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File 135435671317.jpg - (105.35KB , 650x650 , image.jpg )
70184 No. 70184
3833 < many happy r33fturns!!!
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>> No. 70186
Hey look someone finally took their responsibility and made a new one
>> No. 70187
>> No. 70188
That is the most girly-ass sprite I have ever seen.
>> No. 70191
Nepfef or Fefnep, I would think.
>> No. 70194
Gog no, that's awful.
>> No. 70195
It fits the precedent. Tavrisprite and Erisolsprit both used the first three letters of their namesakes, and none of the last.

Also, Nepfef is incredibly fun to say, so bite me.
>> No. 70196
I'm going with Neferi
>> No. 70200
Fefeta is easily the most fun to say.
>> No. 70211
Jane has the patience of a saint, my word
>> No. 70212
Im not reading that
>> No. 70213
ooohhhhh shit
>> No. 70214
jake's sprite has had to listen to 5 months' worth of this shit
>> No. 70215
Oh, hey, wow. I hadn't even noticed the Alpha version of the Mayor in that picture until now!
>> No. 70216
>> No. 70217
I wonder if it's just a Hope thing to be really awful and shitty at relationships because holy fucking cow, Jake, even Eridan is literally shaking his head at you right now
>> No. 70218
Oh man, I'm going to love this.
>> No. 70219
o janey

janey jaeny janey
>> No. 70220
File 135442063036.png - (110.85KB , 666x666 , 1353380004013.png )
I'm glad Hussie is finally facing the reality of the consequences of teenagers being utter shit to each other.

I mean, if I'd had to put up with a fraction of the shit the pre-Scratch kids pulled on each other I'd have killed the shit out of them with little delay.

>Oh hey, I'm going to accidentally spawn a hyper-murderboss!
>Oh hey, I'm going to fall asleep during important moments!
>Oh hey, I'm a useless ass despite having fucking TIME POWERS!
>Oh hey, I'm an egotistical cunt with nihilistic views who is now apparently an alcoholic!

They're all fucking horrible people, really. I will shed no tears if Hussie perma-kills all of them.
>> No. 70221
Jade didn't create the unkillable godNoir, Bec was the one who prototyped himself. John was attempting to prototype a doll when the fucking dog warped it into space and jumped into the sprite.

Also John fell asleep because of Vriska fuckery
>> No. 70222
>How could you possibly forget my childish insignificant birthday party after spending months in a barren, dead wasteland constantly surrounded by monsters that want to kill you at every turn! You meanie!! ;_;
>> No. 70223
This update sure is luring a lot of assholes from the woodwork
>> No. 70224
Ain't that the truth.
>> No. 70225
It should be fairly obvious that this is the proverbial straw (the camel back breaking one, not the man one) in what has been a very long and strong pattern of Jake being a complete and utter bubble head in all the worst ways to Jane.

Frankly I'm sad that Jane bottled this up for so long that it had to come out like this, but at the same time this is so much more entertaining. Which is the point, from a meta-narrative point of view, so I'm happy.

True story bro.
>> No. 70226
does the Page class make you "one without x" or something because jesus christ Jake, how self absorbed can you even BE.
>> No. 70227
"Hope" should be read here as "denial" or "delusions." Jake is living out a fantasy where people give a shit about all the stupid things he's saying.
>> No. 70228
Yess, Hussie brought up the house building aspect again. Maybe be will at some point find out its greater significance.
>> No. 70229
It's like Jane is in reverse friendzone!
>> No. 70230
Nobody's at fault here, Jake is just being a stupid teenager like teenagers tend to be. Same goes for Dirk and Jane, they're just being normal kids growing up and fucking up. That was the point of this whole bit.
>> No. 70231




>> No. 70232
also, janes dad
>> No. 70233
She's going to burst out of the cake and give Jane a lapdance during the party.
>> No. 70234
that is a perfectly sensible reaction, actually
i wonder for how long jane has had to put up with this
>> No. 70235
dat trollage
>> No. 70236
Yeah, let's give them a break. It's hard being a kid and growing up. It's hard and nobody understands.
>> No. 70237
Anyone else notice that the two successful abomination sprites have half a horn set from each troll, while Tavriskasprite had horns that fused both trolls' horns? Maybe it's a hint to why s/he exploded while these two kept going on. Their fusions probably weren't as integrated.
>> No. 70239
>page of void
>one without void
>because he has everything filled
>he makes sure all his holes get filled
Congrats on getting me to think that.
>> No. 70240
That fits well with Tavros if you like that theory that Breath = Indivuality.
Page of Breath, one without Individuality...
>> No. 70241
I'm the guy who first said that over in the other thread. I dunno why I wrote individuality when I meant independence. That's what you get for staying up late. So... Tavros would be one without independence.

gotta go fix that post
>> No. 70243
File 135447152147.jpg - (553.16KB , 600x900 , asr.jpg )
why do people keep saying Dirk is being too clingy for wanting to be informed where one of the last human beings left alive is in a shithole full of monsters and death traps?

He even said outright its fine if Jake is just sick of him and needs to get away for a while.
>> No. 70248
It's the needy tone of his text messages, not the fact that he's checking on him alone. Like if it had been "Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while. Are you okay?" That wouldn't be needy. But he gave this whole long, needy schpiel.
>> No. 70260
File 135451078121.gif - (11.12KB , 650x450 , concerned cat people.gif )
>that reaction
>> No. 70261
File 135451203474.jpg - (32.75KB , 250x375 , mfw.jpg )
>Hope heroes
>> No. 70262
>explicitly and emphatically tell an extremely dense kid you don't like him

>throw a tantrum when he believes you
>> No. 70263
>> No. 70264
never doubt the huss, these updates have been golden
>> No. 70265
A distinct lack of carapace person in the latest panel, I'm guessing he made his way to a safe distance as soon as things started getting heated. Also interesting is this scared looking neon cloud guy.
>> No. 70266
File 135451410968.png - (2.45KB , 126x109 , Even Noble Gasses Are Afraid of Her.png )
Whoops, forgot to upload the picture.
>> No. 70267
Oh my god this is beautiful
>> No. 70268
>> No. 70269
>GT: If you told me you had the hots for dirk i would have backed off without another word.

This line had me cracking up. Jake you magnificent idiot.

There is something I don't get about one of the recent pages though.

>GT: What, like a year already since we entered? Holy moly, where does the time go.
GG: It's been more like five months.

If Jane entered the medium on her birthday, and it has been five months since then, how the fuck is it her birthday again? She shouldn't be 16 for another 7 months.

