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File 129439569817.png - (143.79KB , 677x634 , mark.png )
4728 No. 4728
I dunno if this is a totally necessary thread but I find that I keep going to the SYM thread in /baw/ to talk about petty food things that don't deserve a thread.

So I'm making this instead.

I have way too much fun seeing just how delicious of a pizza I can make using those pre-packaged pre-cooked crusts.
The answer is an incredibly delicious pizza.

Pic unrelated, but it was the first thing I saw when I opened my pictures folder.
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>> No. 4729
I cannot find any good recipes for Cocoa Chili Powder...cept HOT COCOA
>> No. 4730
That is the only one you will ever need though so it's all good.

Fuckin love spiced hot chocolate.
>> No. 4732
I'm developing a minor udon fixation as of late. It's gotten to the point where I went out and bought some beef bones that I spent the next twenty hours boiling, just to have a broth good enough to go with the noodles. Maybe I should seek help.
>> No. 4734

I can't ever go back to packaged ramen because I actually caved and decided to make some fresh. The result takes for fucking ever and is frankly kind of spendy but oh god why can't i stop wanting it
>> No. 4757
Am I the only one who cares about normal spaghetti noodles versus angel-hair? I don't really hate anything about normal it's just that it seems harder to get a large sauce:noodle ratio in one bite than angel-hair. I am into most noodle dishes for their sauce.
Am I missing out on an even more perfect style of noodle for getting a lot of sauce in one bite?
>> No. 4806
File 129565325730.jpg - (23.78KB , 640x480 , lois's_brother_squinting.jpg )
>brine chicken
>still accidentally overcook it a bit
How does this even happen.
>> No. 4807
been thinking about doing some homemade ramen. How long does it take? Final mental goal is actually starting a noddle shop for local campus. Southern style ramen
>> No. 4808
oh boy you have to read the Momofuku cookbook. It's got a lot of great background material and gives you a general understanding of what good ramen is. (not to mention it's a brilliant, entertaining book by a mad kitchen genius, well worth a read anyways) You really need a high-gluten flour, and if you can't find the sodium bi-carbonates you can dissolve a little baking soda in the warm water in the recipe.

some other good recipes
http://www.scientificpsychic.com/mind/noodles.html (good page on noodles in general)
http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-REAL-Japanese-ramen-from-scratch/ (this one has egg, so not 'REAL' ramen)

the glorious momofuku cookbook

also, I really recommend you watch the movie Tampopo - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092048/. It's one of my favorite food movies and a must for anyone seriously interested in ramen and Japanese noodles in general.

The thing you have to remember is that ramen-making is truly an art - the guys in Japan have perfected their recipes over years and guard them well. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of fuck-ups to get really good ramen, and it's a difficult process to explain - the kneading and drying of the noodles, etc. Just have fun with it and experiment. Southern-style ramen is the kind of brilliant fusion that's perfectly natural and goes excellent together - you got the sweet, slow-cooked barbecue flavors, seafood, etc. Really, anything goes as long as you put a little thought into it.
>> No. 4809
Raptor took my suggestion on adding cinnamon to a tuna sandwich.

She has started calling them Fishbone sandwiches in my honor.

(Protip: It's delicious.)
>> No. 4810
does one have to use a pasta processor or is it best done by hand?
>> No. 4811
traditionally it's stretched by hand, and if the dough is right it isn't that much of a bitch. It's tough, there's lots of gluten but it isn't impossible.

Pasta machines are seen as the easy white-people way but you can still use them.
>> No. 4812
File 129575488960.png - (300.41KB , 500x666 , cauliflower.png )
>> No. 4813
File 129576449411.jpg - (41.00KB , 366x333 , 1389_MEDIUM.jpg )
a velvety, creamy cauliflower soup with thyme, white pepper, and wild mushrooms on top in a swirl of olive oil

zing motherfucker
>> No. 4814
oh u
I also found that toasting the bread and spreading butter and/or honey mustard on it is quite lovely.
>> No. 4817
File 129583372685.gif - (489.56KB , 185x139 , tumblr_lesgb6kN121qzl17h.gif )
>Raptor I am cooking tomorrow
>okay mommy how can I halp
>peel three pounds of shrimp
I am excited because my mom is a kitchen goddess and whenever she breaks out the seafood I know shit's about to get real. It's so much shrimp she must be making like soups and salads and gumbo and sandwiches and cocktail and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
>> No. 4823
I love eating the peel on clementines.
>> No. 4825
File 129596642261.jpg - (46.00KB , 338x500 , 51p3ORpMY2L.jpg )
This is a thing that happens every day.

