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To me, commissions are like rare treasures! They're drawings that you pay for that are JUST FOR YOU!!

Whether it's an official nude of an author's character or another character done by your favorite artist, that commission feels really good to have at your side!

Let's share the wealth! Post some of your commissions! Bonus points for nudes of characters!

Starting off with Maytag + Bloody Mary from Flipside.

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Well, most rule34 art has the usual, expected pairings... so, if I was going to pay for it, I might as well get something I had not seen before.

Why specifically those two? Cause I like Arrowette and there is nowhere near enough porn of her, and if someone deserves to tap that ass, that's Batman.

>>74392 >>74393

File: 128460883722.jpg-(163.24KB, 900x900, 81283.jpg)
Oh man, I am bad at this "quitting" thing. Senseibushido ( offers a great deal where you can get a b&w pic with up to three characters, so I decided to get a pic of a human boy having a threesome with a dwarf and a gnome (which is weird, since I don't even play WoW or any fantasy games).
I liked this a lot and it was pretty cheap, so I'm thinking of having a follow up done. I was thinking either a thing where the three of them are doing a group masturbation thing, or a pic of the boy going down on the dwarf while the gnome blows him. Let me know if you have any suggestions/ideas of what they could do.

hide File: 126838475467.png-(205.68KB, 400x571, TFA_BA_by_Pandablubb.png)
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Started 'dis @ /co/... here's everything else I have.

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File: 128416533182.png-(20.14KB, 888x592, tfa-bla124.png)
Also from the same thread, but not by me this time.

File: 128416537830.png-(20.64KB, 888x592, tfa-bla125.png)
Here's >>75387 with no top.

File: 128458679742.png-(271.23KB, 666x888, 513675 - Arcee Soro Transformers blackarachnia tra.png)

hide File: 124237660071.jpg-(227.13KB, 738x815, 1235818215316.jpg)
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ITT: Rule 34 by artists in the industry

Adam Hughes, comic book artist and cheesecake extraordinaire.

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File: 128385158932.jpg-(382.17KB, 738x815, She-Hulk Beach 2 Alt.jpg)
Don't mind me. Just felt like posting a shopped version of OP's pic where Shulkie isn't green.

File: 128385197982.jpg-(382.95KB, 738x815, She-Hulk Beach 4 Alt fixed earrings.jpg)
And here's one with the fixed earring color and some lighter, pinkish nipples.

W/o the green skin, these now look like Wonder Woman (because no way does Jennifer Walters look like this when not hulked-out), which fits perfectly with muttonfed's /ss/ streak.

hide File: 127838440070.jpg-(224.22KB, 800x876, pinup001.jpg)
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The world's best WoW porn artist, since I don't know if Beastess fell off the earth or not.

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Any of her new stuff available?


If it is I haven't found it, and I'm rather horrible at searching the internet for things off the beaten track. At the very least I want to see the rest of the vote comic.


Once it's finished, I'm sure it'll be easier to find. Who knows how long that will take though.

hide File: 27.swf-(3.99MB, 497x360)
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Makin' a thread for the discussion and posting of things created in Flash.

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You're welcome, and thanx for letting me know it works for you as well.
To be honest, I really do wish they provide more of this lesbian material from Meet n'Fuck.
If they, I hope it's in the same art style and feel as this one.
Cause this is awesome and hot and so many levels

If you want to use some swf editor program (to see the scene and it's parts in greater detail), how do you get past the loading screen part?


I hope against hope it isn't rape.

hide File: 125151095690.jpg-(130.19KB, 1719x2428, 10.jpg)
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Password = skorpion

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>I was hoping it wouldn't been THAT easy to find!
Just type in the name of a character you've drawn into the Furaffanity search engine and one your pics will appear. Simple!

Any news? Maybe not the new comics but at least ex Trixie and Veronica 2 which looked almost entirely scanned and edited and after almost 5 months we have no news :(

what's the deal with this stop hotlinking thing? None of the images load for me. I didn't do anything, this just happened to me right now.

hide File: 123895623424.jpg-(246.46KB, 1000x750, family_guy Lois_Griffin Meg_Griffin.jpg)
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i dont have a lot of good familey guy, but I'll post what i do have.

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Mor of milftoon!

File: 128439301752.jpg-(236.47KB, 1024x768, 434825 - Cartoon_Reality family_guy meg_griffin.jpg)

>family guy

hide File: 125157828610.jpg-(35.63KB, 404x600, 3634.jpg)
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File: 128078620076.jpg-(38.90KB, 441x717, yoko_tsuno.jpg)

File: 128159713674.jpg-(111.72KB, 800x800, mali.jpg)

File: 128437573237.jpg-(168.69KB, 741x1056, Yoko Vic.jpg)

hide File: 128181127767.jpg-(105.09KB, 507x676, frankiefoster.jpg)
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Just like the Vicki thread, I feel posting a Frankie Foster thread.
Others are welcome, but the main focus here is Frankie herself.

