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67880 No. 67880
last thread here: >>65129
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>> No. 67881
So word on the street is Latula's a trap. On account of her Knight (male player only) title and all the "aawww yea I'M A RAD GIRL"

#alt = TR4P
>> No. 67882
That theory's stupid. And you're stupid for making me read it. And now I'm stupid.
>> No. 67883
Knight was never said to be male only, just like Seer was never said to be female only. You just assumed that and now you're dumb because you don't let go of it.

Also "trap" is a hugely offensive term for transwomen, please do not use.
>> No. 67886
I still think Caliborn is somewhat a dead end. Hussie's trying to assure us that Lord English is Caliborn.
>> No. 67887
It didn't make sense to me why Latula said it "it made sense" that the Mindfang/Redglare rivalry was so huge that it spilled into their descendant's lives. Like she said, she and Aranea didn't really interact much. Then when I thought about her role as a Knight of Mind, it hit me.

As a Knight, her role would be to weaponize her aspect. And what better mind to weaponize than someone who can manipulate the minds of SC4DZ of people all at once?
>> No. 67888
4chan circulated the theory. "Trap" is their word usage, not mine. It is an obvious bait word (wow, unintentional pun) too, one I doubted anyone ever took seriously.
>> No. 67910
>Also "trap" is a hugely offensive term for transwomen, please do not use.
Get out Kankri,I've checked my privilege already!
>> No. 67912
thanks for confirming my suspicion that "hey don't refer to transwomen as traps, it's a legit slur (and you shouldn't say it just like you shouldn't call black people niggers)" really is going to be met with "lol u said its offensive lol oversensitive social justice warriors, i'm going to make a kankri joke because i think i'm hilarious." you're the first fuckwad i've seen who's done it but i doubt you will be the last, unfortunately.

It could go either way at this point. It might end up being a fakeout and Calliope is the real Lord English somehow, or he might be making it so obvious because it... is really obvious Caliborn and Lord English are the same person. Like how people thought that Jade prototyping Bec was too obvious a move so they cooked up wild theories about what she'll actually do, and then it turned out she prototyped Bec after all.

I think it's possible though, given the amount of emphasis Hussie is putting on pre-scratch sessions and ancestors, that Caliborn will scratch his session immediately after entering (he is the Time player after all) and the Lord English we know is actually his post-Scratch self. Explains the age discrepancy.

It's really unlikely Calliope's Lord English. Mostly because Caliborn is, you know, already a Lord, and Calliope's a girl while LE has been consistently referred to as "he," and I can't think of a reason why Calliope would be out destroying everyone's shit just because she can.
>> No. 67915
Trap is a joke term.
Nigger is not.
I don't exactly think that's a valid comparison past "both are slurs."
But whore is a slur too, and I'd like to think we can both acknowledge that it isn't nearly on the same level.
>> No. 67917
Next walkaround part will be Karkat checking out his old neighborhood and running into more pre-scratch trolls. Meenah practically confirmed it for us anyway.

Then after that, hopefully we get back to more Meenah. I want to see shit go down between her and Damara, don't let me down Hussie!
>> No. 67920
So Latula is dating Mituna, and theres no way Latual would be dating an unrad dude.

So what could Mituna possibly do for him to be rad enough for Latula?

We already know the answer... hes a pilot.
>> No. 67921
File 134674343860.png - (68.76KB , 440x478 , gonna be mad if he's not.png )
no, he's a psychonaut.
>> No. 68241
File 134721977285.jpg - (30.79KB , 450x217 , utopia.jpg )
So, Caliborn grows up to be Lord English, an omnipotent killer, and ascribed "space pimp." I'd be impressed if we got to see his full ascension from stringy psychopath to muscled-out rainbow puker, but even if we don't. . .

Why is Caliborn so sadistic from an early age? His sexuality is deviant by cherub standards, but in addition, he makes a point of being as violent and hateful as possible, especially towards Calliope. Even later in life, after becoming a god of time, he specifically seeks out girls to corrupt and then destroy in the most horrible ways possible, befitting the "space pimp" theme.

