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So I love Noodle <3
Please love her with me. I'm going to dump my folder.

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And I think this should be included because the cyborg's ass looks good.

File: 127853286651.jpg-(81.57KB, 900x1170, Just_for_Murdoc_san_by_Pill_Kun.jpg)

File: 127853309396.jpg-(31.49KB, 347x518, Growing_Up___Lienart_by_Nimgona.jpg)

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that's because it's Tengu.

namedrop people that are good then

I figured as much... I just didn't want to be too forward in that thought in case I was wrong

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Anyone got more pages?

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Where does it say Sharpie is not doing porn anymore?

his blog I think.

Do you have a link to his blog? I always thought he was going to finish off his comics :(

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I'm just gonna start a thread.
Can we see if can't get some pics of How to Train your Dragon in here.

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Awww fuck yeah.

File: 127813532870.jpg-(367.17KB, 548x687, _springs__by_uppertorso.jpg)

File: 127813539242.jpg-(393.74KB, 900x1140, HTTYD___The_Wrong_One_by_fortheloveofpizza.jpg)

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On the one hand, there's a new, lighthearted C5KXYV story on the way.

On the other hand, it's not due until August. FFFFF...

Only one month...

can someone zip it all, please?

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Anons will be te first to beta-test my modding of the old classic Final Fellatio X2 flash game, revamped with Black Cat and Spider-Man.
Together with Special Appearances by Venom and the Lizard.
Critics and Suggestions are welcome.
You can comment on here as well:

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File: 127807442986.jpg-(218.70KB, 800x622, 2331_Lightning___Hope__Pedo_.jpg)
or lightening giving hope a pick me up

Personally I think the mask should stay on
maybe remove the makeup effect

If you want to make it really funny, use that song from Mulan.

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Gunnerkrigg Court already has a huge thread full of porn, so why not have a thread for that other webcomic we really really like?

Gona post a few already made ones.

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there's nothing here I don't like

haha tavros and his dorky swimsuit


Lol at Dave trying to hide his boner.


u herd rite

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So why did this get deleted? I was fulfilling a drawfag request.

Because it's a nude man, not doing anything with a woman, it would be better placed in /coq/. Nothing personal, it's just kinda off-topic.

How is it queer if its for a chick?

/coq/, while billed as queer promotions, is also for single male images.

To know which board something goes into, use this simple test, which covers 99% of all images:
1) Are there boobs?
If yes, it goes in /pco/. Otherwise, /coq/.

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Does anyone have them? I'm looking for pretty much all expect the out of characters ones...and obviously the ones completely unrelated to Ranma.

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didn't know there was a difference but i'll just believe you

Not only is the source material Japanese, it's even drawn animu style -- you don't get much less western cartoon than that.

I apparently have to spell this out.

Ranma is anime. That means /h/ and not /pco/. This is why the other threads were deleted, and this one locked.

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I saw this pic on 4chan /co/.
10 minutes of intensive google-fu
20 minutes of digging through their forums looking for posts in English yielded the following conclusion:
Komachiya is a real doujinshi artist that also work with western material (see pic for example).

Now here's where I need your help /pco/. As you can see, the works of this person are relevant to our interests. Alas, I couldn't find any actual material, so I leave the subject in your (hopefully) capable hands.

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Google-fu works by word association. In this case, the only word with any relevance would be 'Komachiya', which I have already explored.
I need new data to get new results.

Maybe we should put it on /co/ or /a/ and see what the unwashed masses have to say?

File: 127745384197.jpg-(158.07KB, 560x420, RJ058764_img_main.jpg)
I search Yahoo!JP Auctions for "Funhouse" once in a while, but don't see them too often--and so far, NEVER any of the reverse-weeaboo ones.

But since someone mentioned DLSite, I have found THIS.

Is it gay that I find myself fixating on Superwoman's hair? The schoolteacher look seems a little out of place on a crimefighter, but at the same time it complements her straight-laced and amiably authoritative personality while harking back to his classic cowlick thingy.

I'd totally bang Plastic Woman, though. You just know she'd be crazy in the sack.

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Rogue was sitting at her desk, reading through one of her textbooks. History again, how dull; just a bunch of wars and famous dead guys. Taking the time to glance out the window to clear her head, as she usually does she dreamt of a world where she could be free...a world where she could hold hands, hug the people that she loved, love them in ways that were impossible now... not just romantic ways, but particular physical ways.