This is making me think there's some weird time shit in play, like they're moving through time at different speeds or something, which would also explain why days to Jake is weeks to Jane (assuming it isn't caused by Jake being inattentive, which is totally possible). Maybe it has something to do with which planet they are on? It could just be that some planets have shorter days than others.
>> No. 70270
File 135451777744.png - (372.86KB , 617x652 , yui europe.png )
>mfw jake is an idiot

its wonderful
>> No. 70272
They entered on 11/11/11, not on Jane's birthday.
>> No. 70273
>dat table flippage

Methinks this is a long time coming. I wonder if Jake's been ignoring Roxy similarly?
>> No. 70279
Prospit kids

more like

~The Esteemed Noble House of Stupid Faces and Anger Management Issues~
>> No. 70280
Fefeta confirmed.
>> No. 70281
Fefeta actually does not seem especially purrturbed by this turn of events.
>> No. 70286
File 135453636385.gif - (489.55KB , 200x270 , yessssss.gif )
>> No. 70289
What do you mean? She got so upset, she's mathematically wrong. 3833 is not less than 383.
>> No. 70291
well, it's seems to be part of their quests
the prospit dreamers have to get in touch with the "darker" emotions and aspects/flaws of their personalities and either overcome or accept them
and the dersites need to learn to lighten up a bit, drop the facades and grow out of their self-loathing
>> No. 70292
Surprised people are so shocked and outraged that Jake doesn't believe Jane had a thing for him. He asked her point blank and she said no very clearly to him and showed no signs (in-chat) of not being truthful. So no shit he would assume it must be Dirk instead

People are forgetting that Jake is the same kid who took Dirk's "The world is destroyed by the Betty Crocker corporation working in conjunction with an alien witch and the Insane Clown Posse" story at face value, no questions asked.
>> No. 70295
it seems to be analogous to the boy skylark class of FLARP mentioned in alterniabound. basically an heir except stronger, and doesnt inherit its powers until much later.

so it can be interpreted as one who must go without x i guess
>> No. 70298

Jane is overreacting because John also overreacted...
>> No. 70299
The fact that something is in-character does not mean it's not still boneheaded. Jake's just consistently boneheaded.
>> No. 70300
Jake's derp + Jane's bottled up anger = John's flip out
>> No. 70302
I wouldn't really say it's overreacting.
Jake really is being a tremendous dick, accidentally or no. Having to put up with five months of such self-absorbed idiocy would have me reacting similarly.
>> No. 70313
but Jane could had avoided the whole problem just by being direct and clear before
if she should had tell him her true feelings, is not like she didn't know him enough to realize Jake pretty much have no ability to recognize her feeling on his own
>> No. 70316
There's plenty of reasons why a teenager wouldn't do that though, including fear of rejection, and hoping that the person you like likes you back enough to come to the conclusion on their own so it isn't so one-sided.
>> No. 70319
She's not free of blame, true, but at the same time it doesn't excuse Jake being a self-centered douchewizard.
>> No. 70320
that's not the point
jake forgets her birthday, calls her up for the first time in several weeks and bothers her by babbling and babbling for god knows how long about his relationship troubles and completely irrelevant crap and is completely clueless not only as to how annoying and self-centred he actually is, but also of jane's feelings about what their relationship has become since they entered the game (ie he calls her every few weeks to ramble about dirk)
>> No. 70329

Ha! Take that, people with poor naming sense! Concatenated names are best names.
>> No. 70331
That really was a sweet abscond by Jane.
>> No. 70332
poor roxy ;_;
>> No. 70333
Right overreaction wasn't quite the right word.

>> No. 70334
>I had a problem :(
Ahw, poor Rox.

But seriously girl? Maybe not the best time to ask wether it's ok to jump Jake's bones?
>> No. 70335
I actually feel really bad for Fefeta. She can't seem to talk? And is forced to have a stupid cat grin even when feeling terrible? Damn yo.
>> No. 70336
I like that "acrobatic fucking pirouette" is now, like, an official maneuver. That's really far from the point I'm aware
>> No. 70338
She may seem all emotionally stable right now, but just you wait. Sooner or later, someone will bring up the subject of water and she'll have an emotional meltdown like you wouldn't believe.
>> No. 70339
Oh Roxy. :( You fucked up, but at least you tried to console her.
>> No. 70340

Given that Roxy apparently knows about Fefeta's historical problems with dudes, I imagine she can talk and just is not for now for unclear reasons.
>> No. 70341
I like how Fefetasprite's job in this scene is to provide Jane and Roxy with a spritelog to have their conversation in.
>> No. 70345
I think this is mostly how I feel in this situation, too. She just wants everyone to get the fuck along, is that so goddamn hard?
>> No. 70347
Well, this served a purpose. Now we've got four kids on four different planets who won't talk to each other. When the betas arrive, their first task will be to help their counterpart out.
>> No. 70348
I kinda hope each kid helps a teen they aren't related to.
>> No. 70349
File 135466576233.png - (159.61KB , 500x1112 , Teens Roxy I_quit_drinking.png )
>Poor Roxy
I know that feel, Roxy.
>> No. 70352
Man, I am SO ready for the beta kids and the surviving trolls to finally enter the Alpha. Even if all they manage to do is fuck things up WORSE than the beta kids already are (since it's entirely possible their coming with all their "live" planets or whatever will make this into an active session instead of a void one, which could make things more dangerous--plus they've got Bec Noir and the Peregrine Mendicant in tow and will almost certainly draw Lord English's attention to the Alpha on top of it), it'll be great to see how the Alpha kids react to all this insanity.
>> No. 70353
I'm thinking they may work by personality flaws/chumhandles? While it'd be hilarious, I don't think, say, Dave could be a mentor to Jake. So...
Jane/Jade (GG, anger management), Roxy/Dave (TG, dropping the mask), Dirk/Rose (TT gotta-save-everyone syndrome) and Jake/John (GT being less derpy)?
>> No. 70356
where are you taking us next
>> No. 70361
So apparently Fefeta is usually a big chatterbox. She just didn't want to be a part of that conversation. Who can blame her?
>> No. 70363
Have we ever seen a sprite go to sleep? What will happen to Fefeta's ghost/dream/whatever self if they still exist?
>> No. 70364
Well, Erisol, Tavris and Fefeta aren't exactly normal sprites. I mean, they are made from the bodies of dead players from another session who reside in the dreambubbles, so who even knows what's up with that. It's possible that they go to the dreambubbles and inhabit their own separate bodies for a while, since that's where they came from and that's where Tavros and Vriska returned to after splitting. But since ignoring their spritedom by staying permanently asleep apparently isn't a thing they do despite hating their existence, it's possible that they either go there in spriteform or feel some sort of urge to return to their player.

