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File 133457165933.png - (35.15KB , 650x450 , gamzee.png )
64226 No. 64226
Previously on HSG: >>63478

Nice to hear some Ruins (with Strings!) make it into a flash. And then there's this douchebag, who stole Aradia's timeboxes. That bastard!
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>> No. 64227
Gamzee, what are you even doing here in that silly outfit? Don't you have a dream bubble to inhabit?
>> No. 64228
And then, suddenly, God-tier Gamzee.


Wait, what?
>> No. 64229
Suddenly I understand jack shit.
>> No. 64230
File 133457532034.jpg - (126.58KB , 800x1200 , 1334575145587.jpg )
That's wierd the latest updates weren't showing up for me at first
>> No. 64231
Will you let him be your guide?

>> No. 64232
Theory: Gamzee is not actually god tier, he doesn't have wings.

Not that this makes any goddamn sense anyway
>> No. 64233
My hate for Gamzee is growing more and more intense.
>> No. 64235
File 133457732934.jpg - (277.07KB , 1024x768 , images-games-myst-3.jpg )
>> No. 64236
This x1000
>> No. 64237
don't let him let you destroy yourself with rage

no yeah that sentence made sense
>> No. 64238
Gamzee being there kind of makes sense. Presumably the three years of travel to the new session has to end at some point, and maybe ended before this. Or he just hopped off the meteor early and with the timey wimey bullshit of the Furthest Ring he landed before everyone else. Basically, his arrival has numerous plausible explanations. But what's with the suit?
>> No. 64239
he has the music boxes = they don't need to be here already
my guess is that the meteor shows up later and then he goes back in time to say hi

no idea how he got tiger though, since there's no rage player in the new session
>> No. 64240
What the hell.
As others have reported, my hatred towards Gamzee won't stop growing.
>> No. 64241
File 133459082475.jpg - (21.69KB , 404x304 , whatidont.jpg )
Eeeeeewwwww, the codpiece really is part of the Bard's God Tier design? Whyyyyyyyyyyy.
>> No. 64242
File 133459212536.gif - (9.37KB , 650x450 , bq015.gif )
Bard Quest reference. Also, it's funny.
>> No. 64243
Might have had the tiger all along. We never saw his dreamself die and it would explain why he's so powerful.
>> No. 64244
File 133459419997.gif - (281.55KB , 101x86 , rctgokarts.gif )

I'm now just waiting for the kiddies to go "ewww gamzee has a boner"
>> No. 64245
That, or it's just a bard outfit with a bitchin' codpiece that Kanaya made for reasons unknown.
>> No. 64249
>[Gamzee] Might have had the tiger all along.
Can't claim any credit for this theory, since I've seen it on many forums and tumblrs, but lots of people are saying that Gamzee may well have done a dreamself/crypt-bed ascension during the game with Tavros's help.

Tavros spent most of the game asleep after the whole Vriska thing. And let's face it, Gamzee's real self could have easily been eaten by something big while he was on LOTAM (and high on sopor slime). Tavros notices his bEsT mOtHeRfUcKiN bRo starts bleeding out, and thanks to Vriska he at least knows one way besides standard kiss revival to save someone who's dying.

What with everyone not paying attention to Gamzee much in the first place, and all the God Tier fireworks hidden inside Prospit's moon, it's very believable that no one noticed his ascension. The only reason Aradia's, Dave's, and Rose's ascensions were "noticeable" was because they happened to also involve the complete destruction of their moon. Otherwise the (presumably) hundreds of meters of building and stone and whatever else Prospit/Derse are made of would have blocked most of the light show.

Couple things that point to this:
- Gamzee's absurd levels of mangrit and gel viscosity, as seen during Horrorstuck.
- Gamzee's sudden, shocking attack on the Black King that may have even surpassed Vriska's in sheer damage.
- The fact that before either of the above, Gamzee seemed to be the chillest bro. Chronologically from Gamzee's personal timeline, starting with the battle with BK, we begin to see signs of Gamzee being capable of extreme RAGE (e.g. This... Is... Motherfuckin... BlAsPhEmY). Rage befitting a God Tier Hero of Rage, even.

Perhaps most compelling of all:
- God Tier Ascension gives you a shiny new, undamaged, UNSCARRED body, e.g. Vriska. Gamzee still has face scars from Nepeta's claws.
>implying he ALREADY GOT TIGER before Horrorstuck
>implying he got tiger before the battle with the Black King, since there was never a chance after that.

This is all assuming the Bard of Rage costume isn't some kind of bluff/false thing.
Remember, Gamzee is the most important character in Homestuck.
>> No. 64251
They did say that a Bard could make or break a session.
>> No. 64252
Man, fuck Gamzee.
>> No. 64253
Let him be your guide?
>Fuck No

Good judge of character there Jane. You're gonna go far.
>> No. 64255
Gamzee is the new Vriska.

>> No. 64256
guys remember how gamzee was playing with corpses.

he was just storing them, so he can prototype them in this session

Vriskasprite time!
>> No. 64257
jake gets vriskasprite roxy gets nepetasprite dirk gets equisesprite and jane gets whoever is left who cares
>> No. 64258
Jane gets the Fish trolls

As one sprite.
>> No. 64259
Not really. Vriska had (and still has) fans.
Let's face it, no one likes Gamzee apart from the insane pbj shippers.
>> No. 64260
No, Vriska was at least interesting and a more of an anti-hero.

Gamzee is boring, typical "murder erreyday" villain.

This is more of Hussie's clown fetishism.
>> No. 64261
> This is more of Hussie's clown fetishism.

this phrase made me laugh really hard i dont know why
>> No. 64262
> This is more of Hussie's clown fetishism.

What if Dirk/Gamzee end up being an endgame ship?
>> No. 64263
>Gamzee is boring, typical "murder erreyday" villain.
Nah. Just look at the guy. He's something different now.
I have no idea what the fuck it is, but he's not horrorstuck Gamzee any more.
Also, say what you want about Horrorstuck, but I know that I was hugely entertained by it. Although I admit that the hilarious reactions to it were part of the entertainment.
>> No. 64264
Interesting that time travel devices can be used by non Time heroes.

I wonder if anyone can make time travel devices regardless of their hero class?
>> No. 64266
Doubt it. The Rose in the timeline with Calsprite would have gone back if she could have.
>> No. 64271
Whatever happened to that Rose anyway? She went to sleep and became Alpha Rose's dreamself?
>> No. 64272
What if he came from a doomed timeline?
>> No. 64273
What if he came from a doomed timeline?
>> No. 64274
This is like that dream I had where once they arrive they set in motion a grand scheme to god tier everyone.
>> No. 64275
he doesn't have wings

are we totally sure this is legit god tier gamzee and not just gamzee in a costume
>> No. 64277
I think the better question is how did he get into the Alpha session? Assuming this isn't some bullshit like "lol, Jane was asleep the whole time !!!" and suddenly dream bubbles.
>> No. 64278
m a g i c
>> No. 64279
The wings are unequipable(Vriska). Also, you can see Gamzee's activated quest bed on his world waaaaaay back when Slick and Karkat were rolling through
>> No. 64280
He has a time machine.
The meteor we last saw him on is supposed to arrive in that session at a later point in time.
>> No. 64281
Yeah, it seems that the dreamselves' minds, thoughts, memories or whatever are, to some extent, "shared" between timelines. There's a log with Kanaya where she mentions something like that.
>> No. 64282
you mean, like, in [S] Make Her Pay?
>> No. 64284
From: http://teh-english-speepstakes.tumblr.com/post/21215501297/so-we-have-a-god-tier-gamzee-with-aradias-music

>>so we have a God Tier Gamzee with Aradia’s Music Boxes.

