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File 134278414335.gif - (128.87KB , 500x385 , lolgoogleimages.gif )
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This board has been locked and merged with /ck/ due to inactivity into an all-encompassing DIY board:


File 132816437036.jpg - (57.24KB , 535x558 , Extra-Extra-Read-All-About-It.jpg )
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How about we start a thread that might get updated more than once a month?

A thread where we post "WOAH THAT'S NEAT" type shit. I'll go first.

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>> No. 4294
Oh my god this really IS awesome.
>> No. 4375

This is a talk from sxsw international from Cloudflare on LulzSec and mitigating ddos attacks
>> No. 4376
Did it pay?

File 133246727061.jpg - (103.65KB , 500x387 , 1332044865487.jpg )
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Old thread is on autosage and can be found here: >>2433

/tek/, what's wrong with this piece of hardware? I saw a troll thread started with it but only managed to save the picture before it 404'd.
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>> No. 4372
Interesting. This error is occurring for all programs that require the file then, yes?

You said the Visual C++ redistributable did nothing to fix this? Unfortunate, I thought that was the most likely to fix it. At this point I'd uninstall Paint.net, download the latest version and then reinstall it, see if that fixes the issue.
>> No. 4373
Alright, for some reason tinyurl is working just fine now. Huh

And now another shitty problem

For some reason XBox won't let me add points online without going to my other for a code.

I have to add my PC as trusted, and for that to work I need Live Essentials.

I download and install the whole piece of shit, restart the computer

Go back to my account, and I have to download Live Essentials to add my PC as trusted.

Why is my computer trying to make me stroke out, and how do I resolve this without wasting seven hundred dollars worth of electronics?
>> No. 4374
A thought: Are you using XP?

File 129168643598.png - (471.43KB , 1000x700 , WindowsAntivirus.png )
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Since the previous thread has long since been deleted, time for a new Free Software Thread. Post Free Softwares, free software portals, and I think any requests for types of programs can go here too.

To start with, some mass installers:
http://www.freenew.net/ - Thanks Maru
http://ninite.com/ - Thanks Anonex

I'm currently testing various free Antiviruses for Home usability; MSE, Avast!, AVG, and Avira. I welcome any other options or stories concerning these. They all seem to have similar detection rates and it's hard to know which one is outright best.
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>> No. 4324
downloaded it for a virtual machine, haven't been arsed to actually install it. All the screen shots saying "Windows Build 7601.etc" (Windows 7 is build 7600) don't instil a lot of faith.
>> No. 4365
Suppose I should make a post about this


Windows 8 is available from Microsoft for free trial in a Virtual Machine. My personal favorite, so easy you won't believe it Virtual Machine Manager is VirtualBox:


What is a Virtual Machine? Imagine you could run a fake computer inside a real computer the way you could run a game. It's very good for testing questionable files, and, increasingly, for testing and development for upcoming systems. Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, and I think there's even an Android version floating around that should all be free to try when run in a VM. (Don't quote me on that though).
>> No. 4369

OS on a stick!


File 132320317981.png - (190.76KB , 489x450 , compact disc.png )
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And I have no idea how to rip it! More so, I want to extract it without compressing. How is that done?

If there is such a program for Apple computers, I would be sooo happy!
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>> No. 4129
Anybody who's tried to maintain an archive of files by date will recognise how damn useful it is.
>> No. 4184
Hello. I have had this program for over ten (10) years. It's Fyiro's Playstation Multi Converter or PsxMc for short. The program finds media by scanning the disc and creating a virtual "fingerprint" that gets saved as a "CDAZ" file. Many years ago, I had Japanese to English translation software installed. I was able to order a key for a whopping $13.63. The Sony XA audio format is a realy weird bird. The method of compression is to recuce the hertz rating from 44.1 down to 38.7. When the program does the conversion from XA to WAV, it will write the new file at 44.1 I am an honest man, emaill me and I'll try to help you the best I can.
>> No. 4355
This may be a months old response, but thank you anyway.

PsxMC FUCKING SUCKS. Not only it only works on selected few prehistoric drives, it always fucks up the tracks. Fuck it.

I found the right program on my own, and it is jpsxdecoder. It is very recent, and works with all drives in the world. It reads disc images and converts any PS1 file into what you want.

File 133598051693.jpg - (71.55KB , 470x334 , lh.jpg )
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Basically, what people in the past thought life and technology would be like in the future.

The Internet in 1969youtube thumb

This one turned out to be surprisingly accurate.
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>> No. 4341
File 133937525954.jpg - (312.10KB , 1200x838 , 1337889347554.jpg )
>> No. 4342
File 133937530677.jpg - (187.06KB , 640x853 , 1337882935508.jpg )
>> No. 4352
funny how just about all that can be condensed into a micro PC nowadays.

