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File 138692792854.png - (342.62KB , 758x973 , tumblr_msvlh2XSZj1rbjc4oo1_1280.png )
183778 No. 183778
Where we talk about development of the game and hopefully not that other thing.
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>> No. 183779
And I mean, really. Honor system. Let this be the one place on the internet where people can get away from that horror.
>> No. 183780
I love that guys design because he looks so beastly but if you extinguish him he's basically a skeleton.
>> No. 183783
File 138694358411.gif - (875.38KB , 300x300 , mighty heavy dina.gif )
>> No. 183785
The only good thing to come out of this situation.
>> No. 183786
The hell is this even supposed to mean?
>> No. 183787
Great that the honor system worked for one fucking post.
>> No. 183788
The girl bot is the redesign the girl drew and represents her.
The army is the "white knights" defending her.

I'm almost impressed with how heavily people are taking this tiny tiny issue.
>> No. 183789
File 138694709935.jpg - (165.31KB , 620x349 , 267414-0hd.jpg )
You know I tend to forget about them from the Z series.

Also Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z will have Mighty Number 9 DLC
>> No. 183790
Sure, let's ignore the huge glaring issue that's the only thing worth talking about at this point.
>> No. 183791
>the only thing worth talking about at this point.

Right, because whenever anyone talked about MM, they don't focus on things like gameplay.

Let this be the end of this discussion. Retards are just coming in here, attempting to bait, and reignite a stupid discussion. No more responding.

Also, bold prediction: The guy who keeps trying to shitpost and bait is going to respond to me and try to goad me into responding again and again. Don't let it happen to you.
>> No. 183792
File 138694947038.jpg - (619.03KB , 1280x720 , 5970c3b02efe9c693fe0a7dde52e6e71.jpg )
First Zombies and Big Chested Scientists and Later, robots.
>> No. 183793
>> No. 183794
>huge glaring issue
It's not. I've explained why its not at least 3 times here without a response.
If you want to dwell on this like you where some obsessive idiot that's fine but please leave us out of it. Especially if you refuse to respond to base explanation.
>> No. 183795
File 138694986270.jpg - (249.27KB , 1200x849 , Ah9fgQw.jpg )
So who's it down to anyway?
>> No. 183796
last I heard E, F and one I can't remember, Es my favorite.
>> No. 183797
Yea E looks good glad its not B or C since they look a bit too busy.
>> No. 183800
E is basically Panty in a stewardess outfit, out of the ones they picked it's definitely my favorite.
>> No. 183801
I can't say E especially appealed to me, but it does seem to have struck a nerve with fans. I'm reasonably sure F will walk it, since it was one of the earlier designs and already acquired a popularity base before any of the others. Of the three remaining, F would probably get my vote (H was the other winner, according to a quick google).

I actually rather liked A, weirdly enough. Shame it didn't make the final 3. Also, this (>>183792) is adorable :3
>> No. 183802
Yea I like A a bit more now since it reminds me a lot of Connie from Steven Universe.
>> No. 183803
I've always been rooting for A, but I've long since resigned myself to the fact that the community will always pick not!Roll over 'nerdy little black girl: the robot'.
>> No. 183805
Personally, I just really don't care for those huge tanks on her head.
>> No. 183806
I always kept wondering what they were. Tanks, thrusters, connecting ports of some kind.
>> No. 183807
File 13869583366.jpg - (200.53KB , 554x698 , moefist.jpg )

>I've always been rooting for A
Finally a man of taste

I also have a strong dislike for E because side-tails are pig disgusting
>> No. 183808
Dina disaster.

Should be fired for being completely incompetent at her job.

She still hasn't responded to any concerns.

All it would have taken was "You're right, but I strive to be more knowledgeable about the series you all know and loved."

Hell she coulda marathon streamed it for publicity.

But nope, she can't admit she's a moron.
>> No. 183809
I guess I'm the only one that prefers H.
>> No. 183810

There is a person in the forums named Heavy01 that uses the avatar of the person that comes smashing onto the scene.

Heavy01 has been wrecking the fuck out of all the whiteknights and Dina herself on the MN9 forums.
>> No. 183812

plus4chan is a fucking hugbox that absolutely refuses to acknowledge criticism of any kind and generally eats anything up.

