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Greetings /tek/ here are some useful guides.


-Love /g/
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1. Righteous
2. Awwwight Civ5
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What's the best single-slot graphics card out right now?
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dont listen to him OP just get the GTX 460 he is an ati fan boy
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All 460s are 2-slotted. Aside from that, they were my first choice before I noticed how much power they sucked up.
>> No. 2229
Why single slotted in particular? Room concerns?

The straight answer would be XFX's 1GB single slot 5770. In fact, it's the only option from this generation as far as I know. Powercolor also offers one but they can go fuck themselves. I have had the worst experience with their customer service. Three consecutive RMAs and every one of those 4890s were crap. Heatsink contact wasn't even lapped. XFX, I haven't had any of their products but I hear all good things. Double lifetime warranty is also a good resale incentive down the line, or good incentive for you right now if you can find one second hand.

Power consumption is about same as reference 5770s or a little less. Temperatures are little above reference but that's no surprise with limited heatsink room really and is apparently still very quiet under load.

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