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One Piece

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So how about we get a speculation thread started? I'll get a few things started:

Something I think will happen for reals:
- Luffy's bounty will go up significantly after this battle.
- Buggy's bounty will go up significantly

Things I pulled out of my ass:
- Whitebeard himself will die, but not before he claims to have seen the One Piece that Roger bragged about before his death, creating a large boom of new Pirate crews.
- The Whitebeard pirates, along with Luffy, Ivankov, and the other Impel Down escapees will make it away on the Moby Dick, as the ship's farewell gift to her beloved captain Whitebeard, before burning down ala Merry

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File: 12596522129.jpg-(227.76KB, 750x1079, 06g.jpg)
I think it's a bit late for Moby to get a viking funeral...

That having been said, isn't it kind of a given that Luffy and Buggy's bounties will rise after these events? I mean, nobles were punched, connections to Roger and the Revolutionaries were publicly established, Impel Down was cracked asunder, and the walls of Marineford were breached. The only way for them not to get a substantial increase would be for Whitebeard to actually win, bringing down the Marines in the process.

What's got my attention is the Supernovas... Bonny and Capone were able to evade capture, yes, while Kidd and Law most likely struck some sort of deal with Kuma. However, the team of Urouge/Drake/Hawkins/Apoo was personally apprehended by Kizaru after bringing down a Pacifista. How the hell did they get away?

Odd speculation severely worth noting: Many recurring things in certain people's pasts may or may not be related, and definitely worth pondering.

Several characters have suffered from an unnamed, slow moving but deadly disease. If it's revealed they all suffered from the same disease, it's very likely it'll become important.

A certain skeleton friend of ours was captain of the guard in an unnamed powerful kingdom before becoming a pirate. How he ended up a pirate remains to be seen, but I believe his kingdom was taken over/massacred by the WG and he escaped. As to what his kingdom was, I'd like to think it's either the Muggy Kingdom Perona and Zoro were sent to, or the OTHER unnamed kingdom mentioned in Robin's flashback. However, since that one only existed during the Void Century, it's really just wishful thinking on my part that the two kingdoms are related.

Also I think Croc was either a member of Roger's or Shanks' crew

File: 12596531194.jpg-(42.18KB, 300x382, antiluffy.jpg)
Wanna know who I think will be a major player in the stories to come?


The disease thing would be really cool. I didn't notice it, because unnamed, slow moving but deadly diseases are such an anime staple I just kinda write them off.

Easy: they got away from the marines when Kizaru got distracted by Rayleigh.

Those are all good theories too.

Isn't he a bit dead to be playing any major roles?

Well, Pell got better, didn't he?

I dunno. The way his death is never explicitly stated combined with Oda's tendency never to forget characters and the guy's perfect fit as a complete and total foil for Luffy just makes me wonder.

I always thought that his legs had just been chopped off, which is almost as bad when your whole shtick is jumping around.

Well Croc proved devil fruits can still affect artificial limbs to a degree... Maybe even if Bellamy had his legs chopped off the peg legs he gets might still be able to turn into springs.


We have so many good perfect foil villains for Luffy, it's crazy. It's hard to believe a character as simple as "simple-minded nice guy rubberman" has at least four really good characters that really highlights his personality. Buggy and Bellamy both showcase Luffy's bright eyed simplicity and create a contrast with their powerset, and Blackbeard and Croc are both "What if Luffy happened differently?" characters. It's why I've been so excited wondering who might end up his Final Boss.

The more I think about it, the more Warlord Buggy makes sense.

"Alright, so Blackbeard and Boa Hancock have both gone rogue. We need to replace them ASAP or else the entire system will look like a giant farce."

"But we need to be careful who we choose. Sir Crocodile and Jinbei turned out to be major liabilities, even after we locked them up."

"So what we need is a pirate with a good reputation who will pose no real threat to us."

"Hey, who's that frozen guy?"

File: 125969437890.png-(766.28KB, 2035x1025, Mahou-Sensei-Negima-186-12-13e.png)
Notsomuch as likely as it would be cool: But I'm calling the New World being technologically modern and even almost futuristic looking.

They certainly have a lot of almost-magic stuff like Vivre Cards. I can imagine them being advanced, but with One Piece's unique style of weird technological analogs, like the Transponder Snails.

I don't think EVERY place in the New World would be crazy advanced, because that'd take some of the fun out of discovering what the next island will be. Sure there may be one or two places we see that'll be crazy advanced, but I'd like to think we'd get to see just as many places that are a little less advanced.

Gentleman (and ladies), what do you have to say about Sandai Kitetsu's curse? Think it'll ever come up again?

Ya know, I think it would be cool to see it come back into action later in some form or another, or maybe Zoro will even come across the first two at some point along the way. I mean, at first glance this just seems like a throw away tid bit that was used to show off Zoro's badassery, but as we all know, such things are never that simple in OP.

File: 12605093204.jpg-(242.52KB, 492x654, His_Usual_Luck_by__syb.jpg)

I really think Dragon and the Revolutionaries are going to show up somewhere in this recent battle.





don't forget, Franky is in Vegapunk's birth place right now.

at least, it's implied. The island is called birthplace of the genius or something, isn't it?

And the whole 'his lab is RIGHT THERE'.

Shit, I really want this to happen now.

Guys, I'm not sure Luffy is completely out of this battle. I don't think he's going to do anything really major, or play a key role, but I do think he's going to end up facing at least one opponent; Garp.

The kid's already half-dead, and it took him a dozen Deus ex Machinas just to get him that far. He's DOWN.

But he can still talk, which might be a big help.

I'm hoping something awesome will happen with Smoker.
Like him becoming a vice admiral or something, although he'd probably decline the promotion.

I just want him to do something awesome.

I'm desperate for Smoker and Crocodile to get more screen time.

Seriously, Smoker was fucking awesome, even as a antagonist. And Croc nearly killing an entire island? Water under the bridge.

What about Tashigi? As characters go, she's really been screwed over in terms of having things to do. I was expecting her to display the strength that she vowed to gain after Alabasta. I'd attribute it to typical shonen misogyny, but ladies have been getting their fair share of action this fight. Tashigi, however, hasn't even done a single visible attack. Oda had better be saving her for something special.


I think it just makes it clear that Zoro is destined to die, just like Luffy (perhaps all the other Strawhats) His last duel with Mihawk will be the fight of his life, and he will be so worn out from battle that Tashigi will probably end up capturing/killing him.

Tashigi is honestly not all that interesting.


Oh, yeah, Smoker's still cool. He's like a young Garp.

File: 126069014358.jpg-(17.30KB, 300x360, 1128292253Vimes.jpg)
He's an anime Sam Vimes presented as an antagonist, that's what he is.

Speculation: Shandora's gonna come up again.

We know the Shandorans faced off with the pre-WG coalition void century poneglyph etc. It's pretty well established now that if there's a cover story, something plot-wise is being established. Hachi arc setting him up for his appearance and introducing Keimi, Baroque Works showing what happened to Bon Clay and Crocodile, etc. What the Enel arc did was get him situated on the moon and introduce the history of the Skypieans/Bilkans/Shandorans. The history should be plot-relevant at some point in the future.

>It's pretty well established now that if there's a cover story, something plot-wise is being established.

Like when that Skypeian priest connected his hot springs to the Alabastan springs!

Did any of us expect Hatchi's mermaid sidekick to show up in the story? As far as we know, digging cross-continent like that may have unearthed an ancient weapon that Kuro and Bellamy will return with 300 chapters from now and force Sanji, Wapol, and the world's fattest woman into a duel inside a sentient tornado.

You just can't predict this shit.

I'm writing this down
I now fully expect this to occur in a few years, why

All I'm saying is, it's not a GIVEN that everything in a cover story is leading to something later.

Yeah, the way I see it with the cover stories is that Oda uses them to play around with characters that he thinks he can weave back into the story somehow; give them some apparently useless adventure to go on, but if he comes up with an idea later and he needs that one piece to make it work, well then there it is! That being said, I do think there are a few specific instances where he means to involve a character later in the story, such as Colby and Helmeppo or when he showed what the different strawhats were doing.

Also, it makes for a good source for filler material.

Now that Oda again mentioned in the movie 10 art book that the film's events are the last adventure for Luffy as a 17 year-old, people are thinking there's gonna be a timeskip coming up. Here's hoping it's better than Naruto's, if it happens.

I cant imagine any time skip lasting more than one year at absolute most

A lot can happen in a year. The one I'm most concerned about is Robin. She's with the Revolutionaries, and when they realize who she is, they''ll definitely want her to themselves.


But they're all together for movie ten. So if that's his last adventure as a 17-year old, they have to be reunited before any time skip.

It's a movie, so do not regard it as part of the actual storyline.

Oda said it was his last adventure as a seventeen year old pirate.

Perhaps Luffy will finally have a birthday in which he won't turn the same age.

...or perhaps it will be Luffy's last adventure as a pirate for the time being.

Oda said he meant to have this in the book

He wrote a comic.

He's worked on this movie in multiple roles, far more then any other movie before this, including the script.

This one might be canon.

Chapter 0 is canon, isn't it? And it ends with Shiki going "Evil plan 20 years jihahahaha etc."

