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File 130653094131.jpg - (99.39KB , 850x500 , 126345757446.jpg )
39291 No. 39291
Supposedly, the first time the basic idea for this project sprung up was in November 2009. Since then, it has fallen apart several times to the point that this is probably not actually a "third time."

The basic idea is to make a revision and sometimes complete rewrite of the events of Digimon Adventures and Digimon Adventure 02 to create a single unified narrative, as there are massive continuity problems and huge differences in style and theme between two series that have created a massive divide in the fan base.

For obvious reasons there should be no new protagonists and no new fan-made Digimon. As this is an English-based project, there will need to be proper localization so as to not randomly and inconsistently insert Japanese words or phrases.

Until a definitive staff is worked out, all ideas and contributions are welcome.
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>> No. 39293
For Adventure, this is the basic narrative we are looking at:

File Island (Devimon) > Server Continent (Etemon) > Reunification > Return home (Myotismon) > Final Campaign (Dark Masters)

Nice and simple. Our primary objective is to iron out the continuity issues created by the improvisations prompted by the series's extensions. An example would be the later implication of Devimon's relationship to the Dark Masters to explain the hiding of the Tags and Crests.

For Adventure Zero Two, the narrative is a bit more convoluted (it's hard even trying to break it down into definite arcs) and will need a great deal of revision.

Liberation (Emperor) > Spire Confusion (Arukenimon/Mummymon) > Stones (BlackWarGreymon) > World Tour (this was outright shameless filler) > Daemon Corps > Oikawa's Dream (MarshmallowMyotismon)

This will require some more serious thinking to fix this continuity snarl, both in its contradiction to Adventure's continuity and to internal contradictions as well.
>> No. 39295
Many solutions for the Zero Two issue have been proposed in the past. Here, I will attempt to categorize them into three main groups.

This approach is largely based leaving in the simple basic aspects of plot and focusing on improving it through ironing out the most obvious examples of discontinuity and improving the characters and setting through re-interpretations of set pieces and characters and more thorough explorations as the medium allows.

This approach sounds oddly specific but seems surprisingly popular. The great majority of the early portions of Zero Two, specifically the Liberation Arc against the Emperor/Kaizer, is left in with minimal changes. Afterwards, the rest of the plot is taken into an entirely new direction. This is done because the majority of the convolutions and discontinuities appear after the Liberation Arc, and many criticisms of the series are focused on the later portions (though of course there are still a few hints of continuity discrepancies in the early portions.) This is the approach past attempts of this project have taken.

Throw almost everything out and start anew. For example, instead of introducing the new protagonists of Zero Two, focus solely on the original eight protagonists of Adventure and go from there. Or, as another example, introduce the new protagonists but attempt an approach similar to that of Tamers (commonly seen as a spiritual successor to the original Adventure), focusing on the characters and the consequences of interactions between separate worlds.
>> No. 39934
If one will forgive the heresy, I propose that we adopt a "Radicalist" approach with regard to Zero Two by modifying its plot to loosely follow that of Digimon Tamers, which is widely regarded as a spiritual successor to Digimon Adventure.
>> No. 40110
So is this a comic book script you're thinking about writing, or a straight narrative? I'd love to be on the writing side of things, I've always wanted to explore the back stories of the original eight kids, flesh out personalities, motivations and such. Also as far as season two goes I vote for a radicalism approach as well, nuke from orbit and start over.
>> No. 40139
Whether comic script or narrative is probably going to come down to who actually signs up to make this "project." The whole thing's been a mess since the original guys just up and vanished around a year ago or so. If you want to get in on this, please do.

Hell, if anyone wants to be "project lead" or something and organize all this, please volunteer so this can move up from being a failed pipe dream and start actually becoming something again.
>> No. 40147
It sounds like a good idea, in theory, but will anyone be able to sit down and take the time to construct a new plot or create new characters. Unless one wants to go with the idea of focusing on the original eight. Also, "no new protagonists" as stated above.

Could use the three that were already there and use them for a more Tamer-esque approach. Also so this time nothing gets lost, someone should save this stuff.
>> No. 40155
It wouldn't be too hard to import the original 02 characters into such a role. Many fans have noted that Li Jianliang helping Takato adjust to life as a Tamer was essentially a much better and more thoroughly explored rendition of the three new characters in 02 being introduced to the Digital World. Quite a few fans even go so far as to say Takeru/TK was a prototype of Jianliang.
>> No. 40157
Alright guys it's been six months since I last visited this thing...

Is there ANY work being done or is it stil development stage STILL??

