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File 130816180581.png - (41.85KB , 314x314 , sburb.png )
43149 No. 43149
Old Thread:

Heroes of Breath get a special ability called "The Breath of Life" that revives the dead. Not a dreamself or a God Tier resurrection, but it actually brings the dead body that the living player kisses back to life. It's not a passive ability, though, so if a Hero of Breath just kisses a dead/dying teammate without turning on their magically Breath powers, it'll result in a normal dreamself resurrection.
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>> No. 43151
would it heal the resurectee's body as well?
because it would suck to get resurrected and just bleed out again.
>> No. 43153
I always liked thinking that even though all the players can do the kiss revival thing, only heroes of Life and Breath (and Blood?) actually do it successfully.

Though what you said does make sense, and it would allow Rose to have a shot at god tier.
>> No. 43155
He could always kiss her again.
>> No. 43171
I had a (nonserious) idea today that dave always wears sunglasses because he doesn't want people to know he's fucking high

probably on pot

also why his eyes are red.
>> No. 43187
Just a thought but could it be Kanaya is a rainbow drinker because she was kissed back to life by the knight of blood?
>> No. 43188
Could be. Though honestly at this point Kanaya could be a Rainbow Drinker because she stepped on foot weird one day. We don't really know a thing about Kanaya's resurrection.
>> No. 43191
>she stepped on foot weird

>> No. 43376
At some point, for whatever reason, there will be a mirror match some how. Could be a rouge time line Dave, could be an evil double of John. Could be shadows created by Lord English, but at some point there will be a mirror match.
>> No. 43381
>rouge time line Dave
Is that the AU where everyone has the same blood color as Aradia
>> No. 43552
File 130826488716.gif - (17.41KB , 650x450 , 03842.gif )
I think Rose will god tier because she needs to complete the symmetry with Kanaya because Kan just changed outfits.

I mean when you think about it. Rose's black getup is pretty much the same as Kanaya's regualr outfit.
>> No. 43584
i dont think -of light god tiering would give her the requisite blue clothing to carry on being kan's chromatic opposite, but perhaps someone will alchemize a nice new blue dress for rose
>> No. 43649
File 130828336997.png - (29.14KB , 650x450 , Magnus Opus.png )
Does becoming john's chromatic opposite count in any way?

I had way too much fun doing this picture.
>> No. 43658
Not necessarily.

Rose has been having parallels from both Vriska and Kanaya.
So potentialy just as one Hero of Light's life ends the other is born anew.
>> No. 44044
Theory: The reason why Act 5 is sooooo long is because we have offended Hussie somehow, and this is his way of punishing us because of it.
>> No. 44049

Theory: Act Five is so long because it's the only act to contain Vriska and Andrew decided to make her a very big deal. Now that Vriska is dead (and, thematically I think, it fits better for her to never appear again), we'll quickly wrap up Act Five and start Act Six.
>> No. 44054
Theory: Act 5 is so long because its length is directly proportionate to the amount of theories there are concerning Homestuck.
>> No. 44057
Theory: I should stop making theories.
>> No. 45782
>DAVESPRITE: see it turns out
>DAVESPRITE: i had no idea how the denizens worked at all

K, new theory guys.

Sure, you can kill your planet's denizen, but that's not really what they're intended for. And the clue's been there in the name all along.


>den·i·zen noun \ˈde-nə-zən\

>2: a person admitted to residence in a foreign country; especially : an alien admitted to rights of citizenship

The denizen's are NOT ON THEIR HOME PLANETS.

This explains why Hephaestus wants to get to Jade's planet. The Forge would be his home. Presumably each other denizen needs to get to another kid's planet which would be their "true home". Doing a tad bit of wiki reading, Echidna, Jade's denizen, is said to live in a cave deep underground "far removed from gods and mortals," which sounds suspiciously like the place John's denizen, Typheus (Typhon) is resting right now.

This does leave a bit of wonder about where Typheus and Cetus each need to end up, but they could each eventually be placed. Cetus, Rose's denizen, is a sea monster, and if it's tough enough, may find a home in either the oil or lava oceans of John's or Dave's planets. Typheus is the hardest to place, but I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader.
>> No. 45783
Well Typheus is said to reside underneath a volcano, so...
>> No. 45793
It was also said that oil was not a normal part of LOWAS. One of John's planets many problems is that oil clogs the pipes where the Breeze was meant to flow, presumably because of Typheus.

Oil burns and wind fans flames; maybe he belongs in LOHAC.

With LOWAS-Echidna though that means Cetus is in the correct land all along though, and that can't be right. Cetus seems to fit best with LOFAF because of all the snow/water but that means Hephaestus is out of the Forge. Maybe as the Mother of all monsters she is meant to return life to LOLAR's ocean (Cetus ate them all).

LOFAF (Hephaestus), LOHAC (Typheus), LOLAR (Echidna), LOWAS (Cetus) is the most logical answer Ithink.
>> No. 45806
File 131020702045.png - (40.12KB , 803x839 , fff.png )
Theory (p far-fetched one though): Vriska never heads into the future with all the others:
She's god tier and will stay the same for the rest of her life, so she goes into the past and somehow keeps time stable by making everything happen.

What I mean is that Past! Pre-Sgrub! Vriska was Current! Dead! (somehow)Revived! Vriska all along and always will be.

The only things that I have to justify my theory are her jacket and the fact that she has a shit-ton of die.
>> No. 46079
File 131057830442.jpg - (104.65KB , 964x502 , 131051102339.jpg )
>> No. 46090
oh my

And now, I have to re-read all SBaHJ comics just for the hell of it.
>> No. 46110

Went back and started re-reading some sbahj comics and this.
It reminded me of this picture I saw raising the question if the game we are watching is the kids first game or if it's the result of the scratch. What if the kids keep scratching and escaping over and over?
>> No. 46111

Went back and started re-reading some sbahj comics and this.
It reminded me of this picture I saw raising the question if the game we are watching is the kids first game or if it's the result of the scratch. What if the kids keep scratching and escaping over and over?
>> No. 46123
Well hell, if we're going to posit that the kids' Sburb session/s are looping in perpetuity...
>> No. 46621
File 131110096784.gif - (145.97KB , 650x450 , 01846_3.gif )
Speaking of SBAHJ comics, I just finished a re-read, and this one struck me as particularly topical.

It may be yet another red herring, but it certainly makes for fine prediction fuel.
>> No. 46623
old'd. could be terezi or more likely davesprite or rose at this point.
>> No. 46674
File 131116076743.jpg - (580.75KB , 3642x1205 , denizen.jpg )
Karkat's denizen, anyone?
>> No. 46773
if trolls dont have siblings...

why are terezi and vriska scourge sisters...............
>> No. 46774
Clearly we are observing a paraphrased translation of some word meaning "close female comrade." Same with Gamzee's use of the word "bro."
>> No. 46797
Do you think that the other "classes" could ever do the ____ thing? Or just John and Dave?
(Like Kanaya could never do the Spacey thing, just breed frogs.)
>> No. 46800
Well, apart from Breath (wind control), Light (luck manipulation), Time (time manipulation), Space (presumably space manipulation) and Mind understanding and manipulation of actions and timelines) we have no idea what the other classes' abilities are. It's hinted at quite strongly in several cases (Eridan, Sollux, maybe Feferi) but it's not been confirmed.

But yes, presumably they could. We have no idea whether it would still be called, for example, "the spacey thing" though. I hope not because that sounds stupid.
>> No. 46802
i tend to think of Heart as having fire abilities
'firey passion' and so forth
>> No. 46807
There was somebody on Tumblr who had this little theory about the Blood hero being a support class instead of an offensive one, with most abilities revolving around healing. Should I see if I can find it?
>> No. 46811
I had an idea a while ago, as an extension of a void player's powers.
Since we can assume that being a walking hole in Doc Scratches (and presumably other's) near-omniscience is a passive effect, could more direct shielding abilities be an active use?

So a void player would be a defense/support member of the team, and the void-y thing could be an ubercharge minus the crits or something.
>> No. 46875
I can see that. I like to think of the Knight of Blood's abilities are more about making bro's with everyone and maybe get an occasional offensive ability? I think I am focusing too much on the "Knight" part though.

I also think the that ____ of Doom is like a lesser Hero of Time. Like they have knowledge of a certain doomed time line somehow, and maybe have a really powerful ability that Sollux never used because hey, psionics.
>> No. 46879
File 131143570912.gif - (76.82KB , 650x450 , 03979.gif )
I think it's pretty important to remember that the titles have 2 components. The way I always saw it was that the class (heir, witch, etc) determined their role within the team in the capacity you guys are talking about (knight is offense, seer is recon/information gathering, heir has domain over something)
In the situations where we see the players using their powers, the attribute (light, mind, hope, breath) is just the medium through which their class gains its power. Vriska and Rose are both light heroes, but vriska's theif class is offensive (so she can do fortune-based attacks- like dice roles/ random ground collapses), while Rose's seer class is informative (so she can do fortune telling - seeing through the cue ball). Terezi also has the info-gathering class, but instead of fortune telling her medium is psycholo-ALL HAIL HYPNO FROG ALL HAIL HYPNO FROG
>> No. 46882
he did do the blood brother thing with jack,

and his leadership/strategy/calling_everyone_away_from_what_they_were doing_and_making_them_fight_the_king_and_queen_once_the_reckoning_began could be the Knight's offensive power through the medium of Blood's domain of fraternity
>> No. 46889
I believe that
Blood = Leadership skills
Void = Being a living "dark pocket" in omniscience
Rage = Offensive powers
Hope = Creating hopeful situations through action

Life COULD = Being the bridge between life and the afterlife
Heart COULD = Romantic duties (say no more :/)
>> No. 46890
Yeah this.

