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One Piece

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Crocodile has become tiresome to me, all cause his fans are a bit much.


I'm still of the belief that he forgot to dry off his hand before feeding his prized Bananadile, Pickles.

I just like making absurdly over the top explanations for things.

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I used to read One Piece, but I stopped in 2005 or so. Back in the old days Luffy had a ship and a crew. What happened to them?

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You also missed oda drawing rule 63. It unleashed new horrors in porn and drawfagottry.

You misspelled wonders

there was a giant ass war between whitebeard and his crew+allies and the entire WG navy, including the admirals,+7 warlords+100k of the most elite soldiers.

whitebeard was mkilled by blackbeard and ace were killed...shanks comes and stops the war.

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Can't wait for the shoops.

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This is true.


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Ol' reliable.

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So I've caved under the combined pressures of /v/ and /a/, and I'm going to start One Piece tonight. Which is better, Anime or Manga?

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you could read the manga to catch up to the current arc,

or you could watch the anime all the way through and read the manga once you've ran out of episodes.


This. The manga is stronger as a whole, but for individual big scenes, anime is often stronger. So read the manga and then hit up youtube.

Good luck finding non-amv scenes on youtube.

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Pending but looks plausible

The Tenyruubito come and want slaves,
The blue jam pirates go to dadans house
One guy debates about how the 3 would be good slaves, and captures them
In the slave shop Dadan appears and protects them with her devil fruit ability (which can destroy trees?)

she promised to protect the two sons, and her and Sabo are taken instead
ace and luffy try to stop them and get attacked
Sabo does some ‘i will protect my friends’ BS
ace and luffy get knocked out,
when they wake up Sabo is dead
cue scene at sabos (or grave, with ace agreeing to be like a brother to Luffy, and living for sabo through himself

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Another idea. Once they realise Sabo is actually an active pirate, his nickname is going to be 'Fallen Prince' Sabo.

Ooh, I like too!
(Sorry about not actually posting the real spoilers earlier. I don't know how to do spoiler tags and I was kind of pressed for time when I posted.)

for the record, it's [spoiler ][ /spoiler] without spaces

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When does a man die?

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Bon Clay is going to show up to save the Strawhats at least once more before this series is over. Oda seems like the kind of writer that would respect the rule of 3.

Besides, we need more verses to the Okama Way.

That was hardly the first time that Bon Clay looked horribly fucked, but managed to escape somehow. (I know he would up in Impel Down eventually, but the cover arc clearly shows that he managed to escape from Hina at Alabasta. He only got rounded up again because he was being a BAROQUEKAMA)

For a character I didn't much care for originally, Bon Kurei become FUCKYEARAWESOME with the whole Impel Down arc.

Man(?)liest of tears.

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I was playing around with the SauceNao Firefox Extension, and then this happened.

>Picture of Isaac Asimov = Cream Lemon Episode 25

Does this site work for anything BUT hentai?

With a name like SauceNAO you shouldn't really expect it to.

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Another fucking long one. Croc hogged the cover page eh heh heh

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Hey, just because it doesn't get mentioned in the main series doesn't mean it never happened. The Strawhats happen to like spending their off hours playing dress-up with various animals.

And the Buggy/Shanks cover page from a few weeks ago is totally canon.


It's out

Fuck you, you lie. Buggy and Shanks eating together is canon because I wish it so harder then most things.

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You'll figure it out from what I'm posting.

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That depends on if it's the stronger but less murderous 'present' androids or the weaker but psychotic & genocidal 'future' androids.

16 is there, that means it's the present Androids.

Well that means the worst he's going to get is a beating from them, if they even were to attack him at all which is unlikely. He's fine.

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hey guys, hope you don't mind the low quality, but here's episode 0
link 1:
link 2 just in case:

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Young Shanks kinda looks like Ace. It's probably just similar character design, or just me, but...

