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File 130036912611.jpg - (14.45KB , 508x376 , 1233084921582.jpg )
19535 No. 19535
Old thread is autosaging:

I honestly don't have anything to say in the opening post.
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>> No. 19536
File 130036935999.jpg - (175.79KB , 1920x1080 , 1300361400638.jpg )
But for here...

>Team Rocket is back to normal?

...Well, maybe not. We still won't be seeing them in the next airing episode (which involves Bianca and Emolga), so we'll have to see whether or not they will go back to being Ash's punching bags.

James also befriends and captures a Yamask, giving him a Pokémon after 25 straight episodes of nothing.
>> No. 19539
Well from what I hear their next objective is Looking for Giovani who was Kidnapped by Team plasma So maybe they wont see ash until he meets up with Team Plasma
>> No. 19554
I haven't watched the anime in ages, but my understanding is that the current season has changed writing staff completely and is now actually good, being about the entire Rocket organization have decided to seriously ruin Unova's day.
>> No. 19565
Yeah, from what I've seen (not much because I can only view it via wherever on internet) the show really has taken Rocket to a new level.

Though I do take issue with how it feels like Ash and co were hit with chloroform, mind wiped, and tossed into a situation where they don't know anything. I mean wow, I knew how the show in the past had him act dumbfounded at new pokemon, but it's like he's never seen a pokemon now. It even seems like he's forgotten about everything that has happened in his past? Will we never see old characters make a reappearance or have callbacks?

And why does EVERYONE look so short? Otherwise, I like the new show. I stopped watching the minute the Advanced series began, not liking it much after a few episodes. I've started again with this series, albeit only seeing episodes 4-6.

And can someone direct me to a good place to watch all of the new series's episodes, because I'd really like to give it a shot.
>> No. 19569
People in Pokemon have always been oddly short: it's a side effect of them all being kids which is easy to forget. Old characters probably won't be making many reappearances seeing as it's Unova, until they get incredibly desperate for writing material.
>> No. 19570
>but my understanding is that the current season has changed writing staff completely and is now actually good

Diamond and Pearl was awesome

BW is alright, not as good as DP but still good.
>> No. 19579
>> No. 19581
File 13004696661.jpg - (22.15KB , 375x499 , tumblr_li5vhrDc641qdw986o1_400[1].jpg )
>So I got a Japanese Ditto off the global trade station in Pokemon to find it was holding mail.

...Oh God D:
>> No. 19584
Sorry I've never heard of nyaa.com...
>> No. 19585
File 130047701889.jpg - (104.78KB , 735x900 , yotsubaww.jpg )
>> No. 19589
Quick, deploy the boat train.
>> No. 19607
File 130052478455.jpg - (11.54KB , 191x205 , feelsbadman.jpg )
>You will never be this pathetic
LIVE - Shiny Ponyta after 2596…youtube thumb
>> No. 19608
File 130053732420.jpg - (50.51KB , 512x384 , 67256548.jpg )
>> No. 19611
File 130054689492.jpg - (2.69MB , 3072x2304 , DSC00710.jpg )
so it turn out i don't have any reaction images of people crying because nothing on the internet has ever made me want to cry before. so have a pretty picture i took in japan last year.

anyway, best use of mail ever.
>> No. 19613
File 130055510119.jpg - (96.61KB , 800x600 , well.jpg )
>> No. 19617
File 130056669472.png - (501.18KB , 900x666 , charmanderflood.png )
Man. That Tsunami really fucked things up, huh?
>> No. 19620
Yeah. It's more restrictive, but doing the mail like this increases the odds that it will be coherent in several languages.
Helping Hand's Japanese name just means Help.
>> No. 19624
File 130060183566.png - (661.79KB , 1280x720 , [BWS]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_010_Rival_Battle!.png )
So hey, everyone remember this guy?