But why does he do this? My pet theory as of now is that Calliope agitated him in some way throughout his youth. He's not just evil because he's evil; Calliope drove him to this in some fashion, perhaps by elaborate passive-aggressive psychological torture a la Rosemom.

Then again, maybe he'll be just like the fictional Caliban: spiteful for no reason other than spite. Seems like an underwhelming motivation for the final boss, though. . .
>> No. 68249
The Caliborn/Calliope struggle is your basic yin/yang, water/oil conflict. They don't mix because they're polar opposites, even if they're supposed to.
>> No. 68261
Hussie's leading us to believe that it's Caliborn, but I think it's something else. Caliborn's soul may be in Lil Cal. HAA HAA HAA HEE HEE HEE HOO HOO HOO!
>> No. 68262
I wouldn't call Caliban's spite unwarranted. His mother was the witch that previously lived on the island, and Prospero not only did away with her, but also kind of treated Caliban as the basest of slaves. That's a bad example to make your comparison of spite.
>> No. 68354
So. . . Were the Felt all cherubs, or what?
>> No. 68355
It's a valid theory, but personally I don't think they have the cheeks for it.

Right now I'm construing "juju" broadly, as a magical item with idiosyncratic properties that say something about the juju's rightful owner, without that owner necessarily being a cherub.
>> No. 68358
I think that Caliborn's soul is in the Lil Cal puppet.
>> No. 68359
then who is Lord English?
>> No. 68364
I think that's simplifying the issue considerably.

Lord English's "trick" is that he has an instanced existence, appearing in multiple timelines by being alchemized from "Green Sun Code" && "Li'l Cal" && Cue Ball.

If things are as we are being led to believe they are, and Lord English is Caliborn, then Li'l Cal represents him alchemically. His soul doesn't need to dwell within or anything like that, and in fact that'd be a bit odd given that English and Li'l Cal have existed in the same universe at the same time, even though Li'l Cal can't be duplicated. (Theoretically you could have jujus as soul containers without it being related to juju DRM, but something about that seems contrary to my intuitions.)
>> No. 68371
I think that the body of Caliborn is being remotely controlled by something else.
>> No. 68391
You mean like some kind of puppet master, pulling his strings?

>> No. 68410
He's some kind of master ventriloquist.
>> No. 68668
lol @ people who are taking that "nepeta is gamzee" blog even half seriously
>> No. 68697
Lord = one who has complete control over x

Muse = one who gives other control over x.

Lord english has shown powers which are both space like, and time like, leading me to belive calliope has given him her powers for whatever reason.
>> No. 68715
Not sure I get how LE has control over space. I take him being "already here" as more a reference to him being incredibly early than him being omnipresent.
>> No. 68716
He has the First Guardian lightning. He uses it to summon his bling during the Act 5-6 intermission.
>> No. 68727
True, I had forgotten about that. But shouldn't that be attributed more to Doc Scratch than to Calliope?
>> No. 68728
What if Doc Scratch IS Calliope? Or rather, just enough of her that Caliborn can swap into his body...
>> No. 68735
But we saw Doc Scratch being created the same was Bec was created.
>> No. 68739
>Gamzee may have used chucklevoodos to make Kurloz deafen Meulin, making him take a vow of silence
>yfw he is the one REALLY responsible for the Vriska/Terezi feud and wanted Terezi blinded so he could recruit her into some See no evil/ Speak no evil/ Hear no Evil thing
>> No. 68740
Naw, he was too strung out on sopor to do anything near that devious.
>> No. 68741
There's a theory floating around that the reason Terezi is hiding her eyes is because she took up Aranea on her offer to restore her sight. I think it goes a bit further than that. Terezi and (presumably) Latula have dragon lusii that shoot lasers from their eyes. Latula's alternate self is called "Redglare". Not too hard to theorize that Terezi's possible sight restoration would come with laser eyes, especially now that the resident "Cyclops" equivalent troll Sollux is too blind to shoot any lasers himself.
>> No. 68742
There's a theory floating around that the reason Terezi is hiding her eyes is because she took up Aranea on her offer to restore her sight. I think it goes a bit further than that. Terezi and (presumably) Latula have dragon lusii that shoot lasers from their eyes. Latula's alternate self is called "Redglare". Not too hard to theorize that Terezi's possible sight restoration would come with laser eyes, especially now that the resident "Cyclops" equivalent troll Sollux is too blind to shoot any lasers himself.
>> No. 68743
But... why? Terezi didn't have laser sight before being blinded. Latula doesn't have it and Redglare didn't have it.

