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File 133718265060.png - (96.70KB , 600x600 , 1281751582029.png )
154452 No. 154452
Anyone here a fan of some moe demon fusing games?
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>> No. 154454
Only played Strange Journey so far. And quit during the teleporter maze. I liked the underlying mechanics, though. And the demon designs were incredible.
>> No. 154455
File 133718401768.jpg - (725.58KB , 752x4879 , veNti[1].jpg )
>> No. 154457
Only one I've played is Persona 3 (I borrowed it from my school's library and burned through it in a week and a half), and I loved the hell out of it. I plan to do the same for Persona 4 before the summer is out.
>> No. 154464
Yeah, I loved Persona 3 and am planning to get Persona 4 as soon as I get a Vita (though that might be some time since there's not much else on it I want to play yet), but I've heard the other games in the series, even the earlier games in the Persona subseries, were quite different.

Megaten fans, any thoughts on if I'll like other games in the series if I actually liked the Dating Sim elements of 3?
>> No. 154466
I enjoyed both the combat aspect and the dating sim aspects of P3. Although I'll admit, sometimes when I was grinding my way up Tartarus I'd wish that part of it would just get out of the way and let me S. Link to eternity.
>> No. 154468
I really hope Sony eventually allows you to actually play PSP/Vita games on PS3 because I can never comfortably play their portable systems. If a PS3 can actually download and hold an entire PSP game, then I just can't for the life of me figure out why they don't let you play those files like PS2 or 1 games they put on PlayStation store.

Would love it if they somehow found a way to combine FES and P3P into some kind of HD remake. Atlus wouldn't even have to tweak the graphics that much. Just make sure every persona game can be played on either current or next gen consoles and maybe release some info on Persona 5.
>> No. 154470
If you liked P3, you will most likely consider P4 a god send, because it takes P3's many, MANY flaws and fixes basically all of them. The dungeon crawling is better (less repetitive/no annoying fatigue mechanic), almost all of the Social Links are enjoyable, your party members are actually LIKABLE, the list goes on and on. Literally the only thing P3 has over 4 is that the final boss is better in the former.

As for the other games, I've yet to play a main series SMT game, but I found Nocturne in a bin recently and plan to play it after I'm done with Xenoblade. Other than that, I played a few hours of Persona 1 PSP, then returned that piece of shit game to the store. I also played Demikids Dark, which sucked, though I liked that you got a dinosaur you could ride and that the ultimate answer seemed to be to fuse all demons into said dinosaur. What I didn't like is that by the end of the game you could auto everything. I BEAT THE FINAL BOSS BY DOING NOTHING BUT AUTO ATTACK.

Other than that I've just seen GB's quick look of Devil Summoner 2, which looked kind of cool.
>> No. 154472

I actually only rarely encountered the fatigue mechanic at all after I was out of the first block. Usually I could get through a month's climb with only a night or two without anyone every becoming tired.
>> No. 154473
Yeah, I'm looking forward to 4. If I didn't find portable games so much easier to play for long periods of time, I'd have already bought it on PS2, in fact.
>> No. 154474
Same here. Too bad my psp has a battery life of just over an hour.

What rad school keeps games in its library?
>> No. 154475
File 133720113197.jpg - (77.01KB , 430x241 , 470_ott_carleton_uni_100920_430241.jpg )

Carleton University. It has a game development program, so they asked the library to acquire a small collection of video games. It's got Persona 3 and 4, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 2...that's what I remember off the top of my head, but there's more. It's not a particularly large collection but it's there.
>> No. 154480
File 133721131719.jpg - (591.10KB , 852x639 , PICT1177.jpg )
Slowly making my way through the series...slowly...
>> No. 154496
that might be the sexiest picture i have ever seen, anon. take me now.

>found Nocturne in a bin
fucking what
>> No. 154499
A bargain bin, not a trash bin.
>> No. 154500
That's how most people find it, usually discarded and somewhat cheap then having to pay for it online with fresh beating hearts.
>> No. 154662
File 133754355477.jpg - (563.47KB , 1000x1200 , 1337537956405[1].jpg )

Atlus really is going to milk P4 for all it's worth.
>> No. 154668
>> No. 154670
>> No. 154675
Hey, I'm pretty good at this.
>> No. 154695
I'm finding it harder to actually go through the ending of Devil Survivor 2 then its predecessor. It was lacking polish but I fucking hate multiple endings where you can't really convenience everyone or avoid killing main characters that are now against you.
>> No. 154970
File 133796628247.png - (12.22KB , 254x192 , 1282179474569.png )
PS VITA ペルソナ4 ザ・…youtube thumb

...I have no words.

Anyway I'm playing Nocturne now with a friend. Pretty rad, though the dungeons themselves aren't very good, particularly the Amala Network. Was doing okay until I hit a certain boss. Those of you have have played it probably know exactly who it is. I'm grinding and getting a few choice anti-force demons right now.
>> No. 154984
I think the new op is super cute! Naoto is best dancer.
>> No. 154985
Oh I appreciate everyone's swagger (and yes Naoto is the best), but the song is shit. I mean, after Pursuing My True Self and Sky's The Limit, what the hell is this?

Come to think of it P3P's OP was also pretty bad. Soul Phrase I think it was called?
>> No. 154992
P3P's song was SO BAD god but I'm really kind of bummed that we didn't get a really swank OP like P3:FES had, where you got to see more animated segments and stuff... I mean, this one is CUTE AS FUCK but what I'm saying is that I miss my random french in a my japanese game
>> No. 154997
The only reason people didn't like P3P's intro was because the anti-Rastafarian shittyness of Burn My Dread grew on them after time.

I once hated both, but grew to love them.
>> No. 155000
No, Soul Phrase just sucks. Burn My Dread is just kind of okay. As for P4G, maybe I do just need time to grow on it. /vg/'s been raging at the intro a lot, to the point where someone slapped Eternal Punishment's PSP OP over it with tubedubber.
>> No. 155003
The video is good but the song doesn't fit at all...
>> No. 155033
/vg/ has found the video goes with damn near every song besides the one that they actually put to it.

Also they've got a new battle song that apparently plays whenever you don't get Player Advantage (if you do it's still Reach Out To the Truth).

Persona 4 The Golden OST (Time…youtube thumb
>> No. 155034

Yeah, another interesting one from /vg/...

The new intro's song sounds like it would've been better as a town theme. The battle theme's growing on me, though.
>> No. 155285
So anybody attempted a Shadow Heart crossover?
>> No. 155336
So Strange Journey isn't SMT4 anymore, because SMT4 will be SMT4.

>> No. 155338
Fuck 3DS...
>> No. 156625
>> No. 156634
I'm kind of getting sick of post apocalyptic SMTs. Or at least in the sense that humanity is always thoroughly whipped at this point.
>> No. 156659
BUT BUT That's what the main story is about. It's like having flamboyant main characters in final fantasy.
>> No. 156665
Don't really care about it at this point. Not enough at apocalypse like most of the early games were.
>> No. 156722
One of my internet friends and I decided to play some Imagine on a lark.

My god this game is weird. We haven't played much, just got out of the tutorials (we think) and made it to Baby's First Real dungeon. We have limited understanding of what we're doing, the map is almost useless (we couldn't find the Cathedral), and stepping out into a vast horde of Jack Frost's running player shops was an incredibly surreal experience. Not to mention the paranoia I get when some random asshole passes us with a fucking Matador following him.
>> No. 156873
File 133955911420.jpg - (49.88KB , 252x200 , terrified 02.jpg )
>Persona 3
>That moment when you realize that the variations in Apathy Syndrome cases had absolutely nothing to do with the Shadows you were beating up and everything to do with the fact that NYX
>> No. 156886
Maybe but like when I actually found that out I was already capable of beating Flight Attendant Kanji (P3P) like that revelation was lackluster when it.
>> No. 156887

I'm pretty sure you started that sentence two times too many.

Anyway, this was an after-the-fact realization. I obviously got that NYX WAS THE MOOOOOON while playing, it just didn't hit me to connect that to the lunar cycle that dominates the game until later.
>> No. 156968
File 133972728344.png - (46.26KB , 276x168 , EEE.png )
>Adachi s.link confirmed for The Golden
>> No. 156969
>> No. 156970
Still no Gay Option though. Maybe P5 will have some.

Yeah. I was using a phone. Those really suck when it comes to checking your shit.
>> No. 156971
He's Pierrot, apparently.

