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Ooookay, barring that weird incident, let's discuss. Bendy!Ted, Rocky Horror picture show, and Max being a creepy boss

Also, Is it me, or did Max get a cameo in Divided We Fall?

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Why Jaime? Because the execs at DC love him and he's tailor-made for a solo television series that will attract a large demographic of viewers.

Ted, as much as I love him and it pains me to write this, doesn't have that appeal. Tweens and teens can't relate to a pudgy middle-aged white guy. Besides, the way DC's been treating him, Ted's become the Uncle Ben of the DCU.

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"Booster Gold and Maxwell Lord are the eighties. Anyone who says otherwise is dead wrong. Fabulous hair and shark economics embodied. Reagan shmeagan! Duran Duran? More like… er… something not as cool that is also witty wordplay!"


new thread yay

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I've seen weirder requests, so I'm just gonna throw this out there. Why is there no 8BT slash? I suppose FF1 porn'll do.

(also if you haven't read the comic in a while and want me to pique your interest, the little kid Black Mage has been accidentally beating up the whole comic grows up into the final boss, Sarda the sage, and Brian has had this all planned for a whole decade)

...But yeah, I want to see this bastard getting reamed.

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Keep going.


bump again?

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We autosaged off page one, bitches. Time to cook up more dicks and gay smut for this insane fandom.

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It's probably wise for an artist to make the new thread, so as to have a noticeable picture to start it off with.

In the meantime, I'm about about one fifth through writing that Sollux/Karkat fic. Being sick has gotten me far too bogged down to do it as quickly as the last one.

Well good luck! I hope you feel better soon, being sick blows.


new thread, mofos

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File: 127786317868.jpg-(264.68KB, 800x600, 001.jpg)

File: 127975202224.jpg-(182.00KB, 800x1200, 7697643.jpg)

File: 127975204398.png-(358.74KB, 755x566, 11962840.png)

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Wrote that the other day, Spidey/DD

DD/Iron Fist, or DD/Spidey. I want a fic that focuses on Matt's heightened senses, mainly in a, uh, physical, fashion. Like he's super lots of places. Yep. That.

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Needs moar Heinz. I know I'm not the only one.

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I really dislike it when the fanfic writers put in swearwords into cartoon slashfics... idk but it really bothers me.


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Here's to little-known faggots getting the love they deserve.

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Enjoy a pretty bump

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In need of moar pics....

I know we already have a DC thread, but I figured I would bring back this thread and the content we have here already for your important documents.

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Dead Threads: >>47743 >>46639 >>45916 >>45069 >>44414 >>43727 >>42807 >>41900 >>41426 >>40879 >>40156 >>39172 >>38480 >>37910 >>36992 >>35898 >>35079 >>34623 >>34098 >>33328 >>32818 >>32233 >>31704 >>31068 >>30578

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New rule: No FUCKING wank. Just porn. Every one knows the spoiler now. Nobody cares, shut up, and post more porn.
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Yes please. <3


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I can't be the only one who thinks they're awesomely gay, right? Forget Stephanie, this is why I watch Lazytown.

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Yesyesyesyes moar Goggi/Sporty plx.


Seriously dude?

Okay, is it just me, or in this pic does Sportacus look like he's offering a handjob to Robbie?

My mind goes to terrible, wonderful places when I watch this show, I mean, Robbie's cannonically a cross-dresser and loves disguises. Sportacus is, well, Sportacus (dat body!).

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Alright, the following is not written by me, but I thought I'd share. Also, I'll post whatever Hank pictures I have. You're more than welcome to contribute and talk.

Chapter 1

Most stories of mutants coming of age usually involve a hefty dose of tragedy, angst, isolation, and abandonment. Innocent people are killed, their family shuns them, fear drives them from their homes. Some have no memory of who they were or where they came from. Still others talk of the ways in which their abilities caused endless destruction and pain. When their powers begin to manifest, typically around puberty, the stories are bleak, and they arrive at the school to find refuge from the cold, harsh lives they have fallen into.

Not me. My tale of discovering my mutation is really very uneventful. It wasn't until I had been at Xavier's school that the angst and isolation set in.

I was twelve when I started to notice the change in me. My eyes, which had been a deep brown, became snow white almost overnight. I had always had strong eyesight, but I began to notice that if I concentrated, I could see objects very closely, like I had built-in binoculars. At first, I couldn't do it for very long without getting a headache. However, as my eyes began to lose their color, my ability grew. I was able to zoom in on objects from hundreds of yards away in amazing detail and stability. Before long, I learned how to see right down to the atomic level. My pupils began to shift from round to a sort of four pointed scroll, which opened up to engulf my entire eye when my ability was in full use. Of course, it didn't take too long for my parents to figure out there was something going on.

Let me explain something about my folks; my parents are intellectuals in every sense of the word. Both are PhD's and lecture at an uncounted number of universities around the country. My mother's specialty is philosophy and religion, while my father's passion is social psychology and cultural anthropology. Needless to say, my childhood was filled with culture, deep discussions at the dinner table, and a never ending parade of the greatest minds in the world for dinner parties, h
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File: 127943445250.jpg-(38.03KB, 280x384, beast04.jpg)
Chapter 3, Part 3

That was the first time he'd ever called me friend; the first time he'd ever indicated we were any closer than student and teacher, teammates on the battlefield. After all the times I'd tried to get close to him, he was reaching out to me at the worst possible time. I did not want to tell him. I did not want to say to him what I had always feared he would know. This was not how I had planned this. The reality was too much for me, but I could not escape the train that was barreling down the track at me. I couldn't bear to look him in the eye.