We already know she's okay, if not outright comfortable, with being blind. Her dreamself was blind, because she didn't wish for sight the same way Tavros wanted his legs back. She has told us several times that she feels that it's her bond with her lusus and that she likes the unique perspective it gives her, and she politely refused Aranea's offer. Even if she was slightly shocked that it was possible at all, there's nothing that indicates it's what she wants.

She's just being mopey.
>> No. 68750
There's also a theory floating around that Terezi is hiding her eyes because she's dead.
>> No. 68842
She literally choked on Dave's huge cock and died, but since she was already in the dreambubble, she possessed her corpse temporarily. Dave confused her death/revival scream for some kind of mouth-orgasm.
>> No. 68848
How long has Lord English already been here?
>> No. 68872
If I had to guess, probably since page 1 of the comic.

He's so good at his gimmick that he's everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
>> No. 68873
>But we saw Doc Scratch being created the same was Bec was created.
1) The extra genetic code (for FG powers) was implied to be different and much longer, and to have come directly from LE.
2) Lil' Cal. Enough said.

Some of Calliope's DNA could easily be in there somewhere.
>> No. 68874

Don't forget that Li'l Cal is a juju, and that each of the Cherubs has a juju that they absolutely cannot let the other get their hands on. It's more than likely that said puppet is Calliope's juju.
>> No. 68876

Actually, I was going back and rereading parts of Act 5 on a whim, and I noticed something about Doc Scratch, especially early on, when everyone was still on Alternia.

Doc was really into games. He kept playing games with Vriska, and presumably also with Kanaya, and everyone else he got into contact with, and if he wasn't playing a game with them, he was helping them formulate a strategy to win a game or cheat at a game.

Now let us remember what Calliope told us about her brother:

>UU: his passion for games transcends any hUman Understanding of love.
>UU: for yoU to Understand it woUld be to fUlly comprehend the meaning of...
>UU: how to pUt it.
>GG: Um.
>GG: Beauty?
>UU: horror.

We also know that Doc Scratch is a puppet, very literally. He's made of fluff and has a puppeteer's hole and everything. Knowing what we do about Li'l Cal, we know he's a puppet that's part Cherubic juju.

What all this gets around to is that the "Doc Scratch" persona is just a mask. There never was a "Scratch" that was separate from his "employer", not really--English was speaking through him the whole time.

And by English, I mean Caliborn.

Consider Scratch's mannerisms: he's all-knowing, pompous, very "gentlemanly" and well-dressed, very well-organized, verbose to a fault, and is quite gregarious, even friendly. All of these are traits that Calliope also possesses.

But Calliope never put the cruel, vicious spin on these qualities that Scratch did! She seemed genuinely interested in helping the Alpha Kids, and to be a genuinely nice individual, moments of (justifiable) anger at Caliborn notwithstanding.

Scratch is such a bastard because he's Caliborn's mockery of his sister. The Doc Scratch persona is all Caliborn making fun of Calliope.

Scratch's rage at Vriska for stealing his cue ball also makes more sense looked at in this light: he's not mad because some "part" of him was stolen. He's mad because she's breaking the rules of their game--she's actually cheating and getting away with it.

Caliborn's true personality broke through when he learned that, just for a moment.
>> No. 68877

tl;dr/clarification-- Scratch is a ventriloquist's dummy, Caliborn (as English) is the ventriloquist, and everything "Doc Scratch" was was an act designed to mock Calliope's helpful nature.

Oh, and a convenient mechanism for entry into the Furthest Ring, so there's that too.

