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File 131986258825.jpg - (397.60KB , 1600x1177 , Breads_and_rolls.jpg )
5505 No. 5505
A while back not so long ago I had the most amazing bread and now I want to make my own. Trouble is, I've been following generic bread recipes and they turn out like crap. Is there something I'm not doing right?
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>> No. 5506
>> No. 5507
Completely lock all doors when handling yeast. Just a tiny bit of draft can completely ruin the dough.
>> No. 5508
>>5507 is right; having the right temperature in the room when you're feeding the yeast is just as important as the temperature of the water.

Do you have a bread machine, or are you doing everything by hand? I ask because over-/under-kneading is a common problem with people who do it by hand (and as somebody who has always made her bread by hand, I can safely say that my first half-dozen loaves or so were not anywhere near as good as the ones I make now).

Also, I gotta know; what was this "amazing bread" you've had that you want to emulate?
>> No. 5515
Sorry guys, I thought this board moved slower.

I'm doing everything by hand so I guess I better keep practicing. Still, the generic recipes don't mention stuff like that.

As for the AMAZING BREAD, a friend of a friend came over and made it for a party we were having. It was fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, fresh out of the oven. But, I'm no bread connoisseur, I'm just saying I liked it a lot and can't go back to store-bought stuff.
>> No. 5687
File 13358275915.jpg - (53.85KB , 500x316 , 5513279745_d880144bd9.jpg )
Yo, fuck wheat bread, what is a good alternative cuz I can't eat that shit and white is not something I wanna be ingesting after finding out the process.
>> No. 5688
Process? What process?
>> No. 5689
It has everything removed, it's like eating paper.
>> No. 5690

Try a rye or barley based bread, Much heavier, but much more flavorful
>> No. 5691
What's your favorite type of bread /ck/?

Mine is every type.
>> No. 5692
Really? My favorite type is all of them.
>> No. 5693
I actually dislike a small number of bread. Cheap white bread and pumpernickel. Cheap white bread just tastes of nothing and pumpernickel's just way too dense for my taste.
>> No. 5694
Chlorine, amongst other things. That's for bleached. For unbleached, you just need to age it.
>> No. 5695
toaster oven makes better toast then the toaster. I'm partial to a good sourdough.

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