>A God Tier Gamzee who has most likely been God Tier for a while, from the scars on his face.

>He had to have God Tiered before the Claw Scratch, because they would’ve healed (like Vriska’s arm and eye) if he God Tiered after this.

>He most likely got the Time Boxes after AradiaBot Exploded on the meteor.

>After Cascade, he’s been collecting bodies.

>Why is he collecting bodies?


I feel that this theory has too many holes to be plausible for so many people to agree with it. I mean we saw the dreamselves Tavros, Feferi, Kanaya, Nepeta, and Karkat offed by Jack so they couldn't ascend the normal way like John did. In fact the dead trolls were possibly dead for awhile and Hussie mentioned that there was a very small window of opportunity of resurrection through godtiering while dying/death (Jade's ascension was possibly cutting it close). Destroyed dreamselves mean that the dead trolls wouldn't be able to resurrect through crypt cocoons.

I don't know what exactly is Gamzee's deal is though. If he was already god-tier after the trolls' game ended then his scars would have been completely healed. And I'm not sure how he would get godtier AFTER/during the new session due to the lack of a Rage element there. I guess this could be a doomed!Gamzee that we don't know about, but shouldn't he be dead.

Ugh, this character annoys me because it feels like he's purposely comprised of asspulls.
>> No. 64286
I mean, like, how she God-tiered during the game. Doesn't have them in Meteorstuck(or whatever it's called) but has them again when she kills Tavros. Did I fuck up somewhere? Because this is what I got from all the troll shenanigans
>> No. 64287
Glad to see everybody still agrees that Gamzee is an uninteresting, shitty character.
>> No. 64288
I was talking about the activated quest bed
>> No. 64289
Oh. yeah, no clue. i'll have to watch that one again.
>> No. 64291
I... actually don't mind Gamzee.

I mean, I don't love him, but sometimes he's funny.
>> No. 64294
I love Gamzee. I'm not a HORROR FREAK (I thought Horrorstuck was a lot of fun and prefer the new Gamzee to his stoned self though), I'm not a juggalo and I don't ship PBJ.

I genuinely just think he's a very entertaining/enjoyable character.

So this update was really neat!
>> No. 64296
explain. I can't comprehend your statement
>> No. 64297
>Ugh, this character annoys me because it feels like he's purposely comprised of asspulls.
You do realize Gamzee is like the Joker card in this entire game?
>> No. 64298
Yes and depending on the game he's either extremely helpful or harmful to the one playing him. We don't exactly know where his allegiance truly lies--except for being a half-assed Moirail to Karkat, and he was last seen before this update carrying Lil' Cal so...
>> No. 64299
I liked him better when he was all high and mIrAcLeS and silly things.

But that's just me...
>> No. 64300

I literally forgot he existed when he was that.
>> No. 64301
I forgot that Vriska had a missing eye and robotic arm.
>> No. 64304
I forget about Feferi sometimes. She never seemed relevant
>> No. 64305
I still want to see pre-scratch Gamzee troll and find out how completely different he is. Or better yet, what a similar character looks like minus the makeup.
>> No. 64306
I like Gamzee.

He was really funny back when he was stoned. Now he isn't funny, but he does make a very chaotic factor in the story. Having him around adds suspense and really makes me wonder what is going to happen next. Unpredictability is a big part of why I like Homestuck, so having Gamzee around just makes the story more fun for me.

I think shipping is fucking stupid.
>> No. 64307
so i got halfway through buying up his stock before realizing what i was doing
>> No. 64308
Oh jesus christ what the hell Gamzee, you bottled their blood?!
>> No. 64309
This is beginning to get REALLY UNNERVING
>> No. 64310
what are you guys talking about? is there an update? why is there no update arrow when i visit the site? what??????
>> No. 64311

Yes. It didn't show up for me at first either, try refreshing the page.
>> No. 64312
I've had to Ctrl+F5 to get this and the previous update to show up.
>> No. 64313
thank you

jesus he looks like purple tingle, i can't deal
>> No. 64314
don't forget clicking the codpiece
>> No. 64315
File 133464570773.gif - (18.22KB , 583x403 , bestupdateevar.gif )
>> No. 64316
You can click other things?
>> No. 64317
This kind of reminds me of the shop segment in Prequel.

Also, is this act going to be nothing but [S] pages? Because it's starting to seem that way. Not that I'm complaining, of course.
>> No. 64318
>Also, is this act going to be nothing but [S] pages? Because it's starting to seem that way. Not that I'm complaining, of course.
Remember when that was the original plan for all of Homestuck?

Yeah me neither.

Also, god I hope so
>> No. 64319
I love how you can't avoid getting any of the potions once you click on them. And for the only one you can avoid having, you do that by buying it (and then throwing it away when he's not looking).

Some of the effect are funny, and so are the ways he forces Jane to take each and every potions.

Also, I don't think it is simply troll blood. I mean, that must be part of the things, but he has too many of these things for them to be nothing but blood.
>> No. 64320
Could be alchemized troll blood.
>> No. 64321
I dunno man, trolls have a lot of blood.
>> No. 64322
He could have gotten a few vials of blood and then just alchemized more. Or maybe putting the bodies in those labpods allowed them to keep making blood somehow.

I wonder what Hussie is going to do for an update on April 20th. Have Gamzee pie Jane in the face with sopor slime?
>> No. 64323
Well troll blood is used in many DnD style games...
>> No. 64324
File 133464769696.png - (1.04MB , 1600x1200 , Capture-3.png )
You mean this?
>> No. 64325
File 13346477851.png - (1.11MB , 1600x1200 , Capture-4.png )
and that?

(I had to watch the flash 5 times to make those captures since it goes by so quickly, but I can't get enough of Aradia beating up Vriska, so that's OK)
>> No. 64326
So thing do look like the poles of an activated quest bed (or cocoon or whatever), but it's hard to tell.
>> No. 64327
Those things do look like the poles of an activated quest bed (or cocoon or whatever) but it's hard to tell anything for sure.
>> No. 64328
File 133464804033.gif - (71.71KB , 650x450 , 03108[1].gif )
Yo trolls don't get quest beds.
>> No. 64329
File 133464836628.gif - (53.49KB , 650x450 , 03357.gif )
Upper right corner.
>> No. 64330
man what the fuck is even happening...
>> No. 64331
holy shit quick update

Also, its funny to see how everyone is hating gamzee. When he was first introduced everyone LOVED him. Especially when he was declasred as the most important character.

