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One Piece

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First thread >>361

Hey Piggylicious, good job on the "Whitebeard confirms One Piece, triggers pirate boom". Nailed it!

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File: 127242745096.png-(169.31KB, 727x247, Picture 8.png)
You'd think the "his" in this case would be Blackbeard, what with his having a hand in... pretty much everything, but the fact that she doesn't straight-out say Blackbeard makes me wonder if there was some other person involved.

File: 127242830113.jpg-(114.03KB, 575x213, HighFiveHowardandWerth.jpg)
Thanks man.

Yeah, I don't know what the deal with that is.

Also, in spite of that scanlation, she's apparently using a gender-neutral pronoun.

Which... probably means it's either a lady or some sort of okama-type person.

Heh, yeah, just ask a newfie.

Or it could be a literary device meant to make the person she's referring to that much more vague.

One Piece is like 90% male. That there would be any ambiguity at all instead of straight out saying "that guy" sounds like lady to me.

I think that might be a language thing. A gender neutral pronoun isn't necessarily just for obfuscation, it could be that said pronoun was just what sounded natural in Japanese.

Theory on Devil Fruit powers: the power doesn't come from "sea devil" in the fruit, but a parasitic/symbiotic organism like a worm or an insect which lives in the fruit until someone eats it, then it travels down into their stomach where it alters their body to have some power but also be paralyzed by standing water.

When a person with it living in them dies, the thing exits the decaying corpse and gets scattered to the wind until it finds a fruit it can crawl back into and make the new fruit of that power.

The reason a power can only be in a fruit or a person at a given time is that whenever a new organism is born it gives a different power.

The reason eating two fruits kills you is that if two of these things ends up in one stomach they fight each other and destroy the person's stomach in the process.

Devil Fruits aren't special kinds of fruit, they're just a regular fruit which looks weird when that thing starts living in it.

Vegapunk probably knows this, and Blackbeard found out too. He took Whitebeard's powers by either removing the thing from Whitebeard's corpse and putting it in his extra stomach or transplanting Whitebeard's stomach into his own body.

tl;dr Devil Fruit are fruit tainted with superpowered tape worms.

Dude, that's just like trying to explain the Force; just don't do it. Some things just need to stay a mystery.

Now if we could just go ahead and get your Midi-chlorian count sir we can finish your application to the Jedi Academy.

Midichlorians do not create the Force!

Sorry, geek pet peeve.

Yeah I know that... and YOU know that, but HOOOOOW did the masses respond to it?

That's not really a good comparison.

The Force is about being all mystical and vague, but Devil Fruits are something that's studied and researched a lot in-series, to the point where they're cataloged and Vegapunk even knows how to give them to animals.

I was just thinking of some science-based but still utterly ridiculous explanation for the weirdness, like an island in the sky being there because of volcanoes or a living skeleton regenerating by drinking milk. I guess I just didn't make it sound weird enough (I should have just left it at "superpowered tapeworms")

Granted, I don't expect them to be "explained" (or not to be), it's just that it wouldn't be out there for how they work to be gradually discovered.

Plus, we are going to need an explanation for the Blackbeard thing, and this might come with it.

Right so we can all agree my mildly terrible joke was actually completely terrible, got it.

But all it takes is one bite to get the power, supposedly. What are the chances that the tapeworm would be in that exact place at the time of biting?

The idea was that it preferred people or animals to fruit, so it crawled down their throat the second they bit into it.

That's still re-taaaaaaar-ded

But Mr. 4 turned his Bazooka into a dog, so how would that work?

Though I've had enough retarded ideas myself, so whatever.

File: 127275873964.jpg-(236.80KB, 887x905, 1272756125375.jpg)
I'm crossposting this from a thread currently on /a/

>You are now realizing the island BrownBeard took over is Crocus's homeland

Brownbeard has been around for all of two panels and already I want to see the Straw Hats cave his face in.

the tips of the feathers are different

but you might be onto something

Capone's ship, I just noticed it's castle themed

Did you notice Bonney's is a cake?

we know how luffy got his hat, but where did Shanks get his strawhat from? I can't help but think there's something special about the hat.

