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74031 No.74031
Well, on the plus side, we got John Cassady drawing Superman.

Let's have a Superman general.

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I have literally had better times after being hit in the the back with an Oyster rake than reading this drivel.

Well, I guess there's an upside to having no money for comics. I couldn't read this.

All my feelings on this issue are in my review, though I spend most of it being offended at what he got wrong with Philly. If Chew could represent Philly well in the few panels of it that take place in it, why can't an entire fucking issue of Superman do so?

EVERY TIME I see this cover I think Supes has a giant cape.

If the cover was done by Ian Churchill, that would be his cape.

It really should be his cape.

And please, let's lay off the caps lock for this thread. I have plenty of problems with #701, but I'm not gonna let it drag down a Superthread.

File: 127925721714.jpg-(599.86KB, 1280x3986, Untitled.jpg)
pretentious bullshit.


First issues are always shaky.

File: 127925883789.jpg-(89.02KB, 235x255, SuperBatFight.jpg)
Well, three years of solidly good Superman stories.


File: 127925925751.jpg-(38.34KB, 590x850, Blueperman.jpg)
I haven't read enough Blueperman. I've only read a few issues of JLA with him in it. Where can I get my fix?

I want that strut he does at the end of every dickish speech he rattles off to be the new trollface.


what the fuck

File: 127925958623.png-(190.68KB, 248x378, Screen shot 2010-07-16 at 1.58.50 AM.png)
Now you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man no time to talk

File: 12792596386.png-(124.69KB, 213x281, Screen shot 2010-07-16 at 1.59.05 AM.png)
Music loud and women warm I been kicked around since I was born

File: 127925981262.png-(171.26KB, 218x362, Screen shot 2010-07-16 at 2.01.51 AM.png)
Now it's all right, it's okay, you may look the other way. We can try to understand the New York times effect on man.

Glad to know I wasn't the only one thinking that.


"real" Superman would have said something concise and heartfelt not that bullshitty high handed tripe

The only thing that comes to mind when I see these images is haters gonna hate.

....That's...actually an accurate description.


File: 127927647689.jpg-(7.92KB, 491x440, bear.jpg)

What the fuck.

So a hero is someone who refuses to accept anything that goes against their self-made principles and rules, to not let yourself be affected by any outside opinions?

Westboro Baptist Church confirmed for heroes!

no, heroes are the ones who don't surrender their principles to adversity. surrendering to logic is a whole other thing.


Still a stupid monologue that can be taken both ways. Like that Captain America one.

No, the point of the monologue was "Well what are you doing to save the world, moran?"


Which JMS also wrote. The guy seems to be one of those writers who think quoting an important historical figure really ups the ante in their writing.

I'm trying to change this into a JMS thread.


JMS why are you so bad at DC. Go back to Marvel, we don't want you in our pool anymore D:

So basically that was a stupidly roundabout way of saying, "I'm taking a walk because no one else cares about fighting injustice."

Which is a completely evasive and eminently presumptive answer, because he is equating the ability to fight injustice with the willingness to fight injustice. This fault in the reasoning is hidden behind an obvious strawman character. His socially unusal admission of ignorance distracts the reader from critically questioning the speech that has been shoehorned into Superman's mouth.

tl;dr i mad


Also its bullshit talk that acts like Clark isn't even there. FUCK The first words of his mouth piss me off..I'm gonna go read All Star and watch Lex get all goofy over shorthand. I always have disliked "Kal-El" Supes since its usually he that starts spouting shit like this. Just because he is an alien that somehow nulls the personality that was forged by those who and the environment he was raised in.. GET A FARKING CLUE!!!

File: 127933680765.jpg-(779.05KB, 1280x1978, the_boys_44_0010.jpg)
>>74117 >>74118 >>74121
And this came out the previous week.


I think Marvel dodged a bullet. They got lucky with Thor and Silver Surfer: Requiem, but you could already see signs and flaws in Amazing Spider-Man and the like.

What's pretentious about it? he even has the citizen yell at superman that he isn't making sense.

The page is not about whether Superman is right or wrong, it's aimed at explaining the kind of mindsets superman and his real life fans (with a stand-in in the in-comic public) are experiencing.

Superman is trying to deconstruct and reevaluate his idea of what makes a hero of the public. The public don't understand and a lot of them want him to back fighting bad guys on a much larger scale.