Although both are Heroes of Space, Kanaya and Jade's powers are different. As Kanaya noted, the title Sylph seems to be a bit more "magical" than the Witch. Aradia and Dave are both Time players, but while Dave has simply jumped around the alpha timeline in confusing manners, Aradia relied on doomed selves to provide for her. While not stated, this is implied to be the difference between classes - all Heroes of Time rely on time manipulation, but the first part of their title is what determines how this power manifests. A Seer of Time, for example, would probably not do time-jumping, but instead be able to see future events and what caused them, and use this to their advantage by influencing things in the present.

I can't really make this comparison with either John/Tavros, John/Equius, Jade/Feferi, Dave/Karkat and Rose/Vriska, since Tavros, Equius, Feferi, Karkat and Rose never really got to show off the more advanced skills of their classes.
>> No. 46891
leadership? more like bleedership HEH
>> No. 46894
I think that Knights have a duty to assist in frog breeding.

I mean Karkat helped Kanaya, and Dave helped Jade, at least.
>> No. 46895
So if you are the Knight of Space do you have to help yourself?
>> No. 46898
Do you think Kanaya's glowy almost-ultimate frog had something to do with her vampirism?
>> No. 46900
>> No. 47109
what if gamzee is

no guys get this

what if gamzee is


>> No. 47127
made me laugh harder than i should have
>> No. 47128
made me laugh harder than i should have
>> No. 47134
What is a Slyph? I keep thinking that it's some sort of air monster or fae creature.

I think that all classes would have some sort of offensive abilities. Just so that they aren't completely useless in combat.
>> No. 47135
>The term originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air. There is no known substantial mythos associated with them.
>> No. 47140
Sylph (also called sylphid) is a mythological creature in the Western tradition. The term originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air. There is no known substantial mythos associated with them.
>> No. 47141
Well damn, I done been ninja'd.
>> No. 47151
fedorafreak is actually the guardian of one of the kids in the new 8 kids session after the scratch.

He can talk across sessions because lol floating timelines.
>> No. 47201
You are forgetting about the Page class.

How would a theif of time work then?
>> No. 47233
their enemies would have less time
and they would have more time
how else would it work?
("*slowmotion:* h-o-l-y-s-h-i-t-w-h-y-i-s-e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g-m-o-v-i-n-g-s-o-f-a-s-t-?"
"*highspeed:* hahaha now I have all of his time and can easily run around and stab things before they have the time to notice me and/or react")
>> No. 47237
What would a Page class do? No matter how high up you go, you're still Page.
>> No. 47261
I have no clue, perhaps stuff somewhat similiar to what the knight can do but more defense based and maybe some buffing abilities, having the knights back and all that?

I think that it would look like that, kinda like a time vampire.
>> No. 47295
how would that be any different from rewinding or forwarding an enemy's state and/or your own?
>> No. 47300
I thought they meant being able to siphon speed from enemies--as they get slower you/your party/whatever gets faster. Neither of the Time characters have that, so it's possible.

Dave travels back and forward in tiny increments to make "clones" of himself. The Knight is obviously an offensive class, and so his style is not about dehabilitating the enemy at all, just hitting it as many times as possible via timeline fuckery.

Aradia managed to freeze Jack completely but I don't think that is her class' signature power. She is aware of everything that goes on in her timeline and has been tasked to set up, maintain and keep track of several important events without complaint. The Maid of Time keeps the timeline clean and stable. She is not [supposed to be] in a combat role at all, and any time-related powers she has (like the stop) are for self-defense.
>> No. 47340
Because it is more than just simply stopping or fast forwarding time, this would be stealing time from another person and adding it to your own. Like... let's say you get heavily wounded, you could heal yourself by taking the time away from an ogre or an imp or something. Living off their borowed time maybe?
>> No. 47348
My theory:

Hussie got his start on the internet reviewing terrible fetish art on the internet.

After homestuck ends, he will return to his roots and review the horrible fetish art that his own fandom has wrought.

Then the cycle will be complete.
>> No. 47755
File 131241480198.jpg - (156.26KB , 894x894 , tavrostinkerbulllll.jpg )
>commune with animal
>universe is frog?
>frog is animal???

>??????????????????????? what
>> No. 47788
So I had this idea mulling about in my head for a while now that I thought it might be a bit silly, but certain events seem to make this idea a bit more plausible. The basic jist of it is that if and when the fight Lord English the denizens either gives the kids their powers or fuses with them to give them their final forms. Kinda like their own version of Sepulchritude. I didn't think it was plausible at first, but since Jade is possibly gonna try to take almost everything from their universe to the next one it stands a marginal chance of happening.

Another silly, less likely thing to happen is that the trolls would be able to combine with their constellations to transform into some sort of giant deity mode and would be supporting the kids as they fought English. I had this idea after seeing that one Aztec picture of the trolls and another picture if a deity like Vriska.Of course this idea was before the trolls started dropping like flies, but it was a pretty neat thought.

Anyway may main theory or idea is that somehow someone is gonna reach a tier beyond god tier.
>> No. 47789
>the trolls would be able to combine with their constellations to transform into some sort of giant deity mode

>> No. 47794
But someone already did. It was Mindfang/ancestor tier.
>> No. 47819
File 131245902382.jpg - (11.41KB , 146x346 , Godemperor.jpg )
The god emperor of mankind is the sole god-tier survivor of a secession gone hideously wrong. (How else would you make such a pisshole of a universe?)

Not sure what kind of player he was, though.
>> No. 47832
Emperor of Hope clearly.
>> No. 47841
But...all trolls are siblings. Sort of. Presuming the ancestors had the same mother grub and all.
>> No. 47842
The troll characters were all created by ectobiology. There was no mother grub, only Karkat and a machine.

Also it should be obvious by now that they are all near-clones of their ancestors; they each have only one true parent.
>> No. 47849
But then what about the ancient mother grub skull by Terezi's hive? Certainly that might have belonged to Kanaya's ancestor.
>> No. 47850
It could have, but the fact still remains that Karkat made everyone in a meteor lab without a mother grub.
>> No. 47872
Okay, calling it right now. There are all sorts of things that are culminating in different ways, and I figure it's going to be another circumstantially simultaneous setup.
The Scratch, the Green Sun explosion, and Bec Noir saying "fuck it" and destroying everything.

It will be a 3xOblivion Combo and it will be totally mind blowing.
>> No. 47873
The critical moment isn't Bec Noir destroying the kids' universe, it's the Green Sun blowing up, stopping him from destroying said universe.
>> No. 47874
But then Slick will be able to shoot Scratch and mobius double reachakill Snowman. Then we get Lord English.
>> No. 47875
>> No. 47880
>47872 here
Aw shit, I almost forgot about Snowman. Would that make it a 4x combo?
>> No. 47900
Theory: Sburb is balanced kind of like a Final Fantasy game.
You know how in a Final Fantasy game there's an HP cap for characters (9999) and the damage cap is the same? But you are much more likely to reach the damage cap with your best attack than you are to reach the HP cap? And how enemies tend not to hit as hard as players do, but they have more HP?
I imagine it's the same way in Sburb, or at least something to that effect.
That would explain why in most fights between player characters they end up just 1-hitting each other. They simply don't have enough HP/defense/whatever to withstand their own attacks, so it all comes down to the rate their ATB fills up.
>> No. 47902
Or player vs. player violence is considered a cutscene so levels don't matter and phoenix downs don't work if you get stabbed through the chest (:
>> No. 47948
Preemptive Betty Crocker is Lord English post.
>> No. 48087
Well He/She seems to be very acquainted with the Kids' Hero of Time.
>> No. 48094
Jade instructed herself to save the alchemical code for the fenestrated wall, for reasons yet unknown.

In today's update, Andrew was seen constructing some thing with two windows facing each other, with a yellow yardstick (the condition of his meddling) in between them.

I can think of two possibilities here.
1) Jade will construct an enormous fenestrated wall and use it as the mechanism by which the Medium Lands are shipped over to the new session. The difference in scale between the two apertures will be such that an entire planet would only be one yard wide in Hussie's study.
2) It will involve jailbreaking Aradia; Hussie is one of the few characters that we can reasonably expect to slip under Doc Scratch's omniscient radar.
>> No. 48099
Equius can also slip under docs radar.
It would be fucking awesome if equius was the one to rescue aradia
>> No. 48100
hence "one of the few", yes.
it's funny how well that would work, really.
>> No. 48104
holy shit i suddenly want this to happen so bad
>> No. 48128
Betty Crocker has no relation to Dave. Apart from the colour red. >:/
>> No. 48130
She sent Dave the link to the Miracles video on Delirious Biznasty.
>> No. 48131
Oh damn, I missed that.
>> No. 48132
If you didn't realize it, DB was twitter ( or a twitter client)
Dave simply followed Betty crocker and then was the link was sent
>> No. 48133
so if the forces of light and darkness are headed by fedorafreak and betty crocker

i guess lord english is one of the dudes from the plushrump chatroom. probably the proboscis guy.
>> No. 48139
She specifically sent it to Dave. She even said "Please enjoy, Mr. Strider."
>> No. 48140
no i mean like Dave has no idea that betty crocker has a vested intrest in him
>> No. 48644
The Sufferer was never actually angry. Rather, his executioners forced him to act angry; this was meant to try to alienate his followers. Think how Galileo was made to say that his theories were wrong.
It backfired, though, because the betrayed anger he affected ended up being more palatable to many Trolls than his earlier message of peace.
>> No. 48660
>Equius busting Aradia out of that popsicle stand

>> No. 48755
has anyone else thought Bro's name is Cal? or something along those lines?

his puppet is Lil Cal, so I thought he named it after himself.