Would the word pirate even mean anything in the New World? Perhaps it being his last adventure as a 17 year old pirate is saying it's the last thing he does before he crosses over.

Shanks is in the New World, isn't he? He's certainly a pirate.


Just as Pirates have a presence in the Marine-controlled half of the Grand Line, so too do the Marine presumably have a presence in the New World. They just don't have the same sort of iron-fisted control, and their authority means less.

Sanji's time on the island of transvestites not only gave him great leg strength and stamina because of all the running, but he's instantly reminded of the trauma of it all whenever he sees women. The solution? From this point on he only chases after reverse traps.

Or it could be that, having been chased by men himself, he no longer pursues Nami or Robin in such an over-the-top manner.

Another idea is that he is able to hit women as long as he thinks of them as transvestites.

Well if we're getting a time-skip, I wonder how the other Strawhats will be reintroduced into the story. As for how long the time-skip will last; Luffy and Zoro should both be out of comission for a good deal of time, so I think a time-skip of about a year or less would be good.

Hell, maybe instead of a straight up time-skip, the next few arc will be the adventures of the other Strawhats while Luffy is recovering. They each have landed in interesting situations, and I think it'd be nice to see each of them have their own small adventures. They all have a way to get back, and Luffy won't leave for Fishman Island without his crew, not to mention he'll probably go into a coma after the war, so I think they have some time to kill.

Also, I wonder how much longer this current arc is going to go on for. Hopefully it'll end soon enough.

It seems very likely that something will happen to keep the World Government from becoming irrelevant once the Strawhats are in the New World, even if the Marines have no presence. I mean with how much the fit into the overall plot, they have to have something besides the Marines and Shichibukai up their sleeve.

Personally, I think one of the Four Emperor that we haven't seen yet will form an alliance with them, probably because they know there's a shift in power coming and they want some way to get out ahead.

Well, It could actually turn out that Whitebeard dies AND THEN one of the three remaining warlords takes that opportunity to side with the WG in an attempt to turn the tides and take the New World from the other two.

File: 126394870632.jpg-(104.57KB, 1016x750, Remember these guys.jpg)
The Gorousei have been around for 300 or so chapters and have yet to be relevant. Methinks they will step into the limelight for the New World. Most likely we'll meet them one-by-one like most of the Shichibukai introductions, rather than them descending all at once in an old-man cloud.

>Well if we're getting a time-skip
I don't think we will, we still have unfinished strawhat arcs that could fill in the time AND how they got back to Shabondy with luffy shown being unconcious there when Brook finally gets back since he'll be the last character shown returning.

Also, Doflamingo has to be planning/doing something major with his New Era, where DREAMS ARE DEEEEAAD. The battle at the summit isn't going to stop him from his quest of epic trolling, whether it's lost or won.

The Gorousei have no names yet, have they?

Goateestache, Baldstache, Bossstache, Whiskerstache, and Dreads.

With their powers combined, no upper lip on this earth will be hairless.

I say that Buggy will fight Trafalgar Law and troll the shit out of his power.

But if Kidd was to fight Daz Bonez... poor Bonez would be the one getting trolled.

Could he troll it in the first place? Law seems to have control over the movement of parts in his room.

Honestly, I think Buggy versus Law would be less trolling and more mindfuck since it would be confusing as hell what's space-warping and actual limb detachment.

I'm actually interested in seeing Crocodile take out one of the Super-Novas. It's about time a real pirate showed them just how Small-Time they really are.

Not sure if this counts as a prediction but I have a bit of a crack theory to put here. The reason why the people with the D bloodline are so important is because they are the descendants of the people from the yet unnamed super culture that the World Government tried their hardest to eliminate.

As an actual prediction though? Catarina Devon, the Level 6 prisoner noted for being the most dangerous female pirate ever held in Impel Down will face off against Hancock for the title of strongest female pirate. I have no basis for this, but it's fucking One Piece, the more random you think the closer chance you have of getting things right.


I've always been of the belief that the D.'s are all somehow related to the nameless kingdom.

I also am of the belief that Brook's own nameless kingdom WILL pop up eventually. Turns out that was the kingdom Lucci was involved in when he was 15? Maybe it's the decrepit, dead kingdom Zoro's on?

The thought that the D might be related to the void century never crossed my mind. But really, I like the idea.

That would be a really crazy twist.

That is a really interesting theory. I've never really thought to connect the Will of D to the void century.

I think that the D might have something to do with an ancient line of kings that may have existed in the void century.
Perhaps the Celestial Dragons are not who they claim to be.

You could be onto something there...

There are people who DIDN'T think this?


Ryuma's home town, Wa No Kuni, is an island in the New World and I wouldn't call it modern at all.

The problem is that Buggy would make a TERRIBLE Shichibukai. He may be pretty ingenuous, and everyone underestimates him, but the guy simply can't fight worth squat. He'd be good at keeping the peace in name only. Hell, they'd probably just make him camp out at the start of the grand line to troll the newbies.

Except we're forgetting that the Word Government has a standing order to KILL ANYONE associated with Gol.D Roger.


I'm as surprised as you are, Hal. I made the connection the second Clover started talking about it.

But then again, it's never been spelled out to us, so he might have something else planned, like D.'s being descendants of slaves from that kingdom.

I always had a suspicion that the people of the D line belonged to some ancient powerful bloodline as perhaps some warrior clan. But this king thing is starting to make more sense.

Kings of the ones who where defeated in the great war 800 years ago? The one where the world government is trying to cover up along with the "true history". I'm thinking the bad guys/pirates won that war anyway.

The World Government obviously won. That's why they're trying to erase history, and why the Eternal histories were so important to create.

Y'know, I've always wanted to know WHY the world gov't wants to make sure nobody knows what happened in the forgotten age. What could be so horrible or threatening to them that they have to erase that time period all together? Did they do something truly horrible? Is there something that would cause the various nations of the world to turn against them should that information get out?

Personally, I think it's just that; the World Government did something so horrible, so awful to set themselves into power that they have to keep it out of the minds of the public. Hell, I'd bet only those old guys know it. It's something that only the highest of the high know about, and only their successors will ever know... that is until we find out.

Garp has a bronze fruit, paramecium i'll assume until proven otherwise and he just takes the buddha form.

fuuuck sengoku has the bronze fruit

Garp doesn't need your sissy fruits. He'll punch out pirates and family just fine without them.

File: 126472333647.png-(361.85KB, 471x627, vista\'s bike.png)
I've got it, next chapter they all escape with vista on his sea-bicycle

File: 126473616993.jpg-(259.83KB, 750x1045, Aokidji_by_Dasha_KO.jpg)
Does this mean sea-bicycle chase scene?

I'm okay with this.

Best ending to an arc EVER.

-Whitebeard is totally dead
-Whitebeard's death is going to create an epic power vacuum that will throw the New World into chaos and send hundreds of pirates on a mad race towards Raftel
-The Strawhat's next two major opponents are going to be Don Flamingo and Akainu.

Unlikely to actually happen, but I'll throw it out there anyway:

Shiryuu is going to beat the fuck out of Mihawk. Making him an even more personal rival to Zoro

I think Smoker and Tashigi will join the Strawhats. It would round off the team at a good 10 crewmates plus captain, and they need a helmsman and chronicler.

Do you have any idea how awkward that would be for the first few months?


Zoro would cut himself off from society EVEN MORE.

The idea of Smoker ever agreeing to be Luffy's subordinate in any situation is laughably ridiculous. Allies against a greater enemy, maaaaaybe. Having Luffy as his captain? His blood pressure couldn't take it.

File: 126547918314.jpg-(11.81KB, 216x241, flamingotroll.jpg)
he would be "SMOKING" with anger

That would be an interesting twist, but I don't see it actually happening.

>The Strawhat's next two major opponents are going to be Don Flamingo and Akainu
I'm gonna second for Don Flamingo.

I never said the alliance would start out all dandy and shit. Tension would run really high, although probably with Smoker legitimately angry, and Luffy just annoyed that Smoker's trying to steal his thunder with the captaining thing. Think like the interactions between Barbossa and Captain Jack in the third Pirates of the Carribean movie. (In b4 that movie sucked.)

Tashigi on the other hand would have an easier time fitting in I think. Sure, Zoro would still avoid her like the plague, but she seemed to interact well with other crewmates, like Chopper, or at least when she didn't know they were part of the crew.

This all depends on the state the marines after this, however, so it might not work depending on how the arc ends.

- Usopp comes back with killer plant seed ammunition

- Nami comes back with an even more perfect Climatact... Super Climatact?

- Franky comes back with super tech built by studying Vegapunk's lab.

>- Franky comes back with super tech built by studying Vegapunk's lab.
... like?


Becomes a combining Super Robot!

Creates new upgraded liquid fuel source, Super Ultra Photonic Cola!

I always thought Hot Sauce would make his hand turn into flamethrowers.

I was thinking at least one laser. But mainly equipment and knowledge he can apply to his body and the ship to deal with all the stuff Vegapunk will be throwing at the crew soon.

Yeah, but Franky already has a flamethrower.

