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File 130676923027.png - (6.12KB , 150x219 , Pocky_logo.png )
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>> No. 5318
>Did it occur to you that people who don't watch dubbed anime are doing so because dubs usually have to worst voice actors and arbitrary changes to the plot and not because they think Japanese is a superior language?
This. It's like inserting needles into your ears with most of them.
>> No. 5332
Pocky is okay, I guess. I liked it when I was a weeaboo but lost interest.

Koala's march, however, I will eat until I die. Same with kasugai gummies. Weeaboo food that is actually delicious.
>> No. 5342
Why is there no macron?

File 130998029655.jpg - (4.26KB , 275x183 , Chocolatesauce.jpg )
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Sauce for recipe which does not have corn syrup and freezes well, plox?
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>> No. 5324
Let me clarify: I'm looking for a recipe that I can use in a Bombe.

I'm looking for one that will not do something bizarre when chilled after being set. And that lacks corn syrup.

Recipes that worked for anons in the past desired.
>> No. 5326
What kind of texture do you want in the bombe? You say you want it to set, but I'm not sure if you mean you want it frozen into the bombe - something similar to swirled ice cream, or an actual layer of chocolate, in which case all you need is properly tempered chocolate. You can swap agave nectar, golden syrup, or a number of other liquid sweeteners for corn syrup in recipes too.
>> No. 5328
The layer type. Pure chocolate would work, come to think of it. Be simple and wouldn't require heating syrups on the glass range. Thank you.

File 129487304433.gif - (1.02MB , 312x176 , bleach.gif )
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Getting ready to have me some barbecue pulled pork that's been slow cooking all day.
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>> No. 5303
Pocket pies, with curried apple filling. Yummy, although I got a blister taking the last batch out of the oven.
>> No. 5317
dill pickles and pepperoni
>> No. 5320
Just had some sugar-free sweets.


File 130870797185.jpg - (2.78MB , 3072x2304 , Handi-Snacks_-_open.jpg )
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>> No. 5294
File 130886534361.png - (497.21KB , 471x584 , tumblr_lgsi1z0fL31qfpcnio1_500.png )
Why does a thread have to have a clearly defined subject right off the bat? Why can't it start out with a vague concept and then evolve from there?

Open your mind.
And mouth.
>> No. 5304

I'm pretty sure one day all that fake cheese and weird icing is going to come back as cancer.
>> No. 5312
Holy shit, I haven't had one of those since I was a kid.

File 130722693288.jpg - (460.04KB , 800x1189 , vegetarians.jpg )
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So, my gf is a vegetarian. And I want to cook for her.

But I don't eat vegetables or fruits. Yes I am 10 years old. So I kinda need help with this.

I'm looking for dishes that I can make that we can both enjoy. Only stipulations are no tomatoes (except as a sauce), no beans, no cabbage, no beets. I can choke down most of the other veggies if I need to.
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>> No. 5277
Oh god I just had a droolgasm I didn't think eggs could do that for me anymore-
>> No. 5278

Just to note, might be easier with double cream as single curdles quickly.
>> No. 5302
Fried eggplant is the best. I was actually vegan for an entire year and me and my meat-loving dad loved this shit. It gets juicy and luscious and amazing and even picky-eating ten year olds love it.

Fry cubes of eggplant in oil till they get golden brown. Drain them on paper towels while you saute up some onion, garlic, ginger. Add plenty of dried chilis, soy sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, the eggplant. So delish.

File 12944436567.jpg - (214.28KB , 1600x1064 , sriracha-deviled-eggs[1].jpg )
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Let's talk about eggs baby.
Let's talk about you and me.
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>> No. 5227
Hand me my deviled eggs in the heart of Friday
tapping up right against before the clothes get sweaty
And niggaz sperm a nelly.

Hand me, women, feed me.
>> No. 5232
I have never boiled an egg because I have an irrational fear of the eggs bursting when I take them out of the pot and burning me all over when they explode.
I do love scrambled eggs with rice though.
>> No. 5292
Shame on me for not reporting back with results sooner.