This thread really proves that things in homestuck are just trenda that the mass majority of fans just follow, like movies and fashion
>> No. 64332

Yes, it has nothing to do with how when he was introduced he was an amusing stoner and now he's a murderous psychopath, it's all just ~trends~
>> No. 64333
Are you an idiot? Don't spout such baseless nonsense.
>> No. 64334
I still like Gamzee. He gives us hilarious updates.
>> No. 64335
File 133465348684.png - (30.74KB , 707x487 , lolwutguy.png )
Wtf he sells? I have bad feeling.
%% is it drugs?%
>> No. 64336
HOLY SHIT! YOU ARE A GENIUS! I didn't think of that. No really!
>> No. 64337
File 133465679112.png - (239.66KB , 700x580 , tumblr_m2m5exo0LZ1qetxs7o1_1280.png )
>>You refuse. But the clown spots the look of longing in your eye, and knows a lovestruck lady when he sees one. The kind fellow gives you 1 OLIVE POTION on the house. You blush a little and say thank you.
>> No. 64339
File 133465728167.gif - (503.81KB , 616x611 , tumblr_m2ldz9B2d31qhncn1o1_1280.gif )
It is okay to want to touch it, ladies. That is the natural response to a codpiece so sexy.
>> No. 64341
She made a wise choice by chucking the brown potion off the cliff.
>> No. 64342
That's not how troll quest beds look like, it's just some tent with some glowing poles.
>> No. 64343
Holy shit Gamzee. Ok, this update is hilarious in both context, and the fact that he makes the perfect sleazy RPG merchant.
>> No. 64344
What, the FUU___________________________________________________!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!___________!!!!!!!!!____________!!!!!!!!!_________!!!!!!!!!!!!w,ksyohw,ksoghip,


>> No. 64345
Except he isn't now. That was just a thing that happened and it's over. I kinda want a bigger retribution for that, though.

He's been great lately, even with the sloppy corpse makeout parties.
>> No. 64346
Gamzee owns and you suckas need to stop hating
>> No. 64347
>brown potion
>chucked off a cliff
Holy shit, I just got that

Hussie you sick fuck
>> No. 64348
I have no idea what to make of this update. I thought it was funny, so I guess that puts me opposite the Gamzee Hate Club that appears to have formed.

Oh lawd!
>> No. 64350
File 13346797976.png - (435.52KB , 615x800 , 43588.png )
>> No. 64353
There is no cherry red, teal or jade potions.
It's all the dead trolls' blood.
He's selling their blood as "magic potions".
He's completely fucking insane.
And I love him for that.
>> No. 64354
This update especially that fucking codpiece made my face twist in a disgusted way that I didn't know was possible. My roommate even asked me if I was alright.

With that said, this was pretty funny in a grim way.
>> No. 64355
He's probably going to have her revive all of the dead trolls since she is the Maid of Life.
>> No. 64356
Tavros has to be the most shat on character in this comic. Even in death he cannot win.

We don't even know if a Maid of Life can revive others(especially if pieces of corpses are separated and have been dead for so long) or they can only self-revive. I would think a Sylph of Life could do the former, but who knows except Hussie.
>> No. 64357
If that's the case and a Maid of Life is both unkillable and able to resurrect others, then she's a serious threat to Jade's position as most hilariously overpowered player.
>> No. 64359
Can't tell if bottled troll blood or Faygo.
>> No. 64360
Both? The Faygo is added to give it a potion-y fizz
>> No. 64362
At least he is making use of all the corpses instead of letting them all go to waste.
>> No. 64363
maybe he alchemized faygo && Troll blood? you know, to make it more magic-ey.
>> No. 64364
>> No. 64366
So many STRONG potions!
>> No. 64367
I bet Gamzee actually gave Jane the violet potion for...

>> No. 64369
Ba dum tssshhhyoutube thumb
>> No. 64370
I kind of like the idea that Gamzee just goes around from planet to planet as the kids enter, offering to be their guide and selling them crap. Like this is just some random roll he decided to fill for no real reason.
>> No. 64372
so is the gamzee appearance going to lead to some thematic 4/20 flash thing?

would hussie be trolling the majority of his audience more if he did something for it or if didn't?
>> No. 64373
on 4/20 gamzee makes some comment about he's stopped eating sopor because it's bad for you
>> No. 64375
>> No. 64376
File 133473178216.gif - (35.44KB , 650x450 , 04829.gif )
My face when Tavriskasprite.
>> No. 64377
Oh god

Oh my fucking god
>> No. 64378
Oh my god.
>> No. 64379
Oh my god. He's going to prototype all of them, isn't he.
>> No. 64380
File 133473204871.gif - (463.91KB , 300x166 , eK2eR.gif )
>> No. 64381


>> No. 64382

>> No. 64383
This definitely just happened.

I'm not entirely sure what to think of this. At all.
>> No. 64384
Gamzee is being oddly adorable in these last couple updates.

While at the same time being disconcerting as all fuck.
>> No. 64385
I think an "oh GOD what the FUCK" is the appropriate reaction here.
>> No. 64386
File 133473264841.jpg - (179.27KB , 501x704 , 050226g.jpg )
Here's hoping the next update goes something like this.
>> No. 64387
File 13347326847.jpg - (10.62KB , 200x291 , PANIC.jpg )
>> No. 64388
I think it might of happened guys.

we hit peak homestuck
>> No. 64389
this is why gamzee is The Most Important character in homestuck
>> No. 64390
File 133473349527.gif - (48.45KB , 333x310 , 12785366334.gif )
I hope with all my heart and soul that this isn't part of some evil plot but that Gamzee sincerely thought this was a good, helpful idea.
>> No. 64391
I hate so Gamzee so much, but at the same time this was an awesomely hilarious update because of him. It's basically, "The fridge is his chest? Oh god, he's put the fridged characters in it didn't he D:
"At least he left Vriska whole? Wait. What are you D:D:D:D:D:D:
>> No. 64392
File 133473442659.gif - (83.50KB , 160x120 , 131482167238.gif )
fuck, hussie
just get on with it already
im so fucking excited
>> No. 64393

Gamzee doing all of this horrific shit while being completely oblivious to how bad it is would be hilarious. Maybe he is trying to make it up to everyone for killing their friends, and he thinks the way to do this is to bring them all back to life?

I am looking forward to the implications of this.

Also, assuming Gamzee uses all of the dead trolls he has kept and is able to use all of the remaining kernelsprites, four of the remaining dead trolls will get fused and only one will remain their own separate entity.

Taking all bets! Who will get fused with who?!
I am only pretending the sprites wont be Nepeta+Equius and Feferi+Eridan because otherwise it wouldn't be as much fun.
>> No. 64394
The sprite is going to be part Tavros. What are the odds the first thing that happens to this thing is Gamzee trying to make out with it?
>> No. 64395
So that leaves, what, Sollux to get merged with Jake?