It is delicious.
>> No. 4857
File 129675128347.jpg - (20.20KB , 280x390 , dnw.jpg )
>sister makes pasta bake
>didn't adjust the recipe for fresh pasta instead of dry
>currenly eating pasta soup
>> No. 4862
Recently had Peking Duck for the first time. There are no words to describe my reaction to the deliciousness. Not only do I fucking love that particular dish, but I also now love hoisin sauce. Eager to try it on anything I think it can play well with.
>> No. 4864
Cauliflower is the best. I like steaming mine, coating them in beaten egg whites, then frying them. Salt, cover in a watery homemade tomato sauce, chirmol, or just salsa, is good on it. It's like you're going out of your way to make this vegetable unhealthy and tastier.
>> No. 4891
Any suggestions for onigari fillers? Doesn't matter if it's traditional or not. I'm just getting some really weird japanese food cravings.
>> No. 4920
There is nothing more disappointing than opening a jar of peanut butter to discover that everyone has been dipping into it without stirring it and you have half a jar of solid chalk.

Thankfully it's easy to correct with a tiny bit of vegetable oil, but that really shouldn't be necessary.
>> No. 4921
File 129816069842.jpg - (12.28KB , 300x300 , 41fzPsCiC4L__SL500_AA300_.jpg )

Not very traditional: Any type of fish or meat except chicken.(or maybe I just think it's not that great with chicken. i'm weird like that) Eggs are meh.
>> No. 4932
So I woke up starving, thanks to sleeping for 15 hours due to my poor sleep habits. Couldn't think of what I wanted, then it hit me. Crepes. I really wanted crepes.

So I checked my fridge/pantry/table for possible fillings. Nothing.

I am horribly disappointed. ):
>> No. 4934
I bought a whole pound of dericious curry powder for six bucks the other day.

Save me from myself.
>> No. 4935
Made pizza from scratch for the Indian family across the street. It came out more perfect than I could have possibly hoped.
>> No. 4936
Experimental chili is in the crock pot. Now is the waiting time.
>> No. 4943
File 129880440858.jpg - (15.53KB , 165x250 , AAAGAS-20-2T.jpg )
I have discovered the secret to tear free onion chopping

pic related
>> No. 4945
Milk in bags, eh?youtube thumb


i always thought it was a reference to powderd milk or some shit
>> No. 4949
A good sharp knife also helps
>> No. 4950
Gordon Ramsay: How to Chop an Onionyoutube thumb

It works really well. I get finer dicing on my onion and almost zero tearing up.
>> No. 4957
I rarely chop onions anyhow. I prefer cutting them in rings. Easier, faster and adds more texture to your meals.
>> No. 4967
>"I'm gonna sign up for some ___ of the Month shit. I love receiving packages."
>"Let's look up some sites."
>> No. 4970
File 129919380861.png - (259.94KB , 622x347 , 128866460818.png )
>Crab flavored Utz chips
>Utz chips in general
Also I won't stop until I've used this Cake Boss reaction image on every board.
>> No. 5025
>Dessert recipe using ramen in half assed ramen cookbook mother bought
>Fry noodle block, put chocolate, marshmellows, coconut, and some other stuff on top of it. Cut into blocks

It sounds like rice krispie treats without the awesome.
>> No. 5026
>mom makes some cheese-straw like things
>but they have pecans in them
>and dried dates
>> No. 5038
File 130131901772.jpg - (9.82KB , 272x224 , rxn (506).jpg )
>those 5 seconds where the bottom half of the cereal are soggy and the top half are still crunchy
>> No. 5052
Jesus christ that's a hell of a face
Where did that even come from and
I agree with that statement WHOLEHEARTEDLY oh god the best
>> No. 5054
File 130195042765.jpg - (1.12MB , 3907x2887 , Facepalmuber.jpg )
>Finds out stepfather is diabetic
>Mother declares new era of grocery shopping
>Did the same for all of 2 days after he had his 2nd heart attack
>Found out that for years, he only ate a box of tasty kakes and a bottle of diet Mountain Dew a day and nothing else.
>> No. 5142
I have come into possession of a very large amount of paprika.