Who the hell is he? I think I missed it.
>> No. 19625
I think he's the new Nurse Joy?
>> No. 19626
File 130060456968.png - (1.85KB , 137x117 , StealthTears.png )
>> No. 19627
Because there was totally a demand for multiple big sweaty dojo men apparently. And speaking Joy, why did they redesign Joy and Jenny? Just because and it's a new region?
>> No. 19628

DON GEORGES, EACH A MASTER OF A BATTLE CLUB, A place for trainers to meet, greet, battle, and train up for the local gym apparently.
>> No. 19669
File 13007488653.jpg - (43.80KB , 500x375 , 1300735331594.jpg )
>> No. 19672
Replace Oak with a fully body Ash, and this is golden.
>> No. 19678
Jiggly Batmanyoutube thumb

Oh lord.
>> No. 19679
DAMN IT ALL. I can't access any of my usual servers on Pokemon Online because they all started asking for passwords, and I don't even remember setting one up! What bullshit is this?!
>> No. 19712
Sounds like someone's stolen your identity.
>> No. 19716
File 130088644676.png - (23.08KB , 484x211 , deleteme.png )
So this happened.
>> No. 19726
File 130089745590.jpg - (47.71KB , 500x400 , heatran.jpg )
Got a Heatran plush~ It's a Japanese import; does that count towards donating to relief efforts? Of course I did donate a total of $85 already, so with this it's around $120.
>> No. 19808
how do I update my pokemon online so I can use the new pokemon?
>> No. 19810
Look at how smug that fucker is. He is straight up B) ing.
>> No. 19811
Download the new client.
>> No. 19849
File 130108440533.jpg - (390.99KB , 1006x627 , tcg.jpg )
Hey, this is actually cool.
I hope it does well.
>> No. 19860
Hey if can injoy this: Pokemon Play It v2 [4]youtube thumb
Then I can play that.
>> No. 20040
Like what Japan had, it's a game that, if you beat, will let you get one of the Eevee evolutions on the Global Link when it launches some indeterminate time this Spring.
>> No. 20045
File 130135877178.jpg - (184.40KB , 780x510 , Choose.jpg )
Protip: The orbs decide which one you win.
Collect only the orbs corresponding to the one you want!
Psychic and Dark orbs dont' show up until level 3, while Grass and Ice orbs are in level 4
>> No. 20091

The question lies in which to get..

>Vaporeon - Hydration
>Jolteon - Quick Feet
>Flareon - Guts
>Espeon - Magic Bounce (Grants an inherent one-time Magic Guard each turn)
>Umbreon - Inner Focus
>Leafeon - Leaf Guard
>Glaceon - Ice Body

I'm leaning Jolteon or Espeon. If I get a female, I'll be able to make Dream Eevee for the rest, too.
>> No. 20094
>Took DS Lite to class and played for the 10 minutes until the lecture started as usual
>Stuck in pocket and went home after class
>Wasn't in pocket when I went to unpack my wallet, cellphone, and other crap I take with me to college
>Went back to school, checked lecture hall
>Not there
>Checked lost and found
>Not there
>Checked car, around house, and public library (and THAT lost and found)
>Not there
>Appears to just be fucking gone
>> No. 20095
Will a pokemon that likes Bitter flavour still lose happiness if given herbal medicine?
>> No. 20096
>> No. 20101
I can feel that.
I lost my DSi at work.
And I work cleaning rental cars, so losing it in one of those means its gone forever.
There's a reason I only wear pockets with zippers.
>> No. 20111
I feel for you man.

