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One Piece

 New Thread

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Moria=Moría which means 'I died' in spanish if i'm remembering correctly

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File: 127197923418.jpg-(26.04KB, 800x351, Seymouria_BW.jpg)

>able to excrete excess salt from its blood through a gland in its nose

Hiruluk is a romanization of the german word for surgeon (I think it's chirurg?), though I think that's common knowledge now.

File: 127233824566.jpg-(103.39KB, 607x430, Feels Good man.jpg)
Not that I see any significance in Moria's name, but I've wanted to post this picture for a while.

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Non-traditional One Piece fanworks. Styles and stuff you haven't seen before.

To start us off, delicious Supernova cookies.

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Buggy's failed coup

File: 127205770781.png-(294.84KB, 406x360, Buggy sad.png)

Poor Buggy.

Hey, all things considered he makes out rather well.

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So how about we get a speculation thread started? I'll get a few things started:

Something I think will happen for reals:
- Luffy's bounty will go up significantly after this battle.
- Buggy's bounty will go up significantly

Things I pulled out of my ass:
- Whitebeard himself will die, but not before he claims to have seen the One Piece that Roger bragged about before his death, creating a large boom of new Pirate crews.
- The Whitebeard pirates, along with Luffy, Ivankov, and the other Impel Down escapees will make it away on the Moby Dick, as the ship's farewell gift to her beloved captain Whitebeard, before burning down ala Merry

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The only way Zoro could lose to Tashigi is if the challenge took place on a staircase. She's so low below him it isn't even funny.

Maybe it'll be old!Zoro losing to a young female swordsman who looks like Tashigi/Kunia in the distant future, and passing the torch to her. Or something. Or a mirror of the first time he fought Mihawk.

Have we reached sage? I'm impressed with us!

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It's out

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YEAH I DID TOO but once again oda stomps all over any idea I might have had alas. ;~;

Well, not entirely. The name just doesn't work anymore.


And she won't be QUITE as milf-tastic as Nurse made her.

hide File: 127198359682.jpg-(100.57KB, 750x750, 125635933236.jpg)
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I thought this was a Blackest Night/Brightest Day refrence at first.

(Luffy - green or blue
Nami - orange
Sanji - Star Sapphire
Zoro - green?
Brook - yellow, only because he's a skeleton and all
Vivi - blue or indigo
Hmmm. Can't think of any reds...)

I thought this was a Blackest Night/Brightest Day refrence at first.

(Luffy - green or blue
Nami - orange
Sanji - Star Sapphire
Zoro - green?
Brook - yellow, only because he's a skeleton and all
Vivi - blue or indigo
Hmmm. Can't think of any reds...)

Gee, sure is arlong park around here.

hide File: 127171500537.png-(15.35KB, 129x198, Dadan.png)
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Two weeks have passed, and Luffy is recovering.
Iva and co head to Kamabakka.
Flashback of 10 years ago inserted, and Dadan is shown.
Carly Dadan. Probably female.

Hancock: Warriors, take Luffy to the Castle’s hospital.

Warrior A: Mistress Hancock, what’s the emergency? Is Luffy okay?

Hancock: Luffy went to Impel Down to save his brother Ace, you know this…The problem occurred afterwards. After saving Ace from capture, Luffy joined forces in the battle agains the Marine HQ, where one of the Marine Generals Akainu murdered Ace in front of his eyes. Ever since, he’s had a mental breakdown…

Hancock: Medics, prepare for surgery.

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HAHAHAHAHA he's so full of child rage.

That- that little guy... jesus, he's terrifying.

i... I have to see the inevitable dadan luffy/ace ss 34... i really don't want to... but I must.

Sick fucks, get to drawing!

hide File: 126260033332.jpg-(282.05KB, 688x1136, The Garp Universe.jpg)
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And Meanwhile, in the other Universe. (Garp's imaginary one.)

Marine Luffy was here, Luffie is a loser!

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He knows that, and he's agreeing that said anon is not the only one those bothered.