I don't think Calliope herself was alive inside of Doc--inside Li'l Cal, maybe, but I doubt it. I think her consciousness is still in her body, it's just leashed and suppressed, but Caliborn needs her to still exist so that he can use her Muse of Space powers to operate the Cairo Overcoat, which is both space and time-travel capable.
>> No. 68879

Good points, and doesnt Doc Scratch also mention that his personality is always used to usher in LE?
>> No. 68881
Even if Calliope is't dead but just "sleeping" she'd still always be in the bubbles since her dreamself is dead. Neat theory!
>> No. 68895
Since English was inside Scratch, and Calliope shares a body with Caliborn, she could be seen as technically in Scratch, just not in control of him.
>> No. 68954
okay so I was thinking about it, and it's been said Heirs are passive, but John's been fairly active throughout the game, though always at the will of someone else.

What if Heirs are "one who fights using x so others don't have to"? It's a passive description, while explaining how much combat John's been getting into, and how well he's done at it.

All of the Heirs shown at some point went off to fight/do something alone to protect others.
-John initiated the scratch, saving Dave from having to do so
-Equius went off to face the Highb100d, though he failed and was killed,
-Mituna protected his teammates from a great evil, burning his powers out in the process.

As such, Heirs are powerful fighters designed to use their powers by themselves. They tackle the hard problems so others don't have to.
>> No. 68966
File 134922596821.png - (305.59KB , 641x594 , LOFAF Crop.png )
Got the weird urge to figure out just what scale the Lands in SBURB are on, after watching Cascade again for the nostalgia.

So, took a screencap from part of Cascade, poked at it in GIMP, found that in this picture at least the width of Jade's house/tower is about 3 pixels, and the width of the planet at it's "equator" is about 480 pixels. So the planet is about 160 times as wide as her house.

Assuming that the base of Jade's tower house is roughly 100 meters across (it was a big tower), then the planet is about 16,000 meters in diameter, which is roughly 10 miles.

That's actually a size i can believe. Roughly 300 square miles of dungeons, weird puzzle shit, fun, and adventure for any enterprising young SBURB player, and that's not counting all the possible subterranean cave messes that could be below the surface.

Thoughts? Counter-Thoughts? Contradictions?
>> No. 68995
Kind of small for THIS IS A PLANET, YO, but makes sense. I would think that the tower is smaller than it looks just because it needle dot be distinguishable at all on this scale, but we can also see the volcano instead of there just being an oddly thick line leading away from the planet.

I'm not sure if it's been discussed already, but I think one way of handling the denizens is to have them switch places. Dave's denizen would be perfectly happy with access to the forge, and might even help light it, while Jade's would be unlikely to completely freeze a planet that's almost entirely molten. Similarly, Rose probably wouldn't mind if her planet got covered in oil and scary clouds, at least if she had the same interest in horrorterrors she had before having and recovering from grimdarkness, while John would probably appreciate a planet covered in fancy rainbow water and weather that can be played musically.
>> No. 69128
Someone told me that Doom = Fate has been confirmed. Did I miss something particular, or should I just go play the latest flash again?
>> No. 69129
It's not completely clear, but "fate" is looking far more plausible at this point than "death" or something else really scary-sounding. Sollux and Mituna both had visions of bad futures. If we met a Doom player who wasn't a Captor, it would be immediately obvious whether those visions came from troll powers or Doom powers. All we can say right now is that it's not a Mage thing. This should be easier to figure out once we see how Life works later on, since we know they're "inversions" of each other.

I might as well point out that death and the afterlife are already strongly associated with Time. That's been going on since the Preserved Dead Things way back in Dave's introduction, and it only gets more obvious in acts 5 and 6 (Aradia's entire character arc, the "troll grim reaper" being LE, etc.) so we can pretty much assume that mortality itself is not part of what Doom represents. That still leaves a lot on the table, though, with respect to other things associated with death. For example: Failure, loss, pain, punishment, and retribution.

Eventually there'll be a reveal about this stuff and we'll all kick ourselves for not picking up on the hints sooner. In the meantime someone with a degree in philosophy ought to go over Life and Doom with a fine-toothed comb and tell us what they find.
>> No. 69130
I always love reading peoples' theories on the different roles and aspects, and I do agree with you. I tend to view Doom as 'Failure,' but that would make one of the interpretations of Life 'Success.' While they are related, I feel that's stretching it a little bit, especially since we've only seen the healing aspect of Life and nearly nothing substantial from Doom.