Bro = Cal, Calvin, Calcifer, etc.???
>> No. 48758
So if Bro is Calvin, does that make Li'l Cal Hobbes?
Hob? (Another old word for the devil?)
>> No. 48794

yes. makes perfect sense. hee hee hoo hoo.
>> No. 48797
Well Lil Cal and Hobbes are both puppets in reality, right.
>> No. 48856

>> No. 48916
File 131360239615.gif - (395.02KB , 300x400 , _tmp.gif )
Well, ya see, we had a little muffin mayhem. A small gastronomic goof up. A minor Betty Crocker boo boo.
>> No. 48942
Oh god I'm reading all his parts in Urkel's voice

It's fucking hilarious
>> No. 48946
I know this is off-topic, but didn't Hussie once say that Dave was albino? And does anyone have a link if he did?
>> No. 49003
File 131369835427.png - (793.71KB , 700x700 , scratch.png )
I don't believe he did. He did confirm that Dave is blonde though, I believe on the old formspring.

In current news, you know how Doc Scratch is essentially a puppet? My theory is that's all he is. Literally. Doc Scratch as a individual does not exist, he's just a 4-foot-tall puppet controlled like a spooky magical marionette by Lord English.
>> No. 49004
I don't think it's quite this literal, but yeah, Scratch has definitely inherited puppet-ish characteristics from Cal. He keeps pointing it out, too. "I am my master's weapon" and all that.
>> No. 49009
Lord English is Bro and Doc Scratch is Lil' Cal
>> No. 49013
Wasn't Cal called a weapon at least once? He was used as one too, several times.
>> No. 49339
Grimdark Rose is going to grim-revive and go on her own grim business.

Because otherwise there'd be very little point to Rose's grimdarkening.
>> No. 49451
OK, I'm kinda tired and not in my right mind, but what if The Scratch doesn't reset the session this time. What if the kids current session is the final session and English is going to eat all of the universes now.
>> No. 49452
1) Barring the narrator lying to us, Lord English doesn't prey upon all of the universes - just some of them.
2) I'm reasonably sure that the "scratch" as a game construct is not in and of itself related to Lord English; only sometimes does he become insinuated into the timeline as a result of it.
>> No. 49573
You know how time doubles tend to get killed off? And we just thought it was a fact of the game, to stop time players getting too powerful or something?

It's not. It's Lord English setting them up to die.

Evidence: When Felt member eggs (along with biscuits) creates hundreds of copies of himself this damages Lord English's Cairo overcoat indicating damaging space time damages him to an extent. It is only natural he would attempt to stop it whenever it threatened to get out of hand.
>> No. 49593
Not sure if I should put this here or in the discussion thread, but as long as we're on the topic, what happens to the trolls viewing the timeline when The Scratch happens? Do they forget the previous session with the kids, do they reset too, is a parallel timeline created, or does nothing happen at all?

Also, I thought the Medium wasn't part of the universe?
>> No. 49596
>You know how time doubles tend to get killed off?
That's not necessarily true though. It's only the doomed time doubles that get killed off. For example, let's say that a Hero of Time went to a side timeline, brought someone from the side timeline to see the alpha timeline, and just by doing that one action, they just ensured that Paradox Space to do all that it can to exterminate the clock roaches the time keeper lets into it's lovely abode.

Sorry if none of this makes sense, I've been up for a while and I'm a little bit tired.
>> No. 49601
File 131432948245.png - (47.26KB , 663x465 , Capture.png )
I don't know how. I don't know why. But before this story is over we are gonna see a call back to this, but they won't be crows. They'll be Bec Noirs
>> No. 49621
I think all non-alpha timelines 'are' doomed timelines
>> No. 50516
What if you hard-reset a doomed timeline before it can be destroyed?
>> No. 50517
maybe it makes a doomed reset game
>> No. 50528
Could be that it just ends the session instead of resetting it. Like trying to restart a computer but it just stays off.
>> No. 50529
that sounds like something sburb/skaia/whatever would make sure doesnt happen. you'd probably be doomed to failure before you could even come up with the plan.
>> No. 50530
Maybe beat mesa or whatever the equivalent is shuts down the moment the timeline becomes doomed.
>> No. 50548
can't happen
if it's a timeline in which you scratch, it wasn't doomed to begin with
>> No. 50552
>> No. 50553

I don't understand your reasoning
>> No. 50554
Timelines are doomed because the Time player decides to goes back and change things.

If the players reset the universe, the time player can't go back and change anything because everything has been reset.
>> No. 50555
What about the cases where the time player goes back in time and doesn't change anything, like with Felt Dave?
>> No. 50556
My impression is: if you go back in time, the loop you create is either "stable" or "unstable". The difference is that stable loops don't change the past, but unstable loops do. A "doomed timeline" is simply a timeline that, at some point in the future, will be invalidated by a time traveler who goes into the past and changes it.

I still have trouble grokking Terezi's coinflip trick. Maybe there was some chaos theory at work and Felt Dave appearing somehow caused Baseball Tee Dave to decide to stay. Maybe such configurations favor the one who stayed by default, since that's the one who didn't go back in time (and thereby revise).
>> No. 50557
Not necessarily. Doomed timelines happen when any player, not just the Hero of Time, does something that is against paradox space's plan. Any player can go against the plan, but only the Hero of Time can fix it.
>> No. 50558
File 131587995422.gif - (102.61KB , 650x1500 , 03091[1].gif )
The coinflip in this case was entirely inconsequential. She never looked at (smelled?) the outcome, remember? The timeline split rested entirely on Dave. The Dave that made the "right" decision, as deemed by Skaia or whatever, continued to be the alpha Dave and waited for Terezi to show him how to reach god tier. The Dave that made the "wrong" decision was instantly shunted into a beta timeline. He, and everyone else in that timeline, became doomed. Beta Dave realized he was in a beta timeline and time traveled himself a few minutes backwards, placing back in the alpha. Terezi then sent him off to his quest bed where he would go to sleep and blah blah blah.
>> No. 50564
I hope we will see timelines split because of choices again, so that mechanic wouldn't be there just to show how clever Terezi is.
>> No. 50565
Shouldn't there also be a timeline where Dave decided to go back in time regardless of what the outcome of the coin toss was?
>> No. 50566
I think if he went back in time anyway, he'd wind up in another doomed timeline.
>> No. 50572
What the hell ended up happening with Mutie the Paradox Clone Cat? I'm suspicious that it has Bec-ish powers.
>> No. 50573
I think it went back in time with Mom to (presumably) become Jaspers.
>> No. 50578
No way. Mutie:Jaspers :: Bec:Haley
>> No. 50595

I always thought it was Robert (Rob for short).
BRO <==> ROB
Quick, somebody find a way to spell Robert with an "h" in it!
>> No. 50596
>> No. 52809
File 131990950724.gif - (62.69KB , 650x450 , 03998.gif )
If Sollux doesn't end up dying and is still relevant to the plot I think his eyes may change into a combination of his red/blue black/white eyes.

Kinda like this but not crappy.
>> No. 52825
How about

Jade is the first guardian of the Reset Earth. Somehow.
>> No. 52829
>> No. 52893
I don't know. The right one doesn't look so bad.
>> No. 52896
So some dude on regular /co/ mentioned something weird about [S] Cascade a while ago.

The scenes where that fourth wall rewinds the story skip certain panels.
They skip everything with Hussie, everything with the trolls, everything with the Exiles and for some reason also everything with Dave.

Therefore, theory: Dave will be a case similar to the Sufferer. He will for some reason not be entirely erased by the Scratch, and some of his memories will carry over to R-Dave.
>> No. 52898
Pretty sure none of the kid's are getting erased by the scratch since they are all outside the universe at the time
>> No. 52906
Depends on how you see the universe, I suppose. If the universe, in its four-dimensional sense, is destroyed then "past them" do all get erased.
>> No. 52914
Why would it show the trolls? They aren't from that session.
>> No. 52918
That's exactly it. It makes sense to skip Hussie, the trolls and the Exiles, but why also Dave?
>> No. 52919
maybe because dave... isnt real...
>> No. 52920
Maybe Dave is just a puppet, while Cal is a real boy???
>> No. 52925
dave was the figment of cals dreams all along
>> No. 53218
File 132027307095.png - (248.16KB , 767x1041 , witch_of_space_by_sonicrocksmysocks-d4e2hle.png )
Welp. Like it or not Lord English is here. And he came through First Guardian, Doc Scratch to do so.

