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File: 128527211626.jpg-(90.71KB, 600x800, 360890%2520-%2520Sierra%2520Total_Drama_Musical%25.jpg)


File: 12852799486.jpg-(838.38KB, 1666x2083, 467360%20-%20Blaineley%20Total_Drama_Island%20liza.jpg)

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Any word on Bleedman yet?

Big comapnies dont give a shit because it would cost more just to take someone to court than it would pay off suing them.

Well, there's I have the growing suspicion that the studios are not only aware of rule34, but are more than willing to find ways to encourage and exploit it.

...What, like Hollywood has morals? Ask Brooke Shields' mother.

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Edd danced in and out of consciousness, the sensation of being dragged entering his mind. Thoughts of being taken to some den of eating assailed him, although he could not gather enough of his senses to scream. Finally, he heard distant voices, although they were coming from someone close. The identity was unknown to him, though the voices sounded argumentative. Blackness filled his vision once more. The air was cold around him as it tickled his skin, moist with perspiration. He opened his eyes, and found that the fog of being knocked out was fading fast. He looked around and saw a peculiar sight. All around him was makeshift medical equipment. False ECG machines made out of broken televisions, blood pressure cuffs made of paper and water hoses, scalpels fashioned out of butter knives.

"Finally, you're awake." The voice was high, with a hint of concern mixed with being held up. He turned, partially. Edd moved his arms and legs and found that they were strapped to the table on which he was laying. Had he been kidnapped by some horrid butchers who wished to replace their body parts with his? When he turned his head, he saw that he would only be so lucky were that the case. Standing in a mock-nurses outfit made out of an old tablecloth and some red markers was Marie Kanker, her candystriper outfit mottled with holes.
Unhand me at once, Kanker, or I'll..."

"Zip it, egghead!" She cut him off. "Look, I figured I'd do some homework with you." This took him off his footing, so to speak.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Yeah," she said, traipsing nearer.

"Well, what do you need help with? Surely you could have just asked me instead of absconding with me in the dead of night! Is it mathematics? English studies?"

"Wrong, genius. Think a little closer to today." Edd wished that he hadn't.

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I think he means the fairly oddparent story he's working on now.

Hi all. I'm not dead, and I've not forgotten about this. I've just got a boatload on my plate for the next few days, and sadly the 9-5 comes first...gotta keep the electricity bill paid somehow, right?

As for what I said. When I wrote it, yes, I did mean for the Timmy series alone. But, I think what I will do, before I move on to whatever the NEXT series is, is write a beau-coupe finale for the Edd saga.

Good enough answer?

Sounds good to me!

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So what happened to that apostle thread?

Anyway- a plea

Please Apostle, bless this thread with uncensored and full sized versions of your pics

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people claim he got pissed off that people uncensored his work, or did edits to make them into different characters. maybe that's not true. but if it is, that's a demand. "don't touch my work. even though my work is based on the work of others and i used their creations without permission, mine should never be altered"

and fuck, pulling his work from paheal is certainly a douchebagworthy act, whether there were trolls there or not. there are trolls everywhere. buck up and get used to it, because it's never going to change. the tracing troll on paheal didn't start there, he FOLLOWED HIM FROM SOME OTHER SITE. all pulling his work does is punish people, uninvolved people, who might like his stuff. that is exactly the kid-in-the-playground-with-the-ball behavior i describe. "i don't get my way, so i'm going to make all of you pay."

and i'm making things worse than they are? how exactly? to all appearances he's stopped posting anything other than troll pics. are my comments going to stop him from changing his mind and doing the right thing (which is, regardless of whether he posts art or not, not acting like a bitch)? are we all supposed to fawn over him and beg him to come back on our knees, ready to suck his e-cock, in order to make sure that decision happens?

and how would you know? are you apostle, or have you talked to him and he's expressed that sentiment? cause if so, that would count as a demand. even if you're not but that's an accurate reflection of what i'm doing, then it's still an implied demand of 'behave how i like, or i'll do even worse'. it would just mean he just doesn't have the balls to come out and admit that's what he's doing.

the point is, if people complaining about his douchebaggery makes him less likely to provide art? then the claims are exactly valid. if they're not, then what i'm saying makes no difference either way, so i await for him to prove me wrong. and if i'm not wrong, i'll speak the truth rather than stroke his ego in the hopes of him deciding we're worthy o
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How dandy.

Either way, how about someone post up a collection zip of his work (including non-/co/) in the Upload/Website Link Dump thread.

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Characters from his games

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Yeah, but the Psychonauts meme is pretty dead.


A link for the curious would still be nice mang.