...Oh fuck

>> No. 64397
squiddles are peaceful plushes
squiddles would never hurt you
they tangle you up in a big friendship ball
>> No. 64398
I could not stop saying no at this update

Holy shit

I'm like Steve Carell from that fucking The Office .gif

I can just not stop saying NO

You deserve a fucking hoodie or something
>> No. 64399
the hoodie should go to the guy on another site who predicted VriksaTavros sprite.

He was joking but no, it happened.
>> No. 64400
uHHHHHHHH, oH NO }::::(
>> No. 64401
Oh my sweet jesus fuck, this might be played for laughs but it's fucking horrific.
>> No. 64402
So, after spending a few solid minutes going "FFFFFFFFFF..." like an infinite tea kettle, I thought of something.

How will Tavriskasprite reconcile having TWO sentients prototyped at once?
Will zhe (taking that one from Hussie) be a third identity merged from the other two?
Or will it be a multiple-personality thing, where they switch off taking control and speaking?
>> No. 64403
Two headed sprite.
>> No. 64404
Whatever happens, it will probably be like the angel demoness from PS?
>> No. 64405
Oh FUCK that abomination
>> No. 64406
And it just hit me. It's talking interchangeably like when Gamzee had two mirthful messiahs crowding his headspace.

Hahaha Jane
>> No. 64407
>> No. 64408
Man, what a waste. Why couldn't it be just Vriska?
>> No. 64409
Well, zhe's still blue and somewhat lady-like. And it's not like Jake has any problems with guys either, so this new hermaphrodite thing shouldn't be too hard for him to swallow...................
>> No. 64410
So whatever pairs are made, we can assume the end color will match the beta kids colors like with the beta kids sprites having alpha kid colors. Nepeta+Equius = green sprite for Jake, etc.
>> No. 64411
Gentlemen, if you still had any doubts, we have reached the breaking point. You do not fuck with Andrew Hussie, he is simply the best there is at breaking the flow of the story withing pages.
>> No. 64412
oh god this is just as wonderfully awful as I'd hoped it'd be.
>> No. 64413

Gamzee, I love you.

(also "torso flail", love the Sleuth reference)
>> No. 64415
So we have a very mentally unhinged sprite. That can most likely mindcontrol people/trolls AND GCat.

This is gon' be one hell of a ride.
>> No. 64416
How are you feeling now Vris? Self-complacent and impudent as usual, huh?

Also fuck you guys. I always loved Gamzee.
>> No. 64417
Jade is going to chase GCat.
>> No. 64418
I'm gonna be honest I am not happy with this development at all.
>> No. 64419
I think I'm gonna take a break for a while.
>> No. 64420
>>Why can't the kids have their cool, fun adventures without the trolls ruining everything?

>>Fuck trolls.
>> No. 64421
File 133475032367.png - (31.83KB , 584x599 , 1334749533819.png )
STRONG shipping!
>> No. 64422
Oh fuck no. Gamzee is amazing, but seriously. Seriously. No.
>> No. 64423

I will jizz for weeks if this happens.
Doubly so if it ends up being Roxy's sprite.
>> No. 64424
Hey guys, remember when Jadesprite first got prototyped? She said she suddenly awake in sprite form, so does that mean that her consciousness transferred instantly from her dream bubble to the sprite?

If that so, then I guess Vriska got transferred right after Hussie proposed to her. (although we don't know if it's the same Vriska).

So... Hussie never got his reply.
>> No. 64425

>> No. 64426
File 133475317344.png - (58.15KB , 350x350 , welp.png )
>> No. 64427
>> No. 64429
Oh god I'm going to throw up
>> No. 64430
jesus christ im terrified

a special hell for oth of them
>> No. 64431
So I saw this just after it updated.
Then I went to work for a few hours and managed to forget all about it.

(oh and two words I'm waiting for: rule 34)
>> No. 64432
Would Tasvska(Vriskos?) have Vriska's God Tier powers? Because that would be pretty hax.
>> No. 64433
File 133475647886.jpg - (64.37KB , 512x384 , 1256044475210.jpg )
>> No. 64435
Someone change that to
>> No. 64436
Well, zhe (possibly) has Vriska's luck manipulation and god tier immortality in addition to the usual sprite shenanigans. Not to mention being able to mind control just about every living creature, be they troll or human, animal or carapace. Oh, and whatever lame Breath tricks Tavros might have had. I doubt the Octets are part of the package, though.

Actually, now that I think about it, Tavris is only behind Jade in terms of ridiculous overpoweredness....
>> No. 64437
So, Tavriska.

What's next? Nepequius? Feferidan?
>> No. 64438
Hey, was that a fanfic, or am I imagining things?
>> No. 64439
Equeta and Eriferi
>> No. 64440
Let this just . . . this has to be a bad dream.
ok ha ha ha subconscious that sure was a funny joke time to wake up now!!!
>> No. 64441
Equeta and Eriferi
>> No. 64443
File 133475948745.jpg - (71.78KB , 384x343 , a_sad_batman.jpg )
But I hated Tavros
>> No. 64444
There is nothing about this update that I don't like.
>> No. 64445
There is nothing about this update that I do like.
>> No. 64446
i forgot jake was dead
i forgot
i got really excited about him being guided by feferidan
and maybe doing a little dance about their hoodies not having zips
>> No. 64447
I was so excited when I saw some chatter that Vriska was back.
Then I saw HOW she was back.
Then I barfed, and punched myself for giving in to optimism.
>> No. 64448
First thought was
>they can't make out like this!
>> No. 64451
Well thats what you deserve for worshipping Vriska in the first place.
>> No. 64457
File 133476177789.png - (112.04KB , 500x580 , tumblr_m2nz3mxXfB1qeomu4o1_500.png )
This is how I wanted to see them fuse.
>> No. 64460
Yeah, it's a little disappointing.
Hopefully there won't be too much Tavros in the mix.
>> No. 64461
Why do you guys not realize that this is the best possible outcome?

1. Vriska was an expert at the combat aspect of sgrub, Tavros at the puzzleshit aspect of it. Even without sprite infodump knowledge, together they already know enough shit to be an excellent guide to the game.
2. Vriska has the power to mind-control people. Tavros has the power to "commune" with animals. Bec Noir is both a person and an animal. Enough said. Even if they no longer have their sburb role powers, their psi + sprite powers means that Tavris probably has an absurd arsenal of shit to offer.

Gamzee has made an excellent fucking move on jane's behalf, even if he doesn't know it. I don't think any of the other possible trollsprites would be able to top this.
>> No. 64463
I never 'worshipped' Vriska. Hell, I wanted to strangle her myself more than once. However, I did find her to be an incredibly interesting character.
>> No. 64464
What are you guys on about? Tavros was great. He was one of the few characters acting like they were actual 13.
>> No. 64465
But, on the downside, it's Tavros.
>> No. 64466
Sure, from a strategic standpoint it's a smart move. From a 'caring about particular characters' standpoint, I feel like Hussie has once again waved a delicious cake in my face, then snatched it away and kicked me in the balls.