Whatever your opinion on how worthwhile supermans time is being spent, the fact of the matter is both sides are being represented in full in this storyline.

have you read any of the comics you refer to? JMS is one of the most consistently good writers in the industry. Sins Past, the low point of his entire career, was entirely Quesada's doing.


Yo, hey.

>They got lucky with

Implication: that Thor and Requiem were good (which they were, so hard).


Consistent? You've got to be fucking kidding me.

JMS' Brave and the Bold is fucking awful, that one Joker/Atom issue being the exception. The whole Red Circle thing is dreadful, and his Spidey, whilst not terrible, was the weakest of the concurrent Spidey books, and Changeling was one of the worst scripted films I've ever seen.

I remember when everyone was excited to have JMS on Superman.

Those were good times....before the darkness.

He promised a fresh new take on Superman. I had hopes he meant a more fleshed out Super-dad. I was wrong.

Also I would have hoped that Superman, of all people, would be smart enough to create an original argument for his views rather than stealing famous peoples' pithy sayings.

A well written Superman would, a well written Superman would also not need 6 pages to say "It's never as bad as it seems, Trust me." and in that span of time destroy a search light wire instead of asking the police to shut it off.

File: 127947063760.jpg-(77.30KB, 540x899, All-Star-Superman-10-Page-12.jpg)

Isn't that the truth. All Star Supes is the best Supes.

File: 127947182916.jpg-(523.58KB, 656x617, spidey_mj_meet_cap.jpg)
>and his Spidey, whilst not terrible, was the weakest of the concurrent Spidey books

Woah woah woah. Back the fuck up. If you're really saying JMS's work was the weakest of Spidey's stories, you must be really cherry-picking your titles. JMS's Spidey work was easily some of the best stories and themes we got in current history. It had the right amount of comedy and conflict, without endlessly rehashing old villains. We got Spidey balancing fighting new threats he doesn't understand and helping people in his position as a Science teacher. We got some resolution on the MJ and Peter marriage, and Aunt May went from being a dottering old lady to a pillar of support. During JMS's run, it felt like the story was actually moving forward and not stagnating.

This Superman is pretty turrible, though.


Agreed on the point of JMS's Spidey being fantastic, despite Sins Past and OMD. Both of which were more Quesada than JMS.

This Superman is terrible.

Also, I watched the Stayin' Alive video, and shit, the Bee Gees look so goddamn weird. They're like these bearded, almost burly, men, but their voices are so high pitched. It trips me up every time.

Australia, man. Australia.

It seems weird to me that there are people ITT comparing a single issue of JMS Superman to his entire run on Spider-Man. I mean, I get if you don't like it. I can see that. I thought it was alright but I see the valid points people are making against it. But if you're one of the ones who didn't like it, shouldn't you at least give it a little time before you compare it to his entire run on another book? :\


I'm guessing it's going to be more like his run on Thor, only with more "rediscovering" Earth (i.e. America) and less summoning his New New Krypton over Oklahoma.

When an issue is so bad you can laugh at it with your friends and bring it up like a bad 90's comic joke it's hard to stay optimistic for the rest of the run.

I do hope it gets better though.

What an intricate and well-thought-out retort. How could I possibly dare to debate such a solid argument?

I don't think it's as bad as you make it out to be. Now let me say this: I haven't read a lot of Supes for a while. I also didn't really know JMS was doing a run on Superman because I wasn't really interested in Superman for a bit. So I saw this issue and I picked it up and read it. It was different. It was Superman reconnecting with the idea of being a street-level hero. It wasn't profound or epic or spectacular. It was decent. I certainly didn't see it as awful. I definitely wouldn't compare it to the comically bad parts of 90's comics. Are you sure you didn't just build up the idea of Supes coupled with the idea of JMS's writing and then the issue failed to live up to your expectations? That's sort of what it sounds like to me. Not trying to be offensive or contrary or anything. It just seems to me that you expected more out of a single issue, which seems to be more than anything a set-up issue for the overall arc.

/rambling :|

I expected it to be okay.

I didn't expect it to be laughable bad, Supes DOESN'T leave children to deal with a large group of angry drug dealers. That's just incredibly bad, no excuse bad. Judd Winnick's Superman bad.

File: 127951277954.jpg-(27.75KB, 249x300, 127925721714.jpg)
>How could I possibly dare to debate such a solid argument?

Not with a reply like that.

I've seen a plethora of capes use the "tell them I'll be watching"/"tell them I'll be back" tactic. The difference is--with the exception of the Flash--Supes is the only one who can actively make good on that threat.