We should probably be concerned about that.
>> No. 53219
I'll start worrying when her head turns into a cue ball.
>> No. 53222
>> No. 53226
To be fair, it probably was the much more complex code or the cue ball used in Scratch's creation that made summoning Lord English possible, not just first guardian powers. But then, Jade becoming his next host might not necescrily be against his plans, and its not like our heroes weren't screwed by him before.
>> No. 55833
File 132192086717.jpg - (48.13KB , 253x349 , 1321920175737.jpg )
>bro's symbol is a orange hat
>bro has iconic sunglasses
>bro's name is four letters long and starts with a D
>bro is dead serious about all the weird shit he does
>> No. 55838
You should see this.
>> No. 55917
Auto-responder-bro never said WHICH 'DS' made him. Now I know theirs supposed to be ectobiology and all that jazz, but what if Bro IS the bot?

Like maybe the real bro as a baby was just to fucking much for dave and baby-bro fucking disappeared on him.
>> No. 55933
File 132197296126.gif - (23.45KB , 650x450 , 01861.gif )
DS and the autoresponder have the same relationship as Dave and Davesprite.
- Davesprite's text is what Terezi would call "Creamsicle"
- Davesprite knows he's not the alpha timeline, but insists he is still "the real Dave" despite that; he even says he is more real since he is months older than alpha Dave.
- Davesprite "autoresponds" the living shit out of monsters while Dave takes an extended nap.
- DS autoresponder is artificial and creeps on the boys instead of the girls

... wait, that last one sounds more like Lil' Cal than Davesprite.
>> No. 55934
>SP has control over all of Bro's robots
>has a temper
>has a subtle case of the angsty Frankenstein

totally won't be a villain no sir
>> No. 56061
>To be fair, it probably was the much more complex code or the cue ball used in Scratch's creation that made summoning Lord English possible, not just first guardian powers.
Hussie said that the code for Scratch was so complex because it was the code for two creatures rather than one : both Lord English and its host the First Guardian.
>> No. 56063
is anyone else REALLY hoping that one of Jane's prototypings is Problem Sleuth himself? She's a fan of Detectives and whatnot, so it could be possible
>> No. 56064
he downloads himself into Jake's skull computer and becomes Lord English
>> No. 56066
File 132208430020.gif - (7.95KB , 650x450 , ps010.gif )
It's possible Team Sleuth will make an appearance in the story based on the fact that Problem Sleuth is the new adventure

The in-universe adventure on MSPA was Midnight Crew
The first intermission followed the Midnight Crew in English's Mansion
It was later revealed that the Midnight Crew segment was actually taking place within Homestuck, on Alternia in the future and they had been the trolls' exiles, as well as a big part of their game in getting BQ exiled
The main antagonist in the first half of Homestuck was an alternate version of Spades Slick with the other crew members as his henchmen

The in-universe adventure on MSPA is Problem Sleuth 2
The first intermission will follow Team Sleuth in their adventure
The intermission events will be part of Homestuck
PS, AD, and PI will be Prospitian exiles
Problem Sleuth will interact with the kids in some way
The main antagonist in the last act of Homestuck will be Demonhead Problem Sleuth A.K.A. Lord English
>> No. 56068
no fuck that, if we have problem sleuth we don't have wv, pm and ar in the new universe

and that

>> No. 56069
WV, PM, and AR will be in this universe, they'll just take on different roles.

Also the pre-scratch PM and possibly WV are still alive, as well as Spades Slick (Alternian version), and it's not like Hussie to leave loose threads hanging, so we'll see them again.
>> No. 56071
The only way Spades Slick could have escaped the destruction of the blueniverse was through the fifth wall and into Andrew's study, so regardless of whether he's alive or dead he's "officially" out of the story now

Maybe we will get to see him setting Andrew on fire

Also I really hope the WV we know and love survives being impaled with a fist somehow :( I don't think there's any hope for AR though so yeah it would be neat if he showed up as a new exile
>> No. 56073
isn't Andrew's study within the blueniverse in English's mansion?
>> No. 56077
No it was just painted green by Ms. Paint for ironically humorous purposes (big ups to Father Felt, yo)

His study is connected to the mansion by the fifth wall, and as we've seen, those walls let you move between universes by smashing through them http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005935
>> No. 56078
the study isn't anywhere, it's just existing in its own little contained metaplace outside the story. ms paint coloured it green, also--it was originally blue.

nothing actually happens there. not even the yellow yard--if the study had never existed in the framework, jade would have opened the window and blasted through it into the B2 universe anyway, it would have just been more direct than it is now (jade's B1 universe window [ -> window in study -> other window in study ] -> B2 universe window in lalonde's house).

if slick appears in the study to burn it it's safe to say he's officially dead. also i hope it happens because it would be hilarious.
>> No. 56082
Okay, so:
What if universes A1, A2, B1 and B2 are in a creation-destruction cycle designed to trap LE?
A1 scratches, creates A2, which creates B1, which scratches, both are destroyed and B2 is created.
B2 then creates A1 and things start again.
English can't do shit, the end.
>> No. 56083
That would only work if the R-kids know the details of universe A1, which at this point, even the audience doesn't.
>> No. 56085
But A2 didn't know about B1 until toward the end of their game.
>> No. 56179
What if uU is an exile that can talk with the kids?
>> No. 56184
what if she has a troll grey hand and says she's a troll who's played sburb herself repeatedly and there is literally no reason to think she is lying about that
>> No. 56185
>who's played sburb herself repeatedly
Where the hell did you get that from?
She's been arranging communications very carefully so she'd start playing the game "at the same time" as Jane, with said "time" measured in conversations, obviously. She even wants to compare notes as they play.
>> No. 56190
> so she'd start playing the game "at the same time" as Jane

yes, exactly. she's played/playing/will play (tense doesn't matter as much here since their timelines are not actually in parallel) sburb. ergo, it's pretty damn stupid at this point to think she's anything but a troll who will play an sburb session.

she's not a first guardian exile half-troll of the B2 session or any combination thereof

it's really fucking obvious what she is
>> No. 56191
Oh, I was not disputing that. I'm talking about the "repeatedly" thing. Because clearly, on her personal timeline during the conversations we've seen, she's just about to play SBURB for the first time.
>> No. 56193
i meant that she said repeatedly that she's a troll and that she has played the game.
>> No. 56196
Where exactly did she say she was a troll and I recall that she hasn't played the game yet.
>> No. 56205
Hm, good point. Still, she says she's an alien from another universe, and her terminal's in Daedric, so everything so far points to her being a troll.
>> No. 56207
It's possible that she could be half-troll or an entirely new species all together. After all, English originated in the troll universe in this story.
>> No. 56209
Just because UU denies being a "troll" doesn't mean s/he isn't an Alternian. If s/he is from a peaceful Alternia or just doesn't agree with the malicious sounding "troll" label, then of course s/he wouldn't consider her/himself one.
>> No. 56210
but WV and plenty of others used English terminals without being human
>> No. 56213
why are you trying to fight so hard against uU being a troll? we know she is an alien. we've seen her grey hand. we've seen her type in alternian. we've heard her talk about how she doesn't have parents because her ancestor lived and died a thousand years ago, which is in line with that huge spiel about troll ancestors, which must have been given for a reason. we know she is poised to play the game.

uU being a different alien race from some place we've never heard of is very unlikely. first off, her universe must be connected in some way with B2 to be able to interact with them, and there are four in sequence, two troll sessions then two human sessions. second, she bears too much resemblance to trolls for it to be a coincidence. third, andrew has done a lot of things but one i doubt he will be doing is introducing yet another alien culture in the endgame with no prior notice that they existed. it's POSSIBLE but VERY VERY unlikely she is from a daughter universe of B2, in case jane & co. actually suceed in creating a healthy universe free of LE, and uU is trying to ensure her reality's existence. in that case she isn't half-troll or half-human or half-anything, she is just a new type of alien. but see problems 2 & 3 for further information.

exiles are parts of sessions, they don't play their own games. thinking she is an exile is moronic. first guardians are white. uU is grey. half-first guardian is even more moronic than her being an exile.
>> No. 56221
it just makes sense for her to be a new species and also not a troll

A2 --> B1 human universe, created by trolls
B2 --> C1 new universe, created by the R-kids

it operates on a few assumptions but trying to convince me she's definitely a troll when we've seen no evidence that trolls exist in this session. i'm not "arguing hard", just announcing my assumptions about the present story arc
>> No. 56223
Of course they exist? They're connected to this session by way of B1? The progenitors didn't just stop existing or anything when the scratch happened.

We have not seen the A1 session, but it has been talked about and the players have been introduced to us (however vaguely). Doc Scratch pretty much forced it down our throats. There are 12 of them who are essentially blank slates personality-wise. From a storytelling perspective the ancestors [players of the A1 session, not the parent figures of A2] are easily the most likely candidates for the identity of uU. It's bordering on Completely Fucking Obvious. You have to twist and ignore things she's said to think she is anything but a troll.

Why would trolls create the humans, and then the humans create a C universe with a race that is essentially nice trolls? If uU is truly a third race, why is she so similar? Because she is a troll. If anything, it forms a loop, where B2 begets A1 and Jane & co literally create the trolls. It forms a loop just like every other plot in this story.
>> No. 56224
Didn't Andrew said before that the trolls's universe was created by a completely different race in his former formspring?
>> No. 56225
1. no
2. don't trust shit his formspring said, a lot of it was ofuscations and blatant lies and old info that isn't true anymore because he thought of something better
>> No. 56226
he said it was 48 Squiddle players (the Horrorterrors)
>> No. 56236
File 132219157139.jpg - (198.26KB , 900x738 , 129015715018.jpg )
Pretty sure Hussie hasn't told us ANY information about how the Troll's universe came to be.