She snapped back into reality when Kitty phased through the door, talking to someone on the phone. Jumping a bit from the noise, but quickly regaining her composure, she gave Kitty a little wave, eyes glazed slightly from a lingering daydream - or was it a fantasy?

Before getting caught, she quickly turned back around into her desk, eying Kitty carefully in the mirror. Rogue used to like guys... well, she still did, but it was now one of those confusing things. She had spent so much time in the memory of others, that their desires had become hers... not that she minded too much, she had realized. Even if they didnt get along well, Jean had wonderful legs she'd stolen more than a few peeks at in the Danger Room changing-areas. Kitty... well, Rogue certainly didn't mind having her as a roommate, as it gave more than a few chances to slyly admire her perky cupcake-sized breasts, or her cute little butt..

Watching Kitty through the mirror on her desk, Rogue found something entrancing about the way that Kitty dramatically moved around the room, throwing her arms up in the air, making points while shifting her hips from side to side... She'd noticed it before, but now that she actually was paying attention, it took on a new sort of appeal.

Rogue began to feel the heat build up in her she began to moisten. She worried briefly Kitty might somehow discover her "spying", but the smaller girl seemed engrossed in her conversation - another bickering session with Lance, apparently - and she was tempted, curious if she could get away with masturbating with Kitty in the room. The tought poked at her, and she entertained the fantasy of getting caught, and how Kitty would punish her... unconsciously, her hand slowly began to cree
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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uh, dude, give up. it's over.

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But! I come to storytime an anonymous writefriend's fapfic written last week. I didn't see it completed for real. Brace for troll end under spoilers, but the rest isn't bad.

Lila quickly shut the drawer of Helga's desk when she heard the girl's footsteps, one slightly louder than the other from an ever-so-terrible injury she suffered in soccer in the eighth grade, and turned in the chair to face the door. She straightened her posture and folded her hands together on her lap, fingers laced nervously and tightly, and a rehearsed smile graced her countenance as the blonde entered the room, scowling.

"You'd think Bob would be sick of being such an ass all of the time, criminy!" Helga flipped the bird over her shoulder as she kicked the door shut with her heel, grimacing in annoyance.

Lila never knew what to say in these situations. She had her own troubles, sure, but she always had such a good relationship with her Father. It was slightly codependent, for he was manic depressive and she had the burden of always trying to coddle him and make him feel better about his self-destructive habits, but he at least loved her and showed it.

Lila offered Helga a sympathetic look, before searching her mind quickly to change the subject. All she could think of was Helga's unsent letters to Arnold that she had discovered in that desk. A slight wringing of jealousy echoed throughout her mind, and though she thought nothing negative of Arnold (she liked him ever so much, really!), she wasn't quite sure why Helga was so dedicated in her affections toward him.

It was inspiring, she supposed.

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File: 127717795567.jpg-(461.50KB, 561x1048, 296105 - Hey_Arnold Jigsawman King-Cheetah Phoebe_.jpg)
Lila remained quiet, watching the blonde's movements carefully, entranced. Helga pulled her underwear down, moving over the redhead's face.

In between two of the books on Helga's bookcase, a small webcam was placed.

The images before it fed to BigBobsLilGirldotcom.

The feed was directly set up to Bob's laptop, and he breathed heavily as he watched his second favorite daughter dominate her redhead friend.

"Yeah, Olga..." Bob's hand wrapped around his thick cock, stroking up and down. "Dirty little whore.."

I'm sorry everyone.

The end.

File: 127717816653.png-(659.79KB, 1300x915, 3981 - Hey_Arnold Nickeldeon Olga_Pataki honda05.png)
From the author...

I'm sorry ... I never meant to take the lie that far. But then I got a bunch of fans of this story, and I was too caught up in my fame to notice how I was hurting my loved ones... so I had to stop it while I could.

I'm really sorry you guys...

Of course, that was an hour after he suggested he might quit for the night, saying he had to wake up in 5 hours.

Hurting loved ones? Lies? What the hell?

All I see is an unfinished story.

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I don't think the other thread is bumping anymore.

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>If Annie and Kat were superheros what powers would they have?

>Well they are female, so I guess their super power would be to get raped while trying to make it in a man's world. Maybe also to wear impossibly skimpy outfits as a display of their femininity that is totally empowering and in no way designed to get a rise from male readers.

You heard the man: Annie and Kat as Superheroines in Trouble!

Oh, the thread's not bumping anymore. Well, We can save that for next time.

Oh, the thread's not bumping anymore. Well, We can save that for next time.

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