File 133955802652.jpg - (273.17KB , 1292x596 , Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000.jpg )
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Sup /tek/,
I have a shitty Comfort Curve keyboard that is anything but comfort, it's curvy, the buttons are un even and the left shift is tiniest I've even seen.

My mouse is a MS one with ridiculously high DPI and a mouse wheel with a stupid side scrolling feature that while being redundant, also damages the normal scrolling feel and eventually got mid button to stop responding.

I need your advice regarding a new, fairly priced set, that is good for general browsing and gaming.

Thanks in advance bros

File 133793129199.gif - (0.98MB , 410x307 , OP and this board.gif )
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So, are there scripts for plus4chan that lets you see backlinks and quote previews like with 4chan-X?
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>> No. 4303
i dont think any part of this site is fast enough to justify that
>> No. 4304
I would stay here and post if it had the backlink preview though. What if that's what other people need as well?
>> No. 4335
If you script it, they will come.

Cause Anonex ain't gonna.

File 133420267358.jpg - (69.76KB , 680x450 , 201241118580440734_20.jpg )
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>The US Justice Department has sued Apple Inc and five publishing houses alleging a "conspiracy" to raise prices and limit competition for e-books, and immediately reached a partial settlement in the case.

>As the antitrust suit was announced, officials said three of the publishers agreed to end the scheme to force retailers such as Amazon to accept a new pricing plan that limited their ability to offer discounts for electronic books.

>Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster reached the settlement but the case will proceed against Apple and the other two, Macmillan and Penguin Group, "for conspiring to end e-book retailers' freedom to compete on price," the Justice Department said.

>"As a result of this alleged conspiracy, we believe that consumers paid millions of dollars more for some of the most popular titles," Attorney General Eric Holder said in announcing the lawsuit and partial settlement.

>"We allege that executives at the highest levels of these companies, concerned that e-book sellers had reduced prices, worked together to eliminate competition among stores selling e-books, ultimately increasing prices for consumers."


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>> No. 4332
None of those pinheads in the Capital should be anywhere near cyber security legislation of any kind. Frightening that none of this really understand technology since they all come from an era where computers were virtually nonexistent
>> No. 4333
They're fine with weapons and toys they can play with but not something that can be used by anyone else.
>> No. 4334
that anyone else includes the citizens of the US which makes them dangerous to the world as a whole. Specially since the majority of the time those thick wits don't come up with the legislation on their own but some outside firm draws it up and they just bob their head and take the bribe to pass the vile things.

File 128660115234.jpg - (63.48KB , 1024x768 , deleteme.jpg )
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General Android thread.

Got me a Droid 2 over last weekend; aside the fact that it took me fucking forever to figure out how to add contacts to groups, I <3 it.

What are good apps to download? Free is (obviously) preferable, but apps that cost a little $$ are fine too.
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>> No. 4291

Hold your hand still but waggle your thumb around.

The screen is about 60% bigger than your maximum waggle distance.

I'm ok with it though.
>> No. 4292
I've got pretty sizable mitts. Hence why I want a Note so bad.
>> No. 4293

Ditto. Don't care bout no babby hands problems no more, want something my hand won't accidentally swallow.

File 13199455308.jpg - (5.20KB , 239x211 , images.jpg )
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I'm exposing my total ignorance here, but does anyone know if there's a way to download video off of Hulu? I've been asked to see if it can be done, and I've had no luck at all.
>> No. 4273
Yes. Download Realplayer and Realdownloaded. They should include a program that lets you download any video playing in your screen.
>> No. 4274
Firefox+Flashgot+JDownloader if you haven't already tried it.
>> No. 4275
>download realplayer

what kind of monster would force someone to download realplayer

File 133549033749.png - (144.05KB , 874x523 , Hurp.png )
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Tech, I would like your assistance with a matter.

My computer is connected to my 26" Samsung LCD HDMI. But for some reason, everything is a little darker than it should be, like pushing back a laptop too far. My Xbox is also connected via HDMI, but it does not suffer from the same issues.

SCP 87 FINAL!youtube thumb

Take for example this video. At 8:03, you should be able to see the monster's face. I cannot see it until it is at it's closest, around 8:20 or 8:25.

I have changed the settings on my tv in an attempt to fix this, mostly with maxing out the contrast and brightness. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work very well, with the added affect of causing certain colours to become "bleached".

Is there any reason this happens, and is there any way this can be remedied? Related picture is a cap of the video. Hopefully you see it from my perspective.
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>> No. 4268
File 133549575211.png - (245.06KB , 520x575 , Terr.png )
PC, XP. I have an Nvidia graphics card.

