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File 137351405877.jpg - (584.47KB , 1127x1402 , Lilo copy.jpg )
6108 No. 6108
OK time for the newest thread!

Rules are no crying, no biting, no fat of she
lets keep these lady's plates full so they can keep them clean

And as Thread starter I am taking the liberty of plugging commissions! I'd say drawing a picture just for this thread grants me certain privileges. Any artist who feels like making an opening image should do the same (next time)

First off the main event: Me!
Been gone a while but getting back into the swing of things, I expect to reopen commissions by Friday.

Second an awesome dude who is also deserving of your money for some bloated babes (dunno if he is open for commissions but try putting a couple Jacksons or whatever the brits put on their 20s into his thong and see if he responds):

Some great authors I know are happy to write fatty fat fics for you with a side of slob if you're into that:

Ok thats all! Post some lardy ladies already!
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>> No. 6111
I keep meaning to commission you for some art of Pema and Korra, but I feel like I need to write my fanfic first so you have an idea of where I'm coming from.
>> No. 6113
Sure that would give it a rock solid foundation. But if you just want me to know the basics I'm the one who made the post >>4506
if that gives you an idea where my head cannon is for this
>> No. 6115
File 137351597483.png - (3.60MB , 2000x3000 , plus_sized_envy_adams_by_ray_norr-d6cxgob.png )
Only reason I deleted my thread is because I'm a big fan of your art
>> No. 6116
File 137351599545.png - (123.22KB , 600x900 , 137351512265.png )
>> No. 6123
File 137354603084.png - (190.83KB , 394x296 , 1372626649383.png )
>lilo and nani
>lilo as an enabler
>nani in fat-based captivity

All my most messed-up boners. We now legally have a right to shoot Lilo Guy if he complains, too. Added bonus!

Thanks for the plug, Bmage, you a for serious bro. So would this be a good place to post some one-off fat literature? I have a few things kicking around that are too short for DevArt. Namely,

>a snippet of GoGo BoMango WG
>some race-TF WG
>maybe some Parade's End slob since SiC's /elite/ thread died

What do we say
>> No. 6124
I can vouch 110% for Sic. I was his first comissioner and the guy is a legit talent and accomodating as hell, I've been overcharged by artists and writers who weren't nearly as good.
>> No. 6128
File 137357778089.png - (151.38KB , 500x409 , tumblr_inline_mhg466YeLI1qhpuk5.png )
Looks like Cube's done with the blubberdots tumblr unfortunately, so no more freckled fatties. Cube, if you're reading, I hope you'll still hang out here once in a while.
>> No. 6129
>We now legally have a right to shoot Lilo Guy if he complains, too.
Man, I was done complaining when I got a request done over on /d/. Everything else since has been wonderful fattening icing on the cake.
>> No. 6130
File 137357979343.png - (191.86KB , 404x361 , IMG_07072013_155245.png )
>> No. 6131
File 137358218821.gif - (2.14MB , 270x181 , Reactionface222.gif )
>"I might bring this back at some point, or maybe another character entirely! Still thinkin’ about that Haruko blog……."
Even when absolutely nothing is confirmed, I can't help but get excited anyway.
>> No. 6132
File 13735898519.jpg - (151.25KB , 1024x987 , amalia_by_gain_over-d6d1e1o[1].jpg )
>> No. 6133
File 137359170448.jpg - (343.11KB , 1095x1195 , 1371429927279.jpg )
>There isn't one for Eva
>> No. 6142
File 137359615062.jpg - (662.45KB , 3000x2504 , 2nd_stream___stuffed__by_lillyvaine-d4z6g3z.jpg )
Are we allowed to post our own weight gain stories and junk for some shameless self promotion?
>> No. 6145
File 137360808170.png - (157.17KB , 865x900 , tumblr_mjssa9XyiA1rvyvwto1_1280.png )
>I may make a non-slob version for those who really want one.

I'll take anything you draw
>> No. 6147

Love the pose/situation, great work! There's a lot of gassy content out there, body odor, not so much.
>> No. 6152
This is now my favorite Wii Fat picture
>> No. 6157
File 137366354181.jpg - (228.05KB , 700x700 , MrsTurner Rough.jpg )
A quick something I'm working on!

This looks GREAT, love that inking!
>> No. 6158
File 137366455739.png - (77.26KB , 1078x671 , bonnie_belly - Copy.png )
Thanks Dustin. Btw, sorry if this comes off as rude, but you wouldn't happen to have an archive of stuff you've done for 4chan, /cod/, etc would you? Any unposted work you have as well?
>> No. 6159

Damn, you do good work!
>> No. 6160
I don't, actually! I should probably set up a Dropbox or something.
>> No. 6161
File 137366994935.jpg - (329.52KB , 1100x1150 , commission__twilliams_by_idacknowledged-d6d5gbo.jpg )
This looks great
>> No. 6162
File 137366996862.jpg - (376.83KB , 1344x1090 , commission__izumi102mon_by_idacknowledged-d6d5kw5.jpg )
>> No. 6163
File 137367292267.jpg - (67.96KB , 640x480 , 1289363121149.jpg )
It would be greatly appreciated Dustin.
>> No. 6164
File 13736743176.gif - (1.23MB , 208x156 , 1351360366492.gif )
> Dustin
> working on something
>> No. 6166
Working on something is expected of him.
It's getting him to finish that's the trick.
>> No. 6179
File 137375821260.jpg - (440.16KB , 1546x600 , 1373516525924.jpg )
>> No. 6180
Does anybody know of any good Mulan fat art?
>> No. 6181
I kinda wanna say Keij but the anatomy detailing on the fat is a bit more developed than I would expect from him
>> No. 6182
It's a guy who posts sporadically on /d/, I think his name is Ruby? He only draws moderately chub women and nothing more than that.
There's also this other asshole who only draws fat shota.
>> No. 6187
>>6179 The art-style REALLY reminds me of Guy Davis (The Marquis, BPRD). Kind of weird actually.
>> No. 6190
Didn't Seriojainc do some for his paysite?
>> No. 6191
I can't help but feel that the bitchy character in that comic is from something...
>> No. 6192
File 137381451985.jpg - (347.32KB , 659x1000 , 1373771782703.jpg )

Not seeing it, bro. Like, at all. Maybe it's the lack of wig-sporting skull people that's throwing me.
>> No. 6193
He only did one mediocre pic.
>> No. 6194
File 137382804150.jpg - (549.99KB , 700x1520 , 1373438538958.jpg )
Dustin, you used to have a pic up of a girl that ate too may chili cheese fries. Any chance you could repost it?
>> No. 6196
File 13738420055.jpg - (971.76KB , 4500x3300 , 136970885464.jpg )
>> No. 6197
File 137229082278.png - (267.75KB , 1081x1003 , 1372236411181.png )
anyone know who did this
>> No. 6199
Wow, you're bad at quoting:
>> No. 6202
File 137385056895.jpg - (72.69KB , 500x586 , 2012 Hanzel and Gretel.jpg )
Looks like Ross Irving to me. Personally, I'd have given her more up top to even out her bottom (that, and to make her look like an actual adult too).

In case any drawfan is up for doing a request, any chance we could see Gretel BBWified, if not made strong-fat/stout? Rather like the take on her, but I've yet to see any BBW art of her.
>> No. 6203
I forgot this was a thing that happened. Oh Hollywood. You are without a creative bone in your body.
>> No. 6204
File 137385666192.png - (118.16KB , 650x625 , 1373855463263.png )
>> No. 6206
File 137386407353.png - (287.77KB , 1166x744 , Fatty_Flo.png )
Here's the other pic I was working on. Not as good as the last few I've done, but it was good practice trying a front pose.
>> No. 6207
File 137386715412.jpg - (542.09KB , 1443x1225 , ludmilla_by_tubbytoon-d6cvtrn.jpg )
I think it turned out as well as anything else you've done (and I mean that in a complimentary sense, if that wasn't clear).

