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Old thread >>46799

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File: 128460252373.jpg-(752.93KB, 1280x995, anma - zukoxsokka.jpg)

File: 128468670665.jpg-(858.46KB, 1000x1500, 128045402181.jpg)

File: 128496990586.jpg-(313.42KB, 839x619, bibly - man of the watertribe .jpg)
Have sum moar Sokka. Not porn, but t'is one of my favorites.

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Let me start the tread with a find from The Losers thread, an awesome Tony/Jensen crossover fic by dorky:

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Has there ever been any fic/art of Tony Stark on Top Gear?




Pretty sure this is from New Avengers: Illuminati

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Do you know what "suck the heads" means?

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File: 128153655089.jpg-(146.43KB, 840x949, Reloading_by_muse927.jpg)

File: 128334607437.png-(708.46KB, 1010x781, 1283169146938.png)


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Hot damn last thread autosaged. Here's a new one!

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That is amazingly cute.

That dildo is disturbingly cute.

File: 128486189024.jpg-(37.52KB, 300x416, penetraitor.jpg)

...Weasel, maybe? I don't care so much who he's having sex with or what the specifics are, but it needs moar Weaz.

Pic related: seriously, guys, how is there so little porn when he's like this and buddies with Deadpool?

It's the little :D face that makes it, I think.

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from college humor

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File: 127752636293.jpg-(129.83KB, 900x740, jakejakejake_by_YoshiKimos.jpg)

File: 127752652694.jpg-(183.58KB, 900x1358, space_between_them_by_YoshiKimos.jpg)
Welp, that's it.

Not much, sorry.

(the artist says this is a scene from this fic...?

File: 128478639637.png-(447.09KB, 900x760, So_Ace_by_KittehShmoo.png)

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Last thread's autosaging. >>332

Starting us off with the rest of Yamato9's S/T comic. See the first part at the end of the last thread.

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I would like to humbly request that someone direct me to more SnB!Pickles, art or fic.

File: 128477195922.jpg-(105.42KB, 900x900, Curl.jpg)
There's a club for it on Y! and some stuff on Livejournal. Sausagefestival specializes in Dethklok slash.

File: 128477213129.jpg-(110.62KB, 712x900, GettingEvenLines1.jpg)
Looks like the previous DK thread's gone the way of the Dodo.

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I know there is a meme but I think politicians deserve their own thread.

I'll provide content: An amusing bit from /y/, feel free to reserve roles.

>The negotiations began with pointed words, flourished statements and tactical use of the pen. They ended with Nick face down on the floor, and David's stout, stubby penis rhythmically and mechanically pumping his tight, virginal arse hole full of joy. Nick's penis throbbed with each visceral thrust, and seemed to grow harder each time, penetrating the air further as it hardened. It was long, slender and smooth, and his testicles glistened with sweat, like a a perfect sea shaped stone, sparkling on the shore as it bathed in the sun's light.

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I stand on the podium in the Andreev hall of the Kremlin, and you’re next to me, pale and stressed.

Every word in my speech is planned out, and I read its contents in a deep voice that took many hours of rehearsing to get right. But the excitement is so strong I keep almost stuttering. Edits are made in necessary spots, and the show goes on, dictated by an invisible director.

I have long known of you feelings for me, and I have always taken your devotion to be sincere. But how did you know how to play me right, so I could no longer live without you? And, when I was advised to say we were close and had made all these decisions together, I suddenly realized that it wouldn’t be a lie. These seventeen hard years of my rise, I always felt you were near. You did everything for us to spend more time together, and you knew how to become so irreplaceable that when your hand touched mine, I could no longer keep my balance.

Silence – always there during our encounters, as though we fear someone will hear. I bury my face in your hair, inhaling the smell of perfume and your own, barely noticeable. I thrust myself against you and am surprised at the diminutiveness of your body. The small sigh, when I carefully enter you, is the only sound to be heard, except for the almost noiseless rustle of the sheets. I move into you with increasing desperation, and a hot wave begins to appear deep in my stomach and it suddenly washes over me, bringing me to a climax.

‘I will give you the whole world,’ I breathe, crumpling on you. You turn towards me, hazel eyes trusting and serious, ‘I can’t give you anything…’

Is he serious? The mockery, which will be in so many eyes, the tabloids, the stupid claims of announcers; is he really willing to endure it for me, just so I can profit off him and remain in charge?!

But I merely shook my head, driving away unnecessary thoughts. It is simple – you’re convinced what you’re doing is for the good of Russia.

He goes down the red path. In his eyes, desperation and determination. The little fellow goes to pick up his crown. The world will come later, but Russia I have already laid at your feet.
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What's this? Putin porn?

>I couldn’t manage much more than God’s name as I felt the head make its way inside of me (I couldn’t help thinking of Chechnya).

Oh god, this is why politics porn does to me what Jesus fucking Satan porn must do to someone who's still got religion.

Well, I'm just gonna sit here in the dark, now, feeling guilty and fapping.

fuck yes do want

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Dedicated to the characters that haven't got their own threads, rare pairings and stuff like that.

Heroes and/or their rogues accepted just try to avoid posting stuff that already have their own threads for, like Superman/Batman.

