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This board has been locked and merged with /tek/ due to inactivity into an all-encompassing DIY board:


File 12860797511.png - (3.82KB , 646x441 , john_approves.png )
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A thread for dishes that went far better than expected.

The other day, after realizing how great rice and beef mix in stuffed bell-peppers, I cooked rice, then stirred in beaten eggs, and began stirring rapidly until the egg was cooked. Pic related.
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>> No. 5742
File 134114908811.jpg - (19.08KB , 440x291 , yesss.jpg )
>seriously oversalt my chili
>hardly have anything left in the fridge
>oh well
>put mozzarella in the chili in hopes of taking the edge off
>mfw tasting it
>> No. 5744
I've been making beer bread pretty regularly for the past few months. It's almost insultingly simple. Either three cups of self-rising flour or three cups of all-purpose flour, four teaspoons of baking powder, and half a teaspoon of salt. A twelve-ounce bottle of beer. A little more liquid if you think it's too thick- the first few times I used an entire pub can of Guinness, which is closer to 16 ounces, and it worked fine. Plus whatever else you feel like adding. Pour it into a greased loaf pan. Pop it in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes, and you're good.The first recipe I followed called for Guinness, molasses, and sugar. My most recent one was made with a local microbrewed vanilla java porter and some fresh vanilla coffee. It's fucking great, especially when toasted with some butter and honey on it.
>> No. 5745
Farmer's markets make eating super affordable for me in the summer, so I'm getting my fill of squash, zucchini, etc. I realized I hadn't had any sort of spaghetti-type meal for awhile, so I made some, since it's cooled down here a bit and turning on my stove doesn't feel like I'm baking myself in the process. It's not completely from scratch, but it is completely delicious. Recipe below:

1 jar Ragu Sauteed Onion & Garlic
1 jar Ragu Mushroom & Green Pepper
2 large tomatoes, chopped
1 large zucchini, sliced (slices approx 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide)
2 medium yellow squash, sliced
2 medium yellow pattypan squash, cut into 1/8ths (or smaller, depending on your taste)
1 small to medium red onion, diced
approx 1/4 C of wine (I used Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon)
Italian Seasoning (Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary & Sage)
salt & pepper to taste
splash of extra virgin olive oil

Tomato-Basil pasta (so delicious on its own)
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File 131942146474.jpg - (45.25KB , 800x532 , 800px-Gruyère.jpg )
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Gruyere > Errythang else
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>> No. 5735
File 134010930975.gif - (332.15KB , 500x273 , yes.gif )
>mfw i was at a bbq and tried halloumi for the first time, fresh off the grill
>> No. 5737
p....places like this exist?!
>> No. 5741
used to be one were I lived in Charlotte. Time for lunch go to the deli and sample.

File 128972701934.jpg - (259.47KB , 1194x806 , Fawningrass2.jpg )
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a while ago i set the goal of trying something i've never had before.

pic related, today i bought a venison schnitzel to cook up at some point
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>> No. 5730
File 133996816236.jpg - (96.53KB , 800x303 , 800px-Guernsey_cattle.jpg )
Guernsey cow's milk.

Wasn't whole, but damn that shit is nice.
>> No. 5739
Elk and antelope in jerky form.

Wasn't a fan of the antelope but holy shit that elk was amazing.
>> No. 5740
Buffalo bacon.
It was so much better than regular bacon, and I didn't think that was possible. My house smelled amazing for a full 24 hours after I cooked it, too.

File 128710367238.jpg - (44.15KB , 1008x405 , what i drank.jpg )
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Let's start low then go high.

I like Guinness. I just wasn't in the mood for a something so dark and I wanted some fucking chocolate.

Also Guinness should never be served from a can unless you're making a mix anyway.
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>> No. 5709
File 13386419593.jpg - (20.20KB , 200x506 , redstone-meadery-black-raspberry-nectar-mead-color.jpg )
I have black raspberry mead in my fridge right now (pic related). It is a magnificence that cannot be denied.