Either way Luffy ends up a Pirate.

Just a question of whether he's got a Straw Hat or a badass coat.

hide File: 127171393911.jpg-(348.54KB, 704x1023, BerserkZoro.jpg)
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Ja, but more about how insane Zoro would be with it.

File: 127178883138.png-(1.31MB, 1023x734, berzerk.png)
It would be pretty fucking terrifying.

In berserk it let's a human fight to full capability, bypassing the subconscious limits that the human body puts on your strength to protect itself from harm. Turning you into a nigh-literal combatmonster and a wild berserker.
That's in the somewhat more 'realistic' world of Berserk, what kind of monsterous power would it let the inhuman fighters in One piece unlock?

Fund it.

hide File: 127176597290.jpg-(219.02KB, 704x396, cherrypies.jpg)
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I was discussing Punisher villains with my brother recently and came across a horrible epiphany.

Same character different universe.

  Dear God, Can't unsee.

Also I'll be hearing Stagger Lee in my head every time Black Beard shows up now.

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Chapter 581 out on Mangashare.

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I really wish that Boa would just let Ivankov take Luffy to Okama Island so we can see Sanji again.

and this is only adding fuel to the AMAZON FOR CREWMATE DERP DERP fire

When I said "forgot" I meant forgot that he was still doing that and the Sunny was just sitting around waiting for them, not forgot that it ever happened.

Yeah, couldn't Ivankov probably give better health care anyway?

I know if he uses anymore "super hormone boost" stuff Luffy's gonna turn into vinyl or something, but his powers could probably be put to use for a stable recovering, though it would obviously take much longer.

hide File: 127129961350.jpg-(208.44KB, 1031x750, 01-02.jpg)
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Say, /op/, if Oda were to simply leave the original crew where they were, maybe checking up on them every year or so, I dunno, and simply continued on to the New World with this bunch (and Boa) as the Straw Hats...

Would that officially shoot him past Kubo in the trolling department?

I'd like to hear your opinions on what would happen if the Impel Down gang became the permanent Straw Hat Pirates.

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>Daz Bones

None of them are going to take orders from Luffy, so that only leaves Mr. 3 and Bon Clay.

Mr. 3's planning and intellect are useful but only if he has enough pawns at his disposal.

File: 12713964365.jpg-(185.78KB, 1036x750, A_casual_discovery.jpg)
Straw Hat Luffy. Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro. Cat Burglar Nami. Sogeking. Black Leg Sanji. Cotton Candy Lover Chopper. Demon Child Nico Robin. Cyborg Franky. Humming Brook. Together, this band of nine was known as the Straw Hat Pirate crew. Despite their humble origins in East Blue, they quickly became one of the most famous pirate crews on the ocean. Traveling down the Grand Line with their eyes set on the legendary One Piece, it seemed as though the world was their oyster.

However, all of that changed when an encounter with Bartholomew Kuma at Sabaody Archipelago left them defeated and scattered across the globe. Believing that their time as a crew was over, the Straw Hat Pirates decided to go their separate ways. Former captain Monkey D. "Strawhat" Luffy speaks on the separation.

Luffy: Well, I had plans to get the crew back together, but I got caught up in a lot of... life-changing events. My brother had just died, and I needed to do some serious soul-searching.

After his involvement in the war, Luffy was sent to Amazon Lily to recover. There, he underwent weeks of physical and mental therapy. During his stay, he entered a relationship with the local ruler, Boa Hancock. The two married just one year after his arrival.

Luffy: Hancock was there for me during a very dark period of my life; honestly, I don't know what I would have done without her.

However, Luffy was not ready to put his life of piracy behind him. In an effort to achieve closure over his brother’s death, he began to travel with the remaining Whitebeard Pirates, along with former Warlord Jinbei. Together, they attempted to return order to what was once Whitebeard’s protected territory.