So, basically due to Blackbeard's actions, a Yonkou is gone, the secret lineage of the great pirate era is dead, the great prison of the Grand Line is in chaos, and it's most likely the marines are gonna get destroyed completely over this.

I don't know about you, but I don't think Blackbeard could have done all this himself. Sure, it seems he's just doing whatever the fuck he wants to do, but no one can cause that much without some ulterior reason behind it. I think Blackbeard's working for someone.

Because from where it looks to me, the Revolutionaries had a LOT to gain from all this.

Blackbeard's already stated he has a Master Plan. To just lump him in with the Revolutionaries, and make him some Dragon lackey would be bullshit. It'd ruin his buildup as a major player in the world.


>I don't know about you, but I don't think Blackbeard could have done all this himself. Sure, it seems he's just doing whatever the fuck he wants to do, but no one can cause that much without some ulterior reason behind it. I think Blackbeard's working for someone.

I disagree. He is like Luffy, that's to say he's a free spirit. Doing whatever the fuck he wants (including his "show") fits perfectly. Besides that I don't think the revolutionaries would want the Age of Pirates to end, they serve as a good distraction for the Marines and World Government so they don't focus on the Revolutionaries.

The title of the chapter was basically "The Death of Portgas D. Ace" right? Well me and a buddy talked it over and he said "Wait... What if that means he'll be going by "Gol D. Ace from now on? I mean the way Oda showed Ace's mom naming him and how everyone responded to Ace's name. So now he'll accept his heritage after someone somehow saves his life"

I couldn't help but agree with him.


Yeah but how will he recover from roasted intestines? I see no way to get him back into action unless Roger's genes have magical healing power. And even then it would be pretty farfetched.


I'll again point out the cleverness of the fact that it's right before a quarter chapter (Oda tends to have MOST of his good twists/monumental moments happen every 25 chapters), and that this isn't the first time we've had a chapter title like that. Chapter 99, after all, was Luffy's Death/Final Moments

But if the Marines were taken care of, wouldn't they no longer have a need for the pirate distraction, and in fact find it a hindrance to their own goals Getting rid of both at the same time saves the trouble of dealing with them individually.

I remember, and I posted a page from it for your sake.

Blackbeard fucking loves pirates. He's not a Revolutionary, he just wants to be king of the world.

I am hoping for this so hard.
The fact that he specified Portgas D. Ace instead of just Ace and the fact that we know Ace took the name Portgas purposefully because he had issue with Gol (which, after all the STRONG EMOTION that happened at the execution platform he may have gotten over) give me hope.

Nooooo awesome firebro don't be gone

Personally, I don't think the Marines will be completely done after this arc. Will they be hurting? Definitely, but not outright destroyed. They still have the three Admirals, as well as a bunch of other heavy hitters in their high ranks. So I think a huge theme for the Marines after this huge war is going to be building their ranks back up. They're going to be looking harder than ever for good men to add to their ranks. At the same time, I think pirates are going to take the opportunity to add to their side just as much. That's what I think we're going to see a lot of in the coming story arcs; different crews and organizations for power. And unless the Whitebeard pirates are still around, different crews will be fighting to fill up that empty Yanko spot.

Perhaps even Ol' Crocodile will shoot for a spot of his own; rebuild his Baroque Works and take a spot of power in the New World.

Pirates isn't really a side.

Yeah, I guess not, but I may or may not have made my point there. The various pirates will see the Marines dilemma as a chance to build THEIR own individual ranks, or perhaps even make a few alliances.

>different crews and organizations looking for power
fffffix'd that as well.

So... were about 26 chapters away from 600!

What do you thinks going to happen then?

A quick set of reminders...

Chapter 100: Dragon makes his first apperance, The Strawhats make a narrow escape from Lougetown and then make a vow on a barrel proclaiming their ultimate goals

Chapter 200: Luffy vs Croc ROUND 2! Luffy fills himself with water splashes Croc and gets in his first good hit! But the others have to find that bomb before it's too late!

Chapter 300: ENEL IS DOWN! ENEL IS DOWN! Now is the time for everyone to get patched up, eat and part- OH NO! ENEL'S STILL CONSCIOUS AND HEADED FOR THE MOON! Still... War's over, everybody party.

Chapter 400: ROCKET MAN! BURNING OUT HIS FUSE OUT THERE ALONE! The Straw hats have made it to the Judiciary tower and now they're one step closer to saving Robin! But the CP9 has decided to make a game of it all.

Chapter 500: OH NO! CAIME'S BEEN KIDNAPPED! And it looks like we're going to have to rely on the Flying Fish Ri-Er... Rosy Life Riders to find her! Also, we find out just what it means to be considered a Fish in a man's world. Hey? Who's that ol- FIRST MATE OF THE ROGER PIRATES, SILVERS RAYLEIGH?! OH HOLY CRAP!


I have many speculations, but the most reasonable one to predict would be "Luffy and the others reunite for chapter 600."

I really hope most of them are okay.

"I'm so proud of you pirate king Luffy!"
"We a special surprise for you Luffy!"

And then he wakes up in his cabin.alone.


Why you gotta do that thing?

I don't know...

What are your opinions on these two (kinda old) speculations:

Sir Croco D. Isle

Dr. Dadan Vegapunk



Also Croc being a D would be hilarious because so far he's yet to really embrace the Will of D. GONNA FIGHT MY DESTINY.

Dadan being Vegapunk seems almost random. Wouldn't Luffy recognize the name? I can't really see a big problem I guess aside from that.

File: 126609937231.jpg-(98.33KB, 400x553, Vegapunk__s_Labratory_by_chocoqueen21.jpg)
I like the idea of Vegapunk as a boy genius. It's all dA's fault.


It's interesting to note that, in its original language, he's described as having "the biggest head in the world" to denote just how much of a genius he is. While he might just be with a normal head, I'd laugh a ton if it turned out he was a megahead.

File: 126610057521.jpg-(17.37KB, 226x300, RML_Char_Ed_Bighead.jpg)
>biggest head
>big head


File: 126610063729.jpg-(184.53KB, 410x512, 6207398_m.jpg)


Oooooh maybe Vegapunk is another revolutionary and Ivankov made his brain grow... with hormones!


Speaking of Vegapunk and Ivankov, the whole "THE KUMA YOU KNEW IS DEEEEAAAD" subplot has kinda fallen to the wayside, hasn't it?


I think people are currently too busy trying to stay alive while staring at Ace to think about Kuma.

Eh, I don't think it's the last we've seen of it.

Of course not, Oda is like an elephant. A plotting elephant. Still, I'd figured it would have been resolved or at least addressed sometime during the main push to Ace.


Nothing to really address, though. Kuma is a cyborg now, and there's nothing that can really be done about it, or anything relevant that can be said for the time being.

> A plotting elephant
Well now that's what I'm going to think of from now on when I picture Oda; a shifty eyed elephant making manga while his smoking hot wife asks him if he wants anything to eat of drink.

Then my work here is done.

I wonder who is winning between Smoker and Hancock.

She ditched him to go beat on the Pacifistas, didn't she?

Oh riiiiight.

Elbaf is going to be fucking awesome.

That counts as speculation right? Right.

My predicition:

If Kizaru ever gets defeated... he will lose to Zoro.

Zoro will then achieve his status as legendary swordsman who can cut even light.

The Pirate community finds out just what Luffy has done and has a new found respect for this era changing rookie and the seeming influence and rapport he's developing with the greatest pirates of the time. As a result when he and the Strawhats go to Fishman Island Under attack because Whitebeard's "THIS IS MINE! DON'T TOUCH IT" deal will evaporate on his death. Luffy will be able to issue forth his own "FUCK WITH THE FISH AND GET MY SANDAL UP YOUR ASS" proclamation now.


I'd like that. But someone really has to take care of Fishman Island now.

Maybe Arlong and Jimbei have to team up.

I say we're due for a timeskip.

Luffy's gonna be physically drained with all those hormone injections, as well as physically beat up. Maybe he gets put in a year-long sleep or something. And when he comes to, the world around him has changed dramatically.

Timeskips are lazy writing. Tons of status quo are bound to change from all of this (delicious), but to do a time skip would be an injustice.

Timeskips are like literally killing your old characters. You're replacing them with similar, but different characters, and then replacing your old world with a new one.

tl;dr Timeskips suck.

I agree, but I could certainly see some small timeskip, a few days, maybe weeks, possibly but hopefully not months. Nothing too drastic like other mangas do.

If it's only a couple of days or about two weeks, that's more of a timecard than a timeskip.

Overreaction much?

The most I see us getting in a time-skip would be three or so months at best. Personally I'd bet that Luffy goes into a long sleep while he heals his wounds, and the next arc centers around how the rest of the strawhats get back to Silver's House.


Remember how Oda stated the latest movie was Luffy's last adventure as a 17 year old?

Well, I'm thinking and thinking and I've issued forth 2 possibilities

Luffy takes up training with Whitebeard's crew for a while TIME SKIP shows them dropping slightly older and wiser Luffy off at Shabondy, now ready to enter the New World with his Crew. (Or they try to train Luffy and he escapes in a Barrel)

Luffy blacks out and all of Ivan's hormone manipulation treatments have the side effect of forcefully aging Luffy in a matter of days. Leads to later hilarity when Luffy re-unites with his crew. Usopp demanding to know where Luffy gets off looking so damn mature all of a sudden.