CSS Time: Never been a wine drinker, because I either like the hard stuff or beer (I live in a city with a lot of microbreweries). Got a job (well, unpaid internship, but fuck, it's something to do) helping to promote arts and culture. Suddenly at a lot of functions where there's wine, and a crap selection of beer. Decide to educate myself and start drinking a bit of wine here and there to figure out what I like so I don't look like a total n00b when I go to the bar and order something. So far, I've tried Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Rose & Merlot (and had to buy a corkscrew, which made several of my friends look at me in disbelief when I told them that I never owned one previously). So far, it's all been good. I've stuck to Australian wines as well, and staying on the cheap side ($7/bottle), and I've gotta say, there are some tasty things out there.
>> No. 5710
File 133877259269.jpg - (18.18KB , 227x350 , rectified spirits.jpg )
So, I drank some spiritus rektifikwany or however it's spelled at a party.

Like. At least half a bottle of it.

It's 192 proof. So, essentially poison.

But it is SURPRISINGLY good when mixed with Code Red.

I took a straight double shot of it on a dare and threw up for at least 3 hours, though. So uh. Don't drink it straight.
>> No. 5736
brown cacao bols + milk = stronger, cheaper, low fat baileys.

File 128607349656.gif - (22.80KB , 650x450 , 01542.gif )
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A thread for dishes that did not go well.

Tonight, in a fit of chocoholic desperation, I tried one of those microwave brownie in a mug recipes. Pic related.
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>> No. 5564
I'm really not sure which is worse.
>> No. 5569
I was making a delicious jambalaya a few months back and the recipe called for oysters. I had never used oysters in any sort of recipe before and the recipe I had didn't call for any specific type so I just grabbed a jar of frozen ones that I'd de-thaw

Holy shit they were so horrible and HUGE and slimy and tough and fhjsd
The made the entire dish just taste of fish and ocean

Never again
>> No. 5733
File 134006353140.png - (17.51KB , 379x214 , Im_OK_With_This.png )
>Try to make bread
>"Can't be that hard, right?"
>End up with a huge ass biscuit
It was the most delicious mistake I've ever made

File 129439569817.png - (143.79KB , 677x634 , mark.png )
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I dunno if this is a totally necessary thread but I find that I keep going to the SYM thread in /baw/ to talk about petty food things that don't deserve a thread.

So I'm making this instead.

I have way too much fun seeing just how delicious of a pizza I can make using those pre-packaged pre-cooked crusts.
The answer is an incredibly delicious pizza.

Pic unrelated, but it was the first thing I saw when I opened my pictures folder.
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>> No. 5729
Krabby Patties, Spongebob Squa…youtube thumb
>> No. 5731
I've started watching Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix streaming.
Running a restaurant seems HARD.
>> No. 5732
I'm pretty sure running any business is.

File 133054168850.jpg - (45.12KB , 774x630 , 1195313177505.jpg )
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So I started calorie counting (I need to lose weight and don't have enough time to exercise and it's cold out) and it's going well so far. I found an app that keeps track of the foods you've eaten and lets you set a daily calorie quota based on your desired rate of weight loss.

But one issue is that it relies on a database of foods for calorie counts (you can scan barcodes even), but not everything is prepackaged or has set composition. What would be a good rule of thumb for estimating calorie content? I was thinking of finding a similar listed food and rounding up to the nearest 50 or 100 calories. Do you think that would be effective or misleading?

Also holy shit. I THOUGHT I knew how much I was eating, but I was severely underestimating the amount of calories I was eating. The biggest wakeup call was when I set the app to 2 pounds per week and breakfast was almost half my daily quota (and I only had cereal and OJ). I knocked that up to 1 pound per week and it turned out to be about 1600 calories, which is manageable. It actually turns out to be a comfortable amount of food - I didn't really realize how much I was overeating and making myself uncomfortably full.

The worst was looking at a smallish chicken burrito and looking it up and realizing it was almost half my day's calories in one little thing that would take me about five minutes to eat.

Goddamnit, food.
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>> No. 5698
File 133686450615.jpg - (103.24KB , 490x688 , 1332788104233.jpg )

Be sure to have them test your urine and show you how you're peeing all those vitamin supplements out anyways!
>> No. 5707

Quite a bit actually. You're getting significantly more dietary fiber per serving over rice, and the higher quantity of indigestible material (ie, the husk portion) means it has a lower glycemic index and will cause a lower spike of your blood sugar than white rice.

Also I do believe there are a bit more trace minerals due to the presence of the husk there, but I'd have to double check to be sure.

Mostly it's a case of higher fiber and a lower blood sugar spike, those are the two big biggies.
>> No. 5715
Thanks anon, everyone tells me brown rice is healthier without saying why. Now I just need to find some bags of brown rice cheaper than white rice.

