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File 13323865304.gif - (119.59KB , 650x450 , my new OC.gif )
63478 No. 63478
Last thread: >>62956

So John's pretty most of the remaining ships in the harbor by pointing out the simple truth of the situation. Prepare for incoming fan-rage.
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>> No. 63479
If you want rage, look no further than basically half of tumblr.
>> No. 63480
I'm sure that opening post was saying that John was pretty MUCH SINKING most of the remaining ships etc.
But, I'm not raging. This is what a lot of the more sensible fans have been saying for a long time, and readers who archive-dive through the whole thing to this point will probably be thinking the same. Looking over the big picture, how much is really important?

Tl;dr I accidently the whole thing
>> No. 63481
Hrm. Well, I'm a mite disappointed, but I can see why Hussie would want to emphasize it so hard. For a long time so many fans' enjoyment of the comic has been tied up in and monopolized by the romance aspect, when shipping really isn't that deep or inventive in the long run and there's tons of other facets in HS to focus on.

I know this is all super obvious. Just kind of musing aloud.
>> No. 63482
Alternately, this comes immediately after a series of updates that were all about romance (Karkat's feelings for Terezi and Dave's still unknown feelings for her), following a series of updates that were heavy on romantic content (everyone loves Jake), and John, while being sensible here in one way, is not, in fact, an author mouthpiece. He's giving his own opinion.

(Or, you know, as a teenage boy trapped for three years on a battleship with no other humanoids besides his 1/4 dog sister, his half-ghost grandmother and his half-bird best friend who may well be dating his sister, he would RATHER not think about romance of any sort.)

In all seriousness, what John's saying about the emotional impact of that one day is reasonable. I find it sad, not because he doesn't still carry a torch for Vriska after one day, but because he took away such a negative/dismissive opinion of her after what meeting him did for her.
>> No. 63483
Has he ever really made an attempt to separate his own thoughts about the plot from his characters'? I thought he pretty much just cloaks them in snark and funnels them through the cast whenever fan outcry spikes.
>> No. 63484

It did something for her because John is a fucking nice guy. He's a hero.
>> No. 63485
File 133238928016.png - (203.33KB , 500x576 , tumblr_m19m767zGD1qm21yzo1_500.png )
I thought it was pretty funny.

Provides a new viewpoint on John, or rather, a more effective way of pounding in old messages (He doesn't give a fuck, especially not about friends and family).

On another note, it's always funny when a author lambastes shippers.

But once again, this is just another thing to wait and see what the actual outcome will be.
>> No. 63486
All this metastuck.
>> No. 63487
Wow they're churning out the anger art quickly today aren't they? Anyhow, he logically wouldn't give much mind to someone like Vriska. It was one day. Imagine being in like a camp or a party and talking to some person for quite a lot of time, and generally getting along, but ultimately nothing ever comes from it as you likely never see that person/hear from them again. Same case.

Overall, he hasn't even really talked all that much with anyone outside of his friends. As far as the trolls go, he knows Karkat and Terezi due to them tormenting him/Dave mentioning Terezi and her trying to kill him, and maybe Gamzee as Karkat's weird clown friend. He kind of talked to Kanaya, but that didn't count. He'd probably remember Vriska's name if he thought about it, but that doesn't matter talking to Jade, who barely spoke with her.

As for the whole romance business, that's what keeping feeling reserved and epilogues are for.
>> No. 63488
He may not care about romance at the moment but he does care about his friends and family. He was sad that his Dad and Rose died. Or at least it seemed like he did.
>> No. 63489
File 133239101942.jpg - (19.65KB , 220x167 , suspended.jpg )
Honestly all of the smug "anti-shipping" (why is this a thing) posts have been equally bad.

