterpart, the Tacoma. Though a brief look on the internet tells me that the chassy is like.. inferior. Or something.

Ouch, man.

In all honesty, the Tacoma doesn't sound bad. It doesn't have the mountain of mythology backing it up that the Hilux does, but the two do have a few features in common (similar frame design, many of the same engines, still a Toyota), so it might be worth looking into.

Yeah. That is a pity. I really do respect a vehicle that can take that kind of pure abuse and keep chugging along.
For roughly 18K the Tacoma Babby Size doesn't sound too bad. And add in some of these babies, I'd never need to fear winter again.

hide File: 126954539167.jpg-(28.88KB, 800x400, Earthlights_dmsp.jpg)
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Neat article on Wired about this:

I actually didn't realize that a growing group of scientists consider us out of the Holocene geological epoch and into something called the Anthropocene. Two neat links for that:

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File: 127360664165.jpg-(50.46KB, 450x650, hurp.jpg)
Bumping this with related info I came across, rather than new thread: Synthetic Photosynthesis as a hydrogen producing mechanism...oh wait, they actually made the GM organism do SOMETHING MORE DIFFICULT THAN THAT.

A nice simplified breakdown of how exactly Craig Venter and his team went about creating that synthetic cell:

This shit is so amazing.

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  So what do you guys think about robots?
Do you prefer them chunky or sexy?

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Irony of ironies.
You illustrated my point!
Just according to keikaku.

Personally, I like sexy jellyfish robots.

flying penguinbots

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  Hahahahaha... this nigga.... hahahahaha...

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with all due respect, this seems more advanced then an AT-AT.

Am I the first one to find that leetel doggie cute? Cos it totally is.

as long as it isn't made annoying like the other dog

hide File: 127407126083.jpg-(775.67KB, 1600x1200, green-contrast-forest-wallpapers_11431_1600x1200.jpg)
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Anyone want to recommend me a new desktop that's competent and up to date but not super jet engine overkill?

Also: Nice place you guys got here.

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it's hella cheap when you buy those from your school or MSDNAA

File: 12744167112.jpg-(42.15KB, 510x279, Untitled-4.jpg)
doop de doo

File: 127441674377.jpg-(560.18KB, 912x2394, Untitled-1.jpg)
doop doop durp

hide File: 12593908059.gif-(29.41KB, 450x254, plasma-converter-1.gif)
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ITT: Technologies that need to be used far more often.

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Tried it, cat landed on its side and ran around till the toast fell off.
It then proceeded to eat the toast. Butter side down obviously.


... Everything I believe in is a lie.


more experiments are necessary.

hide File: 127375534099.jpg-(24.82KB, 500x323, dell-studio-17-corei7.jpg)
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So my Dell laptop crashed during a BIOS flash as I was updating it for resale. Wonderful, now I have an expensive beeping box.

I'd send it back to them for fixing... but it's full of piracy even pirated Windows. Is it worth the risk of sending it back, or would this bite me in the ass?
Alternatively I dont want to sell it for parts because its full of personal data.

ffff etc

You could just take out the hard drive and pop it into a USB enclosure, or into another computer itself. If you do send it back, I think they're more likely to reformat it than search it for illegal software. Well, someone may search it for porn.

Send it back. Dell dosent give a shit what's on it. It;s the BIOS acting up.

>Well, someone may search it for porn.
so many times

hide File: 127266994647.jpg-(16.00KB, 500x375, Derp.jpg)
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This Website is AMAZING.

Oh man.
If only I took pictures of my quick fixes before I got money.

File: 127270046997.jpg-(64.00KB, 500x667, 129157256653300032.jpg)
This is actually kinda awesome.

File: 127360864915.jpg-(32.00KB, 500x304, hurp.jpg)

As is this one.

