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File 133718265060.png - (96.70KB , 600x600 , 1281751582029.png )
154452 No. 154452
Anyone here a fan of some moe demon fusing games?
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>> No. 154454
Only played Strange Journey so far. And quit during the teleporter maze. I liked the underlying mechanics, though. And the demon designs were incredible.
>> No. 154455
File 133718401768.jpg - (725.58KB , 752x4879 , veNti[1].jpg )
>> No. 154457
Only one I've played is Persona 3 (I borrowed it from my school's library and burned through it in a week and a half), and I loved the hell out of it. I plan to do the same for Persona 4 before the summer is out.
>> No. 154464
Yeah, I loved Persona 3 and am planning to get Persona 4 as soon as I get a Vita (though that might be some time since there's not much else on it I want to play yet), but I've heard the other games in the series, even the earlier games in the Persona subseries, were quite different.

Megaten fans, any thoughts on if I'll like other games in the series if I actually liked the Dating Sim elements of 3?
>> No. 154466
I enjoyed both the combat aspect and the dating sim aspects of P3. Although I'll admit, sometimes when I was grinding my way up Tartarus I'd wish that part of it would just get out of the way and let me S. Link to eternity.
>> No. 154468
I really hope Sony eventually allows you to actually play PSP/Vita games on PS3 because I can never comfortably play their portable systems. If a PS3 can actually download and hold an entire PSP game, then I just can't for the life of me figure out why they don't let you play those files like PS2 or 1 games they put on PlayStation store.

Would love it if they somehow found a way to combine FES and P3P into some kind of HD remake. Atlus wouldn't even have to tweak the graphics that much. Just make sure every persona game can be played on either current or next gen consoles and maybe release some info on Persona 5.
>> No. 154470
If you liked P3, you will most likely consider P4 a god send, because it takes P3's many, MANY flaws and fixes basically all of them. The dungeon crawling is better (less repetitive/no annoying fatigue mechanic), almost all of the Social Links are enjoyable, your party members are actually LIKABLE, the list goes on and on. Literally the only thing P3 has over 4 is that the final boss is better in the former.

As for the other games, I've yet to play a main series SMT game, but I found Nocturne in a bin recently and plan to play it after I'm done with Xenoblade. Other than that, I played a few hours of Persona 1 PSP, then returned that piece of shit game to the store. I also played Demikids Dark, which sucked, though I liked that you got a dinosaur you could ride and that the ultimate answer seemed to be to fuse all demons into said dinosaur. What I didn't like is that by the end of the game you could auto everything. I BEAT THE FINAL BOSS BY DOING NOTHING BUT AUTO ATTACK.

Other than that I've just seen GB's quick look of Devil Summoner 2, which looked kind of cool.
>> No. 154472

I actually only rarely encountered the fatigue mechanic at all after I was out of the first block. Usually I could get through a month's climb with only a night or two without anyone every becoming tired.
>> No. 154473
Yeah, I'm looking forward to 4. If I didn't find portable games so much easier to play for long periods of time, I'd have already bought it on PS2, in fact.
>> No. 154474
Same here. Too bad my psp has a battery life of just over an hour.

What rad school keeps games in its library?
>> No. 154475
File 133720113197.jpg - (77.01KB , 430x241 , 470_ott_carleton_uni_100920_430241.jpg )

Carleton University. It has a game development program, so they asked the library to acquire a small collection of video games. It's got Persona 3 and 4, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 2...that's what I remember off the top of my head, but there's more. It's not a particularly large collection but it's there.
>> No. 154480
File 133721131719.jpg - (591.10KB , 852x639 , PICT1177.jpg )
Slowly making my way through the series...slowly...
>> No. 154496
that might be the sexiest picture i have ever seen, anon. take me now.

>found Nocturne in a bin
fucking what
>> No. 154499
A bargain bin, not a trash bin.
>> No. 154500
That's how most people find it, usually discarded and somewhat cheap then having to pay for it online with fresh beating hearts.
>> No. 154662
File 133754355477.jpg - (563.47KB , 1000x1200 , 1337537956405[1].jpg )

Atlus really is going to milk P4 for all it's worth.
>> No. 154668
>> No. 154670
>> No. 154675
Hey, I'm pretty good at this.
>> No. 154695
I'm finding it harder to actually go through the ending of Devil Survivor 2 then its predecessor. It was lacking polish but I fucking hate multiple endings where you can't really convenience everyone or avoid killing main characters that are now against you.
>> No. 154970
File 133796628247.png - (12.22KB , 254x192 , 1282179474569.png )
PS VITA ペルソナ4 ザ・…youtube thumb

...I have no words.