I can't really imagine what the fuck a social link with him would be ABOUT though, but then again it's likely a better addition to the game than Marie ever could be.

Also I'm not really all that educated on the Vita, but I'm told that if you have a PS3 you can connect it to your Vita and play Vita games on your TV or something? Because if that's the case I might actually be interested in getting the Golden (though I'm getting a 3DS before a Vita either way).
>> No. 156972

His social link takes place in the Bad End.
>> No. 156976
Yes, you can do that with the vita.
>> No. 156983
wait what
>> No. 157010
File 133978038647.png - (16.49KB , 438x469 , 1318019787315.png )

Have fun killing Nanako, Nursey.
>> No. 157015
Nah, that's okay. I've been looking to get the bad end myself but the PS2 version is just sort of crappy, lame and short. So this will be good incentive!
>> No. 157016
Actually, that might not be right, the person who I get my persona news through later said that they saw a screenshot of the S. Link as early as May.
>> No. 157018
yeah, there's videos of the commu/s.link on youtube now and they're all before December.

Persona 4 The Golden (Adachi S.Link Event 2)youtube thumb

Like so. Gosh I wonder what it's about oh gosh oh gosh
>> No. 157019
It isn't going to end in sex or likely change his involvement and ending that much.
>> No. 157181
File 133997196472.jpg - (155.72KB , 960x544 , 1339968865276[1].jpg )

Also they took away Naoto's hat.
>> No. 157195
My god teddy. Why do you have breasts?
>> No. 157206
What the hell am I looking at.
>> No. 157226
File 13400210571.jpg - (371.46KB , 1992x466 , p4jetman.jpg )
>> No. 157228
Also epilogue spoilers I think?
>> No. 157237
File 134003221078.jpg - (27.34KB , 400x400 , 1269828569190.jpg )


God dammit, that's just not fair.
>> No. 157252
File 13400454642.jpg - (174.17KB , 1280x350 , 1340042936358[1].jpg )
>Chie Elizabeth
>> No. 157253
File 134004559482.jpg - (151.75KB , 960x544 , 1340043544354[1].jpg )
There's several questions one might ask about this one, but "what is Naoto wearing" is the one that springs to my mind.
>> No. 157255
File 134004592675.jpg - (91.08KB , 480x1067 , 1340044973725[1].jpg )
Oh and there's Valentine's Day events (because of course there are). They are all, so far as I've seen, sickening. Or at least, if you believe anon-translations:
It is possible that, I want you decide everything for me.
To dye these feelings of mine with your color.
It's not fair, stealing my heart alone.
you might as well take my everything...

>> No. 157257
Fuck it, buying this game a million times.
>> No. 157259
it's very japanese to say that awesome-sauce punk rock Kanji cannot be happy as a punk AND make little adorable things... the nail that sticks out gets hammered down and all. That's sad. :<


>> No. 157261
File 134005341217.jpg - (16.06KB , 150x148 , Jesuschrist.jpg )


That's like...anti-Kanji. Like that's what a new Shadow would look like. He's gone from punk looking to looking like a dude who steals underwear. And he doesn't even sniff it, he puts it between fiberglass screens or something. He somehow looks more threatening.

I think it's his haircut, really. That's what does it.
>> No. 157263

It's stupid because the entire point of his story in the original game was that he COULD be the macho biker guy and also like sewing.

Also that he liked dudes.
>> No. 157265
I wish I didn't play this game 4 times already so I can look forward to this
>> No. 157267
It's definitely the Hitler hair cut he has.
>> No. 157275
THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT GOOD GAMES ON PSP- I mean, hopefully their looks are customizable and that's just another option for him to "not be threatening" storywise.
>> No. 157321
Souji should've been the black ranger. For reasons.
>> No. 157325

Well, I know those reasons, but where does that leave poor Kanji?
>> No. 157326
There's HUGE spoilers about Mari out on tumblr right now. I won't say what they are but seriously. I'm not sure if I hate it or it's cool. Her design is super fucking cool I'll say that much.

Also: omg adachi s.link/commu rank 2 is out and it's so fucking cute omg omg omg he does magic tricks for nanako jesus take the wheeeeeel
>> No. 157351
Pink. Yukiko gets Red.
>> No. 157369
Battle for Everyone's Slams - …youtube thumb
>> No. 157379
Scans from the Naoto novel. It's got robots!
>> No. 157382
>the top-rated comments
im cring
>> No. 157386
>> No. 157388
Saw some really lame fanservicey scans of naoto on the beach and showering form the novel. Looked lame.

Also we are getting to the point where there are too many robots in Persona
>> No. 157390
>Page takes second to load proper post
>Top post links to THIS
>> No. 157396
>too many robots

>> No. 157407
Too many robots, not enough other crazy mind people.
>> No. 157415
I guess it's because I haven't gone through P3 yet, but I totally forgot there were robots in this world. I guess that's what happens when you put the sequel to a strange super-techno-horror-thriller thing in a rural town in Bumfuck Nowhere, Japan where nothing important was happening. You forget people in Tokyo have fucking androids at their service who are capable of having souls.

Also yeah, out of context Naoto fanservice that looks like it should have been in an H Doujin. I wonder what's going on there. I assume it's somebody's daydream or something. The bath thing is prolly the robot dude walking in and he doesn't realize it's an issue because he's a robot and doesn't have junk.
>> No. 157458
File 134033287197.jpg - (85.87KB , 515x577 , 180fa63e.jpg )
>No alternate Alice costume
>Ahm keepin me money.jpg

Here's Nendoroid Yukiko as well.
>> No. 157508
File 134037152376.jpg - (137.75KB , 700x800 , 5504e67a2747e6dcbc1123b5615e05b8[1].jpg )
>> No. 158576
File 134138746875.gif - (350.01KB , 400x284 , I CANNOT EVEN.gif )
>new bad end
>new profile faces
>explanation for why the s.link is listed as pierrot and lust

>> No. 158590
>> No. 158592
Okay so there really is no reason to do this link.
>> No. 158856
>Persona 4 Arena’s story mode will be a huge part of the game and will last somewhere between 30 to 40 hours. On top of that, the story is being written by the Persona Team themselves and will feature full voice acting.
Whoa whoa what
>> No. 158858
This is a fighting game with an actual plot...wut.
>> No. 158881

Thank fucking god, finally a long single player mode.

Soul Calibur 2 was my favorite fighting game for that alone. Then the entire genre got stale as fuck.

Nice to see SP coming back.
>> No. 158924
Blame internet connections.

Once online multiplayer became an expected thing, even console games started drifting into that Quake-style "Oh, the single player campaign doesn't matter" multiplayer focus bullshit.
>> No. 158949
I'm fairly certain it's just a matter of "this is how long it'll take you to clear all character's story modes" and that it isn't claiming to be a single story mode that goes on for that long, broken up by the occasional fight (which would just make it Little Busters: Persona Edition).
>> No. 159137
File 134197881495.jpg - (8.07KB , 120x257 , this isn't my evoker.jpg )

I have been waiting so so long for this day to come~!
Waiting for the unreserved "Come in! Come in!" And the unreserved "Welcome Home Kiss!"
Don't be shy! Give me a kiss! Please, come on!

>Try will all your might
>Refuse with all your might

Gyaa! Sensei was acting like Kanji!
BREAK! BREAK! You got it wrong! That's not what I meant!
Nana-chan is coming home today, so I was diligently practicing my welcome!
By the way, Sensei, how do you do a "gentle embrace?"
I saw it in a "How to Score" book in Yosuke's room!

>Teddie looks very serious...
>It seems that he will not let the matter go until you tell him.
>How should you teach him...

>Teach with a hands-on approach
>Give a suitable explanation

Thanks, Sensei! I knew I could count on you!

My heart is racing...
I feel like I'm floating...

Dojima: ...What are you doing?