In my head, the HorrorTerrors Of The Furthest Ring are players from previous games that were failed sessions, or sessions where they abandoned the great reward. Since we know the humans's universe was built to be a reward for the 12 trolls that finished the game (with almost identical inhabitants, and culture that matches their interests), then enough sessions of Prospit players winning the game and making small changes to each new generation would be like a long game of "broken telephone" -- previous players would be unrecognizable to current players, as future players might be to current players. TL;DR trolls and humans are probably as bizarre and horrifying to the HorrorTerrors as they seem to us.
>> No. 56252
I dunno man! You make a pretty convincing point about UU's likelihood of being a familiar species, and the idea of a story about carving an appearification route between multiple unvierses is pretty intriguing. Still, I'm not convinced that the B2 session will create A1. Assuming Lord English eats universes to survive, a two-universe loop makes less sense than a cyclical propagation of new universes via scratches and sburbs. Still, that can't be proven or disproven until the kids get into the game, so I'll end speculation.
>> No. 56255
The wraith of checkerboard tendrils around a fully prototyped Skaia does not only continue the lotus motif, it also apparently disappears during the Ultimate Alchemy (which, presumably, turns Skaia into a spherical "pond" and turns the proto-GENESIS FROG into a full-blown universe).
Any guesses as to what specifically happens to it? I kinda doubt Hussie would include it without having it do anything.
>> No. 56282
I think this is just a matter of the trolls having more prototype events then the kids. There's a book in Rose's walkabout that talks about theoretical forms of the Battlefield if there were more than four of them.
>> No. 56283
jane uses a bunch of stuff with subliminal messages in it

jane only just now "woke up" which means that before now her actions on prospit were all subconscious

jack is dead
>> No. 56285
can you explain how you got to the "jack is dead" conclusion more thoroughly because i don't really understand
>> No. 56287
wow fuck that's the worst typo sorry

I meant dream jake (which we already knew - all the facts I posted are the evidence for a theory)

(which is that dream jade killed dream jake subconsciously)
>> No. 56288
oh ok i get it now

and i really really don't like how plausible that sounds
>> No. 56347
There is going to be a flash for PM whipping Noir's sorry arse. It's going to be set to a combative remix of Mayor Maynot.
>> No. 56349
Page of Mind: Jake

Herpderp of Heart: Jane

Calling it
>> No. 56351
I'm playing it out in my head and it's absolutely wondrous.
>> No. 56356

But Jane is confirmed a "Life" character. Maid, probably.
And Jake is confirmed Page of Hope....
>> No. 56364
Where did that come out, about Jane being Life?

Also, I was also thinking Hope for Jake, except that, being the player who lives by the Frog Temple, I was under the impression he would be definitely getting the Space element.
>> No. 56366

>When it does, you will waste no time in embarking on the game's MAIDEN VOYAGE, and if even a fraction of what you've heard turns out to be true, you are prepared to have the time of your LIFE!!!

>There is a good SKULL at the heart of any mystery, haunting its EVERY PAGE. That is what you always say. Or at least, it is what you always HOPE.
>> No. 56367
>>You can't wait to see what is in store, and for the mail to come. When it does, you will waste no time in embarking on the game's MAIDEN VOYAGE, and if even a fraction of what you've heard turns out to be true, you are prepared to have the time of your LIFE!!!


Also, UU called Jane the Hero of Life

And Jake wouldn't be the Space player, that would be Jade who is bringing the Beta!Kids planets to the reset session.
>> No. 56368
Okay yeah, I'm pretty much willing to take UU's word for it at this juncture. My bad for missing that.

Still skeptical about Jake, although I guess there's a good argument that, if they'll be sharing a session, the Beta-Kids and Alpha-Kids wouldn't be getting overlapped elements. I figure it's either Space or Hope, though.
>> No. 56369
>The Page is dead.
>Our hope is lost.

>> No. 56373
I'm sorry? I don't understand it.
>> No. 56392
Jake is the Page of Hope
>> No. 56393
Oh, I guess I missed the full title. Thank you.
>> No. 56583
We know of three living creatures on Alternia with Imperial-purple blood: Feferi, the Condence, and their lusis. However, Doc Scratch said that Golbgl'b was his gift to the planet or somesuch, and the two trolls were products of ectobiology.

The Tyrian purple blood hue is just as unnatural a color as Candy red, but fef gets a free pass because gills. And also because of her auto-genocide lusis I guess.
>> No. 56584
No, the tyrian purple is a natural color.

It's been mentioned before that other heirs/heiresses to the throne were born, but killed right off for being a threat before they got too old. I think on that one page about the Empress and the Lusus they mention it.
>> No. 56613
> R-Mom implied that Jake's wearable computers are brainwashing devices, just like Jane's tiaratop
> We haven't seen Jake wear the complete LEputer ensamble ((belt+shoes+coat)+helmet)
Who wants to bet that wearing the complete set has...interesting effects on Jake?
>> No. 56614
I'm pretty sure we did see him with them all on not too long ago
>> No. 56620
not with the skullcap
>> No. 56623
He's worn the coat/belt/shoes combo, and he's worn the helmet, but he hasn't worn them together.
>> No. 56835
Somehow someway Brobot with Auto responder AI and Davesprite will team up and it will be awesome.
>> No. 58820
gamzee feels bad for killin everybody now that hes been calmed down a bit and now hes gonna turn their bodys into frankensteins
>> No. 58821
At the end of the intermission Jade's ship and the troll meteor will enter the new session... and then collide with each other, killing all of the kids and surviving trolls. Just as Hussie planned.
>> No. 58946
karkat is a human and not actually a troll
>> No. 58948
and Rose is actually a troll
her lips are naturally black like that
Kanaya made a Rose fantroll it's canon now
>> No. 58976
>Kanaya made a Rose fantroll it's canon now
My god you're right.
>> No. 59014
File 132512348436.png - (678.64KB , 1199x850 , trose.png )
That also means that Rose canonically has two dicks.
Her "needles" are metaphor for them. Hussie planned this all along.
>> No. 59016
File 132512708422.gif - (602.93KB , 186x179 , 1325048490268.gif )
i seriously can't tell if anyone's joking anymore because there are people who would legitimately believe this
>> No. 59111
The last part of the genetic sequence that was needed to complete the trolls' Bilious Slick was hidden in Karkat's DNA. That was the cause of his mutation (frogs have red blood) and his nubby horns (Aradiasprite had her horns change into round frog-eye like things). If I recall humans and frogs share more than half their DNA (dunno about trolls though)
>> No. 59263
The scheme by the Condesce to get rid of the Alpha players was actually aiming for a win/win situation outcome. Either the α!kids would severly weakened or disposed of or they would save her the trouble of getting rid of a potentially dangerous and more importantly disloyal minion.
>> No. 59285
well Jack is transportalizing out and Jane is resurrecting and realising her powers, so it's more like lose/lose.
>> No. 59293
I did say aiming. Best laid plans of squeakbeasts and trolls and all that.
>> No. 59296
Or maybe this is what the plan was all along
>> No. 59309
The real reason Vriska killed Tavros is because she had a crush on Jake/Grandpa Harley and was pissed off about Tavros killing him.

Think about it. She goads Tavros into coming after her so she can kill him IMMEDIATELY after she finds out he was responsible for Harley's death.
>> No. 59310
or because they were having a fight and tavros would've killed her
>> No. 59312
> tavros able to kill somebody
>> No. 59313
No he wouldn't have. He was the weakest of the trolls, and he could barely even use his legs properly. She was a God-tier. He got absolutely curbstomped.

Vriska even said so herself when she was spilling her guts to John, she could have incapacitated him or flown away. She killed him after he was disarmed. Definitely not self-defense.
>> No. 59321
He WOULD have killed her, or at least that was his decision.

He couldn't have killed her, but that's another matter.
>>59310 didn't say that she was defending her life, simply that Tavros was trying to do the same to her.
>> No. 59335
But he couldn't kill her in the fight because she was so much more powerful than him. And killing her was a pretty justified reaction to her revealing she was purposefully the cause of all the bad things that had happened to them all in regards to Jack.

Really its amazing he had the guts to take her on at all considering the power differance, he could've just sat there like a beaten dog at that relevation.
But I guess even after thier entire relationship had comprised of her breaking him down mentally and physically (even if in her twisted mind it was something that should have made him stronger) there comes a point when enough is enough and he had to say "I can't let you do this". His weakness just makes it more manly.
>> No. 59393
>And killing her was a pretty justified reaction to her revealing she was purposefully the cause of all the bad things that had happened to them all in regards to Jack.
Actually since those things had already happened, inserting herself into the event didn't cause them to happen. If she had refrained from doing it it would either have doomed them all, or paradox space would have filled the blank differently.

As she has often said "he is already there".

And since a problem tend to be solved by its very cause in paradox space, making herself the one "responsible" for ascending Jack made her more capable of stopping him. So it would help her save the trolls (and the universe) by killing Jack, while not actually causing any bad event (actually she was causing said required events with minimum side effects).

What she did to Aradia and Tavros? That was evil and ruthless (which is a good thing for trolls, but whatever). What she did that sent Tavros after her? Not even remotely worth killing over.
>> No. 59398
Are there any solid fan ideas on what the Void Player can do aside from the black-out power they have? I have a friends who is going on about making his own session type rp and is making a Void player, and he's making it sound very powerful. Like, unmake the fabric of reality and horrorterror powerful.
>> No. 59399
Your friends just being a self-inserting wanker sue
>> No. 59400
Not really. Everything apart from the passive anti-scrying field is pure imagination, and even then it hasn't been *explicitly stated* that these dark pockets are thanks to being a Hero of Void. As always, it could simply be Hussie toying with us.