That only supports my viewpoint that he was boring. 'Normal' is boring.
>> No. 64467

Yeah, all it cost was for two dead people to share one torturous existence.

Actually the whole scene sort of reminded me of that terrible Alien: Resurrection movie where they come across the various Ripley/Alien hybrids, and one begs for death. What sort of existence do these two have now? I think they were better off dead in dream bubbles than this.

Guess we'll see how this plays out. It's just pretty horrifying to contemplate right now.
>> No. 64469
But it's really not.

I guess very few people like genuinely good people in stories.

I'd argue taste, but we can play rock, paper, scissors instead, for all the good it will do
I choose scissors
>> No. 64470
Guys, guys.

Tavros and Vriska never had a chance to reconcile. When Tavros was killed and then Vriska, it felt to me like something was cut short. This will give them a chance to understand one another, finally! This is the resolution of their conflict. It's fantastic.

>> No. 64471
File 133476502662.gif - (450.48KB , 320x240 , 1263434985441.gif )
Alright, so what's this about Vriska being ba-
>checks out the update.
Well then, since other people have apparently expressed my dismay better than I could, I'll just cosign and return to my hole under a rock. N-not like I was looking forward to catching up on all the pages I'd missed since I quit months ago anyway...
I miss you, Homestuck, but we're no good for each other.
>> No. 64472
I think their conflict ended when Vriska killed him, realized there really wasn't any spark between them anymore, and that she just sort of went through the motions because she thought they were *supposed* to have some epic showdown. THAT was the resolution to their conflict. THIS just seems like Hussie dicking with the people who begged him to bring back Vrsika and/or Tavros.
>> No. 64473
Vriska and Tavros are two shit tastes that most likely taste shit together. They deserve each other.

I am terrified to see what happens with Sollux/Eridan/Feferi.
>> No. 64474
So he's making the same mistake that Jade did when she created Jadesprite, namely not taking the mental and emotional state of the revived person into account at all? Jadesprite was almost completely useless, save for the dog tier thing which Jade most definitely did not plan for when she created her because she did not know about the concepts involved.
>> No. 64475

I disliked Tavros because he was the type of personality I find distasteful, this wishy-washy guy who lets himself get pushed around by others, has to be protected by others. I mean, I can like people who are kind, who are quiet. But whenever something difficult came up he just ran away from the problem. And maybe I could have forgiven it if there had been a point where he pulled himself together and did stand up for the things he believed in, but instead he seemed to pick a rather pointless fight with Vriska and got himself killed.

And then there was when he started creepin' on Jade, doing that whole "oh this person was nice to me and giving me attention WE SHOULD DATE EACH OTHER" thing, that was probably when I actually started to actively dislike him.
>> No. 64476
I assume there's some motive to the madness, here, seeing as while Gamzee could have wanted to resurrect Tavros for personal reasons he doesn't really have a connection with Vriska.

I wonder how their personality is going to work out. Huge bitch + pushover milquetoast = normal person??
>> No. 64477
Does that thing sound like a normal person to you? Really?
>> No. 64478
His fight with Vriska had a point. That was him standing up for himself. Him trying to overcome every problem you listed with his character. Tavros realized that standing up to Vriska was how he was going to get confidence and prove he could stand up for himself against all the evils of the yada yada.
>> No. 64479
Too little, too late.
>> No. 64480
I can't shake the feeling that there's something weird headed our way.
Weirder, that is.
A particularly indulgent self-insert, maybe?
>> No. 64481

I dunno, the whole "I created Bec Noir" being the thing that FINALLY drove him to "stand up for himself" in a suicidal charge against Vriska was weak motivation I never feel invested in. The two had some sort of bizarre abusive friendship to be sure. His reaction didn't feel very organic to his established character.

Actually, if we were hellbent on giving Tavros a last stand where he lost, then I would have made it against Bec Noir in an attempt to protect his friends, even the ones who were mean to him like Vriska. That would far better compliment his character as an extremely nice person, shown the growth of his bravery, and perhaps made his death more of a noble ending rather than a pointless one. But then again a lot of the trolls got very pointless, wasteful deaths, and it's still a major stick in my craw that they weren't handled better.
>> No. 64482
Yeah, and that's kind of sad. He did his best to make friends, and not troll-pity friends. He managed to make it to the top of the eche-ramp. He found someone he could actually get romantic at after freaking out from his first two suitors (even if he really didn't get romance, it was still his first legit try). You could track his growth as a person.

And then it got exciting and then he died and now he's trapped in living hell with the woman who couldn't stand him and made his previous existence hell.
>> No. 64483
Y'know, while I can understand preferring the kids/teens to the trolls, the trolls have always been a part of the story since before their proper introduction. I doubt they'll ever not be involved.
>> No. 64484

>> No. 64485
Man, what a waste. Why couldn't it be just Vriska?
>> No. 64486
I, for one, am glad that neither Vriska nor Tavros were just straight up revived. That'd be pretty dumb.
>> No. 64487
Wow way to double post HOURS apart fuckass.
>> No. 64488
Because screw you fanboy.

Really bringing Vriska back would have been hella retard, even compared to the schizo-spawn we have now.
>> No. 64489
File 133477115046.gif - (81.08KB , 400x300 , 1238609181797.gif )
lmao 2 corpse
>> No. 64490
File 133477134667.png - (484.12KB , 834x624 , tumblr_m2o772Ky6z1qm21yzo1_1280.png )
>> No. 64491
I fucking love this.
>> No. 64492
File 133477138692.png - (177.21KB , 500x650 , tumblr_m2oqhdLtf71qbb5lj.png )
>> No. 64493
Haha, no, his decision was pure idiocy. Going alone against someone much more powerful to stop them from doing something they've already done/dish out ~vengeance~ for that something was never a good idea. It accomplished nothing.
>> No. 64494
I figured that if you combined the two ends of the spectrum you might end up getting the middle of it.
>> No. 64495
File 133477152313.gif - (233.59KB , 727x1000 , tumblr_m2om1uk00d1r3r9nao1_1280.gif )
>> No. 64497
Yeah, Tavros got kind of dumb when he was trying to be confident.
>> No. 64498
this is so wrong in so many ways
best update ever
>> No. 64499
Mainly because his idea of confidence was complete, twisted bullshit and in no small part due to his fucked up relationship with Vriska.
>> No. 64500
Man, it would probably be easier to name the times that he wasn't dumb.

...on second thought, maybe not.

I suppose he had a moment or two during his rap battles with Dave?
>> No. 64501
does this mean dead Vriska isn't on dead bubbles anymore like Jade?
because if it is that way Hussie had the shortest marriage ever
>> No. 64502
There are a lot of dead Vriskas. He can just keep proposing until he finds one that sticks.

His moments of dumbness were all post-session on the meteor. Everything before that and he was just a kid who was in over his head. He needed a mom or something.
>> No. 64503
Because it would be as funny.