>> No. 159144
and that's the story of how dojima kicked his nephew out kids
>> No. 159151
Or just mad this isn't with Adachi.
>> No. 159175
Oh Atlus. You almost had the balls.
>> No. 159705
Just finished Persona 4. The gameplay was much improved from P3, but I otherwise liked P3 a lot more.
>> No. 159803
And that's okay! You should play P3P if you liked the gameplay of P4. It finally gives you control of your teammates and is in general just a smoother and more enjoyable experience (note: if you do, bump the difficulty up. P3P is pretty easy because of the whole controlling-characters-thing)
>> No. 159808

I plan to someday, but for the time being I have neither PSP nor PS3, and no money with which to acquire either.
>> No. 159810
I think my biggest problem with Persona 4 (compared with Persona 3, I might bag on the game a bit here but I really did enjoy it a lot) is that the endgame is pretty disappointing. I mean, after a certain point it basically turns into this:

Cartoon Network Scooby-Doo Masks Bumper #2youtube thumb


Add onto that the utter bullshit that is getting the Good and True endings (you have to behave like a gibbering idiot, I have no idea how they expected anybody to get it without a guide or a lot of trial and error) and the last ten hours of the game really left me cold. Unlike Persona 3, which had one of the most engaging endgames of any game I've ever played.
>> No. 159811
>You have to behave like a gibbering idiot
Uh... no you don't? You just need to not commit murder and pay attention to a couple very obvious clues.

Also Persona 4 having a slightly weaker endgame cannot compare to Persona 3 having a much weaker everything else. The main cast of P3 in particular is just crap across the board except for Aigis, Akihiko, and the dog.
>> No. 159812
>no Junpei
your opinions are wrong and you are wrong for having them
>> No. 159814
Junpei starts out enjoyable and becomes worse than almost everyone except Yukari and that fat fuck from the Moon social link.
>> No. 159820
Both stand to show what can be improved with 5, such as actually adding more than one year to feel like you’re really developing a close bond with people and maybe utilize key personae a bit more intimately with the plot and character development than just here's the upgrade. (I'd also prefer if the protagonist didn't start out as a transfer student and maybe be someone no one noticed before the game starts - but that's just my desire to see the formula spun on its head speaking.)
>> No. 159824

Yes, you have to not commit murder. But you have to do so not by saying 'hey guys maybe we shouldn't kill him' because if you do that Yosuke gets pissed off and boots him into the television. You have to keep saying 'we're missing something' even though by all appearances we are missing exactly nothing. And you don't get to even guess at what it is, you just have to keep boldly asserting that SOMETHING IS MISSING and respond to everybody asking you what they're missing with SOMETHING. It's a fucking terrible scene.

And then you have to guess that Adachi is the killer, which is b u l l s h i t. The two criteria you're given are 'has a connection to the first two cases' and 'it wouldn't look weird for him to be putting something in your mailbox'. But Adachi HAS no connection to the first two cases that you know of. It's only after you guess correctly that te game deigns to tell you. And the second criteria is beyond stupid, because it matches EVERYONE IN INABA. USING SOMEONE'S MAILBOX IS NOT A SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. FUCK.

It's just stupid, and I really have no idea how they expected anyone to figure out how to get through it if they don't already know.

And I have to disagree really strongly with you about P3 being inferior in other ways. P4 made a lot of system improvements (reward-giving party S. Links, fewer stupid deaths from getting stunlocked by weak enemies, etc) but I think the actual meat and content of P3 was just more coherent and fulfilling, even before the lackluster final arc begins. And I liked all party members in both games. The only character I really disliked was Fuuka's voice actress.
>> No. 159826
The thing with Adachi was process of elimination. Everyone on that list except for Namatame and Mitsuo made absolutely no sense and if you were paying attention for the last 20 or so hours, you'd know neither of them could have possibly committed it either. I mean the list of possible suspects included your friends, your uncle, your 7 year old cousin, Morooka I think?, Namatame, Mitsuo and like two or three other people. And Adachi. With a bit of critical thinking, you'd eventually have to make that guess, even with just a dumb hunch. I mean you get three tries. (The Namatame thing was a little more obnoxious because a few of the answers could have worked)
>> No. 159830

You know who was exactly as suspicious as Adachi? Heck, more, in my opinion? Dojima.

There's just no reason to think it's Adachi until the game gives you the relevant information afterwards. The game gives you two criteria to judge on, and he doesn't fit one and the other doesn't make any damn sense. Sure you can figure it out by process of elimination but unless you know it's him going in, he really doesn't seem more likely than anybody else on a list. And if you pick wrong you have to do the whole half-hour cutscene over again.
>> No. 159831
File 134291776720.gif - (334.04KB , 256x202 , FANGIRL MODE ACTIVATED.gif )
>You know who was exactly as suspicious as Adachi? Heck, more, in my opinion? Dojima.
>> No. 159833
Then why is he always so interested in what you're doing? Looking back it's kind of obvious Adachi isn't doing his job either as a serial killer or a cop exactly when he's dealing with you. He repetitively gives you the kind of information police would be reprimanded for giving out to casual civilians, he endangers children by allowing them to go about trying to ambush a possible dangerous criminal without any sort of protection, his presence around crime scenes fits the trope of a criminal always returning to the scene and unfortunately is one of the only main characters that is always around in some way. As much as an ass-pull it can be, it also speaks for his apparent acting skill in deceiving so many players that he's just your harmless incompetent policeman.

He's kind of like Dexter in that you'd probably never notice anything off with him without seeing what he does or hearing his thoughts.
>> No. 159836

Everything you're saying there is correct, but it's invisible unless you already know Adachi is the killer.

I'm not saying that Adachi being the killer doesn't make sense. I'm saying that naming him as the culprit is a poorly designed game challenge with high potential for player frustration. It's just too obtuse from the information you're given at the time.
>> No. 159837
Well sadly it's a sort of mythological murder mystery and there's no effective way the game gives you to really look into what kind of "deity" or person can really be behind fog without taking a chance. Hopefully 5 will be more like 3 in that the mystique only lies in the fact that you are slowly learning what the fuck is going on more than a case of who-done-it.

Even super kid sleuth Naoto couldn't have the chops to detect that in the traditional manner and the story should have tried that by doing things like tracking what TV they may have came from.
>> No. 159838
My biggest problem with Adachi is that for a mystery story, having the culprit's motive be "Just Because He Can" is a giant letdown.

He was bit of a roller coaster for me. Starts off okay, then bad, then worse, then okay again, then bad, then finally good but by that time I had stopped caring about what was left of P3.
>> No. 159839

Oh, my irritation with having to pick out Adachi basically at random was nothing compared with my irritation at SUDDENLY, AN OBSCURE JAPANESE GOD. Especially when the game suddenly started doing the 'but the world WANTS to be destroyed!' thing from P3 again, but not even a fraction as well.

Imagine my irritation when it did it again.
>> No. 159845
Well it isn't obscure to a Shintoist. But again, a lot of people who played it outside of japan are not that - so one of the big things that make it Megaten is present but ignored until a class that tells you the story of said goddess and the exact last moment when you see it.
>> No. 159846

I was under the impression that Ameno-Sagiri was a fairly obscure god even within Shinto? But the obscurity isn't really the point. Izami certainly isn't obscure, and her SUDDENLY, OUT OF NOWHERE thing wasn't any better.
>> No. 159864
But when the main character's persona is Izanagi, it's kind of obvious in hindsight that she'd be somewhere in this game if you know the story of Izanami. A goddess of death who's name means "she who invites" explains why she was the gas attendant and also willing to live up to her promise of murdering at least 1000 people a day.
>> No. 159868

Well sure wherever there's an Izanagi there's always an Izanami, but she could have just been a Persona or something. Your starter persona wasn't plot-relevant in P3, so why should you expect her to be here? Just because you started with Orpheus in P3 doesn't mean you should expect Eurydice to be waiting for you at the bottom of...Tartarus...


Oh my god.

>> No. 159870
Megaten games are nothing if not slathered in mythology. Sure they run around with certain plot points, but if you know your mythos its like being surprised someone who has/aligned with Zeus has to go up against Hera. I don't blame you for not expecting how the dots would connect, however, they're still there if you pick up what to look for.
>> No. 159871

There's absolutely nothing implying any sort of divine presence at all until SUDDENLY A ROBOT EYE WHO YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND THROUGH THE MILLION FILTERS IT'S VOICE HAS BEEN SUBJECTED TO.
>> No. 159876
I hope five keeps four's characterization because I liked the P4 gang a lot more than P3's.
>> No. 159878
Except for the gas station attendant that gives you mental powers and the fact that there is still no rational explanation for the TV world or persona other then someone is abusing them.
>> No. 159879

There's no reason to think of the gas station attendant as notable except in hindsight.

