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File 135568880075.png - (1.30MB , 1280x720 , cit├ęs d'or intro.png )
46172 No. 46172
Season 2 will be airing in the first half of 2013. The first two episodes were shown last week and posted online. They can be watched for another 3 days, then they should be taken down:

I'm not going to reupload the videos, but I made subtitles for the first episode. Just save the file linked below as a .ass with the same file name as the video and in the same folder and load it in your favorite video player if it doesn't show up automatically.

I'm going to sub the second episode as well if no one does it in the meantime. Could be done tonight but we'll see. I'm not making any commitment for the rest of the series, so anyone wanting to put a team together is welcome to do it in this thread.

This first release does not include the intro and documentaries, so you can get the actual story earlier. I will add them later if there is demand for them. Encoders and reuploaders are welcome, but because of this you might want to wait a bit before spreading torrents and such that may be outdated in a few days.

I'm not a native English speaker and this is only my third time subbing anything, so comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!
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>> No. 46174
downloading the video right now so I don't know if it will work but thanks for the effort either way.
>> No. 46179
Absolutely awesome! I've literally been waiting for this since I was a kid, and thanks to you, I could watch the first episode and know what was going on. Thanks a lot, Anon!
>> No. 46180
File 135573764027.png - (849.81KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-12-17-01h23m54s134.png )
I live to serve. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this for ages, and I'm glad I can help some of them enjoy it.

Here is episode 2:

The same comments as above apply. I'll work on the intro, and perhaps documentaries, sometime this week.

Until then, I just have to share this. For posterity.
>> No. 46181
Fantastic! Thank you so much!

I can't believe this thread hasn't gotten more attention yet. There are so many people who love this show.
>> No. 46182
Fantastic! One of my favourite cartoons of all time and it looks magnificent. I can't wait to get home and watch it. Thank you so much! I can keep my inner ouiabeaux sated until the next season of Wakfu comes along.
>> No. 46183
File 135581996352.jpg - (121.16KB , 500x383 , le_whut.jpg )
>Thank you so much!

Woah! That was a weird hivemind psionic double-post there. How did that happen?
>> No. 46186
Wait, I thought you could get this off of bakabt.
Both the English and Japanese dubs/subs.
>> No. 46187
> it looks magnificent
I don't know, the backgrounds are great but the amount of aliasing on the characters is unsettling. Maybe it's just the files TFOU put up though, and it looks better on TV.
>> No. 46188
That was season 1 from the 80s. This is the brand new season 2.

I don't think bakabt has the show in Japanese. To my knowledge, no one's ever subbed the Japanese version in its entirity. Which is a shame, because the Japanese version has scenes the French/English versions don't (and vice versa, oddly).
>> No. 46189
I was talking of the show itself, rather than the image quality. I thought the shift to 3D was a bit unsettling at first, but if anything it looks more polished and expressive than ever. I'm looking forward to more.
>> No. 46190
File 135602765167.jpg - (20.91KB , 493x348 , SadBirch.jpg )

>sorry, this video isn't available in your country!

I finally feel the pain of a non-American. It's not a good feel.
>> No. 46191

Anon proxies FTW!
>> No. 46193
Here's my little contribution to the project: I've reuploaded the raw episodes to a file sharing website.

Ep.1 => https://hotfile.com/dl/185486341/1cafb69/Mysterious_Cities_Of_Gold_S2E01_(Raw).mp4.html
Ep.2 => https://hotfile.com/dl/185495161/1d7426e/Mysterious_Cities_Of_Gold_S2E02_(Raw).mp4.html
>> No. 46208

Hey thanks. Do you know when episode 3 will come up? Marathoned the whole series earlier this week, so I'm all caught up to speed.

It's a shame it hasn't seemed to generate much interest on regular /co/
>> No. 46209
>when episode 3 will come up
No official date yet, these 2 first episodes were just a preview.
The rest of the series *should* air by spring 2013.
>> No. 46614
So...when is the next episode, anyway? Anyone know?
>> No. 46615
Not finding much, but someone who's seen the first three episodes in Angouleme says there are only 9 episodes ready for broadcast (that was on Feb 4). They won't give any date but they said they have work until June at least to wrap everything up (which doesn't mean they won't start airing what they have before then).