...Though I did manage to find mine. It WAS in the lecture hall, but I had to wait until my night classes to get in there with nobody around and dig under the seats.
>> No. 20254
File 130186049951.jpg - (344.03KB , 1280x720 , 13018600840086.jpg )
Pokemon Smash got a new opening animation.
Interestingly, it has all the Pokemon currently owned by Ash, Dent and Iris and a Cottonee.
>> No. 20325
File 13021059401.jpg - (33.09KB , 529x397 , 2e214yv.jpg )
I wonder what that miserable bastard Yahtzee's reviewing toda-
>> No. 20328
Good job stealing a joke from something awful.
>> No. 20349
File 130216338932.png - (449.48KB , 598x341 , 098946784.png )
Out of nowhere I've just realized I sent my pokewalker through the wash and dryer. So much for being on a good streak.
>> No. 20351
Is it still functional? I've had stuff like that go through a full laundry cycle and come out fine in the past.
>> No. 20355
>> No. 20357
Related: because of that code, you can't trade a Cofagrigus over GTS without giving it a nickname first.
>> No. 20371
I'm still trying to figure that one out. In what language does any part of it's name become offensive?
>> No. 20374
>> No. 20375
...OH! Well, okay then. That's a bit of a stretch though. I mean, this can't be the only pokemon this applies to. It just seems unlikely that with 640+ pokemon, only 1 just so happens to contain three letters in a row that happen to be a derogatory term.
>> No. 20378
Well, there's Skuntank, Marshtomp, Emonga...
>> No. 20420
File 130238369148.png - (658.88KB , 760x700 , comparison.png )
So I made this because I hate one-sided discussions.
>> No. 20421
Ash is made of plot armor and deus ex machina. Few of his victories had anything to do with skill.
Not to mention that the anime completely ignores basic Pokemon mechanics and doesn't even bother to have any consistency on its own terms.
>> No. 20480
File 130240808643.jpg - (13.73KB , 265x195 , red___.jpg )

...When's the last time you watched the anime?
>> No. 20487
I'm telling you, eet's changed, mang!
>> No. 20491
File 13024225375.gif - (21.51KB , 3403x403 , bad animu.gif )
Ash is still ten after all of his adventures. Pikachu's power is still a function of the plot.

Fuck the anime. It was supposed to end after Kanto and the first movie and it shows. Johto was shit, most of Hoenn was shit. Not trying again, that ship has sailed.

Also the first movie and that other Mewtwo movie were the dumbest shit ever. SAILOR MOON made more sense than that.
>> No. 20494
Ash is actually 11 now.
>> No. 20495
Says who?
>> No. 20498
I don't see why people are so hung up on Ash's age anyways.
>> No. 20499
File 130245816031.jpg - (149.69KB , 1280x720 , ohcraps.jpg )
Diamoand and Pearl and Best Wishes are awesome, bro.
I assume that confirms Dent is catching it then.
>> No. 20500
File 130245921341.png - (603.92KB , 800x404 , prximobw032.png )
Or Ash??
>> No. 20501
Hope not, Jesus, he's getting a ton of Pokemon really fast. I hope Dent gets it since he's the Grass/Bug user.
>> No. 20502
I would love to watch it if ash for no reason just forgot the basics of being a Pokemon trainer.
>> No. 20503
They did promise he would catch Pokemon more enthusiastically than ever before.
>> No. 20505
This far and away will always be my favorite pokemon theme, the movie version of the Johto theme.

Pokémon 3 Soundtrack: 02 - Pokémon Johtoyoutube thumb
>> No. 20520
Wait, do you mean if he for no reason DID forget the basics, or of he DIDN'T forget the basics? Because...
>> No. 20568
There were so many bizarre crossovers when Pokemon aired on Kids WB.

Pokemon KidsWB Promo Compilationyoutube thumb
>> No. 20569
I like this and I don't know why.

pokemon park mad s 02 ep 02youtube thumb
>> No. 20583
Oh god, I never really realized how weird all of those promotional things were until just now.

I have to admit that that was actually kinda funny when you think about. The ending comments made it for me though.
>> No. 20666
File 130279030291.jpg - (21.43KB , 342x192 , 476.jpg )
OK, scratch that, Team Rocket is still competent.
>> No. 20667

What have they been doing? The only scene I ever saw was when they successfully infiltrated a building of some sort. But it was all in japanese so I couldn't follow it.
>> No. 20708
>you can run indoors in B/W
>it's apparently based on America
>the American kid has no manners and so he gets to run indoors
God bless you, stereotypes.
>> No. 20709
I distinctly remember being able to run indoors in other games.
>> No. 20710
I know you could run inside of Pokemon centers, but I'm pretty sure being able to run inside other buildings(save for [evil team] Headquarters) is new?