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Oh god this is great. thank you so muuuuch

File: 128461621013.jpg-(348.00KB, 800x836, hatefuck.jpg)
Edited Walker's blood color to blue. /derp

This thread needs some Atrocitus/Saint Walker hatefuck.



Yes please!

...and some Larfleeze for the best and worst threesome ever.

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For rare pairs and others that don't have their own threads. That means no Tony Stark, thank you.

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During the course of Danny's life – at least for the past few months – it seemed like everything was supplanted by a 'supposed to be'.

He was supposed to be grocery shopping, or he was supposed to be relaxing with a novel, or he was supposed to be going to a business meeting, or any number of other things that normal, well-adjusted people managed to accomplish in their day-to-day lives. For Danny, though, something always seemed to come up. A friend called needing help. A costumed friend called needing help. A little old lady got pushed down in the middle of the crosswalk and the third-stringers who dealt with crap like that weren't on the scene.

(Which was a good thing, because it had actually turned out to be a trap by an alleged super-genius who swooped down to challenge the savior of the old-lady-that-was-really-a-henchman-in-disguise, and who Danny dispatched with one solid punch to the face. Some idiot trying to make a name for himself might have made a scene and started a half-assed battle that just resulted in a lot of property damage. There was always a silver lining.)

After all of the aborted attempts to accomplish something lately, he'd figured that it was safe enough to plan a movie night. Invite a bunch of people over, make popcorn and pizza, provide beer, and watch brainless action movies as a time-tested method of blowing off steam. What could go wrong with that? Considering the company he kept, everything.

"Is it just me, or am I failing at everything I attempt lately?" he asked. There was a slight philosophical bent to the question that Luke – the only one who'd bothered to show up – cheerfully ignored.

"I don't know," he answered. "The beer's pretty good."

"Thank you. That's exactly the sort of affirmation I was fishing for."

Luke cracked a smile but his eyes didn't leave the screen. Danny tossed back the dregs of his own beer and set it down on the coffee table. At this point, it was more amusing than depressing, and if he wasn't going to get to do quite what he'd planned in the first place, he might as well just jettison th
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File: 12847050432.jpg-(109.18KB, 840x600, Iron_Fist Luke_Cage Marvel.jpg)
via paheal, and why the fuck is Danny's cum black

OMG Anon you don't know how happy you made me.

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Point those fooking tentacles at me ^,,^

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I believe that's Christopher (Guy) and Paul (General).
Thanks so far!


That's it! Thanks!

Test test. One two three.

Also, bump.

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Dead Threads: >>49265 >>47743 >>46639 >>45916 >>45069 >>44414 >>43727 >>42807 >>41900 >>41426 >>40879 >>40156

Tessa's DA:
Character Q&A:
LJ Comm:
Kink Meme:
Current PChat:

How to IRC like a Hannafag:
1. go to
2. namefag
3. ???

Bee tee dubs, Sometimes the server likes to shit the bed. Just so you know.
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Well, that only took forever.

Let's make the next one good!

>>57694 New thread.

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Hey /coq/, may we have a crossover pairing thread?

(Pic slightly related, but completely adorable)

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>>57405 Uhnf I've never imagined how hot (literally) sex between Jim & Namor would be until now. Thanks bb ;D

File: 128450233830.jpg-(74.64KB, 532x769, 124199183964.jpg)

Was it? It was posted when someone else asked for Namor/Aquaman forever ago.... SORRY

Porn for penance.

ALSO FUCK YOU SPOILER TAGS. I have used you before why aren't you working?

File: 128459483537.png-(24.36KB, 329x330, LOLWATCHMEN.png)
>implying this is on the second page

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I like this one because palcomix finally added a gay site.

Requesting a rip of all the content they have so far

sorry if this is the wrong board, could you tell me which one this goes to if it is?

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Then just post any of the furry ones.


need so more foreskin guys please?

hide File: 128337478562.jpg-(147.41KB, 717x478, White_Collar_Outtake_Shot_by_drako1326.jpg)
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Some Neal/Peter por favor? Or anything White Collar in general works?

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... Tim's site says his brother Jamey (the only sibling listed) lives only blocks away. If this is your french teacher GO TO HIS HOUSE, LOOK FOR TIM, TAKE PICTURES. Oh god Tim is so perfect.

If I was in that class, I'd probably blurt out 'do you know people make your brother dickbutt with Matthew Bomer?... and that its sexy? .__.'
but FFFF
we need more content. DX

great place for content.

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Delurking to start a thread, feel free to chew me out if I do this totally wrong. I could really use some Jack Spicer or RoboJack but all I have to offer is a fluffy Raimundo/Clay :C

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File: 128442438446.jpg-(114.65KB, 457x522, 449226 - Chase_Young Jack_Spicer Xiaolin_Showdown.jpg)
Who's this artist please? (Liiiiive damn, you! LIVE!)

File: 128442450430.jpg-(55.05KB, 522x396, 449221 - Chase_Young Jack_Spicer Xiaolin_Showdown.jpg)
And this artist, too? Personally I like the cartoon style better than anime. No offense or anything.

File: 128449223315.jpg-(39.22KB, 500x500, JACKATTACK.jpg)
Uh. here. have a quickie I did of Jack for a friend.

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