Buggy freaking out and clinging to everyone was adorable. I think it does show that Roger and his crew were a lot like Luffy and his - a more jerkass group of pirates probably would have killed him for that.

Chibi Hancock! And chibi Ace! And chibi octopus! And mega-cameos! Yay!

File: 127369152383.jpg-(64.19KB, 512x288, Release_Pic_0.jpg)

Good quality


At some point I remember some character saying that every crew has a Buggy.

Which begs the question. Is Usopp the Strawhat's Buggy? Because suddenly they seem to have a lot of similarities.

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As awesome as that sounds, Sengoku's briefing after the battle mentioned Magellan still being present in Impel Down, trying to take credit for the security failure and refusing emergency treatment. Sengoku mentioned that he did not want Magellan "doing something so foolish" and made it clear that he's still a valuable asset.

So, at the very least, the Marines aren't going to turn their back on him.

"Take responsibility for the security failure" you mean.


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He's a little kid. Ace is an older kid.

I take it you've never had younger siblings.

>but every other time in the past he started to nonstop pester somebody he's had a good reason for wanting them on his crew.
A certain zombie tree may disagree with you.

This. Eldest of three here.

Also, grew up around kids older than me as well. If you can't understand the allure of the 'big kids,' then something went seriously wrong with your childhood.

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Courtesy of MH

Chapter 583: Final Destination for the Uncertain

Dadan tells Luffy she'll give him food and water, but if he wants meat he's gonna have to get it himself.
She also makes Luffy do errands in the house

Ace is off to somewhere
Luffy goes after luffy, abandoning his errands
Ace comes back to the house first
Luffy comes back to the house a week later, all beat up

But Luffy goes after Ace every day month after month.
After three month or so, he arrives at the Gray Terminal, where there's heaps of trash.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Holy fuck this chapter has a lot of dialogue. I ain't gonna post all of the script translation, but the whole thing is here

Loooooong, also Ace was such a little douchehead, geez

That's generally what happens when you grow up with everyone telling you that the guy you came from was the worst person ever.

I knew Luffy was going to bitch about being raised by mountain bandits. DELICIOUS IRONY

New cover story looks to be entertaining as hell

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So, how's this guy gonna get done in?

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If we've learned anything from Oda's elephant memory, there's not such thing as too much over-analyzing.

Not when you whine and bitch that axehand TTLLY HUMILIATED GARP OMG!1!

Shit bitch Garp didn't even notice that smallfry, he was too busy taking a nap.

Morgan was stripped of his rank and forsaken by his only family; his escape was due to Garp's narcolepsy and Coby's rescue of Helmeppo. Honestly, the East Blue forces are probably combing the waters for him... someone like Garp is better used elsewhere.

As for Wapol... yeah, that was something of a Karma Houdini. His life of poverty following defeat was, I believe, supposed to have shown him the other side of life, the perspective of those he'd spent so long oppressing. However, as a cover arc, it did seem to slingshot the jerkwad from "getting back on his feet" to "getting everything he ever wanted and more" without a sufficient epiphany. Take consolation in the fact that cover arcs usually denote eventual plot points and we likely haven't seen the last of him...

Nezumi was a monumental asshole who took bribes and directly caused Luffy's first bounty, but that was more or less the extent of his actual crimes. He was the smallest of the small fry and probably not worth worrying about in the grand scheme of things. There are far greater monsters within the Marines...

As far as I'm concerned, the only villain who truly "got away with it" was the one villain Luffy couldn't really stop: Eneru. The Strawhats prevented him from destroying Skypiea, yes, but he still attained his dream of conquering the moon. Like Wapol, though, I'm fairly certain we'll be seeing him again.

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normally I wouldn't start a thread about the anime, but damn did they do a good job with the past few episodes. The war looks promising now.

I can't wait to see Jinbe summon the smile whales


I'm actually much more interested in seeing how they're going to animate him grabbing whole bodies of water and throwing them.

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