You mean before he gave it to Luffy? I dunno, maybe he made it, maybe he bought it, maybe some other important pirate gave it to him.


Luffy goes back in time and gives it to him. HAT PARADOX.

Maybe Roger gave it to him?

This is probably a dumb idea, but outside of Moria's powers, do you think there's some power out in the New World that can bring people fully back to life?

Again, this ventures into bad fanfic territory, but it might give the crew some reason to go check out the One Piece Afterlife. Of course, everyone on the crew would probably want someone different to be brought back, outside of Sanji, (unless Gin is dead, and even then maybe not him,) and could cause some tension among the crew in case it can only bring one person back.

Revive Revive Fruit. Not only was it done, it was done BY A STRAWHAT.

Oh right. Brooke.

Well, then, besides that too, like some jewelry thing or some shit.

Actually, this is kind of stupid.

you know, all this talk about tapeworm devil fruits and everyone forgets about that gun that ate a dog dog fruit


And the sword that ate the Elephant Elephant fruit.

Or was that an elephant that ate the Sword Sword fruit?

It was originally a sword, now it's a sword with the ability to become an elephant.

A Sword or a Gun that had eaten the human fruit instead of Chopper would be pretty freaky/

File: 127296871790.png-(133.28KB, 400x400, 126955454877.png)
Would that be Mr. 1? Or...?

Ah true true, his abilities would have a great similarity to Mr 1 when a human.
though I imagine him having a pointier head in human guise, and the thought of someone attacking me with a sword that suddenly transformed into a sharp naked man...far more terrifying.

>I imagine him having a pointier head in human guise,
Yeah, but he could always hid as a shinto priest, with on of those tall hats.

What if an axe ate the axe axe fruit?

Oda said that if something ate a Zoan fruit of itself it will enhance whatever talents that species naturally has: a rabbit would become the best jumper, an ox would be the strongest, a human becomes "enlightened" (I'm just guessing with all but the last one when it comes to how it works for a specific species).

So I guess if you apply the same principal to an inanimate object it would make the Ax super-sharp and durable.

File: 127301695230.png-(64.51KB, 315x426, ItExists.png)

>>7293 That looks more like a hatchet.


That statement's got me thinking. Who is famous for being enlightened?

Buddha. Sengoku ate a Human-Human Fruit.

Excuse me but when the hell did he say that?

Oda said that if a HUMAN were to eat the Human Human fruit the effect is he would simply become enlightened and unable to swim.

Impossible, You don't get doublers of fruits in OP so far.

(checking SBS archive)

Oh, right. He only said the thing about a human eating a human fruit, that thing about anything else eating a Zoan fruit of the same species is just speculation.

So, when do you think we'll see Mariejois?

Most definitely. If the Gorousei can actually fight, it's prime territory for a final showdown. If they can't, it's prime territory for a well-deserved beatdown.

Wouldn't it be funny if someone on the Strawhat crew had secretly kept the South Bird in the ship? We didn't actually see it fly away after it got back on the boat leaving Skypeia.

Quite correct. But what do we know about Zoans that none of the other fruits have, hm?

Aren't those kind of... big? How would they even secretly get it onto the Thousand Sunny?

More likely, Luffy had the thing cooked and eaten.

Different models. But Chopper doesn't have a model, so... probably no doubles. Segoku probably ate the Buddha Buddha fruit or something.

What, are you claiming existance of Human Human Fruit: Model Negroid/Caucasoid/Mongoloid?

Which would Chopper even be? He doesn't gain human skin or any different color through the form change.

Well, you'd probably have to shave him to be sure.

He's Canadian, isn't he?



Don't you remember the small one they got in Jaya? That Giant South Bird in Skypiea was just an exception.

But yeah, he probably ate it.

He didn't mean Skypiea large. Even the regular one was like 3 feet tall and thus kind of hard to hide on a ship.

Really? The bird was that big? I thought it was smaller, about the size of a parrot.

It has been about a year and a half since I read that arc though, I could be mistaken. Well, I'm about to hit the Rainbow Mist Arc in my anime catch-up, I'll know by then.

