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File 140523508874.jpg - (75.94KB , 574x863 , young1a.jpg )
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Boards are now in full archive mode and will be slowly closed off over the next week or so. Please visit our new boards for more information!

New board: http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/

More information: http://boards.plus4chan.org/baw/t392658.html

File 135215802277.png - (94.40KB , 486x750 , 01J8T1.png )
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This thread is strictly for content requests, ie newly created media based on specific details by an individual(s). If you're looking for an artist or some other source, check a particular thread related to the subject in question.

1) When requesting some, provide as much detail & reference pics as possible in the initial post.
1a) Check several Rule 34 sites before requesting a series in general (for ideas/references), and glance through this thread to see if your request has already been posted by someone else.
2) Any discussion that does not directly contribute to getting a request fulfilled (especially "me too" posts) will eventually be deleted.
2a) NO DRAMA: Don't harass the artists for any reason; Artists: Don't be difficult. BOTH: Be patient.
2b) Posts complaining about one's request not being filled fast enough/at all and/or posting a lot re-requesting the same thing will be deleted & grounds for a ban. Your original request might be deleted, too.
2c) Failure to shut the hell up if you violate 2a or 2b will be grounds for a ban.
3) Requests not aligned with boards rules will be deleted and the poster possibly banned.

If you are an artist, try being a name/tripfag to make it easier to have requests directed your way.

Old board's thread is at >>108132 (if it's still available) and requests from there should still apply. /cod/-type requests go here: http://plus4chan.org/b/cod/res/1733.html
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>> No. 162455
File 140048021460.jpg - (23.22KB , 430x327 , Mcgill.jpg )
Requesting some 34 of Sally McGill from Arthur

File 128605431860.png - (38.24KB , 658x524 , callie dangling.png )
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Furry smut goes here.
AKA just about any saturday morning cartoon character from the 90s.
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>> No. 164151
File 140599410915.jpg - (1.58MB , 1033x4000 , canine list 7-21-14.jpg )
>> No. 164158
Do you know what artist done these pics, it's awesome.
>> No. 164159
Do you know what artist done these pics, it's awesome.

File 138645167746.jpg - (263.68KB , 800x1110 , f03502665e2d3be63dd2a89bb22e79fd6dca8a89.jpg )
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the last one aint bumpin, so i made this one

heres the 1st >>135206
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>> No. 164152
File 140600583961.jpg - (76.08KB , 560x980 , iris poland.jpg )
iris from my giant friend
>> No. 164153
File 140600592511.jpg - (100.56KB , 737x1089 , iris poland2.jpg )
>> No. 164156
File 140605193929.jpg - (335.03KB , 1280x1280 , 01Final.jpg )
Here you go.

File 135460507619.jpg - (495.22KB , 1607x2178 , 162896.jpg )
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ITT: NSFW drawing tutorials

Boobs, genitals, and sex positioning. All for the sake of improving promotions! And fapping to.

I know /draw/ has a sticky for all tutorials but I was thinking a specific one for this board would be useful as well.
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>> No. 161458
most people don't consider this a stick figure though.
>> No. 163367
File 140295957329.jpg - (340.38KB , 872x3525 , doxyvajayjaytut.jpg )

With all the detailed dick and boob tutorials, It's nice to see something about vags.
>> No. 164155
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File 136438641929.jpg - (109.45KB , 800x800 , 1286340860562.jpg )
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It's time for /co/'s favorite vampiric spoon to get a little risque.
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>> No. 163681
File 14043125223.png - (218.71KB , 1220x800 , spoonytits3.png )
>> No. 163964
File 140491378931.png - (453.16KB , 1400x1000 , spoonytits2.png )
>> No. 164138
Sitting in my computer. But you'll never have them! Ahahahahah!

File 139879845076.jpg - (135.91KB , 797x1131 , 134874511810.jpg )
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New Simon thread since the old one isn't bumping anymore.
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>> No. 164125
File 140571864693.png - (491.39KB , 1000x900 , tmp_140553198111054208028.png )
In a FoP thread.
>> No. 164133
File 140582297175.png - (632.20KB , 1200x1000 , tmp_14056347856941440483924.png )
also from the FoP thread.
>> No. 164134
File 140582331054.png - (473.17KB , 1000x1100 , tmp_14056931672881499649330.png )
Eh, who is this? Padrig?

File 135128249486.png - (412.42KB , 600x800 , 135919 - Energizer Mass_Master Power_Pack.png )
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a tread for the power pack
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>> No. 162479
File 140051069928.jpg - (396.80KB , 1024x1556 , katiewatched.jpg )
i made that particular edit. and a number of others.

how it came about? on /co/ somebody did it as an exploitable... all the text removed and just Katie's "ewww" left in, so people could add their own dialogue. a few people did different variations, and i was one of them. i found it really fun, so I went a little overboard, including a lot of different pages from the comic and sometimes editing the actual art (for example, there's a series of the 'eww' comic with Katie talking to adult-Julie instead of adult-Katie that i made, and a few other variations).

as to why incest?

well, i LIKE incest. there's no specific incest hinting in the series that i'm aware of (although there were a few times Julie was naked in front of her siblings... there was a plausible explanation each time... it happened most often when she had the cloud powers, which left clothes behind if they weren't her special costume, but it's a bit eyebrow raising), i just think they make a good incest couple, and apparently others agree since i've seen a few other incest edits, porn, fictions, and other such things over the years.
>> No. 162518
File 140058677579.jpg - (104.46KB , 500x655 , hhh.jpg )

Thank you, I try my best though I often fail. You try your best as well!


