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File 129846557174.jpg - (23.10KB , 480x480 , 1241041381823.jpg )
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Are there any websites with users so bad you don't want to go there on the basis of who else goes there?

Right now reddit is starting to make the list of crappy userbase websites. I saw a link of some huffington post article saying videogames aren't bad and its just simple fun. Well reddit is a mostly liberal site but they hate the huffington post because they want to be liberal without reading liberal websites or something. So they immediately went from "videogames are fun" to "videogames suck and this article sucks" ON THE VIDEOGAME SUBREDDIT. Its like they're some sort of entertainment hipster or something.
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>> No. 3363
LOL I read your first sentence and was about to answer with 'reddit' and then...
>> No. 3424
r/listentothis is like half the reason I still frequent reddit.

r/gamernews, r/tf2 and r/dwarffortress are the other half.
>> No. 3437
Because using those calculations goes against their rule of using feats to back up a claim. Or something.

File 128693728151.gif - (1.32MB , 425x252 , original.gif )
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>Newegg selling a 9800 GTX+ for $90

>While Supplies Last

>Broke as a bad joke.
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>> No. 3423
Also, would increasing the RAM on my laptop (from 3Gb to 4Gb) help with it playing any?
>> No. 3425

Yeah, my P4 system actually had a similar motherboard.


Probably not. The main problem is the onboard GPU which wasn't really made for gaming, if anything it's probably holding back your CPU and RAM.

Couple of threads you might wanna look at:
>> No. 3429
>Couple of threads you might wanna look at:
OK, I didn't need to go TF64 (I already had no phong), but that helped a lot. Especially taking the graphics mode down to 8.1, which I tried that before but I entered the code wrong (I forgot the hyphen you put in front of every command).

File 129273636836.jpg - (49.29KB , 573x738 , zuro_failure.jpg )
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Guys I need a vacuum that doesn't suck. All these dirt devils I've been using've been useless and break down easily.
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>> No. 3368
This. Dyson for life, yo.
>> No. 3369
A) Why did this old thread get dredged up
B) We have a Hoover Windtunnel Upright and a refurbished Roomba (deal off of Woot.com) and both work great. Dyson is kind of turning into the Apple of the vacuum industry. Name power but not the only option out there.
>> No. 3370
File 130926643512.jpg - (274.93KB , 580x707 , god damnit.jpg )
So in essence, I have become a vacuum cleaner fanboy?

O what new depths I plumb.

File 130452171128.jpg - (425.15KB , 1401x2102 , Defcon.jpg )
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anyone going to a convention/conference that is /tek/ relavent

I'm planning on going to DefCon
>> No. 3342
How was it?
>> No. 3364

Its in August.

File 130861069888.jpg - (97.00KB , 1024x680 , _IGP8590asSmartObject-1.jpg )
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This topic is in regards to these camera-glasses:


On the one hand, this is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen, and love the idea of replacing my regular glasses with glasses that can take both stills and video. On the other hand, I'm not sure I like how those glasses look with clear lenses. Do you think it's worth it to look like a bit of a ponce in exchange for cyborg camera glasses?

Even as I ask the question I fell like the answer is "YES. DEFINITELY." But I still have my doubts. Opinions?
>> No. 3354
For $200 you might as well just get a digital camera...
>> No. 3358
But then you can't be a mega creeper and videotape everyone without them knowing.

I predict these glasses will be pretty popular in college settings.

File 130863284456.png - (12.99KB , 154x162 , luffyissurprised.png )
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Hey so I need a computer that can actually play video games because my current one can't run shit. My budget is $400($500 if pushing it) and I only need the computer. Any suggestions?
>> No. 3356
Do you think you have the technological capability and/or a sure enough hand to not fuck up building your own? It's not as difficult as it sounds, it's like putting together really expensive Legos that may or may not be fucked up beyond repair by handling them incorrectly.
>> No. 3357
Nah, I'd probably break everything.

File 130643286823.jpg - (83.50KB , 620x496 , Ulysse-Nardin-Chairman-Smartphone-Docking-Station.jpg )
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I want this phone so hard it hurts.

CrunchGear - Hands-on with theā€¦youtube thumb

ITT: Extravagancy
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>> No. 3306
File 130706516924.jpg - (124.23KB , 1003x800 , Optimus-Maximus-Coming-Our-Way-2[1].jpg )
Think of what it looks like with a black screen. That's what it really looks like.

But if you want to seem some expensive gadgets. Here's the Optimus Maximus.
Optimus Maximus Keyboard from ThinkGeekyoutube thumb
>> No. 3309
You got some classy taste.
Good show.
>> No. 3348

I just remembered what this reminds me of.