Plus it's always nice to see a previously overlooked lady get the fat of she treatment.
>> No. 6208
I'm probably just tired but am I the only one who thinks the whole "fat of she" joke has lost all of it's original meaning after being driven to the ground like this? It was meant to be applied to request whores but now it seems to have gone to any fanart in general.
Fatty fanart shouldn't be inherently demonized!
>> No. 6210
we're just joshing
>> No. 6211
While I liked that movie(the whole Hansel having to deal with diabeties thing was actually pretty interesting, and some of the scenes made me laugh), I always had this one problem with movies based off of Hansel and Gretel.
Why is it only Hansel who gets fattened up, wouldn't the witch want to have them both be fattened up and locked up, that way her prisoners wouldn't be able to escape or plot her demise?
>> No. 6212
Traditionally the reason given for this is that, because the witch is nearsighted, she decides to keep one of the children around to do housework that poor vision makes difficult. I guess she doesn't keep her locked up because she assumes Gretel won't try escaping so long as her brother's captive. Considering the nature her downfall, the witch clearly wasn't too bright to begin with

I've seen a few versions of the story where Gretel makes a comment about starting to get plumper herself, with the implication that she's to be next once the witch cooks Hansel.
>> No. 6214
File 137391157269.png - (331.85KB , 993x814 , i couldn't think of a funny title bust shes s.png )

You didn't post the Peach I did! Shit took me forever. Fucking Paper Mario ass shading.
>> No. 6215
File 137391272997.png - (1.64MB , 1240x1754 , the_cursed_belly_ring_part_8_by_axel_rosered-d6dkx.png )
God I wish Axel actually tried more often. This is great.
>> No. 6216
Your stuff is super cute, love it!
>> No. 6217
File 137392088852.png - (452.76KB , 885x831 , PEACHY.png )
Oh man thanks, I really love your stuff!
>> No. 6219
A bit late but aren't her legs tapering off in a weird way?
>> No. 6220
File 137392309061.png - (400.58KB , 764x867 , The_Binge_of_Nessie.png )
Nice stuff dude. Keep up the good work!

And for those who don't know, our new drawfriend has a dA: http://quogaora.deviantart.com/gallery/
>> No. 6221
File 13739233053.png - (176.92KB , 368x480 , feast_fit_for_a_goddess.png )
One more thing too, it looks like SSakurai is trying to make a come back and is looking into opening up commissions as well.

>> No. 6222

>> No. 6223
File 13739238566.gif - (135.90KB , 161x137 , 1370469929649.gif )
Hooooooooly shit. What gender do I even refer to Stephen these days?
>> No. 6224
File 137392716399.jpg - (1.10MB , 1365x1024 , big_scoops__by_theamericandream-d6dmckj.jpg )
Sorry if I'm overusing it; I just find broken English inordinately amusing.
>> No. 6229
File 137395364616.png - (493.74KB , 717x838 , Wii_Fat_Trainer__clean.png )
Thanks, I thought they looked a little wonky. I traced too much from the initial sketch. Just cropped it so they should look a little better.
>> No. 6230
File 137395397189.png?spoiler - (538.07KB , 717x838 , Wii_Fat_Trainer.png?spoiler )
And here's the slobby, smelly version (spoilered for people who are put off by this stuff)
>> No. 6231
File 13739542549.png - (295.53KB , 1000x781 , commission__morticia_addams_by_idle_minded-d6dnet1.png )
>> No. 6232
File 137395740461.jpg - (310.16KB , 640x687 , snackromancer.jpg )
I really need to get on that Ahsoka sometime

I have not forgotten
>> No. 6233

GodDAMN I need to know who the artist is.
>> No. 6234
A drawfag on /d/ going by Ruby.
>> No. 6235
File 137397703899.png - (1.20MB , 1498x826 , Craving_Control__Super_Stuffed.png )
Something I wanted to mention for any Craving Control fans. If anyone's looking for a good read, this dude has some pretty good stories related to Craving Control, as well as other stuff.


In all honesty, I'd have to say that his stories helped inspire me with making this pic. As such, I just wanted to give him some exposure as a way of saying thanks. So if you're ever in a reading mood, check him out on dA.
>> No. 6236
File 137397733551.png?spoiler - (214.96KB , 671x796 , HI I'M NASTY.png?spoiler )
Daisy. Spoilered for slob.
>> No. 6239
Craving Control fanworks are pretty rare.
>> No. 6243
File 137402117651.png - (221.13KB , 959x930 , Princess bubblebutt.png )
>> No. 6247

I've actually been meaning to request slob PB art. "The Suitor" had a perfect setup for it.
>> No. 6248
File 137403405512.jpg - (119.28KB , 539x609 , doublepaigespread.jpg )
RIP Tron: Upraisins
>> No. 6253
File 137407464016.jpg - (212.10KB , 1280x960 , 1373846978079.jpg )
>> No. 6257
File 137407889223.png - (668.65KB , 1754x1240 , the_cursed_belly_ring_part_9_by_axel_rosered-d6dvi.png )
>> No. 6262
but shezow is boy
>> No. 6264
But this is /d/
>> No. 6265
Nevertheless, genderbent stuff should probably stay in the trap thread
>> No. 6267
File 137409769387.png - (453.01KB , 1024x692 , of_time_displaced_aunts_by_theneverwere-d6cie7r.png )
It's not genderbent either. It's just cross-dressing.
>> No. 6270
eh, whatever. Still, not too sure crossdressing should end up here.
>> No. 6273
File 137412905694.png - (258.22KB , 947x916 , PBfatsketch.png )
I didn't have a sketch commission example, so I made one for DA. Fat PB is best PB.
>> No. 6274
Are we really going to do this?
Are we really going to descend to inflatechan levels on this? Is any instance of a penis- in porn, mind you- going to be shunted off into its own ghetto board?

I don't mind stumbling upon an occasional pic of a dude/dude that looks like a lady if it means we avoid the whole /penis/ can of worms.
>> No. 6275
File 137415731857.jpg - (478.38KB , 900x1000 , Sakura Kasugano Blimp.jpg )

>> No. 6277
if you are to want to look at dicks please go look at dicks in a place that is not here not all of us are dick lovers bro

that is why we have multiple threads instead of just one thread where everyone shits all over each other
>> No. 6279
File 137417918684.jpg - (74.03KB , 900x695 , pinkie_pie_commission_by_thejiggly-d6dai5n.jpg )
Shezow might be a trap, but there's also fat WOMEN in the images with him, so it's a moot point. So long as an image contains a fat chick, and is within the rules of the board, then it's relevant to this thread.
>> No. 6282
Can't believe I'm saying it, but I somewhat agree with Crag >>6277. A trap is still a trap, and there are other threads for it. You my not mind it, but some people actually do.