>Gamzee has made an excellent fucking move on jane's behalf, even if he doesn't know it. I don't think any of the other possible trollsprites would be able to top this.

Jade thought she made a brilliant move when she combined her dead dreamself with Becsprite. While it did eventually work out in her favor in the end, Jadesprite was mostly a useless, weeping mess. This seems to be worse since this is the first sprite that's been prototype with TWO sapient beings, and these beings have been in conflict for awhile.

Also, didn't Aradia intended to throw these corpses into the green sun? And here we have Gamzee intending to toss them in kernelsprites. Hmm...
>> No. 64504
slowpoke here
does this mean Gamzee was godtier all the time?
because if he had those corpses i really doubt he is a beta timeline Gamzee
>> No. 64505
There are like three explanations for his outfit right now.
Could be that he was god tier all along, could be that he went back in time and god tiered then, could be that he's not god tier at all and merely wearing a snazzy bard outfit with a bitchin' codpiece.
>> No. 64506
If Gamzee were god tier, then why weren't we able to see a dialoglog between him and Jane?
>> No. 64507
Ah, that's simply because he only reached the first rung of his god tiers, while you need the seco THIS IS FUCKING STUPID
>> No. 64508
Jane isn't god tier. What dialog?
>> No. 64509
There's going to be way too much weird porn :c
>> No. 64510
Check /pco/
>> No. 64513
I don't think you need to have the Gift of Gab to be talked to by someone who has it. I mean I guess you could argue that there is no dialoglog in the comic that did not start with less than two GoGers in it but come on this is dumb.
>> No. 64514
On the one hand, Tavros and Vriska are damn near complete opposites of each other.
On the other hand, they might be willing work together in this case, simply because they both probably want to die and go back to the bubbles.
>> No. 64515
And by "no dialoglog that did not start with less than two", I obviously mean "no dialoglog that did not start with more than one", or "no dialoglog that started with less than two".
God that sentence is a mess.
>> No. 64516
attacking someone who just admitted they created the monster that his hunting down and killing his friends/ all the rest of his race who is also has/currently is harassing his new friends is weak motivation for you?

what the fuck is strong motivation then?
>> No. 64517

This thumbnail is the most B^U thing I've ever seen short of the classics
>> No. 64518
File 133478216297.png - (315.92KB , 681x514 , jokes on him i was only pretending.png )

I dunno, perhaps something that I explained in the very same post?
>> No. 64519
Most of the trolls didn't even seem to care about Jack that much, except for the fact that he denied them their reward. They just started fucking around the asteroid and ignore what's happening.
>> No. 64520
>his new friends
That's being generous as FUCK.
>> No. 64521
tavris is now the best troll
>> No. 64522
Oh, go fuck yourself Gamzee.
You goddamned useless junkie.
>> No. 64523
Looks like those two are finally

>> No. 64524
>> No. 64526
File 13347925871.png - (418.71KB , 694x584 , revelation.png )
>> No. 64527
I guess that means everyone gets dead troll sprites.
That way everyone can all hang out together when they arrive.
>> No. 64528
Honestly, this is just fucking sad. Its psyche must be going through horrendous trauma. And then consider that this was very much the souls of Tavros and Vriska. Can a sprite die? If it does, will they be free and split? Or will they forever remain a hideous creation that can no longer be the two individuals it once was, and is now sentenced to a fusion hell.

Seriously guys, this is pretty sad. I honestly hope Hussie has some sort of plan to undo this at some point later on.
>> No. 64529
There was that bit when John first entered the Medium, where the kernelsprite split into two, one going up to Prospit, the other down to Derse. Maybe a similar thing could split up Tavrisprite, but I don't know.
>> No. 64530
That only happens when the kernel is prototyped pre-entry. It's part of how the prototyping effects the medium, like with the queen's ring and the monsters and junk.
>> No. 64531
tavros with go reverse god tier (since his dream body is not a sprite right now) then just take over
>> No. 64532
please go
>> No. 64534
does anyone else think that their two consciousnesses will just average out to create an exceptionally well-adjusted individual?
>> No. 64535
Going by what they have as personalities, not really. I wouldn't call that combination average.
>> No. 64536
Does this count as one whole prototype, or two separate prototypes? Probably the latter, but who knows. Any ideas?
>> No. 64537
this is the hellish existence that vriska deserves, yes. yes.
>> No. 64538
Oh, almost definitely two.
>> No. 64539
so uh
are they gonna talk it out now
>> No. 64540
so uh
character developmentz to come?
>> No. 64541
it's gonna be a riot when eridan gets thrown into this kind of shit later on, just watch
>> No. 64542
So I guess this thing just suicide itself?
>> No. 64543
Did it . . .
Is it dead?
>> No. 64544


WHAT Was even the point...
>> No. 64545
nvm this line of thought it doesn't even fucking matter now I guess

what the hell Hussie where are you going with this
>> No. 64547
does jane not have a sprite
that kind of sucks
>> No. 64549
So if Gamzee keeps doing this it could probably go:
Sollux alone because he counts for two.
But who knows, what is even the purpouse of this.
>> No. 64550
Oh good
This most recent development soothes me
>> No. 64551
If a sprite could kill itself so easily, why didn't Jadesprite just do that from the start?
>> No. 64552
I think Doc Scratch kind of said at one point that first guardians can't kill themselves under normal circumstances?
>> No. 64553
she was sad and not full of hate
>> No. 64554
Thank goodness it didn't stick.
>> No. 64555
I think this was less of a suicide and more of an...
incompatibility. Like mixing oil and water, except it explodes. Mixing two sapient beings (with opposing personalities, to boot) was just too much for the sprite format to handle.
Perhaps there are other things you just shouldn't do with sprites?
>> No. 64556
File 133480856344.png - (148.85KB , 280x361 , thisdispleasesme.png )
>First development in months that really caught me off guard
>Undone 20 hours later

I don't care how ridiculous Tavrisprite was, I wanted to see how this played out.
>> No. 64557

So, who becomes lord english?
Gamzee, because psycho clown + time boxes and he's already shown the tendency to be ALREADY HERE
Or some unholy Gamzee Jake sprite fusion?
>> No. 64559
Lil Cal/Jake?
>> No. 64560
It's not over that easy. Hussie's psyching us. We're seeing what happened in the dream bubble after Vriska found Hussie, not her and Tavros split apart in the dream bubble.
>> No. 64562
>Gamzee, because psycho clown + time boxes and he's already shown the tendency to be ALREADY HERE
>Or some unholy Gamzee Jake sprite fusion?
More like, Gamzee && Calmasis == Lil' Cal. We have to find out where he cones from, too, after all.
>> No. 64563
Yeah I don't know about that. Tavris is pretty much gone for good. Good thing Gamzee was there to be the Bard about it and allow for the rage to destroy itself.
>> No. 64564
To everyone asking "what was the point of that?", I would like to refer to myself, from about twelve hours ago:
>THIS just seems like Hussie dicking with the people who begged him to bring back Vrsika and/or Tavros.
That's what the point was. Hussie dicking with his readers. Nothing new there.

