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File 130091122795.jpg - (103.07KB , 800x600 , Winter.jpg )
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my motherboard's intergrated VGA port isn't working. So I put in a Video Card. That also doesn't work.

So /tek/ies what would you do in this situation? I personally think that its a short in my motherboard.

also Trouble Shooting General
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>> No. 4018
System has been working fine since the reinstall and a bit of tweaking.

>> No. 4034
More questions! Mostly because m google fu is weak and I can't find any info online.

Is there a way to setup my webcam to start recording with an email/text message/android app? The closest I've been able to find are virtual desktop programs for my phone but I'm looking for more of an on/off switch.
>> No. 4038
Does anybody know how to make pdf2cbr work for small pdf files? It's fine when it's dealing with 200+ page pdfs, but with a pdf that's only 17 pages long it goes "HERE, HAVE ALL THE .pbm FILES IN THE WORLD!"

File 132439735929.png - (535.07KB , 451x604 , believe-know.png )
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How many of these Sci-fi locations have science actually occur at them?


File 132381365124.jpg - (5.03KB , 200x177 , 13199455308s.jpg )
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Lately I have been havign trouble with my internet speeds. I can't explain to you how bad they are, all I can say is that the LoL patch took 20 minutes to patch and had trouble getting above 100 kb/s. Now I don't know if it is because i play alot of LoL or if it's because of something else. All i do is torrent animes (300is mb/s) one three days a week and LoL. Any ideas on what is causing this? (I usually get around 1 mb/s)
>> No. 4000
I don't know if this is the right place for this,but lately I've been unable to access 4chan in at night. In the mornings everything is fine, but at late afternoon and night it says I can't connect. The status site says that everything is broken except posting. I don't know if it's a problem on my end or their end.

Anyone have any thoughts?
>> No. 4005
Is there anyone else using your internet? If so, that could be the problem but if it was only the LoL patch that took so long, you possibly downloaded it with thousands of other people at the same time and 100kb/s was all it could handle.

File 131880857655.png - (350.43KB , 1024x768 , Ubuntu_11_10_Final.png )
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alright /tek/ i got a few question for you

i have the .iso for the newest 64 bit ver of ubuntu, im using the last lts 32 bit right now

is the time to upgrade worth it?

is the 64 bit fine? ive heard some problem here and there awhile back.

unity, nay or ya? i personally am a hardcore Gnome user.
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>> No. 3871
it doesn't, it only sees 3.2 gigs

ive got the boot usb ready and im backing my files up now

i know for sure that im fucking putting gnome on it and nuking Unity from orbit, i may have only spent 20 minutes using unity but those 20 minutes were more then enough
>> No. 3872
why does it seem that with every new version of ubuntu more things are stripped away

at least i love tweaking shit, but srsly it seems like the features that were so useful in the last version are either removed or gimped

i can prolly blame this on their focus on other things beside desktops and servers but why?
>> No. 3975
I'm still using 10.04 and don't have any problems with it, so I don't plan to change as long as it's supported. I installed 11.10 on a friend's new laptop yesterday and hated Unity, as I thought I would. Thankfully Gnome Shell ends up being pretty similar to the usual Gnome setup. I just wish I could move the top bar to the bottom of the screen.

File 128695175841.jpg - (313.47KB , 960x640 , lifestyle8.jpg )
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So, Electric cars have this bad stereotype. Most look like something Pac-man would drive. They also really do lack in the performance department. Now, here's something that broke that stereotype


The Model S is shaping up to be very tempting. Scooting around the forums, you'll find that it takes 53 Kilowatt hours to charge the battery of their existing Roadster up to full. That translates (for me, at least) to about $5 per "fill up" tacked onto my electrical bill.

Now, currently they only have the Roadster, which is insanely priced. You can easily get a Porsche Boxter with lots of niceties and come in under the base price of it. However, the Model S sedan has a projected price of about $49,000. That's still pretty goddamned expensive, but at least it puts it in close range with BMW's and the sort. If the Model S can really come through with what it's projected to provide, I might give serious thought to getting one.
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>> No. 3522
Yeah, they're what's use to power pacemakers.

I wish they specified how much electricity it generated in those 30 years.
>> No. 3947
File 132131863271.jpg - (168.47KB , 650x386 , Aptera.jpg )
The Aptera is a perfect aerodynamic design, a realization of Alberto Morelli's computer optimized shape from the 80's. Sadly, Aptera was taken over by Detroit morons who alienated those who preordered, squandered the venture capital, fired everyone, and are sucking the life out of the company. Expect bankruptcy within a year.
>> No. 3948
Go watch "Revenge of the Electric Car". It is a great flick, following Elon Musk, Bob Lutz, and Carlos Ghosn around from 2006-2009, showing how they coped with the 2008 financial crisis to bring their babies to market (Roadster, Volt, and Leaf, respectively).

