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File 130257016035.jpg - (177.44KB , 651x542 , inb4-prion-diseases.jpg )
5080 No. 5080
So a few of us were wondering.

What does human flesh taste like?

Feel free to specify what "flesh" you're talking about.

If given the opportunity, would you take it? Would you cook it? How?

Personally, given the rarity of it, I think I'd have to eat it raw. It seems in poor tastes to taint something so uncommonly ingested by cooking or flavoring it.
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>> No. 5082
File 13025795589.jpg - (21.34KB , 328x232 , appa_face.jpg )
What the hell, Ninja?
>> No. 5084

Would you eat a fresh eyeball whole or drain the fluids for separate consumption first is all I'm asking.
>> No. 5085
>> No. 5087
Of all mammals, pigs are the physiologically the closest to humans. So I imagine human flesh tastes similar to pork.

But in the end I would probably decline such an opportunity to find out.
>> No. 5088
Depends on the sex of the person the flesh came from, how old they were, where they lived and what they ingested.

I imagine the typical male would taste pretty gamey and unappealing, what with all that testosterone and lack of dietary fibre.

But yeah, we probably taste like pork, and therefore not very appetizing to me, eating it raw would just open up to a HOST of possible disease transmission, yet we don't really know how to cook human flesh so...

I think if I had to, and it was a 'clean' specimen, like, disease free and properly fed/ finished, I'd stick to the internal organs, because those are pretty much the same no matter what kind of animal we're talking about, and I have no idea what kind of butchery would be involved in something even remotely human in configuration, plus we don't have that many meaty portions to us, so there would be scant amounts of traditional steak type material.

>> No. 5091
I heard barbecue cooking was invented as a means of dealing with the negative properties of human flesh.
>> No. 5092
>Of all mammals, pigs are the physiologically the closest to humans

lol no. do you even understand the shit you type?
>> No. 5093
Er, what? That's more a matter of the digestive systems and bloodstreams. So basically, we need to slaughter our human the same way we would a pig, and slit the throat and hang it up to bleed out.

You just need a fat person with good muscle mass, but offal is always delicious.
>> No. 5096

>> No. 5097
It varies depending on the diet. It's similar to pork but different. I don't have food words. It's not as sweet?
>> No. 5101

I've read interviews that it tastes like "thick, salty pork" and also a sweeter "loose" kind of beef. Neither files indicate what part of the body they were referring to, though.
>> No. 5103
The only way you can find out OP is to cut off one of your limbs, cook it, and eat it. Now if you haven't already died of blood loss please post on here and tell us. :)
>> No. 5105
CSB Time!

My friend's brother, when he was a teenager, was often bored during the summer. For a week or two, he was tinkering with something that involved fire (I forget what). One day, I came over to their house and as I came through the front door, the brother was coming through the back door in the kitchen. His clothes were lightly singed and he was smiling.

"Hey, does this smell like hot dogs to you?" He asked, as he shoved his open, obviously (lightly red from being) burned hand into my face.

I wasn't expecting it; I inhaled. All I smelled was hot dogs. I couldn't eat a hot dog for over a year without thinking about burnt human flesh.
>> No. 5106
Smells like pork when it's cooking but tastes like poor quality veal with the texture of horse-meat and the slightly greasy quality of duck, if I recall correctly. Best eaten from the bicep or rump of a young and moderately athletic adult (gender not specified).
>> No. 5107
File 13031781635.jpg - (21.48KB , 418x400 , marjane_shock.jpg )
How...how do you know this, tooth?
>> No. 5115
She's Scottish.
>> No. 5296
I'm surprised nobody has posted the obvious yet. Many of us occasionally dine on human flesh, be it of the man-sausage variety or the lady-fish variety. Of course, actually ingesting it is another matter entirely.
>> No. 5675
you know i read an article about a serial killer who killed and ate his victims a while ago. he commented that he had eaten a human eyeball and that it tasted like oysters. whether it's the actual taste or the actual consistency, he didn't specify.
>> No. 5677
If only they still made hufu
>> No. 5679
File 133521037746.png - (226.99KB , 518x441 , Pro1_Generic_Civilian_Portrait.png )
It tastes like Horse.

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