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One Piece

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That's real weird...

Hey, could I just ask you guys something? I'm looking for a guy named Sentoumaru. He's my subordinate, you know...

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I can bearly wait to see how he plays the role.

Since when was Bea an actor?

And since when was Bea a "he"?

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First Dragonball, now Bleach...

It's only a matter of time.

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There's a casting thread for that.

Anyway, so I assume the second movie would be Sanji intro + Arlong Park? Sounds good, but you'd need to establish Nami as a wild card early on.

That sounds pretty bad...

Which is exactly why I don't make movies, thank you very much.

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I don't believe I've seen a dream thread. So...dream thread.

Here's one I had last night about the next chapter release:

Basically, it's somehow a mixture of a chapter and animation. It has Whitebeard's crew, who have helped gathered Luffy's nakama for him.... and for some reason, Heavy from Team Fortress 2 is on Whitebeard's crew. Anyway, they tell Luffy that it's too dangerous for him to go on, and that he and his crew must leave the grand line immediately. Marco gives Luffy a small airship for them to escape on, and they bid a sad goodbye, with a downer montage, and the series seems like it's going to end here. (Oddly enough, the fanbase is raging, even though this isn't the end of the chapter.)

Once they're out of sight, Luffy turns around to his crew, smiles cheekily, and presses a release button on his airship, and they fall to the water.

Crocodile and Mr. 1 are on a new ship below, surveying things and have a map out in front of them.

And then: The camera shifts to the falling crew... as this plays.

Luffy lands on the ship, much to Crocodile's surprise, and stands up, saying "I'm really glad I found you!" With a "To be continued" title card.

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I had a dream where Luffy basically went through a Sonic and the Black Knight thing. He got sent to King Arthur land, and all his crewmates were Knights of the Round.

It was... Interesting, to say the least.

That sounds like another one of those bonus comic that are with.. what did they come with? Calenders?


Well, I'd be interested in seeing it. One Piece has that wonderful capability for you to drop the characters into any setting and for them to still work out marvelously.

I know there's a trope name for that, but I have forgotten it and have no desire to relearn it.

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>All you have to do is laugh Robin. Lets see that big smile of yours!


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File: 12704215409.png-(363.19KB, 800x1000, nicorado copy.png)

I laughed. In return

HAHAHA, I was not expecting such awesome art in response for a comment on Robin with a stache lol! Many internets for you MAtt, thanks a lot. Nobody would survive an attack from that. She shoulda shown up at the war.

All you have to do is swallow, Robin. Lets see that big smile of yours!


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AKA Stuff you forgot about or missed but Oda didn't.

So, with the ending of the war coming up soon (as it has been for the last month or so, kinda like its been the mid point of the series since Skypeia), and my my recent acquisition of a ludicrous amount of free time, I decided that the best way to end the first part of the Grand Line was to read the entire series, all the way from chapter 1. This time though, I'll try to keep an eye out for small details that are easily skimmed over, and which many of us missed completely. For example, did you notice that Chopper didn't like the Bon Chari race in Sabaody? Look at his face on chapter 497, page 12. Please correct any of the things you see that are incorrect, because some of the early stuff can be way off the mark (BINAMI).

This will be a semi-marathon for me, and I'll be reading from around the time I post this to about 7 hours from now (5-12 central time) every day until I finish or die from lack of meaningful social interaction. Also, I won't stop, even if there is little interest in the thread, though I guess it'll turn from semi-"Lets Read" to "some dude monopolizes the first thread indefinitely." You might want to block the thread.


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File: 127042675324.jpg-(79.98KB, 460x693, 001.jpg)
Its likely that Jango was out for a day, so this boat is probably the one that Usopp was going to use to sail away on his own. What happened to this boat anyway?

File: 12704269406.jpg-(74.16KB, 460x696, 006.jpg)
Wapol ran away with the Drum military, and I don't think there were any other ships here. What a tiny Island Drum must be, then.