I think you're reaching, brosef.
>> No. 64565
You know, I think there's something to be said for this:
Horrific death, even when it seems random, can serve a point. It shocks the readers, and heightens conflict. We had never actually seen trolls being insane murderous fucks to that scale. It highlighted their differences. They really are insane, murderous fucks. And also, it set a tone. Lighthearted adventure becomes you're fucked, kids, the universe opposes you. That was another way of driving that home.
>> No. 64566
After calming down and re-reading that, it was really fucking funny.
>> No. 64567
>TAVRISPRITE: I h8te, the way, i FALTERINGLY, sPEAK OUT, my jum8led, tHOUGHTS,
>TAVRISPRITE: I don't even know, wHICH PARTS OF MYSELF, aRE H8TING, which things????????

You know what would be depressing? If the hatred of their quirks was actually previous self-loathing.
>> No. 64568
>> No. 64569
>> No. 64571
Well that went better than expected.
Also, worse.
>> No. 64572
That "sometimes" makes it sound like previous self-loathing. That or Tavros' special bs way of passively speaking.
>> No. 64574
The most self loathing thing in existence.
Gamzee is a tactical genius.
>> No. 64575
Yes, given that the monster already existed before she created and nothing she could have done would have prevented it without dooming the entire universe.

On the other hand, given Paradox Space's tendency to have the cause of a problem be its solution, that strengthened her ability to kill Jack Noir.

So he was attacking someone for an event she could not have stopped in anyway because she made herself more capable of solving the problem.
Yeah, that's pretty damn retarded.
>> No. 64576
Gamzee had to have expected this. He has to be having some ulterior motive here.
>> No. 64577
His ulterior motive could be two-fold.

1. Force Tavros and Vriska to meet up in the afterlife and deal with their EMOTIONS.
2. "WeLl, LoOkS lIkE tHaT gUiDe WaS nO gOoD, gUeSs YoU'rE mOtHeRfUcKiN sTuCk WiTh Me NoW"
3. "HoNk :O)"
>> No. 64578
I wish people would realize that just because there's is a time loop doesn't mean you are not at fault

it was still her fault that it happened if not for her personality and how she makes decisions the loop would have been different

just because there is one right way does not mean you are not at fault for your own actions
>> No. 64579
Well I guess the kernelsprite has been completely destroyed too.

Yep, this is Gamzee trying to force himself to be the one true guide.
>> No. 64580
there's also the natural bardic tendency towards making his aspect destructive (including self-destructive) whether or not it's intentional on the bard's part.

and tavros and vriska sort of hated each other by the end.

>> No. 64581
Yeah, she could've foreseen that due to her personality she would have no choice but to summon an omnipotent dog demon, and changed her ways accordingly.
>> No. 64585
Destiny is no excuse, it just makes the situation pitiable.
>> No. 64589
It all boils down to how a "what if" question works. And in a universe where causality is as fucked as in Homestuck's, you can't just say "what if Vriska made decision X instead of Y" and try to linearly "go from there" until you run into a paradox.
You need to ask "what would the universe/ the story be like if Vriska was the kind of person to make decision X instead of Y, regardless of whether or not that decision would actually come up". You can't assume that Jack would be the exact same in such a universe/story.
>> No. 64593
here is something I've realized about time loops.

let's say that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that something awful is going to happen. but you don't yet know why, and you're in a position to be the one who causes it to happen.

I think that, in that situation, your best move is to figure out the least harmful explanation for those immutable facts, and then act to ensure that your explanation is the one that actually brought it about.

for instance: bec noir. at the time that vriska did all her work to make that shit take place, all they knew about "the demon" was that it was doggy and had wings and wore the green lightning, and that it showed up when they were about to open the door and sliced the door in half and roboaradia had to throw them all on a teleporter to escape.

now, that's a pretty awful set of information to be handed. but it's not as bad as you might think. at this point, you don't know that it's jack, for instance; that information isn't present until karkat wakes up, dies, and then wakes up again.

so at this point, it's not really even sure that this guy is an enemy. you could put the ring in the hands of a dersite who is going into exile, and give him a reason to destroy the door that has nothing to do with your actual life being threatened, and all the loops would close, and amicably.

and vriska's solution wasn't really so far off from this. she had the right idea - to take the immutable facts, and construe them in such a way as to make them good. but, unfortunately, she never considered that the demon might not be an enemy, and furthermore she chose to seek the good of "I am the most important person in my story" over the good of "we all survive". that she was this kind of person is regrettable, and to her sorrow as much as that of her friends.
>> No. 64594
But Jack is a bad guy. He fucking wrecks everything.
>> No. 64595
granted. but at the time that vriska created bec noir, it wasn't necessarily true that the guy who showed up was jack; they didn't know it was jack until karkat woke up. so if vriska's meddling had put some other dersite in the role, all the information they had would still match - it would still be a stable loop.
>> No. 64596
The problem is that it WAS Jack even if Vriska had no knowledge of it being Jack. To be a stable time loop instead of a doomed offshoot, Jack has to be the one to slice the door.

Also, Vriska wasn't responsible at all for Jack getting the ring. She was just responsible for upgrading him from a local menace to a session-hopping one.
>> No. 64597
but if she was a different person it would have been a different time loop

not even destiny can make you act out of character
>> No. 64598
The basic thing people are trying to say about the stable time loops is that if Vriska were a different person/had made different choices, then Bec Noir would never have happened because she wouldn't have made the choices to help create him, meaning the Demon would have either never showed up or showed up differently.

In other words, just like right now Bec Noir exists because Vriska "had to" help make him, if Vriska had made different choices then the whole Bec Noir thing would have turned out different because it would have "had to."

Vriska's self and choices made themselves make themselves the way they are preemptively (i.e. Bec Noir, the result of her actions, inspired Vriska to help make the Demon a reality before she made those actions). That's the nature of Homestuck Causality/Stable Time Loops. They are consistent within themselves and cannot be changed from within. The entire loop would have been different if Vriska were different at any point on the loop, which would have cause different things to happen before they happen, etc...

Basically the choices you as a person makes DO influence the way things happen. It's just that in a Stable Time Loop they are both the result and cause the whole way through "ex nihilo" (from nothing) rather than "ab initio" (from the beginning) as we are used to in Linear Time.

Things turned out the way they did because Vriska was the person she was, and for no other reason.
>> No. 64599
Years in the future (but not many), we will still be debating Vriska and her morality.
>> No. 64600
Vriska was a butt head.
>> No. 64601
As are BOTH her fans and her haters. Guys, please, just no.
>> No. 64602
>the year of our lord 2012
>not having vriska shitstorms for the sake of having them
>> No. 64603
I honestly love Vriska.
>> No. 64605
She's the 8est.
>> No. 64606
Vriska hate comes from nothing.
>> No. 64607
You know who is a bigger butt head than Vriska? Tavros.
Hey man he aint my lord! I live in the year 6000 or some shit.
>> No. 64608
Well. They seem to be getting along famously.
>> No. 64609
A year of being dead heals most wounds.
>> No. 64610
Metastuck still going strong.
>> No. 64611
File 133489011286.jpg - (121.82KB , 600x626 , brace_for_impact.jpg )
>> No. 64612
Tavros is.. growing something vaguely resembling a backbone?