I mean I get that most of yopu guys probably came from /m/ so that's to be expected...(looks at SRW:E, which had to be done from SCRATCH)

Come on, at least tell me there's writefaggotry being done??
>> No. 40181
Sorry if you got the wrong idea man, but this very much still in development hell because, well, there are no developers at this point.

This thing needs writers. It needs artists. It needs some designers and organizers who can actually take charge. Someone needs to stand up and say "I will take responsibility for this as a project lead."
>> No. 40213
Point taken and is an appealing idea. Of course it would have to more than just an import though, since the three new guys have rather different personalities than the Tamers kids.

... Also if anyone else out there who has been following this since almost the beginning would like to contribute, please feel free. This project has died and revived more times than I'd personally like.

So far, there's one in favor of taking the second season in a radical approach. Does anyone else agree of disagree to the idea or just want a revision like all the other times before? A constructive response from more than two to four people would be nice and would get us moving in some sort of direction.
>> No. 40227
File 131103715645.jpg - (183.57KB , 566x800 , 1307471320914.jpg )
While this project is pretty much stuck in development hell, you can tide yourself over with the fact that a guy called Kiarou is working on his own interpretation of Adventure re-imagined as a comic. The attached picture is a piece of his he posted to get feedback on. You can try to get into contact with him at http://kiarou.deviantart.com/
I offered to collaborate with him briefly, but it seems he's got things under control on his end.

I myself am working on a Revisionist narrative of Zero Two. You can find the story as it is now at
There's not much to be proud of, but you can take a gander if you'd like. It's sort of a spin-off of an earlier iteration of this very project. A friend of my who'd been keeping track of an older thread got frustrated with the lack of progress and asked me to write a Zero Two exclusive narrative based on a few of his ideas (and from the looks of it a few ideas he stole; he never distinguished between them in our conversations). I've been working on it ever since. While I'd also like to help out here in the project proper, I've got so much on my plate I can barely work on the above Zero Two exclusive story, so I won't be able to take a permanent role or anything here. I mean I can do some small things on a case by case basis if I'm asked to do so, but I can't make an obligation or anything.
>> No. 40289
The most pressing matter by far, before even discussing which proposed solution to the Zero Two problem to use, is the establishment of a proper staff. So far we only have one guy who says he can do case-by-case work but can't even make a commitment.

I seriously wonder what happened to all the old guys who were seriously talking about being on a staff. They seem to have all vanished.
>> No. 40373
File 131224041275.jpg - (694.94KB , 3128x1875 , 1312240173998.jpg )
Still no team huh?

Happy August 1st
>> No. 40474
It's doubtful you'll get one. Fan projects like these are time consuming and with no real reward at the end besides "hey, nice job!"
>> No. 40478
It's more than that. No one even wants to claim ownership of the project.

Bloody thing's cursed I tell you.
>> No. 40481
Wasn't Onmi the head of that previous project?

Speaking of that project, they had some nice ideas. I don't agree with the whole Darker & Edgier aspect of it (that's one of the reasons I hate that Story We Never Told re-telling), but the rest was fairly nice. Such as replacing Apocalymon with the Seven Great Demon Lords and how the lot of the latter half of 02 would be handled.

As stated, by one Anon, he's doing an 02 re-write based around a lot of it and myself and others quite enjoy it.
>> No. 40543
Here's another radical idea that might be considered blasphemy here: Why not cut out the refinement of Adventure and cut straight to doing a better Adventure 02? Adventure is already pretty damn good already, and the idea of having to transcribe it to written/drawn form with only superficial changes is probably a huge mental block that discourages people from wanting to work on the project.
>> No. 40544
Wait, this Onmi?


If so he got a fuck load better than when he was writing for this project (though he still can't seem to nail down that whole 'update' thing)
>> No. 40545
Oh god I think that really is him.

Nice to know he dropped this thing for a Harry Potter story that never updates...
>> No. 40546
And after some digging, apparently for a Fire Emblem Hack he DOES regularly update. So he just starts a million things and never finishes them it seems.
>> No. 40547
At least he has something to show for that. With the previous Adventure re-write he just had some ideas and character bios.

I'm not sure how that'd be considered blasphemey. The only thing that I can think of being wrong with Adventure was Apocalymon appearing out of nowhere.

