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File 131811955621.jpg - (281.84KB , 1280x1024 , autumn_tree[1].jpg )
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I need food (that i can buy or make) to get me into the autumn spirit
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>> No. 5495
Double Layer Pumpkin Pie (No Bake!) - Recipe for 2 pies.

2 Ready-Crust Graham Cracker Pie Crust (6 oz.)

For chessecake layer:
2 Tbls. sugar
2 Tbls. milk or half-and-half
8 oz. Cream cheese, softened
8 oz. tub of thawed whipped topping

For pumpkin layer:
4 packages (4-serving size) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding (you can also use French Vanilla flavor)
2 C milk or half-and-half
1 can (approx 30 oz.) pumpkin
3 Tbls. Cinnamon (or to taste)
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>> No. 5576
File 132347909333.png - (241.22KB , 537x404 , 1294021685871.png )
Apple jelly and pumpkin butter sandwich on honey wheat bread.
Mix a little cream cheese with the pumpkin butter to get a smoother texture.
>> No. 5696
Oh wow, this thread is still on the frontpage....

File 130403231845.jpg - (896.30KB , 720x555 , The-Uncle-Sam.jpg )
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It is beautiful.

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>> No. 5375
Oh hey

This still exists.

>> No. 5441
I wish this was a restaurant and not a website so I know exactly where I would eat for the next thirty days. Patrick Warburton's voice could convince me to eat anything.
>> No. 5542
File 132140110395.jpg - (58.63KB , 740x367 , 5 - Buffalo Bill.jpg )

They should have kept the same VA.

File 130673054133.png - (70.82KB , 143x335 , davolios.png )
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Motherfuckers, I just spent 9 dollars on a 200 mL bottle of vinegar. Jalapeno White Balsamic Vinegar. This shit is so delicious I'm pouring it into shot glasses and sipping it. I've put it on everything I've eaten in the past two days, omelettes, waffles, tater tots, even my goddamn morning vitamins. My only regret is not buying the 750 mL bottle so I could pour myself a glass before bed at night, and a shot in the morning to put hair on my dick.


Motherfuckers, this bottle of vinegar came with a built in wine stopper. It had a tear off seal at the top made of embossed foil. This shit is so fancy it fucked the Queen and called her the next day. It is right proper and belongs in everyone's kitchen and bedside table.

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>> No. 5520
I didn't keep it open, I just kept it closed.

It's pretty much what you'd expect. A bottle of vinegar flavoured with hot peppers. The smell of it is enough to make my mouth water. It's definitely got a bit of a kick to it.

It worked really well when I was making some tenderloin a while ago. I put some of it (along with other things) into a tinfoil envelope with the tenderloin and put the tenderloin rack into the oven. The tenderloin stayed really moist and acquired a nice flavour.

It's not at the point where I drink shots of it though.

I've saved the url to this thread, so I'll see any replies you post. eventually.
>> No. 5525
Cool cool cool. I might need to get around to actually doing this sometime soon.

I picked up some more vinegar from this place too. Raspberry. It's a really dark vinegar and it's good on meats.
>> No. 5537
Used the raspberry vinegar on some hamburger meat, along with some hunter's blend spice mix, and very minimal shredded cheese, on top of an onion/cheese bagel.

Holy shit it was amazing.

File 13181193949.jpg - (26.94KB , 425x354 , natural-harvest[1].jpg )
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>> No. 5477
Isn't semen supposed to have a really foul taste? How on earth would you handle that in a dish like flan that is supposed to be delicate and sweet?
>> No. 5481
Depends on what you've been eating/drinking. Apparently green vegetables and pineapple juice result in the best tasting jizz.
>> No. 5491
Depends really. When I've had a lot of meat my semen tastes kinda bitter, when I've been eating lots of fruits it tastes kinda sweet. Really depends on your diet and genetics rather than any set base taste.

File 128993010843.jpg - (63.70KB , 991x1290 , nutella.jpg )
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nutella thread?

nutella thread
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>> No. 4759
You could also put it in a bowl with corn flakes/Cheerios and milk.

Everything get's Nutella-fied and you end up with chocolate milk.
>> No. 5075
File 130254853555.jpg - (128.88KB , 486x486 , Wheat-Thins-Crunch-Stix-002.jpg )
>> No. 5442
Been frickin' cold here the past couple days, so I finally tried some Nutella hot chocolate. Soooo gooooood.

File 130827634549.jpg - (666.75KB , 768x1024 , vinka.jpg )
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I mixed together delicious jalapeno white balsamic vinegar with Russian Standard vodka.


It was something I was glad to have done and I suggest you try it all. If you don't have access to fancy vinegars, cider vinegar is a suitable replacement.

ITT: Crazy drinks
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>> No. 5305
The image you posted uses baking soda and vinegar, a product of which is carbonic acid, which decomposes to water and carbon dioxide. The fact that this produces gas is a feature unique to that reaction and not a general feature of all acid/base reactions.