Both situations would be terribly interesting, especially since the remaining members of Whitebeard's crew would fill Luffy in on a huge amount of details, and all fanart suggests that older Luffy=hotter than anything else this series has thrown at us.

File: 126647774612.jpg-(80.59KB, 900x700, 7087383.jpg)

>Luffy takes up training
Not gonna happen.

Hey, remember Sanji's dream? To see the All Blue? I think that'll happen in the Fishman Island arc.

Whenever Sanji talked about it, people would tell him that it's impossible because of the Red Line. But since we know that there are underground passages in the Red Line, such as the one to go to Fishman Island, then the All Blue IS the Red Line.

An underground ocean stretching around the globe, with passages leading to the Grand Line, Calm Belt, and the other Blues.

Remember the Elephant Bluefin Tuna that Sanji won in Lougetown, caught in the East Blue? It was said that the fish only lives in the West Blue. So how did it get there? Well, guess how close Lougetown is to the Red Line?

Of course, the All Blue wouldn't be properly connected to the route to Fishman Island, or else it would have been publicly discovered centuries ago. So, my guess, is during a big fight, the Red Line Caverns get cracked open, opening a new passage that Sanji'll get sucked into, leading to the All Blue.

Maybe he'll find some old fisherman who got stuck there, fight a giant sea king, something cool.

"Well at least I know where to build now!"

here's my prediction:

Buggy is now in shock, and his guys point the camera at him, he notices it, and it goes like this.
Buggy: ....a-and now loyal viewers of the world! I the great flashy captain Buggy will take out Whitebeard with THIS knife!
he holds up a knife to show to the camera, it slips out of his hand and flies up over the running pirates and lands right in Whitebeard's now exposed Brain, followed by Whitebeard falling into the canyon he created and the rest of the chapter is everyone doing enel faces.

That would be the best fancomic ever.


Possibility 3: Luffy turns into a female. The number of rule 34 doujins of Fem-Luffy shoot through the roof. Fangirls whine like little bitches.

Oh god, that level of awesome would cause everyone to have a stroke.

So I just had this idea:

THere are the Strawhats.

Then there are the Blackbeards.

What if Dragon has another crew of similar individuals?

Well, one of them was captured and sent to prison and another one went over to the WG (possibly as a spy) but ended up dying, so if the team itself is still intact it's probably not very stable.

Dragon's nakama is going to be like a grimdark version of the Strawhats, isn't it?

I wouldn't say grimdark. Maybe... "Serious business"

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Oh God, someone from another forum just had the most awesome theory:

They combined two topics of discussion launched by the appearance of Blackbeard's new crewmates:
this >>4093
and this >>4130

Yeah, that's right. I'm saying that "Collossal Battleship" San Juan Wolf's Strawhat counterpart is the Thousand Sunny.

Then perhaps Sunny has some secret weapons on her that we have yet to meet. Perhaps even A GIANT ROBOT MODE?!

Well Rayleigh is currently working on the Sunny, and we haven't seen him in a while.

Who knows what he's doing to the ship.

Well, hiding it first of all.

Then getting it ready to go to Fishman island like he was asked to.

And then, with the crew gone for more than a week, he probably threw a party on it.

File: 126702340225.png-(577.36KB, 600x600, san juan size comparison.png)

Man that guy is so fucking HUGE. Even Oars has to look up.

File: 126702632575.png-(377.24KB, 600x652, san juan vs Oars jr.png)

this is just a rough guess since we didn't get a good size comparison but i'd say he's about the size of one of those battleships.

Now I wonder who managed to beat that guy.

How did a monster like him end up in prison?

what's more perplexing is where they could even keep him in Impel Down, and discarding the sheer amount of space it would take to house him, a man of that size must have strength to match so he could clearly break any bonds they had.

someone better bring this up in the SBS cause I can't wait for Blackbeard to be the big villain to get some answers on his crew.

At Elbaf, they will have to fight the Giant King by turning the Thousand Sunny into a giant robot; this robot will be so huge that the Sunny itself will just be its head. It will proceed to fight the Giant King by scrambling around on him like in Shadow of the Colossus.

File: 126703746022.jpg-(133.93KB, 910x671, 012.jpg)
Apparently some people are having trouble with the scale. Take the last picture into consideration and note that the battleships are the same size.

File: 126703755149.jpg-(132.53KB, 910x670, 008.jpg)
Now look at this picture. The small ovals are the marine battleships. Space is not an issue.

It is an issue about them actually getting him in and out of the prison.

this also raises a good question.

then again giants DO live for a long ass time, they could've just built the jail on top of him.

For all the speculations we make, there is one thing that is certain in the future.


Losing his friends, his family, everything to these men who're stronger or more capable than him, Luffy's definitely gonna put his foot down about this, and by god is it going to be astounding when he does.

Getting him out should be fairly easy, at least for Blackbeard. We've seen him absorb a whole town with his Black Hole, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that he can absorb the giant as well. It's too early to say for sure as we don't know the limitations (if there are any) of Blackbeard's absorption. It could be that they merely unlocked San Juan's shackles and he fucked up Impel Down on his own. Still, I find Blackbeard's absorption the most likely way for now.

Aren't his powers gravity based?
Wouldn't that be bad for you?

If he were locked in the very bottom, he might of swum out from some gate below. It's not that long off a distance when you're FUCKHUGE and the sea kings probably buggered off when all the icebergs started appearing.

This. He's going to be even more dangerous when his friends or anything else dear to him is on the line.


Gear Fourth?


I just realized.

Didn't Iva say he would take ten years off Luffy's life? @ possibility 2


But he didn't sat the bad ones at the end.


Exactly. So if possibility 2 comes true, he'd be aged ten years.


What would a Gear Fourth BE though? Second increases his speed and immitate Soru, while Gear Third gives him the Bone Balloon effect... what would a Gear Fourth do? And for that matter, is Gear Fourth taking a step towards the cluster fuck that was Super Saiyan?

Gears aren't like Super levels anyway. Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd do completely different things; if they didn't, they couldn't be used together.

File: 126742838631.png-(10.30KB, 504x227, Luffy gum gum point.png)


Don't forget that Gear Second also made him much stronger and more durable. If anything, Gear Second is a transformation and Gear Third is a technique.

I could see a Gear Fourth being him being able to manipulate his body shape, like turning his hand into a hammer, spikes protruding from his body, turning limbs into drills (inb4 Gurren Lagann), stuff like that.

>Don't forget that Gear Second also made him much stronger and more durable.

Did it? I thought it just enhanced speed. I mean, it probably could since he's ingesting so many nutrients, but I don't remember that ever actually being stated.

File: 126743205343.png-(128.08KB, 450x600, Crocodile animal style.png)
Some more random thoughts while I'm at it:

-We've had a prologue saga, three sagas in the Old World (first half of Grand Line), and currently we're in the transition saga to the Grand Line. Methinks we'll get three New World sagas and a final one in Raftel or around the One Piece or what have you. We've pretty much hit the halfway point--we're on the middle of the Grand Line and we have all of Luffys' crew.
-We will see the following archetypes: lava area, space (possibly as the final location, maybe with an Enel cameo), an Atlantis-esque area (possibly involving the Void Century), something vaguely resembling a modern day metropolis, and a Wutai-esque area.
-Crocodile will become either a reoccurring antagonist of sorts trying to be a new Yonkou, a Token Evil Teammate to Luffy and co., or the Big Bad or Final Boss ;___; though I'm totally fine with Blackbeard being the Big Bad/Final Boss as long as Crocodile stays important in some way.
-Luffy will come across the ghosts of Gold D. Roger and Ace, possibly to give him advice in a time of need.

I'm super excited for the New World and what it looks like. We've only scratched the surface of what One Piece has in store for us.

File: 126743267282.jpg-(120.20KB, 742x1100, 14.jpg)

The anime described it as "steroids," and in the fight with Blueno he mentions that his body is stronger now. (There's also the wiki mentioning it, but it's the wiki, so there you go.)

What I mean with the analogy to Super Saiyan is that originally it was cool, and even when we had SS2 it was alright, but with SS3 it got ridiculous and SS4 it just got dumb. I know Oda isn't the lazy guy that Toriyama was, but a Gear Fourth would be skating thin ice.

Ah, putting it that way, a Gear Fourth would be kind of cool. What kind of cost would it come with though... seeing as Seconds takes away from his life and Third makes him shrink temporarily... perhaps he'll be misshapen?

Man, the word "saga" takes me back to 2000, talking about DBZ. I think that's part of why I use the word "arc" these days. Also, We're almost ALWAYS at the half way point according to Oda.

As for the Gol D. Roger/Ace thing, I think if they do a Davey Jones' locker arc, it'd be a place where one can meet ghosts of the dead, as opposed to raising the dead. Perhaps Luffy will have a bit of a chip on his shoulder going into the New World. Getting seperated from the crew, losing Ace, those kinds of things might get to him. So maybe they'll run into Davey Jones' locker, which after a rather rough arc will serve as a way for the crew to reunite with old ones and remember WHY they're doing what they do together. Nothing more than a volume's worth of material, but a short bit of fanservice and a kick to the collective tushie of the Strawhats to remind them of who they are.