The TV World is described as just being a reflection of people's minds. Which is really all it needed to be. In fact, the True Ending doesn't contradict this in any way.
>> No. 159881
Then what about the fog?
>> No. 159883

What about it? People's minds are foggy and unclear.
>> No. 159893
But it just rolled in and shadows became in Teddy's words unnaturally aggressive. Something otherworldly influencing it.
>> No. 159903

Or it's just how the other world rolls. That human thinking is influenced by the weather and other atmospheric phenomena is a well-documented phenomenon.

Actually, I take what I said earlier back a bit. There was one thing indicating some greater presence was involved: when Shadow Teddie appeared, Rise (or Yukiko? I don't remember which it was) said that a 'power presence' was intervening.

Of course in the end that was never tied to either of the crowbarred-in gods, so who knows what the fuck that was about.
>> No. 160168
Note that Shadow Teddie talks about shrouding the truth in fog.
>> No. 160179
File 134336607468.png - (33.25KB , 513x576 , 1343365551349.png )
yo whats up DLC
>> No. 160180
[Persona 4] Hiimdaisy Comic Du…youtube thumb
>> No. 160576
File 134402500912.jpg - (47.94KB , 293x355 , 1343001374229.jpg )
>Chie's new VA
Other than that it looks fine I suppose, though JESUS I forgot how expensive console games are. 60 bucks for an anime fighter, really?
>> No. 160677
I you can buy it on XBLA/PSN for less than full price but yeah I wish it was on PC. But this is Atlus so that will never happen, enjoy your SMT Imagine and then nothing else ever again.
>> No. 160680
Wow, this game is very Jojo. In a good way.
Good thing that game is also coming out soon on the online shops for cheapskates.
Like me.
>> No. 160703
Isn't that game coming out for like 20 dollars? Despite being over ten years old and the crappy Playstation version?
>> No. 161492
Anyway... How about that Preorder bonus.
>> No. 161541
Definitely cool, but not Make-Me-Want-To-Buy-A-Vita cool.
>> No. 161762
Same here but maybe one day when the price is right.
Speking off, the PSP Persona games is in the Summer Sale right now btw.
>> No. 161936
Man, Chie's new voice actor is really bad. At least in the Arena, I hope she's not used in the golden.
>> No. 161959
>I hope she's not used in the golden.
She will be. She sort of has to. It would be weirder if they kept the old voiced lines and then in new scenes she'd suddenly have a different voice.
>> No. 161974

Well, they COULD use someone totally different instead.

Although honestly Chie's original dub voice was pretty bad to begin with, so...
>> No. 161975
I will fight you. Husky Chie is so perfect its not even funny
>> No. 161978
File 134600118253.jpg - (69.29KB , 263x207 , 1281534023485.jpg )
>Although honestly Chie's original dub voice was pretty bad to begin with, so...
>> No. 161980

Sorry, guys, she wasn't as cringe-worthy as Fuuka's VA was, but her vocal cadence was just straight-up weird.Every line sounded like it was wandering all over the place.
>> No. 161990
I don't think the arena version is any improvement though.
>> No. 161991

Wouldn't know. All I'm saying is, it's not like she ruined something great.
>> No. 162016
File 134602868831.png - (20.20KB , 301x337 , tumblr_m8vnfrI4gw1rwqq0uo1_400.png )
I honestly didn't expect P4A to ship Yosuke and Labrys as hard as it did.

But I'm okay with that.
>> No. 162024
Another reason not to touch that game.
>> No. 162025
That was a little weird to be honest.
>> No. 162046
File 134605228639.jpg - (292.45KB , 800x488 , 939150-tunoku_27.jpg )
Well with Yu/Souji/Protag/MC/Charlie having dibs on just about EVERY SINGLE LADY in Inaba, Yosuke needed SOME love.
>> No. 162052
File 134607351772.png - (180.40KB , 500x401 , tumblr_m8ouicMbeA1qhqhymo1_500.png )
Mhmm, true that.

It helps that their interactions and chemistry were rather sweet.
>> No. 162057
Not every.
>> No. 162060
I figured he'd have to build something that would love him. Or reprogram someone else's robot wife.
>> No. 162068
I don't think Kanji would appreciate his mom getting macked on
>> No. 162074
There's always hanako.
>> No. 162237
File 134631818095.png - (257.32KB , 500x423 , vs-tooru-500x423.png )
Hypothetically speaking, Adachi appears as a DLC character for Persona 4: Arena. Would you prefer if he was on the side of the heroes (The Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives) or the villains (The Malevolent Entity)?
>> No. 162293
Decided to pre-order P4 The Golden since it's released on nov. 20th, I'm gonna get it as a birthday gift for myself. My birhtday is in nov. 23th.
Wonder if they're going to release both Persona 2 games eventually...
>> No. 162751
File 134698782419.jpg - (144.01KB , 960x544 , p4g_screens_adayinthelife_shirokupub.jpg )
I do not comprehend
>> No. 162752
File 134698787745.jpg - (158.87KB , 960x544 , p4g_screens_adayinthelife_withmarie.jpg )
>> No. 162854
Im playing P1 PSP and im trying to power level to equip the ultimate personas,except it is EXTREMELY slow going even in the ruins.
Is there any easier way to do this or am i stuck power leveling?
>> No. 162863
I think I'll just preorder the game but wait for the vita to actually be worth anything. I figure taking the Atlus faithful way out of this situation is for the best even if I can't play golden until somewhere in 2013. Hopefully the profit will influence 5 or other SMT games to be made.
>> No. 166985
Finally got my P4G, though I haven't played so much before.
I love the TV listings options though.
Never expected to see a channel exclusively about jungian psychology.
>> No. 168338
Finally reached november in P4G, and managed to max out just like 3 SL. I have the feeling I'll be reaching the end soon...

Oh Marie. :3
>> No. 168339
Just finished P4G a week or two ago. Such a good game. Even moreso than P3, though I see why people defend that one. Moving on to P4 Arena now to get more of the story.
>> No. 168413
P4G is so good it's so so so good but there needs to be less mandatory after school shit ok IVE GOT SOCIAL LINKS TO DO PEOPLE thank god for two extra months of stuff
>> No. 168414
Yeah, that did seem to come up a lot. And there's less to do at night or when it's raining than there was in P3P. The Aiya Rainy Day Special is always a good option....until you've maxed your stats. Then about the only thing to do when it rains is harass the fox or go inside the TV.
>> No. 168423
theres always fishing man. you can always ALWAYS fish. and usually even on rainy nights, unless its a sunday i think, you can work one of the night jobs
>> No. 168520
Read books to get the trophy for reading all the books.
Build a model to get models to place on your shelf.
Maintain your garden to get more Delicious Veggies!
>> No. 168654
File 135827044865.png - (679.42KB , 1076x761 , 134928937068.png )
Ai-Wa completed the illustration I commissioned her to do.

I got the idea for it a little ways after finishing the game a few years ago wherein I thought it would be interesting if Izanami would temporarily take control of Yu/Souji's love interest to mess with him, hammering the (well-done) subtle implications of the Izanagi/Izanami myth in further by forcing him to fight said love interest and a fascimile persona resembling Izanami in a difficult single battle. You'd have had the option to run, like Izanagi did in the legend, but doing so would permanently reverse that Social Link. If you didn't have a love interest, she possessed Nanako instead.

What do you think of it?
>> No. 168663
But what when you have more than one love interest?
Awesome commission btw!
>> No. 168781
File 135849412970.jpg - (592.08KB , 960x1088 , easilybroken.jpg )
I think P4 Golden might be kinda easy to break...
>> No. 168784
If you play in high experience / high gold mode, of course it is.
>> No. 168785

This was hard mode on my first playthrough.
>> No. 168786
The problem with all persona games and maybe all RPG's in general is that Hard mode really is only hard mode in the beginning of the game. It eventually gets really easy with enough leveling and the right moves. Especially Atlus games.
>> No. 168797
File 135854594184.jpg - (191.75KB , 1157x1010 , penguin_REVENGE.jpg )
Is it fair to say this is due to parameters that affect difficulty (enemy bonuses, player limits, etc.) being linear in adjustment? Certainly you could use things like stat scaling, but then there's the opposite risk where eventually players can't compete with what's thrown at them (I don't care how many EVs you pump into it, Walrein can't possibly outspeed my Gengar).

Similarly, I always liked how the Tales series does items; they restore a percent instead of a fixed amount, thereby being useful throughout the game rather than just the beginning.
>> No. 168798
Although restoring 25% health isn't as useful later on, when enemies can take off 25% of your health with a single strike, meaning you still end up switching to more powerful restoratives later on.

