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File 137678748276.jpg - (218.49KB , 844x800 , 1375601084454.jpg )
6853 No. 6853
Business as usual.
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>> No. 6858
I'd make your own thread, just to be safe.
>> No. 6860
For combo fetishes and the like, perhaps there would be need for an "everything else" thread?
>> No. 6863
File 137690112952.png - (101.50KB , 480x548 , midna_sketch - Copy.png )
Well, trying to break my art slump. Here's one of three current Zelda sketches I'm working on. Sorry for the crappiness of Midna's helmet; I never realized how much of a bitch it was to try and redraw it.
>> No. 6865
File 137692331961.jpg - (324.79KB , 1075x1920 , tumblr_mrr2pxJ4J01rvyvwto1_1280_png.jpg )
>> No. 6866
File 137695053617.png - (127.28KB , 700x754 , TDI_Izzy_CheekI_to_Inflation_by_kecomaster.png )
how about some total drama girls.

i heard izzy not gonna be in all-stars so this is what she is doing now.
>> No. 6868
Go the fuck away and stop spamming your shit on /co/ and here you goddamn third world piece of shit.
>> No. 6869
File 137696065426.jpg - (44.34KB , 483x449 , bTjCTUcXng0.jpg )
uh you're talking about the whole chocolate diamond thingy right? well that was my brother-in-law franco!
>> No. 6871
File 137696262082.jpg - (226.33KB , 1024x971 , fatter_dawn.jpg )
>> No. 6877
For God's sake, can we have some quality control on here? We already burn through threads faster than any other fetish here by a longshot.
>> No. 6880
File 137699982966.jpg - (249.68KB , 767x1023 , v_day_sketch___fire_princess_by_kawaiidebu-d4pvy5k.jpg )
>> No. 6881
File 137700067967.jpg - (6.48KB , 163x310 , fat_dawn.jpg )
>> No. 6883
File 137701853746.jpg - (84.28KB , 700x789 , TDI_Courtney_Head2Inflation_by_kecomaster.jpg )
>> No. 6884
All is lost.
>> No. 6889
File 137703057256.png - (495.61KB , 1800x1487 , mary ann.png )
We need a separate thread for all the hate speech, rants and asshole behavior that spreads through these chans. On that note just keep calm enjoy the fat girls.
>> No. 6891
it's hardly "hate speech" it's a valid criticism that what used to actually be quality updates have been somewhat outweighed (no pun intended) by shitposting of stuff that is stupidly easy to find on DA and in the cases of >>6866
Belongs there as it's terrible

This isn't anyone's hug box. stop treating it as such
>> No. 6892
The guy has a point to being annoyed. The quality (and shelf life) of these threads took a nosedive last time. There's probably just one guy that's (hopefully) just spamming shit for the sake of posting. It's probably that IP Freling guy from last time that took his trip off after everyone started hating him for being a spammer with no sense of taste or merit. I'd rather have an update every few days from reputable artists than a stream of garbage pictures and "lol tis girl is hot and what if she wuz fat" posting. We stop this shit now, or this board ceases to be the cool place where people like Donut and that really awesome nameless artist post.
>> No. 6896
File 137703476940.png - (272.24KB , 1024x794 , commission___not_peachy_by_axel_rosered-d6ieiwg.png )
Agreed wholeheartedly with you guys. I don't mean to be "that" guy, but most of the pics we've seen so far are mediocre at best. The last thread ended too quickly b/c someone kept spamming art without even judging the quality of it. I hate to say it, but if it keeps up, these threads may end up like PAWG.
>> No. 6897
File 137703606811.png - (3.76MB , 2250x1500 , fairest_and_fattest_of_them_all_by_ray_norr-d6izqf.png )
Let's get some quality in here
>> No. 6905
File 137707093082.jpg - (62.69KB , 900x675 , the_other_family_daughter_by_sugarbombz-d3tot4l.jpg )
Just because you don't like something doesn't make it shit. A criticism is onl;y valid if you saty what it is about something that you don't like. On an unrelated note does anyone know what happened to the guy who drew this?
>> No. 6909
File 137708974048.jpg - (144.01KB , 650x689 , Wayback_Machine__Candy_Bars_by_JohnnySwell.jpg )
ok then
The art style is stale vapid and uninteresting and shows no depth beyond a slew of shapes hastily thrown together to resemble something vaguely feminine while still trying to adhere to the original bland design of the original character, also when compared to work such as >>6889
which show visible effort beyond half an hours worth of "work" the comparison shows that the submitted images are in fact "shit"

now to get back to the original point, can we actually get some decent images posted in this thread that aren't easily found on DA when typing in "a fat of she" or some other drivel
>> No. 6911
File 137709954050.png - (3.47MB , 2643x1696 , commission__college_girls_at_the_beach_by_kastemel.png )
Hmm, kastemel's drawing again
>> No. 6912
File 13770995669.png - (573.53KB , 1220x2190 , london_andrews_bbw_pinup_by_kastemel-d6hvxvr.png )
>> No. 6913