File: 126743618143.png-(835.11KB, 600x772, Luffy Goku Gear Second Kaio Ken art awesome.png)

I use saga as a term for the collection of multiple arcs, basically how the One Piece wiki defines the sagas is how I define them.

In terms of Dragon Ball, kinda off topic, but I actually liked Super Saiyan 3, at least on an aesthetic level. What I think killed Super Saiyan was the Ultra Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Full Power, just made things way too cluttered. Similarly I enjoyed the idea of SSJ4 and its aesthetics,'s not really a SSJ form at all, really.

Anyway, Luffy has the benefit of having more distinguished Gears (and I think Four is the highest I'd want him to go. More stuff like Nightmare Luffy would be boss too), and being the only one to use them.

>and currently we're in the transition saga to the Grand Line.

You mean the New World, right?

Gear Final.

Luffy uses the powers of Gear Second, Gear Third and whatever Gear Fourth is, (I liked the morphing powers idea.) by pumping air into nearly every part of his body. He'd only use this for giant finale attacks, such as launching an enemy into the air, blowing his arms and legs into giant hammers, spinning around, rapidly pummeling the enemy back the ground and a little bit into it. (Gum Gum Tornado Compacter?)

The cooldown effect would be that Luffy would lose his rubber property in all aspects for a significant amount of time, and be rather frail as well. As such the attack would only be used to finish a battle.

When you describe it like THAT "saga" works for me. And again, I'd wager that Oda isn't foolish enough to let the Gears GET to the level of ubsurdity that SS did (both by making them distinguished enough and exclusive to Luffy), I think it's more the name and numbering that does that to me.

Y'know, I like the sound of that, though it'd be cooler if it was used maybe once or twice in the series (and maybe in filler, or a movie or two). And even if it didn't actually make it into the series, it'd make an awesome finisher to use in a Video Game.


Right, derp.

yeah this might be the end of the government

Regarding the latest chapter and the future of the series:

Whitebeard basically implies this:

The One Piece will be found WAY before the end of the series. And the war that follows will be the actual end.

How does this make you feel?

File: 126765906235.jpg-(55.38KB, 350x390, Grimmstache.jpg)
Feels real good man.

I think the Marines and World government were a pirate crew. The void century was the period they took conquering the previous dynasty of D.

this is why X Drake left the marines and why Dragon D Monkey is leading a rebellion. They both learned about the secret history.


File: 126768801196.jpg-(69.86KB, 600x194, Gorousei.jpg)
I could easily imagine the guys being some of the strongest people in the world who simply no longer have any need to fight.


The guy in the center has a beard similar to Gold Roger's... coincidence or... family?

Wow... We still don't know their names.

I think the Gorousei might get some minor redesigns. Nothing big.

It's been so long since we saw them, and Oda's style has changed/improved. There might just be a visual difference next time they show up.

Which could be soon actually. The time is right.

File: 126775064048.jpg-(24.81KB, 320x263, rat-race-30.jpg)
<-- This will be the plot from now on.

Yeah, I was thinking this too.

This is probably the answer to what I was wondering with >>2867 about having a reason for the Marines/World Government relevant even in the New World.

... Hey wait a minute. If everyone else is after One Piece now to, will that mean the Straw Hats will need to rush so they're the first ones to get to Raftel?

Nah, they'll probably just take their time but end up getting there at exactly the plot-appropriate time.

Naaaaaaaaaah Im not sure. Whitebeard said that shit will fly big time once the One Piece was found. It sure as hell seems as if the discovery of OP won't end the series, but trigger the last arc.

File: 126775370520.png-(165.86KB, 386x257, 1267752825701.png)
And as I just said (on /a/):

<--What if this is Raftel? A seaking so big that it's a living piece of land. And hard to find because it's constantly moving.

Interesting but I reckon Raftel is supposed to be in the New World, otherwise they don't have reason to go there.

What the hell is this thing anyway? When I saw it in the manga I thought it was only the crown of some gigantic being but now I'm thinking giant giant serpent type sea kings?

Brook and Lafitte aren't meant to fight, but Doc Q and Brook are. I know it seems crazy, but think about it, Doc Q is supposed to embody Death, he's got a scythe and all the jazz. Now who would be the foil to that?

the man who has already died.

I know, I'm just making a joke about how it doesn't matter how quick or delayed the Straw Hats are, if the plot dictates they get there at the exact same time several other people do, they will.

And here everyone else was thinking the foil to the evil doctor would be the good doctor.

Your post and my spellcheck have just made me realize I've been incorrectly calling him "Lafayette" this entire time.


too obvious, clearly Chopper's foil is Stronger.

Gear Fourth- Luffy engages gear second and then pumps up for gear third, however using his muscles keeps the air under high pressure so when he remains at his normal size (except some awesome abs and biceps) when he stretches his limb also instantly expands and when it snaps back it contracts allowing him to execute gear second speed and gear third power and size at the same time
the first time its shown it'll look like he's beam spaming cuz the expanding and contracting as well as the actual attack all take place too fast to see making it appear he just fired a giant canon... and he'll use the word "atomic" before all of his move (Gumo Gumo no Atomic Pistol)

It will be fuckawesome

Calling it right now....Whitebeard died standing up so that Buggy can walk up, tip the body over and then say "LOL, I landed the killing blow!"

The people watching this on TV will have no choice but to believe it because they won't realize Whitebeard is already dead.

I think everybody's figured it out by now.

But then... who is Lafitte's foil?


Wait... what if Chopper and Brooke team up against Lafitte, Doc Q, AND Stronger?!

The only obvious foils are Luffy-Blackbeard, Zoro-Shiryuu, and Usopp-Auger.

I would guess that Franky would be needed to counter Bergess, Sanji for Lafitte, Brook for Dr. Q, Nami for Devon, Robin for Pizarro, Chopper for San Juan, and whoever the unidentified 10th Strawhat is for Basco.

but Pizzaro has those drill/machine gun arms so it seems like he'd be more of a Franky Foil.

There was a theory before that Sanji would fight Bergess. All legs versus all arms.

Things have changed.

Now it's growing quite clear that each crew member will have to fight a sort of opposite. Franky's just too SUUUUPER to not have a battle of strength with Burgess.

.... I kind of wonder how strong the Blackbeard Pirates actually are? I wonder if they'll get power-boosts later on? Like last minute Devil Fruits, etc.

Eh, I don't think we'll get anything too drastic, if any.

Franky Vs Basco Shot

Drinking contest

File: 126783406124.png-(605.65KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-1924066.png)



We'll probably just find out what their powers really were in the first place.

I figured it would be Jesus vs. Sanji because he was part of Blackbeard's crew back when they first appeared, which was during Jaya.

I doubt Oda thought up Jesus to be a counterpart to a Straw Hat that hadn't appeared yet.

File: 126792537974.jpg-(113.71KB, 327x228, wat.jpg)
Am I seeing things?

Probably, yeah.

File: 126794127436.png-(18.20KB, 100x100, Crocodile classy.png)
Predictions for how the rest of the anime's arc will go, in terms of how each episode ends:

442: Shiryuu says he’ll help Magellan
443: Blackbeard arrives
444: Blackbeard and Shiryuu meet
445: Luffy and Blackbeard meet
446: Magellan curbstomps Blackbeard
447: Mr. 3 uses candle wall to protect prisoners
448: Crocodile, Jimbei, and Mr. 1 raid Marine ship
449: Gear Third Luffy faces off against Magellan
550: Bon Clay tells Luffy to save Ace as the boat sails away
551: Ace walks up the stairs

Give or take.


File: 126794814741.gif-(195.96KB, 160x120, 1267176290545.gif)

Yes. The Luffy vs. Magellan fight goes for 101 episodes.

I made a mistake gaiz gawd

Then again... there's Brook and Laboon. So who the hell knows how far he thought ahead.

It took 499 chapters for Rayleigh to show up a second time, something proven as intentional when it was revealed that Oda had specifically instructed the animation team on how Shanks and Buggy were supposed to respond to the character.

I'm fairly certain he's thought a great deal of the series out already.

Blackbeard has three skulls on his flag, therefore his limit is three.

Blackbeard can handle the power of two Devil Fruits because he has two stomachs/intestines, which I'm guessing means that's where the power is "stored", and it's also why he eats so goddamn much.

Gomu Gomu Hurricane.
Luffy compresses a bunch of air into his body, like an incredible amount. Then he leaps in the air,and shoots out the air in an arching wave of long punches and kicks, more compressed near the center with an "eye of the storm" where his punches and kicks don't hit below him. He storms towards an enemy like an oncoming storm, and runs over them with the attack.

File: 126850034456.png-(179.72KB, 725x1830, vmm_.png)
You now realise you've been reading a history book all this time.

My history books were never this awesome.


Other people didn't realize that before? Awesome, I feel ahead of the game.

File: 126852138224.png-(104.05KB, 200x256, ARlong TV Tropes.png)
I didn't really feel like making a separate thread for this, but--

Arlong Park was built because Merman aren't allowed on Archipelago.

What Archipelago? Sabaody?

