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Can I resurrect the Doctor Who thread?

With Tennant finally gone I miss the skinny little git, plus End of Time Master = hot.

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File: 128374081296.jpg-(128.42KB, 533x800, 16735 - Doctor_Who The_Master.jpg)

File: 128374084175.jpg-(111.82KB, 549x800, 16736 - Doctor_Who The_Master.jpg)

File: 128374092281.jpg-(218.01KB, 900x748, 16737 - Doctor_Who The_Master.jpg)

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Old thread here -

This cover rocks. Also, Booster + tentacle monsters.

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Then we can have a Ted Lantern rainbow. Yes.


Aaaaaaaaaand now I want Booster in the center of a Ted Lantern Harem.


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We reached autosage again.

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File: 128151333734.jpg-(130.81KB, 522x600, 1281392237333.jpg)
Not sure if these have been rec'd yet, but I'd thought I'd share some good fanfiction I've found:




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File: 128277130314.jpg-(27.90KB, 344x500, saynomore - DSD.jpg)

File: 128361124329.jpg-(19.06KB, 400x254, saynomore - Ramadan night.jpg)

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Someone mentioned some ambiguously gay mayor? I think it's time for Hundred promotions. It's the American Way.

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You've GOT to!


Is there any Mitchell/Kremlin? I want.

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Dick Grayson; getting /everyone/ hot and bothered since 1940.

Show some love.

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Inadequate. :[


File: 128349439817.jpg-(105.13KB, 900x675, tumblr_l85q6olnge1qcdgzyo1_1280.jpg)

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Any OzyCom fans here? Adrian and Eddie needs moar love. (so Dan/Adrian and Eddie/Walter also cool I guess, not that I don't like Dan x Rory (thread here:

art from:

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Eugene's back. He's putting all his fic up at slowly but surely. :)



and look at this prompt;
considering Eddie's oral fixation, I want Eddie to rim Adrian until Adrian begs, and keep going.

It's HS, if you haven't yet, you should totally read the HS universe (find it via watchmen_dir, search for "Phantom"). Walter/Dan/Laurie is main, but lots of Adrian/Eddie.

It's mostly Adrian/Eddie instead of Eddie/Adrian, but it's hot and it actually makes sense... (in GNverse, I see it as Eddie/Adrian of often dubious consent, but in HS, Eddie and Adrian are friends and thus Eddie trust Adrian).

Knifeplay (still HSverse, when they are older...HS anon had beenn hinting that Eddie grows up to be someone real agent?);

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You know you want it, /co/mrades.

ITT: any and all hot SH queer guy/monster/ghost action!

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I would kill for some Alex/anyone.

(..but mostly Alex/Josh oh god going to hell)

I agree. More Alex please.

How about some Robbie The Rabbit?

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After almost a year, the old OJ thread autosaged! Yay, us!

So here's the next one, continued from this previous post:


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Quick! Someone stop me! I want to write Osmosis Jones fanfiction! D:

It's official.
I just can't get turned on by Trax.



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Go nuts. Don't be scared kiddies. Authors don't bite.

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uhm, a prompt for anyone looking for something to draw/write? : Jensen hides cameras in places people have sex.
Maybe where he and Cougar do the deed, so he can look back on the videos fondly, or maybe he's a creepy voyeur and sneaks them into Clay's room?

My friend works at Blockbuster.
He came over. And brought..
The Losers DVD.
Its not out for another week.
Deleted scenes, here I come.
oh please let there be Jensen goodness.

1. Clay fucks him like the experience lover that he is. But a tired one. A tired stressed one which is usually how the man is feeling whenever he comes to Jensen in the first place. The blonde doesn't complain though. He enjoys it and knows that the older man needs the release.

2. Roque … Roque fucks him hard and rough. And its painful but good in a weird way. The man has anger issues and it just so happens that the mouthy blonde seems to be the easiest to take it out on. Jensen would be lying if he said he wasn't happy when it was over but he wouldn't admit to himself that he was happy over the wrong reasons.

3. He and Pooch fucked once. It was tender and long and emotional. It had been a tough night for the black man and maybe it had finally hit him that he might not see his family again … or something. But Jensen knew the other man regretted it. He kinda did too so he pretended like it never happened. Sometimes though he couldn't help but feel … wrong … or something every time Pooch would talk about his family.

4. Cougar was a surprise. The silent sniper had always been there for the blonde. He thinks back about it now. He knows that Cougar had always been a bit grumpier after Jensen spent the night with Clay. He was the only man on the team that didn't ignore the bruises left by Roque. He also seemed to be close by after the blonde had ruined things with Pooch. He can't help but smile as he thinks about it.

Cougar is possessive. He makes it hard for the blonde to breathe as their bodies meet. Jensen
would almost compare this to making love except he doesn't really think that there's any thing like love involved and he doesn't want to ruin it with his own cracked up thought process. But he can't help but feel this is the closest he's ever been to it. He really hopes he never says anything like that during it. Because the things his Mexican teammate can do … he definitely has no control over what comes out of his mouth.