File 129716067384.jpg - (24.03KB , 450x338 , 7308-bigthumbnail.jpg )
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Popin' Cookin' #3 - たのし…youtube thumb
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>> No. 5367
More Kracie stuff.

Kracie - popin cookin #8 - ク…youtube thumb
Gummy crepes!

Kracie - 昆虫グミ図鑑 (b…youtube thumb
They're like Creepy Crawlers you can eat. I must obtain them.
>> No. 5701
Kracie - happy kitchen #4 - mini hamburgeryoutube thumb
This one's not a candy, nor is it a toy. It's actually a little powdered kit for microwavable burgers, buns, and fries, as well as instant cola and cheese. No artificial colors, no preservatives, actual chicken and pork ingredients.
And according to the uploader, it tasted delicious.
>> No. 5702
I lost it at the tiny spoon.

File 131986258825.jpg - (397.60KB , 1600x1177 , Breads_and_rolls.jpg )
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A while back not so long ago I had the most amazing bread and now I want to make my own. Trouble is, I've been following generic bread recipes and they turn out like crap. Is there something I'm not doing right?
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>> No. 5693
I actually dislike a small number of bread. Cheap white bread and pumpernickel. Cheap white bread just tastes of nothing and pumpernickel's just way too dense for my taste.
>> No. 5694
Chlorine, amongst other things. That's for bleached. For unbleached, you just need to age it.
>> No. 5695
toaster oven makes better toast then the toaster. I'm partial to a good sourdough.

File 130257016035.jpg - (177.44KB , 651x542 , inb4-prion-diseases.jpg )
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So a few of us were wondering.

What does human flesh taste like?

Feel free to specify what "flesh" you're talking about.

If given the opportunity, would you take it? Would you cook it? How?

Personally, given the rarity of it, I think I'd have to eat it raw. It seems in poor tastes to taint something so uncommonly ingested by cooking or flavoring it.
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>> No. 5675
you know i read an article about a serial killer who killed and ate his victims a while ago. he commented that he had eaten a human eyeball and that it tasted like oysters. whether it's the actual taste or the actual consistency, he didn't specify.
>> No. 5677
If only they still made hufu
>> No. 5679
File 133521037746.png - (226.99KB , 518x441 , Pro1_Generic_Civilian_Portrait.png )
It tastes like Horse.

File 13246653778.jpg - (15.42KB , 480x360 , boms.jpg )
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Blue Oyster Mushrooms are the friend of humanity.



Blue Oyster Mushroom Time Lapse Videoyoutube thumb

Blue Oyster Cult - 7 Screaming Diz-Bustersyoutube thumb
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>> No. 5612
>Yeah speak for yourself

Then my entire point wouldn't have made sense.

>> No. 5613
In summary:

-Portobello burgers confirmed for delicious.

-Grilled mushrooms of any kind on a beef burger confirmed for mouth orgasms.

-Fungi confirmed for coolest kingdom.
>> No. 5668
How much does it cost to set up your own mushroom log and is it feasible if you live in an apartment in the city?

File 133287163948.jpg - (148.11KB , 580x421 , 3c5a36fb-366f-f5e8-a35b-00002a1a4f38_pedigree-dog-.jpg )
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Ever eaten dog/cat food?
1. It's fucking delicous.
2. A meal costs less than 50 cents.
Why don't more people eat pet food?
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5664
Dog food is made up of meat that was deemed "not fit for human consumption" so I'm guessing it's not.
>> No. 5665
Well, most of the "meal" in meat meals found in kibble is actually the ground up carcass of the animal after all the good cuts have been removed and sent off to other places.

So you'd essentially be eating rendered bones and fat. Kinda gross.
>> No. 5666
You mean like chicken nuggets?

File 132561114186.jpg - (32.78KB , 304x320 , csr_raspberry_jam.jpg )
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Looking for nice brands of jam that I can get in canada. Any recommendations?

File 132176090469.jpg - (99.01KB , 250x281 , hmart.jpg )
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Official Grocery Store Power Rankings

God Tier:

Meh Tier:
Everyone else.
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5584
There's no 'H's in Wegman's. No mart either, really.
>> No. 5585
Korean pancakes are fucking delicious.

Gif me recipe.
>> No. 5588
File 132510913024.jpg - (181.58KB , 428x870 , Sweepstakes2010_PR_99(2).jpg )
I'll see your H-Mart and raise you a 99 Ranch Market.
>Dem faces

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