The reaction by both sides has been equally awful in different ways.
>> No. 63490
I think it's kind of hilarious, tbh. People are taking this much too seriously.
>> No. 63491
i wouldn't have a positive opinion of a stranger who told me she'd killed a bunch of people in cold blood and only became a bit remorseful about it after she killed one of her friends. and still acted pretty nonchalant about it. and tried to remove blame from herself by placing it entirely on societal standards. i mean, sure, i might have helped that person find themselves and begin to question a deeply flawed cultural system, but i couldn't have known that after interacting with them over the computer a couple of times in one day. i would have just seen a person who was really fucking messed up, if kind of fun to talk to.

which is exactly how john feels.
>> No. 63493
Romance issues aside, did anyone else find this update to be a little bit depressing?

Dave and Rose and the trolls (and WV) are obviously all off having their own misadventures, all running around discovering secrets of the game, getting to know each other better, and even adventuring off in the dreambubbles.

Meanwhile, John and Jade and Davesprite are...
Playing an MMORPG?
With nobody to interact with but hordes of unintelligible consorts and pawns?
They don't even get to visit the dreambubbles regularly, and it seems like when they do, they only fleetingly encounter troll sessions that have no idea who they are.

Not going to lie, it seems like they sure grabbed the short end of the stick in this situation.
>> No. 63494
Jaspers saving us from awful conversations. Truly a hero.
>> No. 63495
WV is a pawn too you racist! The carapaces on the ship are sentient. >:(
>> No. 63496
You know, from looking at various Homestuck livebloggings and such, a number of livebloggers have gotten the impression at some point or another that John is a bit sociopathic. What with him not even giving a second to stop and think about the fact that most of the human race is now dead and just going around like "Yay! Adventure!"
>> No. 63497
The good thing is is that they got davesprite around.
Sure they got nana and jaspers, but they're both coyish and one's a fucking cat.

I do agree that both john and jade seem to have to got the short end of the deal, but hey, they both got their houses and all of the planets on their ship. John and jade can sit snuggly in the fucking squiddles and watch bad Nic Cage movies all day.
>> No. 63498
Guys, I think the site just died.
>> No. 63499
You can just tell Hussie is having tons of fun making these shitty Ghostbusters pictures.

I love how John and Jade are having this serious conversation with these ridiculous images in the background.
>> No. 63500
Hahaha, people are really getting upset- no wait, people are SURPRISED by this? Now this is getting a bit silly.
>> No. 63501
What they always seem to miss though is that Andrew himself has stated that all the moping and sad stuff that doesn't really contribute to plot happens off scene. It can be assumed that John was devastated by the loss of his dad and everything he knew and loved, but what would the point be of having 20 panels of him mourning before moving on? It's effectively the same as Equius and his reaction after Aradiabot exploded. Touched upon, but generally kept offscene.
Now, it's been a year later. Over the first day, he may have just moved forward to try and cope, because everything else was so overwhelmingly bad. But now he's had some time to cool off and work past some of those demons. Though I could see how they'd suggest he's become more withdrawn now if he hasn't vented this stuff to Jade over time.
>> No. 63502
But the carapaces are as sentient as WV. Are you saying WV is stupid?

Also they seem to still have their planets so access to the secrets of sburb is still available. Neither group has it better than the other since both are having fun despite being seperated from each other for 3 years.

I think most interesting thing that has been hinted an act ago is that John+Jade meeting Grandpa Harley which might happen in an intermission segment.
>> No. 63504
File 13324092702.jpg - (451.33KB , 1214x1920 , tumblr_m19kyh5jAT1qk4tdv.jpg )
>> No. 63505
File 133240945453.jpg - (518.01KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_m19mofMJSa1r45ci7.jpg )
I've not read it yet but does John specifically say something about Karkat? I'm seeing a couple of pictures specific about Karkat in particular being friendzoned.
Thats ship's 'been sunk' for ages! Ever since he stated he was not a homosexual.
>> No. 63508
People are stupid.
Fans are worse.
And then there are the shippers.
>> No. 63509
wait isn't the JohnxDave ship sunk way long before this even happened?
>> No. 63510
I love how people are taking everything John says at face value when he says
>JOHN: at this point i could not give less of a rat's ass about romancey stuff!
about a minute after saying
>JOHN: like, have you thought at all about what it's going to be like when you see dave again?
>JOHN: i mean, after the way things are going with you and dave sprite?