Anyway I'm playing Nocturne now with a friend. Pretty rad, though the dungeons themselves aren't very good, particularly the Amala Network. Was doing okay until I hit a certain boss. Those of you have have played it probably know exactly who it is. I'm grinding and getting a few choice anti-force demons right now.
>> No. 154984
I think the new op is super cute! Naoto is best dancer.
>> No. 154985
Oh I appreciate everyone's swagger (and yes Naoto is the best), but the song is shit. I mean, after Pursuing My True Self and Sky's The Limit, what the hell is this?

Come to think of it P3P's OP was also pretty bad. Soul Phrase I think it was called?
>> No. 154992
P3P's song was SO BAD god but I'm really kind of bummed that we didn't get a really swank OP like P3:FES had, where you got to see more animated segments and stuff... I mean, this one is CUTE AS FUCK but what I'm saying is that I miss my random french in a my japanese game
>> No. 154997
The only reason people didn't like P3P's intro was because the anti-Rastafarian shittyness of Burn My Dread grew on them after time.

I once hated both, but grew to love them.
>> No. 155000
No, Soul Phrase just sucks. Burn My Dread is just kind of okay. As for P4G, maybe I do just need time to grow on it. /vg/'s been raging at the intro a lot, to the point where someone slapped Eternal Punishment's PSP OP over it with tubedubber.
>> No. 155003
The video is good but the song doesn't fit at all...
>> No. 155033
/vg/ has found the video goes with damn near every song besides the one that they actually put to it.

Also they've got a new battle song that apparently plays whenever you don't get Player Advantage (if you do it's still Reach Out To the Truth).

Persona 4 The Golden OST (Time…youtube thumb
>> No. 155034

Yeah, another interesting one from /vg/...

The new intro's song sounds like it would've been better as a town theme. The battle theme's growing on me, though.
>> No. 155285
So anybody attempted a Shadow Heart crossover?
>> No. 155336
So Strange Journey isn't SMT4 anymore, because SMT4 will be SMT4.

>> No. 155338
Fuck 3DS...
>> No. 156625
>> No. 156634
I'm kind of getting sick of post apocalyptic SMTs. Or at least in the sense that humanity is always thoroughly whipped at this point.
>> No. 156659
BUT BUT That's what the main story is about. It's like having flamboyant main characters in final fantasy.
>> No. 156665
Don't really care about it at this point. Not enough at apocalypse like most of the early games were.
>> No. 156722
One of my internet friends and I decided to play some Imagine on a lark.

My god this game is weird. We haven't played much, just got out of the tutorials (we think) and made it to Baby's First Real dungeon. We have limited understanding of what we're doing, the map is almost useless (we couldn't find the Cathedral), and stepping out into a vast horde of Jack Frost's running player shops was an incredibly surreal experience. Not to mention the paranoia I get when some random asshole passes us with a fucking Matador following him.
>> No. 156873
File 133955911420.jpg - (49.88KB , 252x200 , terrified 02.jpg )
>Persona 3
>That moment when you realize that the variations in Apathy Syndrome cases had absolutely nothing to do with the Shadows you were beating up and everything to do with the fact that NYX
>> No. 156886
Maybe but like when I actually found that out I was already capable of beating Flight Attendant Kanji (P3P) like that revelation was lackluster when it.
>> No. 156887

I'm pretty sure you started that sentence two times too many.

Anyway, this was an after-the-fact realization. I obviously got that NYX WAS THE MOOOOOON while playing, it just didn't hit me to connect that to the lunar cycle that dominates the game until later.
>> No. 156968
File 133972728344.png - (46.26KB , 276x168 , EEE.png )
>Adachi s.link confirmed for The Golden
>> No. 156969
>> No. 156970
Still no Gay Option though. Maybe P5 will have some.

Yeah. I was using a phone. Those really suck when it comes to checking your shit.
>> No. 156971
He's Pierrot, apparently.

I can't really imagine what the fuck a social link with him would be ABOUT though, but then again it's likely a better addition to the game than Marie ever could be.