Et tu. I didn't respond with a tired meme.

File: 127951336893.jpg-(103.41KB, 249x300, 127925721714.jpg)

Oh I am so sorry.

File: 127951370844.jpg-(22.69KB, 259x373, reaction face lex.jpg)
I forgive you, upside-down Superman. We can still be super awesome friends.

File: 127951506129.jpg-(105.13KB, 249x300, 127925721714.jpg)



No, apologies, that's not what I meant, I meant out of the concurrent Spidey's (Friendly, Sensational, Amazing) the other two books seemed better. Not that it was bad at all.


As for you, quit being dum and read some Johns Superman.

Yeah, but Supes doesn't leave small defenseless kids to give those messages.

You have a decent point. I think JMS assumed that Superman would be able to hear anything that happened to the kid, and that the fire would attract the authorities anyway-the message could have been as much to the fire and police departments as it was to the gang.

I don't think it came across well when in context with the rest of the story, which seems to be a lot of Superman brushing people off. I can see what JMS was trying to do here, but I do not think he achieved what he set out to do.

Metropolis losing a lot of its City of Tomorrow flare is my biggest disappointment, really. You can tell street level stories in a sci-fi city, and it made it a hell of a lot easier to give Superman problems every day.

If we're all being more concise with our criticisms of this issue:

It seems like JMS has forgotten that Superman, long ago, learned that he can't be everywhere at once, and though it still bothers him, one woman making a ridiculous argument shouldn't be enough to shake his beliefs so much.

Given that he pretty much sacrificed the last remnants of his people, to save the Earth, she's making a pretty shallow argument, obviously out of grief.

"No, Superman! You shouldn't be out there fighting aliens and Gods, and shit that's about to rip the world asunder, you should have been down here, curing my husbands tumor, my husband who you didn't know about, because you were saving everyone else! You didn't even know about his tumor, you bastard!"

Superman, being Superman, shouldn't have said "Oh no, you're right, I've been such a fool!", but maybe more along the lines of "I'm not God, I can't save everyone, and I'm sorry I couldn't help your husband." or something to that effect, and that really should have been it.

And, I don't know, his idea of reconnecting with humanity is, what, walking around and being kind of an asshole? Sure, he helped a couple people out, I guess, in between using his powers to be a prick.

"Don't believe I can still fly? Bam, taking you into the fucking stratosphere, so you can shit your pants, tubby."

"Hey, you're a bunch of drug-dealing scumbags who have apparently never really heard about me. It makes sense that this nice little white-people town would suddenly be overrun by ethnic gangsters who sell drugs. I'm going to start a few fires, no matter how dangerous that could potentially be."

"Hey kid, when those Drug dealers come back, all pissed off because I set their shit on fire, tell them I'll be back. I won't be around, of course. So just tell them by yourself. You're like, six, right? Yeah, you'll be okay."

Also, he didn't have to actually cut the spot light cable. He could have told them to turn it off, or flew down and unplugged it. But I guess Superman is beyond the point where he cares about property damage. Fuck it, the city will pay for it.

The whole Ledge scene didn't seem that great either, if only that it's been done a few times withing the past five years or so, and I'm kind of sick of seeing Superman convincing people not to kill themselves.

Now a lot of what Superman says in the comic, about life, about saving the world, they're good arguments. They just sound odd coming from Superman.

I don't know, I feel like if he wanted to reconnect with humanity, he already has a better venue for that in Clark Kent.

>If we're all being more concise with our criticisms of this issue:
I'm just gonna stick with "It was boring". Maybe it'll get better, but I don't think I'm sticking around for that.

File: 127962060589.jpg-(191.53KB, 594x892, sm_cv704_02.jpg)
>Superman discovers that there is a darkness even more immense than outer space: the darkness of the human heart turned against itself.

Oh boy.

Didn't this very issue do that? Not even a recent storyarc THIS EXACT ISSUE dealt with "the human heart turned upon itself."

>Fan: "Superman's always been considered the ultimate immigrant. What's going to happen when he steps foot in Arizona?" JMS: "I actually do deal with this." After consulting with Idelson if the walk takes him to Arizona, JMS said, "I could have some fun with this."

How can he type the script when his hands are so clearly hams?


Dammit don't be dragging him in to some political nonsense I GET ENOUGH OF THAT SHIT FROM MARVEL!!!!

