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10349 No. 10349
Wondering if it's possible I'm allergic to popcorn-- specifically, theatre popcorn. Any other type of corn or popcorn doesn't bother me, but whenever I come home from the movies after eating popcorn, I have a raging headache.

I'm thinking of cutting out a lot of food recently, to be honest. I can't eat a lot of things because it goes through me like water, and I'm sick of feeling like shit.
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>> No. 10350
You should narrow down what ingredient it is.
Corn? Sugar? Vegetable oil? Artificial flavorings?

Usually one is not allergic to the final product, but only to some ingredients.

Also, getting a headache from food is rare and may be related to sugar/glucose or alcohol, but I'm not sure there is so much sugar/glucose in popcorn and I'm pretty sure they don't add alcohol.

Consider testing for diabetes.
>> No. 10352
I know I'm not diabetic, that much is sure. I only drink very rarely, so that's not a huge factor, I think. The question now is what exactly I'm allergic to.

I know I had a gall bladder issue in the past and my eating habits have been fucked up ever since tho.
>> No. 10355
>I know I'm not diabetic, that much is sure.

Actually one can develop diabetes. So it may not be that sure after all. Depending on age and other health issues (obesity, pancreas issues), one can get it more or less suddenly.

So unless you didn't recently test it, you should really consider having it. Maye it's just not that bad, yet. However, it can be fatal, so pls be careful.
>> No. 10360
I've been tested within the last six months and it came back negative. I will be careful though, thank you.

I have a feeling anxiety is factoring into this-- if I can see a psychiatrist, I think this might improve. The problem may be IBS.
>> No. 10365
Are you allergic to coconuts?
>> No. 10370
I can't say I've really eaten them much, but not to my knowledge, why?
>> No. 10373
Coconut oil causes allergic reaction in many people. It's a big contributor to the flavor of popcorn.
>> No. 10379
I can check. Maybe I'll just stick to organic popcorn from now on.

The possibility that I'm also looking into with a doctor is that I don't have any allergies, but that I have general anxiety, and it's just bothering my stomach. When I'm relaxed, I don't have any problems eating.
>> No. 10387
Also to note too much Microwave popcorn can be bad for your lung function. Stove top is best
>> No. 10388
Where would you even find out about this stuff?
>> No. 10389
grandfather got similar and since my dad was eating lots of microwave popcorn researching one case came across the other.


its usually associated with those working with large amounts of Diacetyl which is an artificial butter flavoring..its a really nasty condition.
>> No. 10392
So I decided to cut out popcorn at the movie theatre entirely, haven't had any kind of popcorn in awhile now, still getting nasty tension headaches. Came to the conclusion with a psychologist that my weight loss/stomach irritability is anxiety-related, which a whole separate issue entirely.

Thinking of drinking more tea and eating more nuts to get my weight back to (at least) normal.
>> No. 10393
I'd suggest pretzels especially sourdough nuggets, I chew on them to keep from gritting my teeth.
>> No. 10398
I can try that. I do grit my teeth too much, and I'm not so much for hard pretzels, but I love soft pretzels. My girlfriend's of German descent and was eating a soft pretzel with mustard the other day, and I had a massive craving for one.
>> No. 10422
I find that if the flavor of something (i.e. lollipops, mints, the "icing" on Grape Pop-Tarts) is even remotely reminiscent of cough syrup or toothpaste, I gag a little. Seriously, whoever is creating the recipes for these, knock it the fuck off.
>> No. 10445
Is there a way to tell how much water is coming out of a faucet over a set period of time, like an odometer in cars?
>> No. 10450
I'm sorta skeptical of this ongoing trend of every website merging with each other. Remember when we were younger, and everyone was warning us to use a different password on every website, in case it was hacked?
>> No. 10452
I'm especially suspicious of merging my email account with other things, since the former is what I use to reset the password for all my other things.
>> No. 10454
Me too. I'm still sort of uncomfortable with the YouTube/Google merger, especially with all the G+ integration that I never plan to use.
>> No. 10462
If you have anxiety and find eating difficult, and someone who is aware of this is leaning over your shoulder as you eat and taunting you about whether or not you're going to vomit, you have every right to punch them in the face.
>> No. 10463
Yeah, pretty much.
>> No. 10471
It's still a ways off, but I find it interesting to note that according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Submarine_patent the United States signed http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agreement_on_Trade-Related_Aspects_of_Intellectual_Property_Rights in 1995, and it takes 20 years for patents to expire, so in 2015 we should start seeing the results of redefining patent terms.
>> No. 10475
It's weird. I'm not afraid of food, or allergic to anything, nor am I self-conscious about my weight (I actually wish I weighed more), but my stomach clenches when I eat, and I catch my breath like I've just ran a mile at full speed.

My dad and my siblings snark at me about it. They snark about how much more they can eat, how I look like I'm anorexic, how I'm a baby and I can't eat spicy food like them. And then I feel like I'm either gonna throw up or pass out. I really wanted to punch my brother after the event I mentioned in >>10462, but I just couldn't.
>> No. 10481
File 137011326925.jpg - (165.21KB , 1456x1021 , koroshiya_ichi_v10p046_47_copy.jpg )

>the new Windows 8.1 will lean heavily on Microsoft's Bing search engine to help users find whatever it is they're looking for on their computers.

>> No. 10484
How's a guy supposed to decide on a Android smartphone to buy if they keep pushing shit out month after month?

At this point I'm not sure how they can keep Win8 from being another Vista while aspiring to compete in the tablet market. Too many eggs in the basket.
>> No. 10489
>>person is paying for cable, phone, internet, gas, electric, etc.
>>is hesitant about Netflix, XBOX Live, MMO subscriptions because "I don't want to pay a fee every month"

I hate to tell you, but...
>> No. 10490
They don't want to pay a monthly fee *for those things*. They do not see a practical reason to treat them as an ongoing service. Netflix I'm less sure about since that's basically cable with the added bonus of watching whenever you want, though if they have cable they might just not see the need for two services that overlap so much. But if they don't see game updates as worth paying for, then with online game stuff they're just paying for multiplayer when they could be playing a game that allows them to play on a LAN or private server at no additional cost.
>> No. 10494
That's fair enough. What we're trying to do, though, is get him to switch to Netflix over buying DVD's and only watching them once. Over time, it'll be less expensive and take up less space in his house.
>> No. 10505
Why and how are "phablets" (big smartphones) a thing now?
>> No. 10506
Is it me or firefox is sucking a lot more of resources and RAM after it's latest update?
>> No. 10507
New toys

the fuck ou need an Xbox 360? Sheeeeet, my Genesis still works
>> No. 10511
The reviews are in, 8.1 is a nothing fix and 8 is still a fucking disaster.
>> No. 10512
also if by the time I get a new computer Windows hasn't gotten their shit together I'm considering going to linux.
>> No. 10514
Join me in the Linux Mint masterrace, Tiki.
>> No. 10519
Nevermind that, by sheer luck checked some of the compliments and now it runs even better than before. The shockwave director was the culprit supposedly.
>> No. 10520
Surprising no one 8.1 continues to be huge, massive pounds of dogshit.


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