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File 129637288348.jpg - (626.79KB , 1152x864 , ringofdeath.jpg )
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Ok I'm not sure if this is supposed to go in /cog/ or not but since you talk about hardware and Software I figure this is worth a shot.

Anyway my problem is that when ever I change discs after not playing it for a long time it won't read the disc. Whenever that happens I have to take it apart at manually move the disc reader up. Is there anyway to fix it so that it will stay fixed? It's starting to get annoying.
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>> No. 2860
Fuck. Oh well. I guess I'll just keep taking it apart and pushing it. Thanks anyway.
>> No. 3041
try holding it up and shaking it (not rattle) in a direction that would move it.
>> No. 3042
I know a few people with the same problem. One refuses to open no matter what now and the others are really iffy about it.
Not ragging on console owners or anything but the 360 has a completely ridiculous failure rate. The first Xbox was bullet proof but the 360 melts, breaks, or even grinds the fucking disk. I only know one person who hasn't had a 360 die on them.

File 129966177886.jpg - (37.04KB , 636x462 , Whatisthatfor.jpg )
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Whats the difference between the wave and regular volume control bar?

They both seem to do the same thing and I'll move them independently for more precise volume control but I'm always left wondering what is their exact difference.
>> No. 3031
If you'd used a sound card back in the 1990s, it would make a little more sense.

The old sound cards had several sound generating devices on them. They'd have a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for playing sounds like .wav files, a hardware MIDI synthesizer, maybe a FM synthesizer, input from the CDROM drive (via a small wire), microphone input, line input.

Main Volume is total output after everything is mixed together. Wave volume is just the DAC.

Pretty much all new soundcards or motherboard sound chips only have a DAC chip, responsible for all the sound output. The other sound sources have fallen out of favor, or are now emulated by the CPU (i.e. MIDI synth, FM)
>> No. 3038
Oh thanks. I did notice MIDI files are uneffected by the wave bar

File 129931660290.jpg - (55.13KB , 715x844 , 1292186271975.jpg )
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I'll just leave this here
>> No. 2996
Funny as this is, it might go in /cog/.
But then again, it does sort of silently imply a 'game technology' thread..
>> No. 2997
Now it all makes sense!
>> No. 3007
File 129942003579.png - (202.64KB , 715x773 , Hitbox.png )
Don't model what you don't see.

File 129905138120.gif - (1.49MB , 333x191 , pugsledding.gif )
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Recommend me a new laptop, /tek/. I have about ~$1500 CAD (would prefer it to be $1200-$1300) to spend, and would like something with an i7. I have a beastly computer, so I don't need desktop-replacement-grade, but I want something better than my shitty netbook.

I was thinking HP or Dell. Thoughts?
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>> No. 2989
You can also build a great desktop PC with the money and use the leftovers to buy a netbook.
>> No. 3004
Did you not read his post?
>I have a beastly computer, so I don't need desktop-replacement-grade, but I want something better than my shitty netbook.
>> No. 3006
The whole "i7" thing threw me off guard. If it's an ultra-portable (between netbook and replacement class), it probably won't have an i7 on it.

File 12855902828.jpg - (36.72KB , 500x360 , Desktop_original.jpg )
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Desktop thread.
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>> No. 2964
File 129854349564.png - (652.99KB , 1024x768 , Twilight.png )
One of my favorites, a screenshot I took while playing FSX. I change my desktop weekly, though, as I get bored of it.

One of them I'll never use again, though. Had a very particular shade of blue sky, and everytime I saw the monitor out of the corner of my eye, I had a momentary flash of panic because I thought it had blue-screened on me.
>> No. 2969
I use Dreamscene with hexiwave. Fanciest fucking shit ever.
>> No. 2980
File 129908248366.png - (4.71KB , 320x256 , indiana_jones_and_the_last_crusade_01.png )
The best wallpaper. And you can blow it up to any size. Doesn't matter.

File 129791394047.jpg - (42.68KB , 562x338 , ken u mad.jpg )
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Would Watson pass a Turing test? Is it necessary to classify it as AI?

I find the endeavor of getting a computer to understand natural language fascinating. However I don't think IBM succeeded. There are several questions where Watson really misses the mark, and it seems to me those misses serve as proof that Watson isn't truly understanding the context of the question. The biggest example that sticks out is when Watson "guessed" the first Final Jeopardy question, given Toronto as the answer despite the category being "US Cities".