Also I'm not really all that educated on the Vita, but I'm told that if you have a PS3 you can connect it to your Vita and play Vita games on your TV or something? Because if that's the case I might actually be interested in getting the Golden (though I'm getting a 3DS before a Vita either way).
>> No. 156972

His social link takes place in the Bad End.
>> No. 156976
Yes, you can do that with the vita.
>> No. 156983
wait what
>> No. 157010
File 133978038647.png - (16.49KB , 438x469 , 1318019787315.png )

Have fun killing Nanako, Nursey.
>> No. 157015
Nah, that's okay. I've been looking to get the bad end myself but the PS2 version is just sort of crappy, lame and short. So this will be good incentive!
>> No. 157016
Actually, that might not be right, the person who I get my persona news through later said that they saw a screenshot of the S. Link as early as May.
>> No. 157018
yeah, there's videos of the commu/s.link on youtube now and they're all before December.

Persona 4 The Golden (Adachi S.Link Event 2)youtube thumb

Like so. Gosh I wonder what it's about oh gosh oh gosh
>> No. 157019
It isn't going to end in sex or likely change his involvement and ending that much.
>> No. 157181
File 133997196472.jpg - (155.72KB , 960x544 , 1339968865276[1].jpg )

Also they took away Naoto's hat.
>> No. 157195
My god teddy. Why do you have breasts?
>> No. 157206
What the hell am I looking at.
>> No. 157226
File 13400210571.jpg - (371.46KB , 1992x466 , p4jetman.jpg )
>> No. 157228
Also epilogue spoilers I think?
>> No. 157237
File 134003221078.jpg - (27.34KB , 400x400 , 1269828569190.jpg )


God dammit, that's just not fair.
>> No. 157252
File 13400454642.jpg - (174.17KB , 1280x350 , 1340042936358[1].jpg )
>Chie Elizabeth
>> No. 157253
File 134004559482.jpg - (151.75KB , 960x544 , 1340043544354[1].jpg )
There's several questions one might ask about this one, but "what is Naoto wearing" is the one that springs to my mind.
>> No. 157255
File 134004592675.jpg - (91.08KB , 480x1067 , 1340044973725[1].jpg )
Oh and there's Valentine's Day events (because of course there are). They are all, so far as I've seen, sickening. Or at least, if you believe anon-translations:
It is possible that, I want you decide everything for me.
To dye these feelings of mine with your color.
It's not fair, stealing my heart alone.
you might as well take my everything...

>> No. 157257
Fuck it, buying this game a million times.
>> No. 157259
it's very japanese to say that awesome-sauce punk rock Kanji cannot be happy as a punk AND make little adorable things... the nail that sticks out gets hammered down and all. That's sad. :<


>> No. 157261
File 134005341217.jpg - (16.06KB , 150x148 , Jesuschrist.jpg )


That's like...anti-Kanji. Like that's what a new Shadow would look like. He's gone from punk looking to looking like a dude who steals underwear. And he doesn't even sniff it, he puts it between fiberglass screens or something. He somehow looks more threatening.

I think it's his haircut, really. That's what does it.
>> No. 157263

It's stupid because the entire point of his story in the original game was that he COULD be the macho biker guy and also like sewing.

Also that he liked dudes.
>> No. 157265
I wish I didn't play this game 4 times already so I can look forward to this
>> No. 157267
It's definitely the Hitler hair cut he has.
>> No. 157275
THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT GOOD GAMES ON PSP- I mean, hopefully their looks are customizable and that's just another option for him to "not be threatening" storywise.
>> No. 157321
Souji should've been the black ranger. For reasons.
>> No. 157325

Well, I know those reasons, but where does that leave poor Kanji?
>> No. 157326
There's HUGE spoilers about Mari out on tumblr right now. I won't say what they are but seriously. I'm not sure if I hate it or it's cool. Her design is super fucking cool I'll say that much.

Also: omg adachi s.link/commu rank 2 is out and it's so fucking cute omg omg omg he does magic tricks for nanako jesus take the wheeeeeel
>> No. 157351
Pink. Yukiko gets Red.
>> No. 157369
Battle for Everyone's Slams - …youtube thumb
>> No. 157379
Scans from the Naoto novel. It's got robots!
>> No. 157382
>the top-rated comments
im cring
>> No. 157386
>> No. 157388
Saw some really lame fanservicey scans of naoto on the beach and showering form the novel. Looked lame.