Not sure what anyone else might think though.
>> No. 40760
If anyone's seriously interested in doing something, I could use a few editors/readers to look over some preliminary stuff. Just provide an email address if you're interested.
>> No. 42149
Chimeramon observed the light with interest, and growled as if its hunger had suddenly become unbearable. For a moment, the foul monster only watched the golden light, not moving. It was as if it had became enamored with its own thought, as if its twisted mind was thinking about how it would have loved nothing more than to swallow up the light to appease its own growing dark desires.
But the monster was not the only one who took notice of the light. Kari and the rest approached the edge of the door and looked out at the golden light. Their Digimon partners felt the surge of energy, and soon they were in their Rookie levels once again. The kids felt their D-Terminals vibrate, and they opened them to find their Digimentals seemingly brimming with energy.
>> No. 43356
Welp, the 02 Fanon that was in the works is gone entirely. From the last thing I saw the author was going through some shit and today I found the blog taken down.

Damn shame too, it was well worth the read.
>> No. 43361
The last post on the blog was from December, and read:
>The Project is now on indefinite hiatus. Don't expect anything new for at least four months. Potentially longer. For this, I apologize.

Now the whole thing's been killed. That's a huge shame.
>> No. 43364
I saw that, but hitting Google one of the links mentioned something about a cancellation and that's all I could get.

Looks like we're stuck with what we got with the series.
>> No. 43490
Huh... the blog's back up.
>> No. 43571
The blog going down for a while had to do with some background drama that none of the involved parties would like to remember, and the less I say about that the better.
>> No. 43572
To be honest, if the drama has nothing to do with the reimagining then it's not worth discussing at all.
>> No. 43623
Groovy. For a moment I thought I'd have to go back to reading that Darker & Edgier Story We Never Told.
>> No. 44670
As well as IWill's blog coming back (and all was right in the world) there's some other 02 re-write thing being made. I'm not sure what to think of it aside from it being radically different.
>> No. 45656
File 134535064696.jpg - (57.89KB , 350x350 , 1276803270462.jpg )
If it helps, I was in the original threads, and still have most of the ideas discussed saved on a flashdrive. Post by post format, including date, time, and post number.
Should I post anything specific?

Also, what happened to using the 7 Demon Lords?
>> No. 45695
I know for a fact that IWill's story is building up to a Seven Demon Lords plot and that he's not dead despite his long hiatus.
>> No. 45894
ATTENTION: Anyone and Everyone, post anything and everything that has been made (writing, art, ESPECIALLY ART, etc.) for this just so we can all see where we stand. From there I will start trying to organize it and put it all together.
>> No. 45910
Here's the old thread https://plus4chan.org/boards/coc/res/21357.html

And my two cents on what the mega evolutions should be

S1 evolutions
War Greymon, Metal Garurumon, Phoenixmon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Rosemon, Plesiomon, Seraphimon and Magnadramon.

S2 evolutions
Victory Greymon, Zeed Garurumon, Ornismon, Tyrant Kabuterimon, Lotusmon, Vikemon, Goldramon/Goddramon and Ophanimon.
>> No. 46133
I thought Hikari's and Takeru's Mega's were staying the same. Don't recall if Magnadramon was being used or not though.

And once again it looks like Individual Will's projects are on a big hiatus. The first one was just getting into Ken and possibly Ryo's backstory too.

The other while strangely different has got me hoping for more as the disappearance of the majority of the original cast has got me hella curious.
>> No. 46810
Necroposting, away!

Is there anything going on or does anyone still interested have to settle with what's available?

On another note, I've been reading http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7735299/1/The-Call which I found on WiththeWill forums and it's been pretty good so far. Only up to chapter 39. Might be something to look at for some inspiration for the Dark Ocean arc should this ever get that far.
>> No. 47149
Does anyone have any artwork they'd be willing to donate?
>> No. 47177
File 136700367197.gif - (1.85KB , 200x144 , spiderdrawing.gif )
>> No. 47181
Are you sure you're ready to part with something of this value? Once you give it, we can't send it back.
>> No. 47185
Lucky 7mon needs a good home!
>> No. 47275
Well, it's got one now.

You can check out its new home in a couple months.
>> No. 47276
Well, it's got one now.

You can check out its new home in a couple months.
>> No. 47621
Anyone have that image of the Chosen Children with their Crests branded to their skin?

Can't seem to find it in the previous thread.
>> No. 47897
Yeah, sorry, decided not to use that art after all.

>> No. 48033
For Adventure, I wouldn't change much, just fine tune the kids so they feel more three-dimensional and not the "token x character" they were in the original.

02, on the other hand, would pretty much need to see it's group overhauled so they aren't the lame jokes they've become to so many fans.
>> No. 48211
The idea to make the villains more signifigant to the overhaul plot is nice. And give the Dark Masters some foreshadowing is nice.

In the novel they're mentioned in passing at the end of chapter one, and...I have yet to finish chapter two. SkullGreymon was fucking scary.
>> No. 48213
The official light novels are nice and all, but honestly they feel kind of limited in scope. They're really for established fans who've already seen Adventure.