I think it's pretty clear that the Aspects are split into two groups, one "positive" and one "negative." The first encompasses Aspects such as Space, Life, Light and Hope, while others such as Time, Doom, Rage and Void are included in the latter. There are a few I'm not sure about, i.e. Mind, Heart, Blood and Breath, but it's noteworthy that all of their 'literal' names have a body motif. Perhaps they make their own neutral group?

Really though, I just heard someone say that Doom = Fate as if it was a fact, and wondered whether I'd missed some exposition.
>> No. 69148
The Condesce used her Thief of Life powers for wholesale slaughter of entire civilizations and used the life she stole to keep her engine alive for centuries past his natural lifespan. Jane has a self-revival power and Feferi has healing hands.

Life is actually probably the aspect we know the most about since we've seen three different characters using it in different ways.
>> No. 69160
What if John and Tavros are fighting over the ring from Caliborn's session?

What if WV puts it on
>> No. 69161
What if John and Tavros are fighting over the ring from Caliborn's session?

What if WV puts it on
>> No. 69166
>VRISKA: We've explored ancient crypts, networks of 8urial mounds, dusty old tom8s, giant pyramids, you name it. Hints a8out the endgame are hidden all over the place.



Well well well, look what nobody noticed just now.
>> No. 69173
I must be missing something because I don't recall the other planet letters being revealed.

If burials are where the ultimate weapon is to be found, then I get a feeling that not only is the weapon something's remains/bones, but that the huge and mythically important green bone Meenah found may be related somehow.
>> No. 69175
I think during the Myststuck thing some of the writings on the walls of stuff mentioned it.
>> No. 69185
It's also LOTAK, not LOTAM.

Land of Mounds and Xenon
Land of Tombs and Krypton
Land of Pyramids and Neon
>> No. 69186
Thanks. After reading that, I was trying to figure out which noble gas belonged to which land, but I couldn't seem to remember any of them beginning with an M.
>> No. 69187
Thanks. After reading that, I was trying to figure out which noble gas belonged to which land, but I couldn't seem to remember any of them beginning with an M.
>> No. 69191
It could also be that the weapon is part of what killed everything off and thus made the need for all these burials, though I like to think those were somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy in which everyone stopped farming to make burials for everyone dying because they starved since no one was farming. I personally still think the crowbar has something to do with beating him, though if it's a body part I guess the crowbar could be used to alchemise an animal with similar powers as an attribute of its body.
>> No. 69193
There are supposed to be multiple things like cheats and loophole exploitations that allow LE to be defeated, so it could very well be all of these things being theorized.
>> No. 69194
>Land of Pyramids and Neon
I can't wait to see it.
>> No. 69197
File 135043899286.jpg - (54.39KB , 640x480 , luxor_1.jpg )
>> No. 69200
Yeah that seems likely. Helium is commonly known as being lighter than air, thus the balloon pods on LOCAH, and neon is commonly known to be used in lighting.
What about the other two, though?
>> No. 69201
To start off, which land belongs to which kid? LOCAH is Jane's, and LOMAX is hinted to be Jake's, right? Then I'm guessing Dirk gets LOPAN and Roxy LOTAK.

Why? Well, since helium turned out to be its most well-known use, I'd say the same goes for the others. In that case, neon is obvious. that leaves us with xenon and krypton. Without getting into high-level scientific details, both are used in photographic flashes and in certain types of lasers. Xenon (Jake) has been used for imaging of soft tissues, in plasma display panels (movies, anyone?) and is apparently also a great anaesthetic. Krypton (Roxy) is an asphyxiant gas used in CT scans that has strong narcotic properties if inhaled.