The director did a Q&A at the premiere and said he had the most fun following Elon around. Carlos is a suit, Bob is a garrulous old codger about to retire, but Elon really wants to change the world.

File 131680513175.png - (137.63KB , 562x312 , 1316803148792.png )
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>UC Berkeley scientists have developed a system to capture visual activity in human brains and reconstruct it as digital video clips. Eventually, this process will allow you to record and reconstruct your own dreams on a computer screen.

>They used three different subjects for the experiments—incidentally, they were part of the research team because it requires being inside a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging system for hours at a time. The subjects were exposed to two different groups of Hollywood movie trailers as the fMRI system recorded the brain's blood flow through their brains' visual cortex.

>The readings were fed into a computer program in which they were divided into three-dimensional pixels units called voxels (volumetric pixels). This process effectively decodes the brain signals generated by moving pictures, connecting the shape and motion information from the movies to specific brain actions. As the sessions progressed, the computer learned more and more about how the visual activity presented on the screen corresponded to the brain activity.

>After recording this information, another group of clips was used to reconstruct the videos shown to the subjects. The computer analyzed 18 million seconds of random YouTube video, building a database of potential brain activity for each clip. From all these videos, the software picked the one hundred clips that caused a brain activity more similar to the ones the subject watched, combining them into one final movie. Although the resulting fukn is low resolution and blurry, it clearly matched the actual clips watched by the subjects.

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>> No. 3942

There's evidence for and against pretty much every kind of memory model out there.
>> No. 3944
I'll also grant that it could just be the instructions necessary to derive what the face should look like if fully defined, but if the brain has the power to derive what the face should look like based on the focal points it does store, it should be possible to combine the procedure the brain uses to reconstruct a face with the hazier memories used to recollect a face, for example. Basically do the same thing that dreams do--use a snippet of memory and allow the brain to build the rest of the scenario to fit that memory.
>> No. 3945
nope. the first thing you learn when trying to improve your art, is that a face follows tons and tons of rules, tied to maths and biology.
"ignorant" people have the very basis in mind, aka stick figures. the rest is just a more or less detailed set of data that will guide you when drawing. those data aren't pictures. it's shit like "eyes are in the middle of a circle that contain the skull", or "humans have 5 fingers in each hands"

File 132053703465.png - (298.82KB , 1158x934 , Foldit.png )
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>In 2011, players of Foldit helped to decipher the crystal structure of the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (M-PMV) retroviral protease, an AIDS-causing monkey virus. While the puzzle was available to play for a period of three weeks, players produced an accurate 3D model of the enzyme in just ten days. The problem of how to configure the structure of the enzyme had stumped scientists for 15 years.

If only more problems could be put into the context of a sandbox game for millions of people to throw shit at the wall and play with problems in biology, materials science and physics until it sticks.
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>> No. 3907

That's messed up. Hopefully genetic reprogramming can fix something like that someday.


I doubt you know everyone in the field. Personally, I see problems where a company or institution develops and markets a new drug that doesn't work as well as ones that have already existed for years. Less effective, more side effects, etc. That's what makes it seem like at least some drug researchers are just in it for the money. I don't know about the guy you replied to, but for me, don't take it personally. Of course there are plenty of good, selfless people in the field; there wouldn't be half as many obscure drugs without their good work.
>> No. 3911
And knowing some noble miners doesn't excuse the fact their bosses use strip mines and don't care where the shit goes. The workers and actual muscle may sometimes be in it for noble causes, but the guys cashing the big money only care about keeping the money coming.

What I'm saying is we've milked the titties of public research and turned it into perpetual 'treat the symptom, ignore the cause' medicine long enough.

Partially why I find protein folding so interesting. Because if enough of it gets done, maybe it'll speed up the process of actually finding cures.
>> No. 3943
File 132125008714.png - (47.75KB , 347x330 , Navi.png )
Ninja. Hay Ninja. Ninja. Ninja. Hay. Ninja. Ninja.
Hay Ninja.

post links to articles talking about doctors raging over the current system, plz.

File 132077218218.jpg - (21.08KB , 547x397 , coach z phone.jpg )
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What do you use your smartphone for?

I keep looking at the new phones coming out and get excited for them in the aspect that they're "OOOH NEW TECHNOLOGY!", but then I take a step back and look at what I use my phone for.

I text on it. I use it to keep track of my work schedule. I check email, and I read Cracked articles. Occasionally I'll read a book or play games on it if I've got a long bus/train ride, but for the most part it's just having the internet accessible when I need it that is trying to justify 80 dollars a month for my phone bill.

Is there something I should be using it for that I'm not? Is there some intrinsic value to the smartphone that I have yet to tap into? Gimme some ideas here.
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>> No. 3918
What did you dislike about your iPhone?
>> No. 3936
Lack of multitasking, lack of flash, lack of a keyboard (all the android phones I've had have them), no desktop or widgets, lack of customizability, limited data plan (on my current plan I use anywhere from 3 to 7 gb a month, so the limited plans with the iPhone are a hindrance), and a few other minor gripes.