But >>6279 is also right as well, so I guess it shouldn't offend too much.
>> No. 6283
So I wrote a short thing because of a certain nice >>5889 image.
It contains ludicrous obesity, slob, and vore. I could post it if you guys want fat fic or something. Though I don't actually watch Wakfu, I just saw a nice looking crazytit and worked with that.
>> No. 6284
No penis on the pic, free to touch your dick.
>> No. 6285
>Complaining about stuff not fitting everyone's tastes
On an alt porn board
>No qualms about posting slob
I love slob too, but holy shit, some people are picky.
>> No. 6291
i don't really like slob that much but since most of the drawfriends here draw it i don't feel it's right to complain and get everyone to scream about me for being some sort of content-destroyer

if they all drew a bunch of fat as fat ass mandudes then i wouldn't complain about the shezow either

basically i just want everyone not to yell at me constantly
>> No. 6292
I'd be happy to read it, as I've not watched Wakfu yet either.
>> No. 6293
File 13742029212.jpg - (1.23MB , 2838x1812 , nurse_eating_contest_by_tubbytoon-d6e0lp8.jpg )
TubbyToon has gotten so fucking awful now.
>> No. 6294
I don't know, it looks the same as his other stuff. Maybe you don't like it to begin with, but what has happened that makes you think it has become worse?
>> No. 6295
File 137420571465.png - (417.29KB , 1000x1000 , smtiv__alarune_by_idle_minded-d6e3z2b.png )
>> No. 6296
That face reminds me too much of Mistystuffer...
>> No. 6298
Alright, then here you got Fat thread. A tiny bit of prose featuring a fat General Crazytits being a horrible person, hidden behind spoiler text for being ideologically unsound.

Warning sirens and red strobes lit up the deep bowels of the giant cruiser. A panic seized up every crew member, as the words that came scratched over the radio were always the biggest emergency the entire staff of the whale-shaped submersible ever faced. One girl gulped, though the lump in her throat remained. Another fell to her knees, not sure whether to sob or just faint. The words repeated a second time. They hoped that it would not screech out a third.

"Feed the Queen! NOW!!"

Atop the massive former war ship, sat General Frida Mofette, herself so enormous with fat she made the entire steampunk vessel creak and warp under her enormous ass. Now that the battle was over, she was awarded it to do with it as she saw fit, while the Prince returned to his home to work on what needed to be done. And what General -now Queen- Mofette had decided was that she would rule its staff with an iron fist, indulging in every hedonistic desire she's ever felt. It was only natural: with the Prince gone, she was the only thing on the entire ship with a spine.

Nervously, four near identical staff members, girls who used to command the armaments, now lugged a massive hose up Mofette's glistening sweaty body. It was hard going, with how excessively slick with sweat and saliva her body was, like climbing a well greased mountain. Some of them might have agreed a mountain was less daunting than their boss. Cresting the top of the sagging breasts, they reached her face, a puny dot with more chins than they cared to count, and a villainous shark's smile. They pushed the over-sized nozzle over their boss's lip. It was a bloated bottom, comprised almost of pure fat, and likely had more weight to it than these four girls combined. It sloshed and jiggled ceaselessly, as one girl stammered an order to release the valve.

Suckling like an infant, Mofette's mouth soon filled as she rapidly gulped down the contents of the rich meal. Pulled straight from the sea itself, it was a puree of obese oceanic life. Schools of fish, tons of sea water, whales by the pod... all mixed together into a thick soup that was the General's primary source of sustenance. Her body quivered, and she grew again. The four immediately reached for their shoulder bags to put on gasmasks and other air filters... not that they did little good with how sea food and Mofette's digestive track got along.

Shuddering violently, Mofette vented gas like a deep sea volcanic trench. The sky itself darkened as the thick green fog enveloped everything about her and he puny warship-turned-yacht for miles around. Her eyes rolled in her head as her jagged smile was that of a woman who was clearly and expressly enjoying herself. Deep, sloppy violent expulsions of swampy, toxic gas blasted from Mofette with almost a prideful sort. Her mouth had moved during this cacophonous din, but her vile farts were so powerful that none of the service maids could even hear her demand. The sloshing, bloated lip's quivering again, as new untold gallons of drool washed over it only meant bad things for them, but they had no clue how right they were this time.

Almost deftly, her powerful loaf-like arm scooped them closer, as her massive mouth yawned open, the drool tide getting worse... and it was too late as they vanished into the darkness of Frida's all consuming maw, and far too late before the screaming four realized the words their "Queen"'s flopping lip had uttered were an order they might have read:

"I'm still hungry! Feed me MORE!"

>> No. 6303
It reminds me more of Mushroomit, which is even worse.
>> No. 6304
File 137422027511.jpg - (242.04KB , 636x784 , isabootyalt.jpg )
Release date where Atlus?

Smelly version here, by the way: http://bbw-chan.net/bbwalt_/src/13742202005.jpg
>> No. 6305
Putting it behind a gigantic spoiler is just drawing more attention to it and making it 100 times more obnoxious. Don't do that again.
>> No. 6306
Didn't know. Should I just delete it?
>> No. 6307
File 137424367682.png - (357.73KB , 1000x1000 , pastryama_by_idle_minded-d6e4ieq.png )
>> No. 6309
File 137425426331.png - (319.12KB , 1000x1000 , bisabeau.png )
>> No. 6310
No, I thought it was awesome. Little outside my tastes, but awesome.
>> No. 6319
File 137434888042.jpg - (352.48KB , 1125x1072 , piethief.jpg )
>> No. 6331
been waiting for fop artwork for awhile, my penis is happy.

is there any other art out there like this? its surprising to me how little fop art there is considering that "just desserts" episode is probably the reason many of us are here today, that and the "sibling rivalry" episode of family guy.
>> No. 6334
File 137445658431.png - (215.31KB , 1000x900 , 136959865914.png )
Been having this question in my mind for a while, but will throw it now anyways: How well would she fare in a beer-drinking contest?
>> No. 6335
the FOP episode was honestly a joke. Hardly any female WG at all (no Mrs. Turner or Vicky).
>> No. 6338
>considering that "just desserts" episode is probably the reason many of us are here today, that and the "sibling rivalry" episode of family guy.
>mfw when I don't even know what the shit you're talking about is

Christ, way to make a motherfucker feel OLD
>> No. 6339
It was a damn crime, it was. I could totally see a mega-obese Vicky forcing the kids she babysits to feed her constantly under the threat of actually sitting on them.
>> No. 6340
File 137446746284.jpg - (7.44KB , 174x165 , le shiggy donatello.jpg )
>considering that "just desserts" episode is probably the reason many of us are here today, that and the "sibling rivalry" episode of family guy.

Yeaaaaah, no.
>> No. 6341
File 137447132353.gif - (342.36KB , 200x150 , 131956575119.gif )
>just desserts
>probably the reason many of us are here today

I fear for the future of our community...
>> No. 6343
I say this everytime someone faps to an on-model Adventure Time spoondoodle.
>> No. 6344
File 137447647997.jpg - (133.84KB , 529x568 , maradipose.jpg )
More Tron for y'alls
>> No. 6345
File 137447654753.jpg - (484.04KB , 654x1000 , unpartedgoldenabyss.jpg )
Also an Uncharted
>> No. 6347
File 137449350751.jpg - (89.52KB , 800x733 , 1374476440335.jpg )
Got a Violet pic out of a /d/rawthread
>> No. 6348
File 137450494386.jpg - (96.32KB , 750x750 , Soranik Natu.jpg )
>Watching FOP

You do realize that most of us are NOT here because of that, right?

>> No. 6351
File 137454622472.jpg - (80.42KB , 500x594 , tumblr_m8ofrn4sZk1rr1jfp.jpg )
Just dropping in to say I'm back open for commissions! I've already been trusted with a short story based on this board's "Spiteful Asami Overstuffs Oblivious Korra" idea under the table, which is first in line before what's up on my page.

Inquire at http://sicstories.deviantart.com/ (Thanks for the plug, B!)
Thanks a lot, buddy.
>> No. 6352
File 137454675612.png - (451.50KB , 720x3004 , flabatar.png )
>dem cheeks
I'm seriously hoping we see some form of wg/stuffing in Book 2.