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>> No. 2946
To OP: No and No, but Watson represents a small, albeit significant advancement. You don't get to be the dominant species on a planet, capable of wiping out all life and landing men on the moon, without first learning to make fire and develop agriculture.

My personal prediction is that we won't be able to have true AI until we've surpassed the limits of transistors and conventional microchips. Quantum computing, protein and DNA-based computing, artificial neural networks, and combined read-write processor/data storage devices will be the next big things, and be as big an advancement as going from vacuum tubes and punch cards to Watson overnight. And, of course, computers with the data storage, processing power, and compact size of the human brain will also be a prerequisite for any future brain-uploading.

Until then, robots and specialized computers like Watson will continue to advance, mastering more and more complex tasks (first chess and composing music, today Jeopardy, tomorrow...?). We might soon get to the point where we can have computers who, while not true AI, will be able to outperform humans, in both speed and accuracy, in not just one extremely specialized task, but in a dozen or so related tasks, with minimal human input. Data processing, secretarial and administrative work could all be performed by such devices.

But OP is right about Watson missing context. Humans think in words, symbols, images, lofty concepts and basic, animal desires. The feedback loops in our neural networks are so perfectly ordered and yet seemingly random enough to allow for inspiration, fantasy, strokes of genius, induction, deduction, and guessing, both educated and shot-in-the-dark. Until we have a computer that actually thinks-- talking to itself and thinking in full sentences and recalled images--it'll be nothing more than machine.
>> No. 2963
I really feel this whole thing was silly. In all honesty, all three contestants (and myself, at home) knew the answers to the vast majority of the questions. The ONLY reason Watson won was not because he had a bigger base of knowledge than the humans, (I bet my balls its not as much by HALF, if that) but because it was capable of buzzing in faster. Only in the last few minutes of the last episode did the two humans start to be able to catch up. You'll notice Brad especially began to beat Watson's speed late in the game, but it was too little too late. Give them a rematch, and I think they can win.

This made it obvious that Ken Jennings had gotten rusty. After all, the biggest reason HE went on his 74-episode winning streak was the fact that he got SO fast with the buzzer, other contestants were unable to keep up. They actually had practice-rounds before the show to let them get familiar with the timing of buzzing in, to give them half a goddamn chance, and it still did not work.

This reminds me of being back in high school on Academic Team. There was one school that won first place almost every year. They also used different buzzers! The ones they used were shaped like sewing-machine pedals, instead of the thumb-triggers everyone else had. Nobody seemed to believe me when I said that gave them an unfair advantage when playing home games. Fucking idiots, the lot of them. At least in AT, though, you can ring in an answer whenever you want; no waiting until the split-second the host stops talking.

So yes, I wasn't impressed with this at all. Because Jeopardy is 20% a game of knowledge, and 80% a game of speed. Ken Jennings proved that. Machines are always FASTER, but it's going to be a very long time before they are SMARTER. Watson was a damn good search engine, better than any other, but it's frankly not intelligent at all. At least how I would define it.

Just wanted to say that.
>> No. 2966
Great points. Maybe they need to eliminate the speed and do nothing but final jeopardy type rounds for a more accurate competiton?

File 129454638044.jpg - (25.22KB , 375x500 , cyberpunk brain ports.jpg )
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I'm trying to research tools for doing screencasting- recording the conversations I have with someone else, as well as my view of a game we're playing.

Ventrilo looks like it'll do the job for recording conversations, and I'm familiar with video editing tools (Premiere, Avisynth, VirtualDubMod, After Effects). So I mostly need advice on video capture. Don't have a capture card (not that I'd recognize one if I did have it), a decent freeware tool would be nice but I'm willing to shell out a bit for a licensed program like Fraps if one gets enough some recommendations.

If relevant, the game I'd like to record in the short term is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (played via Steam).
>> No. 2909
old but if you're going for just screen capture then FRAPS is probably your best bet.
>> No. 2939
FRAPS - make sure you have 100's of gigs free. Takes up so.much.room!!!