I'll add it here as well - If Sabo doesn't die a flashback death he could go full Oliver Twist and have grown up to be a Tenryuubito.

Sort of real theory: Blackbeard's body can have more than one Devil Fruit power because he has case of fetus en fetu.

Crazy theory: Blackbeard is actually two shorter people glued together.


I have a feeling he'll play some part in the chapters to come.

Why else would they bother with a flashback of Ace/Luffy's childhood AFTER the event?

1. Luffy's character development
2. Sabo plays a part in the coming chapters.

If he's still alive I'm assuming he's a fairly adept fighter like Luffy, except he is also a confidence man, which is Luffy's weakness.

Besides, have they outright killed children in any flashbacks?

File: 127383003131.jpg-(61.06KB, 707x600, sadness.jpg)

>Besides, have they outright killed children in any flashbacks?



Well, Kuina was at least 12, Sabo seems to be only like 7.

Then again, I think the end of the last chapter indicated the next part happens a couple years later, rendering this pretty moot.

Akainu nuked the boat, meaning everyone including Robin's bratty cousin bit it.

First off: BUMP

Second: Looking at the chapter count and I'm calling it now. Strawhat reunion for chapter 600.

So that's fourteen more chapters to go... yeah, I can live with that. I just wonder what they're going to do during that time, since the flashback only has so much steam left.

Two to three more chapters of flashback, Luffy agrees to treatment, then either a small jump in time with discussion about the long-term affects of the severely weakened Marines and the absence of one of the Yonkou and several Shichibukai, OR maybe an study primer of the major players in the New World, such as the other Yonkou and the Revolutionaries.

Hell, I'd kill for some back-story about Monkey D. Dragon and the Revolutionaries, I think it's about damn time.

Yeah, plus I'm calling 600 as the reunion. Doesn't mean we might not see any of the other strawhats again. Hell, I'd love to get another chapter showing us the beginning of their treks BACK to Shaobody Archipelago.

File: 127519312711.jpg-(25.40KB, 349x175, 1275135621683.jpg)


Who's the guy on the right? An extra from the White Beard pirates?


also He-man.

He's one of the many unnamed Division Commanders, so he has substantial rank within the Whitebeard Pirates themselves.

It's assumed that he, along with Flintlock Geisha and Musketeer Trap, will have their info revealed in the next databook.

File: 127547832376.jpg-(54.36KB, 624x782, manji_bw.jpg)
Sounds familiar.

Othar and I were discussing the Rio Poneglyph, and I think that there's gonna be three things about it that we don't know.

1. It won't be on Raftel, it'll be on an island in the Grand Line that doesn't connect to ANY of the Log Pose paths, and therefore can only be found based on clues by the other Poneglyphs, perhaps based on the direction they all face, and where the lines converge.
2. The Rio Poneglyph will have been found before they find all the others, possibly by someone on accident, and its inscription will be given to Robin.
And 3. Upon reading it, Robin will realize that the whole much larger text is full of contradicting facts and statements, that also have been on the other Poneglyphs she's encountered. Then she'll realize that the Rio Poneglyph doesn't contain the true history of the World, but rather what of the other Poneglyphs isn't true.

That way, if someone WERE to find it before reading the others through sheer luck, they'd still not have the truth, and would have to eliminate the matching text on each in order to determine the parts that still remain and are therefore true. In the end, the only way to get the true history is to write down all of the texts in the Poneglyphs, find the Rio, and through a system of elimination, piece together what remains.

What lead you to this conclusion? Was it just so Robin's storyline won't just be effectively stalled until the very end of the series, or so the Rio Poneglyph won't make all the other ones completely redundant?


It's so that the message will be revealed to be be sure to drink your Ovaltine

Right on both accounts.



the world government prefers Nesquick

Wow. They ARE evil.

Now that Blackbeard has a super powerful Paramecia fruit and a super powerful Logia fruit, my guess is he'll try and go after a super powerful Zoan fruit as well to complete the set.

Unless he already has one, per the Cerberus theory.


that cerberus theory is a crock of shit

Zoro's hair isn't naturally green. He accidentally used a hair dye as shampoo once and decided to just roll with it, and has used the dye when showering ever since.