Any paprika-heavy dishes/recipes I should know about? All I got is goulash. I love the shit out of goulash, but I'd like some variety,
>> No. 5144
Have you tried it on popcorn? I'm curious as to how it is on popcorn.
>> No. 5145
Curries. So many curries.
Also, the best thing:
Punjene paprike
>> No. 5151
File 130455207771.jpg - (4.56KB , 180x180 , Utz_Peanut_Butter_n_Cheese_Crackers.jpg )
A box of these things was included as part of a housewarming gift. Haven't had them in years, but they are seriously my ultimate guilty pleasure food. I can't stop eating them and hating myself for it.

That sounds possibly delicious. Not a big popcorn eater, but I'll try it nex time the chance arises.
>> No. 5152
Paprika Chicken. I'll get a recipe off my girlfriend for you. Hungarian food makes heavy use of paprika.
>> No. 5155
Making my own ricotta cheese for the first time
kinda scared
oh man I got low-fat buttermilk I hope that doesn't screw anything up
>> No. 5156
File 130480385758.jpg - (47.28KB , 800x536 , 800px-Fried_cassava_in_Indonesia.jpg )
Fried Yuca, motherfuckers!
>> No. 5157
Hmm. Ended up more like cottage cheese, but still very good.
>> No. 5160
I'm not sure if I should put this in food win or fail, so it's going here:

I decided to bake my mom a gluten free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for mother's day. I had never baked a cake before and didn't realize you had to smooth out the tops of a round layer cake. Needless to say, it did not bake evenly and fell apart.

So it's less of a layer cake and more like a poorly frosted mound, but it is fucking delicious.
>> No. 5170
I'm really sick of people screaming about animal protiens and dairy products being THE WORST THINGS EVER.
>> No. 5171
>animal proteins
This is actually the first time I hear anyone say something like this.
>> No. 5205
Crossposting this from my Tumblr.

Alright, so I know this idea is about as original as anything else on the Internet nowadays, but fuck it. I’ve decided to start a mini-feature on my blog wherein I review different sodas and drinks. I’ve got a huge soft spot for strange drinks- sodas, energy drinks, teas, whatever else I can find. I like trying new things, I live in an area where it’s fairly easy to get different drinks (my favorite destination for new energy drinks, the gas station convenience store, exists in abundance in this city) and I’ve got nothing better to do. So, without further ado, the first installment of Darc Likes Soda.
The drink of choice today is Rootjack Pirate Root Beer, purchased from my favorite online retailer, ThinkGeek.com. It come in packs of 4, and was shipped with enough padding that nothing bad happened to it in transit. My first thought when looking at the bottle: It looks like somebody gave Tim Burton a Magic Marker and an orange sheet of construction paper and told him to draw a logo for a pirate drink. It’s got a pirate girl, complete with parrot, straddling a cannon, and the name “Rootjack” in stylized letters above her. The bottle mentions it’s orange flavored root beer, a “pirate energy drink” with guarana and vitamin C, and that it fights scurvy. Enough about the packaging, though. On to the drink.
Upon popping the top off (old school, no twist tops here) I noticed it had quite a head on it already. Whether that’s from jostling around in transit or something else, I have no idea. It smells quite nice- like root beer with a hint of orange. Like all root beer, it smells of vanilla, but unlike most root beer, the smell isn’t overpowering. It’s a good smell, overall- pleasantly low-key.
First taste: Ooh, more orange than I’d expected. The root beer part is about as expected- creamy, sort of spicy, tastes like pretty much every root beer in existence. This is no Virgil’s root beer, with its assortment of varied, subtle flavors. This drink, despite its smell, is about as subtle as… well, a pirate. It’s got a strong root beer taste with a nice sour orange bite, not too creamy, and despite marketing itself as an energy drink, there’s only the barest hint of guarana taste. Knowing ThinkGeek, though, it’s probably loaded with caffeine. Not that that’s a bad thing.
Final thoughts: Overall, I’m pleased. It’s a nice, easy to drink root beer with a pleasant orange flavor to it. Given a choice, I’d have made the root beer taste a bit stronger and sharper- not by much, though. The only real drawbacks are the price (both of the drink and the need to have it shipped) and the energy factor- if you need to sleep sometime soon, pick a different beverage. If you have an all-nighter ahead of you, though, you could certainly do worse than Rootjack. Try it out, matey.
>> No. 5237
File 13069935458.jpg - (62.31KB , 399x600 , SCIENCE.jpg )
So tomorrow I'm making baked macaroni. Spicy baked macaroni.
>Colby and Monterrey
>Panko breadcrumb topping
>Worcestershire sauce and and a pinch of garlic to add to the cheese sauce
>Diced green peppers
A friend of mine recommended mustard and srirarcha alongside the Worcestershire in the cheese sauce but I'm not too sure about that.
>> No. 5239
This has been the best sherbet I have ever made. I used cactus juice, pureed strawberries, and lemon juice sweetened with agave.
>> No. 5240
File 130704646420.jpg - (95.47KB , 736x694 , 060211132332.jpg )
Whoops forgot my pic
>> No. 5241
>Worcestershire sauce and and a pinch of garlic to add to the cheese sauce
Ended up using smoked paprika and bay leaf instead. Turned out delicious. Think next time I'll mix in paprika with the butter for the breadcrumbs for a bit of color, and use pepperjack instead.
>> No. 5243
>>Colby and Monterrey
I must know what that last one was.