He doesn't fuck with anyone else anymore. Just Cougar and his silent possessive strength. It could have to do with Aisha joining the team so Clay
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Last thread:

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File: 128336463046.jpg-(356.63KB, 540x600, 12786914.jpg)

fffffffhahahahahaOH MY GOD. I need to see this.
Saito could be the Mayor?
And Ariadne as Ms. Bellum?

"You mean are we okay?" He can't hold back the laugh. "Oh yeah, Eames. We're fine. Just one of our old professional disagreements."

Eames' hand tightened around his bicep and dragged him behind a wall, screening them from the crowded street. "You know what I mean, Arthur."

"Yes, I figured you'd always wanted to do that."

"Quiet, darling. Play nice."

"Unfortunately for you, niceness isn't one of my natural traits."

"Yes, well, you're a nasty piece of work and there's no mistake about that."

He can hear people talking in the street behind the wall and eyes Eames' hungry expression. It's cheap victory, but he'll take what he can get. He doesn't have a heart to break anymore and it's time to play fast and loose with Eames'. The sonofabitch has tried to break his heart under controlled conditions in order to somehow have him to himself. Arthur doesn't know what they're supposed to do once Cobb is out of the picture-- what, gaze longingly at one another and never dare to do anything about it because Eames is bound by some sort of romantic code that forbids him to touch Arthur unless Arthur is exclusively in love with him? Fuck no.

"Was it good for you too?" Arthur asks, silkily, spitefully. Eames backs him up so his ass hits a brick wall, angry and horny and sexy as fuck.
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Can we get a BeastBoy thread up in here? Dumping what I've got.

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File: 128014977431.jpg-(182.47KB, 756x785, Innoccence - Little Green Slave -FullviewPlease-.jpg)

File: 128320733249.jpg-(552.90KB, 800x1168, bb1.jpg)
Just a lil' taste of something I'm working on.


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Title: Sweet talk
Author: Soraya
Rating: Adults Only (NC-17)
Genre: Slash, First Time
Pairing: Harry/Perry
Disclaimer: Not mine, Shane Black and others own Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Warnings: Contains descriptions of male/male sexual activity


Before we get started, I need to get one thing straight: this is all Perry's fault.

You're surprised, I can tell. Which kind of hurts my feelings and shit, but guess what: I'll get over it! I'm used to being underestimated. Perry does it all the time, along with the swearing and the shouting and that incredibly gay nose-tapping thing that kind of reminds me of my niece Chloe.

Okay, see what I did there? How I slipped in the thing about Perry swearing without making it seem like a total non sequitur? That part's important; you'll find out why in a minute; but for the purposes me narrating here, let's just say that Perry swears a lot when he's mad.
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File: 127620874456.jpg-(76.34KB, 640x640, Drkav - PerryHarry.jpg)
There's this crossover I didn't realize I'd like, but it's Harry and Kozak from Shaggy Dog. There were a bunch of pictures drawn, and then they just stopped. Oh well...

Anyway, Harry and Perry...

File: 127834122026.jpg-(378.23KB, 800x961, HarryPerrycoloures.psd.jpg)


I'm so late with this it's not fucking funny. Sorry won't cut it, I know. That's why I bring you porn, my lovelies. Enjoy! If there's anyone still following this...

I will be posting this to the lj comm, now.

Not something to be proud of – part IX

Perry stares up at the ceiling, panting, breathless with exertion and disbelieving wonder. He rolls to his side, kneeling up and shaking his head to clear it. He looks up just in time to see the Smirk on Harry's face, eyes darkly sparkling with the smugness of a haughty feline predator. It's the sixth time Perry's ended on his back since their sparring began.

Harry Bounces in Place, eager and flushed with adrenaline. Watching Perry's every move with something in his eyes akin to how a cat stares down at a little mouse, debating how to play with it before going in for the kill.

Perry feels a shiver go down his spine; feels the skin of his whole body prickle and stand on end under Harry's half-lidded eyes. Nothing could have prepared him for this, he realizes. Nothing could have prepared him to deal with the real weight of the Subtle Lurker's eyes on him. The dangerous feel of Harry's body poised for violence, be it defending or attacking.
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How do you feel about a World of Warcraft thread?

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File: 128373338663.jpg-(70.87KB, 700x584, udsurprise.jpg)

File: 128417368680.png-(308.15KB, 900x525, WowbelfTroll.png)
Double artists meme. I thought I'd share our lovely Troll/Belf couple~

...I'm responsible for the lazily done troll.

File: 128420802616.jpg-(276.83KB, 706x800, flex.jpg)
The troll is beautiful. :)

nsfw because tauren

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New thread!

Previous is here: >>36570

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It is.

Bumpyty bump.

This one autosaged, new one here >>55914

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I have seen worse on that board, so I was wondering if...

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Well you kind of wrote yourself in a corner with that last chapter. But who am I to talk im not a writer.
However if I was I would write about Dr. being molested by the guard or guards : ) at the asylum.

Bump to preserve an awesome thread.

File: 12831536643.jpg-(42.74KB, 330x389, Batman_Hugo_Strange.jpg)
Hugo Strange?

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