Don't bother. They have been ignoring everything to suit their own ideology.
>> No. 183814
>They have been ignoring everything to suit their own ideology.
Yes. You have obviously been listening to the other side of the argument this entire time and kept an open mind about it...
Jesus fuck. This thread is doomed. Just nuke it.
>> No. 183815
File 138696021932.jpg - (285.68KB , 1900x608 , 1386957427196.jpg )
You guys never respond to the well written posts detailing everything that has happened or just yell misogyny so whats the point?
>> No. 183816
Can you stop responding like I asked above? I told you he would do whatever he can to goad a response out of you all because he's a trolling dipshit.
>> No. 183817
File 138696078434.jpg - (165.18KB , 800x1200 , plus4chanwhiteknights.jpg )

>criticize someone for unrelated things to her being a women
>cue the forum sliding
>> No. 183818
File 138696085921.jpg - (98.90KB , 820x531 , forumsliding.jpg )

SJW are innocent guys.
>> No. 183819
File 138696098593.jpg - (335.67KB , 988x1500 , mn9boring.jpg )
Making someone the community manager that finds the game boring sure is a good decision.
>> No. 183820
Making only one comment here: 4chan complaining about invasions is funny.
>> No. 183821
>You guys never respond to the well written posts detailing everything that has happened
I did. Several times in fact, but I was ignored each time so I just assumed you wanted to throw a one sided tantrum for no reason. I'm just going to let you guys cry this one out.
>> No. 183822
Man, that face does not fit the previewed art style at all. Would fit great in Braid, though.
>> No. 183823

I actually liked C, personally, but I'm good with any of them, so long as it's not B.

I don't have much to say about this until the game is done, but I want to weigh in on the issue of this:


She's working on Community stuff, and not the game itself, chill out. Her asking about making playable female characters/making the lead a female, literally has nothing to do with her not being a Megaman fan (apparently). Like, it seems super weird, to me, that she's involved at all, but then again, I'm guessing she was hired due to her experience as a community manager, or for whatever reason, the people in charge of hiring her thought she was best for the job. Since she has no actual say in the game itself (As evidenced by how she worded her plea to make Call playable/Beck a female, way back before the game was actually funded), and Inafune and his team are the ones actually designing and making the game; I find it hard to understand why anyone gives a damn.

It seems to me like it's internet drama for the sake of internet drama. Personally, I'm just glad that we're getting another Megaman game (spiritually, at least) from Inafune & co. since Capcom seems to be completely uninterested in continuing the franchise in a meaningful way.

Also, having a girl lead for a Megaman style game? I'm gonna go ahead and say it would literally have no impact on the gameplay. In fact, thanks to >>183783 's gif, I remembered that it already happened and, indeed, it really didn't matter whether you played a guy or gal in the ZX series as it played the same either way.

That's all I have to say on that subject.


I dunno, there's something about the Flame Body I'm not digging. I like No. 8 a lot though. I really dig the satellite sombrero.
>> No. 183824
So much for the honor system. Oh well, I'm back in because this video is perfect.

Video Game Therapistyoutube thumb
>> No. 183825

This is wonderful.
>> No. 183827
>> No. 183828
You know thinking about this I'm a little shocked by this undercurrent of people who see this game as simply Megaman, like not just a spiritual successor but straight up just Megaman.
>> No. 183829
Pretty much sums the whole thing up.
>> No. 183830
Yeah, and it's a serious problem, too. This is a new IP, and we're stuck with Megaman fans (who are horrible, like most fans of any property, but seem to be taking it to a new level lately) trying to fight anything about the game that distinguishes it from its predecessor.

Megaman fans are a much bigger threat to Mighty No. 9 than any OTHER non-issue that those fans might want to whine about.
>> No. 183831
can someone give me the link code to this?
cant view it on my phone.
>> No. 183832
I mean it kinda popped up with the Capcom hypothetical but holy shit laced with this "no girls allowed" playground mentality it is beyond toxic.
>> No. 183833

It's not like it's the entire fanbase that's like it, just a vocal, and immature, minority.
>> No. 183834

There. Maybe now we can all shut the fuck up about incendiary issues which will have no impact on M#9 and go back to talking about the actual goddamn game.
>> No. 183835
I chortled, as that is how I'm seeing the situation.

Which is part of the problem, but that's also how hype was built up for the Kickstarter. The whole project was pitched as "Megaman without Megaman", even giving the main character a very similar look. "Capcom hates Megaman, Inafune is going give us not-Megaman!" (Put another way: "Megaman is dead, long live Megaman!") By tying everything in so tightly, especially when the Megaman community had been horribly burned recently (MML3 etc.), they gave a beacon of hope that almost all fans latched onto like a single twig sticking out of the cliffside to keep from falling.

We'd see a similar backlash if it was, say, the Double Fine Kickstarter and they hired a community manager who said they never played Psychonauts and was bored by the project video, but the voracity of the backlash would be magnitudes smaller.
>> No. 183837
These people might be over reacting asshats, but the fact that she herself is a woman has little to do with their arguments. Stupid though they may be.
>> No. 183838
We wish.