Most of the kludges are repair-fail/desperation, but some of them are downright inspired. The "table boat" was one of the latter.

hide File: 127318379882.jpg-(761.78KB, 731x1123, Soundwave_colors_by_markerguru.jpg)
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Names for our tech.

old iPod: Ravage
iPod touch: Lazerbeak
new iPod that will replace those two: Ratbat

external hard drive (USB): Rumble
external hard drive (FireWire): Frenzy

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PC: The Toxic Avenger
Laptop: Frankenstein
C: Hotdog Vender
J: Wiener Mobile

Laptop is Alfred, old desktop was Navi, PSP is Irwin, DS is May, and the iPod is Mercury.

I've named all of my desktop computers Big Boss since before the year 2000. I only have one at a time so I figure whichever is working is Big Boss.
All portable hardware: Mark #

I realized only after the Mark II that I was using my name in their names... I just wanted to be like Tony Stark.

hide File: 127354361173.jpg-(9.32KB, 417x141, fucking.jpg)
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Hey guys,
I went to a local gaming store that doesn't seem to know much about networking. Since they ran out of the X-Bawks wireless adapters, they sold me a Netgear wireless access point at a discount.

Specifically, it's a Netgear WG602 Access Point.

I'm not sure if this is even possible, but can I use this thing as an adapter?

Possibly unreasonable idea: Bridge - Does it mean I can directly bridge this thing with a wireless router and use it as a false LAN?


I suppose you could hook your XBox to the adapter with an ethernet cable, which will just link up to a wi-fi signal, but I think you have to go in manually on a laptop or computer to enable it internet access.

The link above has folks talking explicitly about the thing you just bought and XBox Live.

This link is sort of kind of related.


Actually reading into these links, I don't think it helps much. It sounds like you have to keep your laptop or computer connected to the XBox for this setup to work. Like, connect the XBox to the adapter, then the adapter to your laptop. Or...something. Oh god I am not helping

It's cool, bro. Thanks for the help!

My roommate decided to say fuck it and drilled a hole in the wall (well, something slightly more sophisticated using power outlets) and ran a cable through. Good times.

hide File: 126377283543.jpg-(392.97KB, 1280x777, machine man.jpg)
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I just got my android enabled phone and aside from my inability to setup DOOM on it for some reason, i love it.

I just am looking for an app that will let me set up and change profiles that include changing the wallpaper and if possible the displayed Home shortcuts.

Also, general apps recommendation thread.

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>an App for that would be redundant. I want it to change settings for when I'm at work and such. It'd be convenient to just have a profile to turn on and off for when I'm going to class or work or such. My last phone had it and it's really the only feature I miss.

Also, I use Steel for my browser. I like it, it deletes the cache automatically on close, hurrah.

Barcode scanner is useful, Shazam is great, and I use Handcent for SMS. Also, get BootMario. Best app ever.

Recommending PandaHome to anyone that hasn't heard of it yet, or is looking for a new Home system.

Adds up to 6 dock bars (think Start menus), up to 11 screens, themes that change some widget appearances, icons, and the app bar appearances, and a whole lot of other customizable stuff.

The only thing I don't like is that I can't get the icon packs to work right. If anyone figures out where it stores the icons, lemme know. I wanna make everything into Magikarps. (Fuck year Gyrados theme)

hide File: 126821500681.jpg-(230.92KB, 836x1066, 127274_CN.jpg)
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Can someone recommend me a good music player? Used Winamp for years and just got thinking that there has to be something better out there.
Picture unrelated

I like Foobar.

Windows Media Player 12. It actually plays DivX now.

Seconding foobar2000.

hide File: 127033888423.jpg-(28.31KB, 401x449, birdchops.jpg)
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So, I upgraded to Windows 7 today and I guess I'm okay with this. Is there anything awesome I should know?

Also: Is there anything I am can do now that I'm in the Future?

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You should have gone 64-bit while you were at it.

Drag windows to either side of your screens and they'll automatically take up half the screen. I use that shit all the time.

1) Open a bunch of windows (non maximized)
2) Grab one by the title bar
3) Shake it around
4) ???

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