Other clues point at April or end of March at best. Namely, they're releasing mangas and a Blu-ray edition of the first season, so from a marketing standpoint it would make sense to combine that hype with the official start of season 2.
>> No. 46637
Just wanted to say, thanks for translating these - you're going good work.
This is wonderful, really (if you're the one from /co/ when we walked about it a while ago, I was one of the people who wanted to see it done)
>> No. 46640
If you're talking about the one where two or three people said they were working on subs separately but were never heard of again, then yes I was in that one. I can't promise I'll keep at it, though, I mostly wanted to help get the ball rolling. I'm somewhat surprised there hasn't been more attention directed at this, but then again I'm not a regular visitor of /co/ so maybe I missed something. People in that thread seemed pretty excited but I haven't seen anything since.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment. It's always easier to work on those kind of things when there's people showing interest.
>> No. 46780
Episode 3 is going to be aired on 24th March on La Trois. Any chance to get subtitles? ;)
>> No. 46781
If someone rips the episode, I'll probably translate it. Still not making promises for ETA or whether I'll keep at it, though. The end of the month is lining up to be pretty busy.
>> No. 46782
I can offer to help out, but all I need is a French dictation (I can only read and write French, I'm terrible at comprehending it in speech.)
>> No. 46783
Well I could stick to transcription then, if you're confident in your translation skill. Sure would save me a bunch of time to do just half (if that) of the work, which would in turn make a long-term participation more likely on my part.

If we had someone for timing, that'd be even better. But failing that I can probably take care of it while you translate.
>> No. 46784
If someone rips the episode, which I'm sure of, I'll upload it somewhere else and share it with you all. Unfortunately, I could help only with that...
>> No. 46792
Rather confident! The dialogue hasn't been particularly tough so far (nothing quite like Wakfu and its puns, for example...)

E-mail's in the e-mail field, drop me a line sometime.
>> No. 46793
E-mail sent. I'll be "Pollo" from now on.

I'll be counting on you to find and link the video, then. If you get it Sunday I should be able to do the transcription on the same day.

As a reminder, if anyone's willing to do subs, jump in. I'm not terribly good at them and if they end up on my plate, I'll try to do them quick and dirty.
>> No. 46795
>I'll try to do them quick and dirty.
Well, I can try to do them slow and clean.
Emphasis on slow.

Count me in for the next episode.
I can't tell about the rest of the season, though.
>> No. 46796
Allocine announced the third episode for sunday, April 7th.
The series will be aired twice a week, on wednesdays and sundays

>> No. 46807
Consider it done! And 7th April is the release date of TF1. ;)
>> No. 46809
Is there a sub file for episode 2 ?

(Still figuring how to get the tripcode right...)
>> No. 46811
It's in the fourth post.

Twice a week? Oh shit, I'm glad we got some back up, I definitely woudn't have kept this up on my own.
>> No. 46812
>fourth post
Ok, now I definitely look like an idiot !

>I'm glad we got some back up
Maybe they'll air the same episode on sunday and the next wednesday ? Wait and see.
>> No. 46813
>Twice a week
A new episode on sundays, and its rerun on wednesdays.
Not 2 new epsiodes a week.
>> No. 46843
One day before its official premiere, episode 3 is already out. And as I promised, here's a link to it => http://depositfiles.com/files/l2jjedykv Enjoy! ;)
>> No. 46850

Thanks. Is anyone planning to sub it?
>> No. 46851
Thanks Rambo. I'll probably watch it tonight out of curiosity, but the transcription will come tomorrow as planned.

As you can see above, we now have a transcriber, translator and subber, with Rambo doing the dirty work finding and reuploading the episodes. So yeah, it should be done in a few days.
>> No. 46893
The Mysterious Cities of Gold Season 2 Episode 3.
Including french and english subs thanks to the team.