And good to know you're taking on more commissions, can't wait to see them
>> No. 6353
File 137454921799.jpg - (200.01KB , 480x619 , kyushiony_warrior_by_ssakurai-d6ej754.jpg )
I hope that guy from the bbw thread on /co/ the other day is watching, because there's finally some more Suki wg art!
>> No. 6354
So Sakurai got off his/her ass and drew something, eh?
>> No. 6357
File 13745734032.png - (170.14KB , 824x1134 , tumblr_mpsv8c1CwV1svzrwgo3_1280.png )
I like the sound of that!
>> No. 6359
File 137460775091.jpg - (1.71MB , 2035x1873 , 1374606754088.jpg )
>> No. 6361
Always Peach, never Rosalina...

I'm a sad koopa :<
>> No. 6365
Well now you've got something to ask for in a later /d/rawthread: Big MILFy version of the Star MILF
>> No. 6366
File 137461278933.jpg - (238.88KB , 720x448 , prinpaup6.jpg )
So has anyone thought of commissioning SSakurai yet? Kind of interested to see if they'll turn out another WG comic. It's been years since we've seen one from them
>> No. 6368
I've been replaying Paper Mario, and even though she never shows up, I think we should make art of Princess Eclair.
>> No. 6369
File 137462786727.gif - (847.61KB , 500x262 , 1374623240559.gif )
they seem to be up to something
>> No. 6372
Is Mako or Bolin more likely to have the fat fetish?

That reminds me, there's a boner-inducing Korra weight gain fanfic on DeviantArt. Just search 'korra fat.'
>> No. 6381
Was it the one where Korra is essentially worshiped as a fertility goddess?
>> No. 6382
Whoops, forgot the link I found to the guys stuff
>> No. 6384
Oh man, this is superb. Why isn't it up on your dA?
>> No. 6385
File 137470664295.png - (294.90KB , 900x675 , comm__barney_nedward_3_by_antioxidated-d6esnt3.png )
>> No. 6386
File 137470673411.gif - (52.52KB , 887x650 , comm__barney_nedward_4_by_antioxidated-d6eso6b.gif )
>> No. 6388
File 137472335349.jpg - (421.63KB , 1350x702 , purseowners.jpg )
Shin Megami Treetrunks
>> No. 6389
File 137473364496.jpg - (252.64KB , 800x895 , 30a5316b2331eabd63473d851f63b17874e8a213.jpg )
Eclairs? This'll have to do, found it on the /d/ booru.
>> No. 6390
File 137475495261.png - (153.81KB , 692x1113 , bba8fab76a9ce163e49490eac494e4c8c360329d.png )
Interesting new resource (or at least I wasn't aware of it):


From what I can tell, it's a collection of all the content from /d/ drawthreads, and there's a lot of good stuff, bbw and otherwise, that I haven't seen anywhere else.
>> No. 6396
File 13747599685.jpg - (1.02MB , 1710x1240 , TTG Raven slob.jpg )
You make something for a /co/ thread that is all about Raven being a slob and come back to find it deleted before you can post
So ungrateful...
>> No. 6397
File 137476102835.jpg - (1.61MB , 3129x2000 , anusha_by_ssakurai-d6ej4nf.jpg )
>> No. 6398
File 137476114844.jpg - (523.62KB , 1600x1671 , naga_bellyflop_by_ssakurai-d6f17xk.jpg )
>> No. 6402
File 137477774879.jpg - (163.69KB , 620x513 , 137463736681[1].jpg )

it is ok bmage we love you

we luv you like we love fat lady vajoojoos.
>> No. 6403
File 137477782735.jpg - (37.56KB , 800x735 , 137462327212[1].jpg )

>Liefeld burgers

I can't feel my sides
>> No. 6405
File 137478927732.jpg - (0.97MB , 3648x2432 , summer_of_keitaro_k_by_theamericandream-d6f1uvq.jpg )
Holy shit, TAD is still alive!

And he drew everyone fat!
>> No. 6413
File 13748107319.png - (216.38KB , 1000x1160 , future_foxxy_by_idle_minded-d6f6289.png )
>> No. 6415
File 137481557685.jpg - (152.08KB , 1280x857 , raffle_sketches_round_7_by_axel_rosered-d6f60zx.jpg )
I know people will probably hate me for this, but I honestly don't care for TAD's work mainly b/c of the way he draws faces. He's a really good artist and everything, but the faces are just off-putting for me.
>> No. 6416
File 137481647665.png - (58.37KB , 550x750 , zimdar__s_amazing_amulets_by_w_oo_t-d5n9wkj[1].png )

>liking AxelAutismred over TAD

I am going to get all partisan at you and there is nothing you can do about it

Axel's art is copy/pasted, no ifs ands ors or buts about it. I liked his stuff maybe 5 years ago but times have changed, man. People expect quality from their obscure fringe fetish porn now.

Sage for stirring shit in a decent thread. I dishonor my famiry.
>> No. 6417
You did, because you think "Axel Autismred" is a witty insult.
>> No. 6419

Wow, be careful with those edges bro!
Can we just spend the rest of the thread making fun of you now? I'd like that.
>> No. 6421
File 137482137130.jpg - (33.72KB , 680x510 , this-fucking-guy.jpg )
Different tastes for different people, dude. Might wanna get over yourself.
>> No. 6425
File 137483454773.png - (264.80KB , 874x947 , Kim_Pine__Beer_Gut - Copy.png )
Updated this one a bit; her right arm and belly looked a bit off in the old one
>> No. 6426
File 137483497187.png - (262.00KB , 1053x814 , Kim_Pine__Level_Up - Copy.png )
same goes for this one; fixed her legs
>> No. 6427
File 137483897944.jpg - (376.81KB , 804x1200 , eva_by_gain_over-d6f70v6[1].jpg )
There is now!
>> No. 6431
File 137484779065.png - (870.26KB , 1280x1656 , tumblr_mqdmxa15qb1qj4glgo1_1280.png )
>> No. 6432
File 137484780857.png - (146.97KB , 671x852 , tumblr_mqjbbl6rqY1qj4glgo1_1280.png )
>> No. 6436
File 137487444051.png - (162.77KB , 700x900 , commission__empress_xillie_by_idle_minded-d6fakrh.png )
>> No. 6437
File 137487445351.png - (643.13KB , 935x1200 , rebecca_by_idle_minded-d6fafh9.png )
>> No. 6459
File 137493338165.png - (345.64KB , 1580x725 , commission__miranda_epilogue_renegade_by_idle_mind.png )
>> No. 6471
File 137496785741.jpg - (110.07KB , 769x1040 , fat_velma_dinkley_with_shaggy_by_ray_norr-d3l0vu3.jpg )
Here's another Raynorr... Man fat Velma pics are always hot.
>> No. 6472
It'd be more appealing if she wasn't eating dogfood
>> No. 6477
So the fact that she's eating scooby snacks ruins the entire pic for you? This was drawn in kind of a look at that happy couple way.
>> No. 6479
File 137497368747.jpg - (87.73KB , 848x942 , fat_velma_by_eishiban-d6fci4b.jpg )
Anyone else hate when the server posts your comment twice?
>> No. 6480
File 137497587294.jpg - (128.81KB , 981x814 , commission__mega_sized_morticia_addams_by_ray_norr.jpg )
There really is a lack of fat Morticia out there.
>> No. 6496
File 137512311041.jpg - (33.79KB , 600x469 , baked-goods-going-the-distance.jpg )
You guys will know where to find this. . .