A better example, if it may help. Look at the wings. Set to my television's default statistics, you can't see much more than the red lines, if at all. After adjusting to my current settings, I can just make out the far tip of the blue.
>> No. 4269
Well, set as a wallpaper. Right now I can't see any of the wings.
>> No. 4272
see if you can adjust the color and such through the NVidia control panel. Should be located in the regular control panel.

File 133230950965.jpg - (69.29KB , 589x449 , new-ipad-3rd-gen-apple-white-black2.jpg )
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>Tripfag just got an iPad.
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>> No. 4199

Wait, Kindles can do comics now? Niiice.

I haven't actually ever used Netflix (although I've wanted to) and I can't read, watch a lot of stuff, or play vidja in the car or else I get horrible vertigo. I think if anything, I'll end up buying an eBook reader. Thanks for the advice!

Another question- if a game comes out for iPad, should it also come out for Mac as well?
>> No. 4200
The Kindle Fire is good for reading comics. I don't have a ton of experience with it, but I might buy one for my mom soon.

>if a game comes out for iPad, should it also come out for Mac as well?

Not really, but I think there's a way to emulate them.
>> No. 4249
My mom is really good at getting free iPads.
A 2 was her 25 year employment gift and then she won a 3 at a staff party.
My sister called dibs on the old one almost immediately, lol.
I've tried it out, seems pretty cool.
The only thing is the times I'd want to have an iPad on me are times where I wouldn't want to be carrying it around.
My phone will suffice for now.

File 133381632699.jpg - (33.70KB , 501x258 , file-formats.jpg )
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What is your preferred audio format?

Do you like your tunes lossless or lossy?
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>> No. 4218
Mostly 320 mp if I can find it for the player sometimes FLAC if its on the desktop and I got the surround hooked in. Speaking of Audio anyone know anything about earphones


Found this pair and the overall specs look pleasing.
>> No. 4219
Same as >>4213
>> No. 4245
I'm the kind of person who is irrationally opposed to compression artifacts, whether or not they're ones we can actually perceive.


File 130601410972.jpg - (57.01KB , 637x329 , moller-flying-cars.jpg )
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Is it just me, or does the concept of a flying car seem pretty ridiculous? The difficulties of making a car VTOL-capable aside, considering how hard it already is driving a airplane, most of the effort would need to be spent coming up with a proper control scheme/guildelines to even be available to the masses (with lots of money of course). Hell, you'd probably have to pass several training courses just to be eligible to drive one, so you don't crash into any buildings or shit.
57 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3792
>aircraft designed for vertical takeoff and landing
>"hurr its not considered VTOL"
>> No. 3908
If we can make stuff like the Williams X-Jet a.k.a. The Flying Pulpit...


I'm sure we will, eventually, make flying cars common, at least in cities. However, they'll probably be self-piloting to minimize the chance of collision, so once Google's self-driving cars take off, similar systems could be developed for flying vehicles.

As for lighter-than-air vehicles, I see those potentially being put into use as cheap and efficient but slow transports, whether for mail, product delivery, or anything else. Heck, it could possibly make direct deliveries, cutting out the middleman. I know, I'm crazy for thinking it, but it's at least *possible*. We can dream, and maybe someday, some other crazy person will try to accomplish it.
>> No. 3917
File 132090041428.jpg - (426.00KB , 1800x1298 , North_American_F-100D_Cockpit_060922-F-1234S-014.jpg )
The first major obstacle I see with a self "flying" vehicle is that you will also need to calculate air density, temperature, and winds. Completely possible, but you will need constant updates. As it stands, the most frequent aviation weather updates we get happen ever half hour, or so. But, like you said, using the internet and automatic weather reporting stations would make it possible.

A bigger problem with weather is an aircraft's vulnerability to high winds. On a nice breezey day, let's say 30 knot winds, a lot of smaller aircraft will be in deep shit. For something as densely populated as New York or something, the flying car (at least to me) just doesn't seem like a viable solution.

That and you still have the same major problems of fuel consumption and the downward thrust being a hazard to those around you.

Now, as a recreational vehicle out in more rural areas, you would find a pretty big market. Make something cheap, easy to fly, able to be put on a trailer, easy to story in a garage or a public storage unit and you have yourself a winner.

larry flies to Phyllis's farm,…youtube thumb

>post reasons why Autogyros aren't, not limited to the fact that they need forward motion which can be observed with a change in mainrotor RPM, explain that atmosphere is a dynamic environment, and still have a climb out
>refuse to acknowledge
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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