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"Umm," I ummed to myself. "I'm glad you like them. I don't dress as cool as you..."

She was pulling so hard on that loop, now, that we were practically standing so that my back was touching her. She had to be able to see how off my breathing was getting. She had to notice.

The funny thing was, hers was the same way.

"I like the way you look," Anne Marie murmured. I glanced over our shoulders as she finished pulling our bodies together. Her mouth was right behind my ear. She was blushing.

I'm proud to say that I didn't say anything to particularly embarass myself. "I like the way you look, too."

There was no doubting it. She was pressing us together, and the arm that had been holding up her purse went slack as she put her hand on my side. That hand went up until it was touching my bra strap, and I felt my own hands tighten around the base of her shirt.

"That's great."

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 128435987057.jpg-(23.65KB, 450x400, boner.jpg)

years later, we are still waiting for a sauce on this one

hide File: 125122552321.jpg-(148.21KB, 800x937, 5467_54db9a8c23a813a8b33e36ec3e1bd4eb2b90bbad.jpg)
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ITT we share our favorite porn artists and explain why we like them so much. They don't have to have online galleries, but it helps.

First up from me is Sidney Lima, who also goes by the extremely straightforward name of Fapmaterial. As seen in this picture, he really has a way with shading. He also does a signigicant amount of fetish-y stuff, mainly BDSM and girls with "alternative body types." On top of that, he's also experimenting in porn drawn specifically with a female audience in mind, focusing on the sensual and emotional aspects of sex.

His main moneymaking project right now is a comic called Slimy Thief, which takes place in a generic fantasy world and stars a roguish she-elf who, due to magical shenanigans, swells up in certain places when wet. Inflation (or even breast expansion) isn't usually my cup of fetish tea, but he actually pulls it off quite nicely and doesn't implement annoying, gravity-defying anatomy. I'd definitely buy it if I had the money.

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Oh wow.
I like her style.
And yeah, I should also saved more stuff from there too.

File: 128432611519.jpg-(836.30KB, 1000x1500, 76879.jpg)
Hmm... I don't know that I'd call him a favorite artist, but one that stands out to me is Blacksword. Now, a lot of what he draws I actually don't like at all, and I guess part of why I follow his stuff is morbid curiosity. However, I think he has a really engaging style, and when he draws something that isn't horrifying, it can be really gorgeous.

Oddly enough, despite drawing some scenes of utter depravity and horror, he himself actually seems to be a mature and surprisingly nice fellow.

File: 128432726387.jpg-(522.80KB, 823x1064, 27705.jpg)
An artist that I really like, Raji.

The bulk of his stuff features various monster girls, mostly inspired by D&D and other fantasy sources. His art is lovely, weird, and fun. I love finding an artist who draws odd stuff, but keeps a lighthearted feel to their work.

hide File: 128379627918.jpg-(186.53KB, 1067x1790, eb017ab92175db44e75b3ea1dff09af9.jpg)
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Alessandro ' Ga­nassa ' Mazzett­i

Awesome artist, or AWESOMEST?

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File: 128391440749.jpg-(111.04KB, 572x919, Elektra_by_Ganassa.jpg)

Being cynical is not a crime.

If I remember well, he released some sort of erotic anthology in France some time ago. Am I right?

hide File: 128207897779.jpg-(85.53KB, 450x513, 128181898180.jpg)
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Last thread hit bump limit.

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are we waiting for the update?

File: 128455170899.gif-(143.31KB, 800x800, ziloveyounepeta.gif)
saw on /co/

Guys, there's a new thread already.
Is in >>75580

hide File: 127792673465.jpg-(91.46KB, 400x618, campbell alice.jpg)
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By J. Scott Campbell. Small resolutions, sadly, and obviously not hardcore, but go get 'em while you can.

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If these were made available in hi-res I'd fap for a week to them.

Ugh, I hate this greasy pin-up bullshit

So you dug up a thread almost a month dead to tell us?

hide File: 127774117086.jpg-(135.34KB, 961x1600, shegosample2.jpg)
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Really want the first and second one. Anyone wanna order it?

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There isnt one yet. Whats been posted already is all there is so far.

i hear there is also a fam guy comic, any news on that?

There is one. But do anyone got the family guy comic?

hide File: 125563075573.jpg-(95.55KB, 500x526, Azula & Ty Lee (Booty).jpg)
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Well damn.
I blame my crappy spell check, both internal and firefoxes, for that.

The seeds of the future still needs good porn artists.


Yes, they do (p.s. Hella had posted a new pic up of Cathy from MBC... thinking that the viewer said that they were gonna play "naked pizza".. which apparently consists of her being naked, and having a pizza on standby... maybe for eating)

File: 128415361218.jpg-(93.44KB, 600x877, [Batman] Batgirl by JoelGomez.jpg)

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