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File 131606144027.jpg - (24.37KB , 450x513 , Z450-3D-Printer1.jpg )
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Zcorp 3D Printer 650youtube thumb

The most important question remains... how good is it for copying your butt?
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>> No. 3796

Dang. guess it'll be a few more years before I can DL the blueprints for a Kalashnikov and make them by the bushel in my basement without ever taking a metal shop class. :(
>> No. 3797
Honestly, it would be faster, cheaper and easier to learn how to make AKs from scratch and buy the required equipment.
>> No. 3811

First plastic, now glass!

File 128871790243.jpg - (29.24KB , 340x257 , custom_1247983551018_Safety_Pack.jpg )
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Anyone here do it oldschool?
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>> No. 3582
Just wait till you hit puberty, hair doesn't just start to grow on the face.
>> No. 3768
File 131669531831.jpg - (627.61KB , 2048x1536 , 0919112234a.jpg )
>> No. 3803
Starter kit? I approve.

I am sorely tempted to get back into double edge razor shaving.

File 131614126070.png - (175.42KB , 216x362 , flandreminer.png )
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Hello, /tek/. I come to you in hopes that you may help me figure out what happened to a rather large folder on my external HDD. You see, the thing just sort of vanished. It's not in any recycling bins anywhere, it hasn't been moved to any other locations on the disk, I ran a file recovery program, and it can't find anything... Worst of all, while I can't be sure, I think that the space the folder was taking up may be unused now, which would presumably imply that the folder is, in fact, simply completely gone. I intend to take it to a friend to use their computer so I can see if it could possibly just be my piece of shit old laptop that's the problem somehow, but I can't do that very well at 10:30 at night.

While I would like to recover the folder, I would settle for just knowing what the hell happened. My only clue is that it was making some beeping sounds earlier today, but I checked the S.M.A.R.T. system or whatever, which a friend told me to do, and it said the drive was "Healthy".

Allow me to close this by saying that I am not very good with computers, and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Help would be greatly appreciated. If there's anything more you need to know about the drive, the problem, anything, just ask. Thank youin advance.
>> No. 3732
If you did a system restore at some point if the file is younger than the point then that might erase the file if it was connected at the time. Also if you've hooked it up to an external network like say at a Univeristy some delete what they think is infringing material for some reason when scanned.
>> No. 3742
If it was a sufficiently large folder and it was accidentally trashed the contents wouldn't have been moved to the recycle bin but outright deleted, i.e. its location on the disk would be free to overwrite.

Anyway if you've tried file recovery programs with no luck there's probably little chance the files are still on the drive in any form.
>> No. 3756
Huh. It's back now, after my computer decided it needed to run a CHKDSK on the drive. Never mind.
Sage because there is now no point in bumping my thread, as the problem has been solved.

File 13145984235.jpg - (92.94KB , 745x667 , build2.jpg )
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is there anything glaringly wrong with this build?
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>> No. 3709
Did it breakdance?
>> No. 3710
What's the problem with that?
>> No. 3712
Only if the fans got really unbalanced.

Harder to diagnose which component is causing problems. In the old days, stuff sometimes just wouldn't work if you did this because of IRQ conflicts, DMA channel conflicts, or other arcane stuff that we don't really have to worry about now. But I still maintain that it's better to assemble a computer in the smallest possible chunks, simply so you can tell if a particular part is causing problems, and/or be certain you haven't accidentally grounded something on the case.

File 130249066528.jpg - (285.21KB , 1200x729 , cb400abs.jpg )
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/tek/ needs a motorcycle thread. No two ways about it.

I'll get us started by posing you this question: wat bike is gud? Or, in non-/o/ idioms, which motorcycle should I buy?

The Honda CB400 seems like a safe bet. The engine is apparently very well mannered for low-speed car-dodging in the city (which, let's face it, is what I'm going to spend most of my time doing), and it's a Honda, so the thing will last until doomsday. On the other hand... 400cc. And it's a Honda, so even in the current economy, I don't know how much I'm going to be able talk the price down to my level.
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>> No. 3685
File 131518870914.jpg - (115.71KB , 1024x768 , 1309130616017.jpg )
I really wish I knew. I assumed they were some kind of cooling fans, but I think you might be closer to the mark.