If we hadn't known of the above already, I would have guessed that Void was connected to either darkness, shadows or gravity. But since we already have the rather unusual interpretation of "Light" as luck/fortune, I'd say that Void is about obscuration, and that the details depend on the class. So it could either be visual (anti-scrying, perhaps even control over darkness) or metaphorical (memories, knowledge). Equius also had themes of unwillingness to take action ("Silence", as in not to speak your mind) as well as addiction, both of which share some similarities with R???'s soon-to-be alcoholism.

I don't think Skaia would allow a player to gain a power such as 'undoing the fabric of reality.' Not even Jade, who is the strongest character in the comic sans English, has that sort of power; she is strictly limited to physical locations. Terezi, Aradia and Dave all work with timelines and possible futures, but they are not actively changing reality due to the nature of time in Homestuck. The closest thing we get to affecting reality would be Vriska or Rose; however, Vriska's luck ultimately proved worthless, while Rose has simply received the ability to see connections and possibilities and some sort of selective, situational semi-omnipotent voice in her head that tells her what to do. They are all bound to the timelines, which means that there cannot be such a thing as affecting reality, since all other possible roads are simply cut off due to Paradox Space's regulations.
>> No. 59409
I think you're right. Void falls into the realm of perception. Fraymotifs with other aspects might be illusion-type stuff--waking nightmares, sensory overloads, drive people mad, making your enemy think they are a flower vase, etc. So, yeah, they actually are reality warpers... but only for a specific target. They can't do anything at all to the real physical environment.
>> No. 59410
He says I got everything all wrong, that his character can’t unmake reality, only tinker with it. He says that in-between everything in existence is a tiny little space of nothingness; a void. This void establishes things like shape & texture; it defines the universe and everything in it. (I’m thinking like a coloring-book, the void is the lines that make the picture, and the universe is the stuff in the lines?) As the void player his character (Ezra), can play around with these gaps. Like he could harden air into walls by making the space between the molecules smaller, or cause a mountain to have a jello like consistency by pushing the molecules apart. He can also enter a wraith-like state and become insubstantial. His character will be able to do stuff like this, even teleport by moving through the Void between spaces or something.

He also will have a connection to the Horrorterrors; because the Space player is affiliated with the Green Sun and the First Guardian. And also because the Horrorterrors are a living part of the void in some manner. I guess this means he just wants to give his character eldritch blast style attacks.

He's also going on about weapons and enchantments; like a void-sword that can cut anything because it seperates the Void between things from each other. Or a gun that launches out dense void fragments.
>> No. 59411
dense void fragments hehhehehe
>> No. 59412
This seems like it's more in the realm of a Space player >:? Maybe a Thief of Space would be able to do this. It doesn't sound like Void to me at all...
>> No. 59413
But that's a good thing right, the Void player and the Space player are like two sides of the same coin, augmented only by their title?
>> No. 59415
Personally, I don't think so. And there is nothing canon to support it either, since the only shown similarities between Space and Void are the symbols. And if you want to go into that, well, explain the similarities between Breath, Life and Hope.

said, to me, Void is about perception and concealment. I see it more as the antipode of Light. Both Heroes of Light have at some point had the ability to see through solid objects, used this power on the Cueball to disastrous results and took great interest in shaping their session using sight-based mediums. While this doesn't mean that Light is inherently connected with Seeing, the two Heroes of Light we know about share that theme.
>> No. 59416
If you subscribe to the Heart representing truth idea, Void being perception also locks in Equius and Nepeta's titles as complimentary. Lalonde and DS too, if we're right about them being the Heroes of Void and Heart. Those character connections make me think Void and Heart are more related to each other than Void and Space, symbols be damned.
>> No. 59417
Alright then, I'll tell him he's wrong and needs to rethink his character. Perhaps convince him to change Ezra to the Space player or something. Thanks for all the help, I wasn't sure about what he was telling me about.
>> No. 59420
Well I told him what you said about Ezra, but he said he was going to keep him the way he is. He just doesn't see why the void player just has to be about nothing but blocking sight. And he didn't think it sounded like the Thief of Space type abilities.

Plus he still wants the horrorterrors conection to his powers, and he can't do that while being the space player. What does this mean about him?
>> No. 59421
It means he's stubborn and likes his headcanon more than stuff supported by actual canon, so it's pointless to say anything to him. He will be sad when Void is confirmed as what we said and not as a class that can shoot "dense void fragments." Because, like we said, direct manipulation of the physical world is Space territory. Void is not like that, not from what we've seen.

Void powers have the potential to be really cool. It can't just be an anti-scrying shield, because all three Void players have that as a low-level passive ability; there is more to it than that, but the powers they get later on are much more likely to deal with the mental or metaphysical.

And teleporting, at least, is definitely Space. Jade said so. So he's wrong there.

If he is so attached to this power he made up, why doesn't he give it to his Space player character, and give Ezra something else? He can still keep his horrorterror link and everything--and honestly? I feel the way it was described in >>59409 fits a lot better with tentacled nightmare beasts than your friend's version. Plus, powers don't make the character; they are just an accessory. What I am saying, essentially, is that a black purse would look better on Ezra than blue, or if he really wants a blue purse, he ought to find one that is a different shape. If he does not understand that it's not actually a super huge deal to switch it around a bit, than there is no hope for him.
>> No. 59426
Well I can sort of sympathise since there's just SO MUCH we don't know about the different classes/ability sets and thier powers, and how different combinations affect those powers.
I'd have the opposite problem from them, being so wracked by indecision about trying to make a kid but not having thier abilities being too canon breaking that I'd have trouble making one.
>> No. 59462
I'll agree with you there, so much of it is open that there are bound to be billions of ideas and opinions out there, and the only way to know who is truly right is if Hussie gave out information on what every class could do...

Like, when I heard theif of space I was thinking something like a chimera or Naraku, able to steal bits and peices of other things and make himself stronger.
Wait, what does the4 word Bane mean again?
>> No. 60264
Unbeknownst to the Troll players, the Alternian Empire wasn't doing too well at the time of the Sgurb session and wasn't long for the world.

To put it more blatantly, the Alternian empire was in dire straits at the time we see the twelve trolls.

That 'Meet-greet-leave-subjugate-fleet-arrives-later' routine had become fairly common knowledge amongst the polities around the borders of the empire and by that time, the Flagship was generally greeted with open gunports rather than arm-analogs, especially in the rich and star dense coreward sectors. This forced the proverbial to hunt further afield for easier prey, out amongst the sparse and resource-barren star clusters of the galactic rim.

The nature of these conquests-few, far between and generally comparitively poor in spoils-created difficult to defend borders and stretched her fleets and armies even when they engaged in the outright sack of worlds (where taking and holding territory was eschewed in favor of carrying off every commodity of value ranging from exotic tech to people to what refined and raw resources were worth the trouble of hauling lightyears off to the core worlds and then destroying what couldn't be carried away) to well beyond its effective limits-something which her kinds' foes, which were multitudinous and exceedingly angry (with reason) by then, would be exploiting for all that it was worth.

The Empire was bleeding resources, personnel, treasure and territory from every direction and was taking in far fewer worlds through colonization and conquest than were lost to capture and bombardment and rebellion. It might not have happed within the lifespan of all but the higher castes, but a collapse was an event that was in sight. The same factors that made the empire vulnerable to the Reckoning also made it vulnerable to more mundane threats.

An overstretched fleet meant that while the empire had more battlegroups than any 8 or more of its' foes put together, it couldn't muster any more than a fraction of that strength to handle incursions, let alone commerce raiding and independant piracy.

If Feferi and co had managed to get their coup off the ground-not a guarantee (given the nature of the empire and it's counterinsurgency specialists, even with the high probability of Gl'bgolyb siding with her rather than the Condesce), there might not have been that much left of the empire for her to inherit and it likely wouldn't be in good enough shape for her to try and carry out reforms, as the rebellion would likely end up weakening the empire futher-an event that would almost without a doubt be seized upon by the circling foes of the Empire, each and every one of them seeking their proverbial 0.45359237 kilograms of flesh. She'd either end up presiding over the fall of her race's empire or end up turning into Condesce II trying to keep it together.

TL;DR: Trolls were fucked, even without the meteor bukkake.

Also, Seadwellers die in freshwater, like fish.
>> No. 60289
File 132686723272.png - (6.13KB , 650x450 , prospit sleuth.png )
>All twelve are killed but the Predicant Scholar himself, forcing a showdown.
>Predicant Scholar
UU and Exile!Problem Sleuth will fight against each other in the Problem Sleuth 2/Complacency of the Learned Intermission. Calling it now.
>> No. 60366
File 132701525471.gif - (5.77KB , 650x450 , 04053_1.gif )
The Sufferer's Great Expletive was "FUCK YOU, CLOWN"
>> No. 60610
That wasn't some doomed timeline God Tier Karkat we saw in Sleepwalk.

It was The Signless from the Ancestors' initial session.