I require that canonical frame of obese Emma Frost. I need it for Reasons. Anyone have it saved?
>> No. 6498
File 137513811675.jpg - (46.28KB , 387x316 , emma.jpg )
This one?
>> No. 6512
Not sure why this was deleted considering there's multiple unspoilered pictures with burps in this thread

Have this non-burp version I guess?
>> No. 6514
Put the burping version on your Tumblr or DeviantArt.
>> No. 6517
It was deleted because, to my understanding from previous reports, it's a character from an anime/manga/something Japanese-oriented, which isn't allowed here per Posting Guideline #2.

Perhaps I'm incorrect about the character's origins?
>> No. 6518
File 137527269111.jpg - (81.19KB , 682x1049 , 1375238938012[1].jpg )

So. . . no Nipponesian characters in Western style allowed?
>> No. 6519
File 137528610697.jpg - (154.16KB , 778x1027 , request__ssbbw_princess_daisy_by_ray_norr-d4y5d1u.jpg )
Why don't you just put it on your DA? Your fat Velma was real hot by the way.
>> No. 6520
Are Mario characters allowed?
>> No. 6526
File 137531403977.jpg - (268.81KB , 3300x2158 , Madelyn.jpg )
thejiggly sure can draw.
>> No. 6527
File 137531660829.jpg - (84.91KB , 900x1238 , ssbbw_elise_by_barney_nedward-d4iy75l.jpg )
It's sad that there's such a shortage of ssbbw versions of Elise.
>> No. 6528
File 137532113392.png - (65.08KB , 295x390 , Reactionface201.png )
Oh god, if that's the image you chose to go with, you probably didn't have many pictures to choose from to begin with.
Why is she great at everything except faces?
>> No. 6529
pls stop posting and go back where you came from
>> No. 6530
Or at least on bbwchan..somewhere!
>> No. 6531
File 137532603470.jpg - (560.93KB , 3300x2550 , Twilight_Sparkle.jpg )
There's also tumblr. or Furaffinity. And to that one Anonhole... No I'm not going anywhere.
>> No. 6532
Where DO you keep the bulk of your recent work? Your DA isn't very current.
>> No. 6533
File 137533631467.jpg - (96.62KB , 517x772 , angelica all grown up fat.jpg )
There's a real criminal lack of fat art of All Grown Up Angelica. I'd like to think she at least had a fat phase as a child.
>> No. 6534
>skinny arms
>skinny face
>fat everything else
Why is it hard for so many artists to be consistent?
>> No. 6535
File 137536623939.jpg - (317.32KB , 740x1146 , commission__lpark435_times_2_part_1_by_idacknowled.jpg )
>> No. 6536
File 137536625614.jpg - (287.97KB , 730x1146 , commission__lpark435_times_2_part_2_by_idacknowled.jpg )
>> No. 6537
File 137536629487.jpg - (578.62KB , 1592x1788 , commission__drfeeder_by_idacknowledged-d6g3ztb.jpg )
>> No. 6538
File 137536634717.jpg - (292.58KB , 864x1644 , commission__aerial_rave_times_2_by_idacknowledged-.jpg )
>> No. 6539
File 137536636080.jpg - (201.01KB , 640x1078 , commission__weightwritethere_by_idacknowledged-d6g.jpg )
>> No. 6540
Believe it or not, that's the preferred look for some people.
>> No. 6541
Man like Idacknowledged does such good work. I actually commissioned her myself.
>> No. 6542
I agree. I personally like it, adds contrast in my opinion.
>> No. 6543
File 137537614035.jpg - (93.02KB , 1024x765 , barney_nedward_wip3_by_idacknowledged-d6g5ywv.jpg )
>> No. 6544
File 137538425616.png - (136.97KB , 626x800 , becca_s_got_a_belly_by_idle_minded-d6g6fn3.png )
Was this what you posted before? It looks nice
>> No. 6545
File 137538431251.png - (236.39KB , 800x802 , more_mako_mori_by_idle_minded-d6g6m5w.png )
>> No. 6547
File 13754001856.png - (2.01MB , 1500x2250 , the_pizza_feast_by_ray_norr-d6g7iv0.png )
>> No. 6548
Yeah. It has had enough Western originated material made for it to be allowed a pass.
>> No. 6549
File 137540260521.jpg - (137.55KB , 1024x652 , shaggy_x_velma_by_oda_lee-d6c59bu.jpg )
Actually no I post a pic Ray-Norr did of Jessica Rabbit but that has Roger in it and the rules say no bestiality and I didn't know if that counted.
>> No. 6550
File 137541051356.jpg - (78.19KB , 720x506 , Catwoman.jpg )
Anyone remember this classic from MelAllenSink?
>> No. 6551
File 137541062349.jpg - (14.64KB , 320x180 , Avatar - The Legend OF Korra (4).jpg )
That Korra stuffing story's finished. It was a fun idea to work with, enjoy!

>> No. 6554
That is some damn nice work, there.
>> No. 6555
does anyone have pictures from BannaGalactic?
>> No. 6556
Whatever happened to this dude?
>> No. 6557
Like that boat from that Buster Keaton short: Damfino.
>> No. 6559
He was a good artist though. He even drew what must have been the first ssbbw Morticia ever.
>> No. 6560
File 137543469366.jpg - (42.26KB , 477x480 , yourang.jpg )
>> No. 6561
Roger is pretty much anthro, so it should be fine.
>> No. 6562
File 137544091987.jpg - (110.11KB , 806x992 , request__jessica_rabbit_by_ray_norr-d53dgku.jpg )
Oh like OK then.
>> No. 6563
File 137544117540.jpg - (0.98MB , 5435x3300 , Rarity.jpg )
Like how's this for young love?
>> No. 6564
>>6550 Anybody have his picture featuring the Liberty's Kids characters? The PBS show featuring kids who lived through the American Revolution? It had the red head at a DAYUM size with the blond kid giving her yet another cake. Was sure I had it but apparently can't find it in my archives, and I can't get to the old yahoo group it was on anymore.
>> No. 6565
File 137545346558.jpg - (54.13KB , 480x375 , Redcoats.jpg )
This one right? I joined his yahoo group. I know where a lot of his pictures are.
>> No. 6566
File 137548789859.jpg - (167.87KB , 902x1600 , BraveFinal002.jpg )
>> No. 6567
File 137548792217.jpg - (144.21KB , 980x1600 , BelleFinal001.jpg )
>> No. 6568
File 137548793897.jpg - (94.98KB , 1500x1064 , ArielFinal001.jpg )
>> No. 6569
File 137548801141.jpg - (107.26KB , 1600x1221 , BlondieFFinal001.jpg )
>> No. 6570
File 13754880589.jpg - (147.25KB , 1055x1600 , JasFinal001.jpg )
>> No. 6571
File 137548810947.jpg - (165.46KB , 1236x1600 , SnowFnal001.jpg )
>> No. 6572
File 137548813784.jpg - (225.38KB , 1468x1600 , bravefinal001.jpg )
>> No. 6573
File 137548816064.jpg - (208.19KB , 1281x1600 , EsmeFinal001.jpg )
>> No. 6574
File 137548819694.jpg - (192.72KB , 1152x1600 , CindyFinal001.jpg )
>> No. 6575
Hey dude, thanks for linking to my stuff. I'll probably write more in a month or two when I have more time.
>> No. 6581
went to a metal show yesterday. saw lots of lonely fatties. if you guys ever get the chance , go to a metal show alone, i'm sure you could get some poon. i did manage to grab one big ass donk while i was moshing, she turned around and smiled at me and like raised her arms up, which were really jiggly. twas pretty hot, and if i wasn't there with my friends, i could have been on all over her. just thought i should share that with my FAmily
>> No. 6582
File 137555173823.png - (110.36KB , 236x225 , disturbed.png )
>> No. 6586
File 137555329546.jpg - (56.21KB , 480x361 , candyshop.jpg )
I fail to see the relevance of that but think you should have talked to her. Walking out of there without her name and phone number after touching her ass on purpose or otherwise is the exact opposite of a win.
>> No. 6587
File 137555456750.png - (162.58KB , 750x750 , morticia sketch.png )
Here's the original sketch Idle Minded did for his Morticia pic.
>> No. 6588
File 137555478065.jpg - (367.66KB , 559x800 , velma_ssbbw.jpg )
>> No. 6589
File 137555481883.jpg - (109.80KB , 786x1017 , velma_list_commission_by_thejiggly-d5pcket.jpg )
>> No. 6592
File 137555511059.png - (638.86KB , 2000x1739 , velma.png )
I wonder what Dnightrocks will cook up next.
>> No. 6593
File 137555577422.jpg - (192.18KB , 1036x1296 , The other gal detective.jpg )