He's the one who brought "romancey stuff" up in the first place! He suddenly changes his tune when Jade turns the question around on him.
>> No. 63511
Indeed John may be a tad dishonest : P
But at the same time the way he's written seems to be as a direct mouthpiece for his writer (happens alot doesn't it, not even counting the explicit authyor-avatar/s in the series)

It is funny that he
>>Implied implications
between Jade and Davesprite nefore rapidly back-peddeling, I was thinking how to make a joke about two furries being together on a battleship for three years...

I am kind of glad though him saying he wasn't so totally cool with Vriska and her stuff, and he just seemed to be going along with her in such an absolutly chill fashion because it was all so surprising and confusing for him to experiance.
>> No. 63518
>But at the same time the way he's written seems to be as a direct mouthpiece for his writer (happens alot doesn't it, not even counting the explicit authyor-avatar/s in the series)

People certainly say it happens a lot. To me it seems like people are either raging because they think Hussie is attacking their ships or crowing because they think Hussie is insulting shipping.

While what he's actually doing is writing John consistent with how he's always been written. Kind of a dick when it's not really important to the other person, relatively flat (or, alternately, under the surface) emotionally, and engaging in fairly realistic young teen sibling banter with Jade.
>> No. 63519
The shippers tend to forget/ignore that John stated he's not a homosexual nearly two years ago.

and they will still ignore/forget about that for months to come!

In other news, I have a feeling that user gb_702323 is Davesprite.
>> No. 63520
Does anyone here think that these Ghostbusters panels are metaphorically foreshadowing of things to come, maybe something related to the final battle? You see various players in a wild chaotic setting with ghosts and the last Ghostbusters panel features John's and Jade's lone avatars taking down a giant powerful monster. In addition, John has took on a leadership role for his "squad".

It just seems like this game is an obvious parallel for the endgame of the kids' session of sBurb as of whole.
>> No. 63521

Haha, why do these people even care about what's happening in the comic?
>> No. 63524
i have no idea why people get attached to pairings because they're "canon" or get really, really angry when their pairings are shot down in canon

like if you were a big shipper of john/rose you PROBABLY imagined them kissing and doing non canon things together and getting married and having a million kids--and that's the stuff you get attached to because you thought it up yourself. so you're just like any non-canon shipper and you have been from the start. why the fuck do you care if it's canon or not when the things you are really invested in are in your own head? what is stopping you from shipping john/dave NOW that didn't stop you two years ago when it was in a similar non-canon state?

also 2 john/rose fans who thought it was canon, keep shipping them anyway because it's not bad that you're shipping something NON-CANON!!! but don't count your chickens before they hatch and i hope that if you bothered anybody else about how their pairings were awful because they weren't canon that you feel really bad about it.

2 sollux/aradia and kanaya/rose fans you are not safe from this either, neither of your pairings are canon even though you say they are a lot of the time
>> No. 63525
>canon pairings

within the main 16, or rather, 20 characters there are presently no canon pairings or pairings that have been consistent.
>> No. 63526
>within the main 16, or rather, 20 characters there are presently no canon pairings or pairings that have been consistent.

>> No. 63527
>or get really, really angry when their pairings are shot down in canon

I would say it's a mix of just wanting to be right and projecting themselves into the pairing. Arguably fantasizing isn't bad and neither is projecting, it's when you fail to realize that's what you're doing and letting it warp your perspective on canon.
>> No. 63529
I think they mean pails, not pales.
>> No. 63530
Oh my god John's spine is broken.
>> No. 63531
I kind of wish the intermission would never end. This is the pointless nonsense for which I follow MSPA.
>> No. 63532
My god!
An argument for shipping which is neither condescending or insane!?
Am I still on the internet?
>> No. 63534
End the comic here, cut to credits. Id be satisfied.
>> No. 63538
Eeeew, ectoplasm...