File 129476254510.jpg - (1.15MB , 2352x1568 , GIVEMEAHELLGIVEMEAYEAH.jpg )
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So, this just happened.
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>> No. 2900
I used Tasker to set an emergency button in my phone that sets the phone's ringer to maximum volume if it receives the text "12345". I also have it set to automatically turn off network and wifi late at night and during all of my classes.

I wouldn't trade my Android phone for anything.

hmm. I bet I could set it up to give me GPS coordinates, too.
>> No. 2908
That's something I would love on any given smartphone. They're more than happy to inform you that they are enabling GPS services but they really don't want to divulge exactly what those services are doing.
>> No. 2920
Honestly, webOS is just as user friendly as iOS to anyone regardless of whether or not they're completely incompetent. And it has the added bonus of not being tied to fucking Apple of all companies.

That seems like a pretty neat feature, it's always a pain to have misplaced your phone with the ringer off. I have a pretty neat little feature on mine where I can set up a password that when texted to my phone by anyone on a list of approved numbers will give my GPS location.

File 129663790323.jpg - (131.05KB , 800x765 , thestickytothewikiikiikiiki.jpg )
2862 No. 2862 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Are there any programs that behave like wikipedia does, but offline?
I don't mean alternatives that you pay for, or pirate. I mean, any free from the creative commons up that a person could use to organize data? Create pages, search subjects, hotlink and stuff.

Right now my only real method of sorting my written shit is with a bajillion text files and separated by category in different file directories, and searching through those can be tedious as shit.
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>> No. 2892
Are all pages and page assignments pretty much equal, or is there some function that will designate a parent page with children subjects, or.. something?

For instance, say I wanted a page for each individual spell, and I wanted another page that linked to the list of these spells. Would all these different pages, functionally, just be the same -kind- of page with different purposes, or is there some sort of function that automatically makes new pages into a parent page's "child"?
>> No. 2894
File 12975329494.jpg - (34.67KB , 262x277 , INFINITE SPELLS.jpg )
The way that I think it works is that pages in and of themselves aren't special. They're all just pages. The tree view is created by how you link pages. For instance, take a look at this picture. You'll see how there's multiple entries for [hel] and [Spells] in the tree. That's because I put a link to each in each other. That tree will open indefinitely.

There's really only one [Spells] page. If you make a change on one and go to another one, you'll see that the change is there as well. Linking a page puts it in the tree, along with any children defined off it.

So, what I'd do is create a page called [List of Spells] or something. That will create that page. Then, you can just start naming spells:
[Spell A]
[Spell B]
and so on.
Those pages will be the children of the first [List of Spells] page, and you can link to the list page by linking [List of Spells], or an individual Spell page.

Then, any time you link to [List of Spells], not only do you have a link to the full list in your body text, you also place the full list in expandable form on the tree view.
>> No. 2895
Thank you, Chev. Bonus points for the visual aid, too.
Alrighty. Lets see what I can pump out with this.

File 129618023617.jpg - (72.76KB , 800x450 , assorted-sushi.jpg )
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>> No. 2858
Normally when water cools down, the molecules get all chummy and lock together. The longer the cooling down takes, the bigger the crystals they can make before there's not any free water molecules left.

If the temperature drop happens quickly, the water molecule doesn't have time to form big crystals. You end up with a hodgepodge of small crystals.

Here, the magnets keep the water molecules moving around, which prevents crystal formation. It has to do with the fact that water molecules have polarity due to their charge. Moving the magnetic field around moves the molecules. When you turn off the magnetic field, it's like all the water molecules realize at the same time that "oh shit I need to be ice right now" and make crystals as fast as they can. That way, you end up with a gigantic collection of absolutely tiny crystals.

You can do something similar with unopened bottles of water. If you put a pack of them in the freezer or outside overnight in freezing temperatures, if the water is pure enough it will still be liquid. Any sudden jolt will then cause rapid crystallization (although with water bottles it will still be a slurry). video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSPzMva9_CE
>> No. 2859
Whoops, that should read "polarity due to the partial charges on the oxygen and hydrogens."
>> No. 2870
In other medical science news which might be old or not The Skin Gun. A persons own stem skin cells are used to treat serious burn damage.