To answer your question about the parameters thing, I think the bigger issue is that there isn't a huge amount of depth to the battle system. You've got standard attribute resistance/weakness that can make things interesting, but the only times those really become an issue once you've got Hassou Tobi is if the enemy happens to reflect or negate physical attacks, which is relatively rare.

This is a limitation that turn-based games are very susceptible to, but it's not unavoidable. It's very possible to create a game where numbers alone help you but can never make everything easy for you--it's action based, but the Demon's Souls / Dark Souls games are a good example. If you make the wrong decisions about how to attack an enemy, even at a high level, you're likely pretty fucked.

That's not really the goal in most turn-based RPGs though. Generally speaking, players like breaking the game in that genre, they just don't want it to be easy to do so. So for example, Vanish/Doom working on bosses in Final Fantasy 6 would be a bad example of a Game Breaking Bug because it removes all challenge from the game for very little effort (it working on random encounters is still perfectly fine though). Wind God Gau, or that set of equipment you can put on Mog that makes him completely immune to damage, on the other hand, are fun Game Breakers because you have to work for them. Persona basically works like that--the game becomes really easy in the late game, but the early and middle game are killer.

I really like the Persona series, and will likely continue to like the games in the franchise even if they never make the battle system more complex. But I'd welcome some additional complexity (the kind that allows for more challenging end-game play even for the overlevelled) if they chose to do it.
>> No. 168799

How did you do that? Did you spend like, 30+ hours just grinding one dungeon or what?
>> No. 168802
I got to level 90 or so by the final dungeon in my playthrough without much grinding, though I was on Normal rather than Hard. And what grinding I did was more for materials than for experience.

I did go after the bonus bosses, and rarely left a floor until I had explored the entire map. And I was good at getting and killing Gold Hands. So all that adds up. But I would think that it'd require some outright grinding in Hard Mode, since money and experience are reduced there.

Getting Izanagi up to 99 in all stats is probably a lot easier though. You get so many stat boosts from the bonus cards at the end of battle that if you stick with a single Persona throughout, it'd be harder not to max out stats, I'd think.
>> No. 168808
Actually, I did it with one of the level 40 monsters before in the P3Fes. Stats are only so much, if you have lackluster moves it's still a pretty bad persona to use. I remember it having like 80ish strength when my other persona were at level 50-60 and yet they didn't have as much strength and with better moves they were still doing way more damage.
>> No. 168809
That's part of why Yoshitsune is so popular as a Persona. Any persona can be made into a fine sweeper or boss killer with enough work, in terms of stats and even for the most part movesets, but Hassou Tobi is probably the best move in the game, and only he gets it.
>> No. 168811
Where'd you get Victory Cry and Agneyastra? Do they come from Skill Cards in the final dungeon or did you pull it off with fusion wizardry? (The same for Absorb Wind. I've only got Evade Wind right now and it doesn't work nearly as well as it should. Bleh.)

ALSO THIS JUST IN Magatsu Izanagi is such a fucking great persona god damn though I wish his AGL was a little better oh well thats what cards are for. I've got him, Izanagi, and Kaguya fused and I got a feeling they're pretty much all I'll need when I take on Very Hard.
>> No. 168942
If very hard is like Manic in P3P... You won't be able to take anything with you. It makes you start clean slate which is why I went from Maniac to Hard on the next play-through so I could get everything without losing it after challenging myself.
>> No. 169199

Wealth Hands give a shitload of EXP now. My party was already in the 70s by the time Shadow Naoto rolled around, and killing a group of five of them actually leveled Naoto up twice when she first joined my party.


Victory Cry was from fusing Kaiwan on a Skill Change day. That transfigured Tetrakarn over to Victory Cry (the two are in the same tier of skills.) Fusing it over to the Matador allowed me to eventually put it on Ose or some other Fool Arcana, which let me make an Izanagi.

Agneyastra was from getting a Magician shuffle time after using a Skill Card to give him Aeon Rain.

Absorb wind was from visiting the cafe in Okina city with Horus, who has the skill card for Absorb Wind (you just have to level it up a bit, or fuse it when you have a lot of S.Link points.) The support skills were Magican cards, and the (Ma)Ziodyne skills were skill cards of Tam Lin and Kartikeya, if I remember right.
>> No. 169200

Wealth Hands give a shitload of EXP now. My party was already in the 70s by the time Shadow Naoto rolled around, and killing a group of five of them actually leveled Naoto up twice when she first joined my party.


Victory Cry was from fusing Kaiwan on a Skill Change day. That transfigured Tetrakarn over to Victory Cry (the two are in the same tier of skills.) Fusing it over to the Matador allowed me to eventually put it on Ose or some other Fool Arcana, which let me make an Izanagi.

Agneyastra was from getting a Magician shuffle time after using a Skill Card to give him Aeon Rain.

Absorb wind was from visiting the cafe in Okina city with Horus, who has the skill card for Absorb Wind (you just have to level it up a bit, or fuse it when you have a lot of S.Link points.) The support skills were Magican cards, and the (Ma)Ziodyne skills were skill cards of Tam Lin and Kartikeya, if I remember right.


I don't know, I started a Very Hard mode playthrough soon after and besides being able to adjust individual stats for a custom mode, I think I had my previous playthrough stuff...maybe I fucked with it or something, and didn't realize.
>> No. 169203
It could just be that the very hardest mode doesn't allow for playthrough stuff rather than just Hard and Very hard. Fuck I want to play this game. Damn you Vita!!!!!! Why do you have to cost so much.
>> No. 169204
Playing through Persona 3 Portable. Female protagonist, naturally. Really enjoyed Saori's S. Link because it gave me an extra chance to fuck with that scumbag Ekoda. Rio's was a bit more of a mixed bag, I liked a lot of it but the love stuff felt kind of wedged in.

Just finished Shinjiro's link two days before it stops being an option. goddamn that was a good link. I'm also working on Fuuka, Ken and Koromaru's actively, with the other SEES links (except Mitsuru, I haven't maxed out Academics yet) on the side.

My favorite part of the game so far has to be Fuuka's recording, though. Oh god, my sides.
>> No. 169208
Beat Persona 4: The Golden and got true ending.


I dunno why people are upset about Kanji's design in the epilogue. The way the other characters reacted to it made it seem pretty clear they thought it was ridiculous and he didn't seem much to care for it either.

And people complaining about Naoto's epilogue look might be reading a bit too much into her proposed transgender plight. I mean yea it sucks we probably don't have a full on man in woman's body scenario handled tastefully in games yet, but it seems like kind of a ridiculous thing to complain about what could be instead of what is... and honestly I don't got a problem with her just coming to grips about being a woman and accepting it. It happens! It doesn't happen to everyone, but it does happen.

>> No. 169210
Sharkman Jones you're a god if there ever was one. Thank you thank you thank you. I actually found an Agneyastra card in Yomotsu Hirasaka, so all I REALLY needed was absorb wind. Horus, here I come!

Funny, I'm actually play P3P right now as well. I never had a chance before but it's really funny, when I play P4, Im really like... "fuck it lets fuse all the things!" because I don't care and I know i'll stumble upon something good ultimately. But I play P3 in a much more conservative fashion-- fusing stuff only if I need it and the like. I think its a holdover from when I played P3 for the first time yeeaaars ago and I went at it very slowly. It's weird!
>> No. 169213
You can get the true ending on the second playthrough, right?
Also, you can romance more than one gal on P4, right?
>> No. 169214

Yea. Though I dunno where I fucked up cause I only romanced like 4, and I'm pretty sure you can romance all the ladies.

Including Naoto.
>> No. 169215
Oh also: while I think the inclusion of Marie was a nice touch she felt very... tacked on at the end of the day.

I mean The whole thing about her being another part of Izanami just seemed kinda dumb and out of left field. She's an ok character, but it's pretty clear that she got wedged into the plot like nobody business.

The Adachi Social Link, on the contrary, felt pretty good. Him having one felt like something that should've always been there... although I will say this. I don't get the bad-ending with him.

I mean from a logical standpoint, when you observe the circumstances in which you finger him, there's only a few assumptions you can make. Either he's innocent, in which case your accusation holds no water and you have nothing to be concerned about. Or he's guilty and the case is solved. I don't see why the Protagonist would opt to cover for him just cause they hung out and talked about dumb old ladies a couple times. It wasn't even like anything particularly intimate was uncovered.... which makes sense, given that if we got even the SLIGHTEST INKLING into his true nature it would've given away the plot too much.