I'll bet 3 Green Suns that unconscious John will end up in the dream bubble the meteor is passing through.
If not then he will meet with some variant of the Sp8der 8itch. You know. For closure.
>> No. 63539
>people caring about romances between crude sprite-represented characters with preteen mentalities

I will never stop hating myself for enjoying this comic.

Props to Hussie for finally steering everything away from the moronic romance web tangle though, I guess.
>> No. 63541
...And cue the Soap Opera white-fuzzy-bordered dream!
>> No. 63543
I bet John sees UU/uu, similar to Slick seeing Karkat at the end of the intermission.
>> No. 63544

spateder. spay-tuh-dur.
>> No. 63545
There were three or four posts about it near the end of the last thread.

Personally, I'm pretty certain this Ghostbusters reference is foreshadowing the final battle. Or at least an important battle.
>> No. 63546
I could not give a rats ass one way or another.
I'm just in it for the adventure yo.
>> No. 63547
fuck yeah that's what I'm talkin bout
to hell with all of this speculation drama bullshit
>> No. 63558
It's almost like that Futurama episode... except Vriska is already dead so she can't even have that ;_;
>> No. 63560

Hmm. This is a good point. Jade talking about teleporting below:


So did Jade just teleport or phase through the wall? Is "phasing through" matter a Space power?

For that matter does this mean that teleportation has always been a Green Sun/First Guardian only power?

Or is it just that teleporting faster than light is not allowed in the Yellow Yard even if it were a Witch-Not-Green-Sun power because the speed of light is an actual limit in that place?

Can Jade still teleport, possibly still due to Witch of Space powers, but only at sub-luminal speeds, effectively limiting her range to the ship while crossing the Yellow Yard?

I've just been intensely curious to find out more concrete definitions about both the limits and powers of Witch as well as Space.
Anyone want to attempt sussing out anything from this?
>> No. 63561
File 133249508815.gif - (14.88KB , 650x450 , 04736 Phase Frame.gif )

Whoop, sorry for double post, but I just checked the actual gif.
Looks like it was some type of matter phasing.

Also, yay for recursion? He's thinking about how he's thinking about being knocked down?
>> No. 63563
You know, I was wondering.

Why can't the trolls and Rose and Dave IM John and Jade anymore? They both have computers, so what's stopping them?
Does the internet not work in Paradox Space or something?
>> No. 63566
The bottom line is it gives off the wrong impression.
>> No. 63568
So is this supposed to be John getting a little crush on Roxy (by callback), or John wondering why he was knocked on his ass? Because if it's just John wondering why he was knocked on his ass and then he wakes up... Boooooooooring.
>> No. 63569
There's no loveheart there, just him wondering why he was knocked on his ass. And we really don't need him getting a crush on roxy
>> No. 63571
It seems to me that IM programs operate on a kind of link system between universes, yeah.
Creating a SBURB session appears to link up the internet on the planet with the incipisphere somehow (as it does with the power grid), and Sollux' trollian application linked the red and blue universes (in line with his recurring theme).
On the other hand, trollian could not access the kids' incipisphere beyond the point where the Scratch started seriously dismantling it, and it could not access the meteor beyond the point where it left its own incipisphere.
So I'd say it's likely that they won't be able to pester, troll, bother, memo or otherwise electronically communicate during the trip.
>> No. 63572

Why not? It'd be hilarious. Besides, boy hasn't seen an available female in a year and he's in the throes of puberty, throw him a bone.

Besides could you imagine Rose's reaction to finding out John is crushing on her reset mother? Hilarious!