Also, been wanting to say, liver tastes good once you add some onion, lime and balsamic vinegar to it.
>> No. 5244
File 130713143197.jpg - (402.22KB , 2592x1944 , monterey.jpg )
Pic related.
>> No. 5245
I doused some white cheddar popcorn in it. (Sweet paprika, not hot.)

Fucking delicious is how it tastes.
>> No. 5306
Made my first successful curry today. It. Was. Glorious!
It's amazing what pea soup and ketchup can do.
>> No. 5307
Oh my God cinnamon extract is AMAZING.
>> No. 5308
File 130965854118.jpg - (60.18KB , 571x459 , 1217823212961.jpg )
>after dinner
>washing all the dishes, because the dishwasher was full and hadn't been run
>thinking "Man, when I'm done I'm getting one of those strawberry Drumsticks."
>keep washing, with visions of sweet, delicious strawberry ice cream dipped in chocolate and peanuts, in a crunchy cone, dancing in my mind
>finally done washing dishes, open freezer, can practically taste it
>strawberry Drumsticks all gone, only vanilla
>> No. 5309
what magical world do you live in that has strawberry Drumsticks
>> No. 5310
File 130983196940.jpg - (97.39KB , 500x500 , 0007255411174_500X500.jpg )
...New England?
Judging by the 'NEW' in the corner, I guess they only recently came out.
>> No. 5319
File 13101730546.jpg - (43.62KB , 426x599 , 426px-CaryElwesApr10.jpg )
>Get WWF cookbook for little brother
>Flick through it
>... holy shit, some of these sound pretty fucking delicious.
>> No. 5329
File 131033084773.jpg - (259.01KB , 640x480 , 0710111634.jpg )
I have twenty five pounds of tomatoes, fresh picked off the farm. I'ma cook 'em down and make sauce with 'em.
>> No. 5331
Had raw honey for the first time. Fucking sublime.
>> No. 5333
For some reason, my boss decided to give me almost a box full of fruit wafer bars.

Not a huge box, more like the kind you find on a supermarket shelf that contains all the individual bars.

They're actually kinda nice, but I'm still wondering where the hell he got them, or why he decided to give them to me.
>> No. 5334
He's fattening you up to eat you.
>> No. 5346
File 131122000292.png - (30.93KB , 160x160 , rxn (143).png )
>Cooking with Dog
>> No. 5350
Cheap recipes for batch cooking.

Give them to me.
>> No. 5351
He is sexually attracted to you and is a feeder fetishist. He's beating off to the mental image of you eating them.
>> No. 5354
File 131149852667.jpg - (147.25KB , 320x240 , honeymaid.jpg )
I almost forgot how good these are.
>> No. 5356
I always keep those around. They make fucking amazing pie crusts.
>> No. 5357
Christ! Raw steak has the best goddamn smell.
>> No. 5365
File 131244165728.jpg - (77.40KB , 500x667 , bottle-packaging.jpg )
I care neither for guns, nor for spirits, yet I want this.
>> No. 5366
>suddenly, the munchies
>for a week
>eating mass amounts of snack food
>probably amping my calorie/fat/carb intake way up
>lost 5 pounds in that week
>> No. 5368
File 131266493425.jpg - (59.89KB , 480x328 , 1303271681063.jpg )
>realize I've been trying out a lot of new recipes lately
>apple curry
>salmon onigiri
>green tea ice cream
>realize why

>> No. 5369
Or you're pregnant.
>> No. 5370
I've been experimenting, trying to replicate Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits.
And I've got an acceptable substitute, but it's not quiiite the same and that bugs me.
Gonna get so fat off of these before I get it right.
>> No. 5371
Gonna try out a new recipe today.

