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hard mode: only good art

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File: 127925094981.png-(143.35KB, 1200x700, Pretty.png)

Yes, you will.


File: 12827082443.png-(404.06KB, 974x963, beans.png)
lila writhed in agony on her fathers cock
it was so hard that it felt to lila that she was shoving several bricks into her tiny vaginy. it hurts father! she wailed. it hurts oh so very much! her father did not respond, in his dreaming mind he was fucking his beloved wife that had passed away oh so many lonely years ago. all he heard was "harder dear, deeper too!"
he pressed so hard he could have sworn he heard the floor boards breaking
looking down he saw a torrent of blood spilling from the mangled crevice that was once his daughters vagina. "i don't like-like this daddy!" lila cried.

lila's father turned her over and prepared to enter her anus. "too bad" was his only response

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and since the last layla thread seems to have died, i'll just leave this here...

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File: 128261336958.jpg-(78.72KB, 1052x744, Desktop Layla.jpg)

File: 128261365931.jpg-(125.17KB, 998x720, Layla Ass Inspection.jpg)
layla shows off her secret spot

are you drawing these yourself? because they're very nice.

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Rule #34 has...

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File: 127857221254.jpg-(75.89KB, 1000x753, skeeter-02.jpg)
Oh God, I am such a genius.

BEST SEX TOY IDEA EVER! I would buy a dozen... online... and check the discreet packaging box... and always be home when the delivery guy comes around until I got it...

File: 12824791628.jpg-(58.42KB, 248x644, hbskeeter1unf.jpg)

Maybe she took care of Nanny when she got old. Then Nanny passed away, and she wears them as a reminder of her, or some shit.

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palcomixvip updated
and can someone get larger versions of

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a little late but here is
PV & ST 14 and 20 september

Thanx very much YM youv done more than enough ^^ I'm pleased

you're welcome Riptillian, just add my grain of sand

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Lets get rolling

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File: 127861522282.jpg-(149.36KB, 524x851, _Wuya__by_Jack666rulez.jpg)

File: 127890895373.jpg-(171.04KB, 950x898, fagettes wuya.jpg)

File: 128228130677.png-(277.50KB, 714x1000, 93__Give_up_by_WithMyEyesClosed.png)

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Eris thread time?

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File: 127914107616.png-(70.42KB, 142x288, eris is cross.png)

I'd like her a little bit more if she weren't always depicted with such weird anatomy.

File: 128226057554.jpg-(156.06KB, 600x1146, Eris_by_getrevenge1124.jpg)

hide File: 127103424736.jpg-(272.24KB, 832x839, velmakboxfinalnoblood.jpg)
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May as well just make a standalone thread and see how it goes.

I'm setting up shop for commissions. Have sample gallery and previous requests available for viewing and sharing. Can do cel-shading, currently practising soft-shading. Currently practising human anatomy, layout, composition, tone, etc. Willing to draw clean or mature for cheap, willing to draw different body types if asked (don't want to be a typecast artist). Pic related. It was commissioned by KBox. Yes, that KBox.

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Im goin till monday silly, either way im not going to mars, there will be internet connection were im goin ;3 so ill check this place from time to time.

>someone email her and let her know someone on this board is a creepo and someones a dumb cunt who will draw anything (terribly) for money....

Dude, she won't have sex with you either way so there's no point white-knighting.

Anyway, word to the wise - there's been changes to Google Mail in the UK. Nothing major, but the domain to send requests from now on should be "" instead of "". They say mail sent to either address will default back to the current inbox, but I've been hearing problems from clients about communication problems over this, so I'm just letting you know.

little bump for ya

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While we all enjoy images, I think smutfics have been declining a bit lately. No doubt people have ideas for them but can't write as well as others. Whilst those that can write, may be lacking inspiration or have been tied down with a project they've lost interest in.

So in this thread, you write up your idea for a fanfic story with whatever complexity you're comfortable with. Cartoon, comic, webcomic that noone's heard of, whatever you have a hot story for.

Writers can pick and choose as they please. Those with current fanfic projects here, are not expected to complete them first. Just have fun.

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File: 128225317787.jpg-(27.51KB, 300x400, kermit.jpg)



I think its a trope. Girl bullies the hell out of a kid because she likes him

Well, it is loli Vicky, who WAS pretty nice.

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Drawn by PurplePornagrapher, written by Chaos, and paid for by me. Enjoy.

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It's dead, captain.

is it still dead?

Mass upload, in the future.


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Do you have it in a bigger resolution?

Sorry, that's the highest one he gave me. I'll see if I can scrounge one up.

File: 128213303572.png-(175.94KB, 607x1113, PowerGirls_Tight_Leather_Pants_by_morganagod.png)

hide File: 124760661180.jpg-(376.97KB, 1178x1432, 1166384507771.jpg)
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There is an huge Warcraft thread on /coq/ but not here? Really?

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There was some great wow porn comic about a draenei and two belfs who were father and son.
Shame I can't remember the name, nor have pictures to post.



this is the comic with the 2 belf and draeni called eversong interrogation

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"When we would draw Neytiri and she had fins on her back and gills and all kinds of weird protuberances and so on in odd places, the question was, well, would you want to do her? No? OK, let's back off from that." -- James Cameron

Some say the greatness of "Avatar" lies in its lush visual grandeur, the sheer madhouse spectacle, the revolutionary eye candy that only $300 million in computer graphics and 10 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms can buy. Others have pointed out how the story itself is terribly thin and actually rather stupid, the dialogue is all sorts of corny, and the entire thing's pretty much a direct rip-off of "Dances with Wolves" (all true, by the way; I've seen it), but none of that really matters when the special effects are so awesome and brain-drenching that you might as well tear off part of your id and toss it in a blender when the movie starts to roll.

To which we can all effortlessly scoff: bulls--t.

Let's just say it outright: This is a movie about alien porn. It's about the great, timeless, hypererotic white man fantasy of the Other. Inhabiting it, having sex with it, becoming it, moving inside it, running and leaping and fighting and taking spectacular risks just before falling into a bed of florid vines with your significant -- and incredibly hot -- alien companion to fondle her tail as the planet smiles in happy bioluminescent munificence all around you.

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But big boobs look so hot on them...

File: 128151713189.jpg-(34.48KB, 258x330, hilarious.jpg)

File: 128206378620.jpg-(293.85KB, 738x1087, o0738108710696138310 nok & molly page 1.jpg)
The dounji girl has update and :D

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Last thread was auto-saging

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I was going to ask if she was suppose to be dressed as Vampirella but then I saw the filename. Great job! And who wouldn't want a bite o' that?

Or four, in this case.

New thread imminent. Prepare for transfer.

>> 73017

Transfer complete. Now decoupling auxiliary bone bulge.

hide File: 127526620497.jpg-(216.89KB, 545x741, 1272470264.savannahhorrocks_page1finish.jpg)
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I like this. Do you?

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keep this apple headed shit off here. Sameface and shitty furfag art.

Oh, I'm sorry, are you a person of any importance? Am I? No.

Is anyone else complaining about this? Nope.

Do you have any point whatsoever? Not really!

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salvaging bits from a Velma thread

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File: 127986690119.png-(349.48KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2010-07-21-14h02m35s187.png)

File: 128182275418.jpg-(172.44KB, 884x950, 482646 - Robert_Dejesus Scooby-Doo Velma_Dinkley.jpg)
Wasn't some trying to make a scooby flash or comic?

File: 128182280296.jpg-(80.80KB, 632x1000, 487270 - Scooby-Doo Velma_Dinkley.jpg)

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