File 129663154957.jpg - (4.69KB , 150x150 , gene_hackman (2).jpg )
2861 No. 2861 hide quickreply [Reply]
>Have video on my youtube channel that I made, always choppy at times, some transitions look glitchy

>Download it from keepvid to see what it's like

>plays perfect

>> No. 2864
youtube has been known to be shitty with uploads every now and then. Videos need to be encoded correctly iirc

File 129593319855.png - (75.28KB , 752x908 , lots.png )
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Does anyone know of a good image tagging program?
>> No. 2829
shit i just put the keywords in the filename
>> No. 2830
Excessive, obsessive folders are probably your best bet. From what I remember there aren't any good image metadata solutions yet.
>> No. 2834
Honestly, Picasa's probably about as good as it gets. I use iPhoto on Mac (inb4 derisive laughter) which is about the same, but I like the interface more, plus nested albums are handy and smart folders are great if you use keywords extensively. Keyword management could be better though.

I actually liked Microsoft Expression Media pretty well, but it's not free, it wasn't very fast, and it only wrote the metadata to the images for certain formats. Mostly JPEG. I know it didn't write the metadata to PNGs, and I can't recall for certain that it would even import them. But I was using Expression Media 2. I don't know if 3 is out.

ACDSee has an image library-type program that also does tagging as I recall, but it costs actual dollars, was slow compared to Picasa, and while its organizational features were better (nested albums) it didn't really offer much advantage over Picasa otherwise. Like Expression Media, I don't recall whether or not it wrote the tags to the image files themselves, either.

File 129552584971.jpg - (40.12KB , 740x455 , 1291503451177.jpg )
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Welp, my trusty MP3 player is dying. Something or other is loose, and now the sound cuts out unless the headphones are held in a specific location (I was able to tape it down to keep it mostly working, but it won't hold forever) So, I find myself in need of a new one. And, being about as decisive as your average potted plant, I've decided to ask you for advice. What kind of MP3 player should I get? I don't really care about functionality outside of playing music, it doesn't have to have a gigantic capacity, and I don't want to spend a whole ton of money. Aside from that, anything's game.
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2801
>> No. 2811
>If choking on Apples' dick (and their warranties) isn't your thing, I'd give your local craigslist a quick browse to see if anyone has any they're trying to get rid of.
Ended up doing this, got an 80GB Zune for $80 and it works fine. Thank you, Craigslist.
>> No. 2822
lol always good to hear some bit of advice was helpful

File 129524078517.jpg - (26.70KB , 364x318 , rubbish.jpg )
2771 No. 2771 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
My current internet is HughesNet, and it is awful.
I need some recommendations of good internet providers. Anything is better than HughesNet. Help me, HughesNet is awful in every way.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2777
Comcast sucks so much that the amount of suckage can only be described by the word "Comcast".

TimeWarner is surprisingly reliable and fast. I regularly hit 1.3Mb/s downloads when the other end can handle them (like Valve's servers).
>> No. 2779
Verizon: NOPE
Charter: NOPE
Timer Warner: NOPE
Qwest: NOPE
Comcast: NOPE

I hope this is wrong and I am just an idiot who put his address in wrong.

I must remain vigilant.
>> No. 2788
Yeah I remember when I lived in an area with no access to high speed internet.

I just ended up getting used to playing single player games in window mode to pass the time as things loaded

File 129436226557.gif - (143.37KB , 1903x1911 , Laptop guide.gif )
2709 No. 2709 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Is this image still good? I'm leaning towards a Lenovo 510 series. Is there something better? Also: flash hard drives. Aside from Macs, any laptops come with them? Are they worth it? Is the CES tech show changing anything?
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2763
I believe the HP Envies and Vaio Zs have SSDs. I have no idea what you mean by 3.0, though. Can't be USB 3.0.
>> No. 2764
yea 3.0 is still a little while to being implemented. I'd say next models later this year.
>> No. 2770
File 129522764392.jpg - (115.76KB , 555x527 , Envy Adams summons her Persona.jpg )
Okay, I've narrowed it down to: and Envy, either 14" or 17", or one of the Lenovo 510s. I might want to do some gaming on my laptop, and I will be using it through law school and my career (if you can call it that) in journalism. I may also be using it when I finally enter the workforce for reals.

Advice re: Core i7-740QM or Core i7-840QM processors

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