As for the other sprites, well, I don't think Nanna or Jaspers or Crabdad are capable of sleep. And even if they are, they wouldn't go to the dreambubbles. Neither would Davesprite, since he wasn't dead upon being prototyped. Jadesprite likely would, though, unless dreamselves have special rules.
>> No. 70366
well FUCK
>> No. 70367
Fefeta is a catfish...
>> No. 70368
So is this the first time we have an actual damsel-in-distress in this comic?
>> No. 70371
Fefeta is a catfish and the Condesce is a fish with a (g)cat, eh.

So, what's gonna happen to Rox? Kidnapping? Mind control? 3x2stabbed? Wake up a while later and resume life?
>> No. 70373
>> No. 70375
File 135469434525.gif?spoiler - (75.79KB , 650x450 , 05542.gif?spoiler )

I am scared for what will happen now. She's been dormant for this long for a reason. This must mean she's ready to open her industrial sized can of Behemoth Leavings and upend it into the Large Whirling Device.

This is part of why I don't like Meenah as much as everyone else seems to. At the base level she's a bitch with few redeeming qualities besides (for Meenah) being kinda funny while being a bitch and (for the Batter Witch) being a scary antagonist.
>> No. 70376
I dunno. From how she interacted with Mituna and Cronus, Meenah didn't really seem like a complete bitch at heart to me. And while she did kill 12 people that one time, we shouldn't forget that she did it seconds before their inevitable, complete annihilation, and with the express purpose to spare them that.

As for HIC, yeah she's probably not gonna kill Roxy. Or even try to. If she wanted them dead, she could have done it literally months ago. This is gonna be more insidious.
>> No. 70377
>> No. 70378
I don't care, man. I know the Condesce is a horrible monster whose crimes against sentient life are indescribable and all, but I can't help but admire her a bit because she's the motherfucking Condesce. Also, Karkat's respect for her helps a bit too. And there's Meenah too. She may have used her "friends" for her own ends without giving a damn about their well being, but it's quite clear she's feeling some remorse for it now that she realizes they didn't amount to much.
>> No. 70379
The big difference between Meenah and the Fishbitch is the society in which they were born/crash'd. Meenah grew up in a world where taking care of others is not only expected, but also more or less required, where the higher castes were supposed to look after those of lower standing. She's rebellious, violent, a bit of a jerk and would probably have razed it all had she been given the chance, but she's not a monster. The Condesce, on the other hand, grew up in a society of danger, callousness, violence and oppression, as a result of Scratch's machinations. It's true that she embraced her role as Empress fully and made it even worse than it originally was, but she's still not the same Meenah we know.

If you'd go back in time and grow up in a shitty ghetto, with no family except a dog, you'd be a completely different person. Or, you could be born into a wealthy, happy and luxurious household with a loving family and all the things you could want. Either way, that person would not be the same you as the one you know.
>> No. 70380
Man, Meenah's fun because even though she FANCIES herself a villain, really she's kind of a dork and it's adorable and funny to watch her try so hard to be a badass.
>> No. 70381
I don't think Meenah and HIC should be considered the same person, even if they are biologically. Just look at how different Aranea is from Mindfang.
>> No. 70382
Can anyone seriously see a teen Condesce beat boxing fishpun style? Hell no. Totally different backgrounds.
>> No. 70385
God the tumblr update tag is awful.
Roxy can't go god tier on LOPAN because she doesn't have a dreamself, GCAT's been shown to be manipulated by the Condesce before, and they already explained why she has those troll powers (as empress she had latent abilities for it all along, and just had the time to hone them).
>> No. 70386
Actually, her current body is her dreamself. And we know via aradia, dave, and rose that people who only have their dreamself bodies left can ascend via Quest Crypt.
>> No. 70387
>as empress she had latent abilities for it all along, and just had the time to hone them
Actually, no. She just did some genetic engineering.
>> No. 70389

The point is she couldn't go god tier on LOPAN, and the Condesce didn't get her troll powers from them being thrown in the sprites, which is what tumblr people are theorizing.
>> No. 70393
While they wouldn't be the same person there would be some similiarities between the two people.

Personally I hope Jake breaks up with Dirk. I want to see it happen, because I hate Dirk. I don't think they are any good for each other either.
>> No. 70394
>Personally I hope Jake breaks up with Dirk. I want to see it happen, because I hate Dirk.
Funny, I want the same thing because I hate Jake.
>> No. 70396
Well shit....
>> No. 70397
And I, as the third option, want to see them break up because Dirk is guaranteed to respond to emotional distress in some very weird ways.
>> No. 70398
Why exactly couldn't Roxy fly/float seeing that she's somewhat of her own dreamself now? She just dropped like a stone. Dave's and Rose's were able to fly when they went to carry on the Tumor/Green Sun mission.
>> No. 70399
File 135476855636.jpg - (40.10KB , 268x265 , cat.jpg )
I want Jake to realize he was just in a slump and still really likes Dirk

Then I want Jane to turn to Roxy for comfort because with society as we know it gone she doesn't care about the social stigma anymore

And then I want Roxy to suggest that as long as they're breaking old, irrelevant taboos maybs Dirk could talk Jake into maintaining an open relationship to stave off that Strider Fatigue every now and then
>> No. 70400
I guess she must have been able to a certain extent, otherwise she'd just be red mush on the pavement right now.

Maybe it only works up to a certain height, so she was freefalling for a while and managed to not die by using the hover ability as a parachute. She still hit the ground hard, but it could have been much worse.
>> No. 70401
I want John and Dave to have to dress up as Dersites or Drones to rescue Roxy from a detention block and her to go "omg ur way 2 short for a archagent lol"
>> No. 70402
>> No. 70403
Go on, Jane. Unleash that anger on Caliborn. He actually fucking deserves it.
>> No. 70404
No, I want Jake and Dirk to break up because they aren't right for one another, you can see this now.
>> No. 70405
wait. isn't Jane using the recipie modus?

In that case, is this something Dad had in his wallet?

>> No. 70406
probably his bing crosby laptop that he managed to stash just in time.

you know, like how he had in the pre-Scratch when John found it.
>> No. 70409
Huh, wonder what the douche of time wants?
>> No. 70410
Huh, wonder what the douche of time wants?
>> No. 70415

>> No. 70416
Stop being accidentally adorable, you absurd little fucker.
>> No. 70417
If Cherub culture values assholery and hatred doesn't that mean that Caliborn is actually a sweet guy and Calliope was a gigantic bitch?
>> No. 70418
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry through that entire conversation.

