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File 13297538648.png - (190.76KB , 528x800 , 6d01ce4f1a05901140287a58d39b5e6c-d39rn4o2.png )
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robot edition
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>> No. 4191
Here's the best part.
It found nothing for any of my computers.
>> No. 4193
So... what? You just call your ISP up and tell them "yeah dudes nada"?
>> No. 4194
I'll probably do that when I have a free day. They're not bothering me so far, so I'm not terribly concerned yet.

File 129270463867.gif - (23.49KB , 350x350 , mic079.gif )
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For those well acquainted with them, what would be the best pair of headset mics to get. Or will any cheap pair do?
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>> No. 3814
Give us a personal review.
>> No. 3898
I'm very bad at headphone reviews, but I'll try to bring up interesting points.

* They're easy to drive, so even if an amp helps, it's not necessary.
* The cable is replaceable. (1/8" Male to 1/4" male, I think)
* They're definitely leagues clearer than cheaper headphones I've owned (Though I wouldn't call the clarity a spectacular jump from most $80+ headphones)
* The headphones themselves sort of make you feel like you're in a room (compared to sounding "in your head"). Things like voices and claps tend to sound "up front", while other stuff sounds far away. It's great for games and movies, but some songs are ruined by it. (But hey, some other songs sound way better. I mean WAY better. Holy shit better.)
* The bass is neutral. Not too heavy, not too light. I'd personally prefer a bit more impact.
* The highs aren't as unbearable as on my Portapros, but it's still pretty bright, and not the sort of headphones you use for relaxing.
* It handles most genres either well, or well enough. Almost as fun as my portapros, but not as much. It's perfect for movies and games, IMO, but only 'almost' perfect for music. Well, even that is kinda harsh. I'd just prefer a bit more bass for times I want exciting music, or a more laid back sound for studying. It's a compromise, and I'd be spoiled to ask for more.

Next thing I'll be looking for is an Orthodynamic headphone. Preferably dark, for studying and drinking alone while masturbating to your pictures on Facebook.
>> No. 4178
Looking into getting a new pair of earbuds since my old pair I've been using just crapped out. I've heard some good things about the Klipsch IMAGE S4, anyone know of any others that are a good choice that fall under the 100 dollar mark?

File 133294806890.jpg - (26.97KB , 310x413 , sci-fi4.jpg )
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I've always wanted a sex bot.

I've always wanted a post-abuse partner.

(They're easier to control.)

Now I can have both.


File 13325829916.jpg - (307.79KB , 1024x677 , BAE_Systems_ADAPTIV_Thermal_IR_Infrared_Adaptive_C.jpg )
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Tanks that turn Invisible 2011…youtube thumb

Well, in the IR spectrum, anyway.
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>> No. 4171
I guess it's technically feasible, but beancounting still makes an anti-tank rocket more cost-effective than a tank. And I can only imagine that some manner of portable sensor is cheaper than thousands of hexagonal cells to confuse vision.
>> No. 4172
That'd probably offset by the modular design of the system.

The damage from anti-tank systems' are typically concentrated in a small area to best penetrate the armor, so unless the enemy fires a lot of AT weapons or uses a really big IED, they should only need to replace a couple of tiles and maybe the parts of the frame behind it.

When you think about it, the camo tiles actually double as appliqué armor. Of course, there are AT weapons designed to penetrate through double layers of protection now.
>> No. 4173
>beancounting still makes an anti-tank rocket more cost-effective than a tank.

Tanks aren't just used for firepower. Just throwing them at everything is dumb, but they have uses.

>And I can only imagine that some manner of portable sensor is cheaper than thousands of hexagonal cells to confuse vision.

We already have personal infrared camouflage--as in suits that make you hard to see in infrared like regular camo makes you hard to see in regular light. That doesn't really work for things this big, but this stuff can.

If you can maintain stealth while using people and vehicles, suddenly you have a lot more options. Plus, depending on what the tanks have to sacrifice to be able to wear these things, the net effect just in regular night time battle could be a significant gain (even if they're not ambushing you, someone is much harder to attack when you can barely see them).