Gimlee, what are you doing in that picture, you aren't one of the seven Dwarves.
>> No. 6915

Dude, take a GOOD LOOK at these pics.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but they're mediocre at best. Stop being buttflustered about it. The #1 rule should always be quality over quantity. Most of us would rather take a small hand full of excellent drawings over a countless amount of second-rate ones.
>> No. 6920
Take a good look around. You're the only one defending these. Maybe you can use those keen observation skills to take another look at those pictures. There's a fine line between difference in opinion and just straight-up quality control.
>> No. 6923
Although i am not a member of Banna Galactic i aks you to stop. With a please and sugar atop of it. Why? Remember Expansioncomics.com? The permanent sharing on 99chan very probably helped killing it. I don't want it to die as well
>> No. 6924
I want it to die.
>> No. 6925
File 137716279732.jpg - (1.53MB , 2290x1636 , bbw_in_the_mirror_by_docswell-d3j9zpb.jpg )
>>6909 Damn. Thanks a lot, now I feel old again. I remember seeing this a decade ago for the first time, when I was just figuring out that I was a chubby chaser.

This one is one of my favorites. Old but still good.

Also, is it okay if I post up a Darkstalkers Morrigan picture I've been working on here? She was part of the Darkstalkers American cartoon series, so she could still count as a /co/ gal.
>> No. 6926
i don't want it to die i just want it to stop being the artists place to upload his shitty space pirate comic and charge people money to throw in the occasional cookie cutter art picture
>> No. 6927
File 137718585973.jpg - (295.30KB , 1000x806 , Ritsuko Akagi and Lucrezia Noin.jpg )
>> No. 6928

>nameless artist

But it's Manta-Wolfe, isn't it?
>> No. 6935
Maybe, but whoever they are, they want to stay anonymous and we're respecting that so as not to scare them off so... shuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuup!
>> No. 6938
File 137726784037.jpg - (335.93KB , 794x1012 , tumblr_mryygaaojY1r37o1zo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 6939
File 137726786321.png - (287.45KB , 750x750 , commission__annie_edison_by_idle_minded-d6jbrma.png )
>> No. 6941
File 137727768392.png - (96.44KB , 633x756 , TDI_BE_to_Inflation_Bridgette_by_kecomaster.png )
>> No. 6945
File 137729547274.png - (235.13KB , 513x800 , more_chubby_fan_art_by_fatfoxlower-d6jdy93.png )
Don't see much fat art of her anymore.
>> No. 6947
Oh for fuck sake seriously you can't just shit post once but have to do it twice. Fuck off and go bother /draw/ with a fat of she request you massive man child
>> No. 6950
File 137729929462.jpg - (87.54KB , 594x600 , 134907410943 - Copy.jpg )
>> No. 6951
File 137730298426.png - (665.41KB , 1350x1000 , an_avatar_beach_party_by_idle_minded-d6jf4hx.png )
>> No. 6952
File 137732844663.png - (276.19KB , 672x700 , plump_ferry_by_fatfoxlower-d6jf2np.png )
Don't care if she is or not, I still like to think of this gal as Tinkerbell.
>> No. 6954
I know, she looks almost exactly like her, doesn't she.
>> No. 6955
looks more like the one from dragon's crown
>> No. 6956
File 137735578422.jpg - (1.53MB , 620x3346 , royal_drunkenness___commission_by_roundersofter-d6.jpg )
Was gonna post in the drunk thread but dat belleh
>> No. 6957
File 137735648587.png - (107.12KB , 2167x1696 , commission__cover_art_for_tipping_2__part_1_by_kas.png )
>> No. 6958
File 137735649840.png - (107.03KB , 2166x1696 , commission__cover_art_for_tipping_2__part_2_by_kas.png )
>> No. 6959
File 13773565603.png - (742.85KB , 1024x704 , commission__bianca_hilda_finale_by_kastemel-d6jbqy.png )
Tried to upload the original size, couldn't
>> No. 6961
File 137738029810.png - (130.69KB , 624x419 , fat_heloise.png )
>> No. 6966
File 137746222236.png - (196.79KB , 840x940 , commission__moar_annie_by_idle_minded-d6jo5op.png )
Please stop.
>> No. 6967
Outside of the pixel ink job, I don't see what is particularly bad about that image. As far as simple-toon fatness goes, it's fine.
>> No. 6968
>says stop, posts generic looking bbw art
>> No. 6970
not even close
>> No. 6971
>> No. 6972
I don't even like Idle-Minded's stuff, but fuck you.