But yeah I think you're right. Unless John figures out the reset players are the guardians and maybe starts to build an expectation to see his dad again, then, I don't know what else to make of this update.
>> No. 63573
File 133251055072.jpg - (33.32KB , 530x241 , hmmm.jpg )
>> No. 63574
You know John does seem like Roxy's dream mate. He has the genes of Jake, the MANGRITTY-NESS of Dad, and the pankster attitude of Jane.
>> No. 63575
but it's dave who thinks roxy is hot, not john

>> No. 63576
Is that all you guys can think about?
>> No. 63578
You know, given that genetically John is Dad's (half-)brother, he probably looks a lot like him...

Just saiyan.
>> No. 63579
this panel of somebody sitting down with a small flashing thought beside them circled in red is getting kind of old. how many times have we seen variations on the same gag now, four?
>> No. 63580

I can only remember it happening to Jake
>> No. 63581
There was also Vriska after Kanaya went Little Mac on her.
And Jack when PM confronted him . . .
And at least one other that I can't remember.
>> No. 63582
It's John getting knocked on his ass. Jake has made this same face several times, and none of them were romantically related.
Obviously it's a genetic generic "what the fuck just happened" face.
>> No. 63583
God, I hope not. A bit counter-intuitive after yesterday's update.
>> No. 63586
Yeah, but it would be just like this comic to clearly and unambiguously set out a course for the rest of its run, and then swerve completely in the other direction.
>> No. 63599
Not exactly sure that possible seeing that Pre-scratch Dad is the same as Post-scratch Dad. It make more sense that both Dads weren't related to John & Jane genetically and were adopted.
>> No. 63603
Nanna said she had a son in that pesterlog with fedorafreak, didn't she...?
>> No. 63604
We don't actually know the two dads are the same, they just look that way in the stylized depiction we have of them. They would be very closely related if one was Jane's son and the other, alpha John's, so them looking a lot alike makes sense.
>> No. 63605
I miss Feferi she was nice :(
>> No. 63606
Meenah, huh?
>> No. 63607
Meenah? Me, nah.
>> No. 63608
Based on the Sanskrit name for Pisces. It was probably suggested when Feferi was being named way back when, but Andrew could have just come up with it on his own.
>> No. 63609
yay, more troll stuff!
>> No. 63611
Meenah meenah

Doo doo dee doo doo

Meenah meenah

Doo Doo Dee Doo
>> No. 63612
About Fedorafreak! I have a feeling that he's Jade's grandpa, and that he was 98 going on 99 when he entered the session. He will eventually be sent near the Crocker factory during Jades birthday where he will grab Jade and take her to the island. He was over 100 when he died from his perspective. He might have had a short conversation with his younger self. This is the only thing I can think of. Fedorafreak probably wanted to keep in touch with his nephew.

He was bloodied during a fight with Jack Noir.
>> No. 63616
That still doesn't automatically assume that she gave birth to Dad. That way it was set up it could have meant this or she adopted Dad.

Even for Hussie, to use the same spite for two different-genetically Dads, would be extremely lazy. Not to mention on Hussie's Big Wall of Kill in the last intermission had Dad scratched with a red-X and green scribbles on top of that leads me to believe that both Dads are genetically similar.
>> No. 63617
If Alpha Dad is the genetic son of John and some woman and Beta Dad was the genetic son of Jane and some man, that would make the two Dads as genetically similar as half-siblings. Considering how the character Dad is intentionally vague and generic, it would make sense for the same sprite to be used for such similar characters.
>> No. 63619
>Even for Hussie, to use the same spite for two different-genetically Dads, would be extremely lazy.

Genetics or no he's fundamentally the same person both times around, so I don't see why he wouldn't be represented in the same way.
>> No. 63620
But John has completely different genetics than Jane. John shares Jane's and Jake's genes while Jane is her own clone. If any of the Dads were biologically related to their parents, Pre-Scratch Dad would share Jane's and Mysterious Egbert Husband lineage's genes, while Post-Scratch Dad would share Jane's + Jake's(John), and mysterious married-as-Crocker wife lineage's genes. Both Dads would have an assortment of genes that they would still be completely dissimilar despite having few of the same genes. I mean it seems kind of weak of Hussie to use the completely same sprite with no variations(not even a difference in clothing for goodness sake) for two people with a different genetic background. Even Grandpa and Poppop sprites are different.