File 133241167022.jpg - (214.17KB , 1440x900 , PirateBayLOSS.jpg )
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Just a thought for the ages. Please, modify & spread your designs!

Send them to the pirate bay!
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>> No. 4158
>simply governmental hatred; these things wouldn't be hard to accidentally shoot down, or not so accidentally if they drift into no-fly zones.

Laws do nothing if they're not enforced. Whatever supposedly protects it sound like exactly the kind of thing governments ignore whenever it's convenient. No one they care about will complain. If they don't shoot it down, it'll probably be more a matter of practicality than legality.
>> No. 4159
What are the odds this is just a distraction for their real solution, which is a lot more boring and mundane?

>>Moreover, the issue of piracy itself seems to reflect a need in the customer base, rather than an issue of free speech. That a political party might be founded on the idea of piracy is an interesting notion, but perhaps not one that can exist with current business interests worldwide.

This only has the slightest chance of happening if the fundamentals of consumption imploded.
>> No. 4160
It's kind of like international waters; there aren't technically any laws governing low orbit, just a lot of traffic. Hell, they go high enough and they might have to contend with space junk bringing them down. Still, sometimes laws are rather conveniently ignored.

There has been some talk of the need to enact change laws regarding media consumption and reuse. People don't want to be illegal, but they do want their access to media, and they want it within their means. The various recording industry interests have not recorded a marked decrease due to piracy, and many feel that if they could pay for media they like, they would.

You're probably right about the mundane solution though. I thought I heard rumors of a "wandering DNS server" project when all this SOPA stuff started up, but I don't know how theoretically feasible it is.

File 133191533493.jpg - (95.67KB , 608x369 , zHOilTgh2G_png.jpg )
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First off, I am well aware the Bulldozers didn't deliver on the tremendous hype build by AMD, that the whole MORE COARES MORE GHZ didn't work as expected, and that they are considered a slight disappointment by some, and as a joke by others.

With that said, I am building a PC for the first time, and I have a max budget of about 200 bucks for the CPU. At that price, I can get a i5 2500 (non k) or a FX 8120 for quite a bit less. Looking at the passmark website for benchmarks, it seems the FX 8120 ranks higher than the 2500.

So, is there any reason for why should I go for the i5 instead of the cheaper FX? Any crippling performance problems or bugs that didn't reflect on the Passmark benchmark? I am indifferent about any Intel vs AMD arguments, I just want to get the most out of the investment.
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>> No. 4133
going to guess the AMD, though technically the relative amount of energy is minimal, say less than your refrigerator. It's usage over time and miniscule drain from low power states that kills.

For the time being, anything in the Intel Line is relatively solid and powerful. i5 is still the sweet spot, with Intels' architecture being re-adopted by Apple. There's the possibility of throwing together a hackintosh, or better yet, a virtual mac (or, if Apple was smart, a version of OSx just hands down compatible with Intel PCs). Raw power, stability, mucho D$nero.

AMD has pledged the AM3+ board to be useable by their next few iterations of processors. Bulldozers' shitty initial showing belies the fact that, going forward, the CPU/GPU model will only increase in power. That said, AMD is still the bargain chip company, and the systems feel slightly less stable. If gaming on the cheap is what you're after, AMD represents an interesting choice. But they're trying to compete with ARM processors, the driving force behind all smartphones and tablets now. Which, those are on the rise, but are so far away from actual computers that it's laughable.

I'd ask whether you've budgeted for a video card at this point?

Intel $1000-$1500 us
AMD $600-$1000 us
>> No. 4135
> I'd ask whether you've budgeted for a video card at this point?

Yeah, another 200 bucks max, which means I'll go for a HD 6870 unless I can find a cheap 560 Ti
>> No. 4136
googling, both of those come up as being just around that price range, give or take ~$5. You could mad def do AMD/HD6870 at your current price points. Intel/560Ti you could maybe do, but you're falling out of trusted seller territory a bit if you really try to make it to budget.