That makes no sense, He built Arlong Park out of his ship so he would have a base in order to plan his takeover of East Blue.
There is no logic in that statement.


He was gonna use the money he built to make attractions, duh.

That is joke yes?

You are not saying he's going on a conquest of a quarter area of the world just to build an amusement park.



Even though it would still be awesome.

File: 126853006966.jpg-(12.02KB, 200x200, 1224401496897.jpg)
Arlongland will finally come to be!

>>5011 >>5012
Speaking of Arlong and his plan did anyone else think the whole plot was seriously half-baked? He must have been mad to think the marines would completly ignore his conquest of all that territory, and the second they send some of thier somewhat stronger officers over to deal with them it would mean doom for the group, since they just aren't that strong in the grand scheme of things.

Well, for one thing they had corrupt officers like Nezumi and presumably others to keep it from their attention, and two the marines are pretty busy already with the whole age of pirates thing that they can't cover everything.

Garp the Fist had been in the East Blue just recently on a totally inconsequential mission to pick up a prisoner, And he frankly would have been massive overkill. Also there's a big differance between covering up controlling a single village and covering up trying to control an entire sea.

I actually think that Flamingo is an Okama.

Calling him an okama seems underwhelming.

I'm not sure. I think he just has a really flamboyant personality where he has to be the center of attention.

You just know the Strawhats are going to butt heads with the other Supernovas in due time.

Kidd especially...

I was thinking of the direct correlation of crew representations Visa vi reappearance.

Kidd had several unique non-fodder style crewmates with him, including one who was the only other non captain Supernova.

Law has a bear, a recruited former captain slave, and two kung fu hoodies.

So I feel the two of them will have the highest chance of reappearing for several issues and not just be passing mentions like say Uroge and, sadly, Apoo.

... Drake is DEFINITELY going to get more play, but mainly because of his former ties to the navy and knowledge of Vegapunk.

Bonny's power is interesting enough for her to most likely pop up again with a big enough role to use it.

I'd add Capone to the 'not major players' list with Uroge and Apoo, though it makes me sad because he's awesome.

That's like saying the SH's are gonna get to Raftel
Capone will be an opponent for Ussop I reckon. He'll have to sniper all the little people in his castle/body.

Likewise Apoo will be Brooke's opponent as Brooke is currently on the island with the Longarm tribe and both are musicians.

Killer is obviously made to fight Zoro. It will be glorious. Whilst Kidd fights Luffy. However as you mentioned Kidd has an interesting crew in his own right so it might just be SH's vs Kidd's crew.

Law will fight Chopper and Robin. His evil doctor status puts him at odds with Chopper whilst his power is redundant against Robin. Plus a kung fu bear.

Bonney has me stumped. On one hand she seems to be Nami-level greedy. On the other she could get in a situation where she forces Sanji to cook for her. On the other Luffy could compete with her in a eating competition. Basically I could see a more Foxy like battle with her.

Why do you assume they'll all be enemies?

A fair point. They could potentially be anything from allies to arc villains, especially considering Kidd and Law's abundance of named (or at least non-background) crew members.

Honestly, I also have to wonder what Crocodile, Buggy, and the Division Commanders will end up doing once the escape from Marineford is complete. Considering Whitebeard's grand confirmation of the One-Piece, I would assume (dangerous as though that may be in this series) a gigantic race to Raftel will ensue with Buggy unwittingly leading his jailbreak army, Crocodile putting together a new crew to rival the Strawhats, and Whitebeard's armada splintering into several rival crews. In other words, a massive scramble across the New World.

Or not.

Well, shit.

They're rivals at least and they certainly aren't there to make friends with each other. Plus they all seem to be pretty arrogant to some degree. Which is one of the reasons I really enjoyed Shabondy.

File: 126869285565.jpg-(99.35KB, 800x800, 9382264.jpg)
Yes, thank you Marco, that was enlightening.

I pegged Capone as an enemy right away because he stabbed his crewmate's hand with a fork and you don't do that to your nakama.

The others, who the hell knows.

Vista: Hey, there's a Blackbeard here!

>Your thoughts, Marco?

Marco: Blackbeard is bad.


File: 126883903443.png-(492.45KB, 668x464, 1265431731807.png)


File: 126887586914.png-(558.32KB, 960x540, Sanji.png)
Lafitte is untouchable with his hypnotism powers. However, he needs to look a person in the eyes for his powers to work. Therefore...

nah, he's just gotta spin his cane. It would take some guy with no eyes for that to not effect him though, and I certainly cant think of a strawhat with no eyeballs.

File: 126887792288.png-(1.09MB, 1920x1200, Brooke wallpaper.png)

I see what you did there.

But wait! I don't have any eyeballs TO see with! YOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

I have no idea how I forgot that.

Also, Lafitte will do his best Enel-face.

And then Brook will mind fuck him back with his newly composed concerto!

Here's an idea, but it's fucking weird:

San Juan Wolf is indeed the ship of the BB pirates. But they don't travel on his back. He puts them in his mouth.

File: 126888292037.jpg-(65.06KB, 495x350, Marvelous-Misadventures-Flapjack7.jpg)


wonder what Vivi's reaction will be when she sees Straw Hat with Crocodile?


Or Robin's.

i am hoping for some sort of amazing reconciliation between them so i can continue to ship crocobin until i die a satisfied fangirl

Well, it's not as if Luffy is the one helping Crocodile out. I don't think they mind Croc saving Luffy's life. That said, I bet they'd be very surprised.

...No. Oh No. Oh God No.

He doesn't really seem worthy of forgivness or redemption anyway. He's hardly reformed just because he fights the marines, killing many and destroying an entire nation without a care in his black heart.
Even Luffy doesn't trust him.

File: 126894580410.gif-(185.13KB, 200x133, 1212473229680.gif)

Oh come on, even you know that the best possible outcome would involve her automatically dosing him in water and suplexing him before Luffy tells her he's on their side.

I hope that San Juan is going to do something in the upcoming chapters, cause NOT utilising the world's biggest giant would be a silly move

okay, so i've been reading up on this guy called "baron crocodile" he had one arm and did alot of shit in egypt and apparently his mistress left him because he has a small penis.

possibly Ivankov's secret he holds over Crocodile?

Penis envy?

I dunno... does that seem Oda-ish?


No way. Crocodile is too boss to care about something like that.

Besides, we all know he's hung.

>does that seem Oda-ish?
Well, not really. While penis-jokes are game, having something like that might affect little kid readers into bullying or whatever, so I don't think Oda'd make fun of someone's small penis. Also, as mentioned above, Crocodile's crocodile is probably well above average.


I still want to know how Blackbeard fit that guy on his ship.

The best workaround I can think of is that San Juan is huge enough to just wade around in the ocean like it was bathwater.


his name is San Juan "COLOSSAL BATTLESHIP" Wolf

that should give you a hint as to his role on the crew.

>>5269 >>5268
Why would you assume that?

In addition to having a tiny newt he's prolly a premature ejaculator as well.


If anyone has anything to compensate for, it's Zoro.

Maybe Crocodile used to be a member of the Whitebeard Pirates.

I still think Croc was a chick at some point till she met Ivankov.

They kept saying that she couldn't be the pirate king cause girls can't blah blah etc etc

I think that's obvious. Croc called WB "pops"... maybe... I forgot.


If he was, there's no way the WB pirates would be as (relatively) chummy as they are with him. They think betraying your nakama is the highest crime.

I think it's because of what Ivankov calls Crocodile. Croco-boy.

Croco dile.

Croco D. Ile.

Now, when this arc is done, and especially if there's a timeskip, I'm betting that the Strawhats are going to be packing a lot more toys and abilities when they get back.

When Chopper gets back, he definitely needs more Rumble forms. Possibly Ricochet Point, where he curls up into a ball Sonic the Hedgehog style, and bounces off everything in sight, spiky hair impaling everything he hits. Or maybe a small and frail flight form, bat-style, for scouting out ahead, maybe Flight Point? He certainly wouldn't be able to carry other people, or at least not far, but he'd last longer than Robin Fleur Wings.

Maybe Franky will get bigger arm turrets, or robotic armor he could combine with Docking Six style.

Since Zoro's learned how to cut men of blades and such, he's gonna need to learn how to cut etheral things, such as ghosts or sound. I'd say maybe even time, but that seems too much of a power jump.

Sanji's probably just gonna get stronger legs from running away a lot, no surprise there.

Maybe Brook will learn some form of Song-based attack, or just write a new song.

Nami's probably going to learn more powers with the Wind Knots to add to her climatact, like a fire tornado.

Usopp will maybe get special plant seeds to use with his slingshot, like fast growing vines or something.

I'm not sure what Robin will get, as besides more combinations the only thing I can think of is sprouting another copy of herself from the ground, to be in more places at once.

And for Luffy, that Gear Fourth idea about stretching his skin and muscles with air into different shapes sounded good.



Yeah, I picked it up from you.


We just don't know enough. Was Crocodile a naive rookie who got defeated by Whitebeard? Was he part of the WB Crew until some conflict drove him from the Crew?

Nami's going to have a more defined witch/sorceress motif, likely complete with a nifty hat and a segmented clima-tact. I'd anticipate some brutal wind-themed moves coupled with heavy illusions, similar to the Califa fight.