I would ride this 'til my ass fell off.
Which given dat seat and dat 2T probably wouldn't be long, however you read my previous sentence.
>> No. 3691
File 131539593783.jpg - (46.22KB , 640x374 , valkyrie.jpg )
I think this thread needs some streetfighter'd Valkyrie. Because it's a streetfighter'd Valyrie.
>> No. 3694
File 131545420799.jpg - (139.69KB , 733x800 , 1309778645514.jpg )
Another day, another bike. This one is obviously a BMW of some sort. I think an R90S, but damned if I can tell for sure.

File 129166714325.gif - (467.34KB , 957x3998 , watching-other-people-use-a-computer.gif )
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Give me your amusing/horrible stories about helping other people or failing yourself.
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>> No. 3606
I've actually heard of this happening before. I guess most people leave their cases on for the entire life of their computers, which although conducive to Al's problem, does stop certain other problems. Like possums climbing in an open window and shitting in the case.
>> No. 3614
The best way to prevent that last bit is to leave the cover on the case.
>> No. 3620
What a novel solution. I'll have to try that.

File 131341832582.png - (40.28KB , 525x465 , Capture.png )
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OK so I have this problem, my internet wastes five times more bandwidth than it should.

Here it is, downloading four videos each ~60MB in size, first thing I've done this morning. Total should be 240MB, but it's 860MB instead.

Any tech savvy people know what's going on?
>> No. 3559
could it be something similar to this? http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f31/bandwidth-sapping-issue-590937.html

they recommended using something like this http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897437 to take a closer look at what's going on with your connection
>> No. 3560
Not even similar, although title is the first result in google.

File 131324010327.jpg - (101.13KB , 566x432 , johnny.jpg )
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I think my ISP caught on to my torrenting. Now when ever I open it it uploads fine but wont download at all.

What do?
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>> No. 3554
Randomize the port you're using, and maybe think about putting a bandwidth cap in place to keep the ISP's attention off of you in the future. If they're throttling you now, it's because they're losing a lot of bandwidth to you, so if you can get your client to manage that instead, they shouldn't throttle you again.

If you're not using a client that can do those things, get one. There's no reason not to be using a client at uTorrent-level.
>> No. 3555
It shows up that it is not but it definitely has seeds.
okay thanks. I'm using bit torrent on a mac but it still looks like I can do all this.

What is a safe rate to set my allocation?
>> No. 3556

Depends on a) your service provider b) the tier of Internet you're paying for. Just poke around their website for details on monthly bandwidth capping.

For example, I have the Cox Preferred package. I'm allowed 200gb of up/downloading per month.

File 129771287364.jpg - (13.91KB , 300x300 , web-browsers.jpg )
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So what do you use?
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>> No. 3511
I just learned that you can make disabled add-ons work again in FF5 by tinkering around with about:config. Right-click and add two new booleans (extensions.checkCompatibility.5.0 and extensions.checkUpdateSecurity) and set them to false. Of course, this disables add-on update security checking, so be warned
>> No. 3512
You can also manually edit the extension pretty easily. A lot of the times extensions are perfectly compatible with a new version, but they're not configured for it. If you open the corresponding .xpi file with winrar, there's a file called install.rdf. Open that up with a text editor, look for the firefox section, and change <em:maxVersion>x.x.*</em:maxVersion> (x.x.* being whatever the listed version is) to 5.0.* (for the current version as of this post). Save the file and the archive, then drag and drop into firefox.
>> No. 3530
Chrome is meant to be a simple, fast browser with a just few extensions. If you're looking for all sorts of extensions, don't use chrome. I have about ten or so extensions installed on Chrome, and only four of them even have a button up in the corner. I only use about three of four of my extensions regularly, and one of those is adblock.

Basically, Chrome = simple and fast, so don't use it if you depend on a lot of extensions.

File 131096195949.gif - (6.92KB , 505x341 , bsod.gif )
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My laptop blue screened, and when I restarted it, thewcomputer stopped being able to see the internal hard drive. I'm not much of a tech head-does anyone know what the problem could be and how I can fix it?

Windows 7 on a Vaio laptop.
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>> No. 3491
How old is the laptop? Those hard drives start failing spectacularly after five or six years.
>> No. 3496
Can't hear anything. When the power comes on, the computer gives an odd series of beeps though.
Purchased new December 09
>> No. 3497
Can't hear anything. When the power comes on, the computer gives an odd series of beeps though.
Purchased new December 09

File 131145313858.jpg - (18.88KB , 360x360 , GP2019.jpg )
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So. iPod.
Washing machine.
In rice.
Suicidally infuriated.
How fix?
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>> No. 3481
No fix. Only prevention.
Maybe now that there are water resistant phones, they'll work on hazardsuiting other tech gadgets.
>> No. 3482
Wait....was the iPod in rice, or was the washing machine in rice?
>> No. 3483

When water seeps into electronic devices, a common fix is to place the affected device into a container of dry (uncooked) rice which supposedly absorbs the moisture back out.