>> No. 46894
I've just realized I messed up the video resolution during the encoding.
Sorry for that.
The proper file is coming soon.
>> No. 46897
The file was OK.
I mixed up things between ep 2 and 3.

The hotfile link is still valid, here's the new yandex one :
>> No. 46898
Well done, mates! ;)) Now I can start translating into Bulgarian as I did for the previous 2 episodes. ;)) Thank you and keep the good work! ;))
>> No. 46902
Can you put a link up for just the subs, since some people already have the video.
>> No. 46904

English subs : http://pastebin.com/2YP6kfi3
French subs : http://pastebin.com/an7cz6DG
>> No. 46905

I see you missed translating the episode title near the beginning.

Are you going to translate the bonus footage at the end, just wondering.
>> No. 46909
I was going to leave them out, but now that I'm no longer translating, I could write them down for Doc if she wants me to.
>> No. 46912
Whoops. "The Secret of the Drum" if you need it for file names and such. Will be sure to include those in the rest of the episodes.

If everyone else is interested, I don't see why not!
>> No. 46949
Episode 4 => http://depositfiles.com/files/nhghm6l73 ;)
>> No. 46950
Thanks Rambo. I don't think I can get to it until Monday, just to let everyone know.
>> No. 46967
Someone from the goldlist has ripped the first 7 eps (raw) from Swiss TV and so thanks to the translations here we now have some hard subbed/and .srt versions of the first 3 eps. Please keep the fantastic translations coming as they are much appreciated

EP1: http://depositfiles.com/files/dpv2dbg6d
EP2: http://depositfiles.com/files/3wlj2t2ym
EP3: http://depositfiles.com/files/fbmmbj693
EP4: http://depositfiles.com/files/ar9r518w4
EP5: http://depositfiles.com/files/rhi3radpx
EP6: http://depositfiles.com/files/sy4svp24f
EP7: http://depositfiles.com/files/fjhi0mfz2

Let me know if you are not on the yahoo mcog list and want the links to the srt/hard sub eps

>> No. 46968
Someone from the goldlist has ripped the first 7 eps (raw) from Swiss TV and so thanks to the translations here we now have some hard subbed/and .srt versions of the first 3 eps. Please keep the fantastic translations coming as they are much appreciated

EP1: http://depositfiles.com/files/dpv2dbg6d
EP2: http://depositfiles.com/files/3wlj2t2ym
EP3: http://depositfiles.com/files/fbmmbj693
EP4: http://depositfiles.com/files/ar9r518w4
EP5: http://depositfiles.com/files/rhi3radpx
EP6: http://depositfiles.com/files/sy4svp24f
EP7: http://depositfiles.com/files/fjhi0mfz2

Let me know if you are not on the yahoo mcog list and want the links to the srt/hard sub eps

>> No. 46969
I'd rather wait for the belgium TV rips (1024x576) or even the next to be released french TV rips (1280x720).
One sure thing : I'm not timing one episode three diffent times.
Just speaking for myself.
>> No. 46996
That's completely understandable.
>> No. 46999
Which episode is airing this week over there? Is it episode 4 or is that the one that someone is translating now and episode 5 is airing this Sunday?
>> No. 47000
Episode 4 being translated
Episode 5 airing on belgian TV
Episode ?? airing on french TV
>> No. 47001
Thanks. Its' hard to keep track from Aus. I know someone said the first 20 eps are available and they have ripped them from the TF1 website, but I assume they are low res.
>> No. 47008
Episode 1 confirmed for tomorrow on french Channel TF1.
>> No. 47022
File 136549084641.png - (3.21MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2013-04-09-08h54m55s229.png )
Episode 1 now in delicious HD with both english and french subs :

I hope you'll enjoy it.
>> No. 47023
Episode 5 => http://depositfiles.com/files/y7fzm27he
>> No. 47042
The previous HD version of episode 1 is glitchy and the french subs show a certain lack of rigor.
Here is a superiior ep1, still HD.

>> No. 47069
File 136618843075.png - (1.37MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2013-04-17-10h49m08s78.png )
HD 1080 release of Mysterious Cities of Gold - season 2 episode 2.
English subs and french transcript.