Made up a recipe for Salt n Vinegar Mashed Potatoes. If it works out nicely I'll post the results.
>> No. 5372
It went well!

Normal potatos recipe, then I drained it a bit and filled it back up with some vinegar, then poured more salt and vinegar in while I was mashing them. So good, though.
>> No. 5380
Oh sweet Lord, Hebrew National hotdogs are amazing.
>> No. 5393
Chicken Wings fried in Pinapple-Rum-Ducksauce, sliced cantaloupe and cold soda with lime in it.
Dinner accomplished.
>> No. 5394
Oh shit, we're out of ducksauce and have 8 more wings to do.

Shit yeah, Duck Sauce wings AND Teriyaki wings.
>> No. 5399

Does anyone know how good these are? Because 9 pounds for $16 seems pretty good, but I've never had this brand (Albanese)

>> No. 5401
File 131430132762.jpg - (53.48KB , 620x465 , 1276643572234.jpg )
>Obscure Ingredient can be found in the speciality aisle of your local supermarket

>> No. 5409
what's your opinion of aloo gobi?
>> No. 5417
>> No. 5418
File 131547567543.png - (75.15KB , 700x466 , 1312686740688.png )
>Dig out my Baked Pankoroni and Colbyjack recipe
>Consider replacing the diced jalapeno with chorizo sausage
>> No. 5419
I just found out they eat cormorants in norway.

>> No. 5420
Because they're tasty.
>> No. 5421
Oatcakes were over cooked.

Leek soup wasn't as bright as it was supposed to be, and I had no bay leaves.

I have less problems with overcooking the more I make a dish, I haven't time to get used to my stove yet.
>> No. 5423
File 131604377577.png - (12.30KB , 422x410 , 1315626169725.png )
>Open package from Amazon
>Finishing salt, pastry scraper, silicone baking mats, wax parchment, mortar and pestle inside
>> No. 5425
File 131626608444.jpg - (514.32KB , 1408x1056 , IMG_3545.jpg )
>> No. 5426
File 131626912355.jpg - (219.34KB , 845x634 , IMG_3546.jpg )
>> No. 5427
I am the king of eggs.
At least, if nothing else, I've got that.
omg those look fantastic.
>> No. 5428
They are the best cookies I have ever had.
Bread flour and cinnamon extract make a huge difference.
>> No. 5429
You should
post the recipe

>> No. 5430
Guys what goes well with chicken piccata

I wanna make sure i dont fuck up like last month's fiasco where i used corn as a side dish to seafood salad
>> No. 5431

Basically just this recipe here but I added way more chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips, and two teaspoons of cinnamon extract.
I also did not add any salt, not realizing we were out.
>> No. 5433
So I gave in and bought this. I don't regret it, the rings are good. But we're (me, my sisters, my parents) through the first half and I can almost feel the diabetes coming on. I'm scared to eat anything sweet for a while.
>> No. 5434
File 131759764971.png - (56.01KB , 387x299 , 1305960353549.png )
>mfw Skittles still aren't vegetarian in my country
>> No. 5435
Pizza is incomplete without spinache.

They didn't eat the things, though. They just killed 'em to make room for cattle and to starve the natives. Pathetic on every level.
>> No. 5436
Do you mean gelatin or something else? Because.. what?
>> No. 5437
Gelatin. They still use a non vegetarian version in a lot of countries, mine included.
>> No. 5444
File 131804765958.jpg - (28.39KB , 600x449 , 91.jpg )
>mfw my dad breaks out his Smothered Porkchops recipe
>> No. 5455
File 131827062141.jpg - (44.56KB , 480x359 , jellyjelly_2.jpg )
I've spent the last week or so fooling around with homemade jelly, and I've made some really fun discoveries (well, I'm sure lots of people already knew this stuff, but I'm a jelly noob. Also, it's Columbus Day today; it's only appropriate that I "discover America"!)