But maybe I am remembering wrong. I have slept very little in the past few days, so it's more likely than not.
>> No. 20711
The PC has been able to run anywhere (but in deep snow and sand) since Diamond and Pearl.
>> No. 20712
My bad then, I'm just an idiot. B)
>> No. 20717
So where does everyone read the BW Chapters of Pokemon Special, and has anything past chapter five been scanlated?
>> No. 20718
Well for one thing, they haven't blasted off in forever.

Ash and company almost get's there asses handed back to them every time they fight as opposed to Ash just curb stomping them.

James was shooting stuff with a Laser Beam.

Just generally not acting like to old team rocket.
>> No. 20756
You know, everyone gives Hypno and Drowzee a hard time, but I bet with proper training, they could use their dream-eater ability to effectively cure schizophrenia.
>> No. 20805
Remaking Ruby and Sapphire for the 3DS would not be a stretch. 2012/2013 will be the 10th year anniversary. Ruby and Sapphire would go with the whole "3DS" theme in a way because the colors match old 3D glasses. Plus with how you have to transfer Pokemon from Gen 3 twice just to get them to gen 5 and how you'd probably have to transfer them three times with the coming of a sixth gen, it'd make sense that they'd remake them to allow easier transfer.

Also holy shit Ruby and Sapphire are almost 10 years old.
>> No. 20836
We got a trade thread? 'cause I need a rufflet or Braviary to complete my pokedox.
>> No. 20847
Sixth gen is probably at least two or three years off. We've got to see Pokemon Gray first. But yeah, given past patterns most likely Ruby / Sapphire would be remade between Gray and Gen 6.
>> No. 20864
File 130325867491.jpg - (134.51KB , 849x305 , VGC2011.jpg )
VGC fun starts in May!
I wish there'd be Canadian events.
>> No. 20877
There probably won't be Diamond and Pearl remakes for Gen 6.

That would just be getting silly.
>> No. 20878
Aw, and I was so looking forward to the Black and White Remakes for Gen 7.
>> No. 20881

>> No. 20886
Did you recently change the clock on your ds?
>> No. 20889
NO! When I did do that nothing changed!
>> No. 20914
Hmmm... Cause clock changes makes the game reduce the city/forest.

Were you in the vicinity of someone playing pokemon white?
>> No. 20915
Clock changes can do that? May I ask how and why this happens?
>> No. 20916
>> No. 20917
Well, the game populates your black city/white forest based on how many days real time it took you to get to there the first time. So if your game senses that your clock has gone say, backwards, shit's gunna decrease.
>> No. 20919
Wouldn't turning the clock backwards make it increase, since less playtime is better?
>> No. 20921
It's a standard thing in Pokemon. Back in Gen 4 if you reset your DS clock you'd be locked out of doing the Pal Park Transfer for 24 hours from the time you reset, to prevent "time travel" cheats. This is most likely the same thing.

I imagine the way it works is that every time you start the game, it compares the time you've started to the last time you turned off the system, and figures out the difference. Then it sees if enough time has passed that it needs to drop the population of Black City/White Forest.

Most likely they either use the absolute value for the difference (so whether it's forward or backward makes no difference) or they treat all negative values as being a constant value that drops a resident or two.
>> No. 20922
The game would also lock out daily events if you moved your clock forward (to catch a weekly Pokemon like Drifloon for example) so I think it just sees if you moved the clock.
>> No. 20923
I've never had a time travel problem because I'd just change the date to the day before the one I want and change the time to 23:59.
>> No. 20928
This is bullshit, apparently no matter what I do my white forest is going to be completely empty because I'm too busy to play everyday.
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