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File 129716067384.jpg - (24.03KB , 450x338 , 7308-bigthumbnail.jpg )
4878 No. 4878
Popin' Cookin' #3 - たのし…youtube thumb
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>> No. 4881
I didn't read the info until after the video. I was hoping it was candy, but I was worried that it wasn't. Turns out it is, and I want to try it now.
>> No. 4882
That is possibly the most awesome thing I have seen in months.
>> No. 4883
File 129719886673.jpg - (23.18KB , 640x480 , A Pimp Named Hank Hill.jpg )

>mfw comments are full of people bitching about how many calories it probably has and blah blah blah

>> No. 4885
I must know where to find this beautiful nonsense.
>> No. 4887
>> No. 4888
File 129722359245.jpg - (14.74KB , 250x250 , steve_albini_hearing_reverb.jpg )
>makin' dat fish roe
>> No. 4903
File 129776150313.jpg - (50.64KB , 288x200 , 1285499781110.jpg )
What sorcery is this?
That looks surprisingly delicious.

And holy crap, there's more!
Takoyaki: Meiji くるくるたこやき…youtube thumb
Taiyaki: Meiji ぱったん たいやきやさんyoutube thumb
>> No. 4904
Okay, the Meiji, Caplico, and Popin’ Cookin’ ones are edible candy. Konapun and Whipple are toys.


Popin' Cookin' #2 - たのし…youtube thumb
Popin' Cookin' #1 - たのし…youtube thumb
デコってカプリコ glico Caplicoyoutube thumb
>> No. 4907
What the hell japan?

How do you come up with things so simultaneously retarded and awesome?
>> No. 4909
Those all look like they would take a very long time to make for something that will take less than two minutes to eat.

I would buy them constantly.

This. So much this.
>> No. 4931
I can't understand people who see things like this and go "hurr durr, that's stupid way too much work"

Don't they understand that the entire point is feeling like a retarded 5-year-old and having a shit ton of fun making it?
>> No. 4952
File 129884194981.jpg - (42.82KB , 461x350 , 1800bakerycookieplaydough.jpg )
Exactly, the work is part of the fun. Like decorating Easter eggs, or making making really intricately frosted Christmas cookies. It's part food and part play.
>> No. 5281
Bumping this thread with some impressive miniature sculpting skills.
Kracie - popin cookin #7 - ね…youtube thumb
>> No. 5322

You probably wouldn't want to eat any of this stuff after working on them for what seems like a couple of hours.
>> No. 5323

There has got to be some illegal chemical reactions in the Konapun ones.
>> No. 5336
Well the Konapun ones are only toys, not actual food.
>> No. 5337
The Konapun ones are made from sodium alginate, an edible gum/gel made from seaweed. That's not to say there aren't potentially toxic chemicals in there, though. I'd be very wary of the dyes.
>> No. 5341
I think I'm most shocked that these things are only like, 2 dollars.

I'd pay upwards of fives, maybe sixes of dollars!
>> No. 5367
More Kracie stuff.

Kracie - popin cookin #8 - ク…youtube thumb
Gummy crepes!

Kracie - 昆虫グミ図鑑 (b…youtube thumb
They're like Creepy Crawlers you can eat. I must obtain them.
>> No. 5701
Kracie - happy kitchen #4 - mini hamburgeryoutube thumb
This one's not a candy, nor is it a toy. It's actually a little powdered kit for microwavable burgers, buns, and fries, as well as instant cola and cheese. No artificial colors, no preservatives, actual chicken and pork ingredients.
And according to the uploader, it tasted delicious.
>> No. 5702
I lost it at the tiny spoon.

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