File: 127042715677.jpg-(79.64KB, 460x696, 008.jpg)
Now that I think about it, isn't it a bad idea for the King of a World Government aligned country to pose as a pirate, even with a submersible ship?

I guess that bottom part is where the Drum military lives, which makes lessens my last statement.

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There are plenty of rookies who are all talk. Just like you, Straw Hat Luffy... Here on the Grand Line...

File: 127019295757.jpg-(55.30KB, 1280x720, OHSHITLUFFY.jpg)

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This episode has some great desktop worthy shots

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Someone should make a gif of this scene.

request seconded

Just watched it.

Holy shit they made Shiryu seem even more awesome than he was in the manga.

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So yeah, spoilers are out and apparently confirmed.

The war is over. Shanks said so.

Shanks says he takes care of Ace's and Whitebeard's burial.

Break next week.

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File: 127003188010.jpg-(740.22KB, 2000x1200, 1270026986526.jpg)

It's weird to me that Whitebeard War and Blackest Night finish on the same week

Did Shanks get a new sword?

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I have a map, but who will join me?

File: 126978647595.jpg-(42.66KB, 333x500, 1266209648531.jpg)
You'll need someone that knows those waters.

Ye'll find the road to be a treacherous one, lads. The map shows the island, but it does not explain HOW to get to the island, see. Ye who would choose to follow that path, beware, Sniper Island is surrounded by a sea of bone and muscle, as if 'tis a living thing.

Ye ought bring a gunner, a surgeon, and a sadist if ye want to get in AND out...alive.

File: 127001626049.jpg-(51.74KB, 300x508, Naked_BlackBeard___Onepiece_by_myrllok.jpg)
>bring a gunner, a surgeon, and a sadist

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Fuck yeah.

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All crossdressers in One Piece are extremely nice guys.

You try to tie your shoes with a hand and a hook. Pff


I just assumed they materialized after they took off his cuffs due to awesome.

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Pacifistas don't have the Paw Paw Fruit power though.

Not sure, though I know he could take the powers with just the shadows.

No, he took skills with shadows. Powers remained in the user's body, thought. so when Oars first woke up, he THOUGHT he could stretch but he couldn't.

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Seeing as we now have a One Piece board, I figured I'd move the /coc/ thread about this to over here.

For those who don't know, the whole thing was started when there was discussion about what would have happened if Garp had gotten Luffy to join the Marines instead. Eventually, it grew to Luffy playing less of a major focus, and instead became how Usopp became the captain of the Strawhats instead, with some crewmates and enemies switched, and new ones added.

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What a smart chap.

Not to mention the point isn't only about having the most charisma ever seen in a man it's also about generally having the chops to be a leader and being someone others will want to follow, things which ussop doesn't possess.
He'd have to have an entire crew of Choppers for him to be able to convince anyone.

I'd like to see an entire crew of Choppers.


I don't think that'd be too hard. If he's got Tashigi and Hachi on his team. I mean, Tashigi totally fell for Zoro's really pathetic lies, and Hacchan's, well, Hacchan. All they need to do is wear antlers and you've got two Choppers right there.

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Indeed, though our first post was White Beard, from that we were doomed to win.

...why did I mistake large for lard?

because the post DOES say lard

I'm not that fat ;_;

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dunno..... maybe TAKE OUT HALF OF YO FACE?

Wait, no Vince McMahon would be Sengoku...

File: 12694103393.jpg-(41.88KB, 170x170, 1593973.jpg)

hide File: 126884791357.jpg-(769.59KB, 1713x1250, Tropical Straw Hats.jpg)
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It's out.

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And then Luffy will eat some of her food when she's not looking, and all hell will break loose.

File: 126931626666.png-(226.50KB, 865x1250, bye shanks.png)
I wonder if Luffy will ever get his hat back...

You forget, that isn't HIS hat, he's just borrowing it.

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