Consuming basic substances to neutralize acidic conditions in your stomach is the principle behind common over-the-counter antacids.
>> No. 5361
>cherry brandy, grenadine syrup, squeeze of lemon, topped up with sparkling water (or lemonade, but I personally felt it would have been too sweet), garnished with some sour cherries
>cointreau/grand marnier, raspberry syrup, grapefruit juice (top up with ginger beer for a less bitter drink if desired)

Both tried, tested and completely delicious. Haven't given them a name yet though.
>> No. 5424
File 131615472392.png - (69.76KB , 199x199 , Doll with cider.png )
3 pints 8% abv cider 4 shots of either currant or pomegranate juice 2 shots 50% abv vodka. Slowly sip while wasting your evening online.

File 131411542266.jpg - (40.11KB , 350x467 , jap10.jpg )
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What is work as a pastry chef like?
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>> No. 5402
Not sure how it is for everyone, but I wake up at around 3 to get there for 3:45. I work until ~2pm. I start with getting everything out of the massive freezer, prepping my station, setting up equipment. Then I look at what's due that day and work my ass off. Thankfully my coworkers are hilarious and the time passes relatively quickly. Obvious exceptions are Christmas, New Years, Valentine's, etc where I can and have worked 12+ hour shifts a few days beforehand pumping out as many cookies, cakes and pastries that I possibly can. Similarly, these shifts can last for 6-7 days in a row for the massive amount of orders we get for these holidays.

tl;dr It's long and tedious, but much more relaxing than some other jobs. Plus I love doing what I do and I leave each day with at least a small amount of satisfaction at a job well done
>> No. 5405
its a decent way t make an honest crust
>> No. 5422
File 131588165024.jpg - (179.02KB , 1600x1200 , CHEFBIRD.jpg )
Like anything in the food industry, its pretty shitty.

Long ass, stressful hours. Bust your ass every day. Usually have to work weekends and work 10X as hard on holidays while other people get to relax and enjoy the holidays. Also low pay.

You start to hate holidays and long weekends and stop looking forward to them as you know its just going to be RUSH RUSH RUSH OMG I HAVE TO FILL 100 ORDERS TODAY JESUS CHRIST.

I started out doing regular cooking and became a chef. Began to fucking hate it and tried out being a Pastry Chef instead. Alot less stressful than a regular chef, but still stressful as shit.

Now I work in a fucking mine and bring in 150K, and get 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Fuck cooking. Seriously. As a head chef I was lucky if I made 35K.

File 131379851198.jpg - (37.55KB , 460x558 , w3f2A[1].jpg )
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I posted this a while back on /baw/'s sym to ask comrade if she knew how to make them and give a little explanation. But they didn't turn out all that great...

Does anybody know how to make these?
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>> No. 5414
File 131527754669.jpg - (143.26KB , 1280x960 , DELICIOUS.jpg )
Made a tray or so of these tonight, they came out well, however a few of them popped open in the oven despite being crimped and sealed to hell and back. Any idea what I might have done wrong?

Also dear god the lighting in this entire house is godawful.
>> No. 5415
could be too much filling? also with the storebought puff pastry tends to do whatever the fuck it wants, maybe stick a fork throughout a few times (don't poke holes just kinda deflate), along with the egg wash sealing and whatnot.

oh god this looks exactly like the thing I should not make but I want to soooo baadly what if I used... homemade nutella?
>> No. 5416
>what if I used... homemade nutella?
do it.

File 130023183978.jpg - (48.40KB , 250x367 , 250px-Zao_Jun_-_The_Kitchen_God_-_-_Project_Gutenb.jpg )
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As a culinary student and general obsessive foodie, I guess I've got a bit of culinary knowledge. I've read tons of books and blogs. I've spent hours in the kitchen both at home and at school. I've learn a lot of things from experienced chefs, picked up a lot of tricks and tips, memorized tons of formulae, and while I've obviously still got a ways to go I might as well try to share some of what I've learned.
And while I don't 4chan anymore due to annoying catchpas and general tomfoolery, I figure I might as well see if a thread here will take off.

So! Got a question, need a formula, wondering about tools, fuck something up and wonder what went wrong, do something right and want to find out what exactly you did that made it so perfect? Ask me anything. And while I have no delusions of being The Kitchen God, I'll do my best to answer.
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>> No. 5411

I don't watch it much. the only cooking shows I watch are Iron Chef Japan and Diners Drive ins and Dives!!!