"It's…It's you, Dr. McCoy," I said, my voice hoarse and poisoned with emotion, barely a whisper. I was looking down at the smooth white surface of my workstation now. The heat on my face was burning though me.

"Wha…me?" His words were steeped with confusion. He knelt there in front me stunned for a moment, then stood, slowly pulled his glasses from this face, and began to pace as he quietly began his practical analysis of my admission. "I've worked you too hard. I have asked so much of you, and you are still just a young man. You have so much to give, and I have been taking and taking without any regard to your life, Alex. I never dreamed or realized it would do this to you…" His voice wavered.

I was struck with the realization of what he was saying. I knew I could take the easy way out and let him think his reasons were correct. It would have been simple to agree with him and let it go at that. But in that flash of a moment, I understood that he was feeling guilty, feeling like a bad teacher, a bad friend. I could not let him believe that. I leapt from my chair and grabbed his arm, spinning him around to face me. I could hear his glasses hit the ground and skip off under a table.

"No! No…Dr. McCoy. That's not it…that's not it at all. I can handle that, I really can. You've been the greatest thing in my life!" I stopped suddenly. The truth was roaring ever closer, and the sound seemed more than I could take. Once again I was looking into those blue eyes. This time they were drowning in a swarm of emotions I could
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File: 127943453038.png-(335.35KB, 452x379, x-men_forever_04.png)
Chapter 4

"Holy shit," I said out loud to no one in particular; most classes were in session and the corridor was mercifully vacated.

I backed up to the cold wood of the paneling, slumped slowly down the wall, and cradled my head in my shaking, sweat-soaked hands. This time I allowed the tears to come. They ran silent and warm down my cheek.

Everything happened so suddenly. One minute I was walking in as any other lab assistant and the next I was in his arms with his lips on mine. For a moment I thought maybe it never really happened, but I could still smell him…still taste him. It was, real, alright, and I did, in fact, admit my love to Dr. Mc- to Hank. He did, in fact, kiss me.

It was so exquisite and perfect and beautiful and everything else that makes up a first kiss. It left me shimmering, struggling to bring my brain down to Earth. Like any good scientist would, I took a deep breath, put my emotions in check, and started an objective analysis of the situation.

He clearly felt at least somewhat the same way about me. Dr. M – Hank – would never have reacted the way he did if he didn't have some feelings for me. How he felt about me, exactly, was unclear. He didn't say that he loved me, but he was happy to hear my confession, and that kiss was…intense. Really, it was far more than I had ever expected, and certainly more than I felt I had deserved. At that moment, alone in the corridor, I slowly came to accept that if nothing else ever happened again, if I went back into that lab and he never so much as batted an eye at me, I at least had that one perfect moment when his lips met mine and his strong arms wrapped around me.

As I let this logic envelop me like a cool blanket, I began to emerge from my emotional storm. Yes, indeed, there were many questions and an uncertain future. I had no idea what being discovered by Logan would mean; Hank's and my future at the school might be in jeopardy.

But I didn't have to hide anymore; not from him, not from myself. I love him, he knew it, and nothing else mattered.
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Shall we continue?

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File: 127920092361.jpg-(372.85KB, 1500x1067, 000bhfy7.jpg)

File: 127955827716.jpg-(234.29KB, 900x1172, ST_Doddles_XD_by_Mkb_Diapason.jpg)

File: 127959014856.png-(474.20KB, 800x639, manpile.png)

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Old thread here >>45492
No one else did it, so I did.

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That's the reason I chose a completely different name, actually. But yeah, people are really nice at P4C, or at least in the MSPA threads.

(Oh man I hope I'm not coming off that way to you of all people aw damn.)

I don't always namefag it up either because outside of the plushrump comm on LJ I've contributed exactly one thing to the homestuck pornroll :B

and if I can be totally honest here, the only unappealing thing I've seen you do is repeatedly wibble how you don't wanna be seen as an attention whore. you do good stuff, people respond to that, and thanking them or talking about your work isn't attention whoring. don't worry so much.

Looks like we're off page 1, so I started >>49896.

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The last Star Trek thread has finally fallen to the power of the Autosage. Let's get another going.

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File: 127876382652.jpg-(91.69KB, 627x652, hithar.jpg)

File: 127880823578.jpg-(332.18KB, 800x714, ks07b.jpg)

Time for a new thread, guys?

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Old thread here >>44231

So I'm looking for scans where the SuperBuddies go to a world where Max led a team of strippers and Booster pimp slapped someone in it

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I am now picturing Max having to go through corporate sensitivity training. NO GROPING IN THE WORKPLACE, MR. LORD.

Also, we're autosaging.

I'll make the new thread


New thread


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Past threads: >>46639 >>45916>>45069>>44414 >>43727 >>42807 >>41900>>41426 >>40879 >>40156 >>39172 >>38480 >>37910 >>36992 >>35898 >>35079 >>34623 >>34098 >>33328 >>32818 >>32233 >>31704 >>31068 >>30578

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Aww shucks, that was me. I was waiting til we got a new thread going to put it up here, heh. Looks like we're heading for the third page? Anyway, glad you like.


Sorry, mans. Get mad at me if you want, but I'm making a new thread now. We're on the third page.

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