File 12858793483.jpg - (91.30KB , 651x300 , GOLDILOCKS.jpg )
2212 No. 2212 hide quickreply [Reply]
Yay planets!

Probably not new news but I thought it was neat.

>> No. 2213
Dammit I forgot the link cause I'm an R tard.


Not new at all apparently, but I think it's neat from a sci fi perspective. A non rotating planet? One side constantly smoldering and the other side frozen. Get on that, writers! Although I'm sure it's been done.
>> No. 2225
>Wed Sep 29
Yes it is. What isn't new is that solar system. We've known it was there and that it had planets close to that zone but we never saw that planet.
>> No. 3345
Can it be Star Trek time now?

File 128788685533.jpg - (33.57KB , 400x450 , mp_lg_env_f.jpg )
2346 No. 2346 hide quickreply [Reply]
Can /tek/ recommend a phone I can purchase to replace my current LG EnV (1st version, not EnV 2 or 3) that will go with my Verizon plan? I want something new but I don't want to renew my contract with those blood suckers. Unfortunately they're still the best option in terms of prices here so I can't switch providers either.
>> No. 2356

Your best bet is going to a Verizon provider (note: not a Verizon store) like Costco or Sam's Club and talk about your options. If you go to a Verizon store or a booth at the mall, they'll bone you ever chance they get. If you go to Verizon through Costco or Sam's, Costco and Sam's forces them into better deals you won't find elsewhere and provide ridiculously high-quality customer support.
>> No. 2357
I don't really want to spend $40 for a Sam's membership I won't use except once. Plus I refuse to get a phone that puts me under a new contract. I've been on a month-to-month contract for over a year and it feels glorious. So all I want is a phone to replace my current one that is more up to date and doesn't cost $600.
>> No. 3343
Enjoy your CDMAids

File 130633341614.jpg - (22.13KB , 300x197 , 320076.jpg )
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Back in /baw/, Mister Twister says VLC >> every other media player (for movies.
I frankly prefer GOM, since it can reproduce everything, msot of the time. I generally have some problems with certain mkv (specially the ones that are with fabnsubs) and apparently need CCCP to run.
May I ask, what supposed advantage the CCCP offers?
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>> No. 3272
I use Winamp for music.

I use VLC for video. I haven't had any problems with it, whereas I couldn't get WMPC to play a dvd recently.
>> No. 3273
>not KMPlayer
>> No. 3339
Does Audacity count as a media player? It would be good to have an alternative to that...

File 130815907134.jpg - (195.93KB , 500x500 , 6617602.jpg )
3335 No. 3335 hide quickreply [Reply]
So I bought a PSP and I want to upload some game cutscenes to the internet. I tried google and youtube, but I can't understand any thing. So far all I know is

Firmware+battery?+remotejoy/remotejoy lite (needs DPinst.exe?)=videos?

But I don't want to do something stupid and accidentally brick my PSP. Can someone post an idiot's guide to making taking a PSP from scratch (I haven't modded it at all) and making it capable of recording videos?

Pic semi-related.
>> No. 3336
File 130815912075.jpg - (370.47KB , 903x858 , 6827979.jpg )
Also, I'm using windows 7, if that helps.

File 129977109648.jpg - (61.51KB , 500x375 , linux-windows.jpg )
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What do you use? Linux? Windows? MAC? Or Other.
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>> No. 3214
I have a laptop with win7, mostly for gaming, videos, etc.

Then I found this old Thinkpad R30 with Windows 2000 that needed a new battery, and then found most of the files were corrupt, so wiped and booted it with Ubuntu. Works fine now, and I mainly use it for programming (I like clicky keyboard) or as a dual monitor for my other laptop.
>> No. 3311
Linux and an old G4 Cube with OSX.
>> No. 3330
File 130801586692.jpg - (10.56KB , 225x184 , post-6233-126492534745_thumb.jpg )
I use fucking Linux. My chronology >
WinXP > Mandrake > Suse > Debian > Ubuntu > Gentoo > Arch > Debian

File 130787309521.png - (134.64KB , 400x361 , computer_shield.png )
3318 No. 3318 hide quickreply [Reply]
What's the best anti-virus software you've ever used?

Did you pay for it? Was it free? Was it a free "trial version" that expired after a certain amount of time?

How often did you have to update it?

Have you ever used it to get rid of a virus, and if so, was it able to kill the virus when other anti-virus programs could not?

Was it good at detecting viruses on its own? By this I'm asking if it alerted you when a virus was attempting to infect your machine, rather than you running the program manually and detecting a virus.