And one of the good things about P4's mystery IS that you wouldn't suspect Adachi going in blind. He comes off as Dojima's goofball assistant and nothing more. And I gotta admit, it was kinda ballsy for a Japanese game to have a murder mystery where the real killer wasn't the typical suspect of unhinged student (well kinda. He WAS a murderer, just not the TV murderer) or some maniac who did things JUST CAUSE HE WAS CRAZY. It was the 'regular' and happy-go-lucky police officer who turned out to actually be a sociopath. Pretty nice twist for a murder mystery.

>> No. 169225
Okay, real talk time:

Let's be honest, the Adachi Social Link and the Accomplice Ending is pure fanservice through and through but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think Atlus was a little caught off guard by just how popular Adachi turned out to be. I mean, yeah he's the villain and people latch on to villains all the time, but Strega hasn't received nearly as much attention from the fandom as that nutcase did. I think it's BECAUSE he seems so normal and then whoops j/k he's crazy? It just makes him seem more identifiable to plenty of people. In P4 Vanilla, he's just this bumbling oaf who happens to be a murderer, but in P4G he's actually given something that looks like development thanks to his Social Link. We even get an apology.

...ssssssssoort of...

The Accomplice Ending is basically just an extension of that fanservice and it's actually pretty cool. (And not just for CRAZY PSYCHO LAUGH although im not gonna lie thats really great too) It doesn't make a lot of sense just looking at his Social Link but a few people have pointed out that Adachi is also a Fool (literally that's his Arcana-- Jester and Fool are basically the same thing after all) and that means that him and Souji/Yu/Kenpachi Ramasame/Charlie Tunoku share a common ground that literally no one else in the game has. In the accomplice ending, your character says that he's on Adachi's side which means maybe he thinks someone who can do what he does is someone who should be protected?

I dunno. Im biased as hell BUT I LIKE IT

>> No. 169229
You can romance more than one, but Golden's newly added Valentine's Day event will make you feel like a world-class asshole if you do.
>> No. 169230
> I mean yea it sucks we probably don't have a full on man in woman's body scenario handled tastefully in games yet, but it seems like kind of a ridiculous thing to complain about what could be instead of what is... and honestly I don't got a problem with her just coming to grips about being a woman and accepting it. It happens! It doesn't happen to everyone, but it does happen.

The thing is, even before the epilogue or whatever, nothing she ever said painted her as transgender. All of her gender identity issues were to do with being taken seriously as a detective (and to a lesser extent, taken seriously as a person), and none of it was about being unhappy with her body for her own sake. I know a bunch of transgendered and trans-friendly fans wanted to see her as a positive example of a transgendered person, but that was never what her character arc was about, even before the epilogue had her getting over it. She didn't "get over" transgenderism, she got over thinking she couldn't be taken seriously as a detective if she were openly female.
>> No. 169231
Personally the only issue I have with Naoto is that she isn't wearing her sweet as fuck coat in the ending. That thing is pure awesomeness. I can agree that while it would have been nice for it to have more of a Transgerdered parallel to it. It wasn't likely to happen.

Kanji looks like a reject Hitler look-a-like who seems to have lost all his badass nature with it. Now I'd like him to be gay more than what Troy Baker has said about Kanji but really drastic change in clothes kind of make it feel like he's clinging to something drastically different. Which really irks me.

>> No. 169521
>>Devil Summoner 2

I'm angry jelly at you. To get that I'm going to have to pay $50 to get that game. $70 for the first one.
In fact the Shin Megami Tensei series are still expensive after all this time. Even the PSP games.
>> No. 169967
Playing through P3: FES:

First, is it just me or are the Social Links totally unsatisfying for the most part? Like, they're in this giant parade of ass-kissery, and you're the Drum Major. Seriously, I feel like a social leech, I encourage one guy to date a teacher, and that it's an awesome idea. Then I'll go to Student Council, and I'll enforce the rules with all the zeal of a vicar, then I'll tell a young girl that it's totally easy and awesome to run away because of her parents' divorce,and I'll tell an athlete he's gotta suck it up while destroying his knee.

Sure, I could be sensible, but that won't get me as many Social Link points. At least in Persona 4, I had times where the best answer was to slap some sense into people.

I'm just this two-faced no-personality weirdo, I'm an entirely different person to different people. Not to mention the "date all the girls" requirement, even poor Yuko, who complains about how her last boyfriend cheated on her, or Chihiro, whom I luckily Maxed out already, so she's too grateful for the self actualization over her androphobia to care about how I just sorta abandon her to see other girls.

Maybe I'm biased towards P4, since I played it first. (Though a sort of Peter-Sellers-been-so-many-people-I-don't-know-who-I-am-anymore angle is an interesting fanfic premise for P3.)

Speaking of, (Finally getting to my second point) I'm trying for a max social link run right now, and thanks to the game being pointlessly meticulous, I forgot to walk Koromaru one night and now it's all fucked. I'm in late December, with only Nozomi (Moon, at rank 1), Yukari (Lovers, reversed at rank 8) Mitsuru (Empress, rank 1) Akinari (Sun, rank 8 or 9), and Maiko (Hanged Man, rank 9) to go (Though I've yet to start Aigis.)

Am I fucked out of getting Orpheus Telos, or is there just enough wiggle room to pull it off?
>> No. 169979
In P3P they let you not date the girls.
>> No. 169991
P3's biggest problem is that the cast is, for the most part, dreadful, and that includes the Social Links.

But yes, you tend to be this weird dude of no personality. I've said it before, but the Persona games really need to either make the protagonist an actual character or go full WRPG dialogue trees.

Blank weirdo worked in Nocturne (as far as I got, which admittedly was only past Thor before having to tearfully part for emergency cash) because there's no real choice or roleplaying in that. Persona, at least 3 and 4, actually makes overtures in that direction and hurt themselves by only going halfway with it.
>> No. 169999

No, I have P3P. You get the choice of whether or not you date the men (Akihiko, Shinjiro, and for some awful fucking reason, Ken, the ten year old) but only if you're a girl. If you're the male protagonist, you still have no choice, and only the girl can save Shinjiro.
>> No. 170000
At least you don't FUCK Ken in the english version.
>> No. 170006

> P3's biggest problem is that the cast is, for the most part, dreadful, and that includes the Social Links.

Man, you keep saying this, but I just don't get it. I think both persona games have pretty much equivalent casts (and actually that P3 has a slight edge in terms of memorable social links, at least outside of your main cast).

(Except for the S. Link where you get taken advantage of by a nurse, that was a hell of an S. Link)
>> No. 170007

I dunno, man. The game's not putting a gun to your head and forcing you to do a get-everything-in-one-run run. Actually given the mechanisms put in place to allow you to carry S. Link progress forward into a New Game Plus, and how bloody impossible it is without following a guide to the letter and getting lucky along the way, I'd say the developers didn't intend for you to get everything in one go.

If you choose to play as an inconsistent two-faced weirdo, that's your own choice (and makes you literally a man with multiple personas, appropriately) but I'm not sure you can call it a fault with the game. Nobody's forcing you to tell Maiko that running away from home is a great idea, or to cheat on your girlfriend (although letting you choose to not pursue an S. Link romantically was a HUGE improvement), or to enforce the rules with zealous glee, and they certainly didn't force you to do it all at the same time.
>> No. 170010
>Play P3P as a girl
>Be a cheating slut and date ALL the boys
>Go to Tartarus with Ken and Akihiko
>Talk to them
>Laugh myself sick
I dont think I ever laughed that hard before in my life. Wearing the sexy metal bikini thing makes it better.
Pedophilia! It's a-okay if you're a girl!
>> No. 170011
File 136065812735.jpg - (27.90KB , 500x463 , 1820789-tumblr_l5xs4kann81qceo52o1_500_super.jpg )
hai kid wanna /ss/?
>> No. 170015

>If you choose to play as an inconsistent two-faced weirdo, that's your own choice (and makes you literally a man with multiple personas, appropriately) but I'm not sure you can call it a fault with the game.

I think you can, at least when those are quantifiably the best choices (the ones that complete the Social Link the fastest, and make them happier with you.) Mutatsu likes you better if you initially tell him you don't have friends. Aikinari will like you marginally more at first if you say he's right about life being hopeless. Kaz likes you more if you encourage him to keep training. Kenji likes you more when you tell him to totally go for the teacher.