Their most "generic" art is better than fucking MSPaint garbage.
>> No. 6973
it's better, but it is generic
>> No. 6974
File 137752833116.jpg - (627.30KB , 1784x977 , 0777ad06c49a7ace1082eeff406c7155735c1e1d.jpg )
So that's it then. Shitty art and its fans are taking over...
>> No. 6978
Have you guys considered that maybe these threads wouldn't sage so quickly if you didn't completely lose your shit whenever somebody posts art below your personal standards? It's a cliche at this point, but just keep calm and carry on, because it's not really a big deal.
>> No. 6980
File 137755146932.png - (1.94MB , 4159x2166 , stuffing_kit_vs_haters_by_kastemel-d6gnakp.png )
Not sure spamming the thread with any piece of (shit) art you find is better but hey
>> No. 6981
File 137755499648.png - (459.04KB , 900x1165 , great_something_of_someplace_by_doctorpibb-d6jsptx.png )
>> No. 6982

Personally, I don't think there's been any original, worthwhile content posted in this thread to date which isn't readily available from DA or a repost from previous threads. That doesn't mean I should actively shit the thread up with hyperbolic nonsense because I'm not getting my way, that doesn't help anyone. The obnoxious, repetitive dogpiling is far more irritating to me than the person posting terrible art.

They've posted, what, 5 or 6 pictures at the most in this thread? Does that really warrant the snowball effect of people getting outrageously upset about it? This is a public internet forum, after all, made up of largely anonymous members. There's no steadfast gold standard in place, it wasn't made to cater specifically to you, but rather a greater subset of people.

People should quit getting mad about this person posting fetish art on a fetish art board and just post good art. This place is embarrassing and vitriolic enough as it is, it doesn't need even more help in those areas.
>> No. 6983
I'm not any of the guys overreacting to this individual but even I can tell you that you shouldn't really start going on about rants about things you know nothing about... you see, that person everyone is getting mad over has been shitposting all over /co/ for the past few weeks and has even started doing it on BBWchan and Inflatechan.

Well it's either shitposting or he's more obsessive about his waifus than even I am, to the point of insanity.
>> No. 6986
File 137756016726.jpg - (274.50KB , 708x1080 , 220939.jpg )
>> No. 6987
File 137756151324.jpg - (75.63KB , 900x791 , 1270364182767.jpg )
Hey, I think someone was asking for this picture of Pepper a few threads back, and I just found it in my folder. I can't remember if anyone already posted it, but here it is anyway.
>> No. 6988

I'm actually quite aware of this person's behavior on other boards and I was aware of them posting in the previous thread, and I still fail to see why it's worth getting worked up about, there or here.

It's simpler to just ignore them and not shit up the thread than it is to frivolously try to engage them for posts and posts. They're not doing anything that's stopping you from posting good art and they're hardly flooding the current thread with bad art, it's just not that big of a deal.

Anyway, I've said my peace, I'll stop shitting up the thread myself now- back to your regularly scheduled programming.
>> No. 6989
File 137756788557.png - (442.06KB , 1024x618 , what_are_you_looking_at_under_there__by_axel_roser.png )
>dat gut
>dem freckles

Yep, that's the one. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!
>> No. 6993
File 137758134523.png - (171.35KB , 1000x1097 , 134740104234.png )

No prob bob.
>> No. 7009
File 137764593284.png - (168.87KB , 600x405 , 24925589_m.png )
>> No. 7022
File 13777390047.jpg - (594.89KB , 1280x1782 , tumblr_ms99n03FrA1rt8x2co1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 7023
File 137773902644.jpg - (2.52MB , 3375x2250 , fat_cat_and_the_bat_by_ray_norr-d6k2xiw.jpg )
>> No. 7033

Oh man, that's a keeper.
>> No. 7034
File 137778575846.jpg - (866.04KB , 1600x1398 , final_fatassy_xxx_by_satsurou-d6k53f6.jpg )
>> No. 7037

I hope a writefag sees this image and gets inspired. It could make for such a hot story. Obese Catwoman finally seducing Batman into a very long night of frenzied, kinky sex.
>> No. 7043
so...would Bruce Wayne have sex as Batman, or as Bruce Wayne? Doing the former just seems silly, but the latter would run the stupid risk of revealing his identity. I'm left wondering how this would work.
>> No. 7044
I don't know, I imagine batman having sex is pretty unsexy.
>> No. 7045
Writefag here.