Not sure what's been changed to adjust that in the current model, but I still prefer Android, and infinitely moreso I'm looking forward to android 4.0.
>> No. 3937
Your listed reasons are almost the exact same that I went with the Samsung first time 'round. Except for the keyboard. I'd thought I'd be cool with an onscreen keyboard, but I really disliked it. Oh and the plans, but phone billing seems pretty different here to America, so it might not compare directly. I'm definitely with you on Android doing better widgets though.

File 13208466515.jpg - (0.97MB , 2562x1800 , 1270201342448.jpg )
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hi. brchan admin here. please show me your code for your yt links in your parse.class.php

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>> No. 3914
i sent! please reply
>> No. 3915
>> No. 3923
It might take a while. Anonex isn't the fastest at getting stuff done.

File 132045047788.jpg - (358.70KB , 566x690 , supergirl Fuck!.jpg )
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Ok, here's my situation: I've got a HP Envy 17. Transferred iTunes folder to D drive from C drive because I had no space on C and spacemonger showed that my music was taking up the largest chunk of space. I'm already stuck with the monumental task of rebuilding my playlists and restarring all my songs that I want in my top rated. Now I'm trying to get my computer to go to the damn D drive folder rather than make a new iTunes folder on C every time I buy a song. How do I fix this?
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>> No. 3878
Export to XML, change the drive in the XML, re-import.
>> No. 3879
Find the folder where iTunes exports stuff to. Then just copy that to wherever you're now drawing files from on your D drive.

Your playlists and tags should carry over.
>> No. 3880
File 132053172499.jpg - (100.16KB , 396x366 , pic-related.jpg )
Like this; there should be an iTunes folder within your actual music folder. Copy all this stuff and move it to the new place.

File 131785881795.png - (219.68KB , 1009x608 , Picture 14.png )
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>> No. 3862

That's iDied. Have you no respect for grammar?
>> No. 3863
My granmar is also dead.
>> No. 3867
File 13200519769.gif - (43.56KB , 320x240 , chico.gif )
Hey, that's-a some joke boss!

File 131140582477.jpg - (50.53KB , 460x151 , Kingston-DT300.jpg )
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This thread is about USB flash drives, and Flash HDs in general. All hail the glory that is flash drive, and its clear superiority to optical data storage.

What you are looking at is a 256 GB thumb drive. Yes. A 256 GB thumb drive.
Is it not nifty?
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>> No. 3767

Yeah, the Pioneer and Voyager probes with their sad little "golden CDs" and whatnot were so pathetic. In 50 years we're going to have book-sized yottabyte drives... we can put on those basically the entire compendium of human knowledge, shoot them into space in all directions by the billions, and be secure in knowing that (if there is intelligent life out there) they will find it, and humanity will have achieved immortality.
>> No. 3844
File 131932363230.jpg - (47.72KB , 500x326 , n700a.jpg )
What you are looking at is a 2 TB Memory Stick. Yes. A 2 TB Memory Stick.
Is it not nifty?
>> No. 3845
It is certainly nifty.
Also, want some dazzling reading?

File 131593629859.png - (118.80KB , 640x480 , 34793-3d-maze-screensaver.png )
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Truly the greatest screensaver of them all.
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>> No. 3819
A couple years ago I set it up so that this screensaver was set on our communal college club office pc where the ceiling was hannah montana logos and the floor was purple and the walls were a picture of Hannah Montana.

Yeah I'm a one trick pony what of it.
>> No. 3840
>Set walls, ceiling, and floor as dirt

>> No. 3841
I always liked the Pipes one or the fishes.

File 131683065158.jpg - (28.21KB , 598x171 , good-bad[1].jpg )
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I've noticed Newegg occasionally has sales on hardware combos to build your own PC. Do you guys think it would be a good idea to build PCs and sell them prebuilt?

If I do this, it would probably be a good idea to get a legit version of Win7.
>> No. 3780
I considered doing that once. My idea was to take Micro-ITX boards and build/sculpt/assemble "artistic" cases for them to sell to people who wanted cool looking or "invisible" computers more than they wanted powerful ones. But I never figured out how viable it would be financially.
>> No. 3825
that would sound like a commission based thing. Maybe have a few sculpted pieces to show capability and then take commissions to built similar.

File 131410407758.png - (1.74MB , 1920x1080 , Untitled-1.png )
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And no tidying it up, within reason.
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>> No. 3769
Or you can right click the Steam icon in the taskbar and click on the game.
>> No. 3770
Or you can leave Steam where it is, open your browser and masturbate to free porn.
>> No. 3824
File 131864632798.png - (0.99MB , 1024x600 , tiny screen.png )
Go Go Gadget Underpowered Netbook

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