Also, I've noticed that half of my reaction to updates is based on how I expect the fandom to react to them. The revelation of the pillow fight was especially frightening in this regard.
>> No. 70419
Caliborn managed to say love and friend a few times. Was that involuntary key mashing claim just bullshit?
>> No. 70420
This is the same kid who said that his species doesn't /have/ a culture in A6I4, and who got told by hussie that he didn't know shit about his own species.

Caliborn's just a lying liar who lies through his pointy little green teeth.
>> No. 70421
Well golly what do you think
>> No. 70422
jesus christ, all those towers and screens. And he's not even gotten to his own land yet.

he must've been there quite some time by now.
>> No. 70429
>> No. 70430
File 135491654471.png?spoiler - (186.30KB , 597x1277 , 1.png?spoiler )
>> No. 70431
File 135491660577.png?spoiler - (208.53KB , 600x1134 , 2.png?spoiler )
>> No. 70432
File 135491674555.png?spoiler - (453.26KB , 679x3593 , 3.png?spoiler )
>> No. 70433
File 135491686175.png?spoiler - (20.59KB , 650x650 , 4.png?spoiler )
>> No. 70434
Why is the site down? Does anyone know?
>> No. 70435
>> No. 70436
Because homestuck never actually existed. It was a mass hallucination, like candle cove.
>> No. 70437
Caliborn has so many christmas trees :3c
>> No. 70438
File 135492859324.png - (83.01KB , 609x678 , reasonfordowntime.png )
I'll just leave this here
>> No. 70441
>Meenah =/= Condesce
I never meant to imply I thought they were the same or should be treated like they have the same history at all. I was just using their similarities to point out why I 1) love to hate the Batter Witch and 2) am not so impressed with Meenah.

>Meenah's fun because even though she FANCIES herself a villain
This is a good point and kinda makes me appreciate her character more. Even if she is a fishbitch.

>Latest update
Where do guys think Caliborn got the Karkat-like idea to try to make friends with Jane/the teens? And what convinced him to actually try it?
Not sure how much longer to courtesy spoiler these things.
>> No. 70442
I didn't know that was a thing we did, apart from big flashes
>> No. 70443
File 135495819075.png - (104.25KB , 1200x1000 , tumblr_melajsNCeV1ruz6exo1_1280.png )
The most possible outcome.
>> No. 70446
File 13549944028.jpg - (42.06KB , 350x478 , troll_mathemathics_pi.jpg )
Caliborn's drawing kinda reminds me of this.
>> No. 70448
You know, I appreciate the fact that Homestuck is funny and has great gags, I really do. But I wish it could,from time to time, not turn EVERYTHING into a joke.
Lord English, what was once the only ''serious business character'', by the virtue of his non-presence in the story(while still remaining hugely intimidating) has been reduced to...Caliborn. The biggest bad in the series is literally ''retarded sexist karkat". LITERALLY retarded.
That said "JANE BITCH. I HAVE NEW ORDERS" is the funniest line in a while.
>> No. 70449
I like it. Didn't the previous sessions have at least some semblance of player/enemy team up? It would be awesome if Roxy decided "Fuck the quest, I'm chilling with the boss for a while". it'd be a good parallel to Rose trying to go against the game design as well...I think
>> No. 70450
I like it. Didn't the previous sessions have at least some semblance of player/enemy team up? It would be awesome if Roxy decided "Fuck the quest, I'm chilling with the boss for a while". it'd be a good parallel to Rose trying to go against the game design as well...I think
>> No. 70451
I understand where you're coming from but Homestuck just isn't that kind of story. There are serious moments, like Cascade, and while I like those I wouldn't want them to become too frequent. As for characters, they can be threatening and funny at the same time. Remember that before act 5.2 ended, Bec Noir showing up was usually a pretty big "oh shit" moment, but he was still funny at times. Claiborn may not be threatening right now, but that's not due to him being funny as much as it is due to him just not being a threat right now.

Let's wait til Caliborn starts wrecking shit and/or actually starts turning into Lord English before deciding how intimidating he is.
>> No. 70452
fuck...connection here is kind of twitchy. didn't realize I had already posted this. Terribly sorry.
>> No. 70455
Nice knowing you Dad.
>> No. 70456
that guy's such a slacker
with regards to vital metabolic functions
>> No. 70457
He might not be dead, it would be very in-character of Caliborn to just be fucking with her.

I mean he's probably going to bite it again at some point but it might not be now.
>> No. 70458
I bet he'll be dead before John enters the alpha session.
Just because it would be very disappointing for John.
And Hussie likes his characters to be sad.
>> No. 70459
Ha ha what a cutie pie! Such an adorable little misunderstood scamp!
>> No. 70460
File 13550348611.jpg - (16.79KB , 475x475 , deadpool remembering a funny joke.jpg )
>after all the shit Caliborn has done, calling Jane fat is what dumblr considers crossing the line into unforgivable heinous monster that you are a piece of shit for daring to like
>> No. 70461
I kind of doubt Dad is dead. For starters, as was already pointed out, Calliborn is prone to fucking with people. But for seconders, he never actually said he saw Dad die, he just said he saw him getting tortured/what have you by the prison people and that there's no way he could survive it with his weak, human constitution. Saying "There's no way he could survive" is pretty much a guarantee that the character in question is alive.
>> No. 70462
This is Dad we're talking about here. His previous incarnation threw a safe through a Dersite wall and beat the Hegemonic Brute into submission with ease. I truly doubt the "horrors" of Dersite prison have killed him.
>> No. 70463
Plus, the previous incarnation of the prison was run by Jack, who was almost certainly all about senseless brutality. This one will be under DD's thumb.

DD is a touch more subtle. He'd know Dad's useful alive.
>> No. 70465
That's just the obvious thing Hussie wants us to think.
>> No. 70466
Oh fuck it's like Layton logic
Since it looks obvious that Dad is still alive, then he should still be alive. That means it is absolutely not the case.
I'm betting Dad is dead but he actually wasn't the guy in the cell.
>> No. 70510
At first I thought, "Man, whoever runs Prospit sure is a pushover."

Then I thought, "Man, whoever runs Prospit sure is a shrewd genius who knows just the right buttons to push."
>> No. 70534
With all this teen drama going around, the carapaces really are a breath of fresh air.
>> No. 70535
well there goes my "DD is invisibly spying on the kids" theory.