Not happening.
>> No. 7046

Batman at first. She uses her superior size to pretty much dominate him. For his physical strength, he cannot get her off him.


For me, the appeal is having someone as hopelessly repressed as Batman finally release all that suppressed desire. Confronted with the new visage of Catwoman (and his inability to get her off him due to her weight), he is effectively put in a sexualized and inherently submissive position. So you have one of the most sexually upright heroes on Earth and one very sexual antagonist together.

Once that sexual tension boils over, the sex itself can't help but be frenzied as hell. And Catwoman has all night to have her way with him.
>> No. 7047
Batman and Catwoman have sex all the time, they just keep their costumes on.
>> No. 7049
The world may never know. We can't even agree on whether Batman or Bruce is his true identity.
>> No. 7050
I wish I hadn't sold that game.
>> No. 7051
Yes because you are the only man that can write stories.

Fuck off, if you don't want to do it then don't say anything.
>> No. 7056

At any rate, I'm thinking the cause of Catwoman's obesity is her becoming unusually successful when it comes to thefts. She piles up a ton of cash. But since Catwoman is an active cat burglar, I think only a temporary injury could render her sedentary long enough for her to put on serious weight. Unable to really do much else, Catwoman develops a bad habit of eating heavily to feel better. This habit transitions to outright gluttony.

Since she's not able to go anywhere herself, she ends up having her mousy but loyal assistant Maven (who knows she is Catwoman to begin with) fatten her up. By the time Catwoman has recovered, both her figure and eating habits have changed dramatically. And to her surprise, her new body is finally what brings out Batman's true impulses regarding her. Basically this version of Catwoman is a fusion of Batman Returns (in design and sexuality) and B:TAS (in backstory and having an assistant).
>> No. 7057
File 137786472044.png - (229.12KB , 1150x1400 , 132869466868.png )
>For me, the appeal is having someone as hopelessly repressed as Batman finally release all that suppressed desire.
Yeah, but I just imagine that being released in him crying, mostly.

Batman seems like he cries during sex.

Also, where does >>7009 come from?

In exchange, a sequence by them.
>> No. 7058
File 137786508672.png - (232.11KB , 1150x1400 , 132869470880.png )
>> No. 7059
File 137786522185.png - (244.21KB , 1150x1400 , 132869473736.png )
>> No. 7060
File 137786540549.png - (241.89KB , 1150x1400 , 132869476478.png )
>> No. 7061
File 137786569957.png - (303.42KB , 1150x1400 , 132869483041.png )
>> No. 7062
File 137786572774.png - (306.49KB , 1150x1400 , 132869487487.png )
>> No. 7063
File 137786654168.png - (297.59KB , 1150x1400 , 132869490517.png )
>> No. 7064
File 137786699939.png - (292.38KB , 1150x1400 , 132869493474.png )
>> No. 7065
File 137786989624.png - (231.75KB , 1150x1400 , 132869498059.png )
>> No. 7066
File 137787036221.png - (193.54KB , 1150x1400 , 132869500285.png )
>> No. 7067
File 137787204957.jpg - (379.82KB , 965x1920 , tumblr_msc5rlc9jH1rt8x2co3_1280.jpg )
>> No. 7068
File 137787211353.jpg - (378.51KB , 1236x1920 , tumblr_msbdnhcPx41sovy4ho1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 7069
File 137787324390.png - (180.75KB , 1150x1400 , 132869502754.png )
>> No. 7070
File 13778754619.png - (121.20KB , 1150x1400 , 132869506671.png )
>> No. 7071
File 137787589575.png - (78.29KB , 1150x1400 , 132869508725.png )
>> No. 7072
File 137787599436.png - (145.06KB , 1150x1400 , 132869510925.png )
>> No. 7080
File 137795989598.jpg - (416.48KB , 679x999 , 226239.jpg )
>> No. 7083
>> No. 7084
Feederism and /ss/ need to make sweet adorable love to each other more often.
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