No idea what Hussie's planning to do with all of these, though. TV screens and x-rays seem kinda weird.
>> No. 69203
Blockhead - The Music Scenevimeo thumb maybe?
Roxy's might be a straight-up hospital, especially since she could even have a mess of carapace people to staff it. Just one that happens to have a very extensive morgue.
>> No. 69204
Wouldn't that be more Jane's thing, though? Roxy's quest will definitely involve helping others, since that's sorta her role (whatever Void means, I've got my suspicions). I'm thinking Hussie will go with the narcotic aspect of Krypton. After all, she's down to one body now, meaning that falling asleep sends her to the bubbles. Coupled with her subconscious Void/horrorterror/dreambubble affinity and that Jane's quest is so off-rail already, what with seemingly focusing on preserving the lives of her friends, I'd say that Roxy will be their dreambubble ambassador. Perhaps she'll even be the one to find Calliope.
>> No. 69207
Possibly, though that might be something for Jane to do while passing trough the other player's worlds. Jake would also seem appropriate for a few reasons, since his gas is a good anesthetic and he has the whole skulls theme going. Morgue also starts with m, like mounds. While I agree that use as a narcotic is going to be part of the world, I'm not sure how the planet could be themed after that, or more importantly how it could relate to a puzzle. Nothing stopping it from being available as both, though.
>> No. 69209
It could be mausoleums too, but just going off what Vriska said its more likely to be mounds.
>> No. 69303
>all kinds of reversals going on when it comes to alternate universe characters
>Gamzee seemingly betraying the other players after a revelation
>Kurloz certainly doing so, but in secret
>LE hooking people on drugs as part of how he controls them (>>69259 and >>69261)
>Gamzee changes personality after being forced off of sopor slime.
>When he does, he claims what he thought were his gods were a lie, and that the real gods were himself and also himself.
>With Beforus, you have both Kurloz, who is kind of an alternate Gamzee, and Kurloz's ancestor, who is entirely an alternate version of him.
How far off on a limb would I be for thinking that Gamzee hasn't really switched to serving Lord English, but makes it look like he has in order to get close to him?
>> No. 69304
You wouldn't be alone.
>> No. 69310
Yeah, I'm entirely in the dark about Gamzee's motivations at this point. I'm sure whatever they are, they're not straight forward--if he IS serving Lord English, I don't think it's anything as simple as "I want to end everything too" or something. If he's NOT serving Lord English, I don't think it's as simple as "I'm playing Double Agent to get close to him" either.

I think Gamzee might end up being a wild card, like Jack. Because at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Jack ends up helping take down Lord English just because he wouldn't have anyone left to stab if Lord English killed everyone.
>> No. 69330
So, about Rose's drunken speech on apples and symbolism. While I'm not ready to pick that thing apart, watch it be important to our understanding of Void. Rose's powers are pretty much the pinnacle of illumination (which Aranea confirmed was one interpretation/form of Light), and due to her unique relationship with the aspect of Void I'd say that she has the greatest insight when it comes to its workings.

So if any of you intellectuals out there feel like un-drunkening and de-complicating it, I know at least a few of us would be thankful. Especially since Aranea's explanation told us very little. While you're on it I'll take a ten year nap and emerge as butterfly.
>> No. 69376
Don't be too quick to assume she's talking about Void. All through act 6, there's a lot of people saying "maybe if I wish hard enough, my wish will come true," which is pretty blatantly a Hope thing. Most of them don't seem to have any particular relationship with Hope, though.
>> No. 69491
File 135199463293.gif - (379.28KB , 650x650 , 05425.gif )
The stuff in Calliope's scrapbook friend fiction actually happened, in some bizarre Muse way where instead of a muse inspiring the written work, the written work of a Muse inspires what happens in actual Homestuck.

And line seen here, "She yelled and yelled, but no one could see her."

You guys. Calliope is ALREADY HERE.
>> No. 69498
Calliope is the Bastion B. Bux of Homestuck. Wouldn't be the first time where there were Neverending Story refs in this comic.
>> No. 69522
File 135210420222.gif - (4.62KB , 216x281 , bot.gif )
>bed is some sort of electronic gadget
>bedpost globes are supposed to glow like light bulbs under certain circumstances

>bedposts are glowing
>dreambot turns on

So it's pretty likely that Jake's got a robot dopplegander hidden somewhere in his house? Obviously he can't operate it because his dreamself is dead, but I call shenanigans at the fact that hussie even put this detail in if he's not gonna use it.