In my attempt at creating a prose narrative of Adventure 02, I've tried to at least make it somewhat understandable to follow for someone less familiar with the source material. The downside of that of course is that the resulting narrative is longer and it takes longer to write. 130,000 words at roughly 1/4 of the way through, and estimated time of completion is in another three years. So yeah, I'll be looping back to create a prose narrative adaptation of the original Adventure in 2017, assuming I don't die before then.
>> No. 48368
That's...good God if it were anything like what this thread is for (unless I misunderstand what you're writing), I'd say you're doing God's work.

As for the novels, I mention them as another form of inspiration is always good. While omitting a number of things, they also expanded on some things even if only a little bit. Such as Etemon & Vamdemon working together and the implication that the Sovereigns were partnered with the first group of Digidestined.
>> No. 48711
So, I just got linked to this thread a few minutes ago.
I'd really be interested in making something happen with this.
I guess, to get a little meta, what's the endgame for this?
A fan thing, fanfiction we read on line?
Or have it become an "official" thing?

I mean, if this is all going to end up as some fan fiction, what is the point exactly?

I think if we really get it together, we can take this to Bandai and have it turned into a "legit" anime or manga.

That being said, I think the re-telling/alt universe aspect will work best....so we should start from the bottom up.

For Adventure; the Minimalist approach is best; but we shouldn't hold ourselves to keeping things the same if it will improve the story/scenarios.

For 02....I don't think it needs to be nuked entirely, but I do believe it requires alot of work.
I think the revision of 02 should be "inspired" by the original; I hate to see us just up and go in a completely different direction, but it does need to become "something else".
Also, jacking the tamers plot is cute, but lazy, and a disservice to Tamers.
We should determine the purpose of the series and start from there.

I always thought 02 should be further exploration of THAT digimon universe; and I guess the new 02 characters would be the vechicles on that journey.
02 should also be a sequel of sorts to Adventure...and for that to be the case, there must be unresolved or unexplained mysteries/plot threads from Adventure.
And then you have the relationship drama, etc etc.

Would we be overhauling the films as well?
I'd be willing to shepherd this project if their are /co/mrades still interested in doing something with it.
>> No. 48713
>I mean, if this is all going to end up as some fan fiction, what is the point exactly?
For fun, and as a service to fans.

>I think if we really get it together, we can take this to Bandai and have it turned into a "legit" anime or manga.
Ah ha ha. Certainly you cannot seriously think that could actually happen?
>> No. 48723
Nothing is impossible.
It's along shot, but if we made alot of noise and got Japan on our side, they'd humor us.
>> No. 48725
Have a product ready before you start dreaming of getting millions wanting that product.

But hey, if you want to take over, I'm all for it. I was getting bored of writing all by myself.
>> No. 48726
>I guess, to get a little meta, what's the endgame for this?
>A fan thing, fanfiction we read on line?
>Or have it become an "official" thing?

I'm usually here for the Wakfu shit, but in that time, I've gotten to know this place.
If you lurk long enough, you'll notice that some of the projects around here exist for no purpose other than to satisfy nerd libido. These are the ones which offer nothing but fap material/waifu gratification shrouded by a boring backstory, as though there weren't enough on the internet. The fans of these projects feign that it's just for fun, but they really stick around for pictures of their ORIGINAL WAIFU DO NOT STEAL. Fortunately, these projects seem to number in the minority.
See: Arthur & Hazel, Grieve-Tan, etc.

Other projects are just for the nerds, no libido needed. These projects are just for fun, but they're ultimately pointless, never producing anything noteworthy to those outside of the community or fandom. The people these projects appeal to are usually into them because they really like the original concept, and want to make elaborate fanfiction about it.
See: Carebirds, this thread, etc.

And the rest are actually productive projects, like the translation groups and that music thread. These are, in my opinion, the gold of this board. They're the projects which produce content that people actually want due to the law of supply/demand. There's a demand for the stuff, and this place supplies it.
See: Wakfu Subs, Minifig's European comic translation thread, etc.

Lurking long enough will also reveal that many people in this place have a hugbox mentality. I've never seen anyone get banned for criticism, but then again, I've never seen any criticism other than my own. Go figure. Anyways, you'll sometimes find people in denial over the quality of their work, with others behind them to support the poor quality of their work despite the fact that the work is of poor quality. Don't let this deter you, just feel free to point out any flaws in something, then keep rationalizing it. The thread will either die or improve, so it's a win-win for all who favor quality control in the end.
>> No. 48838
Well, shit. Even D2 is down, possibly gone the way of Adventure 2002.