Shaggy and Velma make such a great couple.
>> No. 6594
File 137555606318.jpg - (40.91KB , 480x298 , cupcake.jpg )
>> No. 6595
File 137555699963.jpg - (108.22KB , 900x702 , a_Major_Case_of_the_Munchies_by_PuppyPump101.jpg )
Anybody have any old pics they'd like me to search for. I have access to a lot of groups.
>> No. 6596
>Shaggy gaining more permanent weight.

Not with that freakish metabolism of his.
>> No. 6597
File 137556967240.jpg - (656.11KB , 3300x2550 , Fluttershy.jpg )
Yeah I doubt that's permanent.
>> No. 6598
File 137557055421.jpg - (168.26KB , 776x1029 , the_joker_fattens_harley_quinn_by_ray_norr-d4sk45b.jpg )
>> No. 6600
File 137558516184.jpg - (98.38KB , 1000x1000 , disgust.jpg )
>> No. 6601
File 137558590379.png - (462.12KB , 842x1089 , tumblr_mqzj5phP301qj4glgo1_1280.png )
>> No. 6603
File 137559155385.png?spoiler - (357.55KB , 750x1000 , big k.png?spoiler )
>> No. 6605
File 137562367072.jpg - (445.26KB , 844x800 , 1375601084454.jpg )
>> No. 6606
Idk how open you guys are about your affection for big girls but personally I like to keep that fact away from my friends, so naturally I wasn't going to hit on her in front of my friends. I mean for the sake of your fapping I'm sure you're dissapointed I didn't do anything but I really don't most of you would do anything otherwise around your friends. Maybe that's just young people like me, who knows.
>> No. 6607
Idk how open you guys are about your affection for big girls but personally I like to keep that fact away from my friends, so naturally I wasn't going to hit on her in front of my friends. I mean for the sake of your fapping I'm sure you're dissapointed I didn't do anything but I really don't think most of you would do anything otherwise around your friends. Maybe that's just young people like me, who knows.
>> No. 6608
File 137563398773.jpg - (332.81KB , 746x900 , Pantera.jpg )
This isn't your personal diary. I don't care how many women you sexually harassed at a concert, take it to bbw-chan or something.
Second off, groping, especially at a concert, especially in a mosh pit is a big no no. They paid good money to enjoy a concert, maybe and hopefully headbang and mosh with as little complications as possible. Judging by your lack of situational awareness by posting this garbage here, I honestly doubt she was as pleased and pleasant about it as you say she was. Chances are it was loud enough to make it hard to hear what she was saying, if she did.
Third off, rhetorical question, but how did you manage to squeeze her ass while moshing, where everyone's just flying all over the place in all sorts of directions? That's under the assumption that it was a real mosh pit, and not a circle that opened up to make way for the karate kid deathcore moron swinging and flailing kicking at the air.
Fouth off, telling people to go to a gig to pick up fat chicks is just disrespectful not just to the women who paid good money to enjoy a show, but everyone else and the band itself. Going there with the intention to hit on fat girls and grope them is the epitome of poseurdom.
Please don't tell us. We're not your "FAmily," we have no interest in what skeevy awkward antics you are up to.
>> No. 6610
File 137564536747.jpg - (65.68KB , 900x675 , the_other_gal_detective_2_by_sugarbombz-d40hv1y.jpg )
I wish the guy who drew this would come back.
>> No. 6612
File 137564860853.png - (1.08MB , 876x648 , velma_by_newstuff4u-d67cko7.png )
>> No. 6613
The same exact thing was posted in a BBW thread on /d/. I don't think there's a sentient mind behind it.
>> No. 6614
I remember he also accepted TF2 hats as payment. It would have been nice to get rid of those and get some art out of it.
>> No. 6616
File 137566165481.jpg - (54.70KB , 500x450 , tumblr_m8pzks3XgN1rdwnlro1_500.jpg )
>> No. 6628
I'm still around. Just not very active. Wasn't happy with the quality of my stuff but not really interested enough to practice more, so things petered out.
>> No. 6631
It was a Melvins concert dickface, she didn't give a fuck she looked me right in the eye it was an innocent gesture, how about you get out of the fucking house and have some fun? There's no need for all this bitterness, people are trying to fap and you just wanna argue. Faggot.
>> No. 6632
It was a Melvins concert dickface, she didn't give a fuck she looked me right in the eye it was an innocent gesture, how about you get out of the fucking house and have some fun? There's no need for all this bitterness, people are trying to fap and you just wanna argue. Faggot.
>> No. 6633
people like you make me scared to walk the streets
>> No. 6634
File 137572887821.jpg - (56.11KB , 500x450 , tumblr_m8pzpdMkuP1rdwnlro1_500.jpg )
Ignore him... and let's get some art on here.
>> No. 6637
hey there was a game on deviantart where you click on various parts of this girls body and that body part will get fatter, I can't find anywhere does anybody know what it is?
>> No. 6640
http://tekweapons.deviantart.com/art/Cerredi-Boob-Grow02-156233512 ?
>> No. 6641
File 137575068080.png - (1.27MB , 836x800 , Daphne by newstuff4u.png )
That game gave me wood.
>> No. 6642
File 137576020898.png - (649.47KB , 1280x1703 , tumblr_mr36ftsaZX1rvyvwto2_1280.png )
>> No. 6643
File 137576155635.png - (1.48MB , 1108x688 , madelyn_by_newstuff4u-d67ck3r.png )
>> No. 6646
thank you good sir.
>> No. 6648
File 137581254397.png - (220.96KB , 920x621 , users-SLB+CreationS-comics-ElissaBett-web-ElissaBe.png )
I found a nice comic, about a couple of goth chicks(one's tall and busty, the other is short and extremely midna-shaped).
Here's a link: http://www.drunkduck.com/ElissaBett/

Since this page is in Spanish, I did a quick google translate, for others who don't speak it.

>Enlargement spells
>you have been crossed my mind this you see, the?

>In my nothing, Linda. but thanks to beta let's get up the ass

Google translate still doesn't work all that great for me...
>> No. 6649
File 137582417266.jpg - (112.72KB , 979x816 , you_came_to_the_right_haunted_house_by_sibon13-d6b.jpg )
>> No. 6651
File 137583509379.jpg - (96.24KB , 894x894 , triple_fat_cooking_mama_by_eishiban-d69qhqc.jpg )
How goes things?
>> No. 6652
File 137584269696.jpg - (434.63KB , 1000x684 , ssbbw_velma_by_oda_lee-d6gyywd[1].jpg )
Since we're on a kick and all.