How did it compare to other anti-virus programs you may have used?

Do you still use this program?

Optional: Include any additional information you have about the program.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 3321
Best free antivirus I ever used was AOL's free antivirus a bunch of years back. Back then, it was a slightly stripped down version of Kaspersky. While it is possible to pirate Kaspersky, for those people who don't like to pirate things, this was a great deal.

Then AOL switched it to McAfee and I dropped it for Avast. No particular reason for picking Avast; at the time, if you didn't want to pirate nod32 or kaspersky, avg or avast were your best choices for free antivirus, and I liked the name more for avast. I've heard good things about MS's antivirus package since then, but I feel comfortable enough with a combination of Avast/noscript/adblock and safe browsing habits that I haven't felt a need to switch.

Side note: I've gotten maybe ten pieces of spyware in the two years I've been using adblock, compared to 50+ per month beforehand. If you have a spyware problem, I heartily recommend it.
>> No. 3324
>What's the best anti-virus software you've ever used?
>Did you pay for it? Was it free? Was it a free "trial version" that expired after a certain amount of time?
Nope, nope, and it has one but nope.
>How often did you have to update it?
>Have you ever used it to get rid of a virus, and if so, was it able to kill the virus when other anti-virus programs could not?
Yes and yes.
>Was it good at detecting viruses on its own? By this I'm asking if it alerted you when a virus was attempting to infect your machine, rather than you running the program manually and detecting a virus.
Yep. I think a scan only ever picked up something that the proactive scanner missed twice.
>How did it compare to other anti-virus programs you may have used?
It was the least system intensive, the most thorough, the most up to date, the last intrusive, the quickest updating, etc etc etc
>Do you still use this program?
When in Windows, yessir.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 13067800616.png - (243.94KB , 286x573 , TI-83.png )
3290 No. 3290 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's discuss graphing calculators. (I.E, anyone with issues come here to grouse and be groused at)
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>> No. 3307
Being in a third world country involves having a graphing calculator as a bloody status symbol.
>> No. 3308
I've lived in a third world country for years.
It's standard school fare.
>> No. 3316

I once found a way to store precalc/trig equations on a two-line scientific calculator; as far as I know, nobody else in the world has caught on to that. Really, if a student wants to cheat, they will find a way.

File 13050015063.jpg - (59.10KB , 450x310 , ati_x1650_xt_1.jpg )
3218 No. 3218 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
ok so in my rig right now i have a radeon ati x1650. and i have an extra pci port that needs to be plugged like a Palestinian Hooker.

im looking to put another video card in but i dont want to buy the same card again.

can i buy a better card and run that to? i know i have to have another ATI card but can it be any ATI card?
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>> No. 3241
File 130584498087.jpg - (18.56KB , 300x225 , 14-998-048-TS.jpg )
yeah i know i wont be able to crossfire the card i have now with the one im looking for. it was more of getting an understanding for the concept, like if i was to get a Mobo with CFX (crossfire) would i still need the bridge thing that goes on top. i dont think i will dual monitor, i herd it slows down your GPU
>> No. 3242
>>3241 sry i was on another computer that ones is me
>> No. 3310
Er, considering that card's about 5 years old I'd recommend just plain ditching it.

About Crossfire, the mobo does matter because depending on the built in PCI-E lanes, installing two video cards may result in the speed (max and standard atm being 16x) being split into something like 8x/8x, 16x/4x, 16x/8x, whatever. Basically, a poorly suited motherboard may end up slowing down your video cards so that performance in watching videos or playing games has not benefit over a good single card. But assuming you got a 16x/16x mobo, I still hear it can be a problem where games are concerned because of compatibility issues and the need for a separate driver. All in all, unless you're computing protein folding, doing video processing, or using photoshop heavily (as in multi-tasking professional graphic designer heavily) I would say it's more trouble than it's worth. That said, it does have a performance increase. Speaking purely about power, it can indeed be significantly better than any one card. However, for most people, to get this sort of high performance Crossfire arrangement makes no goddamn financial sense compared to a single card. If you still want to go through with it, I won't stop you but this would be as far as my advice goes. And yeah, you'd still need the bridge.

By the way, sounds like you're upgrading a lot; you changing the CPU too? I ask because AMD will be coming out with a new line of CPUs in a few months and they'll need a new type of socket, AM3+. I just figure even if you're not going to wait and buy one of those new CPUs when it comes out, it'd be nice to get instead of the current AM3 boards just in case you wanna upgrade down the line. Otherwise, the one you linked is already a good choice!

And I'd be happy to help out with planning the build/upgrade if you want~

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