>> No. 47074
@ Dartagnan, thank you very much for providing the episodes in full HD quality :)
>> No. 47081
Thanks for the HD version :).

Is there any chance you can put the files in the future on a dropbox account or something like that as sites like Depositfiles can be headaches to download from.

I have to use getright to ensure I can resume, and it takes a whole day of continually restarting/going thru the captcha, countdown, etc to successfully download the file.

A free account is 2GB. I don't mind hosting any files or creating a share folder in my account for you if you need somewhere to store things as I have a large account, but there are many more stable websites that do storage ala Dropbox.

Here is an example folder if you want to test download/speed times (Click on the lines to get a more detailed view of the contents of the folder):

Thanks again for the English subs and files so far :)
>> No. 47109
>thank you very much
Glad you like that, Estaban ;)

>Thanks for the HD version :)
Glad to know people enjoy it.

>dropbox account
I've sent you an email to find a solution with you.
>> No. 47110
Is MEGA an alternative for y'all ?

>> No. 47112
@Dartagnan - I'm just about to reply to your email

The mega cloud service seems to be a good option. I am having fast response times from the link you posted, and a free account is 50GB which is as good as that new Tresorit site.

Apparently Mega works better with Chrome which is fine for me. It would be good to have some feedback from others re. download times/speed.

Thumbs up from me anyway. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into the capture and subs :)
>> No. 47113
Please add Doc, Pollo and Rambo to your thank list :)
>> No. 47114
Thanks again to D'artagnan, Doc, Pollo and Rambo.

Your work is MUCH appreciated :)
>> No. 47119
I haven't had a chance to try MEGA yet. Trying episode 1 right now and I'm getting a fairly consistent speed at 1.3 MB/s (I can go up to 2.1 MB/s at most). Seems to be causing my Firefox to lag pretty badly, though. As I type this the text isn't keeping up on-screen.
>> No. 47124
That makes your dl about 6 minutes for one episode.
Worth making FF lagging a bit, dontcha think ? :)
>> No. 47126
Actually, the download just stopped at 60% and I didn't retry since I don't actually need the file. Just wanted to get more feedback out there.
>> No. 47127
Chrome is the most ideal browser to download from Mega with.

IE kept stopping at 70% and FF not much better.

Both of them were still better speed wise than depositfiles but I didn't know whether that was anything to do with me being close to the New Zealand servers.
>> No. 47130
I use an add on for FireFox called DownThemAll! It works great, much better than just downloading in FireFox. Try it.
>> No. 47146
Anyone ever tried JDownloader with Mega ?
>> No. 47165
@ Dartagnan, hello, are you going to release the episode 3? can't wait to see it, best regards :)
>> No. 47167
Yes sir !
I'm in the process of re-timing the subs to the HD version.
A busy week prevented me from finishing it so far.
I'll keep you posted.
>> No. 47169
@ Dartagnan, thank you very much, I also trying to record the show, but when I play the video it's choppy, I don't know why? during the show no choppy but when you play the recording !!
>> No. 47197
Please, send me link if you get any Engish subtites!
I have the first three!
Thank you!
>> No. 47200
I have the 4th episode in full HD, I managed successfully to record from TF1 !
>> No. 47205
HD 1080 release of Mysterious Cities of Gold - season 2 episode 3, including english subs and french transcript.



For those who don't want to DL the video, find the following standalone subs.

English Subtitles :

French transcription :
>> No. 47206
@ Dartagnan, many many many thanks, you are the best :)
>> No. 47207
It's all about teamwork !
Anthony joined the team and translated the documentary part for this third episode.
>> No. 47208
Golden Thanks, ALL of You !!!

And can Somebuddy translate the Intro Song in English?
Also.. The Documentary parts of Episodes 1 and 2?

Even only english text sentences, I can do timing for subs.