Luffy: Sailing with the Whitebeard crew really helped me reconnect with the old me. I felt like I was really doing something with myself again. I got to see the world, meet new people, get in fights… It was wonderful to be a pirate again. But it was never quite the same as it used to be. That’s why we’re doing this.

Midway through his run with the Whitebeard Pirates, Luffy was seized by the desire to bring the Straw Hat crew back together again. He began
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


hide File: 126802507013.jpg-(131.62KB, 648x432, nice_tie.jpg)
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Dadan's identity, the Will of D, Dragon's agenda, etc. Although her identity is unknown, Luffy's mother has been stated by Oda as not being a pivotal element of the plot.
Parentage. Oda's clearing of the Kuina/Tashigi debate has settled everything else relating to his backstory, but that fact that he's one of the few Strawhats with a surname could eventually come up.
None, surprisingly, but it's worth noting that Yasopp has thus far shown no knowledge of 1. his wife's death or 2. Usopp being a Strawhat. I can't help feeling this will lead to a staggeringly dramatic reunion...
Parentage, once again. Sanji's birth outside the East Blue and the question of how exactly he got on that ship to begin with remain undressed, but the recent revelation of his left eye has finally laid many rumors to rest.
Interestingly, her biological family remains unknown even to her. She was a war orphan raised by a rogue Marine, so anything is fair game... from misplaced royalty to nothing at all. Hell, maybe she's part mermaid. It may never even come up.
The only Strawhat with no loose ends whatsoever. Was a deer, ate fruit, raised by doctor, etc.
Nico Olvia's place in the world is still largely unknown (as is the identity of Robin's father) but most of Miss All-Sunday's past has been cleared. They may be lingering connections to her time as an assassin, but that's mostly it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Good point, but either one would be incredibly epic.

File: 127127079573.jpg-(128.09KB, 750x1099, 04.jpg)
There's still this. And I feel it will be quite some time before we actually get filled in as to what exactly we are looking at here.

Final boss.

hide File: 127105318960.jpg-(24.14KB, 500x375, 7746e928-e228-4fa5-8e0d-4eec05a7c999.jpg)
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Chapter 581: The future is creeping up
cover: Shanks & Buggy

Broadcast announces the victory of the Marines.
Hancock catches up to Luffy, and heads to the Kuja island.
The Rookies are watching the war. Kidd says the New World is ruled by the Yonkou, Redhaird, Kaidou, and BigMom.
Bonny: It's his (her) fault!! I'm gonna find him (her)
(generic non-gender specified Japanese "him/her" used here)
Meanwhile, communication between HQ and Impel Down shows Magellan is injured near death, and several Lv6 prisoners other than the 4 seen with Blackbeard are

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Least this guy has an actual beard.

If so, I demand at least one bearded woman.

And he probably meant to say Doke (clown). I don't think doge means anything in Japanese, though it is what they call the chief magistrates of Venice and Genoa and it's also Lithuanian for "boarhound".

I'm hoping he's not like Nezumi, where he just disappears without getting a proper asskicking.

hide File: 127091094289.jpg-(26.71KB, 480x360, IrukaSensei.jpg)
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It's like Christmas, my birthday and easter all came up and had sex in my living room!

So what's your favorite One Piece character? Mine is Luffy cause he's made of rubber.

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File: 127099353858.gif-(1.87MB, 120x120, KungFuPoohVersusAndreTheGiant.gif)
What's that? I can't hear you over SNIPER KING and TALKING KUNG-FU BEAR.

Oh hey I just realized that's a bear vs. bear fight.


Bear on Bear violence, just how Colbert likes it.

hide File: 127005950355.jpg-(489.64KB, 1147x1024, 1636709.jpg)
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Honestly, he'll be lucky if Garp can keep him from getting severely demoted. But I agree that either way he probably will get transferred somewhere else to get him the hell away from Akainu.

Except Akainu had no idea who the hell this kid was. There's a. . .slim chance that could work out in his favor.

I wouldn't be so sure. They gave Doflamingo a Shichibukai title, and you just know he got his high bounty from doing all sorts of nasty shit.

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