They're quite tasty. Like a fried breakfast ball. The sausage tends to slide off the hard-boiled egg, but rolling the egg in a bit of flour first helps the sausage to stick. I used Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, but I think chunkier, homemade breadcrumbs would create a better crust. Don't presently have access to a deep-fryer, so I went with the pan-fry method. I experimented with both cooking it only in the pan, as well as in the pan followed by a bake in the oven. I found that baking it in the oven after pan-frying helped keep it from being overly greasy and helped create a crispy exterior. Had I access to a proper deep-fryer, I don't think the extra baking would be necessary, but I won't know until I'm able to try it.

File 130344162914.jpg - (54.75KB , 456x620 , 216588_207277235957317_100000251263193_778790_2816.jpg )
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Would you eat a Dorito hard shell taco?
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>> No. 5159
Hard tacos are messy, fall apart everywhere shit tier.

But I'd probably give it a shot once.
>> No. 5271
How the hell is that guy holding the taco?
>> No. 5273
Yeah, I'd eat it. But I wouldn't fill it with anything. I'd just eat it plain like I eat Doritos.

File 129627693960.jpg - (7.21KB , 212x162 , lembas[1].jpg )
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>> No. 5272
File 130819754525.png - (100.22KB , 238x351 , 1307389946706.png )
>mfw I got there from google a few months ago

File 128572147665.jpg - (38.92KB , 484x380 , chase.jpg )
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>> No. 5123
>In restaurants these are usually served with pickles and a salad, but if you are on a diet you can omit the salad as it has no real nutritional value.
I laughed forever.
ANYWAY I will definitely try these as soon as I remember what I did with my Dutch oven that has seemingly gone missing...
I'll report back with results whenever I find it/have the money for a new one.
>> No. 5161
I do like some good Roquefort with red wine. It's generally expensive as hell though.
>> No. 5266
One of my favorite desserts is a small bowl of Ricotta cheese. The good stuff, not the GOOSH-GOOSH ooze you get in tubs.

File 130539134444.jpg - (48.83KB , 500x500 , 0152057668.jpg )
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>> No. 5230
File 130688705970.jpg - (12.55KB , 318x335 , the_joke_your_head_3-(n1292804669453).jpg )
>> No. 5246
File 130714580187.jpg - (38.49KB , 290x477 , dracula_musta.jpg )
Why can't we just enjoy horror themed foods in this thread then?
>> No. 5256
I suppose. I cannot figure out what the thread would be about oherwise.

File 130254870640.jpg - (81.21KB , 500x263 , 1987610328_a17c041ff1.jpg )
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What's your favorite kind, everybody?
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>> No. 5221

Anything with really good vanilla is Asgard tier.
>> No. 5229
Grape crush and tiger tiger.
Or Grape Crush and Neopolitan.
Really, Grape Crush goes good with everything.
>> No. 5234
Dew Pitch Black and Rocky Road..OHHHHHHH!!

File 130633191010.png - (234.17KB , 500x289 , blue waffle.png )
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whoever invented this is a genius, so fucking delicious!
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>> No. 5214
>> No. 5215
Aww, Space Ghost is over...
>> No. 5218
Haw, I got one!

File 130500153483.gif - (5.32KB , 650x450 , the saddest of news.gif )
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This man inspired me to be a chef.
I am incredibly sad. But he's said good news is on the horizon, so...
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>> No. 5165
File 130508299743.png - (132.64KB , 3000x3000 , ohno.png )
>> No. 5166
It...did, though. It had the quote in that article, then him saying "But new things are on the horizon...new 'good' things."

Then an ad for the newest DVD releases.

But now all that's gone.

im confus
>> No. 5211
File 13064762598.png - (13.30KB , 432x76 , why god.png )
It does now.

File 12921828634.jpg - (157.00KB , 389x401 , DOUBLE_K___cupcake_by_captainosaka.jpg )
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I've made no secret of the fact that I have depression and it's kicking my ass in every aspect possible. I've found a huge part of The War Against Being a Lazy Sad Sack of Shit is eating properly. So I figured I'd share what I learned with my +4bros since at least some of you are dealing with the same thing already or possibly heading down that path (oh nooo). If you haven't been already, start watching Good Eats by Alton Brown on the Food Network. Probably over half of the things that'll be in this thread came from there. However, it's episodic and not specifically targeted at culinary challenged grognards such as us thus the need for this thread. Also, it seems to (reasonably) assume the viewer has a steady source of income nad we're probably poor sons of bitches either because we don't have that income or we spend our money of non-essential hobbyist shit. In this, I'm going to assume the read can barely boil water properly and try to keep equipment and ingredient costs at a minimum.