:P . S . 1st Season, 39 episodes, Came out on BluRay this Month in France.
Is there somewhere @ internet HD Rip-s of the Old series?
>> No. 47209
@ Dartagnan, why when I record from TF1 the outline of the characters is too thin, while yours too thick, the maximum option that I have is 1080i to record? and what program you use to create this beautiful quality? thank you all :)
>> No. 47213
The documentaries from episodes 1 and 2 are on the todo list.
I don't see any good reason not to add the sont on the list.

I capture the HD 1080p (50 fps) flux from TF1, I then encode it with handbrake.
The result is a 1080i (25 fps) compressed video file.
I'm no specialist and I don't know why your video is different.
>> No. 47230
I know a lot of you are busy translating ep 4 at the moment, but I was wondering if one of the French speakers on here could summarise in a sentence or so what they are saying in this video:


Someone told me that they have announced the making of a film/s separate from the TV series and they are leaving it up to the fans to decide whether it is animated/live action/motion animated. Is this what they are saying as the video is very long and mysterious and I can't figure out what the announcement was about exactly.

Thanks in advance
>> No. 47231
Well,here`s your answer:
He`s announcing officially the production of a live-action feature film version of the series.He points out that it might be several films in fact.He does mention that there was a poll last year asking the fans what kind of project they`d like to see and 60% wanted a live feature.That`s mostly it. :)
>> No. 47232
They talk about crowdfunding the movie(s) too.
>> No. 47234
You guys are doing Yeoman's work here. Seriously, thank you all so much. These HD copies are amazing. I'd almost prefer that you guys don't even bother the SD copies. But I know some prefer them. This series really does benefit from the HD though. That scene in the cave in E03 was amazing. Thanks again for the hard work you guys are putting in. It's very much appreciated.
>> No. 47236
Thanks! That was what I thought. I had noticed they had posted a link recently to an official website: http://mcg-themovie.com/fr

I also did a translate on the animeland article, but I am never quite sure how accurate the translation is.

I have mixed feelings of whether it should be live action or animated, but at the end of the day if it draws attention to the series in general it can't be bad.

Thanks again for the info/the episodes and the subs - much appreciated

>> No. 47245
So what's the schedule on the high def episodes? Are they airing once a week unlike the standard def ones? Is that why they're coming slower since we only have 3 of them and 7 of the standards? Anywhere to check a schedule so as to know around when they might be available?
>> No. 47247
For New episodes and video-formats, check this web-page.
Links are via sites like turbobit - slow DL speed but free.


--> Episode 8 is out !!
>> No. 47251
This website has links to rips of MCO Blu-Ray :

>> No. 47252
Slow filehost and ridiculously huge filesizes on the bluray makes me sad. Also it seems to be incomplete. I only see 35 episodes.
>> No. 47254
the last episodes will be add to the list, when they're ripped.

MCoG S01 Ep. 01-39
1080 Full HD videos ~ 1.7 GB.
free DL took 30 min./ep (+ captcha) + 20 min. waiting time for next file.

In fact.. old series are Remastered, noisy picture is made soft blured High Quality
>> No. 47257
@Gloripeace - we have rips up to episode 8 of the show, but not in high definition. The sub timings are being made against the highest quality (HD) versions.

I'm currently dumping all the vids available I can get my hands on in my dropbox for another group. There are also the making of vids from TF1 for those who cannot view them (outside of France): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y4umztc7rkspxv4/NtJRsucmZ9

At the end of the day, it will be great to have a full HD set of all the eps eventually. I'm really surprised that I haven't seen even an announcement re. the release of the second season bluray set.
>> No. 47258
Those S1 bluray episodes seem like they are blurry or something. I actually think the DVDs look better.
>> No. 47259
MCO2 - EP9: http://depositfiles.com/files/sbmv856k9
>> No. 47262
Hey Rambo, love the mp4 episodes you were uploading, do you have more after episode 5?
>> No. 47266
File 136804363989.png - (3.04MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2013-05-08-22h05m15s82.png )
HD 1080 release of Mysterious Cities of Gold - season 2 episode 4, including english subs and french transcript.


For those who don't want to DL the video, find the following standalone subs.

English Subtitles :

French transcript :
>> No. 47267
@ Dartagnan, many many thanks for this great work :)
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