>> No. 64613
>> No. 64614
Man I'm glad Andrew had Vriska say it was her fault for killing Tavros.

Him saying Terezi shouldn't have killed Vriska was completely out of character and I was worried he was going to do it again.
>> No. 64615
They have actually changed, in some minor ways. And I hope something actually comes from this, rather than just lolbacktoJaneandlet'snevermentionitagain
>> No. 64616
Why is Tavros even a part of this fuck shit up plan?
>> No. 64617
She's going to recruit more people.
>> No. 64618
He's the same as he was when he charged Vriska. And Vriska is still as repentent as she was right after his death. Why are people treating this conversation's developments as if it's something new?
>> No. 64621
megalomaniacal shit fuck uppers always need a spineless but more reasonable sidekick/minion. Is a Rule
>> No. 64622
That "spritelog" was definitely awesome. I love how they both changed their mind, and how they have a very slightly version of their previous dynamic.
>> No. 64623
She already said that when she talked about it with John. She could have flown away with her pixie wing if she wanted. The self-defense thing wasn't even an excuse, she did it because she had enough of Tavros.
>> No. 64624
It's really kind of disturbing seeing people worships a person like Vriska so.
>> No. 64625
Tavros's not the same, he thinks charging Vriska was a stupid idea.
>> No. 64627
Eh, she appeared back anyway.
>> No. 64629
>> No. 64632
>A 13 year old girl who has never killed before regretting it
>Out of character
>> No. 64633
>VRISKA: I think it's time to start fucking some shit up.
Just when I thought I was out.…youtube thumb
>> No. 64635
Yeah, I guess all those trolls she fed to her mom and nearly killing 3 characters and effectivley killing another was nothing.
>> No. 64636
I think he's talking about Terezi, who has never directly killed someone herself before.
>> No. 64638

Although, Terezi also fed trolls to Vriska's mom, and tricked Dave and John to their deaths.

As for "directly-with-their-own-hands" killing people, I think Vriska and Terezi only killed one person each (and felt really bad about it afterwards)
>> No. 64639
So that means that Vriska and Terezi are politicians?
>> No. 64640
So let me get this straight. Vriska is planning to bust out of death...because she is bored. How is this not the best character ever?

Replace "Vriska" with Bec Noir. Also, things are kind of different when it's a fictional character?
>> No. 64641
I'll laugh if Vriska isn't actually able to fuck shit up. You know, being dead and whatnot.
>> No. 64642
If that's the case I hope Hussie doesn't waste much time on it.
>> No. 64645
I get the feeling Vriska's mind control powers will work even from the afterlife....
>> No. 64646
Unlikely, fucking shit up is what Vriska does the best.
>> No. 64648
I hope we're going to find out more about the Horrorterrors and, more specifically, about whatever entity they're afraid of on account of being slaughtered by it.
>> No. 64650
i assumed it was english
but who knows
>> No. 64651
I wonder if we'll get a SBaHJ WEED DREAMS reference in today's update.
>> No. 64652
Aren't the horrorterrors working with English, though?
>> No. 64653
i dont think so....
>> No. 64654
Well they sent Rose and Dave off to create the Green Sun, but there's no indication whatsoever that it was at LE's behest.
>> No. 64655
They also keep that server with the code for summoning English.
>> No. 64660
Any ties between horrorterrors and English could be part of a tenuous deal for all we know. Doesn't mean they're on the same side.
>> No. 64662
There's no reason to believe it's English that's killing them, either.
>> No. 64674

Yay! We get to see Jake and Dirk actually have a fucking conversatioN!
>> No. 64676
So who is living on Earth now? If the Condense had trolls on her ship, they would have been killed by the vast glub. And I doubt she had a spare mother grub laying around, either.
>> No. 64677
>> No. 64679
Speaking of Dersites, I believe reset BQ and AR raised Roxy and Dirk respectively when they were still infants. We never got any confirmation that the BQ died in the Condesce-ruled Derse and Aimless Renegade sharing the same initials as Auto-Responder has to be more than a coincidence.

So I guess the next update is where we will begin a new HS General?
>> No. 64680
Condesce could've kept a matriorb or cloning equipment. I'm sure LE would have pulled some strings to get her well situated on earth.
>> No. 64681
A friend of mine just noticed something. Jake's name is the same as the Avatar's protagonist. Who got paraplegic. And met a cerulean alien. In a treasures planet. Jake is unconscient now. Maybe he had a traumatism in the fall and got paraplegic, and his land will have something with jungles/treasures. Maybe all pages get paraplegic before entering. It happened to Tavros too. He got paraplegic, entered in sburb, went to Land of Maps and Treasure, meeting Vriska, so...
>> No. 64684
Maybe? This thread isn't even halfway down the front page yet, tho, so it probably won't hurt to keep it around until it at least drops off the first page.

Speaking of "who's living on earth", and who raised Roxy and Dirk in their infancy, if all the humans are DEAD... yeah, it might have to have been Dersites. Not sure why it would need to be BQ and AR specifically, though, aside from just wanting it to be.

So, we need to know who raised them, and aside from that HOW they know the things they do about not only history on Earth, but also their personal "ancestry". I doubt there are public schools, or any equivalent that they could attend without notice if every human is DEAD. Maybe we'll finally found out what being "schoolfed" actually entails?
>> No. 64688
Here's something I can't figure out. If the Condesce arrived just as Jane entered the game, then who put all that batterwitch paraphernalia and propaganda devices in Jane's house?
>> No. 64689
I think it was that the Condesce had lived in the scratched universe for quite some time, building the BC Empire and spreading her dark, twisted locks all over the planet before somehow entering the Medium, usurping the Black Queen, and eventually taking a meteor back to earth right at the moment Jane left. At least that's how I'm reading this.
>> No. 64690

Oh, I got this one. For the long explanation, see:


If you're one of those "tl;dr" guys, then long story short is I think Her Imperial Condescension has been on B2 Earth for quite some time to help set up her eventual hostile take over. After all, from the Medium she can arrive on Earth at any point in history. When you're as close to immortal as normal organic beings can be, why not give yourself all the time in the world to soften the populace before bringing in your flagship and an army of drones? Pretty sure that's all that came in on Jane's meteor.
>> No. 64693
As someone who only reads this comic months apart I developed a appeciation for the autistic freakouts the fanbase has.

Its like watching a bipolar person haveing an argument with a mirror.

Ludicrously funny and very sad.
>> No. 65141
File 133628184247.jpg - (402.57KB , 639x1546 , homosuxexplained.jpg )
I couldn't help but notice how The Baroness takeover reminded me of a video game I lasted played. JUST SAYING. The game is "Strider" for you slow twits.
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