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File 129401492825.jpg - (158.68KB , 585x780 , 1257524452767.jpg )
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CES in 3 days!

>Windows 8
>PlayStation Phone
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>> No. 2765

I don't entirely understand the point of this.
>> No. 2766
They're probably going to try to sell it to people who don't already have laptops.

Also tethering is kind of a pain in the ass, at least on my phone, so a computer that simplifies it would be nice.
>> No. 2767
Fully compatible phone and laptop should make it easier to browse with your laptop on the 4G network.

File 129320957735.jpg - (20.09KB , 212x260 , 7441404_rb.jpg )
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I think my fan may be a tad off balance.
How can I alleviate this? Re adjusting it manually somehow? Buying a new one?
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>> No. 2636
Also it can cause the fan to seize when the bearings burn on one size due to the wobble and depending on the way the fan is hooked could burn the board.
>> No. 2753
Fan blades accumulate no end of dust, dander, arisolized (spelling)oils that can can deposit themselves unevenly on the blades creating the off ballance.
Just cleaning the fan blades and case should fix the problem.
If not, either the plastic fan blades ore not trimmed to balance, (like balancing a car tire) or the bearings and fan mounting was manufactured out of center. In which case you have a warrantied defect.
Cleaning is easiest.
>> No. 2757
Tried that first. Didn't work, so I bought a new one.
Thanks though.

File 129446196323.jpg - (43.55KB , 500x315 , scion-xb-500.jpg )
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What should I know/think about when shopping for a used car? A coworker is taking me to a supposedly reputable dealer tomorrow where I will hopefully look in earnest. I got a quick sub to Consumer Reports and have a list of the top three best vehicles from each year in the last ten years. About half that list is out thanks to being way more than I can afford or being a gas guzzler. I've "owned" two Ford Taurus, but that was through my parents, so I've never done this whole thing myself. I am pre-approved for a loan ($10K max, 2003 or newer, the year determines how long I have to pay it off) through a local CU.

Image related, it's a vehicle that I'd like to have but probably can't afford.
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>> No. 2717
I needs a vehicle, too. I've asked /tek/ their thoughts on a vehicle that could survive cold New England winters. I was told look for a Hillux, but I'm a 'Murican. The closest we probably have is the Toyota Tacoma.

:< I also hate interest and debt, so if I can get a crappy car after a year of hard work and pay cash, awesome.
>> No. 2724

Generally speaking it's better to keep your vehicle out of the elements unless said vehicle is specifically designed to be within the elements. How's your garage looking?
>> No. 2726
Don't have one. So I'd have to improvise, build one or go without.

File 129248279175.jpg - (13.75KB , 300x265 , hurp.jpg )
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>The X-37B space drone is robotic winged spacecraft that looks in many ways like a miniature space shuttle. It was built by Boeing's Phantom Works Division in Seal Beach, Calif., and can fly long, extended missions because of its solar array power system, which allows it to stay in orbit for up to 270 days, Air Force officials have said.


Hot damn, no wonder we're letting the Russians have the only shitty old style shuttle in service.
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>> No. 2652
It doesn't have to convince them, no. But I wager at least a third of the people that would actually argue about global warming on the internet, as in, Youtube Comments type arguing about it on the internet, are already firmly set in their ways and ideas on how things work.

They'd run into the same problem trying to get a certain portion of the population to believe Obama isn't a Kenyan Muslim Socialist.
>> No. 2682
I don't know how the bot works nor have I gone in depth of watching it in action, so I can't answer that.

But I'd guess the bot looks for commonly repeated arguments and false reasoning (think "it's snowing, what happened to global warming!"); the best person to target is the one who's on the fence and has bad or no information and is still capable of being reasoned with. Someone who's deliberately putting out strawmen or bad data isn't exactly the target audience.

That's all my own off-the-cuff speculation though. Like I said, I don't know how the bot works.
>> No. 2683
Sounds reasonable enough.

File 129058594774.jpg - (71.52KB , 720x540 , FORSAKENME.jpg )
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So how long until we get Master Chief super-solders?
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>> No. 2659
Oh, another related story. I nice summary of what I had to take Human Genetics to learn:


tl;dr This is why we don't have cloned warriors/facists.
>> No. 2665
>What's even more striking is that if your DNA is tagged by an environmental factor, such as a pesticide, the impact this environmental factor has on your genes can be passed down through generations. The "epigenome" become inheritable. That means if your grandmother ate too much sugar, or smoked, or was exposed to mercury from too much sushi, the genetic modifications she incurred from this exposure could affect you. Her epigenome would carry an increased risk of disease that could be passed down from generation to generation. Interestingly, the Darwinian and Lamarckian worldviews are intersecting in 2010.

Holy hell I've been pondering this for ten fucking years. I thought I was crazy for even considering this was legitimately possible.
>> No. 2666
So it turns out Lamark was right.