I'll try to get the first entry up ASAP. I woulda waited to post this thread until I finished it but it's quite likely my caffeine induced enthusiasm won't last that long! But now, oh look, I already posted an OP now it will be a mark of shame until I update it. :D
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>> No. 5172
I will now proceed to share my family's recipe for kickass spaghetti sauce. I used to make this shit in a rice cooker in my dorm room all the time.

1. Acquire a burger-patty amount of generic ground beef (actually put as much or as little in as you want, I don't care), half a yellow onion (I put a whole one in but I love that shit), some garlic powder, some basil, and some oregano. Mushrooms recommended also. And, most importantly, one large can Hunt's tomato sauce and one tiny can Hunt's tomato paste. The brand is important so don't get it wrong.
2. Take out the meat, flatten it, dust it lightly with garlic powder, and shake two medium-sized piles of both basil and oregano on it. Fold and squish the meat until the spices are mixed in. If you have Parmesan cheese, fold some of that in too, but only if you're feeling classy. Making pasta sauce with these spices is like working on a coloring book with crayons; it's going to turn out fine unless you dump the whole fucking spicejar in.
3. On heated surface, fry up the onions, mushrooms, and ground beef all together until the beef has just turned completely brown (no pink). It's fine if there's a lot of liquid, ignore it. If you prefer your onions not to be crunchy, fry them first and then add the other things.
4. Open both cans of tomato product and dump them in. Actually I can't remember if it's really two large cans of tomato sauce. Make sure you have two just in case.
5. Cook on medium/medium high, stirring often, until your stirring is just barely keeping bubbles from blooping up and the sauce is evenly hot.
6. Turn off stove and leave pot to cool on the burner. You might want to check back and stir it once or twice, I had it burn a little on the bottom once, but only that one time.
7. Enjoy your fresh sauce on some cheap spaghetti prepared as per package directions!
8. Freeze excess. This shit is at least 2x better after it has been frozen and thawed, it's probably black magic.
>> No. 5180
File 130558181582.jpg - (602.17KB , 1280x960 , P5170072.jpg )

oh fuck gotta try this

I actually tried to get this all kicked off this morning but I fucked up. At least I learned a couple of things: One, when you're instructed not to tamp down grounds in moka pots, they really mean it. Don't tamp it even lightly. Two, yes the gasket really is that important. Pic related, what not to do.
>> No. 5196
I've always found a good depression!food to be a special grilled cheese sandwich. It's easy enough to heave yourself out of bed to make, simple enough not to fuck up, and leaves no dirty dishes if you're deep enough in the throes of your illness to just wipe off the hot frying pan or leave it on the stove covered in crumbs.

It's special because you use the cheapest white bread you can find--the fluffier and more insubstantial, the better--and whisper-thin slices of really expensive strong cheddar cheese, I'm talking at least $7 a little package, the good shit with the interesting label art. It's also special because, instead of buttering the bread directly, you add butter to the pan first, clarify it, and then add the sandwich. Remove sandwich from pan and pan from heat and add more butter to pan--a little more than before, some will sizzle away--for the second side; this keeps the butter from soaking into the bread, so it ends up crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside instead of greasy/crunchy all through.

Once you get the knack for it, which isn't hard at all, you end up with a painfully delicious treat. A good 99c white loaf will crisp up in the pan like delicate cotton candy made of bread, because they make it out of mostly air to stiff you. If you make sure to use only a very small amount of cheese, it melts quickly, and the big taste makes up for the tiny amount (and also you'll be consuming fewer pointless calories). Enjoy with a cold glass of milk for best results.

File 129505627624.jpg - (0.98MB , 1526x1300 , food-by-state2.jpg )
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>> No. 5090
Utah just suck that hard.
>> No. 5102
This is a crime. Love that salmon.
>> No. 5173
File 130536298262.jpg - (111.90KB , 600x450 , 232.jpg )
Alaska's Wild King Salmon would like to have a word with you.

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