Except the latter project has a whole one chapter still available, otherwise it's dunbar.

Maybe >>40478 was right about this thing being cursed.
>> No. 48900
Going to be honest, there doesn't seem to be enough general interest for it to be worth it anyways.
>> No. 48916
Yeah, I posted this on With the Will and the only response I got was that there isn't much point to it if a whole lot isn't going to be changed.

I may also suck at describing how the project is supposed to work.
>> No. 48926
Since D2 is gone, I might as well spoil what the general future plan of D2 Maximum was to be so anyone who actually cared can have some closure:

Ken would remain on his own for a fair bit, refusing to admit his past mistakes, and acting as a sort of rival and occasional ally against BlackWarGreymon. The climax would be the confrontation between the two, where Ken finally comes to terms with what he has done by realizing his own hand in BlackWarGreymon's creation. There was a planned "SkullGreymon" moment in the climax, but with Takeru as the one losing his temper upon seeing Ken and Wormmon killed and forcing a defeated Angemon to become NeoDevimon. Ken and Wormmon are reborn and GrandisKuwagamon defeats BlackWarGreymon.

And then the next phase starts off with a bang with the appearance of the older Adventure kids. They want to force the newer kids out of the Digital World and close the way between worlds permanently, arguing that intervention by the kids has only made things worse and separation is the better way for long term stability. BlackWarGreymon ends up becoming a secondary partner for Ken, who now joins up with the other newer kids fully. The majority of the rest is just the ongoing war of Chosen vs Chosen, with divided loyalties and the influence of the Dark Ocean thrown in the mix, and focus on the themes of generation gaps (can the new generation surpass the old) and the morality of intervention.
>> No. 48929
BlackAgumon being Ken's other partner should've been well known. It was full blow confirmed on the blog when chapters were being posted there.

As for Ken's refusal to admit what he did, it seems pretty out there as previously he seemed to accept that he was the bad guy.
>> No. 49091
File 139002477789.png - (401B , 16x20 , tk.png )
Hey, random shot in the dark for what may very well be dead, but what about going the "lazy" route of sprite comics? After some initial investment of art asset creation, it should be pretty easy to put out content at a relatively quick rate.
>> No. 49173
A sprite comic seems more suitable for something that isn't likely to be such a long work.

Visuals is easy enough, but not so much the narrative. You'd end up with a novel still unless you really distill a lot of the elements from the main story.
>> No. 49177
You'd be sacrificing quality of work for ease of effort, which begs the question:
Do you want your fan project to be good, or are you willing to delude yourself with the hugbox?
>> No. 49212
We can't have both, can we?
>> No. 49469
fair enough.
I like having plans and goals in mind as I start, but yes, we do need to have a product before we try to do something big with it.

I don't know if I'd be that good with actual writing.
I can help alot with story structure and character traits.....editing I guess.
but the detailed writing isn't my thing, but I'm willing to pitch in and do what needs to be done.
can we setup some sort of site where we have mutual access?
would a google docs thing work?
are we willing to use our 'regular' email addresses?

>And the rest are actually productive projects
I'd like this project to fall under that header, which is why I think having a supreme goal in mind would be advantageous.
I dont have full context, since I'm unfamilar with what D2 is, but that sounds like alot of needless fanwank
>> No. 49820
D2 was a....let's say radical reimagining. I was skeptical at first, but I found it to be quite enjoyable. I especially liked how the author did the Dark Ocean arc. Shit was scary, yo.


And unlike Individual Will's project, the author of D2 was kind enough to leave the story up before nuking everything else.
>> No. 50082
D2 may not be fully dead. Last I heard the guy put it on hold to focus on some real-life stuff. Something about a PhD in physics.
>> No. 50084
Funny way of showing it. All posts on WtW are gone, posts on some other forum are gone, blog is taken down, and his bio on Fanfiction is erased.
>> No. 50386

Odd how I found this LONG AFTER someone did this, and, so far, liking this far better than the badness that was 02.

If only 02 was like this D2.
>> No. 50485
Made a thread on WtW here: http://withthewill.net/threads/13738-Digimon-Adventure-Reimagining?p=243679#post243679

Minimal interest in the project, but it doesn't help that there isn't a lot going on here. The previous thread features a lot to work with the only big problem is no one really wants to step up as writer.

And the last two people to take up writing for a project like this up and died or something.

>>40478 may have been right.
>> No. 50730
Repent, ye of little faith! D2 is not dead after all!

Too bad it sucks now.
>> No. 50734
What are you talking about? It's still pretty good/decent.

Miyako attacking Ken was pretty out of nowhere, but it was still a solid chapter.

And Tsundere Hikari is adorable.
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