And SS used to just doodle all over and not actually do his paperwork, didn't he?
>> No. 70537
When he wasn't busy being pissed off against the queen.
>> No. 70560
This is going in such a wonderful direction
>> No. 70577
DD is the BEST member of the Midnight Crew. Fight me.
>> No. 70602
you can't argue against fact
>> No. 70630
I am greatly pleased with these current turn of events.
>> No. 70631
I wonder who Dad is talking to.

Alpha Universe Fedorafreak, maybe?
>> No. 70639
He's talking to alpha Dave and Rose, who were still alive when he entered the medium. He's telling them about their kids so they can prepare, thus filling the time loop.
>> No. 70647
File 135525291847.gif - (127.69KB , 650x450 , 05562.gif )
...that's WV(?) in the cell, right?
>> No. 70653
I figured it was some arbitrary Dersite. He has a similar build to other pawns, and it's likely he'd be on Skaia like his counterpart. Though it's not impossible he was arrested for deserting, I would think that'd actually get him executed before he would get the chance to put on a suit.
>> No. 70655
My first thought was that it was a cameo by Problem Sleuth.
>> No. 70682
I like how DD has apparently imposed a strict formal dress code in place of the usual carapice garb in Jack's absence.
>> No. 70684
Wow, called it.

Best Line of the Update:
WANT_MORE_SOCKS: on @pipefan413's recommendation i withdraw my motion to unsit on the hat
>> No. 70690
we all suspect Want_More_Socks to be the Droll do we not
>> No. 70692
if he was CD his username would be WANT_MORE_HATS dummy
>> No. 70694
UPDATE: Dersites continue to be the best
>> No. 70703
File 135529129324.gif - (76.88KB , 650x450 , 02507.gif )
CD has to be HATLIKER. They both type in all caps and use punctuation.

Plus, you know, hats.
>> No. 70715
Dad is the best.
>> No. 70719
File 135532289497.png - (9.35KB , 208x218 , eeeeeeeee.png )

I agree that HATLIKER is probably CD, but my reasoning was just "CD is the type of character who would sit on his favorite hat, then freak out about it".
>> No. 70720
He's also the kind of person who'd use a screenname like "HATLIKER".
>> No. 70734
Oh shit. The Condesce is not amused!
>> No. 70736
Her Imperious Condescension enters the room. All present Dersites bow, except for the Draconian Dignitary, the current second-in-command of the kingdom, who merely doffs his hat.

Dad Crocker does nothing.
>> No. 70740
Okay, so Dad's a celebrity on Derse and the Condense talks (types?) like a gangster. Par for the course for this comic.
>> No. 70741
Okay, so Dad's a celebrity on Derse and the Condense talks (types?) like a gangster. Par for the course for this comic.
>> No. 70744
That would be because the Condesce is the alpha version of Meenah Peixes, who, if you recall, is gangster as fuck.

>)(IC: this is what i get for lettin all proper dudes run shit instead of nasty clowns
Best line of the update for god damn ever
>> No. 70745
dear gog help me i love the condesce so much
>> No. 70746

And with that the update goes from great to asdfklkahjdfufjhdhsoooooocoooooooool!!!!
>> No. 70747
[HQ] PSG OST - Corset's Themeyoutube thumb
>> No. 70750
Empress, my ass.
>> No. 70752
do you think DD's gonna sweet talk her outta taking the ring back?
>> No. 70753
BURN THE HAT is by far superior
>> No. 70755
Look at dad. Not even doffing his hat. He might as well be giving her the finger.

And it's mini Roxy time now? Maybe it'll reveal why the condesce captured her specfically
>> No. 70758
she captured her because voidpowers that work against LE
>> No. 70759
Doubt it. We've seen that her power blacks out the whole session for trollian and equivalent, and we've also seen that the radio tower monitors still work.

Anyway this is probably a dream bubble isn't it. We haven't had a normal flashback since Hivebent. Might be a conversation with Calliope.
>> No. 70765
So how about that motherfucking wizard fanfic
>> No. 70769
Is this Hussie's wizard camp cancelled wip novel, the fanfic addition edition?
>> No. 70770
Is this Hussie's wizard camp cancelled wip novel, the fanfic addition edition?
>> No. 70771
>> No. 70772
Roxy has some odd ideas about narritive and character development.
>> No. 70773
Roxy and Dave, truly the literary geniuses of their time.
>> No. 70774
I came in drunk as a skunk last night and could not for the life of me figure out what the fuck was going
>> No. 70775
Oh hey...

Bea is double in the comic now.
>> No. 70776
Bea writing about Bea.

>> No. 70777
So I guess Roxy's most likely in a dream bubble, and Calliope's silence is disturbing.
>> No. 70778
Calliope underwent a class change from MUSE to MIME.
>> No. 70779
I have this feeling Caliborn's about to be all "HAA. HAA. HAA." soon, but silent dead Calliope is almost worse. ;_;
>> No. 70780
Wait. Wait. Oh Jesus. What if Roxy knows something key to finding Calliope, or at least to navigating the Furthest Ring to find her, given her Rogue of Void powers?

What if this is less a dream and more the Condesce poring through the mind of Roxy like a book? She has all the troll powers, after all, and part of the reason Vriska's never worked on John or Jade was the effort involved in cross-universal mind contact. The Condesce is not so limited.
>> No. 70784
So what do you guys think Roxy is looking at now?
>> No. 70785
Horrorterror corpse?
L E?
The superweapon that Vriska and Tavros are looking for?

or most likely:
The meteor doing a flyby, so Rose, Roxy and Dave can FINALLY TALK
>> No. 70788
Gamzee doing Gamzee things.
>> No. 70789
She sees "Calliope."
>> No. 70790
Skull girl has bright ass.
>> No. 70791
>> No. 70792

CURRENTLY, IN A DREAM, Callie is Serenity.
We don't know for certain that Callie has ALWAYS been Serenty.
>> No. 70793
I don't get what it stands for
>> No. 70794
Her Imperious Condescension
>> No. 70795
True, but I'd say there's a decent chance of it. It's the sort of thing Hussie would pull. He loves to find things from hundreds of strips ago that people forget about and make them suddenly relevant again. It'll make the most rabid fans go back and re-read the first strips with Serenity to see if there are any extra special clues to future revelations therein.