On a different note, what is it about companies all trying to roll their own forum? It's useful if the forum is going to interact with other products in a major way (i.e. Steam threads/groups), but if it's purely for discussion it makes far more sense to buy a vBulletin license or something, use the mods you like, and call it a day. (Looks like a current license is $399 for the full suite, then $200/yr for "premium" support, which is a far sight cheaper than hiring even one developer to re-invent the wheel.)

Yes, you open yourself up to mass attacks when security holes are found in off-the-shelf software, but you also have far more holes when making your own versus software that has been around for a decade or more.

Is it the threading? Because from those images, that's a horrible threading style, and I'm sure there's a mod for vBulletin (if not a baked-in feature) that will do that.
>> No. 183839

She still hasn't responded to the community herself. Being a CM it means she is shit at her job and should be fired.
>> No. 183840

The forum is there because every backer over 5 dollars gets a say in the development through polling and discussion.
>> No. 183841
Except she has tried to on several occasions. All of which have been met with people just looking for excuses to hate her or denounce any of her answers with aimless conjecture.

She doesn't need to be fired just because a few people on the forums are acting like little brats.
>> No. 183842

why are you still responding

real talk


just let him be

And you know what? Regardless of anyone's view on the issue, this thread was made so that people could talk about THE GAME instead of the drama.
>> No. 183843

I just tend to think Japanese internet really prefers the way things looked in the 90s.
>> No. 183844
File 138696972173.jpg - (370.50KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mx1rhsCUMv1rcs9gvo1_1280.jpg )
Kinda like the final form here
>> No. 183847
Because I am utterly fascinated by the mindset that these people have to just ignore all base logic, reason, and fact to pursue something so incredibly menial.
Its like pure spite at this point.
>> No. 183848

Fuck yeah, Mighty Knight S.
>> No. 183849
Look, I'll lay it out in simple terms so we get at the real truth of the matter:

1. Some dude called Heavy wanted a job
2. Other people applied to that job
3. A lady got it
4. He got his friends to start harassing her on the assumption that it must be someone else's fault that he didn't get the job.
5. They stalked and harassed her until they found some stuff that let them get the ASJW's on the case, then got THEM to start stalking and harassing her.
6. Now they intend to continue doing this until she quits because Heavy thinks he'll get the job if she's gone, because he lacks the self-awareness to realize that he has completely invalidated the idea of himself as a person anyone would ever want to work with.

He has used politics to make teenaged Tumblr users who once had a fight with other teenaged Tumblr users into his personal army, and somehow these people have pride in the fact that they're being used by this guy.
>> No. 183851
File 138697324111.png - (138.49KB , 843x715 , quality.png )
>>Hides the fact she has never played a Megaman game before M#09 was announced
>>Constantly lies to the community
>>Has no industry experience
>>Got her job sucking a dev's dick
>>States in pic related that she's going to promote people who have "contributed" to the community
>>In said pic she deems anyone who gives her blind support as a contribution to the community
>>In the next pic I will post the mods make it clear the CM (Dinasaur) and themselves don't care about the dialogue between us and the devs but are just there to maintain status quo
>> No. 183852
File 13869732983.png - (386.52KB , 1004x3889 , modsrshit.png )
>> No. 183853

And let's let that be the end of it. Or this.

What's your guys's favorite Mighty Robot that's been revealed so far? Mine's still No. 8.
>> No. 183854
To the "[plus4chan] doesn't want actual discussion" people:

There is no discussion to be had because this is about politics. Either side will always accuse the other of being ideologically charged (and thus inherently wrong).

>"unfair" and other similar nonsense

Do the following terms mean anything to you: behavioral patterns, collective guilt, context, statistics, formal logic, universal statement, implication, precedent

If you believe yourself to be "rational" you really ought to think for once.
>> No. 183855
Still think F and E are my favorites, though G and I are warming up to me now. I'm not quite sold on A even with the retooling.
>> No. 183856
Number 3 because that one has some crazy motifs going on with the Lightbulb Corset and Poncho
>> No. 183857
I think D will likely be one of the evil ones with that Wiley hair. Be called Echo or something.
>> No. 183858
>>183808 >>183810 >>183812 >>183815 >>183817 >>183818
>>183819 >>183839 >>183840 >>183851 >>183852
You are the only person continually bringing this up, and the only one that seems outraged about it. Everyone else talking about it is responding to you. Stop shitting up the thread.