This is a complete jump from an old gen system, yah? Factor in what kind of Mobo and RAM you'll go with. Additionally, Consider what OS you're installing. Mobo will have to be compatible with any older harddrives you want to use, unless you wanna set aside like ~$50 for a couple of cheap HD/USB converters, which could come with USB 3.0 now (read write speed still limited by drive itself).

This is the basic schpel

File 133092116960.png - (7.48KB , 50x50 , isopodavi.png )
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I'm thinking about buying a B820 desktop from Microcenter. Does anyone have any experience with PowerSpec computers? I can't find enough reviews on them to determine whether or not they're a piece of trash.
>> No. 4126


File 131319628813.jpg - (29.26KB , 534x534 , Laser 6 radio controller.jpg )
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We need a topic on RCs.

Now, I've tried my hand at RC fixed wing with mixed results. It's REALLY hard to over come the instincts and comfort honed over couple thousand hours I have behind the flight yoke. It's honestly easier to fly the real thing. Still:

Horree shit:
Giant B-52 model airplane flightyoutube thumb
Very Grand C 17 modelisme - rc…youtube thumb

My RC desires lie within the depths. I want to try my hand at submarines.
Underwater Video RC Submarine U-16 Micro Subyoutube thumb
RC VII class submarine firing torpedoesyoutube thumb
Modell-UBoote im Poolyoutube thumb
U861 under depth charge attackyoutube thumb

And Rotorcraft looks a bit
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>> No. 4030
I just got myself a Syma S107. http://syma107.com/

But I already have a problem. The top blades aren't spinning properly. I'm guessing it's the main shaft, because when I turn it on, and give it throttle, all the gears work, but when I turn it off and rotate the blades manually the lower blade gears move but the top ones don't.
>> No. 4031
File 132575179285.jpg - (298.13KB , 1709x1140 , IMG_0154.jpg )
Actually, it was a quick fix. When I tried to lightly pull out the inner shaft the top just slipped off, like it was 2 different pieces, when it's sold as one piece, so I super glued it and now it works fine. Look at this little beauty fly.
>> No. 4080
File 13296052105.jpg - (137.72KB , 1024x768 , iota010.jpg )
After seeing a scratchbuilt remote control hovercraft in a hobby magazine in a library one day, I have decided that one of my life goals is to build a working scale model of a Svantovit IFV. In scale with one of those 28mm elemental models preferably.

File 132389186588.gif - (461.17KB , 320x314 , trillion FPS.gif )
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>By using optical equipment in a totally unexpected way, MIT researchers have created an imaging system that makes light look slow

>MIT researchers have created a new imaging system that can acquire visual data at a rate of one trillion exposures per second. That’s fast enough to produce a slow-motion video of a burst of light traveling the length of a one-liter bottle, bouncing off the cap and reflecting back to the bottle’s bottom.

>Media Lab postdoc Andreas Velten, one of the system’s developers, calls it the “ultimate” in slow motion: “There’s nothing in the universe that looks fast to this camera,” he says.

>The system relies on a recent technology called a streak camera, deployed in a totally unexpected way. The aperture of the streak camera is a narrow slit. Particles of light — photons — enter the camera through the slit and pass through an electric field that deflects them in a direction perpendicular to the slit. Because the electric field is changing very rapidly, it deflects late-arriving photons more than it does early-arriving ones.

>The image produced by the camera is thus two-dimensional, but only one of the dimensions — the one corresponding to the direction of the slit — is spatial. The other dimension, corresponding to the degree of deflection, is time. The image thus represents the time of arrival of photons passing through a one-dimensional slice of space.

Capturing video at the speed o…youtube thumb
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 4033
What use is a newborn baby?
>> No. 4035
A newborn baby can be used for all sorts of things! It can be a paperweight, or a way of punishing friends by loaning it to them while it's colicky, a tool for picking up women, leverage for revenge or a sympathy gatherer or even an emergency food supply!
>> No. 4079
And the value generally appreciates as it gets older!