Hot off the presses.
>> No. 6653
File 137584304989.jpg - (134.25KB , 964x829 , teaching_to_cheer_by_mountainchubby-d6gobjl.jpg )
>> No. 6654
File 137584648816.jpg - (63.52KB , 900x396 , catwoman_commission_by_thejiggly-d6gn2to.jpg )
>> No. 6655
File 137585174517.jpg - (134.31KB , 732x1092 , fat_wasp_of_the_avengers_by_ray_norr-d3c1c42.jpg )
>> No. 6656
File 137585237721.jpg - (243.51KB , 454x627 , Wonder_Woman_in_color_by_Bigggie.jpg )
>> No. 6657
File 137585259523.jpg - (579.23KB , 3300x2550 , RainbowDash.jpg )
Hi folks, let's this this thread moving
>> No. 6659
Mr. Mxyzptlk pls go
>> No. 6660
please get banned
>> No. 6664

no u
>> No. 6667
File 137589211181.png - (116.03KB , 718x800 , that_s_not_how_jaegers_work_by_idle_minded-d6g6r41.png )
Idle-Minded is just the best.
>> No. 6670
File 137590223416.png - (1.01MB , 768x1041 , a_doozy_of_a_daisy_by_the_fame-d6h0ilc.png )
He sure is.
>> No. 6671
File 137590317268.jpg - (123.63KB , 769x1038 , fat_supergirl_3_by_ray_norr-d3lgqok.jpg )
>> No. 6672
File 137591079587.jpg - (457.58KB , 882x1000 , 1375906840034.jpg )
>> No. 6673
File 137591788914.png - (201.02KB , 1000x2550 , xj9 wg story.png )
There was a WG thread on /co/ yesterday. Ankh made robot weight gain workable.

Also, some guy handed out Banna Galactic siterips to about two people via e-mail. I was not one of them because I was under a ban and couldn't post. I am mildly annoyed by this.
>> No. 6674
File 137592003116.png - (0.96MB , 1024x757 , supper_jinkies_by_the_fame-d6h0i3w.png )
Wait... Robot weight gain? Cyborg weight gain (If more Inspector Gadget than Robocop) I can see, but robot?
>> No. 6675
File 137592292249.jpg - (236.85KB , 663x772 , Iusedtobeaddictedtosoapbutimcleannow.jpg )
>> No. 6676
File 137592797915.png - (192.93KB , 545x311 , tumblr_mq7w2i6Cza1rfg10do3_1280.png )
anyone here scene the grojband episode helmet where trina wins the chocolate diamond and eats it i thought it would be a perfect WG scene but no!
>> No. 6677
You should spend more time reading the story and less time posting terrible art.
>> No. 6687
Oh, Tony.
>> No. 6689

This is pay site stuff man.
>> No. 6691

Gonna just assume there's rules against it, then.
I'd take it down myself, but self-delete is refusing to work. Mods?
>> No. 6692
It's fine to post paysite material here, as long as it's not on the DNP list.
>> No. 6693
So Banna Galactic is okay then?
>> No. 6694
I was a little bit saddened when I realized whoever was giving out BG stuff forgot the Batgirl comic.
>> No. 6695
It was inflation and pretty shiitty, you weren't missing out.
>> No. 6701
Despite being inflation it was a good tribute to the 60s series.
>> No. 6711
>Page 5: a montage of them eating
Riveting work, he should storyboard professionally.
>> No. 6712

At least it would be weight gain and not Jed's copy/paste inflation pose.
>> No. 6713
>> No. 6715
The /d/rawthreads.

Good grief, it's almost identical to the Clover comic, just with Frankie. Pathetic.
>> No. 6716
I don't see how anyone can even ask for Totally Spies stuff. They are the most boring characters ever made, and the only thing going for it is canon fat, which in the fact that we're dealing with the fact that you can get ANYTHING is really the most pathetic.
>> No. 6718
File 137605830210.jpg - (1.15MB , 973x1261 , tumblr_mr87x0bsXY1qdyupno1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 6719
File 137605832042.jpg - (560.23KB , 960x1020 , tumblr_mr87x0bsXY1qdyupno2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 6720
File 137605834798.jpg - (573.04KB , 1336x1667 , pitstop_puddin_fall_costume_by_theamericandream-d6.jpg )
>> No. 6721
I'll give it a month before that forum dies again.
>> No. 6730
File 137611498830.jpg - (542.26KB , 958x670 , ssbbw_morticia_addams_by_oda_lee-d6hfdkp.jpg )
Like what's new folks?
>> No. 6731
We were all enjoying your all too brief absence.
>> No. 6732
File 137611774026.jpg - (108.72KB , 746x1072 , request__mary_jane_watson_by_ray_norr-d3i5fyj.jpg )
Here's another Ray-Norr piece, that guy's good.
>> No. 6733
File 13761179932.jpg - (155.23KB , 774x1032 , request__fat_ms__marvel_by_ray_norr-d45lznb.jpg )
>> No. 6734
File 137612509599.png - (713.61KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_mquiuzsYlW1r9zy3co3_1280.png )
Ever have those days where you just can't seem to draw good at all? Well, looks like I'm going through one of those days. It seems every time I sketch something now it looks utterly terrible. Case in point, I've been toying around with different ideas using Raven and Starfire from TTG, but they just don't transfer to paper very well. Thought about morphing some screencaps, but I'd rather draw something instead.
>> No. 6735

I'm sure you'll get it eventually. Can't wait to see what you cook up. Godspeed!
>> No. 6736
Those days are the worst, if only because there always seems to be that little voice in the back of your head that asks "am I just having a bad drawing day, or do I always draw like this and I'm just now realizing it?"
>> No. 6740
File 137618838591.png - (746.48KB , 882x620 , candace4.png )
Trust me, that's what I usually feel like when I get back into drawing/morphing after taking a huge break. I look at new stuff from people like Dustin, Donut, etc and it makes my current sketches look like shit. Case in point, I've been trying break out of the "3/4 pose" rut I've been in for a while now, but nothing ever seems to look right. It's either the legs or overall body that look bad when trying a different type of pose.
>> No. 6742
File 137619537523.png - (1.11MB , 1110x1998 , FAtZeldaGirls.png )
Days like this are all to common for everyone. You'll get it, you always deliver awesome, quality stuff!
>> No. 6744
File 13761975648.png - (125.52KB , 800x593 , korrina.png )
Thanks dude, always appreciated! (And nice work on the new stuff!)

Coincidentally enough, here's something I tried doing for a fat thread over on /vp/ (It didn't last long though; a mod deleted it already). Still a bit crappy, but I'm still getting there.
>> No. 6745

Also Dustin, if you don't mind me asking, would it be cool if I colored some of your sketched stuff once in a while, when I don't have anything else to draw? I need some more practice with my coloring
>> No. 6746
Great picture, just love your style so much! And totally, that'd be awesome! Feel free!
>> No. 6747
File 137620035677.jpg - (825.32KB , 2000x1270 , BIGBLOATEDRAVEN.jpg )
Also just drew this in OC with a friend of mine, he drew the Titans in the corner!
>> No. 6748
Awesome, thanks.