Zoro's going to have a grudging appreciation for finer things ("Are... are you drinking tea?", "It's a man's drink, idiot.") and some more horror-themed moves, stemming from his time with Perona and connection to Mihawk.

Sanji... two guesses. He'll either embrace Okama Kempo and become a full-fledged force of destruction, or end up heavily traumatized but physically stronger from all the running while forever hiding the fact that he's wearing women's underwear. (...or a pink angora sweater.)

Usopp's going to have a guerrilla survivalist thing going, likely beetle-themed and accompanied by armor, with an enhanced slingshot-staff-thing. Wouldn't surprise me if he took up botany when all is said and done.

Chopper? My only guess has something to do with learning to fly. His island confounds me.

Franky finding Vegapunk's lab has too many possibilities. I'm not even going to guess.

Brook's Chinese-themed cultists don't seem to initially mesh with his overall design, but it's worth pointing out that the other prominent musical pirate, Scratchman Apoo, hails from the tribe Brook is contending with. Definitely not a coincidence.

Robin is another mystery. I initially believed the extensive hard labor would turn her into some kind of muscle woman (...not likely but possible) considering how limb strength would help her specific skillset. However, the Revolutionaries stepped in and your guess is as good as mine.

More like he's got a mangina, a mangina full of sand.

It would be interesting to see Zoro actually develop his personality a bit by hanging around the ruined kingdom or something. Maybe he goes on a revenge quest? Him drinking Tea would be funny.....

With Chopper, I think the point of it all is just simply toughening him up. Chopper is without a doubt the weakest crew member on the ship (sans Triple Rumble Balls), and even if he goes full strength he can't control it or use it in a practical fashion.

He'll now have spent every day for the past few weeks (Month(s)?) just simply surviving in an island where everyone wants to eat him.

C'mon, we all know that Crocodile's penis is to penises what Banana crocs are to crocodiles.

File: 126909101992.jpg-(25.59KB, 480x302, crocodile_phallus2.jpg)
It... Has fruit growing on it?

Anyway, this whole question can easily be answered with a quick Google search! Pic related.

People eat these things, you know.

>Chopper is without a doubt the weakest crew member on the ship

WRONG! USOPP! That's word of god.

Crocodile was a young man who was driven by the stories Gol D. Roger used to tell and upon his death the foundations of his world crumbled and he swore to become Pirate King like his idol. However Whitebeard anihillated him in combat and Crocodile was picked up by the revolutionaries rising through the ranks. He was given the mission to strike at the heart of the World Government by becoming a Shichibukai and aquiring an ancient weapon along with liberating Alabasta.

However the interference of Luffy and Robin not abiding by his plans (he planned to take her to the revolutionaries and give her a new home and family, hence even when he stabbed her in the gut with no apparent medical facilities or training Robin was healthy enough to get on the ship with no complications, the definition of a flesh wound.

Secondly the 'bomb' was compressed air and a flashbang which would have Shattered some windows and done minor damage and looked real damn convincing but the towns folk would mostly still be alive.

Remember that the revolutionaries don't care if your a good or bad leader they hate the World Government completely, and who has Crocodile been fighting this entire time? enough to put his goals of killing whitebeard aside? The Government he's even said 'We can't let them get there way'

Hence I believe Crocodile will be the next crew member or simply temporary until the crew reaches the New World.

That is a silly idea, though the part about the bomb makes a surprising amount of sense.

Which brings up the question, will Dragon be an enemy or not?

I have a feeling he will be.

I don't think Dragon will be an enemy.

Actually, I think an encounter with Dragon will lead more to a "let me see how far you've come, boy!" encounter more-so than an actual conflict. Of course he'd have his nakama test his son's nakama, so everyone would have an opponent to face.





Possibly though I doubt it, If Dragon was evil it would make him helping Luffy to the Grand Line seem weird.

Hey, that could work! Though this would be the second time (or maybe third) he's had to rescue her from something, and previously she didn't even want to be saved. Maybe her chapter will be about her choosing to go with Luffy even though the Revolutionaries have a more compelling sales pitch or whatever.

I wonder...with Robin with the revolutionaries, could this be the first promising instance of a woman doing some badass heroic timing 'riding up wth an army just when needed' dealie in the manga?

Certainly, I'm hoping for some smooth awesomeness from her, after all the shit that went down at Enies Lobby and Thriller Bark.

Yeah that's why I didn't say "rescue" I said "get back".

The Revolutionaries seem to be morally ambiguous at best. And Dragon's way too powerful to be a complete ally.

Maybe it was all to let him see first hand the horrors of the World Government and the Marines, and as he hopes, come to him on his own accord.

I'm still curious about that black blanket the BB pirates used to cover WB and BB.

Could Blackbeard gain more/extra powers when not exposed to light?

We need to see Wapol again. Or at least what will become of Wapol Steel.




Why stop there? Maybe replace the lost Marines from this arc with Robot Marines.

File: 126958454747.png-(881.12KB, 1034x750, Luffy eyepatch.png)
You guys know how Oda is saving the iconic eye patch for someone important?

Pic related.

File: 126958506889.png-(304.89KB, 680x383, Luffy is Big Boss.png)


Oh my god, Luffy in an eyepatch.

I don't think anyone will be able to handle the mind blowing sexy for long if that were to happen. Especially if he's going to be around Crocodile, Law, and Marco for a while longer.

File: 126958743757.png-(801.41KB, 600x600, Big Boss monochrome art.png)

Luffy/Big Boss is my OTP

File: 12696076093.png-(1.54MB, 1697x1238, 14-15.png)
His eye's fine. That's just a bad scan

Kidd could conceivably pull a Static Shock and zoom around on a metal disc.

Seeing as flight is pretty rare, that's an advantage.

Dragon had a hand in starting this war. He stands to gain the most from this.



Well, eyepatch Luffy is still my hero.

As Nami's Climatact grows with tools like the Wind Knots and such, someone's probably gonna think without her big weather weapon she's useless.

So for one fight, I'd like to see the climatact break, the bad guy proclaim victory, and then get his ass anded to him with her old wooden connect-o-stick.

I think Hancock will keep searching for Luffy, but it won't just be an adorable schoolgirl crush anymore. He abandoned her at Marineford. She wants revenge. She will get him back even if it means breaking every bone in his rubbery body!

What was that?
>Mantra allows one to hear the voice a person emits

And what was that?
>Roger could hear the voice of all things

Roger had super mantra?

Maybe that was his power. He had such great mantra he could pretty much know where everything was and see a bit into the future.

Like, maybe he'd predicted there'd be the storm when he fought Shiki.

I still find it weird that he was able to actually write the stuff he did on the poneglyph in Skypiea. Well, it wasn't really a long sentence, but still.

File: 126998527078.jpg-(84.69KB, 600x872, 06.jpg)
Did anyone ever talk about this?

And why Sanji seems so seriou about that photo?


Maybe just because the image of a pretty lady was tarnished.

It's one thing to see a skeleton, but it's another thing entirely to find, say, his letter to his wife and daughter. I figure Sanji's just feeling grim.

i wanna see ussop pick up ranged haki shots like the amazon lilly pirates

For some reason I wanna see Usopp kick ass without Haki, like able to take out somone with just gadgets and shit, no magic spirit energy

Yeah he's not the 'haki' type. I don't think haki would be the 'main' weapon of choice for any character but Garp.

Okay, so here's a sudden thought I had.

The gunner on Shanks' crew is really fat. Eating constantly. At least, I assumed 'gunner' was his specialty.

And now Usopp is really fat.

I don't know if there's an actual connection there, but it felt like an odd coincidence to me.

Isn't YASOPP the Shanks gunner? Or at least Ben Beckman?

Technically, they've ALL got guns.

But we've only ever seen Lucky Roo shoot anyone.

Guns are starting to seem more respectable as a weapon choice in OnePiece. Even Gold Roger used sword and pistol when we saw him fighting.


I think that's cool. Opens doors for gunslinging badasses.


Yep, though we've been told that Lucky Roux's the fastest man in East Blue, so I came to the conclusion long ago that we'll end up seeing him as basically Sanji with no problems using guns...and can tap into the Speedforce.

Was that not just another unfounded rumour that spread amongst the fandom?


No, it was an actual SBS question, one of the very first ones in volume 4 or 5.

Preeeeetty sure it was a myth. Can you find the question in, uh, question?


That wiki's full of biased bullshit, but after double checking my own actual volumes, it seems they're right. Japanese volume only gives his name, but the first edition VIZ copy totally mentions that he's remarkably fast, so that's probably where I got that from.

The mythbuster section is actually quite accurate, much better than one persons flawed recollections.

If there are different zoans for different breeds of dogs, there could be different zoans for different races of humans.

Not, like, mongoloid/negroid/caucasoid, pretty sure they're too close together, but like giants, longarms, and dwarves.


Well Chopper ate the human human fruit. So... yeah.



Are these still credible terms in any way? I haven't seen them used since that one anatomy book from the 60s.

File: 127026596391.png-(152.37KB, 756x1116, 2008-02-0710p43.png)
>>6128 >>6138

SPECULATION: Lola and Jyabura will totally hook up.