File 129385971659.jpg - (14.82KB , 320x240 , dingwen[1].jpg )
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I saw a TED speech about essentially today you have no excuse to not be able to program- we should be teaching it to kids so that use computers as a tool, not a video game console to the interwebs, and that programming is something that all computer users should be able to do, and I agree.

So I'm trying to learn to program. The most practical I can think of is Java, for making actual programs, and having taken a little bit of programming in the past it looks the most familiar to me, plus you can get a working GUI virtually right away. Is Java a good language to start with? I know people will say "C++, faggot" but I tried reading a book about that and it looks a bit... overwhelming. I'd go with python but that looks a bit TOO easy.

what was YOUR first language? how many do you know now and do you think your first language contributed to how easy it was to learn more than one? Do you actually program for a living? What'd you recommended to do, first off?
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>> No. 4069
I'm taking a course that goes over bioinformatics analysis tools, learning really basic stuff like baby steps in mysql and perl.

And good god. R. I cannot stand R. The documentation is no help for even basic things and the error messages are cryptic with no useful explanation available.
>> No. 4070
I should come to /tek/ more often. I had no idea this thread was here.

4th year in the computer science major, still feels like I'm making shit up as I go along while waving my hands. I'm not sure if that's how I'm supposed to feel though.
>This makes a lot of sense to me. But learning about computer hardware seems like it would be more difficult than learning a programming language

Speaking from my limited experience, which just amounts to a couple of classes, it's not particularly too difficult. I mean, unless you're talking about the engineering perspective. But when you get into stuff like caching, pipe-lining and all that jazz it's not too bad. I mean I had a much easier time understanding that than grasping things like dynamic programming.

But really programming languages are kind of in a similar situation considering you can solve a lot of problems without actually going too in-depth of an understanding of the language. But then again there are people who could go to graduate school and spend years trying to learn the ins-and-outs of a language and still not completely understand it all.
>> No. 4078
It think it was the BASIC variant that was used in "Learn to Program Basic", though I might have tried out batch files a bit first.
Not sure I know any that well, I know some BASIC, ANSI C, the fact that I do not want to use Java ever, Flash, and now some Lua.
No I do not.
I think a QBasic variant might be good, but so far Lua is nice. Very C-like, but to me it seems a bit easier. Though now that I think of it, I might be able to go back and do better at C, I'm not sure. I ran into a brick wall trying to work with the filesystem the last time I tried C, but it went pretty smoothly in Lua despite the complete I/O model being so similarly to that of C. I think a part of it is that I'm not searching though a pile of libraries for the most simple of tasks. The Programming in Lua Guide has been very useful, at any rate.

File 132811615177.png - (201.55KB , 551x346 , header_productshot1.png )
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Dedicated video cards for laptops look like this, right?

I always see advertised that those cards have x amount of DDRwhatever memory at XXX MHZ and with a XXX bit bus and so on. Uh, but exactly where is the memory? I only see a GPU there. Perhaps I am making a fool of myself here, but if it says "Dedicated" then I wouldn't expect it to take it from the system memory (is it?).
>> No. 4076
There's memory allocated elsewhere (near the chip), usually.

File 128928493110.png - (373.94KB , 346x465 , 127200528185.png )
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>My OC'd 8500GT idles at 55 degrees Celsius.
>The GTX 480 idles at 51 degrees Celsius.

>I can't run TF2 at 60fps.
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>> No. 4071
I just did that the other day. The keygen wasn't working so I just googled "Photoshop serial key" or something like that and a bunch of youtube videos came up with number in them. I used one of those and it works great.
>> No. 4072
Using my tax refund windfall, I've purchased a Performance MX Laser mouse. My MX1000, which I've had since it was first released (five...six years?) finally became too much of a hassle--the middle thumb button (which I use for push-to-talk) only responded half the time, the wheel was loose as hell, and I was starting to get response issues. Still works great for generic-use mouse, though.