It's funny. Hussie says he plans relatively little about Homestuck, so I wonder if he goes back to old strips and reads them to work things in and create foreshadowing that was unintended, or if the things he DOES plan ahead of time are just the most innocuous and crazy things that he waits hundreds of pages to make relevant.
>> No. 70796
reminder that vriska was also serenity one time

like, that doesn't make any of these theories BUSTEDDDD but you should keep it in mind
>> No. 70797
It was said on Jane's planet that fireflies often represent a person's soul. Closeups of Serenity also show that her glow comes from a huge spiral like the ones seen on Calliope/Caliborn's cheeks. Also who immediately latched onto Roxy when team meteor met beta kids and Roxy for the first time? Serenity.
>> No. 70799
>TG: (ugh)
>TG: (my dream nerves are a wreck)
>TG: (hm i wonder if my dream house has any dream booze...)
>TG: (NO!)
>TG: (bad dream roxy)
>TG: (must not)
>TG: (fall off)

Roxy is the best kid.
>> No. 70803
What an Art Shift!
>> No. 70805
In before canon-kickstarter-fantrolls
>> No. 70809
dat spiral

Calliope's dream-space feels more dream-y than some of the bubbles! Muse powers, perchance?
>> No. 70810
I don't see Serenity in any of the panels after Roxy leaves the Sburb House. Looks like she's on her own for now.

Sometimes I forget how nice Homestuck can look, but the composition of that last panel was really, really nice.
>> No. 70811
"You can't keep offing fictional characters like that! it isn't responsible"


Oh, Hussie.
>> No. 70812
callie is that you
>> No. 70813
File 135574019491.gif - (202.37KB , 650x450 , 05589.gif )
Maybe this bright spiral is the one inside Serenity.
>> No. 70814
i just realized roxy has a spiral in her hair
>> No. 70815
Why do I have a very bad feeling about this...
>> No. 70818
And spirals in her ears. Sorry.
>> No. 70820

...Cherub eyes go black when they die, then?
>> No. 70821
Considering that lil Cal "takes" the likeness of their eyes, not a surprise.
>> No. 70822
You know, am I the only one who finds it a little sad that Callie can't face Roxy in her normal form? The poor girl really doesn't have much self confidence, does she?
>> No. 70823
The instant I saw her change her guise I had a split second of confusion before realizing/remembering:

UU: bUt i am oUt and oUt smitten with trolls and their history and ways.
UU: they have sUch amazing, coloUrfUl social dynamics that soUnd like so mUch fUn to be a part of.
UU: and they are so beaUtifUl.
UU: i wish i coUld be that pretty.
UU: UnfortUnately, i am not very attractive at all.

It's pretty sad to see this in a person, even one who's grown up without a ton of social interaction, negative or otherwise.
So yeah, Roxy will PROBABLY bring up the "you said you weren't a troll what gives" thing.
>> No. 70824
so, Muse English?
>> No. 70825
If what Hussie said to Caliborn is true, then she's gonna be just as bad as LE in her own way.
>> No. 70826
Ha Ha, that reminds me of Tavros asking Vriska about the final boss,

Fuckin' hilarious.
>> No. 70828
I guess this is a reference to the fact that since Garriott holds personal copyright to the name Lord British, they now have to create a new character, Lady British, for the Ultima games.
Or something like that.
>> No. 70829
I kinda doubt that. What with Hussie never having played an Ultima game and all.
>> No. 70831
i bet the offshoot calliope is a full grown smokin hot skull babe
>> No. 70832
I hope she grew up just as muscular as LE.
>> No. 70833
File 135583876023.jpg - (74.53KB , 626x304 , Thats_hawt_Yankee-kun.jpg )
>> No. 70834
It said that Calmasis was both the anti-hero and angtagonist. I believe she may be close to her brother gaining his trust over and over. She may have done horrible things to do it.
>> No. 70835
If there's an offshoot timeline where Calliope won, then there's also a version Caliborn from it that lost, which could be interesting to see. Perhaps he's the real key to defeating LE, since he'd know his own weaknesses, while Calliope has to handle her alternate self? Or maybe they need to work together to defeat themselves/each other.
>> No. 70836
now now, grown up calliope might not be nice, but that doesn't automatically make her a villain. after all, if she was just as bad as caliborn (or even worse) we probably would have heard of her earlier
>> No. 70837
Wouldn't her name be more like Muse [Whatever] because she's a muse and not a lord?
Muse British....
>> No. 70838
She's a passive class, though, and it'd make sense for a muse to work behind the scenes. I'm not really sure how she'd end up being evil, I'm guessing it'd be more along the lines of sacrifices and risk-taking rather than outright rampaging, but even then it seems like she'd have to have had split of rather earlier. Also, I'm not saying it's the case at all, but it'd be pretty freaky if it turns out that spiral they're on was actually her cheek the whole time. Why did it take so long for you to find me, when you're already here?

Oh, and unrelatedly, all those things from the pre-scratch session was really making me think she'd end up seeing Rose, but I guess maybe she's just getting some subconscious memories of her past life, like the sufferer did.
>> No. 70839
Muse Irish? Muse French? Muse other-histroic-opponent-of-Britan?
>> No. 70841
An evil muse would be more like a puppet master, pulling the strings from behind the scenes. There sure are a lot of puppets in Homestuck...
>> No. 70842
but what could she possibly hope to accomplish? i mean she killed caliborn herself, why would she help an alternate version of him rise to power and wreck reality?
>> No. 70843
Alt-Calliope is going to turn out to be Lil' Cal. I estimate the odds at about 80%.
>> No. 70844
A world where forced niceness rules supreme? Kind of like how Beforus was under an empress Feferi, which had its own problems.
>> No. 70853
Where could Alt-Timeline Calliope possibly hide? Is there a place right under LE where she could hide despite being from a doomed timeline? Is she only tangentially manipulative in an extremely passive way, so that she could gain the trust of her brother by doing the awful things he wants her to do? Is there a way she could hide her true identity until she is ready to fuck her brother from the alpha timeline over? Could she possibly be the anti-hero while her brother is the antagonist?
>> No. 70857
1) Li'l Cal is an ingredient in Doc Scratch, who hatches into Lord English. That doesn't seem consistent with the nature of a theoretical Calliope assertive enough to actually kill her brother (Lord English, barring a truly unexpected reveal) outright.
2) Li'l Cal's cheeks are the wrong color.
>> No. 70858
It's a possible interpretation, but I don't like it. If Alt!Calliope went through all that trouble to kill Caliborn, why would she then turn around and willingly serve him as the instrument of his immortality?
>> No. 70859
Well at least now we know where Harmonystuck came from.
>> No. 70861
Fair points, I forgot that Lil' Cal got incorporated into Lord English.