One: If you're willing to go slowly and test the mix as it cooks, you don't really need a recipe. I've made four suitable batches just by throwing in some sugar and pectin mix, pour a spoonful on a cold saucer, see if it's jelly yet, if not add a little more sugar and pectin. That means I can experiment with odd ingredients that don't have recipes, and more importantly, I can make a small quantity. I just want one or two jars, you see, and lots of recipes assume you want to make 10 jars.

Two: Since I'm only making one or two small jars, I can store them in my fridge, and skip some of the germ-killing food safety "boil it forever" stuff. It doesn't need to be flipping autoclaved, because it's not going to sit on a shelf for half a year.

Three: Damn, with a dose of citric acid, I can make it as sour as I want! OK, that isn't what everyone wants in a jam, I'm sure, but I made some lemon marmalade that's like a Sour Lemon Warhead. The grape jelly is good and tangy, too! Of course, it's also sweet, but it has a kick to it that almost brings tears to your eyes. It's exactly what I wanted!
>> No. 5475
where does one buy citric acid?
>> No. 5476
I bought a baggie-full at the local health food store. Apparently it qualifies as a natural food preservative. I see that Amazon sells it, too.
>> No. 5541
Anyone have a recipe for wine brittle? It sounds interesting but I can only find (expensive) premade stuff.
>> No. 5543
I have decided that a single serve coffee maker would make a great xmas gift, but I don't know what kind I should get and where from.
>> No. 5544
Picked up a pomegranate yesterday... what the hell should I do with this thing? Honestly have no clue what to make.
>> No. 5546
Most recipes require multiple pomegranates, to my knowledge. If you've just got one, I'd just eat it straight up.
If you wanna buy more, AB has some pretty sweet ideas as per norm.
Good Eats S10E17 Fruit Ten fro…youtube thumb
Good Eats S10E17 Fruit Ten fro…youtube thumb
>> No. 5552
My aunt gave me two bags of frozen blueberries for some reason. Can they be used in place of fresh berries in recipes without ruining everything?
>> No. 5570
I bought four pounds of unsalted sweet butter from Costco.

It is time to get my bake on.
>> No. 5581
File 132391975723.jpg - (495.22KB , 1536x2048 , 14122011484.jpg )
Oh Captain Morgan with cola, I fucking love you.
>> No. 5582
I fucking hate electric ovens.
>> No. 5599
/ck/ is very polarized about Guy Fieri, I learned.
What do you guys think about him.
>> No. 5600
I miss them. I only have a terribad gas oven.
>> No. 5603
His fashion sense is atrocious and his son is cute.

Don't really watch his shows so I've never tried any of his recipes, but they don't sound too absurd...I think?
>> No. 5604
I guess I was spoiled by a good gas oven.

My current one does not maintain a constant temperature properly for some reason.
>> No. 5606
Hotlix, makers of candy-coated insects, have a webstore. Not sure when this happened, as I recall looking to see if they had one some time ago and found nothing. They've got one now though, and I'm sure as hell buying me some arthropod-based snacks. Been years since I've had any chocolate-covered bugs, and I have to try those salt and vinegar crickets. In fact I'll probably end up ordering at least one of everything.
>> No. 5607
>cheddar cheese popcorn seasoning
>it's essentially Cheeto dust in a shaker
...I am going to put this on everything.
>> No. 5610
Is Greek yogurt supposed to be fat-free? I only see that variant in supermarkets.
>> No. 5611
No, but regular Greek yogurt has a lot fat in it, so fat-free is probably more popular.
>> No. 5617
I've been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, and aside from realizing I love that motherfucker, I've also determined I really need more more diverse foods in my life. His Japan episodes alone were enough to get my mouth watering in desperation. I've never thought I'd find myself yearning for stuff like monk fish and cow's stomach, but dammit I am.
>> No. 5618
The final episode of Good Eats aired tonight.