It's important to remember that the Trolls as we know of them really are R-Trolls.
>> No. 60611
IMPOSSIBLE. No Righteous Leggings.
Then again, maybe he donned them at some point afterward. :v

Anyway, reposting from >>60539 'cuz it was already in autosage and I'll forget otherwise. Since Rose and Dave have been dead for quite some time, and yet somehow they're still famous reclusive artists, Dirk and Roxy have been ghostwriting new installments for a living. Dirk does CotL, and Roxy SBaHJ. (She tries to craft a legitimate masterpiece, but the drunken scribbles are really all she can pull off.)
>> No. 60612
You're thinking of the wrong guy. The Sufferer with the leggings never played SBURB.
>> No. 60613
Oh, dammit. Right. They reset.
Still, we just might find that certain aspects persist from session to session; depends on whether or not Hussie cares enough about the joke to keep it.
>> No. 60879
File 132757354775.gif - (219.87KB , 650x450 , 00556.gif )
Colonel Sassacre is Lord English.

That's why Jake English has the surname he does, because Alpha Jade was raised by him and given the same name.
>> No. 61125
There have been two fights between Bro/Dirk and "the Hero of Light" and Jack. There will be a final round, with the combatants being Dirk and Vriska's corpse, being manipulated by Dirk's flashstep puppet technique. It will land the killing blow on Bec Noir.
>> No. 61187
Dirk's entry item will be a cruxite orange

he will be unable to pick it up and use it
>> No. 61202
He could just use FRUIT to pick it up, rhyiming it in the column with a shoe in it (changing the shoe to boot)
>> No. 61204
But DEW doesn't rhyme with BOOT.
Nor can any other phrasing for MOUNTAIN DEW that I can think of right now, but I'm kinda half-asleep atm, so maybe one's staring me in the face or something.
>> No. 61205
depending on where he got it, it could be SWEET LOOT.
>> No. 61219
Jack will order DD to climb onto the Derse sign and hide behind the "D" with his sniper rifle in order to kill Dirk or Roxy.

However he won't be able to bring himself to pull the trigger because you're not allowed to shoot from behind the D after a scratch
>> No. 62705
Found this on tumblr. I like it.

>I personally would place Gl’bgolyb in the bathypelagic or abyssopelagic zone - that is to say, the midnight zone. Zero light. This is where bioluminescence happens and shit gets extremely weird. That seems appropriate for Gl’bgolyb! I think the twilight zone is still too accessible a place to find her; she seems to feed primarily on whale falls in the form of lusii that Feferi and Eridan fetch her, rather than what she catches herself. (bitches lovve wwhales.) In other words, she’s a detritivore, which is practically what the midnight zone is all about.

>I too am pretty sure that Feferi cannot/does not actually tow whales around. It doesn’t matter how strong she is, I don’t think her size allows her to overcome that kind of resistance. I could do more research to make sure, but that involves math and fluid dynamics and I cannot be bothered right now. However, accompanying the carcass at least partway as it falls and defending it against other scavengers is highly possible! (And since it takes days for a whale to fall - 100m per day, to depths of 1000m-5000m - she would undoubtedly gorge on it and any would-be scavengers, then ascend using the energy from that food.)

>But we still have Feferi traversing from the midnight zone and up, meaning she undergoes extreme pressure and temperature variation.

>As for pressure, I’ve done some research, and I know that it not only can be done, it IS done. Several species move between zones, deeper during the day and higher up during the night. Sloane’s viperfish, cookiecutter sharks, kitefin sharks, grenadiers, some sea cucumbers, great whites - realmonstrosities.com has some awesome charts that show what depths these are found in, and some of them go many places and do many things indeed. So it CAN be done, and presumably Feferi has the appropriate modifications to do so. I’m very frustrated that I have yet to find out HOW, but that is a matter of additional research!

>One thing that seems likely is a large, oil-filled liver. No swim bladder, because the effort to keep something like that inflated at those pressures is considerable and not really worth it. This would put her in the realm of sharks, who also have no swim bladders and are neutrally buoyant (IE they’ll just hang there in the water neither floating nor sinking). Many deep sea creatures try to keep themselves approaching the same density as water to avoid pressurization issues, so Fef may be a little squishy around the edges, with muscles closer to the core of her body, again like some sharks. (This is no matter what her actual weight or body structure.) Her bones may be similar to whale bones by being stuffed full of fats and lipids to reduce their weight, or possibly they’re lighter-weight cartilage like that employed by sharks. I personally think it would be awesome if they were actually chitin, but this may not be plausible. I love arthropod!trolls, I can’t help it.

>And now, moving on to temperature. This one I like, because I think it makes sense! In short, I think that seadwellers are coldblooded, not warmblooded. More technically, this means Feferi would likely be a heterotherm: she CAN generate her own heat, but isn’t always doing it. It’s possible that she would have rete mirabile like tuna in order to conserve body heat (veins and arteries positioned so that blood warmed by muscles goes on to warm cooler blood from the heart), and/or strips of red muscle that generate heat to keep her inner bits warmer than her outer bits, like thresher sharks and great whites. (Hollow chitin bones filled with rete mirabile? Thermodynamically sound or crazed, you decide!) When operating in warmer surface waters and in air, she would be the temperature of the water throughout; when diving down to Gl’bgolyb, she can generate enough heat to warm her inner bits and keep her functioning. This means that Feferi doesn’t have to use all her energy to keep herself warm throughout; it frankly wouldn’t make a difference if she were in a parka or stark naked down there. (“)(—EY!”) Her outermost bits will be the temperature of the water regardless. This would be something like gigantothermy (again great whites!), where the larger an animal is, the easier it is for it to keep its core warm.

>As for her hair and clothes, I wept quietly to myself when I thought about what long, fine filaments are used for in sea creatures, because they are filtration devices and traps. You heard it here first: Feferi eats what gets caught in her hair underwater. The Condesce undoubtedly has small shoals of fish that live in her hair permanently and are snacked upon.
>> No. 62706
hey, you know, you can link to the fucking posts and give credit to the people who wrote it

>> No. 62707
*Facepalm* knew I had forgotten something.

Also, found something else while digging about.
This is my headcanon on carapace biology now.
>> No. 62848
I don't know why this suddenly occurred to me, but recall the little "prophecies" you could read from each of the kid's tapestries in Seer: Descend. Grabbing from the wiki:


Hussie has been known to leave little tid bits lying around that foreshadow things far into the future. These quotes were also scattered about Homestuck in each of the kids' "going outside to stare at/listen to the weather" scenes.

Prophecies, especially fictional ones, are often vague intentionally, to be interpreted and reinterpreted as things move on. Now that we know a few more things than we did during "Seer: Descend", I'd like to pose a few theories about what they mean, and open the floor to further possible interpretations.

John: This is one of the more obvious ones, and for that reason I wouldn't be surprised if there were yet more meaning to it. This could be referring to the fact that John is the one who initiates and sees through the Scratch. He "extinguishes the candles" not only of the myriad monsters arrayed before him when he began the scratch, but also the candle of the Beta session. In doing so he fanned the fire of the Scratch, allowing the old session to be destroyed while a new one was forged. Which segues neatly into the next one.

Jade: This one's obvious meaning was apparent once we knew a bit more about Jade's land. It almost explicitly refers to the Forge and thawing LOFAF. But perhaps also metaphorically, Jade is the one who "thawed" the rest of their session, planets and Battlefield included, out of their frozen places in the Beta session. As things stand the Beta session could be thought of as a "dew", ready to either be made into something new or perhaps to fertilize some place barren. Which also segues neatly into the next one.

Rose: We now know that the teen's Alpha session is practically a "dead land". There are no prototyping towers. The battlefield they have will always remain a simple 3x3 chess board with the kings in stalemate. Certainly not fertile ground for a new universe to take root in. And yet, the Seer of Light is almost certainly going to be critical in bringing about a favorable resolution of events in the Alpha session. Without her guidance, I'm pretty sure no one would know what precisely to do with everything once they arrive in the Alpha session. They also certainly would never have even gotten to the dead land they are hoping to breed lilacs out of without her help.

Dave: This one is pretty vague, and also apparently mostly a joke, which in a way deflects speculation about it. But by metagaming, in addition to in story evidence (Handmaid and Condesce), we know by word-of-Huss that "pimp" is certainly one of the big themes Lord English has going for him. We also know that Time is certainly Lord English's domain. As such, if the Pimp were to find his way into the Crib (the Alpha session, where we know his is not YET), I can guarantee you that Dave, as the local Time master, would need to Drop Something Like It's Hot. Maybe some Ill Beats, both musical and physical. Either way, when the final show down with Lord English happens, I can guarantee you that Dave will have some type of critical role in how it plays out.
>> No. 62854
File 133119277139.gif - (10.70KB , 650x450 , 03489.gif )
There's been a lot of Dave/Lord English stuff going on.

It's also worth mentioning that when you put the R-Kids together with the current surviving Kids/Trolls, you get one of all 12 Hero classes.

Except Time, which you get two of. Aradia and Dave.

And given how certain Aradia is of being done with dying, and how much death plays a role in her personality...

...I'm guessing she's the hero of Time who gets out alive.
>> No. 62856
She decided to stay in the afterlife, though. With seemingly on way of reaching any real universe. She's as good as dead.

Why did she do it, anyway? She would've had access to the dream bubbles from anywhere in paradox space, she didn't have to stay.
>> No. 62857
On the other hand, for all her talk of being done with dying she's pretty much indistinguishable from being dead right now, what with her staying in the bubbles.
>> No. 62860

There are also two space players right now.
>> No. 62880
I'd construe it less as being dead and more as being a psychopomp, which, really, isn't that bad a happy ending for someone who likes death but would rather not experience it again herself.