Also we are getting to the point where there are too many robots in Persona
>> No. 157390
>Page takes second to load proper post
>Top post links to THIS
>> No. 157396
>too many robots

>> No. 157407
Too many robots, not enough other crazy mind people.
>> No. 157415
I guess it's because I haven't gone through P3 yet, but I totally forgot there were robots in this world. I guess that's what happens when you put the sequel to a strange super-techno-horror-thriller thing in a rural town in Bumfuck Nowhere, Japan where nothing important was happening. You forget people in Tokyo have fucking androids at their service who are capable of having souls.

Also yeah, out of context Naoto fanservice that looks like it should have been in an H Doujin. I wonder what's going on there. I assume it's somebody's daydream or something. The bath thing is prolly the robot dude walking in and he doesn't realize it's an issue because he's a robot and doesn't have junk.
>> No. 157458
File 134033287197.jpg - (85.87KB , 515x577 , 180fa63e.jpg )
>No alternate Alice costume
>Ahm keepin me money.jpg

Here's Nendoroid Yukiko as well.
>> No. 157508
File 134037152376.jpg - (137.75KB , 700x800 , 5504e67a2747e6dcbc1123b5615e05b8[1].jpg )
>> No. 158576
File 134138746875.gif - (350.01KB , 400x284 , I CANNOT EVEN.gif )
>new bad end
>new profile faces
>explanation for why the s.link is listed as pierrot and lust

>> No. 158590
>> No. 158592
Okay so there really is no reason to do this link.
>> No. 158856
>Persona 4 Arena’s story mode will be a huge part of the game and will last somewhere between 30 to 40 hours. On top of that, the story is being written by the Persona Team themselves and will feature full voice acting.
Whoa whoa what
>> No. 158858
This is a fighting game with an actual plot...wut.
>> No. 158881

Thank fucking god, finally a long single player mode.

Soul Calibur 2 was my favorite fighting game for that alone. Then the entire genre got stale as fuck.

Nice to see SP coming back.
>> No. 158924
Blame internet connections.

Once online multiplayer became an expected thing, even console games started drifting into that Quake-style "Oh, the single player campaign doesn't matter" multiplayer focus bullshit.
>> No. 158949
I'm fairly certain it's just a matter of "this is how long it'll take you to clear all character's story modes" and that it isn't claiming to be a single story mode that goes on for that long, broken up by the occasional fight (which would just make it Little Busters: Persona Edition).
>> No. 159137
File 134197881495.jpg - (8.07KB , 120x257 , this isn't my evoker.jpg )

I have been waiting so so long for this day to come~!
Waiting for the unreserved "Come in! Come in!" And the unreserved "Welcome Home Kiss!"
Don't be shy! Give me a kiss! Please, come on!

>Try will all your might
>Refuse with all your might

Gyaa! Sensei was acting like Kanji!
BREAK! BREAK! You got it wrong! That's not what I meant!
Nana-chan is coming home today, so I was diligently practicing my welcome!
By the way, Sensei, how do you do a "gentle embrace?"
I saw it in a "How to Score" book in Yosuke's room!

>Teddie looks very serious...
>It seems that he will not let the matter go until you tell him.
>How should you teach him...

>Teach with a hands-on approach
>Give a suitable explanation

Thanks, Sensei! I knew I could count on you!

My heart is racing...
I feel like I'm floating...

Dojima: ...What are you doing?

>> No. 159144
and that's the story of how dojima kicked his nephew out kids
>> No. 159151
Or just mad this isn't with Adachi.
>> No. 159175
Oh Atlus. You almost had the balls.
>> No. 159705
Just finished Persona 4. The gameplay was much improved from P3, but I otherwise liked P3 a lot more.
>> No. 159803
And that's okay! You should play P3P if you liked the gameplay of P4. It finally gives you control of your teammates and is in general just a smoother and more enjoyable experience (note: if you do, bump the difficulty up. P3P is pretty easy because of the whole controlling-characters-thing)
>> No. 159808

I plan to someday, but for the time being I have neither PSP nor PS3, and no money with which to acquire either.
>> No. 159810
I think my biggest problem with Persona 4 (compared with Persona 3, I might bag on the game a bit here but I really did enjoy it a lot) is that the endgame is pretty disappointing. I mean, after a certain point it basically turns into this:

Cartoon Network Scooby-Doo Masks Bumper #2youtube thumb


Add onto that the utter bullshit that is getting the Good and True endings (you have to behave like a gibbering idiot, I have no idea how they expected anybody to get it without a guide or a lot of trial and error) and the last ten hours of the game really left me cold. Unlike Persona 3, which had one of the most engaging endgames of any game I've ever played.
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