Those social link choices outright give you more points on the little numerical value that tells the game what Social Link you're on, the game encourages that play-style to a degree.

(There are good Social Links, mind you. Bebe is great, Mamoru actually seems like a good guy, and Bunkichi and his wife were kind seniors who gave me melon bread and stuff, just off the top of my head.)

Also, you do have to cheat on your girlfriend. All five of them. Granted the guide I'm following is set up specifically so that you get all of them to rank ten before you ever get any other girl at any one time to a lovers point. Sure, you could just not initiate the social links, but given the plot of the game, the rewards for doing the social links, and the penalties for ignoring any social link (much less any female romance) I think we can assume the game wants you to do them. It's just unfortunate that this automatically makes you get romantic as a side-effect, and thus you're a cheating bastard.

I'll admit this, though, it's my fault for being frustrated with the playthrough. It really is perfectly detailed guide, actually, you don't even need luck, you just need to do what it says to the letter. I just wanted to see all of the social links for once, I never managed it in one shot in either P4, or P4:G.
>> No. 170018

Of course they like you better if you tell them what they want to hear. The reality is that no one person will get along equally well with everybody they come across, especially when you're dealing with as wide a range of people as P3's social links put you in touch with.

Given how difficult getting them all in one go is, I think it's really safe to say that forcing the player to choose what to prioritize, and so having each player end up with a run that feels uniquely theirs, is an intentional design decision, and one that I really like. The choice to sacrifice roleplaying for completionism (or, I guess, playing a creepy social chameleon with no compunctions about five-timing) is yours, not the game's.

That said the way romance links are handled in vanilla P3 truly is awful. That is one of the ways P4 improved the game's systems by leaps and bounds.
>> No. 170024
TBH I know it sounds weird to say but P4's MC actually did seem like he had a character.

Even when he was dealing with a bunch of different people he just seemed like the strong, silent type who was incredibly level headed to the point of it affecting others (see how many times "Calm Down" is a dialogue option).
>> No. 170028

Well, the same could be said of both P3 MCs. Look at how many chipper responses with exclamation points the female protagonist can serve up.
>> No. 170031
I read hiimdaisy's comic and watched (part of) the P4 anime before I actually got to play the game, so my ability to see the P4 protagonist as you're "supposed" to see him has been irrevocably destroyed. He is stuck somewhere between Yu Narukami and the kid who wants to shout out the answer to every mystery but doesn't have enough Common Sense to do that yet.
>> No. 170032
I do think you could argue that P3 perhaps had better Social Links.... except that in P4 the most notable social links are the main cast, as opposed to side character link the admittedly awesome monk or the adorable old people. And I LIKED the main cast of P4, with the possible exception of Rise.

P3 (I should specifically say FES since that's what I played) only had social links for the girls... and except for Aigis I hated them all. For the boys I either hated them (Junpei) or at best was alright with them (Akihiko, who to his credit seems to have vastly improved in what little I've seen of Arena).

The Persona games are, in my opinion, primarily about the character, far moreso than any main plot. And when I don't like 90% of the characters, and particularly despise the main cast, then something has clearly gone wrong.
>> No. 170037

We're obviously not going to agree on the merits of P3's cast, but I'd argue that making most of the S. Links party links was actually a big flaw in P4. In P3 your protagonist develops a whole web of relationships with people from all walks of life. Old people, businessmen, school friends, your life touches everybody and emphasizes a sense of connectedness, especially at the end when they become plot-relevant.

In P4 at the end of the game, odds are good that your S. Link tally will be 'Your family, your school friends, and the nurse who wants your dick'. Your net just gets cast much shorter. And the S. Links weren't integrated into the plot except in a severely half-assed way but then the entire final act of P4 is incredibly half-assed so.
>> No. 170038
It is a given that Junpei < Brosuke.
>> No. 170041

That's probably because when P3P came out, and they got the chance to rewrite the social links for the girl, they already had the experience of P4 under their belt, which made better use of the game engine's narrative structure.


Here's the problem with that idea, though: there's no functional reason to do that at all. I'll try to be a little clearer; I'm kinda muddling up my points.

Here's an example: Say you have a hack and slash, and the button-spam light combo kills most of everything. There's plenty of other combos, and plenty of upgrades and this and that, but you have no real reason to ever do those things. People naturally drift towards efficiency.

P3:FES is kinda the same way: There isn't a sliding meter or a different outcome for playing a different way, we don't have a Paragon/Renegade meter in this game. There are answers that give you more points to the social links than others. When you have a quantifiable system, you end up with choices that are "best" or "correct."

(That's probably why they said they're planning on a new game engine for Persona 5.)

Plus, there are rewards for completing social links (ultimate Arcana persona) and rewards for completing all the social links (more story events in the epilogue, and more specifically, Orpheus Telos.)

If there's a reward for doing something, then it's also a penalty for not doing it, which is something I think most of us are naturally conditioned against. Completing a social link is basically how you play the game.

Roleplaying, choosing differently, becomes intentionally choosing the “wrong” choices. From the mechanics of the gameplay, you’re harming yourself.

The other bit is that you’re given so little time to do all of this. In fact, even on a NG+ playthrough, I would still need some form of guide to help with the social links, because the big thing the guide gave me was the ability to start Yukari, Fuuka, and Mitsuru as soon as they were available. I was at maximum Charm, Academics, and Charisma by September or so, lacking one of these stats wasn’t the reason I messed up.

P4 improved this, really, if you follow a max social link guide with P4, or P4:G, you’d end up with a few months totally to yourself. You could actually indulge in “spending time” with your girlfriend because, fuck it, you have time.

That’s a kinda funny picture, now. “I completed all the social links, now I can just spend all my free time boning.”


I would argue that's actually a strength, personally. It added something to the gameplay that was more immediate and noticable than Social Link points towards fusing personas.

Besides, I totally didn't give a shit about Kenji, Tanaka, Pol Pot Junior Odagiri, or Nozomi. Mamoru was human and likable, if a little bland (Though thank you for Helel, buddy.) Other S. Links were girls I cheated on and people who were nice, but acted like idiots thanks to my guidance. Bunkichi and Mitsuko were nice people, but I had very little to do with resolving their situation, they just thought I did, and they reached the solution on their own. I was there with them, yes, but that's all I did.

Bebe was delectable.
>> No. 170043

The 'reason' to do it is that by your own description, you're hurting your game experience by not doing it, by making your protagonist come off as a wishy-washy weirdo.

And honestly, I'd say that what you're doing is far less efficient than just going through the game and picking what seems right to you. You need to constantly refer to a guide, which is really not necessary if you just play. It might be a more efficient use of in-game time, but it isn't more efficient in terms of real-world time, and it's not like it's an incredibly difficult game that requires you to eke out every edge you can in order to get through it. Someone who just casually plays will get through it just as easily as someone who obsessively follows a guide.

Basically, your complaints seem to be mostly self-inflicted wounds to me.
>> No. 170045

My main reason for a 100% initial run through is because I tend not to finish New Game+ runs. I had Persona 4 for years, but I never got past Naoto's dungeon in my NG+ run. I haven't touched P4G since starting this game up, and next up on my Shin Megami Tensei priorities is The Answer, followed by either my Female MC run through on P3P or Persona 1 (followed by Innocent Sin.)

I want to get through as much of the fun part of this game as possible, because that's what I consider to be the fun part, the Social Links and the story.

I'm still having plenty of fun with this game, mind. I've been playing for about two or three goddamn weeks straight by now. I realize I implied otherwise, but really analyzing and thinking about a game and what it's game mechanics tell you is part of how I enjoy a game, or a movie, or a show. I'm a big-time armchair critic like that, I love thinking about what the game mechanics imply, what message you take from them in addition to the message the story dishes out.

