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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

File 140523508874.jpg - (75.94KB , 574x863 , young1a.jpg )
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Boards are now in full archive mode and will be slowly closed off over the next week or so. Please visit our new boards for more information!

New board: http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/

More information: http://boards.plus4chan.org/baw/t392658.html

File 135215802277.png - (94.40KB , 486x750 , 01J8T1.png )
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This thread is strictly for content requests, ie newly created media based on specific details by an individual(s). If you're looking for an artist or some other source, check a particular thread related to the subject in question.

1) When requesting some, provide as much detail & reference pics as possible in the initial post.
1a) Check several Rule 34 sites before requesting a series in general (for ideas/references), and glance through this thread to see if your request has already been posted by someone else.
2) Any discussion that does not directly contribute to getting a request fulfilled (especially "me too" posts) will eventually be deleted.
2a) NO DRAMA: Don't harass the artists for any reason; Artists: Don't be difficult. BOTH: Be patient.
2b) Posts complaining about one's request not being filled fast enough/at all and/or posting a lot re-requesting the same thing will be deleted & grounds for a ban. Your original request might be deleted, too.
2c) Failure to shut the hell up if you violate 2a or 2b will be grounds for a ban.
3) Requests not aligned with boards rules will be deleted and the poster possibly banned.

If you are an artist, try being a name/tripfag to make it easier to have requests directed your way.

Old board's thread is at >>108132 (if it's still available) and requests from there should still apply. /cod/-type requests go here: http://plus4chan.org/b/cod/res/1733.html
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>> No. 162455
File 140048021460.jpg - (23.22KB , 430x327 , Mcgill.jpg )
Requesting some 34 of Sally McGill from Arthur

File 128605431860.png - (38.24KB , 658x524 , callie dangling.png )
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Furry smut goes here.
AKA just about any saturday morning cartoon character from the 90s.
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>> No. 164180
Pretty sure is theOp a.k.a lonbluewolf
>> No. 164191
Good news everyone! Seems like 4chan /co/'s assburger nightshift janitor wasn't active last night. I checked the archives and saw very little posts deleted for apparently no reason. Coincidentally the raging angst teenager guy shitting up the threads didn't show up either.

So either he was away for one night or they finally cut him off. Let's hope that he is gone for good!
>> No. 164198
Seems like he is gone for good! Yay!

File 136913995214.jpg - (38.47KB , 249x768 , let_s_go_swim_benjamin_by_acp626-d5jc3mz.jpg )
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Get in here, brodents!
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>> No. 163974
Does anyone have a link to book 4 or any of the others?

Are any of the older books about THEA?

They don't have to be in English - I can translate them or something, I'm good at that sort of thing. Please gibe de links if you got them.

There is one with a small pic of Thea in the shower.

the links have expired. Can you reupload them?
>> No. 164187
File 140659030315.png - (1.21MB , 1600x1600 , jzwhol.png )
>> No. 164197
File 140677290088.png - (305.64KB , 1550x500 , Theasisters ddolls.png )

File 138645167746.jpg - (263.68KB , 800x1110 , f03502665e2d3be63dd2a89bb22e79fd6dca8a89.jpg )
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the last one aint bumpin, so i made this one

heres the 1st >>135206
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>> No. 164183
File 140651885827.jpg - (235.17KB , 1024x1306 , panty_n_stocking__beddo_no_ue_de_tanoshi_jikan__by.jpg )
>> No. 164185
Great work man, but I think Jamie( the person behind Kiva) has his jacket on. Notice the black circle around his wrist. Other than that, great job.
>> No. 164192
File 140668151522.jpg - (282.87KB , 1747x1340 , minh_lv_u_long_time_03-small.jpg )
King of the Hill women and sons.

File 138361279195.jpg - (782.52KB , 3000x2027 , Wendy x Dipper Commission.jpg )
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Previous thread: http://plus4chan.org/b/pco/res/120496.html

Pic by Roger Bacon 1/2.
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>> No. 162264
File 140015922684.png - (362.45KB , 659x470 , tumblr_n5lm0slUE31qjo6cpo1_1280.png )
I generally prefer Dipper x Wendy, but this might as well be posted here for completion's sake.
>> No. 164012
I don't always look at Pinecest, but when I do, I prefer Double Pines
>> No. 164013
I don't always look at Pinecest, but when I do, I prefer Double Pines

File 133077733858.jpg - (92.26KB , 504x559 , 738400 - Jessica_Drew Marvel Peter_Parker Spider-M.jpg )
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So, there was a thread on the other /co/ yesterday or so (well, two days ago now), about this dude who wanted to make a comic about Ultimate Pete and Jessica Drew (the clone one) having teh sexxors. And now that thread is 404, and my browser just flushed it, so. Continuation of that shit, yo.
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>> No. 163358
Her issue isn't out yet. She's going to be part of the coming spiderverse event.
>> No. 163364
Oh, I see.
Let's wait if she's cool enough to generate enough rule34 interest to get me rolling on something about her.