They're perfect for each other!

File: 127044971819.jpg-(43.09KB, 400x307, fone_piece_sw_00_06_07.jpg)
I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I was re-reading chapter zero, and found the character on the left. She seem to be one of the captains of one of Shiki's ships. They look pretty similar to me.


I'm pretty sure she's not Lola's mom, since Lola's mom is probably going to be important later, and the woman on the left shows up again in Strong World and gets her ass kicked by the Straw Hats. She's one of the cannon fodder.

I just realized- related to this point- I think this is why Oda lets himself draw all the characters at hueg sizes for dramatic effect, regardless of perspective and actual size; and how we can have inhuman monsters who can bleed a Olympic pool of blood and still fight. The reason being that these things are often exaggerated and romanticized when reading from stories of the past.

Especially if this book was written by Usopp.

If it were written by Usopp it'd be a grand tale of how the great Captain Usopp defeated all his foes and became the greatest warrior and also there was this guy called Luffy who helped sometimes.

The last chapter will end with Robin on an island, teaching a history class from this book. All her students will say that's totally crap, and then Luffy will wander in demanding that they go on another adventure.

And then we will all weep tears of joy.

This is a good end. I want this ending.

So this whole thing with the D's...they were opposed to the government in the past right? Or it has something to do with them and the blank century that they don't want anyone else to know about. Then why are there D's working for the government? Also, does Dragon know about D and the blank century, and is that why he's rebelling? Because I think if he found out something horrible about the World Government that made him become a revolutionary in the first place, I'm sure he would have told his father about it, and yet Garp still works for them. So either that has nothing to do with it...or whatever Dragon found out wasn't enough to make Garp leave the Marines.

Or I have no idea what I'm talking about.

>>If he was, there's no way the WB pirates would be as (relatively) chummy as they are with him. They think betraying your nakama is the highest crime.

Well, maybe he didn't betray them. Maybe when whatever-made-him-be-not-like-Luffy happened, they let him leave of his/their own free will.

You're taking about stuff that us long term fans have suppositions about.

At best we know suppositions that the D.'s are always present at points of great change and conflict. There's only one D. really working for the government (well, one still alive, the other one defected and got offed for it). All the D.'s we've met so far (with decent exposition) know nothing about any legacy or "Will of D." they simply act on their instincts and do what they want till it kills them... Letting them die with a smile on their faces because they lived life to the fullest.


Well, Gol D. Rodger seems to have known something about it...that he maybe found out on Raftel? (That maybe has something to do with One Piece?) I'm probably just stating the obvious here, though.

Ah, I wasn't sure if Garp was the only D in the marines. I wonder why they let him in in the first place though, and why they let him get so high up in rank. You'd think they'd want to avoid that for fear of him finding out the secret, assuming that the leaders of the World Government know about the D's and that's part of the history they're trying to suppress. Assuming. (Maybe he had a situation like Coby's, where he was a choreboy at first and was only able to get in because of stubborness and willpower?)

I think One Piece will end with Pirate King Luffy facing off against Admiral Coby. He was in the begining and the middle of the story, why not the end? (Unless he goes with Luffy to escape that guy because he interfered in the fight, but I don't know if he'd do that. He's pretty set on being a marine and all.)


Coby will probably get kicked out of the marines for doing that whimpy cry speech during the battle.

File: 127104955963.png-(93.50KB, 263x317, Hitler oh you.png)

>Coby's speech

Here's a One Piece speculation for you. One Piece's story is specifically structured so that any speculation whatsoever sounds plausible. Watch:

Whitebeard and Ace will be resurrected by being fed magical turnips from Mars, and Zoro will return to the crew on the back of a 50-foot beatboxing toad with even worse sense of direction than him.

There. Doesn't that sound like something Oda would do?

The presence of Zoro's surname in light of most of the crew lacking one, along with the odd distribution of Japanese names throughout the series, has my curiosity piqued. If I may...

Roronoa Kaidou.

Wild speculations, yes. Not all, though. I remember back when 20 MONTHS IN THE WOMB was revealed people were kinda creeped out because it was the type of bizarre that's too close to reality.

Not to mention that makes it sound like Rouge was either part elephant or nine-banded armadillo.

Hey, we haven't seem the Armadillo Fruit yet...

File: 127152237495.jpg-(36.66KB, 195x225, 1270313845441.jpg)
Regarding the recent chapter, it gave me a funny feeling the way Boa Hancock said "if I still retain my title as a shichibukai...". I bet a vice admiral was dispatched to Amazon Lily or something. Plus Doflamingo is in the process of eliminating Moria so the "higher ups" must be done with tolerating failure or insubordination.

All I can say is I hope she isn't the next to die.


There better not be more deaths anytime soon, I don't think my heart could take it...

According to Kuma's Den Den Mushi conversation in Thriller Bark, the shit Moria pulled and his subsequent defeat at Luffy's hands would have gotten him the Crocodile treatment, ie stripped of his title and incarcerated in Impel Down. His only saving grace was necessity; the Marines needed every resource available ready for use against Whitebeard and the Government didn't want to lose face in having another Shichibukai defeated, especially at the hands of the rookie who dropped their last one.

Now that he's no longer needed for the defense of Marineford, the 5 Elder Stars seem to be cleaning house by killing him in a way that conveniently won't raise suspicion.

On the note of Hancok, the only person of any real standing who witnessed her betrayal was Smoker. I'd say her position is somewhat safe for the time being...

Actually, I'm thinking less that Hancock will be killed, but instead she'll be forced to flee Amazon Lily with her crew. While she's off giving Luffy the medical attention he needs, the Navy will take advantage by revoking Hancock's status and going in and taking over the island. Perhaps they'll also reveal her secret about her past as a slave, which will leave a divide in the Amazons and how they feel about Hancock. Either way, we'll get a nice cover arc about how Hancock is forced to flee the island with a new crew built up of familiar Amazons, fleeing the Navy and looking for a way to win the Island back from their clutches.


Sounds reasonable, but I don't think those Amazons would care about her past, everyone falls for her with just a glance.

Good point, I could see the truth coming out and Hancock doing her thing, then the crowd goes "It's alright, we forgive you! You can lie to us all you want!".

Navy puts out a bounty poster on her and everyone tears them down to keep because she's just so beautiful.

File: 127160569884.png-(36.00KB, 480x640, 1248125774798.png)

I could see that happening. It'll probably have the face she made in Impel Down when she said the prisoners frightened her.





File: 127187973644.jpg-(45.96KB, 460x767, 12.jpg)
Laboon will help fighting San Juan Wolf.

Calling it.

10th crew member confirmed

Alternately, Franky will turn Sunny into a Megazord and that will fight Wolf.

Damn now I'm torn

Franky will turn the Sunny into an armor for Laboon and then Laboon can figh Wolf on two legs.

In fact, that will be how they'll get Laboon into the Grand Line in the first place.

File: 127204322818.jpg-(703.87KB, 600x680, 9999880.jpg)
Speculation: Law is bald under his hat. Or his hair is really weird.

There's the widely accepted short hair you see in all the fanart, but we haven't actually seen him with the hat off, have we? You never know.

One Piece is a big pile of treasure.

A theory I fully support, if only to watch the fireworks when it happens.

I think everybody here is perfectly fine with that theory.

I know WE'D be fine, but other places would go absolutely berserk.

It won't be the Thousand Sunny that takes down San Juan Wolf.

It'll be Usopp.

A giant v.s. a boy with a SLINGshot?

...Oh damn. And Usopp is a friend to just about every GOOD giant in the series, isn't he?

That's gonna be an epic fight.

File: 127211600036.jpg-(740.14KB, 999x1417, 1237831709508.jpg)

Damn, I want Usopp to fight Van Auge but now I want to see more biblical references in One Piece.

Sodom and Gomorrah wasn't enough.

File: 127223172967.jpg-(176.88KB, 696x618, 1272231412974.jpg)

Mihawk: sure, i'll fight you roronora, just...CLIMB THESE STAIRS TO REACH ME


Chopper will fight a human who has eaten the reindeer zoan type fruit.

Are stairs going to be to Zoro like fridges are to Kyle Rayner?



A couple of more serious Zoro theories:

Mihawk will not be Zoro's last opponent, but his third to last. His penultimate opponent will be Shiryuu, in the final battle with the Blackbeard Pirates. His final battle, perhaps in a distant epilogue, will be with Tashigi, which he will lose with honor.

Alternately, Zoro won't fight Mihawk at all. Rather, Shiryuu will defeat Mihawk, making Shiryuu Zoro's goal.

None of that seems particularly likely.

Why? It's pretty much a given that the BBs will be the final opponent, and it's pretty much a given that Shiryuu is Zoro's counterpart in the BBs. Therefore, Shiryuu is Zoro's last opponent.

The only way Zoro could lose to Tashigi is if the challenge took place on a staircase. She's so low below him it isn't even funny.

Maybe it'll be old!Zoro losing to a young female swordsman who looks like Tashigi/Kunia in the distant future, and passing the torch to her. Or something. Or a mirror of the first time he fought Mihawk.

Have we reached sage? I'm impressed with us!

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