There's been an old theory that Dad is related to Sassacre due to his trademark nose. Suppose he's been adopted from the lineage just like pre-Scratch Jake&Jane was adopted by the Colonel.
>> No. 63621
Because Dad isn't supposed to be a developed character with a personality and whatnot, he's supposed to be a generic, abstract father-figure. That's why he doesn't have facial features. That's why all his interests are generic fatherly things. Alpha Dad doesn't need a different sprite from Beta Dad because, even if they only share 25% of their genetic makeup, they're still pretty much the same guy when you step back.
>> No. 63622
So this is what...pre-Scratch Condescence?
Inb4 John meets pre-scratch Mindfang.
>> No. 63623
Your dad theories can suck it. Mine is better.

All the kids and all the paradox clones are infertile. Nanna married Old Mr. Egbert, they contacted an egg donor BAM now you have dad.

In the alpha timeline, PopPop Crocker was in yaois with Old Mr. Egbert. Or best friends whatever, and he got his platonic best friend to be a sperm donor to the same egg donor, hey look it's Dad again. What a constant. Booyah.
>> No. 63624
Can't tell if sarcastic.
>> No. 63628
I hope young Mindfang's name doesn't make a pattern by being Jalika. That sounds just awful 8888(
>> No. 63632
>Because Dad isn't supposed to be a developed character with a personality and whatnot, he's supposed to be a generic, abstract father-figure. That's why he doesn't have facial features.

All of the guardians have minimal facial features because the represent what they are from the kids' perspective. I mean how can you be so 100% certain that Dad is genetically different and not the completely same Dad genetically between the two universes?
>> No. 63635
For the same reason you can't be sure he's the same man adopted by both Nanna and Poppop in each universe; not enough information, and it probably doesn't matter anyways. I'm just saying that it's entirely possible that the two are different men filling the same role with the same appearance is possible.
>> No. 63636
Momey on the table says that we will probably find out about Dad's origin if not in the comic then probably on AH's tumblr.
>> No. 63637

You really do want a heroic death huh.

Wait what happens if you die asleep in a dream bubble?

Roxy's dreamself is ACTUALLY THERE so she would die.

Man dreams are weird.
>> No. 63638
Looks like I was only half right.

Will they try to wake Roxy's Dream Self, do you think?
>> No. 63639
Roxy might fall asleep and wake up on the meteor occasionally while Rose brings her up to speed on the whole scratch thing.
>> No. 63640
You're not supposed to wake a sleepwalking person.
>> No. 63641
Haha Johnny-boy, you might be a god-tier but thats still just a god-tier dunce.
>> No. 63643
>MEENAH: whoever heard of an alien ghost
>JOHN: i know, right? that's what i think sometimes.
>JOHN: it's strange combination of sci-fi things. like alien stuff is all about science, right? at least it is in movies. aliens LOVE science. but then ghosts have nothing to do with science, they belong to the supernatural realms, which have more to do with religion i guess? or about a lot of hocus pocus and superstition, maybe even magic. science rarely enters the equation, unless it's something awesome like ghost busters, which makes ghosts and stuff ALL ABOUT science, even though the ghost science is obviously a bunch of total nonsense. i guess contact mixes aliens and ghosts because jodie foster saw her ghost dad in outer space? but then, that was probably just a science projection from an alien, to make her feel less sad about her dead dad, and not a real ghost or anything. i guess the lesson is that science and aliens teach us that ghosts and religion are fake? although, it turns out ghosts and aliens are actually real, so maybe science and religion have been lying to us all along. *shrug*
>MEENAH: nerd

I love that that's her only reaction.
>> No. 63646
Wow! That flying meteor is much smaller than I thought.
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