...although come to think, if that happened it would make him unable to destroy that part of Calliope without destroying himself, which would seriously piss him off.
>> No. 70866
What is that? LE breaking through Calliope's special space?
>> No. 70867
>UU: then yoU all mUst die. one way or another. u_u
>TG: alright
>UU: alright?
>TG: yea
>TG: fuck it
>TG: lets do it

Yet more proof that Roxy is the best kid.
>> No. 70870
that red swirly stuff totally looks like a frog's tongue

and finally roxymomlog?
>> No. 70871
do you have something against rose, callie
>> No. 70872
Maybe she's just upset that ANYONE was able to find her. Because it could mean that Caliborn will be able to, too.
>> No. 70873
then why the emphasis
>> No. 70874
I assume it has more to do with Rose's light trait than Rose herself. It might counteract the void or something.
>> No. 70875
Wouldn't be the first time a Light player left a trail for some big bad to follow.
>> No. 70876
Well hopefully Roxy cancels out Rose enough for it to at least stay at the level of obscurity that it was without either of them. As well, if Rose is drunk right now, it could maybe weaken her powers like it did Roxy's.

Or maybe English is about to show up and start wrecking things.
>> No. 70877
Hopefully, but I wouldn't depend on it. Rose is a fully realized, god-tier Sage of Light, and as far as we know Roxy hasn't even maxed out her Echeladder yet, and definitely hasn't come into her full powerset yet. If she can match Rose now, God Tier Roxy would be a fuckin' beast.
>> No. 70878
I wonder if Calliope objects to Rose because of her former association with the horrorterrors?
>> No. 70881
>> No. 70883
Yes, it is charming how completely unconcerned the Lalondes are right now.

New Theory Time: Rose's drinking earlier was part of some sort of divination to locate Roxy.
>> No. 70884
Rose and Roxy are adorable.


Calliope please, don't you realize that HE IS ALREADY THERE?!
>> No. 70886
It's 12/21/12, there is a happy reunion scene happening between the Lalondes, and we only received one page update. There is no way shit's not about to hit the fan any second.
>> No. 70887
There is still a huge crowd just ready and waiting to be ghost obliterated. ==> Let's see what they're doing.
>> No. 70891
Oh, Calliope.

Does this mean magic is real now?
>> No. 70892
i love you condesce
>> No. 70893
Ha, who are you kidding, magic is fake as shit!
>> No. 70894
if you're curious, the troll/daedric text says "youre welcome"
>> No. 70895
At this point I don't know whether I like the Condesce or Meenah better, of the alternate selves.
>> No. 70897
Do you think she made the folder herself, complete with glitter and glue?
>> No. 70898
she probably used some future tech to blingee-fy it
kind of like dave's SBAHJifier
>> No. 70899
The only thing that bother me is that this is hella inconsistent with that one time she contacted Dave to give him the Miracles video.
>> No. 70900
It was pretty boastful and flashy of her to slip him a tip at all, especially at a time when her sphere of influence was so thin.
Anyways, she probably told a minion to do it.
>> No. 70901
Best character of Homestuck. Condesce x Roxy 5ever 2013
>> No. 70902
I have never black-shipped anyone harder than I black-ship these two.

... You know, since she is a troll, it could be that this is how the Condesce actually views their relationship. That would explain the over-the-top effort she put into the file to make it scream "I made this special just for you!"
>> No. 70903
I also love how despite being, let's just say a hundred zillion years old, the Condesce still basically has the personality and attitude of a teenage girl. She's the girl equivalent of a manchild.
>> No. 70904
Time flies when you're culling inferior alien species with that much swag.
>> No. 70905
File 135619934479.png - (8.82KB , 500x406 , mff3vyzqNF1r46hoh.png )
Yo, just saying.
>> No. 70906
...now I kind of want it to be one-sided
Roxy finds out and is all "...dude you know humans don't do stuff like that."
Condy is crushed
>> No. 70907
Fuck the fuck off, Hal. No one even likes you, and upon finding out you made an auto responder for yourself, I like you even less.
>> No. 70908
i smell butthurt
>> No. 70909
come on dude that fucking hilarious
>> No. 70910
Did Roxy just let a robot approximation of another robot approximation of Dirk know that Calliope is still around? A robot by happenstance named Hal?
>> No. 70911
.....ppppffff HAHAHAHAHHBAHAH!
>> No. 70914
Giving a robot real life is really not a good idea

But this shit has its own standards
>> No. 70915
I'm finding Arquiussprite pretty fucking obnoxious so far.
>> No. 70916
I think Dirk is with you on that one.

At least he's stable (no pun intended). If the result of combining Equius and Hal went berserk, we'd be in for a whole mess of trouble.
>> No. 70920
>TG: no bullshit theres still no excusing ppl ignoring me!
>TG: I D not G A fuck WHAT magic bling im rockin or how voidey im being
>TG: u a holes are behaving straight up RUDE i dont need this shit

>> No. 70921
Yeah, Roxy remains the best kid. She's actually doing shit, and keeping people apprised of the shit she's doing, and trying to pull everyone together, and everyone else is off playing at teenage bullshit.

Honestly, she's behaving more like a leader than Jane is at the moment. And yeah, I'll admit Jane's got a lot on her mind, but storywise it rather makes the reality of what's happening and the archetypes they're supposed to be in clash a bit. I wonder if that's going to be important later--like will Jane have to undergo some sort of explicit effort to be the leader she's supposed to be again, or something?
>> No. 70922
Who knows. John was said to be the leader of the B1 session, but he actually did very little compared to Rose and Jade. But Jake, Dirk and Roxy are all but confirmed to die in the great battle against who knows whom, so I guess Jane will have to get a grip and do the Lifey thing/go god tier to save them.
>> No. 70923
oh, and a new thread would be nice once the next updoot hits
>> No. 70924
I think Jane's development will be closer to Jade's than to John's. John and Jake are derpy and clueless guys who seem to be combat-oriented (John vs. Jack Noir, Jake vs. Lord English) but nonetheless are somewhat inspiring, while Jade and Jane both have gone through some actual tough shit but still end up saving the day (Jade saving their lands, Jane presumably resurrecting her friends). Likewise, Dirk and Rose were both extremely active but really had no idea what was going on, and both Dave and Roxy have spent a great deal of time trying to fix the others' shit.
>> No. 70925
You are seriously reaching to fit into the theory you're trying to make. At least half of those are false or vaguely projected at best.
>> No. 70926
>uu: I SEE.
>> No. 70927
These two are adorable in the worst possible ways.
>> No. 70928
I cannot be the only person to think that Jake is gonna end up being Lord English, am I? Or some freaky combo of both Caliborn and Jake.