Only thing I don't like about the MX is the scroll wheel. No horizontal scroll, and the wheel is intentionally loose. Though oddly, the continual spin is somewhat satisfying.

Gotta get used to these different button positions. Also what to use the extra buttons for in TF2...
>> No. 4081
File 132975356381.jpg - (31.23KB , 470x400 , el presidente.jpg )
>that moment when you realise you will never ever have to worry about hard drive space again
>install whatever the fuck i want and never bother uninstalling things i dont use

File 132212043475.gif - (60.71KB , 518x364 , ps_7_screen.gif )
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Is it at all possible to get Photoshop 7 to run on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit?

Or, failing at that, how can you make gifs in CS4? The program is such a pain in the ass.
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>> No. 3976
Well I got Photoshop 7 to run by using Vista compatibility mode, but it crashes if I ever try to use the paint bucket. urrgh
>> No. 3989
>Photoshop 7
>> No. 4060
even thou photoshop 7 is awesome. You are sadly going to have to upgrade. Unless you have 7 pro, you have that windows xp mode thing. Not sure it would wourk thou due to am still on xp pro lol.

File 132284201993.jpg - (117.33KB , 900x928 , entangled-diamonds.jpg )
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>Scientists have linked two diamonds in a mysterious process called entanglement that is normally only seen on the quantum scale.

>Entanglement is so weird that Einstein dubbed it "spooky action at a distance." It's a strange effect where one object gets connected to another so that even if they are separated by large distances, an action performed on one will affect the other. Entanglement usually occurs with subatomic particles, and was predicted by the theory of quantum mechanics, which governs the realm of the very small.

>Another study recently used quantum entanglement to teleport bits of light from one place to another. And other researchers have succeeded in entangling macroscopic objects before, but they have generally been under special circumstances, prepared in special ways, and cooled to cryogenic temperatures. In the new achievement, the diamonds were large and not prepared in any special way, the researchers said.

>"It's big enough you can see it," Walmsley told LiveScience of the diamonds."They're sitting on the table, out in plain view. The laboratory isn't particularly cold or particularly hot, it's just your everyday room."

>The two diamonds, it seemed, were so connected they reacted as a single entity, rather than two individual objects.

12 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4013
All current research points to quantum entanglement being a basic property of physical systems, in the same way as spin or charge.
>> No. 4027
Sort of. Peer review and publication works sorta differently for math and physics. ArXiv is a sort of pre-publication open peer review platform that most/all math and physics papers get put on. It wasn't just that they thought their results were weird, that's just the thing that's done.
>> No. 4054
File 132794325089.jpg - (386.02KB , 1200x825 , hr_giger_3d_lilith.jpg )
I love quantum mechanics. It's the closest thing to magic that we have left in the world.

Hell, if you could master the nature of the connection between two objects and synthesize/independently generate that relationship somehow, you could do all sorts of incredible/awful shit.

File 132734016881.jpg - (40.66KB , 401x579 , 0fools.jpg )
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I humbly request your assistance.
I reencoded 10bit show to 8bit using mkvtools and x264 and everything is dandy. How can i make it mp4 hardsub from softsubbed mkv (keeping typesetting, fonts and such) using this software?
>> No. 4050
File 132741937535.jpg - (69.12KB , 518x517 , Mystery Window.jpg )
Is this the "halp" thread? If so, can I join in?

This weird window popped up right after that shitty Windows Update procedure my Aspire does periodically. This was right after an unidentified error message occurred durring updating. I've never seen this window before, and it looks awfully suspicious to me.

tl;dr Suspicious pop-up, how should I proceed?
>> No. 4051
see if you can find out what process that is through the task manager. Google it, and see what exactly it is. Reminds me of an auto updater for a game platform, but find out what exactly it is. CTRL+shift+esc 4 a good time

Don't think so. The encoders you named are used through front end programs that streamline the process for the average user. Looks like the MKVTools website has some new aps dealing with MP4 stuff. Hardsubbing you'll have to ask someone who knows more.

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