But yeah, a washer machine does much more damage than just water.

File 130938339377.jpg - (57.66KB , 500x375 , dog and bear.jpg )
3376 No. 3376 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So I know you all get this question a thousand times a day probably. But in July I'm getting about 1800 dollars. I want to build a new gaming PC for roughly about 1200-1300. I want to be able to run games like Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3 at high specs. Running a 32 inch 1080P TV.

Any suggestions on what to get?

I've been debating between some builds and I can't decide. I would link but Newegg is not letting me for some reason.
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3474
File 131138373877.png - (164.53KB , 1343x896 , My PC Build.png )
So pic is what I decided on. I can't quite however decide between those two hard drives. I've heard bad stuff about the WD, but it has a larger cache..which I'm not sure if it would make a big difference vs 32/
>> No. 3476
I had 2 WD 1TB HDD die on me while I was using a 300GB Seagate as my main. I then got a 1TB Samsung and 500GB Seagate as a bundle. This was a couple of years ago, my 300GB, 500GB and 1TB are still running. But I've heard people with WD aren't having so many problems any more.
>> No. 3478

I've had no problems with WD's drives except from their externals, more specifically I've a couple of externals on which the drive-cable micro-USB occasionally cuts out when the male plug is at certain angles. The problem's been corrected in their newer generation though.


File 131110904523.jpg - (484.26KB , 1600x1200 , deleteme.jpg )
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So I've put together a box to act as a media/entertainment center. I also have an ATI Wonder Remote II; a bit old, sure, but it still works. So, time for a MC/HTPC general!

What kind of software/frontend should I put on it? Preferably something free, but if the price and software are right I'll pay.

I'd like to have something I can play with a bit; I want to add a launch button for Hulu Desktop, as well as the ability to play ROMs/Emulators.
>> No. 3472
XBMC or Boxee are the only real choices as far as I'm concerned. Nothing else I've tried has been an acceptable substitute.

Although lately, since I use my HTPC more for streaming videos to my iPad, I've just decided to toss together an HTML5 video-streaming site that works from a SQL database of all my videos. I've got it listing and showing my TV shows and allowing me to edit the database from within the webapp, so my current step is to make "Station" playlists so I can have it randomly choose a show or a movie from its list to play, then play shows with continuity in order or shows without continuity at random. After that all that will be left is skinning it, really.

Well, that and converting my videos that are in MKV format to H.264 encoded M4V's. Most of my videos were already M4Vs to begin with, so that's not that big a deal, I've just got to leave Handbreak running for a few days.

File 131109393341.jpg - (22.66KB , 498x283 , fuck this shit.jpg )
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Gods fucking hell I hate Apple

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>> No. 3461

Wow, seriously?
>> No. 3470
Apparently, cause those jagoffs at the patent court agreed with them.
>> No. 3471
The way patent law works is that you submit your patent request for as broad a category of products, then rework it until you get to the broadest patent that the patent office accepts.

The fact that Apple tried to patent that isn't surprising or even anything that any other company wouldn't try to get away with. You pretty much have to, in fact, to have a business. What's surprising and disgusting is that the patent office accepted that as a valid thing to patent.

This is part of the growing problem with technology outpacing the ability for laymen to base legal and political judgement on, even though it's becoming increasingly necessary for those legal and political judgements to be made with wisdom and knowledge that our infrastructure is not equipped to provide.

File 13101669363.png - (308.63KB , 1000x836 , 1000px-Air_conditioning_unit-en_svg.png )
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I'm tired of not having an air conditioner, but all of the windows in our house open sideways instead of up.
Are there any options?
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>> No. 3442
>Buying a $100 or more table fan is like buying a $50,000 or more car.
I meant more in the $20-40 range and was assuming this was talking about something bigger than a table fan, given the OP asked what he could use as the sole means of air conditioning in his entire living space.

>There's simply nothing to break!
I was talking about the the blades and the grate, not the motor. They break all the time when they're poorly designed and made out of shitty plastic.
>> No. 3443
I'm not sure how the conversation shifted to air multipliers.
Either way, it does get kind of humid here; a dehumidifier that isn't broken could also help with the summer heat.
>> No. 3444
Is a split system an option for you? Can you drill holes in the wall?

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