Lord prefix, Jake's last name, seen using a gun which is both of their weapons, the cherub icon that Jake always uses, them teaming up, etc
>> No. 70929
File 135694428414.gif - (18.07KB , 500x800 , Tameem creates a homestuck game.gif )
Oh god he really getting better at this
It even looks like he's imitating the jpeg artifacts
>> No. 70930
That one outstretched arm going toward the "camera", is that supposed to be his fanart of a selfie?
>> No. 70931
File 135695254162.png - (46.87KB , 650x448 , e298b31cedc0776f4bdc1f812bf4913e.png )
he copied the picture that was on jake's ipod, but replaced dirk with himself
>> No. 70932
He also replaced Dirk's red mask and Jake's green helmet with Cal's head and a pumpkin respectively hmmmmm
>> No. 70933
So then Caliborn basically rules over paradox space, rather than being subordinated to it. Complete agency over his own fate, since no matter what he does he can never do "the wrong thing" or end up in a doomed timeline.
>> No. 70934
Or he kills Jake and takes his name, like he took his sister's blood and U's.
Jake is a confirmed kill on the battlefield, isn't he?
>> No. 70936
I'm thinking Caliborn's method of creating circles >>70432 >>70433 is basically how pixels work, in they they're a bunch of tiny squares/dots that look like other shapes because there's a bunch of them and they're too small to easily distinguish. Maybe he'll eventually learn to zoom in and start making pixel art.
>> No. 70937
I think he already confirmed he plans on doing what you're suggesting when he was bragging about creating a circle for the first time.

I think by the end of this Caliborn will end up becoming a great artist. It's another way of showing how much progress he is capable of making.
>> No. 70938
So any large round spherical objects dropping this year?
>> No. 70939
File 135707049791.png - (163.64KB , 500x562 , tumblr_inline_mfxyknkiaO1qch0tt.png )
Wait what happened here?
>> No. 70940
File 135707218323.jpg - (27.51KB , 569x283 , A_g2AyRCAAAqhXZ.jpg )

>> No. 70941
Well John had already explicitly said so, and Dave gave no indication of interest in men despite flirting with girls fairly regularly. I'm not sure why people would be surprised by this.
>> No. 70942
Because yaoifags are delusional as shit.
>> No. 70943
John/Dave is like one of the most popular ships in the fandom, mang.
>> No. 70944
>> No. 70945
People still draw John/Rose and are either doing it for fun or are in complete denial. Not surprised if this hardly does a dent to John/Dave fans.

On the other hand, Hussie has done things in canon that he said he wouldn't, so most of them are probably hinging on that shining track record.
>> No. 70946
Are you seriously implying that John/Rose is sunk?
>> No. 70947
File 135710455352.png - (3.31KB , 86x80 , mps91.png )
>> No. 70948
So I was avoiding plus4chan because of all of the dying it's been doing.

Have we talked about how much of a complete idiot Jake is?
>> No. 70951
Do you mean in regards to Jane, or in regards to Caliborn? Yes to the first, a little to the second.
>> No. 70952
Thing is, John/Rose could still happen in-comic. People say that John/Dave fans are stupid because neither is gay, but you are equally stupid for assuming that Rose exclusively likes girls when she's had lots of ship tease with John, had some dirty chats with Dave in the past and was very interested in Karkat's trashy romance novel.

I'm personally hoping that Kanaya/Rose remains a thing, but if Hussie wants her to get together with John I'm okay with that. I have a feeling the trolls won't survive til the end anyway.
>> No. 70953
Okay I did not expect Hussie to bring up the "if you even knew his name" thing again. What's up with that?

Also Calliope's code is UrobUros isnt it. And I have a feeling that each of them, whatever they are, turns into the other at some point.
>> No. 70955
>Also Calliope's code is UrobUros isnt it. And I have a feeling that each of them, whatever they are, turns into the other at some point.
Assuming the Juju Caliborn is sending Jake is that orange Lil' Seb on the ball there, who is also Liv Tyler and Casey and the rabbit from Con Air, it's almost certain that Calliope's is going to be an instance of one of those too.
>> No. 70956
I doubt that Lil' Seb is his juju. From the looks of it, Gamzee probably dug it up from the dried up ocean floor just like Lil Cal.'
>> No. 70957

Could Gamzee be a juju?
>> No. 70958
Did Caliborn seriously alchemize himself a golden tooth?
>> No. 70959
No, from the way he worded it and the fact that he's actually been reading the rules, it sounds like it has officially become a rule of SBURB that clowns can do anything, because "miracles and shit."
>> No. 70960
Gamzee gave Caliborn the golden tooth after he requested it. Noir is going to be the one to kill Jake and Jane.
>> No. 70963
Ha ha, I was still expecting for something really fearsome but turns out it's just Caliborn being shit full of himself.
>> No. 70964
Lil Cal is the most important character of Homestuck! Congrats little buddy, you earned it. :')
>> No. 70965
File 135726277858.jpg - (5.90KB , 290x174 , images-6.jpg )
>> No. 70967
Okay so what does that mean about Bro? Dirk, as the Prince of Heart, killed the extra soul inside lil' Cal, which is why Caliborn said he was 'dead'.
Did the hideous soul inside Cal make him watch all those Saw movies? Did Cal teach Bro about Sburb before it came out?
>> No. 70968
So Lil Cal + [Callie's juju,] the Cueball = Doc Scratch, who takes the place of a planet's first guardian and spreads destruction by summoning Caliborn
>> No. 70969
Isn't this the first time ever Gamzee looks somewhat scared?
>> No. 70971
my guess is that the ourboros caliborn gave to Jake in it it's completed form is what "defeats" caliborn....

By trapping him inside lil cal.
>> No. 70972
I don't think he looks scared as as much as he looks entranced or hypnotized.
>> No. 70973
While I think he easily could, the fact that he thought he invented the concept says to me that he hasn't figured out that it was already the foundation of modern computer graphics.
>> No. 70975
i love you condesce
>> No. 70977
Oh my god YES

Best trollcestor
>> No. 70978
its like
every time she does or says something i think its awesome
because lets face it thats fact who doesnt love the condesce
but then i remember shes thousands of years old and personally killed millions and gleefully ruled over a horrible society that travelled the stars in the search for stuff to slaughter
and then i squee a little bit inside
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