I am sad.
>> No. 5619
I've been drinking Earl Grey tea like a madman lately. I just can't help it, it's just so gooooood. Perfect winter tea.
>> No. 5621
>stay up several hours later than I intended while making fudge
>fudge refuses to set

I know there's enough uses for the stuff so that it's not a total waste, but still, I wanted fudge godsdammit.
>> No. 5623
File 13299800752.jpg - (69.07KB , 567x366 , rxn (257).jpg )
>go to take drink from cup
>hit teeth
>> No. 5624
Follow-up: after sprinkling in a half-teaspoon of confectioner's sugar to the still-liquid fudge, beating the tar out of it with an electric mixer, and stashing it in the fridge, I managed to get it to set... kind of. It ended up with a consistency of very thick frosting. Not the solid block I was tasting in my mind the whole time I was cooking, but still tasty.

>> No. 5654
Anxiety problems and a really busy schedule have made it very hard for me to eat, and as a result, I'm 20 lbs. underweight. I need some ideas on food I could eat in small portions, and ways to keep the weight on.
>> No. 5656
I would try to find something small but calorie rich. Things like Fig Newtons are loaded with calories, but they're small and cheap. You can get 200 calories for less than a buck, and they're easy to throw in a bag for later (don't crush easily). Cliff bars are another good choice with more flavor variety, but more expensive.

However, if you want to put more weight on and have it not be just fat, eat/drink more protein and try to fit some exercise in your schedule. Drink some more milk and cheese, maybe some protein shakes. You don't have to go to a gym or anything; just do some bodyweight stuff like pushups or squats.
>> No. 5669
Hate him, he's a homophobe, racist, and abusive to his own crew.
>> No. 5670
I have heard none of those things! Elaborate?
>> No. 5681
File 133557635044.jpg - (17.04KB , 208x312 , smart_monkey.jpg )
So... this is just me throwing an idea out there... would it be possible to melt down sweets (hard gums, Haribo, that kind of thing) in a salle de bain or something like that?
>> No. 5682
In a bathroom?
>> No. 5684
File 133562804278.jpg - (111.22KB , 533x348 , fetch-fail-dog-dildo.jpg )
I meant a bain-marie.
>> No. 5699
File 133709180859.jpg - (337.90KB , 750x500 , funions.jpg )
I finally got glazing onions down. Turns out the main ingredient is patience.
>> No. 5700
File 133740921785.jpg - (71.18KB , 562x323 , RK_OriginalTreats_06.jpg )
It's been far too long, old friends.
>> No. 5703
Fucking love crunchy marshmallows.
>> No. 5704
File 133775516725.jpg - (46.20KB , 373x364 , tumblr_ll0ktdyYQn1qbpnj7.jpg )
>>In class
>>Somehow the topic of bacon comes up
>>Classmate: "Why does bacon taste so different than pork?"
>>Teacher: "Well, why does steak taste different than burgers? It's the same animal, isn't it?"
>>Feel like I am having a stoner moment of realisation here
>> No. 5705
Because they're different cuts with wildly different proportions of fat, muscle, veins, sinews and cartilage influencing the overall taste? Also ground meat tastes wildly different due to greater surface area, so the roast flavor will be way more pronounced.
>> No. 5706
that and bacon is smoked too so you're tasting more than just the meat
>> No. 5718
Why do the directions on gelatin and pudding lie so much? They're not cooled and set nearly as fast as the instructions want me to think. I wanted my delicious, soft dessert treats over an hour ago, dammit.
>> No. 5722
File 133920955834.gif - (5.78KB , 200x298 , homer-drool-702026.gif )
>Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree
>> No. 5723
Perfect Scrambled Eggs Breakfastyoutube thumb
These scrambled eggs, good God. I didn't even include the creme fraiche, it was literally nothing but eggs, butter, salt, and pepper, but the way you cook them makes them into something else entirely. These don't even taste like scrambled eggs but they are very delicious.
>> No. 5724
Seems tasty, but nothing I would eat if I was actually craving for scrambled eggs. I like my scrambled eggs as brown and rubbery as possible.
>> No. 5725

It never ceases to amaze me how cooking things on lower heat with more attention ends up being better, yet totally against what everyone is taught.

Try it with everything. Rethink how you cook everything.
>> No. 5726
File 133972309553.jpg - (51.91KB , 515x515 , 1313528998412.jpg )
>when you see people cook a dish for each other that you previously cooked for them
>> No. 5728
Clams on the half-shell with some lemon juice and hot sauce.
Aw yeah.
>> No. 5729
Krabby Patties, Spongebob Squa…youtube thumb
>> No. 5731
I've started watching Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix streaming.
Running a restaurant seems HARD.
>> No. 5732
I'm pretty sure running any business is.

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