File 12936052346.jpg - (37.92KB , 500x282 , your friends are smart.jpg )
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>> No. 2646
I feel all warm and fuzzy.

BRB, installing keylogs on my own PC.

File 128972848524.jpg - (100.26KB , 750x600 , 1214702685187.jpg )
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im trying to decide on two gfx cards, i prefer the ati card but the openGL on it is only 3.2


thats what i have so far, any suggestions/problems. im trying to keep it around 600$ or so. this is the first time im building a computer after dreaming of this day for years it is finally here, i would like to make it a painless as possible. are there anything else i might need. i know i need sata cables but anything else beyond that. my biggest concern is that i'm going to forget something or something is not going to be incompatible. im also hoping to build up from this as well...eventually

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 2620
Is it a SATA CD drive? I think those are jumperless, but IDE drives can depend upon both the Jumper Configuration and the placement on the IDE cable. Normally sticking it at the end of the IDE cable with no jumpers is enough. but check to see if there's a "slave" jumper configuration on the CD drive.
>> No. 2621
it didnt like the 6 gb sata cable but its working good with the 3 gb

i figured that out while the pos r50e was making a boot usb
>> No. 2622
Ah, SATA 2 and 3 (3gb and 6gb respectively). Yeah you gotta make sure that the parts accept the cables. The 6gb ones only work on certain newer parts

File 128758662959.gif - (12.22KB , 600x390 , Business-2846.gif )
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So, yesterday afternoon I start up my laptop after classes and I type in my password and... I get this weird message. Instead of 'Welcome' I get the message 'Preparing Desktop' which takes forever. I found that I can put the laptop into sleep mode by closing the lid and then resuming from that, but then when I log on it takes me to this generic Asus desktop and says that I'm using a temporary profile. Today the same thing happened again. I've also found that rebooting AGAIN will cause it to function properly, but I really don't want to have to do that every time. Does anyone know what's going on and how I can stop this from happening again?
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>> No. 2603
Reformat, reinstall, and learn to Microsoft Security Essentials
>> No. 2605
It's not a virus. Check your settings.
>> No. 2606
just to be clear, this is Windows 7 we're talking about here? Also what model laptop?

File 128604889393.gif - (12.58KB , 650x450 , 02695_1.gif )
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I'm looking for a program that will replace my (Windows 7) desktop background with a scrolling panorama. I've already found programs that do this in screensavers, but not as a background. Does such a program exist?

Pic unrelated.
>> No. 2604
Windows 7 already has the ability to change backgrounds every X amount of time. Or do you mean you want DreamScene back?

File 129173439657.jpg - (16.75KB , 300x250 , dellxpsm2010intro.jpg )
2555 No. 2555 hide quickreply [Reply]
I've always loved this computer: http://archive.laptopmag.com/Review/Dell-XPS-M2010.ht

Dell stopped offering it because it didn't fit with the Dell line of thought (cheap computers for people who don't know how to use them?) and thus all 8 people who bought this 4000 dollar monster lost support from the company.

Anyone know if anybody's run with an idea like this?

Also general cool computer design thread.
>> No. 2557
This is usually the part of the thread where I ride the nuts of several companies, namely Sony for their Vaio Z line and HP for their TouchSmart tm2t line.

Usually laptops have an obvious downside that hinders the experience as a whole. The Vaio Z, however, is perfect in every possible way. It's only downside is its ridiculous price.
>> No. 2598
File 129255707858.jpg - (6.94KB , 237x251 , mac decision.jpg )
>expensive computers for people who don't know how to use them?
At least dell works.

File 129199354090.jpg - (25.42KB , 584x328 , Polar-Bear-CU-at-window.jpg )
2565 No. 2565 hide quickreply [Reply]
A couple nights ago I was at a friend's house for some Dark Heresy discussion. I brought my laptop with so he could load a DH-related PDF on my machine. Later he was using my laptop to check his facebook and a few other things. I mentioned at the time to remember to log out, because I have a bad habit of not checking who is logged in before I start making FB posts. I know, that's not really good, but there it is.

Well, the next day I check facebook and see that my friend hadn't logged out. So I don't have his password but I could do some damage if I really wanted to. As a joke I change his profile picture and then log out. I have no way of getting back into his facebook.

Now he's all pissed off and tells me it wasn't funny, he's accusing me of storing all of his login info, and says he's got people from Mississippi sniffing his account. He thinks my laptop is infected. I've done Malwarebyte scans regularly and nothing turns up. What else do I need to run to check my machine and prove his butthurt ass wrong?

