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alright tek! here's my wishlist of items on the computer i plan on putting together. any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated :3

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Looks good.

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Ahem. For the video card, I'd recommend going with the Sapphire Toxic Edition 5850. It gets about 5-10 fps less than the 1GB 5870 but then they're both high performance cards anyway. If you're dead set on high settings in your vidya, go ahead with your GPU choice otherwise save about $80. Because it beats it in other areas as well such as heat and power consumption which is good in itself but is especially great if you ever decide to overclock it (do it faggot).

Since your case will be the 1200, one of the few cases the CP-1000 is compatible with, I would recommend that instead. It's a unique form factor proprietary to Antec which means they can put two PCBs (!) instead of one, leaving room for more/larger components and more airflow. This switch will save you about sixty-five dollars if you use their combo deal to order the 1200 and CP-1000.

Just to note: there's no way your system will pull 1000W. That's fine. It'll probably pull 400-500W under full load which is ideal because your power supply is most efficient at around half load.

Get an aftermarket CPU cooler even if you don't plan to overclock it. This one's good and cheap. But mostly good. Get some thermal compound too (goes between your component and heatsink when you're mounting it; in this case between your 965 and Hyper 212+). To apply it, put your CPU in the socket, put a pea sized amount of compound in the middle, then mount your heatsink.

sweet, thanks for te input

actually, i looked up te parts on and i got te better video card for the same price as te toxic. i also got a much cheaper case and a 1 terrabyte harddrive with the motherboard and the better amd phenom ii cpu for MUCH cheaper

basically i got the better version of my rig for the same price on amazon. but i'm glad to know i'm on the right track since this is my first build.

thank you SO much Askal! (also thank you dr. slek)


Enjoy your sweet new rig.

Oh god, I'm freaking out over here!

so I bought a 1TB hard drive from and I just received it in the mail. I'm going to buy the cp-1000 psu next week but I can't tell if I'm going to be able to plug in my hard drive to it or if I'm going to need an adaptor.

Oh god, I don't know what I'm doing ;_;


It'll be fine~

File: 12679429203.jpg-(492.97KB, 900x1379, monarc wife.jpg)
Thank you thank you thank you

If it weren't for /co/mrades like you, I don't know what I'd do!Here, have some Mrs. the monarch as thanks!

Unless your computer has 6 other SATA devices to power you're good to go. :P

PS. I just got the exact same hard drive, and it's awesome so far. Hard drive bros~

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