Also, how in the world do you draw that well in OC? Last time I used it my pics looked so bad from the crap resolution (then again, it's been years since I've used the program). Did they update it or something?
>> No. 6755
I love Jinx's lil' grin there.
Damn it Jinx, stop being so adorable!
>> No. 6757
Dustin bro you know I love you but Midna there looks like a giant scrotum
>> No. 6758
Is there a story behind this idea?
>> No. 6759
File 137625987268.jpg - (42.52KB , 575x323 , Meatball4.jpg )

Based off an episode of Teen Titans Go
>> No. 6763
File 137628430373.png - (138.42KB , 535x900 , commission__elloe_by_idle_minded-d6ho46o.png )
Fuck, bump limit
>> No. 6764
Damn, already? That was fast.
>> No. 6765
File 137631724738.png - (2.31MB , 2250x1500 , big_daisy_and_minnie_fans_by_ray_norr-d6hr38m.png )
>> No. 6767
File 137632937548.jpg - (304.27KB , 1194x783 , 1376314565167.jpg )
Well yeah, when a thread gets clogged up with pics of one particular character *cough cough VELMA cough* or pics that one could easily obtain from deviantart (Like Ray-Norr's stuff), no matter how shit the pics may be (unlike Ray-Norr's stuff), then the bump limit gets hit quicker.
>> No. 6768
File 137633253470.jpg - (50.91KB , 600x425 , Ivys_revenge_final_by_theJiggly.jpg )
There's not enough fat Harley Quinn.
>> No. 6769
Do you just treat this thread as your personal blog and are oblivious to everything else going on around you?
>> No. 6770
Look, just go to tumblr and post your pictures there, then you won't have people giving you shit.
>> No. 6771
atleast he posts content unlike that stupid worthless faggot super aggro crag man that guy he is such a weiner i hope he slams his big flappy butt cheeks in a car door
>> No. 6774
This guy is even more annoying than you.
>> No. 6775
I honestly wonder what compels a person to strive to be an unlikable cunt.
>> No. 6776

Seems like you would know.
>> No. 6777

Seems like you would know.
>> No. 6778
File 137635369976.jpg - (221.31KB , 1024x1447 , madeleine_fat_by_eishiban-d6ht52p.jpg )
I really like this picture, as well some of the artists other works. Anyone here have experience commissioning Eishiban? I got kind of gypped on the last commission I did so I'm leery of getting another from an artist I'm not familiar with.
>> No. 6780
Well I've commissioned Eishi twice for 4 pictures in total, just Cooking Mamas and the Splash Woman one. I can safely say that commissioning him was well worth it.

Pretty nice dude to deal with too, being fine with tuning-up a picture that was just a BBWchan sketch request, drawing immobiles, (he originally discouraged people from commissioning them) and then going as far as what could be described as a giant flesh mountain with a big arse. He even noted me sketches for evaluation, it's a small thing but not everyone does it so I always appreciate whoever does.
Not only that but with his improvements on drawing various visual styles to match the characters he's drawing lately I'd say he's even better to commission now than he was before!
>> No. 6781
I commissioned both that one and the Princess Amethyst one, and couldn't be happier with the results.

I've never commissioned anyone else so I don't know how the experience compares, but it's pretty much as easy as sending him a note on deviantart with what you want and then sending him money via paypal if he says "yes, I will draw that for you if you send me money via paypal."
>> No. 6782
File 137636507623.jpg - (171.63KB , 900x676 , charme_fat_by_eishiban-d49a8wk.jpg )
I commissioned this picture of Charme from Raqueteer. Not only was he willing to do it in the games style, and superimpose it like this, but he suggested it.

10/10 would commission in the future.
>> No. 6783
File 137637851435.png - (85.33KB , 453x397 , BigsRf.png )
>>6778 I commissioned from Eishi the two MLP Luna pictures he did. He was nothing but courteous and cordial to deal with. He has a knack for delivering what you asked for while in some way or another exceeding it. I would definitely commission him again for a third Luna piece, but alas, I have no money with which to do so.
>> No. 6784
File 137639802918.png - (137.11KB , 576x324 , tumblr_mq7w2i6Cza1rfg10do1_1280.png )
anyone thought trina riffin (grojband) was gonna eat the entire chocolate diamond and gain like a million pounds.
>> No. 6785
Autism guy
I told you on /co/ to do this in a community for it, and you are so thank you for that. But stop trying to pass off your desperate need for WG of this girl as curiosity, just man up and say you want to talk about fat pink haired girl.
Also don't bother hinting to artists they should draw fat of she, it's just really obnoxious.
>> No. 6787
File 137642416930.jpg - (104.94KB , 500x525 , Sue_Storm___bigger___.jpg )
I see the assholes are out in full force today. Let's enjoy the fat girl pics and try to get along.
>> No. 6788
File 137642725688.png - (98.84KB , 700x700 , mary ann lines.png )
A work in progress from Idle minded... Anyone remember this show?
>> No. 6789
File 137642735442.png - (854.02KB , 1600x1131 , old_is_new___bounty_of_mother_earth.png )
>> No. 6790
a fukken fat of the best dragon's dogma

son of a bitch, commissioner, you a cool guy
>> No. 6796
File 137645243741.gif - (406.69KB , 500x281 , 135744506670.gif )
Dammit, Gnightrocks, when are you gonna open up for commissions? I need some more Fatsona 4, man.
>> No. 6797
It's times like this I regret that all my interactions with this community are anonymous, since now people can't be all "Hey, you're that cool guy who requests the good commissions, YOU SHOULD COMMISSION OVERDONE SUBJECT X FOR ME AND PAY FOR IT YOURSELF and actually maybe I don't regret it all that much.

But seriously, there was only one fat Madeleine pic and it was completely unfappable so something had to be done.
>> No. 6798
File 137646228398.jpg - (1.45MB , 2880x3864 , commission___chrysalis_clean_version_by_grim_kun-d.jpg )
>>6797 Well thanks for commissioning her. That is my absolute ideal figure for a big gal, and now that it's out there, I have a reference for my own pictures to do. (I'm shugamri.deviantart.com btw.)

Speaking of that, anybody got any requests they'd like to see drawn? Baring the pink-haired girl from Grojband, as I don't draw underaged gals. Want to try and get back into the swing of things with BBW art.
>> No. 6801
I don't think Gnightrocks ever has been the commission type, and ever will be. It was just a good-natured goof on B-Mage's part to mention it in the OP.
>> No. 6803
File 137649308080.jpg - (24.32KB , 444x444 , 520660_1282334197811_full.jpg )
Jin from Avatar: The Last Airbender?

With an appetite and figure like hers, I'm surprised there's not any WG stuff of her.
>> No. 6806
>>6803 What episode was Jin in? I can't actually remember. (Though like I said, no underage characters please.)
>> No. 6807
Tales of Ba Sing Se.
>> No. 6810
File 137654670758.png - (47.57KB , 500x344 , tumblr_inline_mld1om6v7J1qz4rgp.png )
well, blubberdots has been deleted

it's too bad since there aren't enough people drawing freckled, fat women
>> No. 6812
then you do it
>> No. 6813
I would if I wasn't stuck in this artistic slump of mine. The more I try to sketch, the more it looks like crap. And the more it looks like crap, I continue to lose the will to keep drawing...It's a vicious cycle
>> No. 6818
I remember that the artist Simon once drew a fat girl sketch...

Does anybody have this sketch...? I think I might have saved it, but damned if I know where...
>> No. 6834
File 137672929393.jpg - (60.47KB , 567x678 , Water_Fountain.jpg )
Dude that's awesome! DO you have a DA or something where we can see more?
>> No. 6836
File 137674211989.png - (578.72KB , 1280x1280 , 1376530452395[1].png )
>There will never be a Homestuck fanfiction so crazy that all the girls get obese and brainwashed from eating too much sopor slime

It's a crime against the fandom, I tells ya
>> No. 6839
File 137674260680.png - (400.32KB , 1280x1065 , 1376602860247[1].png )
>Soft vore

Totally worth a fat Nepeta
>> No. 6848
I think she is just pregnant man.
>> No. 6855

What IS the stance on vore in this thread? Does it belong or does another thread need to be made?

Asking because I recently drew something, and I was thinking about sharing it, but I didn't wanna get chewed out if it wasn't permitted.
>> No. 6857
I'd make your own thread, just to be safe.
>> No. 6862

Eh... nevermind. I don't wanna have that responsibility.
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