>why incest?

The inherent joy of incest as depicted in fiction, and the often expressed desire towards it through these edits, stories and so on has for its root a philosophical explanation. There is a very specific reason why men like the idea of incest with a sister/mother, and it is quite a legitimate and I dare say obligatory reason if one understands the why and goes beyond mere carnal lust. I however will not elaborate on this.
>> No. 164122
Like your art work, I enjoy the ones with older brother doing little sister.

File 138160653052.jpg - (90.25KB , 569x919 , b20ab38e1aa185373b939e89678586aa50b5ddc8.jpg )
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Old thread >>138718
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>> No. 163645
File 140418154641.png - (146.48KB , 569x525 , 159753.png )
>> No. 164056
File 140521819312.jpg - (102.21KB , 472x660 , 65468446.jpg )
>> No. 164116
Yes, moar animations!

File 139554610397.png - (240.36KB , 658x735 , darkweskerrises_tumblr_mzxnb01caa1r2pmuzo6_1280.png )
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Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra Thread #8

Previously on “Avatar”: >>147492
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>> No. 164042
File 140514023337.jpg - (347.45KB , 1280x1316 , image.jpg )
Perfect position
>> No. 164061
File 140522555438.jpg - (132.86KB , 917x1000 , Azula 1.jpg )
>> No. 164115
File 140548241333.jpg - (287.64KB , 1300x1308 , korra3.jpg )

File 139076377211.png - (420.87KB , 789x996 , 251353-1.png )
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So umm, hi. Someone told me that this place would be awesome to promote my art. So i'll just dump some images if thats ok. Im available for commissions and I take your ideas/requests into great consideration so please let me know what is new/popular, what you like and what you'd like to see more of.
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>> No. 163673
File 140425636078.png - (430.61KB , 1148x1136 , Bunny Buns.png )
So Whargleblargle, if you still drop by this thread, can you tell us if you plan on doing more art trades in the future?
>> No. 163677
I don't know man, but I want to avoid any and everyone asking me for art trades. I only asked Dustin because I genuinely like his stuff and he was a fan of mine as well.
>> No. 164114
File 140546337238.gif - (1.00MB , 1400x1400 , 286085.gif )

File 138826135468.png - (828.83KB , 700x988 , tumblr_myg9yoUVD91r0ajyoo1_1280.png )
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Cat Thread #3

Previous Thread: >>144190

I believe Tila is a snow leopard.
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>> No. 164049
File 140519341346.png - (648.61KB , 1562x1315 , this_is_too_much.png )
Still waiting for this to get finished
>> No. 164058
File 140521955150.png - (120.28KB , 574x706 , pixivchat_804171_20140712_223554.png )
>> No. 164113
File 140546262686.png - (296.46KB , 841x1328 , rita_die_katze.png )

File 13925661127.jpg - (57.48KB , 500x496 , image.jpg )
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So paheal erased all Lilo pics, even the ones where she clearly have tits. I only know of sadpanda and pixiv, anyone know any other site that doesn't just go deleting stuff all the time?
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>> No. 163917
>> No. 164001
File 140495176064.jpg - (150.67KB , 524x727 , リロ1.jpg )
>> No. 164104
File 140543364437.jpg - (293.18KB , 1032x968 , IMG_0100.jpg )

File 13942300976.jpg - (433.37KB , 795x1189 , 724b8732c7c1f887532390b9b287657e.jpg )
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Sister thread to >>224595

Bird tits time!
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>> No. 164062
I think I should point something out about this picture... Romzy runs an event called Funraisers, which basically boils down to 'porn for a good cause'. He's gotten a bunch of artists to donate pictures, which are released in a similar manner to Kickstarter stretch goals. Funraisers #4 just started today, and they're trying to raise $600 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you're interested, drop by the FA account he made for it for more info:
Or go straight to the donation page here:

Sorry if this seems like an ad or whatever, but I wanted to spread the word since it's for charity.
>> No. 164098
File 140534408189.png - (1.09MB , 790x1200 , swing.png )

Given the edits seen around a few site lately, not many seem interested due to the massive milestones.

Even if it is for charity, a big paywall is a big paywall, I guess.
>> No. 164103
That's unfortunate. I think it's sad that someone would try to subvert charity like that.

The paywalls may look massive, but I think people forget that it's a shared paywall. I mean, if just 60 people donated $10, this thing would be over already.

Oh well, I won't push it any further on here. Sorry to bother you.

File 139279039972.jpg - (398.95KB , 1018x800 , Susan Richards.jpg )
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The story so far

Issue 1

Issue 2

Previous Thread
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>> No. 163254

Doodlebug disappeared and I had a whole bunch of real-life work to take care of that meant the porn had to take a back seat. Since we were the primary producers of thread content, I think that stalled things. My apologies about that, I know I promised to finish things - and I still will, when I can.
>> No. 164101
File 140538697636.jpg - (1.20MB , 2900x2053 , Fancy dress.jpg )
Susan's formal dress?
>> No. 164102
File 140538841986.jpg - (681.50KB , 1400x1082 , Susan takes it.jpg )
Oh yeah, also this

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