Besides, I would have to actually read her story to find a cool way to write porn about her. Believe it or not, writing good porn is not as dull as most anons tend to think (considering anyone else thinks what I write is any good).
>> No. 164184

File 138940972459.png - (2.16MB , 1035x1728 , Lizard Ladies6.png )
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Shedded skin: http://plus4chan.org/b/pco/res/142077.html
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>> No. 163759
Is ther any anthro Sylvia anywhere?
>> No. 163763
Is ther any anthro Sylvia anywhere?
>> No. 164181
Is thids thread still going

File 138324144069.png - (596.46KB , 1024x823 , 1234396 - Linda_Flynn-Fletcher Phineas_and_Ferb Sc.png )
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Since I haven't yet seen it here or I've passed it some how, Shall we proceed?
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>> No. 164174
File 140629163559.png - (1.40MB , 1280x720 , 1059482 - Danny_Phantom Johnny_Test Lila_Test Lind.png )
>> No. 164175
File 14062917336.jpg - (463.07KB , 1126x1350 , 368608 - Linda_Flynn-Fletcher Phineas_and_Ferb lin.jpg )
>> No. 164176
File 14062917648.jpg - (163.81KB , 850x695 , 174412923aba8b4e8f0af7b6ef2d82f4.jpg )

File 138714321597.jpg - (1.03MB , 1600x1035 , seed_of_memory_by_skribblix-d6y1wvz.jpg )
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General 34 Thread

Previous thread here >>112315

Aaaaand we're off to a great start already...
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>> No. 164057
>> No. 164064
I like her design too. She looks pretty good!
>> No. 164170
File 140620300747.jpg - (148.65KB , 627x1024 , hbsmoggies1.jpg )
Princess Lila from The Smoggies

File 135460507619.jpg - (495.22KB , 1607x2178 , 162896.jpg )
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ITT: NSFW drawing tutorials

Boobs, genitals, and sex positioning. All for the sake of improving promotions! And fapping to.

I know /draw/ has a sticky for all tutorials but I was thinking a specific one for this board would be useful as well.
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>> No. 161416
>> No. 161458
most people don't consider this a stick figure though.
>> No. 163367
File 140295957329.jpg - (340.38KB , 872x3525 , doxyvajayjaytut.jpg )

With all the detailed dick and boob tutorials, It's nice to see something about vags.

File 136438641929.jpg - (109.45KB , 800x800 , 1286340860562.jpg )
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It's time for /co/'s favorite vampiric spoon to get a little risque.
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>> No. 163681
File 14043125223.png - (218.71KB , 1220x800 , spoonytits3.png )
>> No. 163964
File 140491378931.png - (453.16KB , 1400x1000 , spoonytits2.png )
>> No. 164138
Sitting in my computer. But you'll never have them! Ahahahahah!

File 139879845076.jpg - (135.91KB , 797x1131 , 134874511810.jpg )
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New Simon thread since the old one isn't bumping anymore.
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>> No. 164125
File 140571864693.png - (491.39KB , 1000x900 , tmp_140553198111054208028.png )
In a FoP thread.
>> No. 164133
File 140582297175.png - (632.20KB , 1200x1000 , tmp_14056347856941440483924.png )
also from the FoP thread.
>> No. 164134
File 140582331054.png - (473.17KB , 1000x1100 , tmp_14056931672881499649330.png )
Eh, who is this? Padrig?

File 135128249486.png - (412.42KB , 600x800 , 135919 - Energizer Mass_Master Power_Pack.png )
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a tread for the power pack
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>> No. 162479
File 140051069928.jpg - (396.80KB , 1024x1556 , katiewatched.jpg )
i made that particular edit. and a number of others.

how it came about? on /co/ somebody did it as an exploitable... all the text removed and just Katie's "ewww" left in, so people could add their own dialogue. a few people did different variations, and i was one of them. i found it really fun, so I went a little overboard, including a lot of different pages from the comic and sometimes editing the actual art (for example, there's a series of the 'eww' comic with Katie talking to adult-Julie instead of adult-Katie that i made, and a few other variations).

as to why incest?

well, i LIKE incest. there's no specific incest hinting in the series that i'm aware of (although there were a few times Julie was naked in front of her siblings... there was a plausible explanation each time... it happened most often when she had the cloud powers, which left clothes behind if they weren't her special costume, but it's a bit eyebrow raising), i just think they make a good incest couple, and apparently others agree since i've seen a few other incest edits, porn, fictions, and other such things over the years.
>> No. 162518
File 140058677579.jpg - (104.46KB , 500x655 , hhh.jpg )

Thank you, I try my best though I often fail. You try your best as well!


>why incest?

The inherent joy of incest as depicted in fiction, and the often expressed desire towards it through these edits, stories and so on has for its root a philosophical explanation. There is a very specific reason why men like the idea of incest with a sister/mother, and it is quite a legitimate and I dare say obligatory reason if one understands the why and goes beyond mere carnal lust. I however will not elaborate on this.
>> No. 164122
Like your art work, I enjoy the ones with older brother doing little sister.

File 138160653052.jpg - (90.25KB , 569x919 , b20ab38e1aa185373b939e89678586aa50b5ddc8.jpg )
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Old thread >>138718
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>> No. 163645
File 140418154641.png - (146.48KB , 569x525 , 159753.png )
>> No. 164056
File 140521819312.jpg - (102.21KB , 472x660 , 65468446.jpg )
>> No. 164116
Yes, moar animations!

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