(and Two Fat Ladies but I lost the channel)
>> No. 5412
Hey Comrade, are there any foods you personally don't like but wind up using in dishes? I am a total bitch about spinach, onions, peppers, and tomatoes, but it seems like most dishes call for some combination of these.
>> No. 5413
about the only thing I really hate is artichokes because they're a bitch in the face to clean and cut properly and hurt your hands and now your cutting board is all green and shit, eughhhh

but honestly most of things are just a part of building your flavor profile. you may not like onions, but they add that sweet-savory full-bodied flavor to a dish. I just see each ingredient as either supporting cast or star - some things you have as the main item, everything else matters but it's working with other things, not standing solo. A lot of those ingredients people don't like you can throw in a dish and they end up loving it. People say they hate garlic or celery, guess what it's in about 80% of what you're eating.

File 131370424872.jpg - (137.07KB , 1200x900 , 5588176881_a0fc86136a_o.jpg )
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>Same old story. Broke college student. Tired and lazy. Need simple recipes. Preferably lean foods (meat, veggies).

So yeah, I'm tired of making sandwiches for lunch, and mixing nuts with yogurt will only get me so far. What do?
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>> No. 5385
Find a really good market, preferably one with local organic options. Don't know how easy that is to find in New York, but local folks have a lot more incentive to sell their products at high quality for low prices.

Also seconding soups and stews.

>get a Crockpot
>put random shit into it in the morning
>go to class
>come back at night
>fukken eatin tiem
>> No. 5386

I make it with quinoa instead of wheat (maybe half to three quarters cup dry quinoa) since it's better for you. I also throw half a large cucumber in there. Good guide to cooking it here: http://saltandfat.com/post/540244787/quinoa

Lots of vegetables, loads of protein, tastes great, and it will easily last a week in the fridge. I like to portion it out into bags ahead of time so I just have to grab one in the morning for my lunch.

Also, if you want to spice up the yogurt with something other than nuts, try small frozen fruit like raspberries or blueberries. You can get a bag of frozen fruit for pretty cheap. It's gotta be small fruit, though. You try that with frozen peaches or strawberries and it will just freeze the yogurt immediately surrounding the slice.

Seconding chili. A pot of chilli is a great way to pre-prep your dinners. You can stretch it out even farther by mixing oyster crackers in when you eat it. Throw some melted cheese on top and you're golden.
>> No. 5406

this guy may be of some help

File 131403065888.png - (15.64KB , 75x200 , 75px-Sunset_bottle.png )
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Sasparilla brands. Discuss.
>> No. 5398
I never encountered a sarsasaraparalilla until this game. What's it like?
>> No. 5403
it's just rootbeer, bro.

specifically the old-fashioned, cane-sugar and sassafras kind.
>> No. 5404
>absolutely detest sarsparilla
>go to america
>decide to try this "root beer" they always talk about

File 131195227473.jpg - (39.47KB , 450x585 , 1.jpg )
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Do you love good food the straightforward, homemade kind but feel challenged to set up a kitchen, shop for decent equipment and groceries, and tap into a few basic skills that can put a simple roast chicken or vegetarian entree on your dinner table?

If you answer "yes" to these questions, then Get Cooking is for you. Get Cooking is the first book from bestselling cookbook author Mollie Katzen designed specifically for beginners, whether you are just starting to cook for yourself or trying to kick the restaurant habit.


Enjoy anons!
>> No. 5378
thank you!
>> No. 5400
nice up load buddy

File 131241241885.jpg - (152.92KB , 320x254 , kacb.jpg )
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Grab some ribs and turn the grill on.
>> No. 5373
Get rid of Monica. Judging from the episode you linked, she serves no purpose other than to stand there and smile a little.

File 131034629756.jpg - (169.16KB , 584x800 , R8lW5.jpg )
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Moving to an apartment for the first time soon and I was wondering if bulk ordering from Amazon for certain groceries was a viable/smart option, or if there were any food products people here preferred ordering from it.

Not for everything, but it seems like if I can get stuff my roommates and I will eat in bulk with free shipping and either save money or break even with grocery store costs it would be worth it.

Anyone with experience or advice? I do try to eat healthy, but when I look under highest rated or most ordered it seems like it's a bunch of expensive organic/health food that I could only buy once in a while.

pic unrelated
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>> No. 5355
Man, I love Costco, but I found this out today:

Our store does not carry plain dry lentils, only expensive single-serving prepared lentils and an equally expensive ~fancy organic~ sprouted mix. They have like five different kinds of bulk rice but no lentils.

>> No. 5359
But... Costco is supposed to have everything.
>> No. 5360
The one near me doesn't have espresso machines.

Just sayin'.

File 13105252432.png - (622.79KB , 645x744 , WINE SLUSH.png )
5335 No. 5335 hide expand quickreply [Reply]

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5347
I've got a full box of red, white and blue popsicles in my freezer. Totally wish I could try this out, but it's sort of illegal for me to have wine. Stupid laws.
>> No. 5348
You sure? It's illegal in every state for people under 21 to purchase alcohol, but in most states, it's legal to consume it younger than that.
>> No. 5349
You gotta be careful though, because the person who buys the alcohol for you might be liable for providing alcohol to a minor in that situation, if the state doesn't have family/private setting exceptions.

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