Playing through this game gives me something to talk about, both here and anywhere in real life where people have played it (I got a buddy of mine who loves the series as a whole just as much as I do, even more so.) It lets the fanfiction and fanart make sense, it lets me in on the joke so to speak, it lets me join conversations like this in the first place. That's the part I really care about, not how I should or shouldn't play the game.
>> No. 170323
If I buy a copy of Persona 4: The Golden on PSN, can I play it on my PS3?
>> No. 170324
>> No. 177987
File 137411523673.gif - (198.16KB , 600x600 , crying.gif )
>Persona 4 Arena Story Mode
>Wow this is actually a really great story, I--
>Labrys' route
>> No. 177993
shh its ok i cried like a bitch you can shed a few tears there there
>> No. 178009
All I know is that the plot of P5 should totally be following up on the final plot hooks of Arena, and the ones behind Arena should turn out to be Nyarlathotep and some human partner of his.
>> No. 178046
Persona 3's history teacher loved Japanese history. Persona 4 had Japanese symbology for its big drive.
Persona 4's history teacher loved Egyptian history. So, who else is betting on Persona 5 having Egypt stuff everywhere?
>> No. 178053



>> No. 178054
File 137421522436.jpg?spoiler - (203.03KB , 500x812 , big meaty breasts.jpg?spoiler )
OK so irritation at the obvious sequel-bait ending aside P4Arena's story was really fucking good. 10/10 would recommend.

Well, irritation at the sequel-bait ending and the fact that the fandom seems to be utterly ignoring the possibilities of Naoto/Mitsuru

I mean seriously this is the closest thing I can find
>> No. 178056
So apparently there is DLC for SMT IV that allows you to break the game. Out right now is the stuff for very easy experience, and soon there will be stuff for extra money, demons and app points. AND APPERENTLY YOU NEED TO BE THIS OVERPOWERED TO BEAT SOME OF THE STUPIDLY BROKEN DLC BOSSES

So yeah, ATLUS seems to be really good friends with Intelligent Systems even down to the DLC patterns.
>> No. 178175
File 137452388545.png - (1.89MB , 1280x1138 , 1374505328550.png )
i herd it was shit
>> No. 178176
A good 80% of those comments are just people whining that a game that's not Persona isn't Persona 5
>> No. 178177
Good job on almost but not quite grasping the point of that picture.
>> No. 178275
Wow, if people really think it's going to be like persona they are fucking retarded.

So far I like it. The story exists and it's not the worst story I've gone through it's actually a kind of engaging one. It doesn't have social links and it's kind of hard but I can still go through it.

It's not soul hackers thank god.
>> No. 178356
So there are a bunch of rumors around atlus. Like it's getting auctioned, it's going to be bought by nintendo... Regardless of if it's true or not. I really hope atlus uses this to become a truly independent 3rd party developer. I don't want them going exclusive for any console and I think anyone else would try to hinder them.
>> No. 178432
So, was Soul Hackers good?
>> No. 178433
What part of
>It's not soul hackers thank god.
was unclear?
>> No. 178434
Well, I was wondering what made Soul Hackers not a good game.
>> No. 178447
File 137521157913.gif - (764.56KB , 246x266 , beemo!.gif )
Soul Hackers is great. It's not the best, but it scratches a SMT1/2 itch.
>> No. 178468
Ugh. You really must like really boring games, with very little plot, and boring grinding points until FLASHBACK level 20 when you were at level 13. I didn't get far before dropping the game like a rock. That was the worst thing ever. Also the play coins. Worst thing ever.
>> No. 178536

No, I just like first person dungeon crawlers and monster fusing. SH offers hours of both.
>> No. 179148
So, in some form of DLC/Update/Super Street Fighter Bullshit Sequel, Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori have been announced as new characters from Persona 4: Arena.


Yukari managed to land an acting gig as the pink ranger in a Featherman show.

Junpei is a little league baseball coach.

In addition, you can now play as each character's Shadow, which just changes how a character plays slightly, and it seems you can cancel out of combos by jumping, now, but I'm not sure if that's limited to Shadow characters.

(Elizabeth and Labrys lack shadow modes.)
>> No. 179154
When I think of what was missing from Arena, I sure think "gee, how about those lovable scamps Junpei and Yukari, Arena doesn't make me want to kill myself enough, but they'll fix that problem!"
>> No. 179157
Since it's Arc Systems Work, you really should've said "Guilty Gear Isuka XX Accent Core Plus R #Reload" instead of Super Street Fighter.
>> No. 179159
It's more like BlazBlue Continuum Shift than Ultra SF4.
>> No. 179162
There are also two currently unnamed characters that are also coming into the game.
>> No. 179166
File 137669898877.png - (69.78KB , 153x574 , Go Nagai draws John Lennon fanart.png )
>> No. 179167
What's that, some kind of lame Persona fanart?
>> No. 179168
I think that's his official sprite for P2P actually.
>> No. 179170
Stop it with your fanfiction. Persona's like GTA, it started with 3.
>> No. 179177
File 137673309156.gif - (530.65KB , 300x300 , 1376363084449.gif )
I lost seven hours of play in SMT IV after I screwed up my alignment during the lock and got screwed out of Neutral entirely. Had to redo the entire Blasted/Infernal Tokyo part all over again. I would've ripped my hair out and shit a brick if I went through all that trouble and ended up running into anyone other than Stephen in the forest.

Time to go do several hours of sidequests and grinding to prepare to KILL MY FRIENDS.
>> No. 179183
Incidently, I'm actually having fun running through Persona 1's remake on the PSP. It's just kinda...why are two-handed swords a different class of damage from one-handed? I can actually trace the development of the damage types from this game to P3 and P4's more simple systems.
>> No. 179214
Is it me or do the art styles of the character designers for Trauma Center/SMT4 and Persona/Catherine look reeeaallly similar? Soejima's stuff is a little more lithe but they both have similar ways of drawing noses really low on the head and large glassy eyes. Probably why the Persona 2 updated art didn't have such a dramatic change.
>> No. 179219
File 137686211574.png - (46.73KB , 718x658 , 1376283364776.png )
I spent a full year thinking SMT IV's character designer was Soejima trying to subtly emulate Kaneko's style, up to and after I got my copy of the game. I thought Trauma Center was his work too. It wasn't until someone pointed out to me Doi existed that I stopped looking like a retard.
>> No. 179235
File 137690030761.png - (2.11MB , 1000x1129 , sideburns.png )
Who designed the guys from Persona 2 by the way? I see both Kaneko and Doi credited for it, but seeing as Doi's style is basically the lovechild of Kaneko and Soejima it's hard to tell when Kaneko isn't using his fancy 3d coloring.
>> No. 179254

Pretty sure it's Kaneko, he also did Devil May Cry 3's Devil Trigger designs.
>> No. 179863
File 137822222993.jpg - (334.35KB , 1920x1200 , 2471638-p4-persona-characters.jpg )
Unlike or moreso than it's predecessor, Persona 4 was a game very much focused on people. While the SEES had to traverse the same dismal tower in lieu of advancing the story and all heading towards some vague goal of stopping the Dark Hour, the bizarre and oftentimes embarassing dungeons the Investigation Team explores are infinitely more personal as they were spawned out of a single character's mind, replete with desires and insecurities which were explored for the simple (well compared to P3's epic journey) act of saving another person's life and stop a maniac from hurting others ala Persona 2, though it evolves into something much, much bigger.

You were never really required or altogether enticed by the plight of the SEES, as you couldn't form (except as P3P's fem protag) social links with all of them (you look elsewhere for the Emperor, Magician etc.), leaving their problems to ultimately come out during the plot (Akihiko's brotherly concern for Shinjiro, Junpei's budding romance with Chidori, Ken's quest for vengeance). If you were intrigued by them from the start, then you were golden; If not, well, bad luck. The Investigation Team's problems form a bond with you outright as you are given a brief taste of who they are, get to fight their dark sides, and help them accept them. One is encouraged to get to know these people even further, not because they are consistent enigmas, but because there must be more to them. As they have bared it all to each other from the get-go, they are much more at ease with one another and don't have to put up facades of normalcy or what they believe to be more appropriate guises. (Yukiko reveals her inner hyena, Kanji's compassion never overstates his easily provoked temper, Rise can indulge in perky mannerisms she is comfortable with, etc.) These various flavors clash, bump into each other, oftentimes accuse one another of something or the other, but ultimately accept it all, and are better for it.
>> No. 179870

I would agree with this assessment, except that I'd say it doesn't so much "evolve into something more" as it "stumbles and falls onto it's face and then lies down in the mud trying to get to something more". When Persona 4 tried at the last second to switch gears into a P3-style world threat, it fell apart completely.
>> No. 187265
The issue was how it was done rather than what happened. It could have been anything and it still would have been bad because we got absolutely no real hints. Honestly, Golden fixes that a bit but it needed more.
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