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63829 No. 63829
He'll surely reopen his ask box at some point. Maybe this time we can be prepared, and agree on some good questions to ask when the occasion arises.

Pic not related [spoiler]....probably.[/spoiler]

Here, I'll start: Where the hell is your magic mecha mansion? Is it Earth? The Humanimal planet? Your own Sburb world?
>> No. 63830
Oh my god why doesn't this board have nested spoiler tags what the fuck
>> No. 63831
I've always wanted to know what determines if someone is a Derse dreamer or a Prospit one, or if it's just something Andrew decides.
>> No. 63832

im tellin you man
>> No. 63834
The question I'd ask is, "how old was Jack, chronologically, according to the Incipisphere's own timeline, when John entered the Medium?"

What I really want to get out of this is how old Prospit and Derse are and whether carapaces age; I have headcanon on the matter, but I know plenty of people whose theories differ.
>> No. 63835
When did Grandpa Harley leave the Medium? We know he must have left at some point, but it's never clearly shown.
>> No. 63836
For the mansion I think it is just one of those things where there is no real answer, and any answer he gives will just be disappointing (unless the answer is that he lives in the flaming horse vs. football player picture).

I really want to know this one though, please spam it.

I think player class might inform Prospit/Derse allegiance in the same way that gender informs player class--some people will always be on one or the other due to their aspect (Heart may always be Derse for example, and Breath always Prospit), while some flip flop between moons depending on the class (like Light). It might be neat to hear him talk about the mechanics of it.
>> No. 63837
I think that Grandpa Harley was in touch with his nephew until he was brought into the incipisphere. I think a better question to ask is:

Is self-insert Hussie the one who won that trip to Mars on post-scratch Earth?
>> No. 63838
I think this is one of those things, like kind abstratus or prototypes, that's determined by the mythos of the individual player, with Space players being the exception to the rule (insofar as Space players have several constants that most aspects don't).
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