Besides, she's not really severed from the living world - she can still appear in the dreams of living people, if Vriska's interaction with WV is any indication. Which might be useful if, in her exploration of the dreams of the dead, she discovers some info that her friends would want to know.
>> No. 62884
oh god kan OH GOD NO
>> No. 62892
hey let's be real for a second here

she's already dead

there's only so many endings you can get when you have a gigantic hole through your abdomen, and living a full life happily ever after with your human waifu is not one of them
>> No. 62896
She's a 'vampire' isn't she? There's nothing stopping an undead from doing so.
>> No. 62902

Not in this thread, but I felt this belonged here moreso than the general thread. To answer your question:
>wait, so who was the Betty Crocker that gave jane her surname if the condesce hadn't arrived yet?
I'm going to throw out my current best guess as to the Condesce's personal timeline.

The Condesce arives at Post-Apocalypse Alternia, fights and kills the Handmaid, becomes Lord English's agent.

Somehow she jumps to the Kids' Beta Universe, around Colonel Sassacre, and is present while Nanna is being raised.

Somehow before the Beta Universe ends due to Bec Noir's Red Miles, she jumps into the Teen's Alpha Session long before any of the players enter, then kills and usurps the Black Queen.

This is when all the nastiness is set up. With essentially unlimited access to the Teen's Alpha Universe's timeline, she is free to set up and manipulate unfair time shenanigans throughout history at will to set up for her eventual take over. To help, she has an infinitely faithful inside agent, who will be discussed momentarily.

The time for the Teens to enter the game nears, so she begins stepping up her plans and sends assassins to the Teen's Dreamselves. We know that as of now (3/8/12) all but one of them (Jake) are still definitely alive.

The Teens finish entering the Session, and things begin to go down. Once the Reckoning begins (she will have to get the White Scepter from the White Queen), the Condesce has replaced all the meteors with an invasion force of ships and drones, which all fly through the Skaian Defense Portals, ready to conquer the soft underbelly of human civilization that the Condesce has bred throughout history.

The "meteor" that is aimed for Jane's house which starts the Reckoning from Alpha Earth's perspective is her flagship, the Battleship Condesce. She is not aboard, knowing that her inside agent on Earth will know what to do.

The Condesce remains in the Alpha Session until some point near its "end". The only definite future event we have had told to us by UU is that at some point Roxy will Black Out the entire Alpha Session. Probably some time not long after this the Condesce sends herself through a Defense Portal to an early point in Alpha Earth's History, likely around Colonel Sassacre's era, but possibly farther back.

Her Imperial Condescension is her own inside agent on Alpha Earth. After all, who else would be more trustworthy with such an important task than herself? Especially when she has already done all the coordinating and assisting of herself from the Session "before" hand. This is why Jane has been set up so strongly in favor of Crocker Corp. The Condesce locks this shit down in a stable time loop harder than Dave, and when her Flagship comes through above Jane's house on 11/11/11, she is ready to finally take the helm and implement her perfect take over.

At least, that's how I would do it.
>> No. 62904
have you ever read anything about vampires that isn't twilight?

she's not going to stay a vampire forever, she's going to finish her earthly duties to her lusus and find a safe place to hatch the new mother grub that will save her species, and then she'll leave the mortal plane. and it will be okay because at least 75% of her friends are waiting for her in death anyway.
>> No. 62907
Wat? It sounds like you're describing ghosts, they're the ones bound to earth by something left udone or whatever and then move on once its been dealt with. Vampires continue to exist for no particular reason and usually prey on the living.
>> No. 62908
>Dave: This one is pretty vague, and also apparently mostly a joke, which in a way deflects speculation about it. But by metagaming, in addition to in story evidence (Handmaid and Condesce), we know by word-of-Huss that "pimp" is certainly one of the big themes Lord English has going for him. We also know that Time is certainly Lord English's domain. As such, if the Pimp were to find his way into the Crib (the Alpha session, where we know his is not YET), I can guarantee you that Dave, as the local Time master, would need to Drop Something Like It's Hot. Maybe some Ill Beats, both musical and physical. Either way, when the final show down with Lord English happens, I can guarantee you that Dave will have some type of critical role in how it plays out.

Don't forget, one of his God-tier rungs is named "Pimpslayer."
>> No. 62931
those statements don't lead into one another

vampire stories never have happy ends, because they are undead, and like all undead their condition will be righted by the end of the story (usually by death). the best ending one can hope for in a standard vampire tale is bittersweetness.

kanaya isn't going to be alive at the end because she will attend to her duties and then die as she was meant to. she is living on borrowed time. do you guys remember that she has a giant hole where her abdomen used to be? because she has a giant hole where her abdomen used to be. that didn't stop being a thing.
>> No. 62933

It's hardly like Twilight is the first or only vampire story in which the vampire survives, or is a protagonist. The paranormal romance genre grew out of Anne Rice's vampire Lestat novels, which in turn owed a lot to the 1960s daytime soap 'Dark Shadows.' Paranormal romance as a formalized genre predates Twilight by over ten years (see Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake novels for the official trope setter); hell, before Twilight ever came out, vampire-as-romantic hero/heroine was acceptable as a B plot in an action movie - look at the Underworld series.

I have no idea how her story is going to end, but citing vampire tropes like they're in any way monolithic sure doesn't provide any insight.

As for the hole in Kanaya's stomach, do you really think we're supposed to take that seriously as a threat? To fulfill her role, she's got to last three years minimum, so it can't be anything terribly critical.
>> No. 62953
>do you guys remember that she has a giant hole where her abdomen used to be? because she has a giant hole where her abdomen used to be. that didn't stop being a thing.

Slick got most of his body destroyed when the universe he was in exploded. He seems to be okay though.

Mortality is dictated by the author's whim. Kanaya and Slick both suffered pretty severe damage and are alive. Vriska died instantly from a single stab wound. Jake got the shit beat out of him by a robot (incuding having his eyes slapped off his head) with no ill effect. Jaspers had a book fall on him and died.

Kanaya will die, not when her wound catches up with her or when a trope says she's supposed to, but only if/when Hussie no longer wants her in the story.
>> No. 63016
Kanaya and Slick aren't alive. Kanaya was revived somehow and became undead, but she did die from her wound. Slick IS actually dead and only made a cameo appearance in the developer room as a joke.

No, Kanaya's not in any immediate danger from her wound because she is undead. I think the point being made here is that she can't stay that way forever, and if she does, it would be a poor storytelling decision because there was so much fanfare in the Veil deaths. What is the point of her death and quasi-resurrection if it does not foreshadow anything? A wardrobe shift and offing a minor character that could have easily been killed in a variety of other ways? There has to be more to it. If there isn't, damn that's... an objectively stupid move.

And there's the fact that she is still walking around with the hole; it never went away, because for all intents and purposes she is dead and has simply not left the mortal coil yet. Because she has one job left to do. Currently she has plot protection due to unfulfilled promises, but once she has planted her Mother Grub egg, she is likely doomed. And I think that is okay.
>> No. 63030
Guys! What if...
Now hear me out!
What if uu was Spade Slick sent to that universe by Lord English via a sendificator?
>> No. 63033
uu likes puzzlemurders.
Slick wouldn't stand for that nonsense, he'd just cut to the chase, the chase being cutting people in this example.
>> No. 63827
I think that the self-insert Hussie is a member of The Felt with conditional mortality living on post-scratch Mars. He was probably going to make PS 2 before winning a trip to Mars and then being inducted into the Felt. If Scratch is in that universe, Slick must have something of Hussie's to hide his existence from Scratch's omniscient gaze. English probably gets pissed off when Hussie uses his stupid comics to broadcast English's evil plans.
>> No. 64056
I'd like to know how the summoner pup8ted (got his big fancy wings)

my head cannon is that he's just got a fully grown tinkerbull-type lusus strapped to himself like a backpack. Like, as if a fully-grown tinkerbull is the same size as a baby one, but with HUGE wings. I hope this is validated by the inevitable teen-summoner.

I'd also like to know how John beat all those monsters during the EoA5 flash (they all had Bec powers, so they should have been able to warp his lava monsoons into outer space). My head cannon is that after Jade made the deal with Echidna, she and the other denizens (who make the underlings if I remember correctly) were just like "Hey, lets send this kid some fragile walking grist piñatas"
>> No. 64116
We'll see UU's session in Act 7 or in an epilogue as how a typical session would work.
>> No. 73578
Isn't pupating when they just go from being grubs to wrigglers?
>> No. 73579
Not all underlings get all prototypes. But even if they did, in one of the walkaround flashes you can fight a Uranium imp. It teleports and is really tough, but it's killable.

My take is that either they have a limit on how much they can call on his powers, or they're just not as experienced at using his powers as Bec himself is.

Or in video game terms, it could be that they essentially got the OP First Guardian Job Class, but they're still only Level 1 monsters. Jack Noir on the other hand is an endgame boss given that same job class.
>> No. 73610
if the Lord of Time is "Already Here" would the Muse of Space be "Everywhere"? It would mean that the Alt timeline Caliope that beat her brother was Paradox Space itself. and in turn mean that LE is STILL just trying to kill his sister (operating under the assumption that Caliborn is LE)
>> No. 73669
So..who thinks the troll race will go extinct?
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