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10124 No. 10124
Help us come up with a board title (or just DIY works) and summary of purpose.

What should this board have? What shouldn't it?
>> No. 10125
As I said before it seems easiest to just call it the "Do It Yourself" board and have it be everything from repairs, building, cooking, survival and fitness.
>> No. 10126
What about: 2-3 stickied general threads for general discussion of some topics like cooking, fitness, whatever.

The rest of the threads could be a project, one per thread, that you're trying to do. Are you trying to fix your cabinets? Throw up some pictures and ask for advice. Did your cake turn out mealy and gross? Give us the recipe and let the cookbros tell you what you did wrong.
>> No. 10127
Seems like a pretty solid idea to me.
>> No. 10128
Dick it Yourself
>> No. 10130
First of all, that looks delicious. Second, I think /diy/ is just fine. Would this be a place to discuss crafts and such as well? Knitting, paper craft, embroidery, woodworking, whatever. All that non-drawing junk.
>> No. 10131
If you made it yourself, I think it should be okay.
>> No. 10132
I really like the idea of the stickied Generals, as Chev said on for Cooking and Recipes, one for tech stuff, and whatever else we'll need.

Other than that just talk about projects, life hacks, occasional advice topics.
>> No. 10134
Generals I'd want: Tech, Cooking, Fitness for discussion and questions. Everything else is whatever but it has to be a project you're working on, imo.
>> No. 10144
I think "Do it Yourself" works just fine. Making it a more generic /adv/-like board is just asking for trouble. We need something other than the stick, though (I recommend Lego bricks).

Stickied threads probably wouldn't work well (take up too much page one real estate). However, one locked thread on the front page could be maintained by a mod (such as le moi) to point to the current generals that gain steam (i.e. go beyond one or two threads.)

If you can make it yourself, you can post it. Rocketry to crocheting.
>> No. 10170
Do-it-yourself is technology, but not all technology is do-it-yourself. I'd like to have a place to discuss various technical and science projects going on in the world even in they aren't designed to be do-it-yourself.
>> No. 10186
maybe /irl/? it'd be a good catchall for all things not related to fiction and online activites, I think
>> No. 10187
Well I wouldn't want it to have a name that suggests it's about life in general, like 4chan's advice or social boards. Maybe /STEM/?
>> No. 10191
That sounds niché enough (right now, anyway) to just be relegated to a thread on /baw/.
>> No. 10194

yeah good point. STEM?
>> No. 10219
What about Robo Cake?
>> No. 10221
STEM is just an acronym standing for science, technology, engineering, and math. I figured it would make a good enough board name.
Sounds reasonable, I'll make a thread over sometime if no one beats me to it.
>> No. 10331



>> No. 10402
A thread for crowdfunding projects, so we can just sit and shill, maybe get some traffic if we don't have many friends or relatives to fund our projects.
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