File: 127993472481.png-(267.64KB, 304x371, 126424860038.png)

It just keeps on getting worse.

You know what? I think that when writers use the “real world” gimmick by having superheroes go on the Jay Leno show or talk about the Obama administration, they’re limiting themselves creatively. I want them to explore how these fictitious universes are DIFFERENT from our own. I want to see alien ambassadors visit the UN. I want to see everyday technology that has been advanced by the works of supergeniuses. I want to see rich people taking vacations to places like Wakanda and Paradise Island. I don’t want to see last week’s headlines reprinted. You can still address the issues of current events without quoting them verbatim.

I find it very unlikely that anyone will do this, though.

Forgot my name. Stupid proxy site.

It takes a lot for another person's actions to embarrass me, especially if I don't even know them. But I feel embarrassed about this storyline, and I haven't even read it yet.



Oh, christ.

I mean, yeah, Superman probably would be opposed to the Arizona immigration law but for fuck's sake that's no good excuse to turn his comic into a tract against it.

No.76785 I feel bad. I really enjoyed Superman #701.

Well, look on the bright side





>However, here is one to knock you off your chair: All Star Superman, the beloved storyline by Grant Morrison with artist Frank Quitely, will also be made into an animated film


Clark and Lex in prison bit will be awesome


I can't even imagine what the character designs would be like. Do you think they'd go for Quietly's style or something bolder like the past few DC Animated movies?

Frank Q style or bust.

You ever see Quitely's notes? They have a very animated feel to them.

You are a bad person and you should feel bad for forming opinions of your own. Seriously, don't worry about it.

Where could a fella find those notes?

This is FANTASTIC news.


Someone hold me, please. I may weep from joy.

Everything is great in the world!

Oh wait...


Eh. It's okay. I often have opinions that receive mockery. 'Tis my lot in life.

The thing is with Quitely's art is that it's already so full of life and movement.

File: 128097164467.jpg-(374.57KB, 1280x1987, Superman - TLFOK 01001.jpg)

File: 128097238637.jpg-(644.01KB, 1280x1984, Superman - TLFOK 01049.jpg)
I really thought this was going to be crappy, but DAT LAST PAGE MANG, Dat last Page, Bitch tears I was leaking heavy.

Also Jor-El has a magic "every panel is a different costume" ability.


I'd love to see this universe pan out. Three Supermen and Lex just goes...fuck it. Be a pip to see if Kal would develop along the same lines as Clark since his father is really digging the Midwestern lifestyle.

The best meet the neighbors story besides living next to Asgard or Wayne Manor.

File: 128098321740.jpg-(486.08KB, 373x853, buns of steel.jpg)
And don't forget DAT LARA.

File: 128098378785.jpg-(115.52KB, 338x265, DAT GRIN.jpg)

Wondering if he'll still become Superman at the moment. The Kents are having an influence in this world (like his mother wanted)...but will it be enough?

File: 128100625571.jpg-(49.35KB, 400x615, 388590-79800-brainiac_super.jpg)
>12th level A.I.

He'll grow up into a holier then thou superman who walks around towns and laser beams gangsters out of white suburbs. The silver age of dickery is back again.


Nope, Mark Millar is right. Superheroes should only be begrudging horrible douche bags or self absorbed all-powerful cunts that only exist to preach his edgy philosophy.


oh pish, this will comes with the hopefully good ending of him donning the Red and Blue as he once again becomes part of himself. And Millar is an edgy twit.

File: 128154995921.jpg-(416.88KB, 1280x1921, Superman 702 (noads) (2010) (Archangel & v.jpg)
I ended up liking this issue quite a bit. Supes was pretty douchey when he first talked to the Natallans, but I enjoyed how the issue's overall story played out.

File: 128155061936.png-(69.19KB, 262x237, 1273551673235.png)
I really enjoyed this issue. Really, I've been enjoying JMS's run, though, only 2 issues in.

File: 128156189082.jpg-(829.65KB, 1280x1943, Superman702-006.jpg)


Now there's the man!! hoping that was just a one time flub of JMS. Here's to him keep up the good.

I was surprised to find that wasn't so bad. Perhaps there's hope for this run yet.

Yeah, aside from the complete bullshit of the first convo with the Nats, this was a MUCH MUCH better issue.

It's almost like it's by a different writer.

No it’s too similar to be different. Someone must have threatened his pig family or something for this 180 of style to happen. Hopefully hurting him both with words and physical attacks for good measure.

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