>> No. 69526
What if, instead of a body double for his dreamself, it's an Aradia-style robot body that happens to be meant for reviving his dreamself as a robot?
>> No. 69639
They're counted in intervals of sevens, like weeks.
There's 21, almost 22 week's worth of scratches.

22 weeks from November 11th, 2011, is April 13, 2012.

Tomorrow is the end of the three-year travel that the Beta kids are going through. Tomorrow, they all meet up.
>> No. 69791
>Serenity is Calliope

>> No. 69793
I still don't see evidence for that theory. Run any of serenity's "dialogue" through a morse code translator, it doesn't sound like calliope at all.
>> No. 69796
Good point
also not my theory, just BTW
>> No. 69799
I'm beginning to think that Caliborn's session is a lot less unique than he thinks.

He'll have a Land, and Gates, and even get to explore his sister's Land. He might have consorts, if he doesn't murder them on sight. He'll even get to meet Hephaestus.

What he's going to miss out on is the battle. There will be no underlings. There will be no war for the Battlefield. The crucible of Skaia's potential is already darkened. There can be no Genesis Frog when the Muse of Space is dead, and Caliborn is unlikely to be interested in forging one. The war was fought and won outside the session. This session is just Caliborn's victory lap.

He won. And he's not going to be satisfied with that.
>> No. 69800
>> No. 69801
I think the only thing I like about that theory is that for all the evidence it purports to assemble, there is an equally massive preponderance of evidence against, leaving it squarely in the realm of "bullshit speculation".

I mean, come the fuck on. I'm not going to pretend to be objective here, that theory is fuckin' dumb. It has interesting aspects, like the "uranian" thing, but that could just as easily tie into that Calliope feels like a shadow trapped in the body increasingly becoming her brother's. But overall? No.

As was stated on the actual forums, why try so hard to squish Calliope into the villain box when Caliborn fits already?

>> No. 69802

See here for counterevidence/rebuttal.
>> No. 69904
File 135347442045.png - (183.55KB , 1551x1452 , thYTS.png )
Lord English is Caliborns self-insert
>> No. 69906
sure is cold in here
>> No. 69909
What an almighty idiot!
>> No. 69915
How much do we know about the means the Condesce uses to visit the B1 and B2 universes and the B2 incipisphere, and the order she visits them in?

Is it possible that she travels through them in the opposite direction of the narrative? She'd enter the B2 incipisphere from the Furthest Ring, hijack a defense portal to B2 Earth and later still take a modified transmaterializer or something to B1 Earth.

Oh, and speaking of transmats, why are those there? Are they a "natural" feature of a Scratch? If so, shouldn't the trolls have had them, too? Did they just not find them? Or maybe it's another instance of the A universes' fucked-upness, like the inversed causality thing with their Scratch/ectobiology?
>> No. 70028
Guys. . . Guys.

I was just watching Terezi's "Ascend" scene for giggles because it's superior Dave's, and well. When she Captchalogues Lil' Cal, he appears in her sylladex. . .

And his head turns to look at her.

I'm scared, guys. Hold me.
>> No. 70068
What if universe A1 is secretly controlled in some way by The Condense, who, having learned of irony from the kids, proceeded to ironically make Beforus into an opposite of Alternea? Also, she'd switch to running Kraft Foods, since that's who produces A1 sauce.
>> No. 70118
> magic, fairies, dragons, cherubs, and rufio(h) are all Actual Real Things in homestuck canon
> but leprechauns wtf

...what if "leprechaun" is the name for the Felt's species.
>> No. 70119
> everything in this paragraph is a Real Actual Thing in homestuck canon
> everything except leprechauns
...what if "leprechaun" is the name for the Felt's species.
>> No. 70122
It would imply Lord English promised pots of gold in return for their time serving him.
>> No. 70123
This is almost turning into that Buffy the Vampire Slayer joke, where every thing from any myth turned out to be real, except leprechauns, which everyone would laugh at you for suggesting might be real.
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