File: 127674428534.png-(69.51KB, 480x640, red haired shanks scars.png)

The final Blackbeard Showdown will somehow have a face-off between Django and Lafitte.

A face off? NO!






File: 127682199455.png-(51.09KB, 480x640, 1251986739392460.png)


I do wonder exactly how Shanks got those scars. They do look a bit like claw marks.

I thought maybe it could have been a scratch from a broken bottle but I don't think Shanks would allow that.

I thought he got those in a fight with Blackbeard


Yes, but what did use to give him those scars?

Blackbeard is secretly Wolverine

Doflamingo is much more important than anyone has guessed so far. In fact, he'll turn out to be one of the most important members of the WG, and one of the primary villains of the series. Consider these points about him:
1. He is only the second Warlord introduced, yet he is the one we know the least about. He has yet to have his character arc, which means he WILL have it sometime in the future.
2. He has the highest bounty seen so far in the series. This is impressive in and of itself, but what's more telling, in my opinion, is that he REMAINS the highest bounty we've seen. every time we have a character whose bounty is said to be higher than Luffy's, that person's bounty is already explicitly LOWER than Doflamingo's. This is a sign, to me, that Oda does not want him topped just yet.
3. He has crazy connections all over the place, and presumably in the New World as well.
4. He wants to end the age of Roger (or should that be the age of Whitebeard now?) and the quest for dreams. This puts him in direct opposition to the Straw Hats' goals and the themes of the series. Blackbeard may be Luffy's dark mirror, but Doflamingo's his exact opposite.
5. Finally, his most recent appearance pretty much outright says it. He reports directly to the highest authority and has the power to decommission other Warlords. And judging from Moria's reaction, not even the other Warlords knew this. Now THAT'S ominous foreshadowing.

So, in closing, Doflamingo is the one character, apart from maybe Dragon, you really need to watch.

Not to mention his decidedly vague abilities. At first, all we knew was that he could control people's bodies with some finger-wiggling (possibly thrown in for theatrics). That was that for a while, but now we've seen him cut straight through a giant giant's leg with some invisible weapon; this leads us to believe that he literally makes his victims into puppets via incredibly thin strings or wires. But is this a Devil Fruit ability that allows him to produce such things, or does he procure and wield them in the same way that Paulie uses his ropes? It's not uncommon for villains to display their abilities in mysterious or misleading ways in their first appearance; Robin and Kuma, for instance. However, Doflamingo has appeared again and again and we still don't know what the source of his power is.

On point number 2, you gotta remember that bounties don't equal power levels as much as they equal levels of brutality and/or extreeeeme lawbreaking. So Doflamingo not being topped by bounty doesn't necessarily mean he's one of the strongest, just that he's a harsh motherfucker.


Doflamingo is an important character, I definitely see a connection between him and Blackbeard. However, the two have conflicting view points, I don't think it was a coincidence they appeared in Mocktown around the same time.

If they are working together I have a feeling they'll try to backstabbed the other.

Oh yeah, that's another thing. He can disable a... whatever Oars is in one hit of... whatever his power is. Just one of these things schooled the entire Straw Hat crew until they managed to freeze him. I doubt they'll be going up against DF for a long time.

It's not just that he has the highest bounty. It's that Oda seems to be making a conscious effort to keep his bounty the highest. We've had several characters who could have higher bounties (Whitebeard's guys, the Level Six prisoners) but they've never been shown. That, to me at least, means something.

I've always thought of it as more of a gauge for how dangerous a pirate was. The bigger the bounty, the more of a threat they are. Hence why Luffy's went up every time he did something significant.

Calling this now: (two predictions Luffy is going to train on Amazon Lily to learn how to use his Haki, then we'll get a timeskip where he rides back to Saobody Archipelago on Jimbei's back. He'll do this just in time to show up for the Straw hat reunion in chapter 600.

It's not necessarily how dangerous a pirate is (although that comes into consideration.) It's how bad the government wants this criminal taken down. Eustass Kid and Nico Robin's bounties are extraordinarily high, but a lot of that is what crimes they commit, not how hard they can punch.

I hope Luffy never fully learns haki.

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