Pic totally unrelated, but who doesn't love polar bears.
>> No. 2566
a) What did you replace his profile picture with
b) What proof does he have that you stole his login info
c) Why is your friend an idiot and why are you listening to him
>> No. 2568
a) What did you replace his profile picture with
>A different picture of him. Just a closeup of his eyes when he was being a dork.

b) What proof does he have that you stole his login info
>Nothing. He apparently assumed the worst in people.

c) Why is your friend an idiot and why are you listening to him
He's a bit of a megalomaniac but a good GM. I'm not listening to him, per se, but I want to prove him wrong.

Anyway, I tweaked my firewall settings and ran MSE. No blips, so I've resolved to let him cool his jets before talking to him again.

File 128913822726.jpg - (47.09KB , 993x745 , 1287677581691.jpg )
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I bought a £1 HDMI cable from Poundland today.

What can i expect?
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>> No. 2550
File 129168908428.jpg - (31.89KB , 406x536 , 1288841837252.jpg )
>People paying more than $3 for an HDMI cable
>> No. 2556
File 129173460170.jpg - (7.20KB , 204x246 , smugden.jpg )
Obviously you don't know the glory that is my 120 dollar gold tipped teflon coated lifetime guaranteed hdmi cables.

What an ignorant peasant.
>> No. 2560
File 129192614043.jpg - (15.69KB , 247x509 , chek.jpg )


I wish dollar stores were the same way.

File 12909759241.png - (75.25KB , 281x247 , image-talon.png )
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Hey, can I ask for some help?

I need to buy or build a gaming PC for 5,000$ or less, in the US. Less would be better, but quality is a must.

...for my mom.

My mother is an avid WoW player, and with the release of Cataclysm she is looking into sinking some cash into a serious gaming computer. That, and her current PC can't run Starcraft II. Since she knows next to nothing about computers, she's turned to her technology-savvy offspring for help. The problem is, I know barely more than she does. I can install new graphics card and the like, but I've never built anything from scratch, and I have *no clue* what to look for in a gaming computer.

Mouse, keyboard, and screen are all being re-used.
My mom is also adamant that there *must* be a liquid cooling system. She hates the noise from fans.

Help? Please and thank you?
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>> No. 2532
Also, it doesn't matter how fast the machine is. If you're on satellite internet, she's gonna have times when ping will flip out and her reaction time will be painful. Fast card to process the data or not. Hope you have a good internet connection upload and download speed.
>> No. 2534
She does. She really, really does.
The first PC we had WoW on played between 3 and 14 fps on low settings and low resolution. The current one hits about 50 on mid quality settings. Mostly she really, really wants to play on Ultra with a decent fps.

Her guild tends to only take 10 men on a raid, as well.

We're on Time Warner's cable internet, I'm not entirely certain how fast that is, though. And it tends to vary a little bit, depending who else on the block is hogging bandwidth.
>> No. 2535

What resolution is she planning to run it at?

When I was playing I was running at high-max settings with only a few mods. My resolution though was 1920x1080. The only placed I'd really see a drop in fps was the main city and Crystalsong Forest. I spent about 800-900 on my build about 2 years ago though and haven't really added on to it since. However I've been hearing that Cataclysm is going to upgrade the graphics a bit more so that might be something to consider.

File 129058648959.png - (176.95KB , 1802x841 , guideX_links_v110 (2).png )
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Just postin this here, never new about this site.
>> No. 2499
File 129064322091.jpg - (742.73KB , 1440x2040 , ports.jpg )
Nice. Is there any general repository for the /g/uides besides /rs/? I've found myself wanting to look them up more than a few times.

Also Welcome to the site!
>> No. 2502
There's this stuff, in case you didn't see it.
>> No. 2506

niiiice. Thank you, that escaped me.

File 128796093531.jpg - (32.78KB , 489x450 , BillMurrayTimeTravel.jpg )
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Hey /tek/ friends.
Let's talk about music programs
I'm currently running Zune (haw haw haw haw), but without the device, (See: I sold it for Munch) there's no reason to be subjecting my Lappu to such hardcore RAMpages.

I've already looked into the previous suggestions, and I honestly could care less about INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION, I just want a player that gets the job done, and won't punish my Lappu for it.

tl;dr I'm looking Efficient Music Players

This is also the general music player thread too, and the picture was chosen at random.
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>> No. 2501
Resurrecting Thread 4 posterity

After using Foobar for a little bit, I find I do not have the ability to download songs off the iPod, an out-of-the-box feature in Winamp. Additionally, Foobar does not seem built for playlist support, having only very basic features in that area. It also seems to have no capabilities in library file auto-organization, something I am experimenting with now in Winamp.

But feel free to let me know if I'm doing it wrong.
>> No. 2503
What do you mean by library auto-organization?
>> No. 2505
My library is physically composed largely of mis-tagged, untagged, unorganized and recovered music collections cultivated from the very beginning of napster. I need iTunes' ability to auto-sort the actual files into proper Artist and Album hierarchies, instead of just cruising the library with search.

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