(That goes for you, too, >>183847)
>> No. 183859
File 138697735131.gif - (1.43MB , 320x232 , 1337285484597.gif )
>> No. 183860
Ill stop then.
>> No. 183861
Anyone else see the trophy clip through the hammer? Horrible programming.
>> No. 183862
File 138697781411.jpg - (166.53KB , 461x720 , Elsa.jpg )
>trophy clips through the hammer a bit
omg worst animation evar whoever was involved in the making of this should be shot and strung up by their entrails
>> No. 183863
That looks like a cell layering error; man I wish I had a gif of the Incredible Shrinking Toph to go with it.
>> No. 183864

>baaaw stop criticizing things

>> No. 183867
say what you will about old 4chan

But I really miss that reigning mentality that consisted of "Don't take things seriously."
>> No. 183869
>I really miss that reigning mentality that consisted of "Don't take things seriously."
>> No. 183870
File 138700427932.png - (467.72KB , 746x591 , 1384544356326.png )
>come here after being fed up with /v/
>vidya discussion
>Mods actually silencing shitposters
Welp, I know where I'm stayin'
>> No. 183873
Welcome to the ongoing circlejerk. Adopt a trip to truly enjoy the experience.
>> No. 183875
Make sure its a good one!
>> No. 183880
Considering the crapstorm she got handed I'd say Dina's handling it pretty well. I haven't read a single thing she's said (after she got the job) that would justify the heavy Glenn Becking that's going on, and she doesn't even come across as stressed by it. Quite the trial by fire, but she might actually turn out to be right for the job after all.
>> No. 183881
Even when she does respond she's immediately closing the threads.
Also, this is only tangentially related to whether she'll turn out to not be a bad CM, but she literally called a Kotaku writer a fine journalist.
>> No. 183882

1. I thought this was over because everything was already said and done.
2. Didn't a mod *just* tell you people to drop the issue?

Just...move on. Fuck. Stop turning into /v/, where the drama trumps actual video game discussion. Especially when said drama was...fucking nothing.
>> No. 183883

I think as long as I maintain my smug detachment I should be in the clear.
>> No. 183884
>you people
It's just one fucking guy. And he keeps getting responses, so of course he keeps going.
>> No. 183885
Really? I thought the flame body was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen from a boss.
>> No. 183887
I'd like to see his story as to why hew has that spooky flame body. Part of me thinks he looks like one of the Hawaiian flame dancers so it would be neat if something like that is part of his origin.
>> No. 183888

According to a post in the GAF thread linked earlier (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=93541267&postcount=7903), the final vote on Call's design between the three finalists (E, F and H), will run from 19 December to 29 December. Backers only, unfortunately, but it'd be interesting if the final three have been tweaked to match MNo9's house style.
>> No. 183890
well they will be eventually, didn't Inafune draw number C.
>> No. 183894
... Okay, call me "stupid" but who's this Dina and why should I give a fuck?
>> No. 183895
You're stupid. Google it, if you want to know so badly.
>> No. 183896
File 13870544242.jpg - (61.11KB , 700x536 , 8ca054d06f8bdb3c68cd1b1a73d39bf3_large.jpg )
>> No. 183897
He told a person to knock it off, because that was the only person who kept bringing it up when others were trying to ignore the situation. If people (more than 1) actually want to talk about it, and can do so maturely, then there's nothing wrong with that. Trying to shut down the entire topic would just cause further problems.

See the last half of the previous MN9 thread (>>179891) for a poor recap on the whole thing. Actually, those that really do want to talk about it might use that thread (which is auto-saging) to do so freely so this thread can be used to talk about the game itself. It seems some people are already doing this.
>> No. 183898
Well, two posts were linked to when he said to knock it off, so that's what I meant and thought, even though one person was doing 95% of it.

For me it was less about trying to stop the topic and more about trying to stop a silly argument that's going to a) go nowhere, and b) just flood the thread.

Whatever. That's all I have to say on the matter.
>> No. 183905

k, seeya later mav
>> No. 183908
What makes me sad is that some people are claiming they're asking for refunds. Somehow they believe it's better to defund the game.
>> No. 183909

All a big bluff.
>> No. 183911
I don't really care that much. All I really gather was that some lady, with some ugly rule 63 fanart, makes a comment of wanting Beck to be girl; and suddenly everyone is acting like she killed Keiji.
It's all so sad, I regret even asking.
>> No. 183981
Dude, that's the worst part. That's not even fucking what she said. She said it'd be cool if Call could be playable or Beck was a girl. Someone went "Hey, I like male Beck" and she said she just meant it's be a cool optional feature, not that she wanted male Beck gone.

From day one this has been people raging at a steaming hot soup of Fucking Nothing.
>> No. 183982
Are there any numbers for how many idiots have asked for refunds over this? They're trying to claim it's 100K, but somehow even now I think higher of them to believe that.
>> No. 183983
There are no numbers, but someone posted a poll on the forums... and on /v/. Got something like 2000 signatures, and there's just no damn way they were all backers. 2,000 people angry, 67,226 backers. About 3%. And there's just no way they all pulled their money out. Just no fucking way.
There's probably a dent in the funding, but it was inevitable that SOMETHING would set off the sort of people that'd pull out over this drama creampuff.
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