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>No Teen Titan thread


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File: 12849549023.jpg-(83.66KB, 576x800, MAC-TerraRough.jpg)

File: 128502026846.jpg-(81.80KB, 578x456, 522520%20-%20DCAU%20Scourge_the_Hedgehog%20Sonic_T.jpg)

bump 2: electric bumpaloo

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Sufing this awesome board I could find nothing about Melkor Mancin, so here I come with my dump.

I assume you know about that "thing" with .jpg and .rar
ProTip: look at the covers if you don't want to download pic by pic

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File: 128488445013.jpg-(447.90KB, 1138x1600, 1284732122087.jpg)
Last one I have, unfortunately.

Is there anymore on this hypnomom?

Say what you want about this artist, but one thing is for sure...he draws great looking oral sex.

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Maybe you dudes can help me. I am looking for a Rapid share or site dump of 3Dgspot. I cant seem to track down the no so I will just hope for the best. In thanks?

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well is there a mega or a rapid for cram skul? I can't find the full version anywhere does anyone have it?

cram skul doesn't exist somewhere else so their got to be someone that own it. Please Cram skul?? anyone? the full version.

Awesome. Now does anyone know where to the still artwork?

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Need more!

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Palcomix never was part of drawn sex, drawn sex are well known for stealing other artwork and claiming they drew it. For example they keep trying to claim that they did the avatar comixs to get people to join only to find out that drawn sex artwork looks like it has been drawn by a little kid.

File: 128525485779.jpg-(672.51KB, 1100x1242, renamons_ib4f.jpg)
Found this. Seems to be a VIP pic that they never put up, so they put it on that new message board thing.

Wow missed all the updates I'm really amazed a new comic, looking forward to it.
Thanx Fuery can't you'v done so much I'm eternally grateful ^^
loved the gatomon in heat comic so much can't wait for the new ones and ofcourse new gatomon pics as well ;)

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Chel thread.

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File: 128511621137.jpg-(50.51KB, 250x333, 1157381880684 copy.jpg)
Neat thing about Chel: she's a great test to see if the artist actually has a clue how to use the female form in erotic art.

>>76219 >>76301 >>76233
Don't get it. Close-up on the vag, little to no effort made to emphasize anything about her figure, clearly doesn't make it past ZOMG PUSSY FAP FAP.

>>76155 >>76232 >>76237 >>76246 >>76300 >>76304
Actually seem to get it. Shows that they know (whether consciously, or just due to innately good taste) just what it is about those curves that make this type of figure worth appreciating in the first place. Not stuck on tiny details, focused on what brings the whole thing together.

Mind: there's nothing inherently wrong with vagina, but how the artist chooses to approach it is the difference between porn and erotica.

All glory to the latter!

File: 128511624953.jpg-(115.28KB, 600x776, 1270779426607.jpg)

File: 128511631189.jpg-(62.50KB, 155x403, Chel01.jpg)

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Hello folks. Was posting stuff on /co/ and someone mentioned this here board as a great place to show one's porn etc. so here I am, I guess. I'll just post whatever I have, and update the thread with new stuff I do whenever.

Startin off with a pic of Other Mother I did today....

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well that was short lived.

Whatever became of those commission projects?

limbo I guess

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We need a good Jenny thread. People cool with that?

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at least it isn't cumlettes

might i inquire as to where you found that?



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/r/ any fanservice from Drawn Together. Clips from the actual show give you bonus points!

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File: 128465934789.jpg-(302.64KB, 1024x770, 370354%20-%20Captain_Hero%20Cartoon_Reality%20Draw.jpg)

File: 128509125741.jpg-(589.03KB, 1024x770, reality018.jpg)

File: 128509603018.png-(138.68KB, 640x360, 1282338624207.png)

hide File: 128503279067.gif-(257.66KB, 550x400, 278826 - DLT Jenny_Wakeman My_Life_As_A_Teenage_Ro.gif)
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Anyone care for a GIF/animation thread? I sure as hell am!



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The old Avatar thread is autosaging. Well, it has been for quite some time, but I didn't notice until I had something new to post.

Here's another crossover pic by Gunsmoke! The angle might not be perfect, but I still like it better than the last two. Also, contributes to my weird little "Mai and Zuko are into backdoor action" theory.

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If you need inspiration for flash poses and such, it might pay off to look at some Zone flashes. His posing is always excellent. Anyway I suggest cowgirl.

If Azulas hair is down, shouldn't there be no hair peg there?

I draw a mix of her beach episode hair style and her regular hair style, which I find looks neat and cute, still making the character recognizable.

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