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File 13246653778.jpg - (15.42KB , 480x360 , boms.jpg )
5586 No. 5586
Blue Oyster Mushrooms are the friend of humanity.



Blue Oyster Mushroom Time Lapse Videoyoutube thumb

Blue Oyster Cult - 7 Screaming Diz-Bustersyoutube thumb
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>> No. 5587
>> No. 5590
File 132543380114.jpg - (33.75KB , 400x599 , Weighing_Caterpillar_fungus.jpg )
What why?

Mushrooms are awesome!

Check this out, in Tibet a parasitic Mushroom spore kills, mummifies, grows and feeds on Caterpillars, the resulting mushroom is EXTREMELY valuable, the Tibetan people use it as a medicine and dietary supplement which has been medically proven to be an excellent source of just about everything, I've been taking it and Turkey tail Mushroom for a while and I noticed a gigantic up swing in my health, the other mushrooms I've been eating have all been grown by myself, it's all surprisingly easy, I've been doing it about a year now and by my estimation it's saved me Two Thousand dollars in food after calculating the cost of the mycellium and supplements combined with my started materials.

I can live extraordinarily cheaply and easily with materials like old wood and paper by just allowing mushrooms to eat and break it all down for me, I eat on a budget of what is Financial free short of time and effort.

>> No. 5591
Mushrooms freak me the fuck out. Parasites in general really, but at least things like leeches just feed on your blood and maybe accidentally transmit a disease or two, and don't fucking mummify things and just

They are p delicious though.
>> No. 5592
Huh, I always wanted to grow my own food. How does cultivating mushrooms compare to others?
>> No. 5593
File 132546824471.jpg - (54.10KB , 600x399 , dusty-mushroom-kits.jpg )
Outside of growing mushrooms my agricultural experiences are limited to some varieties of rooted crop like Cabbage, Radish, Potatoes and Carrots, comparatively Mushrooms are a hundred times less demanding and more than bountiful enough to feed multiple people on what could easily be considered garbage, I got grow kits that easily walked me through the kind of environments I needed to produce for each mushroom which I've been able to produce with very little area needed to be actually taken up for the Farm on a pittance.

I bought my kits through Fungi.com which I linked if you are interested, they are some of the most versatile things I've ever seen, super easy to farm on low time and effort while essentially requiring indoor growth conditions.

Well that's a shame.
>> No. 5594
I've only recently gotten over my squeamishness at eating mushrooms. They're so good, and I'm not sure why they bothered me so long... hang-ups over eating a fungus, I guess. I've got to branch out beyond plain ol' button mushrooms though.
>> No. 5595
File 132547769888.jpg - (201.75KB , 768x576 , Turkey_tail_mushroom_Trametes-versicolor.jpg )
Well, from the time we're young, we're taught Mushrooms are bad because of the dangers of poison and the general ignorance of the "Bleeds blue, it's true" rule, there is also the association of death and decomposition in addition to being considered dirty and touched by insect and grown from feces.

It's kinda sad really, they are so healthy and delicious and cheap to produce, It's enormous the kind of savings and health a mushroom farm brings.
>> No. 5596
Is this a fast board now?
>> No. 5597
No reason it can't be, we got more than a few browsers, I think we just need more threads that arouse interest.
>> No. 5601
mushooms are poor in nutrient of all sort. they are far from "healthy". they taste good and make a good addition to a normal meal, but they can't replace vegetables or meat or anything else.
>> No. 5605
I dunno about that, true enough that they can't be your only food, nothing should be your only food, however, they are filling and if the verity is great enough, fairly nutritious.
>> No. 5608

Yeah speak for yourself; I've never found mushrooms tasty. The texture's off-putting too.

I do, however, think they are cool.
>> No. 5609
I like this thread.
I also like grilled portobellos topped with cheese, slapped on a bun with some lettuce and tomato and eaten like a burger, or if I'm feeling ravenous, eaten with a burger.
Now I'm hungry...
>> No. 5612
>Yeah speak for yourself

Then my entire point wouldn't have made sense.

>> No. 5613
In summary:

-Portobello burgers confirmed for delicious.

-Grilled mushrooms of any kind on a beef burger confirmed for mouth orgasms.

-Fungi confirmed for coolest kingdom.
>> No. 5668
How much does it cost to set up your own mushroom log and is it feasible if you live in an apartment in the city?

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